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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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A Leap To War
By Tanja Leeser


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Author: SpikeBabe - G - English - Reviews: 2


A leap to war
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Note: I'm still translating my story into English. But this part is
already done. Puh! Enjoy reading and don't forget to review!!!!

A leap to war

By DeeJay

Sam opened still a little bit stunned his eyes and tried to
orientate. "Every time this damn confusion," he murmured. When he
realized that he laid on moist ground, he tried to get up but a
pungent pain in his neck let him sink back on the ground.
Suddenly the world around him exploded. Shots, screams. "That's war,"
it runs through his mind. "Dddaaannnyyy", someone yelled. Sam managed
to turn his head in the direction of the call and recognized three
American soldiers coming his way. That was really war. "Oh boy,"
sighed Sam.

Al stopped in front of
the waiting ? chamber. This time he had more than a bad feeling.
Ziggy was
unable to get any information about this leap right now and nobody
where or when
they will get some. Al didn't like leaving Sam all alone out there,
so he decided to get the information he needed on his own. He take a
deep breath opened the door and went into the waiting ? chamber.

Sam tried to hold his eyes open.. His neck still hurts. The young
soldier, holding him right now looked at him with
concern. " Something sticks in my neck,"
Sam whispered.
" No fear, Danny, it's all OK," the young soldier tried to calm him
down. "You will be all right." Suddenly all around them Japanese
soldiers showed up. One of them knocked the young American soldier
out with his gun. Another held his barrel against Sam's head. He
closed his eyes. " Al where are you?"

When Al entered the waiting ? chamber he still wore his uniform
because he had a meeting with the military
staff of the project before.
The man in front of him, stuck in Sam's body,
saluted immediately. "Excuse me, Admiral, but where I am? Was the
mission successful?"
he asked. Al tried not to let him see his bad feeling about all this
getting worst. "What's your name?"
"Captain Daniel Walker, Sir" the young man answered.
Al laid a hand on his shoulder. "Well, it was successful, Captain
Walker. This is just a little precaution, nothing more. In a few days
you'll be home." Then he turned around and walked to the door. "I
have one last question, Admiral." said Danny. " Is Captain Rafe
McCawley here too, Sir? And the other boys of the Dolittle raid, are
they all right?"
" As I said before, Captain Walker, it will be all right. Be patient.
I can't say anymore at the moment." Then Al left the room and closed
the door behind him. He wasn't feeling good about leaving the young
man alone like this but as long as they had no information about this
leap it would be better this way. Now he must try to contact Sam. On
the way to the Imaging ? chamber he met Ghooshie. " Admiral, Ziggy
gave us the data about our guest." He paused and Al had the feeling
all that could go wrong, went wrong. "And?"
"Captain Daniel Walker, U.S. Army Pilot, died on April 18 1942 during
the Dolittle raid." Ghooshie continued.
Al feels like someone punched in his stomach. Sam's life was in
danger. He must do something. As fast as he can Al made his way to
the Imaging chamber. "Sent Dr. Beeks to our guest. She should try to
get some more information." He yelled back. "And locate Sam at last.
Every minute counts. I wait in the imaging chamber."

Sam didn't even dare to open his eyes. The cold metal on his right
temple made him shiver. The young soldier who cared about him before
opened his eyes. Two Japanese soldiers pulled Sam on his feet, put a
wooden beam on his shoulder blades and tied his hands right and left
against it. Sam get dizzy. His neck hurts and he can't hardly stand
anymore. "This was a trip to hell." he thought. He turned his look to
the young soldier who watched the whole situation with endless
horror. Sam saw as the young soldier tried to get a gun not laying
far from him in the sludge. Sam tried to clear his mind. He must be
ready when the young soldier get the gun. At the moment his hands
touched the gun Sam let himself fall backwards on the Japanese
soldier behind him and kicked another in the hollow of the knee. He
heard screams and shoots when all recognized what was going on. His
view went cloudy and he hoped that they all survived this hell. Than
he lost consciousness.

Al went up and down in the
imaging chamber. That can't be true.
This was all a nightmare. Sam could be killed every minute and he
can't do nothing else than waiting. Al actuated some keys on his
handlink. "How far you are?" he asked Ghooshie. " We work on it."
came the answer. " We've located Dr. Backett in a few minutes." Al
sighed. Hopefully it would be not to late.

