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Enter the Cobra
By KS Claw


Enter the Cobra

By KS Claw.


Authors note:

Okay you guys, this is my first fanfic for the SWAT Kats, so PLEASE tell me if you like it, or there
are something you don?t
like. Then ill try to make it better.

OH YEAH, and dont forget: SWAT Kats: the radical squadron and any other character is copyrigt
Hanna-Barbera Cartoons
inc. 1995 and is used without permission.

By the way, some of the characters in this story is something i made up, so if you wanna use ?em,
youll have to get
permission from me first. NOW ON WITH THE STORY!!!

Chapter 1.

MegaKat Biochemichal Laboratory.

She was very young. About 22-25 years old, he couldnt judge it. She sad there, in the chair, right
in front of him.

Her green eyes looked at him, with a mixup of some sort of hidden hope, and a curius look. Dr.
Johnson leaned forward
over the desk.

"Now then. You tell me, you are some sort of old friend to Elrod Purvis? And now you hope to get a
job here so you can
work together with him?"

"Oh yes please!" The young she-kat said with a hopefull look on her beautiful face.

"We graduated together from highschool, and we promised eachother that if the one of us didn?t do
good, then he or I
could try and get a job at the place where he or I lives." "And I can understand, that you haven?t
heard from him in 3
years?" "No, I havent. The last letter I got from him just told me about his job here at MegaKat
Biochemichal laboratory.
As an assistant for Dr. Zyme." Dr. Johnson sighed and leaned back in his armchair. Oh boy, this
would be difficult to tell.

"Then i guess, you haven?t heard of the accident?" The young she-kat looked confused. "What
accident?" Another sigh.
"Well. About 3 years ago, Elrod Purvis spilled one of the new Katalyst mixtur nr. 368 and... He
didn?t survive." "Oh my
god!" The she-kat was terrified. She hided her face in her hands and started to cry, while she kept
on whispering to
herself, "oh god. It can?t be true. My god!" Dr. Johnson looked at her with an sympathetic look. "I
cant tell the truth!" He
thougt. "I cant tell her, that he survived, and became one of the most wanted super-villains in
MegaKat city?s history.
She would go in shock!" He raised himself from the armchair, stepped around the desk and put a hand
on her shoulder.

She looked up on him. "I know this is very thrilling news, miss....?" She had?nt told him, her name.

"Kathy...Kathy Peterson."

"Well, miss Peterson. I know this must be thrilling news, and i feel very sorry for them. But i can
tell you this, that you
are welcome here anytime. And if you?d like, you can start here by tomorrow." Kathy Peterson looked
surprised at him,
"are you sure? You aren?t kidding?"

"Why should i?" Said Dr. Johnson with a little smile. He sad down behind he?s desk, and then asked:

"Ok, what are your specialties?" "I beg your parden?" "What are your specialties? What are you good
at?" "Oh!" She
started to tell about, how she had maked herself an expert at snakes, especially the giant

"In fact, i have a female king-cobra as a pet with me in a cage in my suitcase." Dr. Johnson was
cuite surprised.

"Why that?s great! I mean, i hope you dont mind, if we make some tests on her."

"No, i don?t mind. She don?t mind either, as long as it?s me that does the tests. Otherwise, she
would try to attack
you." Dr. Johnson smiled.

"Aha, a little tough lady, eh?"

She laughed. "Yeah, she is." She looked on her watch, "oh my! I?d better be going, if i wanna catch
the bus."

Dr. Johnson reached he?s paw towards her. "Well then. I guess i?ll be seeing you tomorrow?"

She took he?s paw and shaked it. "I?ll be there. Be sure about that!"

Chapter 2.

MegaKat Salvage yard.

"Now youre in for some real trouble, mister!" Chance Furlong sneered, as he had a close encounter on
the spaceship.

"Oh damn! An underhand attack!" Chance slammed his fist on the videogamescreen.

"Uh, Chance? I dont think that the videogame likes, when you punch it." Jake Clawson?s voice said
behind him. Chance
answered with a growl.

Suddenly, he notised a spider crawling over the screen, heading for his hand. "IIAAAAHHH!!! GET IT
AWAY!" Chance shrieked, making a backwards tigerjump with the result of hidding the couch. Jake
yelped in surprise,

the big tom-kat landed on him.

"Chance, you bonehead! Take it easy, i?m trying to watch Litterbin!"

"Sorry buddy. I guess, I just got panicked when I saw that spider." Jake rolled with his eyes. "You
know what Chance?

I think we audda do something about that bug-problem of yours." Chance shrugged. "C?mon Jake. Dont
talk to me
about BUGS! I hate those things."

"You didn?t mind the giant Ci-Kat-a!"

Chance growled. "Thats different! It was SWAT Kats bussiness!"

"Oh yeah, like Turmoil!"

"WHY YOU LITTLE! Boy I audda..."

Jake hold up his paws in defence. "Easy buddy, I was just kidding! That?s all. Now listen up. I got
an idea of stopping
your zoo-fobia." Chance crossed his arms over his chest, and looked at Jake with a suspicuis look.
"Allright then, i?m

"Good. Now, I just saw in the news that there?s a show in town with an hypnotist. I just saw him
hypnotise a
cameraman in Litterbin. Believe me Chance, that guy is a genius!"

Chance raised an eyebrow. "What you mean is, that he could make my fear of bugs dissapear? Just like

"Exactly." Chance sighed. "OK, i?ll try. But if it doesn?t work, then YOU are gonna take the job of
cleaning the mess,
next time Burke and Murry "delivers"" "You got a deal."

Then they took there truck and drived off to see the hypnotist.


"So you say you are afraid of bugs?" The hypnotist asked.

"Yeah, ever since I was a kitten, I have been afraid of bugs." "And why is that?" The hypnotist

"Well..." Chance mumbled. "I am not really sure, but ever since i was about 4 years old, i have
panicked everytime i see
a harmless little spider."

"Well then. I shall see what i can do." The hypnotist mumbled. He turned around to face Chance, and
stared into his

"Look me deep into my eyes. You hear nothing but my voice.....nothing but my voice.... you feel
your eyes are getting still hear nothing but my voice... now you are

Chance maked a snoring sound. The hypnotist stepped around him and whispered into his ear: "You are
now under my
full control. When i snatch my fingers, you will no longer fear any insect in your life. From now
on, the only thing that can
scare you

is SNAKES!" the hypnotist snatched his fingers and Chance woke up.

"Huh? What happened? Where am I?" The hypnotist smiled. "I just took away your fear of insects. You
will no longer
panick when ever you see a big spider, or a tiny cricket." Chance jumped up from the chair, and
yelped surprised: "Does
that mean i?m no longer afraid of bugs?"

