Authoress: A quick little double-drabble. I'm on such a Bleach binge right now.

Zen: yes, she's still alive.

Authoress: just fighting a bit of a cold.

Zen: and avoiding homework.

Authoress: …

Zen: you have to do it sometime.

Authoress: …but `sometime' doesn't have to be `this time'…right?

Zen: >.>U

Ser: -_-U

SUMMARY: Double-Drabble Grimmjow knew he was going to freaking regret this--but no, he just had to give in. Kind of a crack-fic; implied Grimmjow -X- Reader

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Bleach or its characters.

Kawaii Kitten

“Please?” you pouted, head tilting.

Grimmjow scowled at you, gritting his teeth against your puppy-dog eyes. “Tch!” he said. “Fine, whatever.”

You grinned widely and barely stopped yourself from glomping him--he`d probably change his mind if you did.

Unsheathing his sword, Grimmjow grumbled quietly to himself before his spiritual pressure suddenly shot up. The sudden, sharp rise of power ripped a gasp from you, and he smirked in satisfaction.

You missed much of the transformation--you should have realized his power would be more than you could handle. But you'd wanted to see the released form of his zanpakuto, had been bugging him for almost a week now.

When you had finally adjusted enough to the suffocating pressure of his power, you looked up to see Grimmjow's fully released feline form.

He grinned at your gaping mouth, reveling in your awe--though he'd sooner loose his arm again before ever breathing a word of it.

Then you snorted, a giggle struggling to escape, before you dissolved completely into laughter, with occasional, tiny gasps of “so cute!”

He sent you a look of bewildered annoyance before snapping out, “What the hell's so damn funny?”

“Grimmy!” you giggled. “You have boots!

======End Kawaii Kitten=====

Authoress: I really, REALLY hope I'm not the only one who noticed that. xD

Ser: Now--homework.

Authoress: Nooooo! ToT

Ser: yes.

Authoress: they're both against me!

Zen: o.O okay, no more cold meds for you.

Ser: -_-U