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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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To Save the Earth
By Eden Mary Josephson


To Save the Earth.

By:Eden Mary Josephson A.K.A. HeavenlyAngel


'How long has it been since I died?' The question kept reoccuring through 22-year-old Aeris
Gainsborough's mind. Or at least she had been 22 before she died. Since then she had entered the
Lifestream and was simply soaking in thought.
'How would things have been if I had lived? would Cloud and I married and started a family, or would
that be Tifa. Either way I know Cloud loves me and Tifa as well. But I can't help wondering that if
I was still alive who would he choose? Her or me?' Her thoughts were interrupted be a series of
hollow coughs. She turned her head to seem a dim image of the man who'd sent her here in the first
place.(A/N:anybody guess yet?)Sephiroth, wearing his usual black trench coat and pants.(A/N:Yes ppl
a coat not a cape or a cloak.)His hair was still it's same old whitish-silver, and his eyes the same
old Mako green, with the tints of blue in them.(A/N:I don't know if it's because I'm nearsighted or
what but his eyes always look blue to me.)Aeris stared at him with her own unusual eyes, which
varied whether they were blue or a deep Lifestream green. Her chestnut hair was pulled in a twisted
hair style, and her body still had that innocent aura about it. She could feel his eyes upon her,
and then she felt him beside and she was looking into those Mako conditioned eyes with her own. She
immediatly rose to walk away but he grabbed her by the arm, not roughly, but strong enough for her
to sit again, and said
"Sit Cetra, I want to talk."
"Of what?"she asked softly, staring at her feet.
"Of death."he replied solemnly.
"Nothing much to say on that subject."She said again.
"How about resurrection."
She puased briefly before saying her careful reply,
"Nothing on that either." And walked away realizing he'd let her. What about resurrection. It was
possible yes, but whether or not it was successful was another thing. Her thoughts were interrupted
by a gentle tap on the shoulder and she turned to face her birth mother, Iflana.
"You and the General will be returning soon Aeris, the Planet will see to his resurrection,"here she
jerked her head in Sephiroth's direction,"and Cloud and Tifa yours." with that her mother walked off
to another spot. Aeris blinked and sat down. Trying desperately to comprehend what they had just
said to her. She was going back, and soon she would be with Cloud again.

End Prologue.
(A/N:I know it's short and so will the chapter where she and Sephy are resurrected too. But don't
worry more action will be coming after those and some new individuals will join the gang and so will
some old ones.Till next time.^___^)

(A/N:I'm baaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk!!And I'm ready to begin the chapter where Aeris and Sephy are
resurrected. And I should tell all of you that Zack doesn't get resurrected. He's already alive and
they find him. I won't say when or where but soon, cause I don't like to dilly dally and anyways
onward with this new chapter.)

Chapter One-To Resurrect a Cetra.

It had been only a few months after the Meteor disaster, but already people had gone on with their
everyday lives. It amazed CLoud how strong hte Human Spirit was after such a great disaster like the
Meteor. During that time, he pondered upon what he should do for the rest of his life. He had once
considered asking Tifa to become his wife, but quickly discarded the thought as rapidly as it had
'Why don't you want to marry Tifa?'he'd ask himself. The answer was simple, he still loved Aeris.He
loved Tifa as well. For some reason he couldn't weigh whom he loved more.
'You're becoming like Zack,'he told himself,'could never love just one woman.' No he wasn't like
that, Zack must've spent time with ten different girls everyday of the week. o he wasn't like that.
His heart always felt heavy even when he was with Tifa. He realized it instantly what it was. Guilt.
His conscience bore hard on him as he remembered how he'd sworn to himself he'd protect Aeris and
Tifa, the two women he loved more than anything else in the world. He succeeded in doing this with
Tifa, but he had failed with Aeris. At night he would have the same reoccuring dream, she was
smiling at him from her spot on the alter. Then Sephiroth bore down upon her, running her through
with his blade. He remembered how the crimson blood stained the blade and the floor, how the life
literally dripped out of her face. Then she fell to the floor unmoving, she had gone. He put her to
rest, in the crystal waters of the lake outside the building they had been in, in the heart of the
Forgotten City.(A/N:Or the Ancient City I can't remember.)His heart ached eternally, reminding him
of how he failed to fulfill his promise to protect Aeris. He wondered if she somehow returned, if
she would hold a grudge against him. His htoughts were broken by the ringing of a telephone. He
pulled out his PHS, and heard Red XIII's voice on the other end of the line.
"None other."
"Since we defeated Sephiroth I've been doing some research."
"Yes, and I think there may be a way to revive Aeris."
Cloud literally fell to the floor, he quickly recovered, and said
"Are you serious?"
"Yes but we need the Holy Materia."Cloud nodded, and said
"I think I know who we can call to help get it for us."


