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Three Mutants is One Too Many!
By KS Claw


]3 mutants is 1 too many.

By KS Claw

A.N: Not much to say, except this is the sequel to "Enter the Cobra"which I FINALLY took some time
to write on. Oh, and
I hope you all enjoyed my first fanfic. And will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. ; ) Oh
yeah, and you probably
know the routine, so I don?t have to tell it again.



It was in the middle of the night. And everybody in MKC was sleeping. Well, ALMOST everybody. Cause
in a old
abandoned warehouse, strange things was happening. A few kats was walking around, mixing around with
kinds of chemicals, and laser-equipment. A tall figure stood, watching as the hired scientists
worked on a special projekt,
he had hired them to. One of the scientists approached the figure.

"So how are the projekt going? I hope you hold the time-scheme."Asked the figure with a calm voice
that sounded as
soft as silk, but also maked the figure sound as if he was ready to rip up the kats throat. The
figure that was a male-lion
named She-Tach looked calmly on the kat with calm, ice-blue eyes.

"It is going well, mr. She-Tach. The projekt is almost done. We only need to install the special
chip, that will make sure
the creeplings will go after every kind of HER commands." The lion nodded contended.

"Excellent. My mistress will not be making the same mistake as Darkkat. And these creeplings should
be more powerful
then Darkkats previous?"

"Yes. They are certainly not like the previous creeplings. The poison of those creeplings, can make
the victim sleep, or it
can kill in about 15 min. And they also has the special power to spit fire or acid. However she
would prefer it, chief."

"Good. By the way, what happened to the rest of the previous creeplings?" Asked She-Tach.

"They got killed in a exsplotion. Rumors tell, the exsplosion was created by the villainess Cobra.
They say, she got killed
in the exsplotion as well." She-Tach look a little irritated.

"Hmmmm. My mistress will definetely not like those news." He mumbled, and stroke his chin with a
thoughtful look. A
laugh sounded behind him. He spinned around and spotted a slimb, hooded figure stand in the

"Mylady! Are you here!? I...I didn?t expect you! I..I.."Stammered the scientist. The figure lifted a
paw, and maked the
scientist silent. She laughed again. A cold, cruel laugh that very much sounded like her fathers.
She stepped forward and
into the light, showing her form, and making the scientists stop working and staring at her with a
frightened look. She
gave them a annoyed look and snarled angrily at them:

"Get back to work! I am not paying you for just standing and looking like some foolish sheep!" The
scientists quickly got
back to work.

She-Tach covered his mouth with a paw to hide that smirk it had formed as he looked at her. "Indeed
she remind of her
father." He thought.

And he was right. She didn?t look like a normal she-kat. Her fur was in a deep purple color, and her
eyes was without
pupils and had a silvery demon-like glow. Her face though, was not as skull-like as her father,
Darkkat. Instead, it had
gentle curves and perfect curved lips, and a small, but elegant black nose. Long black hair floated
down, from under the
hood that covered her head. She was wearing a long, steel-grey robe that reached to her black,
gargoyel-like feet. A
purple, fox-like tail poked out from the edge of the robe. Around her waist was a black belt, where
a nasty-looking
sword hang down, with a deathly glance. She gritted her razor-sharp teeth in a cruel grin.

"I heard what you said, She-tach. And I am only glad, that this so called Cobra isn?t here to be in
the way. Now I only
have 4 kats to worry about. Commander Feral, the deputymayor and the worse of them all. Those
blasted SWATKATS!
They got my father put to jail, and sealed his death. And they will PAY for that, if it shall take
me all of the eternity." She
clenched her elegant paws into tight fists and sneered.

"Oh, indeed they will pay. Indeed!" She spinned around and headed for the exit and out in a black
limo. She-Tach was
right at her tail.

"Anything special I else can do for you, mylady?" He asked with his silk/deathly voice. Nightlady
narrowed her silver-like
eyes with a thoughtful look, and was silent for a moment. Then she finally responded:

"Yes. Get me the chemical, Katalyst-Vipermutagen 368. I have a plan...." She-Tach bowed.

"It shall be, as you wish. NightLady."


"......So when I finally reached my mothers place and she opened up the door, I couldn?t help it but
say: 'Hi, I?m David
Litterbin.' "

Jake breathed a deep sigh, and turned off the TV. Chance shook his head.

"I can?t help it but wonder but what you think is so funny about that Litterbin guy." He said.

"And I can?t help it but to wonder what you think is so funny about 'Scaredy Kat'." Jake responded
and took a sip of his
milk. He sighed again.

Chance gave his friend a worried look. He laid a paw on his buddy?s shoulder.

"What?s wrong buddy? Is it Cobra your thinking about?" He asked. Jake just nodded.

"That, and the thing about her connection with Viper. I?ve been going through it several times, but
I can?t think of a
connection." He shook his head. Chance looked thoughtful.

"Hmmm. Why don?t you go and ask your friend, what?s-his-name...You know, the guy that can brake
every difficult code
with his computer?"

Jake brightened up. "Chance, your a GENIUS!" He jumped up from the couch and ran out to their truck.
He yelled to
Chance as he drove off.

"I?ll be back in a couple of hours! Call me if there?s trouble!" Chance shook his head, as he
watched the truck drive off
out of the salvage yard.

"Well, looks like I got the TV all for myself." He smirked. Then he turned around and headed inside.
Soon, there was
heard a roaring of laughter, as Chance just had turned on, for 'Scaredy Kat'.


"Scuse me, is Karles here?" Jake asked the bartender of the club. The fat tom-kat behind the desk
just pointed with the
thumb over his shoulder.

"Thankyou." Jake said, and walked through the door on the other side of the desk. He walked a little
through a dark
corridor and came to a red door. He knocked on it.

"Who is it?" A voice said.

"It?s me, Jake." Replied Jake. The door opened and a tom-kat on Jake?s age, with red hair and thick
glasses looked out.

"Yo, Jakey! My man!" He said happily, and hugged Jake.

"I haven?t, like, seen ya since you and the teddy-bear was thrown of the E?s team and became the new
protecter?s of
our beloved MKC." Jake grinned. Karles was one of the very few kat?s, who knew the secret identity
of the SWATKATS.

"I?m glad to see you too, Karles. Hey listen, could you do me a favor? I need some serious info."
Karles smirked.

"Whatever ya want man. Come, and enter my domain." He showed Jake inside the room, and jumped into a

"Now, tell me. Who should I sent a virus? Feral? He would deserve it." Jake shook his head.

"No, it?s nothing like that." He mumbled. "I need you to find some general info about the villains,
Cobra and Dr. Viper.
You think you can handle that?" Karles smirked and turned to his computer.

"Come on, man. I thought you would have a serious challenge for me to do. This is piece-a-cake!" He
gave the computer
some orders and waited a moment. Then he let out a cry of joy.

"YES! Here we have some. Now lemme see. Bio on Elrod Purvis....newspapers.... There. I?ll copy you
this, and then you
can try and check it out. How?s that?" Jake grinned.

"Thanks Karles. Your a pal." Karles smiled and laid a paw on Jakes shoulder.

"Anytime man."


"No.....No! Please......NO! HELP ME!........I can?t get out...>gasp<....Can?t anyone hear me!
HELP!!" Kathy cried as she
banged on the door.

But it was impossible. No one could hear her. And she knew that. The door was sealed and locked. She
had been locked
in there of the girls from the gym. And her claustrophobia was causing her to freak out totally in
wild panic.

"HELP ME!!!!" Kathy gasped for air and then sunked down on the floor. It was hopeless. She cryed
silently, tears
running over her cheeks.

She gasped for air. She felt it as if she was getting choked. Nothing was heard for several minutes.
But then....What was
that?...There it was again!....

A slight sound, like from a small lockpicker was heard.....then a loud click....but for Kathy?s
ears, it was the most
heavenly music in the world.

The door was opened. She jumped forward and buried crying her face into Elrods shoulder. He gently
stroke her hair
and whispered gently to her, that everything would be alright....Everything would be just


Cobra gasped and sat straight up in bed. She sat still for a moment, allowing her heart to calm
down. She then laid back
and sighed.

"What a horrible nightmare...." She whispered to herself. That was when she notised something.

Where was she?

The last she remembered was how she had gotten herself to safety before the bomb exsploded. But it
prevented the lab to fall down on her. She had dragged herself away from the lab, and

She notised, that the shorts and the top she had been wearing was (almost) hole. They had only got a
few slashes.
Cobra stepped out of the bed and sneaked over to a large wooden door. She opened it carefully
without a sound, and
peeked out. What she saw, maked her gasp of amasement.

It was one, huge laboratory, build up inside a hollow tree. Steams in mystical colors floated up
towards the loft over a
table. And down from the loft hanged a wheel with a few dead alligators.

Then she saw HIM. He hadn?t notised her. He was too busy mixing something. There was no doubt that
it was the
exactly same snake-kat, who?s wounds she had taken care of in the sewers. When she tried to sneak up
on him, there
sounded a growling roar, and a long slimy tentacle grabbed her from behind. She let out a high
shriek, and the
snake-kat spinned around in surprise.

For a short second, their eyes met. Her emerald green, into his light-golden. Then he snapped at the
"owner" of the

"Let her go thissss insssstant!" The tentacle quickly dropped her on the ground. The snake-kat
walked over and helped
her up.

"Are you alright?" He asked. Cobra nodded weakly. The....whatever it had been, had somehow managed
to drain the
small energy she had got.

The snake-kat helped her over to a chair and handed her a cup of somekind of mud-brown liquid.

"Drink thisssss." The snake-kat hissed. "It will make you feel better." She took the cup and gazed
at the liquid. Then she
took a small sip.

"Jusssst go on. It?sss not poissssonoussss." The snake-kat said. Cobra took another sip, and then
slowly drinked it all.
It felt good.