When Sam opened his eyes he laid on a bed. Next to him sat the young
soldier. When he saw Sam had opened his eyes his look brightened. "
you frightened us, especially me." he said with a little grin and Sam
laid a hand on his arm. "You're crazy, Danny, really crazy. The
Chinese came to help us. In two days we'll be back home." his look
darkened and Sam had the feeling that what ever worried the young
soldier he had something to do with it. The young soldier gets up and
walked through the door. " I tell the others you're alright." Then he

Sam touched careful his neck. There where he had felt that something
was now a big bandage.
So it
wasn't gladly so worst as he had thought. "Thanks god you're alive."
he heard a familiar voice. He turned his head and saw Al standing at
the side of his bed. "Al where you've been all the time? I underwent
hell on earth here."
"We couldn't do everything after you were leaping. We had no
information and not the least idea where you are. It took us until
now to even find you." Al answered. Sam sighed. "And why I'm here?"
Al looked at his handlink. "The only thing we knew until now is, that
you are Captain Daniel Walker, U.S. Army Pilot and that this Captain
Walker originally died April 18, 1942 during the Dolittle raid."
"Well, I'm alive so why I'm not leaping?"
Sam asked. Al looked not very happy. "We guess you were not here to
save his life but we're not sure. So be careful at all you do. Don't
chance things much more."
"Al, I think I already done it." said Sam "Don't worry Sam." Al tried
do calm him down. "We find a way do get everything alright again.
I'll be back soon." Then he disappeared.

Back in the imaging chamber Al contacted
Dr: Beeks. "Do you have any news, Dr.?" "I had a talk with Captain
Walker and I think there's something you should know, Admiral." he
heard Dr. Beeks voice. Let's meet in the cafeteria."
" I'm there in a minute." Al answered. When he entered the cafeteria
Dr. Beeks was already there.
Al took a seat next to Dr. Beeks. "OK, what's up?" "Like it seems,
there is a tension between Captain Walker, his best friend Captain
Rafe McCawley and a woman named Evelyn." Dr. Beeks started. "Evelyn
and Captain McCawley were a couple but then Captain McCawley
for the English eagle squadron and was shoot down.
Everybody thought he was dead. After a few month Evelyn and Captain
Walker felt in love but then Captain McCawley
returned." Al sighed. Why was this all so familiar to him. " Seems
that all we got to do is find a way to bring
Evelyn and Captain McCawley back together without getting
Captain Walker hurt. But how?" " I wish you good luck." said Dr.
Beeks. "That's what we really need." answered Al.

Sam sat in the plane and stared outside the window.
Thus he listened carefully to all the talks around him he learned the
names of all his friends quickly. The young soldier visiting him the
first in the, so to say, hospital named Rafe. Al came back again and
told him all the "good" news then left him alone again. Sam's mood
wasn't very good and not getting better on this news. Since he left
the hospital Rafe spoke not a single word with him. Sam had tried to
speak with him several times but Rafe didn't react.
How in the name of god should he make everything alright again when
nobody speaks with him. And not to forget this woman. How would she
react. That was like flying blind. Anything could get even worst than
before. When the plane landed Sam get a pain in his stomach.
What should he do when Evelyn was there? What had Danny done? Probably
they had felt happily
into each others arms but Sam wasn't Danny even if he was in his
body. "Let's see what happen." Sam thought by himself.

When the doors opened everyone followed Colonel Dolittle out of the
plane. Sam shielded his eyes against the sun
with one hand. He had no idea who Evelyn was or if she was even here.
He looked out for Al but didn't found him. Then Rafe appeared on his
side. "Don't wanna go to her?" Rafe meant a little bit sarcastic. Sam
followed Rafe's look and saw a woman in a black, short sleeved dress
not knowing what to do next. He turned to Rafe. "Hey, lets do
something together like in old times." "The old times are over."
mumbled Rafe, took a last, long look on Evelyn than turned away and
go. Sam looked on the ground. "Who said this was an easy mission."
When he looked up Evelyn stood in front of him. Carefully she touched
the bandage on his neck. "What happened?" Sam
took her hand in his and tried to get some distance between him and
her. "Nothing serious. I tell you later about it." Then he saw Al was
back again.
"Do you mind if I go to speak with Rafe?" he asked
Evelyn. "I join you later then, OK?" Evelyn nodded but Sam could see
in her eyes that this subject didn't suited her. "I'm moved." she
said and gave Sam a little note. Then she kissed him. "Don't be too
late. We got to talk." When she was gone Sam read the note. 211
Canera Road it says. "Mm, a nice little home for lovers." he heard Al
say. "Al please focus on the subject. Do you have any news?" Sam
meant serious. "Well." started Al. "The fact that Danny hat survived
turned all upside down. Evelyn is pregnant and
Danny is the father of the baby. They get married but Evelyn's love
for Rafe ever stands between them. After a few years they get
divorced. Evelyn takes the child and moves to San Francisco to start
a new life. Danny will be alone for the rest of his life. He never
married again." "And what about Rafe?" Sam asked but he wouldn't
really want to know this too. Al looked sad and Sam know what that
means. "He died, am I right?" "He died in a plane crash. A tragically
accident. It wasn't even his fault."
Sam's face got a serious look. He would do all he can to prevent that
this would ever happen. "What would you do now?" Al asked. "First I
speak with Rafe." Sam answered. "And you Al look after Danny. Prepare
him for what might have changed when he comes back." Al nodded. "None
of us had an easy job."