"That?s what I said!"


Jake was waiting outside the tent, where the hypnotist had his headquarters. Chance came outside,
and blinked
against the sun with was making a slow dive in the horisont. "So?" Jake asked.

"So what?" "How did it go?"

Chance shrugged, "fine I guess. I dont know if it worked."

"Then why dont we find out? Theres a living collection of bugs, at MegaKat historic museum. We can
manage to see it,
before they close if we hurry up."

"Great! Let?s go!" Chance cried, and headed for the museum.

Chapter 3.

"Easy, my precius. Just taking a little bloodsample, thats all." Kathy Peterson mumbled, as she
stuck the needle in the
flesh of her female king-cobra Sylvia. It had been a week after she had started on her new job at
MegaKat Biochemical
Lab. She had been working on a new kind of medicin the last few days, that should help provote
lung-cancer, if it was a

The king-cobra wriggeled and turned in her hands as she took the needle out, and suddenly she
dropped it on the floor.
"Oh dear, that wasnt suppose to happen." Kathy mumbled as Sylvia slithered away. Kathy grabbed a
tang, and started
to look after the king-cobra. In the last few days, Kathy had worked late at night to get the
medicine done, so it wasnt
easy to look after a

snake in a huge laboratory. Suddenly, the lights went off.

"Oh, great! No lights! Now i risk my own life to get that snake!" Growled Kathy.

She bend over, and reached down under the big table with the katalysators and suddenly...

"AAHHH!!" The king-cobra had attacked, and bit her arm. Kathy screamed and bumped her head up in the
table, that
tipped over with the katalysators. One of the bottles rolled down and exploded on the floor. Kathy
screamed as the
liquid flushed into her wounds from the snakebite and the glass-cuts. Suddenly there was fire
everywhere. Kathy
watched with fear as one of the

bottles with katalysators rolled away, heading for the flames. As the liquid maded contact with the
flames, there was an
explosion, and all the world turned dark for Kathy.


The explosion in the lab could be seen over half of MegaKat City, including MegaKat Swamp, which was
the home of
Elrod Purvis, now known under the name of Dr. Viper.

The mad scientist lifted his head, from that experiment he was making with a swamp-mushroom.

"What happened?" he thougt, "sssssounded like an exxsplossion!" He lay down the mushroom, and ran up
a stair,
which leaded to the top of a hill nearby his "treehouse", where he could look over MegaKat Swamp and
City, whenever
he wanted. The first thing he notised was a thick, black cloud of smoke, rising from MegaKat Biolab.
"That?ssss odd."
mumbled Viper.

"What could have caussssed the exxsssplossion?"

Driven by curiosity, Viper slithered down in a hole which leaded to the sewers under MegaKat City.


"What could have caused the exsplosion?" Asked Commander Ulysses Feral Dr. Johnson.

"The sun colliding with the moon!!!........ No of course not it must have been a chemical reaktion
of the gas mixing with
the katalysator-liquid?s in the biolab. Should?nt wonder if it was that Dr. Viper again." Dr.
Johnson answered.

"Sir, sir! They?ve found something!" One of the enforcers yelled. "It looks like...... Some sort of

burnt rubber tube?" Feral and Dr. Johnson came over to see the object.

"Oh my god!" Gasped Dr. Johnson. "It must be Sylvia!"

"Sylvia??!!" Feral asked with a weird look on his face.

"Dr. Kathy Peterson?s petsnake. It never leaves her side. She must still be in there!" Dr. Johnson

tried to pass Feral and the enforcer to get inside the building, but Feral stepped in front of him.

"You are not going in there, it is much to dangerous. The roof isn?t steady enough. If the rest of

falls, then you both will be history!"

"Dont you understand! If she is still alive, then she will get killed in the poisonous smoke from
the fire!" Shouted Dr.

Suddenly, they heard a strange rumbling noise coming from the building. The roof was falling down.
"Hurry! Let?s get
out of here!" Shouted Feral and pulled Dr. Johnson away from the collapsing building. They both
looked in silence as the
firemen got the fire under control.

"She was so young..." Whispered Dr. Johnson. Then he started to walk away slowly from the

burning building. Feral looked after him, and sighed. Even though she only had been working in the
lab, for about a
week, it seemed as if Dr. Johnson had lost a daughter. Suddenly, Felina Feral, the Commanders niece
came over and
greeted her uncle.

"Goodevening, uncle. Any sign of surviving?"

Suddenly, Commander Feral reached out, and pulled his niece and hold her close to his chest.

They stood like that for a while. Then Feral let go of his niece, which looked at him with a
surprised look.

"Why did you do that, uncle?" Felina asked.

Feral shrugged. "Can?t a Commander give his niece a hug, if he likes?"

"Why...sure, the middle of public!?"

Feral just turned around and started direct some of the firemen. Felina looked at her uncle for a
little while with a
strange look, then she also started to give orders.

Chapter 4.

"Where am i? What happend?"

That was the first thing Kathy thougt, when she woke up.

"Am i dead? No, of course not. It hurts to much..." She then thougt.

Slowly, she raised herself on an elbow, and looked around. She was laying in some sort of room. "Of
course.." She
thougt. "The explosion. I dragged myself to saftety before i had a blackout. But where am i? What
has happened to me?
I feel so....different." She dragged herself over to a little pool of water, and looked on her
mirror reflection. What she
saw, maded her gasp of fear. All of her face was covered in darkblue scales, and her hair had turned
into some sort of
"coat" which lay flat in to her head. Her eyes had some sort of gren lightening reflection in the
dark. And when she
looked down her buddy, she discovered that her tale had grown much longer, covered in darkblue

"How can this happen!? How can it be!!"

Then she remembered the liquid from the test-tubes of katalysators that had been standing on the
table. The one that
Dr. Johnson had been making.

Anger and the bitter thirst of revenge, flushed trough her veins as she screamed her anger and fury

She raised herself up and looked on her reflection. In the darkness, she sweared an oath.

"I swear by the blood of the reptile, which i have been united with, that i will have my revenge on
katkind for my pain. If

"I must have a name... A new name, for a new identity..." Another look on her reflection, made her
decide the name. She
whispered the name for herself. "Yessss..." she said with an hissing sound. "That ssshall be my new
name..." She
repeated her name in the darkness...