Suddenly, a strong burst of energy, shot through her veins. She let out a high gasp and clutched the
cup so tighly, that
it cracked, and cut into her paws. The snake-kat gently grabbed her paws.

"Eassssy. The first..."energy-bursssst" may come as a surprise, but once you get ussssed to it, it
will reduce into a
sssmall sssucking feeling in the ssstomach. Believe me. I have tried it ssseveral timesss,

She sunk something. "C...Cobra." She murmured. "My name is Cobra. Ow, my pawssss. What do you mean,
when you
sssay...ssseveral timesss!?" The snake-kat didn?t respond imeadially. He calmly started to clean the
cut?s in her paws,
and inwrapped them carefully in a few bandages, which he picked up from a nearby shelf with his
long, stribed tail.

"Well...." He finally said. "When you, assss an examble, hassss got a terribel cold and you pick
ssssome leaves from a
rare ssssswamp-cress, and boil it in hot water. That givessss a very effective potion, that
almosssst cure your woundsss
instantly. Ssssometimes it has taken me weekssss to recover from an injury." Cobra looked on him as
he carefully
inwrapped her paws. He seemed so familiar. And that burning rush she had felt, when she had looked
into his eyes. As if
she was meant to recognise something.

"And I who thought Darkkat had killed him..." She thought and bit her underlip.

(A.N: She?s immune to her own poison, so nothing can happen if she, bits her tongue)

"What a fool I have been. Just because I thought I would be alone once more." Sorrow hit her as a
sharp knife, deep in
her heart and soul.

"But that will sssstill not bring you back to me, my beloved Elrod. Oh, how I missss you. If only
you were here with me."
She thought.

Viper had different thoughts. In the last couple of days, all he could think of, was Kathy. It had
almost been impossible
for him to concentrate on the small project he was working on.

"Oh, my dear Kathy." He thought to himself. "After all thessse yearsssss. I thought we finally were
going to be together
again. But you would probably, like anyone else, have disgusted me as the monssssster I have

"Thissss place is amazing!" Cobra said, interrupting his thoughts.

"To think all thissss is inssside a tree!" Then she looked on him. "It must have been a tough job,
fixing all
thisss....uh...what ssshould I call you?"

"Viper." Viper replied with a little smile. "My name, issss Viper."


She-Tach did not like the feeling of this. DEFINATELY not. As he walked past the tables with
different testtubes, a slow
chill shivered down his spine. Man, did this place give him the creeps! Suddenly, he spotted
Nightlady by a table, talking
about something. As She-Tach approached, he could hear their voices more clear.

"He will be perfect. He has the right atletic and muscular structure, AND he?s also smart. It will
be easy to control him."
The scientist said. Nightlady nodded.

"Perfect." She murmured. Then she turned. "AH! She-Tach, we were just talking about you." The
contended smile she
gave him, reminded She-Tach of a fox who were just about to eat a hen.

"We were disgussing your....abilities, and it suddenly struck me, that with these skills of yours,
you deserve better then
to just....rotten away."

She picked up a needle that laid on the table, and turned it between her fingers. She-Tach knew by
pure instinct that it
was the katalyst,

"Viper-Mutagen 368".

"I only know, that you wanted to see me." She-Tach said. Nightlady nodded.

"Exactly. You see, the dear dr. Harland has managed to manipulate alittle with the katalyst,
'Viper-mutagen 368', and
maked it able to create the perfect super-soldier. And that is where YOU appear in the picture, my
dear She-Tach. It?s
something about, you do a little work-out once in a while, am I right?" She-Tach nodded.

"Yes, that is correct." Nightladys smile grew even wider.


Suddenly, She-Tach felt a prick in his arm, and all went black.


When She-Tach awoke, the first thing he notised, was that he had been tight to a chair. And a
killing head-ache.
Nightlady came in to his viewing distance. She stood and talked to the kat named dr. Harland. She
seemed a little

"I certainly hope, that that goon of yours haven?t given him too much of that doze! Else, he will be
for no use, and the
plan will fall apart!" She sneered. Dr. Harland shook his head.

"Oh, no my dear Nightlady. Look. He has awoken." Dr. Harland pointed at She-Tach. The cruel smile
returned once more.

"Good. We don?t want you to miss the party, now do we?" She said with a deathly glance.

"What do you think you?re doing!?" She-Tach snarled, teeth gritted in anger. Nightlady let a paw
glide over his chest,
burying them in his corn-golden mane.

"Just making sure, that your loyalty will be PERMANENT!" She hissed evilly and looked over at dr.
Harland. He took the
same needle with the "Viper-mutagen 368" and handed it to the villainess. She walked over to the
chair and pinned the
needle violently into She-Tach?s arm. He let out a high yelp in pain.

"What?s the matter? Can?t take a little needle?" Nightlady teased evilly, and stepped back. She-Tach
gasped in pain, as
he felt the mutagen begin it?s process in changing his genes and DNA.

"Now it may be...VERY painful at first, but as soon as the mutation has completed, you won?t be
feeling anything." Dr.
Harland said with glee.

She-Tach?s fur changed from deep nut-brown to strong dark-green. His eyes lost every sign of pupils
and re-appeared
in a evil, ice-blue glance.

His short mane turned hard and seemed to turn into the same special neck-coam as on a frilled
lizard. Only difference
was, it was hard as steel. His tail turned hard, and the taillock turned into a deathly,
scorpion-spike. He growled and
strangeled to get free. The bands that had hold him, snapped quickly with no challenge. He jumped up
from the chair
and throwed himself at Nightlady. She quickly grabbed a remote from her pocket and pressed a

A burst of pain exsploded inside the mutants head, and maked him howl in pain. Nightlady grinned

"Oh, yes. My dear fathers invention, the nerve-paralyser neckless, was a brilliant invention. So I
took the opportunity to
reduce it to a microchip, that is operated right down under the skin on your forehead. Try to
disobey me, and I will simply
press the button on this remote, and you will get a headache that can?t get stopped by anything then
of this remote."
She then laughed evilly.

"Now, GO! And let us see what your good at." She turned to face dr. Harland.

"Try and check his skills on, should we say, the MegaKat Library!? Just as a small appetiter."
Harland smiled.

"Yes, mylady. It will be a pleasure."Nightlady smiled with glee.

"Good. I will come soon, to check your work."


"!" Jake growled and threw the old newspaper over his shoulder. It hit Chance
straight in the face.

"HEY! Watch it." He shouted. Jake shrugged as he picked up another newspaper.

"Sorry." Chance walked over and checked the papers that laid on the office desk. They all had a line
or two about Viper
or Elrod Purvis. These were about 3 years old. Only one with that was a few months old, that told
about how the
SWATKATS had defeated the villainess Cobra.

"Hmm. Still nothing?" He asked. Jake shook his head and growled frustrated:

"No. And it?s getting on my nerves. So far, all I got to know is, that both Elrod Purvis and Kathy
Peterson grew up in
someplace called "Kembertonville"." Chance shook his head.

"Anyway." He said. "I?m going to the library. I got some comics to deliver back." Jake just lifted
his paw.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever!" Chance grabbed the comics and went to the library.

On the way, he stopped and asked the she-kat in charge by the desk about it.

" ' Scuse me, but you wouldn?t happen to know anything about a place called 'KembertonVille', would
you?" He asked.
The she-kat nodded.

"Why yes. Anything special you would like to know about?" Chance thought for a moment.

"Hmmm. It?s something about Viper being around 25-28 or something, and that means..." Then he turned
to the

"Yeah, you wouldn?t happen to have any newspapers from around the 60-70?es?" The librarian she-kat
nodded. "Just a

After a few minutes, she returned with a whole box filled with them. "There. You can go over in our
reading corner, and
go through there."

"Thanks." Said Chance and went over to the reading corner. There he sat down, and started to read
through them all.

Surprisingly, he found alot about Elrod Purvis.

"Man!" Chance thought. "Seems like he has gone through a rough time! No wonder he in the end
deserved to be at the

Chance shook
his head and picked up another paper. He read through it, when something suddenly caught his eye. A
line telling about
the next generation, gratuating from High-School. Beneath it was picture of all the students.

"Man. Jake has GOT to see this!" Chance hurried out and got a copy of the articles, and hurried back
to his car, when
suddenly, there was a high roar. Chance looked up and gasped.

A lionised version of Viper came running down the street with exdended claws and flaming ice-blue
eyes. The only
difference was, that the creature had a high, lightgolden neck-coam and deep-green fur with no
stribes. The tail looked
very deathly, with a scorpion-like spike on the tip. As it eyed Chance, it roared and prepared to
attack. Chance yelped as
some small creatures that reminded of creeplings came flying and dived to attack. Chance jumped into
the car and
locked the door. One of the creepling-look-alikes spit some green goo that maked the metal on the
door melt away.

"CRUD! Those guys spits acid!" Chance yelped, and kicked the speeder. The engine roared to life and
the car sped down
the street. Chance quickly turned on the com-link and prayed to God, that Jake still was there.



Jake jumped up from the couch and hurried over to the klaxon.

"Razor here."

"Jake! Thank GOD you?re there!" Beamed Chance?s voice through the klaxon.

"Chance? What?s up?" "Well, first of all, some psyco, viper-like freak is attacking the MegaKat
Square near the library
with some creepling-like monsters that spits acid. Second, I got these..."


The klaxon went dead. Jake hurried down in the hangar, changed outfit and jumped up on the
cyclotron, and headed for
the MegaKat square.


"We have to be careful. That....thing?s got hostages! And he has filled the building with
exsplosives!" Comm. Feral
beamed over his troop of Enforcers. Felina Feral, the Commanders niece stood next to lt-comm. Steel.
They both knew
what awaited them. Steel was a bit nervous, but to Felina, it would be like shaking paws with an old
friend. She awaited
her orders, jumped up into the nearest enforcer-chopper and took off.