It took a while until Sam found his quarter at Pearl Harbor. He took
a shower and changed his clothes. Mm, Hawaii ? Shirts, Al would like
it. Before he
went on he took a look into the mirror. "Danny I would do all I can.
I promise."

Al stood in front of the waiting chamber not really knowing what to
do next. What could he say or do to convince Danny that Rafe and
Evelyn should be together. This was insanity. He should convince
someone to give up his love. It doesn't matter how you see it, it
wasn't fair. Al opened the door and get in. Danny was sleeping.
"Probably he dreamed of her right now." Al thought. He waited a while
and than woke him up. Danny needed a moment to orientate again. "I'm
just here to talk, Captain." Al started. "It's not an official visit."
Danny sat up. "What would you like to know, Admiral?"

Sam stood in front of the house in witch Rafe lived. It was a nice
little motel. At the moment he would went in to look for Rafes
room a woman came out of the garage. She had made her long blond hair
a ponytail, wore a white T-Shirt and a pair of blue dungarees witch
were a tad big. Her face and her clothes were covered with some oil
but her light blue eyes shined in the sun. When she saw Sam she
smiled. They looked at each other. " Hi I'm Dawn McNeil. How can I
help you?" she asked. They shook hands. "My name is Daniel Walker."
Sam answered. " I'm looking for Rafe McCawley." Dawn pointed to the
entrance. " Go straight ahead, at the right upstairs to the second
floor and then it's the second door on the left." "Thanks." said Sam
and smiled.

Al had talked a little while with Danny. He came to the point that
there was only one chance to explain the whole situation and this was
to show Danny what was going on here. Al knew very well that he was
contrary to the regulations but there was no other way. Together with
Danny he left the waiting chamber and went straight to the imaging
chamber. Al made sure that they met no one on their way. This
situation was complicate enough. When they entered the imaging
chamber Danny marvelled. "Where are we, Admiral?" "You'll see soon,
Captain." Al answered. "But first you must promise me that what ever
you might see or hear you won't leave my side." Danny nodded.

Sam knocked carefully at the door. After a while the door opened and
Rafe stood in front of him. "What do you want?" he asked. "We need to
talk" Sam answered. "There's no need to talk." Rafe murmured and
tried to close the door but Sam managed to get into the room first.
"Rafe we're friends. Let's talk." " When you have something to say,
Danny, say it soon." Rafe replied. " I'm engaged with my shifting."
Sam didn't believe his ears. "You wanna go away? But why?"
Rafe looked at Sam and he knew if looks could kill he would drop
dead. "Really funny, you of all people have the nerves to ask me
that? How dare you? I can't believe it "
Sam had the feeling that the whole situation escalated. Rafe must
love Evelyn very much but he could understand Danny too. "Why can't
you understand. When we heard that you died, for us the whole world
broke down. We've missed you so madly. Evelyn her greatest love and I
my best friend, my brother. Did you really believe we intentionally
fall in love with each other? All just to hurt you?" Rafe didn't
really listen. "You repeated that again and again, Danny. I had
enough of your idle talk. Leave me alone. Now and forever." He opened
the door and left the room. Sam followed him and in front of the
motel he was on his side again. He grasped Rafe's arm and turned him
around. "Damn it Rafe, could you for only one time really listen to
what I'm saying?"

Al actuated some keys on his handlink and from one moment to another
they both stand in front of a house in the sun. Danny was amazed.
Then the entrance door
opened and a man came running out. "Rafe." Danny whispered. What was
going on here? Suddenly a second man came running outside the house.
Danny froze in shock. "That's...that's me." he stuttered. "What's that?
What's happen here?" "Calm down, Captain. It's nothing to fear about.
I'll explain you all this later. Trust me." Al answered. "This must
be all a dreadful nightmare." Danny thought unable to took his look
away from what he saw.

"I can't believe that you are the same Rafe who would gave his life
for me just a few days ago." Sam tried to speak with Rafe again. "
That wasn't for you."
Rafe pushed him away. "I didn't want Evelyn to lose her man again."
Sam shook his head. "Stop talking such a bullshit. We're still
friends. You still love Evelyn and she still loves you."
Immediately he knew that he shouldn't have said this as Rafe got a
sad expression on his face. "Great. Just great." Rafe said and tried
not to let Sam see how much he had hurt him. "You continue trample on
my feelings because you're the winner." Then he turned around and ran
away. " Rafe wait I..." Sam shouted but it had no sense. "I'm sorry."
he whispered sadly.
At that moment Dawn showed up again. "What's up?" she asked.
"Everything OK?" Sam shook his head. " No, nothing is OK. Absolutely
"Is there anything I can do for you?" Dawn liked to know. " Well
maybe." Sam started. "If you see Rafe please tell me."
He gave her a piece of paper. "Here's where you can get me when you
found out something. Now I must go. There's waiting another person I
must talk to. See ya."
With this words Sam walked away. Dawn watched him going. "How can
someone nice as he is have so many problems."

Meanwhile Al and Danny were back in the imaging chamber.


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The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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