"This is Ann Gora from Katseye news. An exsplosion has destroyed the MegaKat Biochemical Laboratory.
At first, people
thought that the blame was on the mad mutant scientist Dr. Viper, but then firemen realised that the
fire was caused an
laboratory-accident. Dr. Johnson tells that one of his newest employes, Dr. Kathy Peterson was
making a cure for
lung-cancer, and that she by a mistake might had overturned some of the test-tubes with

The katalyst-liquid maked a exsplosion, which maked the laboratory burn to the ground. The body of
Dr. Kathy Peterson
has not yet been found. Ann Gora from katseye news. Back to the studio.."


Jake turned off the TV, and looked on Chance and Felina, which had been watching the news together
with him. Jake
sighed. "Boy that is thrilling news... to imagine that this time, it wasn?t

Dr. Viper?s fault..." Felina and Chance nodded. "And we havent found anything." Mumbled
Felina."Except a dead snake."
Chance chivered. Felina looked on her boyfriend, with a strange look.

"Are you alright, honey?" Chance shrugged. "Yeah i?m fine. It?s just... I got a chill, thats all."

"But there aren?t any windows open. How can you get a chill?"

"I dunno. Well, what the heck. We?d better get on with that car of yours, if we audda keep your
uncle, from sending the
army out after you." said Chance to Felina and kissed her on the cheek.

Felina nodded with a smile, raised herself from the cauch and walked out in the garage. "Nah, I just
take a cap. No need
to hurry up. I?ll come and get it by tomorrow. Ta.." She gave Chance a flying kiss, and walked out
of the salvage yard.
Chance looked after Felinas retreating back and mumbled with a secret smile: "I wonder how she will
react when i?m
giving her the ring."

Jake looked surprised at his friend and partner.

"You?r telling me, that you are gonna propose to her??!!"


"Good gracious, Chance! I wish you good luck."

"Thanks buddy." Mumbled Chance.

"Anytime pal. Now let?s get on with that car!"

"Ok, Jake."


Viper had been near a "kathole" cover, when he heard the voice of Ann Gora.

"....The body of Kathy Peterson has not yet been found. Ann Gora from Katseye News.

Back to the studio."

"Kathy Petersssson? Why does that name ssssound familiar to me?" Dr. Viper thougt.

Then he had a strange feeling, that something unwelcome was nearby. He walked down a

sewer, and then he notised a growling and squeeking sound. "Creeplingssss. And where there are
creeplingsss there
iss also Darkkat!" He thougt. He hided in a drainpipe, and waited. A creepling passed him, then
another and another.
And finally Darkkat. The huge purple kat walked pass him without seeing Viper.

"What are you doing here, Darkkat?!" Viper suddenly asked.

Darkkat turned around with a gasp. Viper chukkeled, contended about how he had managed to

scare the hell out of Darkkat. Darkkat growled.

"I should be asking you the same thing, Viper. Had another crash with the SWAT Kats?!"

Viper narrowed his eyes, so they only were tiny yellow cracks.

"If you think, I caussed the exsssplosion, then i?m afraid I have to dissapoint you Darkkat."

"Oh really, and you think i?m gonna believe THAT!" Replied Darkkat.

"If you don?t believe me, then it?sss jusst to bad. And I don?t care. Now if you will excussse me."
Said Viper, turned
around and dissapeared in the dark.

Darkkat walked in a different direction. Suddenly, he heard one of his creeplings scream of fear and
pain. He ran down
the drain pipe with the other creeplings behind him. Then he saw HER.

At first, he thougt that Dr. Viper somehow had managed to get in front of him. But then he notised,
that the creature
was covered in darkblue scales with no stribes. The hair laid flat like some sort of "coat" to the
neck, and not like spikes.
The creature let go of the creepling, which plumped down on the floor, without moving. Darkkat
quicly realised that it
had been strangeled to death. The creature turned around to face Darkkat. Thats when he saw it was a
between a she-kat, and a snake.

"Who are you, and what are you doing in my domain?" The snake she-kat asked.

"I should ask you the same thing." Replied Darkkat. "Who, or what, are you?"

The snake she-kat narrowed her green eyes. "Once, I was known under the name Kathy Peterson. But you
can call me

"Cobra..." Said Darkkat slowly, as if he was tasting the name. "I like the sound of it."

Cobra widened her eyes, and then narrowed then again. "Who are you, by the way? You

dont look like any kind of kat i?ve ever ssseen." Darkkat maked an ironic bow.

"Allow me to introduce myself, my dear. I am Darkkat...." He maked a movement against the
creeplings. "..And these are
my creeplings." Cobra looked on the creeplings, which hided behind

Darkkat. "I?ve met one of them. It tried to attack. That?sss why I killed it."

Darkkat shrugged. "Who cares if you killed it? I have more where they come from."

Cobra just nodded. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. Now if you will excuse me. I have to go out hunting."
"Hunting?" Asked
Darkkat. "Precissssely. I need food, to stay alive."

Darkkat suddenly reached out and grabbed Cobra?s arm. "Why don?t you come back with me to my
headquarters? I
thougt, we perhaps could have some dinner?" Cobra just looked on him.

"Are you asssking me out on a date?" Darkkat loosened his grip. "Uhm... I guess so."

Cobra smiled at him. A smile that strangely turned Darkkats stomach into a sailorknot.

"Thats very kind of you Darkkat, but my mother alwaysss told me never to go out with ssstrangers.
Ta.." And then she
dissapeared in the dark.

"Damn! What a women!" Mumbled Darkkat.

Chapter 5

Back at MegaKat Swamp....

Viper was looking for some katalyst 45, while he kept thinking of what Ann Gora had said.

"I know that name from ssssomewhere. But I dont remember wherefrom." He thougt. Then suddenly, as he
reached for
a bottle in a closet, he overturned a box with some pictures so they got spread on the floor.
"#!%#>! klumsssy." He
angrily mumbled as he bend down to pick the box up. Suddenly he notised a picture, from his younger
days, when he
had graduated from highschool. He took the photo and started to look at the names.

"Jamesss Regal, Elrod Purvisss (a chukkel) Kathy Petersssson. KATHY PETERSSSON!?"

Suddenly he remembered his old girlfriend and the time they had together...


authors note: Ok, just so you know it, that this is a flashback for Viper, in his time as Elrod
Purvis. Ready? Ok, 3..2..1 GO!


(Flashback starting)

"Finally! We are free from listening to those old mushroom heads." said Elrod Purvis triumply to his
best friend Kathy
Peterson. "You?r right about that EP." Replied Kathy (as she used his nickname).

"So, what are you going to do now?"

"Well.." Mumbled Elrod, "My folks told me, that now when I am graduated, I can start a living of my
own, so they?ve
kicked me out from home."