They circled around the MegaKat Library, where the hostages had been taken to. Felina beamed through
the inter-com:

"This is Lt. Felina Feral! You only shoot on my orders. We must get these hostages to safety!"
Suddenly, some
creepling-like beasts came flying. Whining and snarling. They spat some greenish goo on a
Enforcer-chopper, and it
turned out to be pure acid. Felina dodged a few, and got close to the building. Suddenly a hissing
and snarling voice
sounded through the inter-com:

"Ha ha ha haaaa! You meddling foolsssss! You think your overgrown metal-moskitossss will be enough
to stop me!?" It
was the mysterious lionised mutant. It?s pupiless ice-blue eyes looked around as Felina watched it
through her

"I am She-Tach! Ssssservant of the mighty queen of the under-world: Nightlady!" He snarled and
swished with his
scorpion-like tail.

"Don?t try to ssstop me, or it will get on your headssss." He gave a sign to the creeplings. ("it
has to be such kind"
Felina thought) and they brought up a hostage. To Felinas great shock, it was Chance!

"CHANCE!" Shrieked Felina. She-Tach cocked his head to one side, as if he was listening and smiled

"Aaaaah! I ssssence that thisss is a pretty familiar face we got here!" He hissed with glee. "That
makes a different

He looked thougtful for a moment. "What ssshould I do with him!? Torture him? Kill him inssstantly?
Oooo decisions,

"LET HIM GO!!" Felina yelled. Steel, that had radio contact with Felina in the chopper, had a
surprised look. Why care so
much for a simple mechanic?

"Temper, temper, lt. Feral!" She-Tach teased, and scratched Chance over his cheek. "You shouldn?t
even THINK of trying
to free him yourssself. Call your Enforcersss back. Or I might sssstart to get mean."

Felina opened and closed her fists. Finally, she leaned back, and ordered through the com-link:

"All Enforcers retreat. Imeadially!" Suddenly, something banged in Steel?s mind. He had gotten a

While no one notised, he sneaked inside to the library and quickly found the hostages who where
guarded by a single
ninja. Steel quickly took him down and told the hostages to go to the exit. After that, he sneaked
up the emergensy
stair, which lead to the roof. He quietly opened the door, and saw She-Tach that stood with all the
super-creeplings (a
name Steel himself had given the small creatures) gathered around him and the hostage, Chance

"Or should I say, T-bone?" Steel thought. OK, so he couldn?t figure out to battle in a jet, but he
wasn?t stupid. In fact,
the reason of how he got his position as Lieutenant-Commander wasn?t because of his familys fortune.
But because he
had fighted for the position, and earned it! Ever since the incident with MadKat, he had tried his
best to show Feral, that
he could be used to other stuff than just sitting in a office on his butt and do nothing.

Steel bit his underlip and carefully aimed the gun on She-Tach?s shoulder. Chance stood with teeth
gritted in anger.
She-Tach stood and yelled at the Enforcer choppers who was out of "danger-zone":

"Hear my demands, and I MIGHT release all of the hostagessss."

"HEAR THIS!" Steel shouted and fired. The bullet hit She-Tach in the shoulder. He let out a high
roar of surprise, anger
and pain. That was all that Chance needed. He kicked the super-creeplings and ran over to Steel.

"Hurry! This way!" Steel said and they both ran down the stair.

"I got the hostages out of here. There?s only you and me left!" Steel said. A scratching and
shrieking noise was heard
behind them. Steel growled.

"Oh yeah. And THEM!" He pointed over his shoulder with a thumb. The super-creeplings were right
after their tales.

Suddenly, there was a loud roar, and the cyclotron came roaring in through the window. Razor stopped
in front of the
mechanic and Enforcer.

"Quickly! Hop on!" He shouted. Both Chance and Steel got on, and Razor speeded out through the
window. They landed
on the street, where Steel and Chance jumped off.

"Good luck, SWATKAT." Steel said. Razor nodded and took off. Chance had quickly disappeared in the
crowd. Steel
looked up on the building.

"Now there?s only that crazy maniac left." He thought. Suddenly, he heard a she-kat in the crowd

"My baby! I lost my baby in there! Somebody help me please!" Steel was shocked. The escape from the
had almost ripped his nerves to pieces. But as an Enforcer, it was his duty to do his. He collected
what was left of his
courage, and ran into the building again.


"Why, OH WHY did you have to let yourself take as a hostage!?" Razor groaned as Chance had changed
to T-bone.
T-bone just growled.

"HEY! The...acid-spitting creeps melted the engine and a ninja hold a gun to my head, so I didn?t
really have other
choices!" He scowled.

Razor rolled his eyes. "Pffff. Whatever. I just don?t hope you still will have
that...snake-o-phobia!" T-bones ears

"I?m not much to admit it, but I actually was terrified when that freak hold me as a hostage." He
said. Razor shook his

"It?s alright. Now let?s concentrate on that She-Tach guy." And then they jumped into the TurboKat,
(which Razor had
"remoted" to their present position) and headed straight for the library.


Meanwhile, Viper and Cobra was taking a walk through the sewers, talking about different stuff.
Cobra was really
amused by Viper?s stories of his "failured" tries to take over the city.

"Your kidding me, when your saying that you actually turned yourself into a huge godzilla-like
monster, right?" She said.
Viper laughed.

"Nope." He said. "It?ssss true. Unfortunately, the SSSSWATKATssss had luck to hit the
katalyst-tanksss I was keeping
with me, jussst in case I would need them."

"Issss that wherefrom you got that sssscar at your left collar bone?" Cobra asked. The scar was
long, but was not
something you would notice imeadially. Viper quickly covered it with his labcoat.

"Uuuhhh....No, That?ssss different..." He murmured. Cobra gave him a weird look, but didn?t ask.

"Anyway, what bringsss YOU to MegaKat Ccccity?" Viper asked. Cobra looked down and her smile

"I..." She murmured. "...I hoped to find an old friend of mine, but...unfortunately,
he?s.....dead..." Viper couldn?t help it
but to feel sorry for her.

He knew that feeling as well.

"I?m ssssorry." He said and laid a paw on her shoulder. "I know how you feel." She looked away.

" alright...Just me being too sssensitive..." She murmured, and sobbed strongly against
her will. Viper bit his

He had never been comfortable around she-kats that were crying.

Viper snapped out of his thoughts and quickly took a handkerchief from his lab-coat pocket, and
handed it to Cobra.

"Uhmm...Here." He murmured shyly. Cobra took the hankie without protest.

"Thankyou." She sniffed and blew her nose. Suddenly, it struck Viper, that this seemed familiar.

"Asss Jamesss Regal would have sssaid: Whoa, d?ja vou!" He thought.

Cobra dried her eyes, and looked on Viper.

"Thisss seemesss so familiar." She thought. "I?d wish I could remember from where."

Then she smiled shyly at him, and then said:

"Where were we?"


Steel sneaked through the shelfes,and looked around. Where was that kid?

Suddenly, Steel felt someone pul in his sleeve. He looked down. It was the missing kitten. She
looked about, 6-7 years
old. She pointed away, to show that she didn?t want to be there. Steel nodded, and they both sneaked
as quietly as
possible away. When they were near the entrance, Steel kneeled down and whispered to the little

"My name is Lt-commander Steel. What?s your name?" "A....Amy!" She sniffed. "I want my mommy!" Steel

"I know you do." He followed her to the door, and told her how to get out, before he went back to
search for perhaps
more lost hostages.

Suddenly, he could hear voices.

"But it wasn?t our fault, boss. It was that...Enforcer." A female voice snarled in responce.

"SHUT UP! Or I will feed you to my Erinjes!"

(A.N: A Erinje is a horrifying creature from the old legends of Greek, with horrifying twisted
faces, hairs of a snake, and
legs like bronze. In this fic, it?s the name of the "super-creeplings")

Steel didn?t need to think for long, to guess it was about the acid-spitting creatures. He then
sneaked down beside a
shelf with books, and took a few out. Just enough for him to look through. What he saw, maked him
bite his teeth
together, to stop a high gasp.

It was Darkkat! Or, it looked like him. The figure was much more slimb, and didn?t look so
skull-like in her face. Her eyes,
had a cold, silvery glow instead of the cruel golden which Darkkat had. Long black hair floated down
over her small, yet
powerful-looking shoulders. One of the "Erinjes" sat on her left shoulder, it?s eyes glowing of
bloodthirst, and hunger. It
screeched, and launged out after the henchman. He stepped back of fear, dissapearing out of Steel?s
sight. Nightlady
("It can?t be any other." Steel thought) gently stroke the Erinje?s chest, as she murmured with a
voice as ice:

"Easy, my little one. I know, that you are probably hungry, and want food. But save your hunger, for
the more SPECIAL
enemies. Like, the SWATKATS!" She smiled evilly. "As soon as we have got the DeputyMayor, I will
have them in my
hollow paw...."

The Erinje screeched in responce. There was heard steps, and She-Tach came into Steels sight.
Nightlady send him glare
that could melt a rock.

"You She-Tach. I warned you about failing me. I think it?s time for a little lesson!" A tom-kat
handed her a remote, and
she pushed a button. She-Tach suddenly screamed in wild pain, and clenched his head as he fell to
his knees.

"Mylady...please! Have mercy...." Nightlady just looked on him with her ice-cold glare. She finally
stopped pushing the
button, and She-Tach gasped in relief. The Erinje hissed at him, but he just sended it a icecold
stare with his ice-blue
eyes. Nightlady turned her back to the mutant, and snarled:

"If you fail me one more time, She-Tach, I won?t answer for the consequenses!" Steel decided that it
was time to get
out, but tipped over some books, that made a loud noise. Nightlady looked up.

"A spy!? She-Tach, get him! And do not fail me!" She-Tach snarled and set off after the escaping
Steel. Nightlady turned
to her followers.