Yuffie Kisgari was roused out her deep slumber by the ringing of a telephone. she grouchily answered
and immedaitly brightened realizing it was Cloud.
"Hey how are ya?"
"Ok, listen Yuffie, I need your help." IN about 10 minutes CLoud had summerized everything Red XIII
had told him. Yuffie leapt out of bed and said
"I'll be in the City in about half an hour sharp!!"she squealed. As dressed and yanked a comb
through her hair she thoght to herself
"So Aeris, I can finally see you again." She grabbed her weapons and ran outside, munching on an
apple as she went.


Sephiroth woke to find himself at teh bottom of the Northern Crater. He was sore, as he was told he
would be, but alive. He gathered his belongings, and made his way out of the crater, thinknig to
"Cloud when I see you again, I will no longer be your enemy, but a friend in need of your help."


Within a few minutes Yuffie surfaced from the water surrounding the blood stained alter, holding a
small, glowing green orb in her hands. A broad smile spread rapidly across her face as she handed it
to Cloud, Tifa, and Red XIII. They four made their outside to the small pool of water. CLoud turned
to Red XIII and asked
"Now what?"
"Now say a small prayer to the Materia.(A/N:Pathetic yes I know but bear with me this is my first
FFVII fanfic!!:-[ )And ask it to return Aeris to the Planet?"
"And that's it?"he exclaimed, slightly surprised that it would be that easy.
"Well you have to throw in the water before you start praying but yes that's it."(A/N:Like I said
pathetic, but a start.) Doubtfully, Cloud tossed the Holy Materia into teh bottom of the lake and
promptly fell on his knees, and began to say a silent prayer.

'Please, please call Aeris from the Lifestream back to the Earth.Please we all miss her very much.I
miss her the most please send her back to me.'

The water began to glow and then reverted back to it's normal state while everyone else watched.
Then bubbles formed on the water's surface and emerging from the water, was Aeris, clutching the
Holy Materia close to her chest. She swam into the shore and wrapped her amrs around CLoud, tears
dripping down her face.
"Thank you so much Cloud, I missed you terribly!!"she then in turn embraced Yuffie, Red XIII and
finally she turned to Tifa, who'd been standing silent the whole time. the two stared at each other
for a few minutes, and then smiled and held each other in a tight embrace as they cried on the
ground.Cloud smiled, this time he wouldn't fail again.


Sephiroth entered the Forgotten City in time to see Cloud and his friends emerging from teh stairs
in the heart of the city, with Aeris and Tifa by his side. His eyes rested upon Aeris for a few
moments before he leapt down from the building in front of the small group. Aeris was the only one
who showed no sign of fear or concern. Cloud however drew his sword, while Red XIII braced himself
for battle. Yuffie, Tifa and Aeris stood behind them and watched. He sighed, this wasn't going to be

End Chapter One.

(A/N:This is a nice little cliff hanger isn't it?Well when I get my next chance, I will write more
fear not.(To whom I am saying this too I don't know, noone is reading this yet.)Well until next time
folks. Bye^____^)

Chapter Two-Truce, Truce.