"Major bummer, EP." Said Kathy. "My folks has decided that we are moving..."

"Moving!?" Said Elrod surprised. "Why??"

Kathy shrugged. "My dad thinks, that there is no future here. We?re moving in about 2-3 days.

I can give you the address." She wrote something down on a note and handed it to Elrod.

He looked on the address and then looked on Kathy.

"I promise to write." Kathy just nodded. "When are you going?"

"By tomorrow. I?m heading for MegaKat City." Kathy looked on him with a sad face.

"But that?s so far away..." Elrod took her paw. "Hey, I got an idea. Let?s make a deal.

If one of us aint?t doing good in 5 years from now, then we can go that place where one of us lives,
and get a job
there." Kathy thougt for about a second, and then nodded.

"You got a deal."

Next morning at the busterminal...

"Now don?t forget your promise EP. You?r always welcome at my place."

"I know. Damn, i?m really gonna miss ya Kathy."

"I?ll miss you to."

Kathy and Elrod hugged, and at the time they let go of eachother, Elrod grabbed his sportbag and
stepped up in the bus
which was heading for MegaKat City. Kathy was waving like a maniac, while she yelled: "Bye, EP. Dont
forget to write!
I?ll come and live at your place, if everything goes wrong..."

Elrod waved and smiled until he couldn?t see Kathy anymore. Then he dropped down on hi?s seat, and
looked out at
the window, while listening to the music that was playing in the radio.

(Flashback ended)


"If they haven?t found her body, then maybe it?sss because her body hasss burnt to ashesss..." Said
Viper to himself.
"...Or maybe she has sssurvived! I don?t know why, but I have to check up on it." Then he once again
slithered down in
the sewers under MegaKat City.


A petstore near the MegaKat square. A shadow is heading for the main door, and starts to work on the
lock. The alarm
doesn?t set off when the shadow enteres the store. A canary in a cage, blinks sleepy with it?s eyes.
The shadow stares
at the birds eyes. The canary twinkles sleepy, and then return to it?s desturbed sleep. It doesn?t
react when the
shadow opens the cage, grab the canary and swallows it with a gulping sound. The shadow tiptoes over
to a cage

with some white rats. The rats looks on the shadow with a frightened look. One of them manage to
make a little
squeeking noise, before it got swallowed. The shadow licks its lips with an contended sound. "Mmm,
that wasss
delicioussss. And now, back to the sewers." With that, Cobra tiptoes out of the store, and jumps
down in a "kathole",
and dissapears in the dark.


"Hey Chance! Check this out. There?s been a robbery at the petstore."Called Jake.

"So? Doesn?t it happen all the time, that a shop get?s robbed? Let the enforcers take care of it."

"Well, this is not a normal robbery, Chance. Listen up..."

Jake began to read up, from the paper. "..`According to the owner of the petstore, no money was
taken. The only thing
that the thief DID take, was a south-american canary, and some albino-rats. Except a few feathers
and some white fur,
there was no track of the thief.?"

Jake looked up on Chance. "Dont you see, buddy? Its like they?ve been taken on purpose."

Chance thougt for a second.

Jake continued."Sounds like Viper is up to something."

Chance shivered, and then stammered: "Y..yeah, that could be a p..posibility."

Jake looked suspiciusly at Chance.

"Your allright buddy?"

"Yeah, i?m fine. I dont know why, but suddenly I dont like the thougt of giving Viper a big punch in
his ugly face." Jake
looked surprised. "Thats odd. There was nothing wrong when we beated him, and he?s ugly pod. Or when
he.." Jake
got interrupted by the klaxon. Chance jumped out of the couch and answered the klaxon in his usual
"Yes, miss Briggs. What seems to be the problem?" Callie?s voice sounded from the other end:

"It?s Darkkat you guys. I dont know what he?s up to, but I?d be more calm, if you guys were here."

"Where are you now?"

"At MegaKat square."

"Were on our way!" Said Chance and hung up. He turned around to face Jake.

"It?s Darkkat. He?s up to some BIG trouble." Jake jumped out of the couch.

"Let?s kick some tail!"


It had been a while since the thing with the blown-up tuna factory. Darkkat?s creeplings had just
managed to get their
master to safety by braking up the floor. But that hadn?t made Darkkat forget about Viper?s
betrayal. Thats why he
now where about to KAABLOEY a "kathole". He had founded Viper, wandering around in the sewers and
had managed
to give him some serious injuries. Darkkat yelled down in the kathole:

"Give it up Viper! My creeplings is guarding all of the escapes, and there is nowhere you can run.
You might as well come
up, and get the punishment of your betrayel." A hissing growl, was the only thing that answered
Darkkat. "Well, then.
Suit yourself, cause here I come!" And then Darkkat jumped down in the darkness of the sewers.

When he got down there, he quickly notised the glowing yellow eyes that could belong to none other
than Viper. Viper
narrowed his eyes, and hissed at Darkkat. "Oh, im SOOO scared! Please dont hurt me!" Said Darkkat
sarcastic, and then
continued as he walked towards Viper:

"You pathetic excuse for a reptile! You think you can scare me with a hiss, and a wave with your
tale? I think NOT!" Viper
stepped backwards and stood with his back against a wall. "I

warn you, Viper. Either you stand up and fight like a kat, or die the death of a coward." growled
Darkkat as he lifted his
fist to a punch.

"Hey! Why don?t ya pick someone on your own size!" A voice behind him sneered. Darkkat spinned
around. "SWAT
KATS!" He yelled angrily, as he saw the big one, T-bone, jump down in front of him, from the
kathole. T-bone gritted his
teeth, and pointed his glovatrix against Darkkat. "Spider missiles, DEPLOY!" He yelled. The missiles
headed right towards
Darkkat, but one of Darkkats creeplings got in the way. Then Razor came to help. He jumped towards
Darkkat, and
kicked him in the chest, so he fell backwards.

In the meantime, Viper had managed to get pass some of Darkkats creeplings, and escaped down a
sewer. "I never
thougt, I one day would be greatful to SSSWAT Katsss." He thougt, and then groaned when he leaned
hard down on his
left leg. Those damn creeplings! They had almost broked his leg as he had jumped down in the
kathole. He limped down
the dark sewer,

with aching wounds, and a injured pride. Then, when he had made sure, there weren?t any enemies
nearby, he sad
down and rested. He just felled so tired! A little rest, and then he would head back for the swamp.
Just a little moment.
Viper was so exausted that he fell asleep, when he leaned against the wall. He didn?t even notise
the shadow that had
hided in a drain pipe he had passed.