"In the meantime, we must seek safer places. And plan our next move."

"It?s been a long time since I lasssst had a good chasssse, little Enforcer! Do pull it out!"
She-Tach cackled. Steel ran as
fast as he could, out to the mens room and locked the door. She-Tach snarled and kicked at the door.
Steel looked
around for an escape path, and finally decided to slip down in a kathole, that was large enough for
him to get through.
(Even though he?d have to break up a few bricks) He slipped through just in time, as She-Tach made
it trough the door,
and raced down through a drain-pipe.

She-Tach snarled as he saw the escape-path and hurried after him with a snarling laughter:

"Oh yesssss....DO keep on little Enforcccccer! I have plenty of time!"


Suddenly, Viper stopped up, ears perked up and eyes glowing in alert. Cobra looked on him.

"What issss it?" She asked worried. She didn?t feel comfortable about his looks. Viper looked around
in the dark, his tail

"I feel ssssomething un-welcome nearby..." He murmured. Suddenly, they could both hear the sound of
running feet,
and a Enforcer came jumping through a drainpipe towards them, and accidently bumped into Cobra. He
gasped as he
saw who he had run into.

"C..C...Cobra!!" He gasped. Viper caught him, by curling his tail around the panicking Tom-kat.

"What are you doing here, Enforccccer!?" Viper snarled. The Enforcer just blabbered in fear and
strangeled to get loose.
Cobra laid a paw on Vipers shoulder.

"Lisssten!" She said. A sound of a insane cackling laughter was heard through the drainpipe, and was
shortly followed
by the sound of running feet. Viper and Cobra gasped as a creature that looked a cross-over between
a lion, a frilled
lizard and a scorpion came jumping. He stopped up and looked surprised to see other mutants like
himself. He quickly
recognised the first as Dr. Viper, and the other......She-Tach gasped, and then growled deep in his
throat with glee.

"I assssume you must be Cobra..." He sneered. She stood up bravely, staring coldly on him. "I am."
She said. "And who
are you?"

"I am Ssshe-Tach. Sssservant of the missstresss of the underworld, Nightlady. The daughter of the
now, departed
Darkkat." Cobra looked very

uncomfortable. Viper narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

"Departed? What isss that ssssuppose to mean?" He asked. She-Tach looked on him with a nasty grin.

"Oh, but haven?t you heard!? Darkkat wassss killed only a week ago, by a certain ssssnake-poisssson,
which could only
come from a King-Cobra!" He crouched down to attack. "Oooooh, my missstressss will be THRILLED to
know how I
personally killed her fatherssss murderer."

He cackled and launched to attack Cobra, but he hadn?t counted on Viper to interrupt. The mad
scientist released Steel
who quickly fled down the drainpipe. Viper ignored him and jumped on She-Tach.

"DON?T YOU TOUCH HER!!" He shouted and slammed She-Tach into the wall with a smack from his tail.

She-Tach growled and now attacked Viper instead. Cobra was lamed of shock. The mutated kat and lion
snarled, hissed
and growled at eachother, scratching, biting and clawing.

"Give it up, Viper!" She-Tach growled. "I am ssstronger than you, and this ssssnake-shekat mussst
pay back for the pain
sssshe caussst my missstresss!" Viper just gritted his teeth.

"You may be ssstronger, but your hell no ssssmarter!" He snarled. She-Tachs eyes blinked in fury and
launched with his

Viper managed by pure luck to dodge She-Tachs scorpion-sting, and kicked the mutated lion in the
chest, causing him to
lose his breath.

She-Tach jumped back, gasping for air. Viper ran towards him, and slammed his tail into the
stomach, causing him to slam into the wall, with the head first. Viper stepped towards him, his
breath wheezing in and
out of his lungs of excaustion, (He hadn?t recovered properly yet from the fight with Darkkat) but
the fury glowed in his
eyes like 2 lanterns. She-Tach slowly raised himself from the floor, and glared evilly at Viper with
his ice-like eyes.

"Get....losssst!" Viper wheezed at the snake-lion. "You can....tell your..>gaspwheezgaspwheezgaspgaspwheez<" Cobra looked

"You poor thing." She said and supported him down through the drainpipe. "Come, we?ll go to my old
lair. I ssshould
have a few mediclessss there..." And soon, their voices dissapeared in the darkness of the


"This is Ann Gora from Kats Eye News, live directly from the main gate of the MegaKat Library, where
a VERY peculiar
hostagesiuation has taken place. Seems as if the hostages somehow where freed without any sign of
injury, but most
definately in shock over that adventure. Both the Enforcers and the SWATKATS has searched through
the building, but
couldn?t find any sign of the strange mutated lion, She-Tach. Seems like as if there is more to come
of mutated
psycopaths, here in this city. What the...?" Ann let out a cry of surprise, as the kathole-cover
under her began to lift up.
She jumped away, and a very tired, dirty and frightened Lt-Commander Steel crawled up from the
sewers. Feral came

and grabbed Steel by the collar.

"STEEL! What in the world do you think you?re doing!?" He boomed. Steel didn?t answer at first. He
still needed to get
his nerves to rest before he could answer on questions. Suddenly, a small voice was heard in the

"Look daddy! That?s the Enforcer that saved us!" "Why, so it is!" A grey-furred tom-kat and a small
kitten came running
out from the crowd and the grown-up shook Steel?s paw.

"We can?t thank you enough for saving us, sir. I owe you everything!" Commander Feral looked
puzzled. "Huh?" He
said. Soon, all the hostages that had been released came walking, and thanked Steel for what he had
done. Steel just
smiled tiredly and said hoarse:

"Oh, it was nothing.....after all, I am a Enforcer. It?s my duty to protect and help katizens of
MegaKat City...."

Suddenly he remembered. He turned to Feral and started to tell.

"Commander! There?s something I need to tell you, and I can guess you probably won?t believe me."
What Feral heard
maked him gasp.

"Cobra is alive, and I saw her together with Viper!"


Jake chuckled as he watched Kats Eye News. Funny how Steel had become the hero of the day, saving
all these
innocent kats. But he stiffened as he heard what Ann had to say next.

"....And it seems as if the cruel mutated villainess Cobra has returned yet again, and that she by
this time is planning
new crimes, with the evil, mutated Dr. Viper. I am Ann Gora, Kats Eye News, back to the studio."
Chance, who had just
come inside the livingroom, shivered as he listened. Then he suddenly remembered the newspaper
articles he had
copyed, and took them from his pocket.

"Yo, Jake! I almost forgot to show you this. It?s a photo I found in a old newspaper, and some
articles, believe it or not,
about Elrod Purvis! Or should I say, his family." He handed the copyes ovet to Jake, who sat down on
the couch and
began to read through them. Jake whistled as he read through the articles.

"Whoa. No wonder he in the end deserved to be at the looneybin!" He said. Chance nodded. "Yeah. And
check this out!
It?s a picture of all the students from the Kembertonville Highschool. And look who?s right down in
front!" Jake looked at
the old photo, and gasped. On the grass, sat 2 kats and was hold their nametags, plus the sign that
told it was
students that had just gratuated. On the she-kats sign it said KATHY PETERSON. And on the tom-kats
it said ELROD
PURVIS. And they sat and hold around eachother as they smiled for the camera, as if they were best
friends. A young
lion with a nametag saying JAMES REGAL gave the she-kat bunny-ears. Jake gasped.

"I can?t believe it!" He said. "Dr. Viper and Cobra were actually classmates!"


"Ouch!" Viper jerked his head away, as Cobra tried to clean the scratch, that She-Tach had made on
Viper?s left cheek.
Cobra fumed annoyed.

"Sssssit still. If you want me to clean your wounds, you might as well sssstop acting like a
kitten!" She shook her head.
"Heh. You?re almost even worse than one of my classmates. He couldn?t sssit ssstill for a second
when it came to that
stuff." Viper?s ears perked up.

"Oh yeah!?" He asked. "How?s that!?" Cobra sighed, and smiled as she remembered.

"Once, a tom-kat bigger then me, kicked my ball up in a tree. My friend crawled up after it, but got
a cut on his cheek. I
gave him a kiss as a reward, but he sssure didn?t like it. But no wonder. We were both only 6 years

Viper laughed.

"Oh, c?mon! It WAS really sssweet of him!" Cobra proclaimed and dashed Viper on the shoulder. Viper
replied the dash,
and soon they were dashing and pushing eachother, laughing like kittens, until they by an accident
fell down from the
small couch they were sitting on. Cobra landed on top of Viper, and a their eyes met for a second.
Her emerald, into his
golden. They were both silent.

"You know....You are really beautiful." Viper whispered. Cobra blushed and quickly got up, and sat
down on the couch.
Viper sat down next to her, and then notised, that tears were running down her cheeks.

"What?sss wrong?" He asked. "Isss it something I said?" Cobra shook her head.

" jusssst.....I don?t wish to get hurt again...." She whispered. Viper gently laid his
paw over hers.

"Who hurt you?" He asked quietly. Cobra shook her head.

"I...I don?t want to walk about it..." She whispered. Viper nodded understanding.

"It?sss OK. Perhapssss sssome other time..." He murmured and then raised himself from the couch. He
reached a paw
towards Cobra.

"Come now. Let?sss go back to the sssswamp, and ssssee if we can sssolve thisss...problem about
thisss She-Tach
guy." Cobra nodded and took his paw.

"Yeah. Let?ss."


Nightlady was boiling mad. She walked back and forth in what that had used to be her fathers secret
lab before he had
turned from the wise, Denver A.R Khampson, into the evil supervillain Darkkat. She-Tach and dr.
Harland stood by the
wall, watching as their mistress let out her rage on different, innocent furniture in the room. All
though she didn?t look
much of it, she had inheritanced her fathers cruelty, criminal mastermind, his strange form of
patience, his awful temper
AND his powerful strengh. She grabbed a chair and slammed it against the wall, letting out a cry of
rage. She-Tach and
Harland ducked as pieces of the furniture shot in their direction.