He stared at the two warriors before raising his hand and saying,
"Relax, I have no intention to fight you, nor do I have any intention to hurt the women."
"Yeah like we should believe THAT!!"Cloud snapped back venomously.Sephiroth shook his head, then
"I have a reuquest to ask of you Cloud."For a moment the boy looked rather surprised, why would he
be making this kind of an offer?
"I need your help Cloud, the Planet is in danger, Aeris will tell you she knows."The boy turned to
look at the soaking wet girl behind him, her face full of sadness, and asked quietly,
"Knows what, what's he talking about Aeris?" She closed her eyes, and said softly,
"The Planet, it's dying CLoud, something is draining the life from it still. Almost as though some
kind of leech is sucking all teh life out of the Planet. And it's still weak from all the power it
used to stop teh Meteor. If this keeps up, it won't last much longer."
There was a dull thud as he hit the ground.

Cloud woke to find himself in one of the rooms at Cosmo Canyon, Aeris by his side reading a book.
She was wearing a soft blue, sleeveless dress, her feet were bare and her hair fell in long curls
down her back. Cloud felt a warm rush fo emotion well inside of him. (A/N:For all of you who are
gagging at this part I suggest you leave cause there's a lot more where this came from.)Something he
hadn't felt in a long time, his heart was sprouting wings and fluttering away. Just then teh door
opened and standing under the doorframe was a topless Sephiroth. He felt his heart that had been so
light a few minutes ago fill with lead and drop to the pit of his stomach. He sat up straight, and
Aeris lifted her head from her book, and placing her hand on his shoulder sai,
"Cloud calm down he's not going to hurt anyone. Trust me please." Her beautiful eyes shimmered with
tears, and he laid back down, scowling. Sephiroth came over, and sat on the end, smoothing back his
whitish-silver locks, sighing,
"I can understand why you feel resentful towards me Strife, I destroyed your hometown, hurt your
best friend and killed your mother and the girl you loved. But believe me Strife it wasn't me.
Jenova was controlling me, I couldn't help myself. You know what it is like."
"No sorry, afraid I don't."
"Really,"he said, arching a silver eyebrow,"then if that is the case you weren't the one who gave me
the Black Materia or the one who tried to hurt Aeris in the Ancient Temple ruins, correct?" He found
himself looking at his feet, his face growing hot. Yes those things were true, and that was because
the former General of SOLDIER had ordered him to. He realized that if he could be controlled perhaps
it was possible so was he, but what guarantee did he have that he still wasn't under teh control of
Jenova? The General must have read his mind for he then said
"If I was still under her control Cloud I wouldn't be sitting here, talking to you like a friend now
would I?"This was a very good point. He continued
"I'm not asking that we be friends, that's seems physically impossible right now, but I am asking
that we can at least call it's truce." he thought about this then said,
"Alright then. Truce." the two shook hands. just then Red XIII walked behind him Barret, Cid, and
Tifa, who was wearing a short, light yellow summer dress.(A/N:It's summer where I'm at alright and
it's hot!!)She sat down in the chair next to Aeris, and teh two men and the lion, stood around the
bed.Red XIII was the first to speak,
"Well it would appear as though what Aeris and Sephiroth say is true, there is definately something
draining the energy out of the Planet. We just dont' know what yet."
"An' I still say we shoul' go an' find out."Barret said angrily.
"Me too."Cid added.
"No,"he replied sternly,"not until we know what we're dealing with. I'll summon the others, we need
to work out a plan before we rush head long into something we may not be able to get out of." The
men reluctantly agreeded and Red XIII turned to Cloud and Sephiroth and said
"I take it you two have reached an agreement?" They nodded.
"Good the meeting will be at 12:00 tonight. I suggest you all get some rest." He and the others
left, leavng Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris alone in the room. After an awkward silence Aeris said,
"So what's happened while I was gone?"

End Chapter Two.
(A/N:I think that's a good place to leave, well till next time folks.
OneWingedMadman thank you for posting my fic on your site.^____^)


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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