Cobra had maded herself a little lair, where she could make it all comfortable. She had just
finished making a bed, when
she heard steps. She sneaked towards the sound, and then hided in a drain pipe. "Maybe it?s that
guy, what was his
name, Darkkat. Or maybe one of his creeplings." The second idea didn?t sound so bad. It had been
almost 8 hours since
she last had got something to eat. "I wonder how a creepling tastes." Cobra thougt.


Authors note: Now you probably will say, that it takes longer for a snake to digest a meal, but
remember, that even if
she is mutated, she still has a normal digest. (Even though her gastric acid is a LITTLE bit
stronger, which makes her
meal, digest alot faster)


But it was not Darkkat or a creepling. It was a snake-kat like herself. A male. A male! And it
seemed as if he were
injured. He limped past her, and sat down on a dry spot, a few steps from Cobra?s hideout. A few
minutes later, Cobra
dared to peek out. Unbelievable! A snake-kat like herself! Then she wasn?t the only one to suffer.
The male snake-kat
had leaned himself back against the wall with closed eyes. Cobra sneaked up on him, and then waited
a little. Then she
realised he had fallen asleep. "Poor guy!" She thougt. "He looks exausted, as if he had been walking
around for hours.
And had a fight too." She had notised his wounds, and some scratch-marks on his legs. Scratch-marks
from creeplings!
Cobra hissed angrily. "How dare those pink swines, injure on of my own kind! Ill make Darkkat PAY
for this!"

Then she took a close look on the male snake-kat, and discovered that he seemed familiar to her. "I
think, I actually
have seen that face before!" Thougt Cobra. She carefully lifted him up, but he didn?t react. She
took him to her lair and
laid him on the bed. Then she began to take care of his wounds. Then she covered him with a blanket,
and went out to
take care of Darkkat.

Chapter 6.

When Feral got to the place, the SWAT Kats had caught Darkkat and tied him up. And his creeplings
had been locked up,
inside a electric cage and were now about to be taken to the zoo.

"Thanks for helping, SWAT Kats. Once again, you have saved the day." Said Mayor Manx to T-bone and
Razor. Feral
growled, as he saw the mayor shake hands with them both. "Grrr, I can?t believe, that the mayor
actually supports
those hotshot vigilantes!" He growled to himself.

Then he saw his niece and the Katseye News team pass him, and walk towards the SWAT Kats. When
T-bone saw
Felina, he waved at the camera-man to get his attention. "Hey! You there, I have an announsment to
make." Then he
kneeled, while he took a little box from his pocket, and held it towards Felina.

"Dear Felina. Ever since the first time I saw you walk into the enforcer headquarters, I have been
in love with you...." He
opened the box, and showed a ring with a shining diamond.

"Felina.... Will you marry me?"

All was stunned, including Feral. The first to recover from the surprise was Ann Gora, which turned
around to face the
camera, as she said:

"This is Ann Gora, from Katseye News, live from MegaKat square. After captuaring the dangerous
criminal Darkkat, on of
the SWAT Kats named T-bone, has proposed to leiutenant

commander Felina Feral of the enforcers." T-bone looked on Felina, that didn?t say anything.

"Will you?" Asked T-bone again. Felina nodded and a little smile began to form in her beautiful
face. T-bone raised
himself up from the ground, and put the ring on Felina?s finger, and kissed her on her lips.
Suddenly, Razor let out a crie
of joy. "LONG LIVE T-BONE AND FELINA!!" All the enforcers, including Felinas father, yelled and
congratulated the
new-engaged couple. Ann Gora turnt around and faced the camera once again.

"The joy and happiness here at MegaKat square is stunning, as all the enforcers and the mayor
himself, congratulates
the couple. Let us hope, that the couple of the female enforcer and the SWAT Kat will have a lovely
and bright future.
Ann Gora from Katseye News, back to the studio."

All of the enforcers and the katizens that had been watching the scene, was so busy about
congratulating the couple,
that they didn?t notise the two green eyes, which had been watching the scenary from a dark alley.
Cobra narrowed
her eyes, as she watched the enforcers lead Darkkat into a paddy wagon. "Ssssoon, I will take
revenge over my
companion. I just need to

know where they are gonna take you. But in the meantime, I have to take care of my

fellows wounds. Then it will be YOUR turn, my dear Darkkat."


When Viper woke up, he first didn?t remember what had happen. Then he notised, that he wasn?t
sitting against a cold
wall, in the sewers. And he was definitly not back in his laboratory in the swamp. Then he
remembered, that Darkkat
had tryed to kill him. And he notised, that someone had taked care of his wounds. Including his left
leg, which had been
carefully wind up in a bandage. He looked around at his sorroundings, and definited that he was in
some sort of lair.
Then he realised, that it was an abandoned train station from the old 30?es.

(authors note: this was inspired to me by the TMNT movies. Now back to our story.)

He was laying in one of the old train-wagons. One of them that had been used as a sleeping car.

The place was huge! The old conductor-building had been transformed into some sort of laboratory,
and one of the
other wagons had been transformed into a little needy kitchen.

Although it all seemed very nice and comfortable, Viper didn?t want to meet the resident of the

"Who ever took care of my woundsss, they had a reassson. And I don?t want to know it!" Thougt Viper.
Then he
stepped out of the bed, limped out of the lair, and headed out of the sewers back to MegaKat Swamp.


In the meantime, the enforcers had taken Darkkat to MegaKat Maximum Security Prison, and now he sat
in a
super-guarded cell and could do nothing but to think about 3 things: How to get out, how to get
revenge, and Cobra!
He couldn?t forget the snake-she-kats beautiful face, and that strange feeling he had got when he
saw her the first
time. Could this be the one? The one and only beloved he had been waiting for in a long time? Could
SHE learn to love
HIM? All these strange questions tumbled so much around in his mind, that he didn?t notice the holl
in the floor that
slowly got bigger and bigger. His thougt?s got interrupted when he heard a squeeking sound. It was
his creeplings!

They squeeked and giggled in their own language as they greeted him, and signed to him that he
should go down in the
hole. He jumped down in the hole and was blinded a little moment of the sudden darkness. When his
eyes had gone
used to the dark, the first thing he did was to ask the creeplings: "How did you manage to get out
of the zoo?" Then he
heard a voice behind say softly:

"It isss ssstunning, how easssy you can manage to get thessse creaturesss under your control by

Darkkat spinned around, and let out a crie of surprise.

"Cobra!?" The female snake-kat nodded. "You are correct. And know, you ssshall DIE!!"

She maked a tigerjump towards Darkkat, and kicked him in the chest. "Prepare for your death."