"It must be impossible!!" Nightlady snarled and spinned around to face her 2 workers. She walked up
to She-Tach and
grabbed around his neck, and lifted him from the floor. She stared coldly into his eyes.

"Repeat again. Slowly. Before I loose the last bit of PATIENCE!" She yelled the last word into his
face. She-Tach was
usually a very brave lion, but when it came to the rage of Nightlady, or Darkkat, he would be as
scared as a newborn

"I...sssaw....C...Cobra in the ssssewersss....when I wasss hunting that Enforcccer....and ssshe
wasss...alive..." He
gasped, as she slowly tightened her grip around his thoat. Harland picked Nightlady on her shoulder,
and stepped back
as she sended him a evil glare.

"Uhm...pardon me, miss. Nightlady, but eh....I think it would be better if you give him some air, IF
you don?t want to
loose your super-soldier...."

Nightlady growled and flung She-Tach into Harland, so they both fell on the floor. She continued her
walk back and forth,
mumbling and growling to herself. Suddenly, one of the Erinjes came flying and screeched as it
flapped with a
newspaper in it?s mouth. Nightlady snapped it from the Erinje, and read it through. It was dated to
about 20 years

A cruel smile slowly spread across her face, and she patted the Erinje on it?s green and purple

"Excellent work, my little one." She said as she read through it again. "VERY excellent work. We got
them both now!"
She laughed cruelly and turned to Harland and She-Tach.

"Harland! I wan?t you to make a special antidote for the Vipermutagen 368. Can you make that in for
the next 48
hours!?" Harland nodded.

"Yes, if I get the right stuff for my work...." "Good. She-Tach! You come with me. We have some rats
to catch in a trap..."


"And you are completely sure about this!?" Callie asked, as Chance and Jake showed her the

They were sitting in Callies apartment. Both Callie and Felina was surprised to hear about Viper and
Cobra?s connection
as classmates.

"Hrmph! It?s just what we need. A re-union between old pals!" Felina grumbled as she read through
the paper. "My
uncle wont like this a bit!"

"He wont mind if he don?t know." Jake said. Felina stared at him.

"Your telling me your not gonna tell him!?" She said. Chance shrugged. "Hey. It?s better then having
him at our tales."
He said and then said mockingly:

"This is Feral! The Enforcers will handle this! Beat it you hot-shot vigilantes! I am the boss! Kiss
my butt!" They all
laughed. Felina shook her head.

"Your right. It wont be good if he gets in the way." They all agreed to say nothing. Callie turned
on the TV. Ann Gora
appeared on the screen.

"This is Ann Gora from Katseye News. It seems as if a new robbery at the MegaKat Biochemical Lab has
been in action.
Over 50 different testtubes with all kinds of dangerous chemicals has been taken." She turned to a
viewing screen
behind her.

"One of our reporters, Bob Teail, is out there right now. Does the Enforcers have any idea of who
the thief might be,
Bob?" A deepbrown tom-kat appeared on the screen. He stood with a paw behind his left ear, and with
a mike in the
other paw.

"Well Ann, all signs shows, that it is obviously the sneaky criminal dr. Viper, and perhaps the
villainess Cobra. Looks like
another dangerous partnership is ahead. 1 guard were hurt. He is now on the hospital with a broken
leg. The other was
un-wounded, but it seemed as if he was in some sort of trance. Doctors at the hospital has no idea
of what has

"Thankyou Bob." Ann said, and turned to the camera.

"And all is pointing that there might be more dangerous vines or mutations comming from the insane
mutant dr. Viper.
And the weather, mostly sunny with high temperatures the next couple of days, perhaps alittle rain
saturday and


Viper growled and turned the TV off. He was not in a happy mood. Cobra sat on a chair, her long
deepblue tail, swaying
slowly from side to side. Her green eyes glowed in the dim light of the lab.

"I can?t believe they blame you for sssstealing those chemicalsss." She murmured. Viper didn?t
reply. There was
deadsilence between the 2 snakekats. Finally, Viper spoke.

"I have NO idea of whatssss going on. It can only be that...Sssshe-Tach. But why he doesss that, I
have no clue." Cobra
shook her head.

"I don?t know either. But one thing isss for sssure. We both need resssst." She stretched tiredly
and yawned. Viper
looked on her.

"You jussssst go. I don?t feel sssso tired yet." He said. Cobra looked on him and then headed for
her room.

"Then goodnight." She whispered, and disappeared to her room. Viper stared after her. Then he shook
his head and sat
down, now concentrating his thoughts about what to do next.


His name was She-Tach. When he was born, back in a villlage near the huge mountain, Kilamanjaro, his
fate had been to
become chief of his village. But allas, fate was cruel, and a horrible disease had taken his
parents, his sister, his family,
his whole village from him, when he was only 17 years old. Alone, and diseased, he had walked over
the savannahs,
freezing in his sleep at night and getting sunburned under the hot, africattish sun. Finally, he had
collapsed near a
waterhole. When he awoke, he looked into the face of a cheetah-woman. She had listened as he had old
his story. Then
she told him where he was. At a hospital in a one of the huge citys of Africa. She suddenly stopped
talking, and backed
off. She-Tach wanted her to stay. But then, a very huge and muscular kat came to his bed, and told
him in africattish
language, that he had saved the young lions life. Also that he had payed the hospital. She-Tach
wished to repay, but
told the kat he had no money. The kat didn?t want money.

"All I want is your full service. Day and night. No matter what!" He had said. She-Tach didn?t have
any other choice but
to agree. Soon, he was fully healed, and could leave the hospital. The kat had visited him every day
at the hospital. He
told him about Americat. The land of posibilities. Soon, a special longing maked She-Tach wish he
could come to Americat.
The kat had introduced himself as Denver A.R Khampson. A businesskat of MegaKat City. He had many
ambitions. When
they arrived to Americat, mr. Khampson made sure that She-Tach was given a good schooling. He was
already good at
both math and he was good at writing. Soon, he learned other languages. Mostly english, french and
italian. He could
follow in english and french very fast but he limped alittle when it came to italian. But mr.
Khampson didn?t mind it.
She-Tach was also trained in different kinds of fight. Jiu Jitsu, kung fu and ordinary karate. In
about a age of 39, he was
introduced to mr. Khampsons daughter, Natalie. A beautiful she-kat with deep-orange fur, and hair as
black as night. Her
eyes had a cold, silver-like color. She reminded very much of her father. Both had the same cruel
essence, that made
everyone obey their orders, as fast as possible. They both had an muscular, though very elegant
body-feature, even
though Natalie was more slimb and smaller then her huge and muscular father. She was about in the
age of 26 and still
went to a university in an other country to become a computer engineer. She was rarely home at the
Khampson-mansion, but father and daughter had a close bond between eachother for some reason
She-Tach couldn?t
figure out. Natalie?s mother had left them for some reason when Natalie had been only 3 years old.
Natalie didn?t talk
about her mother very much, but it was obvious that she hated her. When her father, in his present
form of Darkkat,
had died of the poison of the villainess Cobra, She-Tach had been to the funeral. Natalie had payed
highly to make it
look like a proper funeral for a rich kat. She stood, tall and proud in a black dress with a black
veil. He heard her curse
her mother silently under her breath for not comming to give the last respect to Natalies father.
Darkkats employes,
(ninja?s in civil, secret agents, henchmen) had all come to show their boss their last respect. It
had been a rainy day.
She-Tach had stood with a umbrella, watching calmly as the priest had read the words. Then the
coffin was caried down
to the family gravechamber. And just before they sealed for the coffin, Natalie had taken a rose
from a buck?t. She
kissed the rose and laid it on her fathers coffin. She didn?t cry very much. But She-Tach knew her.
He was older, about
to turn 45. But he was still a very handsome and muscular lion. And he had his sharp sences. He
heard her swear a
strong holy oath.

"I swear father. I will revenge your death. If it shall take me to beyond the grave. I shall not
rest till I have killed your
enemies." Then they had sealed the grave, and they all went back to the mansion. Natalie had stepped
inside a black
limousine. When the limo drove off, She-Tach saw from where he stood, about to step into his own
private sportswagon,
he saw that she had started to cry. He felt pity for her.

Then, it had happened. For about 2 weeks, she stayed in her fathers quarters, looking through his
notes, training her
body to the painful. Then one night, She-Tach had heard a high scream of triumph and pain. He had
rushed to her
rooms, but the door was locked. He had called for her, and then smashed the door in. What he saw,
maked him gasp.
Natalies fur had changed color from deep-orange to deep-purple, like Darkkats. Her eyes were with no
pupils and
glowed silvery with a deep madness. She laughed wildly and swung her black hair. Her black dress was
torn as if she
had scratched herself with her sharp, now black, claws. She-Tach had watched with horror as she hold
up a book with
different notes.

"OH my dear father, hour of revenge is near! Soon, very soon, I shall honor your name with the blood
of you enemies!"
She then laughed again, and grabbed a steelgrey robe with a black hood, sewn to her size. She
laughed and swung a
deathly sword, which She-Tach knew had belonged to her father.

"This oath I swear to your honor, Darkkat. I, your daughter Nightlady!"


"And now I am turned into this...thing, while obeying her orders like a sssslave." She-tach thought,
as he watched his
mistress work with a special device, together with her Erinjes. She narrowed her eyes and directed
her Erinjes to

"Heh. Another difference from her father. She doesssn?t treat her creatures like dirt." She-Tach
thought with a smirk.
Nightlady turned and saw She-tachs exspression.

"What are you smiling about!?" She snapped. "Nothing! Nothing at all mylady!" She-Tach assured.
Nightlady fumed, and
turned her attention back to the device. She-Tach looked quriously at the device.

"Uhm...not to ssssound nosy, mylady, but...what issss that?" He said. Nightlady turned again, this
time with a cruel smile
on her face.

"I am glad you are asking She-Tach." She said calmly. "This is another....rebuilt version of one of
my fathers inventions.
His megapower-bubbleshield." She paused and was silent for awhile. She-Tach knew how she had helped
her father
built it. Then she turned her attention back to She-Tach.

"I have changed it a bit so the shield itself is in this remote." She said and turned to the group
of her Erinjes. "Observe."
She said, and called for one of the Erinjes. It took off and flew towards her. She pushed a button,
and a bubble-like
thing shot out and captured the Erinje as easy as nothing. It screetched and strangeled to get out.
She pushed another
button, and the bubble disappeared. The Erinje screetched in offence. Nightlady chuckeled and
reached out her arm. The
Erinje landed on it and looked very offended. She gently stroke it?s chest and murmured softly.

"Do not be offended my little one. It was only a matter of seing if it would work properly. And it
did. You have deserved
alittle snack as a little award." Then she took a piece of dried meat from a purse in her belt and
gave it to the Erinje. It
took it very elegantly between it?s front paws and flew over to a comrad Erinje. Nightlady smiled as
she observed how
her little dragon-like creatures didn?t fight over a simple peace of meat, but shared it calmly.
Most surprising, she had
discovered, that she somehow had created 2 genders of the Erinjes. Males and females. She looked
around and looked
on a few Erinjes that sat and gently nuzzeled eachother. Indeed they reminded her of her favourite
creature. The
dragons. She remembered back to when she was a little girl....


"....And so, the dragon was defeated and Saint George won the maid and the kingdom. The end." Denver
said and closed the book.

He looked on his little 6 year-old daughter. She didn?t look happy.

"Is there something wrong, my dear?" He asked. She sniffeled and squealed.

"I think that mr. Saint George was mean!" Mr. Khampson smiled. "And why is that?" "I mean, the
dragon was just
hungry! He didn?t do anything wrong!" She sniffled, and a big tear rolled down her cheek. Mr.
Khampson smiled gently
and lifted her chin with his paw.

"Oh, but then I must tell you something! The dragon didn?t die at all!" His daughters eyes twinkled.
"It didn?t?" Mr.
Khampson shook his head.

"Oh no. Dragons are immortal. They cannot be killed. The body they have is only a....cocoon."
Natalie cocked her head to
the left.

"A cocoon?" She said. "What?s a cocoon got to do with dragons?" Mr. Khampson thought for a second.
"Ah, but you
have seen when a catterpilla cocoons itself, right? Well, a cocoon works as a shelter for the
catterpilla, and so does the
body for a dragon. If it is killed, it only means that it can?t use it?s old shelter anymore, and
therefore it?s soul is
immortal. It seeks until it finds a new shelter, and then it is reborn. It?s called re-incarnation."
Natalie sat with wide eyes
and open mouth. "Really?" Her father nodded. "Yes. And out of the egg, wherefrom the dragon has
found it?s new
shelter to live in, a new and maybe even better dragon arises."

"Like Phoenix from the ash?" Natalie said. Mr. Khampton nodded and smiled.

"Like Phoenix from the ash. And it is almost the same with kats. We die, but the mighty goddess
Bastet makes sure we
are reborn in an other body." Natalie blinked.

"Then what if you die? What will happen to you?" She squealed, and was about to cry again. Mr.
Khampton hugged his
little daughter.

"I will, like the dragon, find a new shelter to live in. And I shall be reborn as a even better
kat." He gently kissed his
daughter forehead, and laid her down on the pillow. She smiled tiredly.

"Goodnight daddy. I love you." He smiled and hold her tiny paw between his giant fingers.

"I love you too. And I always will......"


"....And I always will...." Nightlady murmured, and then came to her sences. She turned as the door
opened and dr.
Harland entered the lab. He looked very exited.

"Mylady! I have found it!" He shouted, and hold up a small needle with a strange, green/yellow
colored liquid. He
stopped and panted exausted.

"I *pant* have been running all the way *pant* from the lab *pant* to show you it mylady." Nightlady
took the needle
and hold it up to the light. She smiled cruelly.

"Excellent." She said. "You have done a great job. Now that bastard to Viper will pay for his
betrayal. When time is right,
I shall have revenge on both the SWATKATS, Viper and Cobra. All in one!" She laughed cruelly and the
sound of it maked
her Erinjes fly up from their seatings and glide around her like oversized flying squirrels,
screetching in triumph. They
could feel their mistress happiness and got excited by it. She-Tach gritted his teeth and ducked his
head. For some
reason, he didn?t like this at all....


Cobra sighed as she looked up on the full moon. She was sitting on a log outside the tree, beside a
small river. A cool
breeze blew gently it?s cool breath over her scaly skin. She didn?t feel cold. Neither did she feel
warm. It was a strange
empty feeling in her stomach. She sighed and turned her attention to the ground where a swamp-snake
slithered it?s
way past her foot. She bend down and allowed the snake to slither up her arm. It raised it?s head to
her eye-height
and sticked out it?s forked tongue. She gently stroke it?s head and nodded.

"Yessss." She murmured. "It?s a good night for mating." The snake hissed softly. "And to build a
nessst for your
eggssss." Cobra muttered. The snake hissed again. She nodded. Understanding the snakes language
fully. A gift she
had gotten when she had mutated. The snake slithered down to the ground and disappeared into the
small river and to
the grass on the other side. Cobra waved after it with a little smile.

"Good luck finding a mate!" She called. A distant hiss was heard in response. Then she heard steps
behind her and
turned half around.

"Oh, hi." She murmured when she saw it was Viper. "Hi." He responded. He watched her for a moment as
she picked a
straw and toyed alittle with it, twisting it and tearing it to small pieces. He could, for some
reason, not help it but to think
how exotic she looked in the moonlight.

"Sssso..." He started. Cobra didn?t say anything. She continued playing with a new straw.

"Why are you ssssitting out here all alone?" He finally asked. She sighed and looked up on the

"I?m not alone. Your ssstanding right next to me." She said. "That?sss not exactly what I meant..."
Viper responded.
Cobra didn?t say anything.

Then she looked on him. "Why are you out here?" She asked. "Oh, nothing sssspecial. Jussst
perhapsss....wanted to
talk I guessss." Viper responded.

"About what?" She asked. "Uhh.....Ssstuff....." Viper said and prepared to sit down. But
unfortunately, the log was
rotten, and the wood broke.

Viper fell down in the river with a yelp and landed in the river with a high splash. Cobra gasped.
Viper came back to the
surface, coughing and spitting out water of his mouth. The water reached him to his chest, when he
stood up. A little
greenspotted frog sat on his head. It bowed down and looked into his eyes. He glared evilly back.

"Who are you sssstaring at!?" He growled. The frog replied with a "Rebbit!" And jumped down in the
river. Cobra
laughed. She hold on her stomach and laughed and laughed. Viper glared at her.

"Veeeeeeery funny!" He grumbled. Cobra kept laughing and raised herself up from the log. She bend
down on one knee
and hold out her paw, while she giggled.

"Nothing like a good ssswim at night eh?" She said and giggled. Viper looked on her. Then he smirked
and grabbed her
paw. And pulled her down in the river with a splash. He grinned as she came to the surface, coughing
and fuming.

"Yep. Nothing like a good ssswim at night." He laughed. She scowled.

"Why you..." She fumed, and splashed water after him. He laughed and replied the splash. Soon, they
were splashing
water at eachother, laughing and enjoying themselfes like kittens. In the tall grass on the dry
land, two small frogs sat
and watched the unusual couple.

Finally, Viper crawled up on dry land and offered Cobra a hand. "May I be at the lady?s
ssserviccce?" He asked politely.
She smirked and took his paw.

"How generoussss." She replied, as he pulled her up. Then they suddenly stood VERY close. His golden
eyes, looking
into her emerald colored.

"Did you mean what you sssaid back then...." She whispered. "Meant what?" He replied. "...About me
being beautiful?"
He nodded.

"Yesss." He whispered, and gently pulled her close. She didn?t resist. "You are ssseriousssly the
mossst attractive and
beautiful she-kat I have ever met. And not jusssst because we?re of the sssame kind...." He said,
and stroke her back.
She shivered lightly from his touch. Properly because of the swim, she thought. But she knew it was
a lie to herself.
Suddenly, she felt a distant longing for him. Like a plant longing for water. She laid her arms
around him. He hold her
close. They stood like that for alittle while. Then she looked into his eyes again, having a serious
feeling of, that she
deeply knew him. One thing was for sure. Their unusual friendship had become deeper by now. He
gently drew her
close, and let his lips stroke hers. She leaned close, and kissed him. She felt him make a faint
twitch of surprise, as she
kissed him, but quickly got over it and held her close, making the kiss more passionate. She gently
sat down with him in
the grass, allowing him to follow. His touch was gentle and loving, as he carefully leaned her back
in the grass.

In a distant place of the swamp, a crickets few lonely chirps was heard.....


Commander Feral looked over the city from his office at the E.H.Q. He somehow knew, that Felina was
something secret from him.

"It?s a beautiful night uncle." Felina said as she entered the office. "To beautiful to waste. I am,
luckily, off duty now."
Her uncle turned and barked.

"Hold it right there, Lt!" She stopped dead in her tracks. "Yes?" "Aren?t you giving your old uncle
a goodbye hug?" She
smiled and hugged him, before leaving. "I?ll see you later." She called.

As she passed Steels desk, he called teasingly: "Have a nice date with the SWATKAT." She stopped and
turned to face

"Your wrong Steel. I?m just going to see a friend of mine. His name is Chance and..." "He was kicked
out of the
Enforcers a few years ago, and is also known as the SWATKAT T-bone." Steel said calmly, and
continued writing
something on a piece of paper. She stared at him. Then she grabbed him by his shoulder and dragged
him into her office
and locked the door.