Hissed Cobra, as she exposed her fangs, which was dripping of poison. Darkkat tried to get up, but
was hindered by his
own creeplings. "Why are you doing this?" He asked. Cobra growled."I know you injured one of my
kind. I saw marks
from your creeplingsss. And when I returned to my lair, he wassss gone. And who iss to blame but
YOU!" The feeling of
love dissapeared instantly from Darkkat?s chest and left a dark space of hate and anger. "You
blastet reptile! I?ll get
you for this!" He shouted at Cobra, which just smiled at him.

"I think not."

And then she stepped towards him, and buried her poisoned fangs in his shoulder. She stepped back,
looking on
Darkkat with a evil grin on her face. "Unlessss you get an antidote in for the next 48 hourss, you
will die. And I doubt
you will be found down here. Farewell Darkkat, it wasss NOT nice knowing you for a ssshort time. And
do not worry
about your creeplingsss. I?ll take GOOD care of them. Goodbye.." And then she left Darkkat, in the
dark. Leaving him to
his death, in a hole, under MegaKat Maximum Security Prison.....


MegaKat Salvage yard...

"I think I?ll invite my family, and some friends to the wedding." Mumbled Chance as he sat at the
dining table in the
living room. "Like who?" Asked Jake quriously. "I?ll bet, he?ll invite me. We are afterall, best
friends and partners." He
thougt while chewing on his pizza. "Who are ya gonna invite, of friends?"

"Well, there?s John from the bar. Then theres Jimmy, Callie, Hackle, Abi, Ann, Johnny, Johnson...
Jake, is something
wrong?" Asked Chance as he saw the weird look in Jake?s face.

Jake just looked on him. "Aren?t you forgetting someone?" Asked Jake.

"Oh yeah! The gang from the headquarters. Thanks for reminding me buddy." Said Chance, and continued
eating the
rest of his pizza. "Your welcome BUDDY!" Muttered Jake and left to pick up the klaxon which was
honking in the hangar.
"Yes, miss Briggs. What seems to be the problem?"

Asked Jake. "Hey, you guys, I need you at MegaKat Medical Hospital immediatly!" Sounded Callie?s
voice from the other
end of the line. "Believe or not, but Darkkat wants to talk to ya both." Jake gasped.

"Darkkat!!?? What does that slimy hairball want from us!? And why is he at the hospital?"

"I don?t know, but he insists talking to you. Even though he?s weak, he?s also pretty stubborn."

"We?re on our way!" Said Jake an hung up.

"Chance are you coming!?" He yelled unpatiently as he began to change to Razor. "I?m coming, i?m
coming." Replied
Chance as he came down the stairs. "Sheesh, what?s the big deal! Darkcrud wanna talk to us, and you
act like there?s
fire in your tail." "Just shut up, and come on!" Growled Razor, as he sat up on the Cyclotron.
T-bone took the other
Cyclotron and they headed for the hospital.


MegaKat Medical Hospital...

"This way, gentlemen," said a nurse and leaded the 2 SWAT Kats to a door on second floor. Callie was
waiting outside
the door, with 2 enforcers. "His in here." Callie said. "Whats wrong with him?" Asked T-bone.

"The doctors thinks it?s somekind of poison in his blood. The guards in the prison found him down in
a hole,
unconscious. When he woke up, he started blabbering about Viper, creeplings and Cobras."

"Cobras?" Asked both SWAT Kats in unison. Callie nodded, "yeah. It?s pretty strange, but he kept on
blabbering about it
until they took him to the hospital. He also had a couple of broken ribs." "That would be me." Said
Razor. "I kicked kinda
hard." One of the enforcers shook his head. "It wasn?t you, SWAT Kat. It was someone else."
Suddenly, the door
opened, and a doctor peeked out.

"You can see him now."

The 2 SWAT Kats walked in the room, and was quite surprised of what they saw. You shouldn?t think,
that the kat in the
hospital-bed was one of the most dangerous criminals

in MegaKat city. He turned his head to look on the 2 vigilantes. His yellow eyes looked terribly
tired, and without that evil
look he usually had. When he spoke, his voice was very hoarse, and the 2 SWAT Kats had to come
closer, to hear what
he had to say.

"Oh, it?s you 2." He tried to get up, but sank down in the bed with a sigh. Again he looked on the
SWAT Kats with
narrowed eyes, and then said: "I can feel that I am dying. She was right. She was right all
along..." "Who?" Asked Razor
"Who was right?" Darkkat closed his eyes, and said one word.


The 2 SWAT Kats looked on eachother. "What cobra?" Asked T-bone.

Darkkat opened his eyes, looked on the SWAT Kats, and started to explain:

"It was a coincidence that I met her the first time. It was after the explosion in the MegaKat
biolab. She had killed one of
my creeplings and after that, she told me she once was known under the name of Kathy Peterson, but
that she had
changed it into Cobra. After that, I didn?t see her until after I had been taken to MKMSP (MegaKat
Maximum Security
Prison). She had in someway, managed to free my creeplings from the zoo, and hypnotised them to obey
her orders. I
don?t know why, but she attacked me and bit me in the shoulder..." He pointed weakly at his left
shoulder. "..The next
thing I remember is, that I was taken here to the hospital." He started coughing and then looked on
the SWAT Kats.

"It?s over now. But before i?m `leaving? i?m telling you one thing. You 2 are one of the kind. And
two worthy
opponents. I can tell, that I have been proud of having you as enemies..." And then, he laid back,
closed his eyes, and it
was all over. The machine that showed his puls beat, slowly

went quiet. The 2 vigilants of MegaKat City looked on eachother, and walked out of the door.

"Well?" Asked Callie.

"His dead." Said Razor. "But he managed to tell us, who it was that attacked him. It was Kathy
Peterson. She is as
mutated as Dr.Viper, but Darkkat didn?t know why she attacked him. he only knew, that she has the
ability to
hypnotise. She has the control over his creeplings. But we don?t know what she want."

"One thing is for sure." Said T-bone and shivered, "it has something to do with Viper."

"But why?" Asked Callie. The SWAT Kats shrugged. "We don?t know, but we?ll find out."

Said Razor, and signaled to T-bone that it was on time they should go back to the cyclotrons.

They said goodbye to Callie and the enforcers and went back to their hangar.

Chapter 7.

MegaKat Biochemical Lab.

Dr. Zed Greenbox peeked out under the kathole cover, and snickered as he saw one of his mechanical
droids attack the
nightwatch. He climbed out and "walked" with help from his mechanical legs over to the door, which
leaded into the
laboratory with the precius katalyst-formulas. To his surprise, the door was open, but he couldn?t
see anything. He
shrugged and started to look on the shelfes after the katalyst he was looking for. Katalyst X-100,
"if I can get that
katalyst-formula, I will be able to make a bomb so powerful, that it will make every katizen into a
cribble, and not even
the SWAT Kats will be able to stop me. If I can?t be able to have a normal life, NO ONE IN MEGAKAT
EITHER!!" He laughed maniacly, but stopped when he heard a squeeking and giggling sound.
"Creeplings? Then Darkkat
must be up to something." He tip-toed to the end of the shelfs, and looked around the corner.

"That?s odd." Mumbled Greenbox, but then he saw a kat tied to a chair. It was the newest head-leader
of MegaKat Bio
Lab, Dr. Maverick Johnson! Driven by curiosity, he took a step forward, but felt suddenly a pain in
the neck, and fell to
the floor, unconscious.


It had been a long night at the mayors office. Callie was so tired, that she prefered walking
instead of driving. It was
also the only way how she was able to get back to her appartment. Her car was at her 2 favourite
mechanics Chance
and Jake. She knew that Chance and Felina were about to get married, and she had said yes to be the
bridesmaid for
Felina, and knew who was going to be the best man for Chance. He had told her, that he was going to
ask Jake if he
would be the lucky one. "I hope he says yes," mumbled Callie to herself, "they are afterall best
friends." Then she
notised a light in the MegaKat Bio Lab. "That?s odd. The lab should be closed at this time of
night." Driven by curiosity,
she sneaked inside the building and headed to the second floor, which was the place where the light
came from. She
quicly discovered the open door, and she also heard the squeeking and giggling noise from
creeplings. She tip-toed into
the laboratory and kept out of sight, while she looked around a corner.

With the back turn?t against her, a she-kat stood and looked on 2 other kats, which was tied to some
office chairs.
Callie recognised the one of them as Dr. Johnson, and the other as Dr. Zed Greenbox. The villain
that SWAT Kats had
stopped a few years back. "He must have been up to something here at the lab, if he got caught."
Thougt Callie. Then
she sneaked out of the lab, and into the ladies-room and grabbed her communicator. She pressed the
button and
waited for reply....


The klaxon beamed through Jake?s head. He popped out of bed and answered the klaxon as he said:
"We?re her miss
Briggs. What is it?"

"I?m at Megakat Bio lab, and I think that I?ve found the one that Darkkat called Cobra!"

These words made Jake as awaken as in the middle of the day. "What has happened so far?" He asked.
"So far, she?s
got Dr. Johnson and Zed Greenbox and..." "Zed Greenbox!" Said Jake

shocked. "Not so loud Razor please! I don?t want to be caught!" Whispered Callie. Suddenly, there
was a squeeking
and whining sound and a crash. Callie screamed as the creeplings attacked and dragged off with her,
causing her to
drop the communicator. Jake, which had heard it all, ran into Chance?s bedroom and shaked him, while
yelling: "Wake
up, Chance, WAKE UP!!" Chance jumped out on the floor, with a surprised yelp.

"What! Whats going on!" "Callie?s found Cobra, and she?s got caught! We have to go NOW!"

They both ran down in the hangar, and transformed themself into T-bone and Razor. Then they took the
Turbokat and
headed for the MegaKat Bio Lab.


"Well, well, well. If it ain?t the debuty-mayor herssself. You have done good work, my
creeplingsssss." Hissed Cobra
contended and patted one of the creeplings on the head.

"That isss jussst what I nead. More victimsssss." She turned to face her three prisinors and looked
on them with an evil
grin. Callie tried to get free of the tight robes, but couldn?t break free. Cobra walked over to
her, and said with an tone
of triumph in her voice:

"That isss no ussse misss Briggssss. My hypnotisssed creeplingsss are VERY good, at tiyng. Ha ha ha.
At lassssst, my
revenge will be complete." Cobra turned her back against Callie, which notised all the
katalyst-formulas on the table in
front of Cobra.

"What are you up to, Cobra?" She asked. Cobra turned around with a bottle in her left hand.

"My katalysssst-bomb? Why it?s sssupposed to make all of MegaKat Cccity exxxplode into dussst! Asss
ssoon as I have
finished making the mixture, I will have my revenge, for my accident as well asss for my old friend
Elrod Purvisssss." Her
face turned into a sad look. "My dear old friend," she mumbled, "ssssoon, your sssoul can ressst in
peace in the blood of
your murdererssss." She turned back too her mean look, and looked on Dr. Johnson which tried to talk
throgh the scarf
she had tight over his mouth. "It wasss your kind, that killed him, Johnssson. Dr. Zyme maked that
katalyssst that killed
my beloved. But if I can?t have revenge on Zyme, then YOU are the one to pay for it!" She growled,
and turned around
to complete the katalyst-bomb. "Do you know, that Edrol Purvis is alive?" Said Callie suddenly.
Cobra spinned around.
"Your lying!" She hissed. "No I?m not." Replied Callie calmly. "He has mutated as well."

"You are all lying!" Screamed Cobra. "And you are all gonna pay for thissss. I once was engaged with
an wonderful kat.
At firsst, I trussted him of all my heart. But then he crussshed it, just like that..." She snapped
her fingers " the
advantage of an little "artissst"! Ssssince when hasss a DANCER become an artissst!? You know what,
he did to me? He
jussst left me with a crushed heart, and I to go to a psychologisst for 2 yearsss. The only thing
that kept me from going
insssane was the lettersss from Elrod. Then it sssuddenly ssstopped. He sstopped ssending me
letterss. Then one year
later, I wasss done with it all, and headed for MegaKat Cccity. I went for the job here at the lab,
and thatsss when I got
the messsage about Elrodsss death.

I got the job, and Johnssson maked me do the job of finding a cure for lung-cancccer. Then one
night, I got bit by
Sssylvia, and crussshed againsst the katalysstss. The liquid was mixxed with the sssnake-poison in
my blood, and
now..." She spread her arms. "..I am Cobra."

"Your just another ugly reptile, from a lab. And now your going back to the zoo where you came
from!" Yelled a voice
behind her. Cobra spinned around, and faced a masked kat, in a flying-suit, wearing a blue helmet
with a red triangle.
"Who are you!?" Hissed Cobra.

"The name is Razor, and YOU are in for some big trouble, lady." Growled Razor. "You should know,
that it?s stupid to fall
for the old hear-a-lie-and-start-to-tell-your-lifes-story trick. SPIDER MISSILES DEPLOY!"