"Lt, what are you.." Steel started, but was cut off by Felina. "How much do you know!" She snapped.
He stared at her.

"Well, I could figure SOMETHING out at the incident with She-Tach a week ago. You sounded like you
were getting a
heartattack when he showed that mechanic, and then I thought: "Steel! Why would the Lt. freak out
over a mechanic,
when she?s engaged to a SWATKAT?" And that?s when I figured it out." She lifted a paw and he
stopped. She glared
evilly at him.

"Have you said anything to my uncle!? He is the only one in the family who musn?t know who the
other person in my family has got to know it some time ago, but hell, if you have..."

"I haven?t said a word, and I wouldn?t dream of it!" Steel cut her off. She stopped. "Wha??"

"I said, I haven?t said a word, and I wouldn?t dream of it!" He said again. She crossed her arms
over her chest.

"And why is that? I am sure my dear uncle would give you a great award if you told it to him." Steel
shook his head.

"Na-ah. I learned some time ago, that it?s better to do the right thing instead of just putting my
head under one arm
and run around screaming: 'somebody shoot me in the butt!' Which means, I think you should just
unlock the door...."
He unlocked the door and grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed her out. "..walk out of your
office, into your car, and
have a great time with your fianc?. OK? I won?t tell a THING!" She looked on him.

"You swear?" She asked. He nodded and pouted. "I am a Steel. There will be 2 mondays in a week
before I give up my
promise!" She looked on him. And then smiled.

"I think I can trust you on that. But eh..." He cocked an eyebrow. "What?" "Would you mind comming
out, and perhaps
have a pizza as well, with both Chance, Jake, Callie and me?" She asked. He looked thoughtful.

"Sure, why not? I?m off now as well." She grinned. "Great. Carrides on me." She said, and headed
down to her car.
Steel walked over to his desk and looked on the paper he had been writing on. It said:

"To: Katseye News

From: Lt.-Comm. David Steel.

I have found the secret identity of the SWATKATS. Their names are...." He shook his head and dipped
the paper in his
coffee. Then he tore the paper into pieces and threw them out of a opened window, when no one
watched. Then he
grabbed his coat and walked after Felina.


Chance, Jake and Callie got very surprised at the 5th guest. Felina quickly told them about his
knowing and they all
agreed to tell him about their discovery. He was, like Callie and Felina, surprised and shocked. But
soon, they were all
enjoying themself too much to think about it. The night went quickly and before they knew of it, it
was time for them all
to go home. Felina, Jake and Chance went back to the garage, while Steel and Callie separated and
went back to their

Callie sighed as she locked up the door to her apartment. She walked out in the kitchen and grabbed
a cup of milk. She
opened the door to her bathroom and stepped in and dressed herself in a nightgown. She walked
through her
livingroom, when suddenly a voice sounded from the dark:

"My, my, my. You look absolutely sssstunning in a nightgown, misss Briggsss." 2 iceblue eyes stared
at her from the
dark. She gasped when she realised who it was.

"She-Tach!" She gasped. He gritted his teeth in a nasty silent laugh. "You are correct missss
Briggssss. And now:
ssssweet dreamssss." He throwed something at her, and before she realised what was going on, thick
white smoke
filled the room and all went black.


It was mostly the noises of the swamp that awakened Viper. He sat up and yawned, and stretched lazy.
He looked up
to look after the suns position. As far as he could see, it was nearly noon. Cobra laid curled up
beside him, sleeping
peacefully. She laid on her stomach down in the grass, her head resting on her arms. Viper silently
watched her in her
sleep. She was so beautiful. The way the sun played in her darkblue-scaled skin. How her ears
twitched in her sleep.
Viper felt a strange feeling he couldn?t put a name to. It started as a deep, comfortable bubbling
in his stomach, making
a way through his veins.

"Viper, you greenstriped knucklehead, don?t you get it? Youre in love!" A little voice in his mind
teased. He thought
about it for a second.

"Yeah....Perhapsss that?sss it. I?m in love!" He thought to himself. He felt a sudden movement when
Cobra turned and
opened her yes and looked up on him. She smiled. He smiled back.

"Goodmorning." She murmured and yawned. Viper chuckeled. "You sssshould rather ssay good afternoon."
She closed
her eyes and stretched, still laying on the ground.

"Goddess, have we been sleeping thiss long!?" She asked. Viper nodded and smiled at her. She
returned the smile.

"You know what?" She said quietly. He shook his head. "No. What?" "I love you." He smiled and stroke
her cheek.

"I love you too." She smiled, and they gently kissed eachother.

She reached out and put her top and her wrap-round skirt, while Viper put on his lab-coat. A few
minutes later, they
were walking back towards the treehouse, arms embrasing eachother. Mumbling soft words and giggling
eachother. Vipers fungus-monster growled when it saw it?s masters exspression. It didn?t like
anything about the other
snake-kat. She wasn?t the fungus-monsters master.

And what wasn?t the fungus-monsters master, the fungus-monster didn?t trust. It grumbled as the 2
snake-kats sat
down and talked about more serious business. Cobra saw the fungus-monsters exspression and giggled.
Viper looked
on her.

"What?" She giggled and pointed at the mutated fungus.

"I think your fungus is jealous!" She giggled. Viper chuckeled, raised himself from the chair and
patted the fungus.

"Isss that what?sss bothering you? Are you jealous old friend? No need to. You are sssstill the most
ssstrongest, and
the one I?m mossst proud of having created of all of my mutationsss." That remark maked it brighten
in the mutations
"face". It grumbled something. Viper nodded.

"Yesss. I am ssserious. And Cobra agrees, don?t you Cobra?" He said and looked on her. She smiled
and raised herself
from the chair and patted the fungus.

"Yesss. I totally agree with Viper. You are ssserioussly the most powerful mutation I have ever
ssseen." The fungus
looked very touched and babbled something. Suddenly, it reached out it?s tentacles and hugged Cobra
and Viper. They
both gasped after air, and was VERY reliefed when it let go.

(A.N: ::Can?t help it but yells:: "GROUPHUG!" ::hugs all readers of the fic::)


"Oh, what a beautiful MOOOOOOORNING!" Chance roared as he came downstairs. Jake grumbled and threw a
after him. Chance pouted offended.

"Ooh, so it?s with THAT one on is it!? Well exscuse ME mr. I-can?t-take-some-music-in-the-morning."
Then he sat down
on a chair and began to eat some cereal. Jake turned on the TV. Ann Gora appeared on the screen.

"This is Ann Gora, from Katseye News, with the latest newsreport. It has turned out, that the one
responsible for the
robbery at the MegaKat Biolab, isn?t the mutated villain, Dr. Viper, but the newer mutant in the
city, She-Tach. There will
be more information, in the news at 6 o?clock tonight. And the weather.." KRR-FZZZZT

A purple colored she-kat appeared on the screen.

"Greetings, katizens of MegaKat City. I am Nightlady. Daughter of Darkkat. And I have a speciel
announcement for the

Both Jake and Chance nearly choked in their milk. The camera moved backwards, and showed She-Tach
holding the
deputy-mayor by her wrists.

"I have your beloved deputy-mayor. If you surrender, I will let her go. And if not...." She hold up
a needle containing a
green-yellow substans.

"She will get a shot of my "modified" viper-mutagen 368. It will of course mutate her, and she will
become a
super-soldier like my dear She-Tach." She grinned.

"SWATKATS. Meet me at the old graveyard at noon. And come alone! Or else..." She extended a black
claw, and slowly
maked a ripping gesture to Callies throat.

Jake growled. Chance laid a paw on his shoulder.

"Easy buddy! There?s nothing else to do, but to do as she says, or Callie is toast!" Jake clenched
his fists and lowered
his head.

"Youre right." He murmured.


Viper seemed worried about the message that Nightlady had send the SWATKATS. A "modified" version of
368, could NOT be good news. Cobra gently hugged him from behind.

"Why do you even bother about that....Nightlady?" She asked. "She isss the daughter of your worst
enemy. Next to
those vigilantesss. Why worry?"

"The thing that bothersss me isss the thing about that chemical!" Viper growled. Cobra sighed. Then
she turned him by
his shoulders.

"And why?" She said. "Because she would easssily follow in her fathersss footstepssss, and take over
the ccccity before
you." She gently kissed him, and he replied it, holding her close. She smiled to him.

"I ssstill need to get some stuff back at my old lair. I?ll be right back." She said, and send Viper
a flying kiss as she
walked out of the door.

"Be careful!" Viper called after her. "I wouldn?t know what to do, if anything happened to you."
Cobra smiled at him and
walked out of the door.

Unnotised, a Erinje flew from a branch in a dead tree when it saw Cobra leave the treehouse, and
flew towards
MegaKat City, to inform it?s mistress, that the bait was on it?s way to the trap.


Cobra sighed as she walked through the sewers that lead to her old lair. She was so busy at her own
thoughts, that
she didn?t notise the shadow that followed her. First when she heard the screeching from an Erinje,
it was too late.

"What the...?" A pair of strong arms hold her tight. She felt a prick in her arm from a needle. She
had either gotten
poisoned, or drugged. Nightlady emerged from the shadows with a nasty grin.

"Don?t struggle too hard, miss Cobra. I just want you to pay for your murder on my father!"Then
Cobras vision turned
blurry, and all turned dark.


Viper was worried about Cobra. It had been hours since she had gone off, and it was nearly noon.