"CREEPLINGS! ATTACK!" Shouted Cobra and pointed at Razor. Meanwhile, T-bone had started to loosen
the robes on
the deputy-mayor. Callie could see, that he was shaking like a frightened kitten. "Whats wrong
T-bone?" She whispered.
"Nothing, miss Briggs. I?ll be allright.

It?s just...I can?t really explain it, but I feel totally scared! And I think it has something to do
with Cobra." T-bone?s
paws shaked as they cut on Dr. Johnson?s ropes. "Careful with the claws." Whispered Dr. Johnson, "I
don?t wanna get
a cut." T-bone gritted his teeth, and replied:

"Don?t worry doc. I?ll be careful."


In the meantime, Razor let his anger out on Cobra, and deployed one missile after another.

"I?m tired of thiss ssilly game, SSSWAT Kat." Hissed Cobra, and faster than the missile that Razor
just had deployed,
she jumped forward, and grabbed Razor?s head between her hands.

"Lisssten to my voiccce. Look into my eyessss. I am not the real enemy. Your partner iss the one you
ssshould attack."
"A...attack..." mumbled Razor groggy. Cobra gritted her teeth.

He was under her control, perfect!

"Exxactly. He?sss not your friend. If he wasss, he wouldn?t have proposssed to Felina. It iss
obviousss that your heart
got crusssshed, just ass mine, when my friend let me down. Hear my voicccce, thisss is your time for
payback! Attack
NOW!" Razor growled and jumped around Cobra, which clapped her hands, while shouting to her

"Come along my creeplingsss, and let usss finissh the bomb. We don?t have mucch time."

T-bone had just finished cutting Greenbox robes, when Razor attacked. He jumped up on the back of
T-bone, and tried
to punch him in the face. "Razor, what are you doing!?" Shouted T-bone. "Attack Cobra! Not me!"
Razor answered with
a growl.

"Felina should have been mine!!"

T-bone was so surprised, that he almost forgot to try and get Razor off his back. Razor "razored"
T-bone across his face
and leaved three scratch-marks. That?s when T-bone notised the strange glow in his eyes. "He has
been hypnotised!
Thats why he acts like a maniac!" Thougt T-bone. Suddenly, he had an idea. He pointed his
glow-a-trix at Razor and

"WEB-MISSILES DEPLOY!" A web-like net, deployed from the glow-a-trix and tightened Razor up like a
fly in a spiders
web. Razor hissed, spat and growled, but could not break free.

T-bone ran after Cobra, that had taken the finished katalyst-bomb, and was heading for the roof. The
creeplings tried to
stop T-bone, but he knocked them away with some punches and missiles from the glow-a-trix. Then he
opened the door
to the roof, and was heading forwards towards Cobra. Cobra looked on him with her glowing-green eyes
and hissed at

"You fool. Don?t you underssstand, that thisss iss ssomething I have to do! If I have to sssuffer,

Suddenly, T-bone got punched in the back, by Razor. The hypnotised SWAT Kat growled deep in his
throat, and tried to
kick T-bone. But T-bone rolled away, and jumped up. Razor attacked with his claws out. T-bone waited
until the last
second, then he jumped forward and punched Razor hard in the face, so he fell unconscious to the
ground. "Sorry
Razor." Mumbled T-bone. Then he turned around, and started to run towards Cobra. As he approached
her, he could
feel his muscles scream of fear. Cobra stood and was ready to attack, and lifted the katalyst-bomb
high over her head.
"Drop the bomb, Cobra!" Said T-bone, while shivering as a kitten. "With pleassssure!" Hissed Cobra
and throwed the
bomb at him. T-bone yelled and jumped forward, but too late. The bomb crashed and the timer started
to count down.
T-bone couldn?t do nothing but to turn around, grab the unconscious Razor, and rush down the stairs.
everybody out of here! The bomb is gonna blow!!!" They all rushed out, and a few seconds later, it
all blowed.


"You think Cobra survived?" Asked Callie, as one of the firemen gave her a cup of coffee. She took
the cup, and nodded
in thankfullness. T-bone just shrugged. "If she has, then we can do nothing but to hope, that her
body was blastet out
in space, by the bomb. It was a luck that it didn?t have enough Katalyst liquid to cause too much
damage." Suddenly,
they both heard a groaning sound, and turned around. Razor laid on a stretcher, and was slowly
conchiousness. "Your allright, Razor?" Asked T-bone worried. Razor turned his head to look at

the big tom-kat.

"I think so. Except this big bump on my head is KILLING me! What happened? Did we win?"

T-bone shrugged. "I don?t know, Razor." Then he looked on the burning building, and looked back at
Callie, that just
mimed: "Do it now!" And then turned his attention back to Razor.

"Razor, I wan?t to ask you something. What did you mean, when you said, that Felina should have been
yours?" Razor
widened his eyes in surprise. "I don?t know what you are talking about T-bone. What do you mean!?"
T-bone sighed,
"nevermind." "But then there is some other thing."

Said Razor. "What?"Asked T-bone. "Why haven?t I got a invitation for the wedding? I?ve checked the
mail every day,
the past few weeks." T-bone gritted his teath.

"Since when do the best man, have to get a invitation?" Razor stared at him with open mouth.

" man?" "Yeah. Afterall, you are my best friend. We?ve been through alot, so you?r the one
that deserves the
job. What do you say?" T-bone reached out his paw. Razor looked at it. Then he took T-bone?s paw and
shook it.

"Thanks buddy. I?ll do it."


A pair of yellow eyes looked at the 2 SWAT Kats. Dr. Viper narrowed his eyes with a grin.

"Ssssso. One of my greatesssst enemiesss isss getting married, eh? Now I know how to repay them.
Heh, heh, heh."
Then he closed the cover and started to walk back to his laboratory.

Suddenly he could see a strange being come towards him. Viper hissed in surprise and anger, and
backed away. The
being felled forward with a hoarse sound, and landed unconscious at Vipers feet.

Viper stared in surprise at the creature. It was a she-kat. But not just any she-kat.

She was part snake, like himself!

"What have we here!? A ssssnakessshe-kat! I?d better take her to my laboratory."

Then he lifted her up, and carried her to MegaKat Swamp.

There was alot of things to do now.....

To be continued......

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thanks to:

Kristen Sharp for her advice and pic?s of Dr. Viper.

Amanda Taylor for Dr. Vipers Bio.

Strike for her advice.

Scorpions for there song: "Here in my heart."

Savage Garden for their song: "Let me be the one you call."

Lance Falk.

And some of all the other SKwriters that has inspired me....

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