"Viper, for katsss sake, you are too nervous! She isss able to take care of herself. Ssshe isss like
you a full-grown kat.
Gods, I hope ssshe?ss alright." Viper breathed a heavy sigh, and then turned to the TV, when
Nightlady appeared

"I got the SWATKATS, and the deputy-mayor. Who else? Oh yes! The little snake-lady Cobra." She
glared evilly out of the

"This is a speciel message for the madman Viper,who betrayed my father. If you aren?t a scaredy-kat,
meet me in an
hour by the abandoned litter-factory. Be there, or you won?t see your precious Cobra again!" Viper
growled deep in his
throat. How dared she challenge him!

"No one challengessss Dr. Viper!" He snarled, and narrowed his eyes.

"Don?t worry Cobra. I will get you to sssafety."


When Cobra regained her sences, she was locked up in a small cage. She gulped. Good thing it was a
cage with bars.
Had it been closed, she would have gone berserk! She looked around to find out where she was. In an
other cage, she
saw the 2 SWATKATS, both unconcious. Also the deputy-mayor miss Briggs laid unconcious in another
cage, next to
Cobras. The cage was just high enough for her to sit up.

Suddenly, a door opened, and Nightlady, She-Tach and a third kat entered. Nightlady grinned as she
notised the
awakened snake-she-kat.

"Well, look who?s up. Is it the right time to say goodmorning?" She-Tach grinned. Cobra narrowed her

"Oh it was just wonderful....Till I sssaw your ugly face!" She-tach snarled and raised his
neck-coam. "Why you little..." He
growled, and was about to jump, but was cut off by Nightlady.

"Enough of this! Prepare the syrum." She snapped at him. The mutated lion growled and walked over to
a nearby table,
followed by the other tom-kat. Nightlady smirked contended.

"Ahhh. Let me see. I got the deputy-mayor. The SWATKATS and lil?miss Cobra. Now all I need is the
good Dr. Traitor. Oh,
I?m sorry, that?s Viper isn?t it?" She commented mocking. Cobra hissed in response.

"That?s what I thought." Nightlady grinned. The tom-kat came over and whispered something to her.
Her grin turned

"Ahhh, perfect. The syrum is ready." She grabbed a injection-pistol with a needle containing the
modified vipermutagen,
and grinned.

"This is yet another speciel version of the vipermutagen." She said. "When it gets contact with your
blood, your
DNA-codes for not to mention your genes, you will simply..." The villainess stuck her face close to
the cage.

"Die!" Cobra gasped.

"How can you do thisss!?" She whispered, eyes wide in fear. Nightlady smirked.

"Simply, my dear. You killed my father. Allas, I revenge him." Suddenly, she aimed the pistol at
Cobra and fired. The
needle pierced through Cobras skin, and maked her gasp in pain. At the same moment, an Erinje
appeared and
screeched. Nightlady listened, and grinned.

"Ahhh. The doctor is in the house. I must go now, but do have a nice death. She-Tach! Harland! You
come with me."
Then she turned, and left the room with the snake-lion and the tom-kat. Cobra felt how her muscles
shivered in pain as
the mutagen rushed through her veins. Everything began to turn dark, and she felt how the mutagen
soon reached her
heart. The last thing she thought before the dark embrased her completly was Viper.

Then all turned black.


Viper glared around in the old dark factory. At sudden, he heard a very familiar voice.

"Ahh. The infamous Dr. Viper. An honor to meet you in person." Nightlady slowly emerged from the
shadows, with
She-Tach by her side. Viper gritted his teeth in response.

"Drop the formalities and get to the point. Where isss Cobra!?" He hissed. Nightlady rubbed her

"Let me see....Oh yes, I got her injected with a poisonous version of the vipermutagen! If I am not
all wrong it should
have killed her by now." Vipers eyes widened in shock. Then he narrowed his eyes.

"You sssneaky little...." He snarled, swinging with his tail like crazy. Nightlady gave him a faked,
shocked look.

"Oh dear, did I say that too early? Ahr, it was meant as a surprise! Tsk tsk, clumsy little me!" She
said with a nasty
chuckle. She-Tach gritted his teeth of glee. Vipers muscles got hard and tight as he crouched in
attack-mode, swishing
with his tail, and growling. Nightlady shook her head.

"Oh dear, I had hoped that you wouldn?t get so...upset about that little detail. I was hoping, that
we perhaps could
have gotten a little deal..."

"I onccce had a deal with your father, Darkkat, and he broke it!" Viper snarled. Nightlady narrowed
her eyes.

"And you betrayed him, together with those 2 metallikats. It was only a fair game, he was playing,
in a way to fulfil his
dream." She said calmly. Viper senced a very weak shaking in her voice. She clenched her fists, and
got control over

"And now, I am going to fulfil that dream. As soon as I have gotten my revenge, I will take over
this city!" She gave a
nodd, and Viper heard a shot. He spinned around and felt a injection needle pierce into his arm.
Nightlady grinned.

"Don?t worry, doctor. It is only a simpel sleeping drug. Though I aren?t interested in you. I am
mostly interested about
what?s IN you." Viper shook his head to clear it. Everything began to blur out, and after a few
seconds, he lost his


She awoked slowly. It hurted all over.

"What?...S...shouldn?t I be dead?" She thought, and sat up. She lifted a paw to push a forelock
away. She gasped as
she saw, that her paw wasn?t covered in blue scales anymore. Instead, it was covered with gentle
golden-colored fur.
She carefully stroke it, as if she feared it was just a dream. But no. It was true!

The villainess Cobra, had re-mutated back to the form of Kathy Peterson!

" can this be?" She whispered. She heard a groaning sound. It was the SWATKAT named Razor,
that had gotten
to his sences. He sat up, and rubbed his head. He then notised her.

"Oh, hello there miss. I hadn?t seen you." Kathy didn?t respond. He slowly looked closer.

"Wait a minute...." He murmured, but was interrupted as the door opened, and the mutant-lion
She-Tach came in,
carreing a unconcious Viper. Kathy gasped. Nightlady who had followed close behind She-Tach looked
over at the cage
and her eyes widened in shock. Then her face turned dark, and she grabbed Dr. Harland in the collar
of his coat.

"Tell me what there has happened!" She snarled and pointed at the re-mutated she-kat. Dr. Harland
looked at her and
then turned to the enraged villainess.

"Uh...I?d say that the viper-mutagen haven?t worked as it should...." He said with a nervous grin.
Nightlady gritted her
teeth. He quickly continued.

"And it appears, that instead of "killing" it was instead "healing". And thus, Cobra has changed
back to her old form, of
miss Kathy Peterson."

"I knew I had seen that face before...." Razor mumbled under his breath. Nightlady stroke her chin
and grinned.

"What a shock it will be, for the good doctor. Wouldn?t you say that, my dear She-Tach?" She-Tach
grinned as he locked
up a cage, where he had put Viper.

"Ssssimply AWFUL!" He agreed. The villainess turned to the cage with the unconcious snake-kat.

"Ooooo, revenge. I love it!" She smirked and laughed. Kathy shivered, tears of fear and sorrow
rolling over her cheeks.
First the news about E.P?s death, then her mutation, and now this!

Could anything get any worse?

"Oh, it will simply be a shock to the doctor to know, that he is locked up beside an old
class-mate." Nightlady smirked.
Kathy looked up.

"What do you mean?" She asked. Nightlady cocked an eyebrow.

"Why don?t you know? Elrod Purvis, and Dr. Viper are the same!" Kathy?s eyes widened.

"Your lying!" She whispered. Nightlady just gave her a bored look.

"Why should I?" Kathy only knew too well, that the villainess was telling the truth. She watched
with pain in her heart,
as Dr. Harland calmly took a bloodsample from the snake-kat.

Could this really be that young, smart tom-kat she had been friends with in school? The one she had
fallen in love with?
Kathy shook her head.

"Kathy, for kats sake!" She whispered to herself. Even though he now had spikes, green stribes, a
long tail and golden
pupil-less eyes, she knew it WAS the same kat. He was Elrod Purvis. Her best friend, who had
supported her when she
had been dumped. It had taken hard on her, and she had almost comitted suicide, but Elrod had
stopped her. He had
been there for her. And now, she would be there for him!

Viper groaned as he came back to his sences. He raised on his arms, shaking his head. Then suddenly,
he heard a
familiar voice beside him.

"Oh, E.P. I?m so sorry......" He turned his head, and gasped. Kathy sat in a cage next to his, her
eyes filled with sorrow
and heart-ache.

"K...Kathy?" He whispered hoarsely. Then suddenly, icecold water was splashed in his face.

"Time to wake up, you ssscum!" She-Tach snarled. Viper replied with a hiss. She-Tach grinned.

"Why sso upset? You ssshould be happy to sssee that the little misss Cobra is alright." Viper stared
at the snake-lion.

"What?" He whispered.

"It?s true..." Kathy whispered. "I was Cobra all the time...I thought you were dead!" Kathy crouched
over, crying
silently. Viper felt pity for her.

"Kathy....please don?t cry..." He whispered, suddenly desperatly wishing that he could hold her in
his arms. She-Tach

"Awww. Ain?t that jusssst sssweet!? Ech! Makess me wanna puke!" He was cut off by Nightlady.

"That is enough She-Tach! You have played enough. Now it?s MY turn!" The she-kat who reminded so
much of her
father, stepped over to Kathy?s cage and opened. In one fast movement, she grabbed the she-kat by
her collarbone
and closed the cage behind her.

"I have done alittle "research" around you, miss Peterson. And I know it is something with
you...having fear of small
rooms?" Kathy gulped.

"Now, since you aren?t Cobra anymore, and Cobra was the one to kill my father, I will let you have a
choice. I know you
are a very clever kat, and has a great knowledge to chemicals, like the dear doctor." Nightlady
waved with her free paw
towards Viper?s cage. "The choices are: Work with me, or against me!" Kathy growled and spit her in
the face. The
villainess narrowed her eyes as she dried the spit of her face.

"Then so be it." She said with a voice like ice. In a sudden move, she threw Kathy in through a door
that one of her
Erinjes had opened.

"NO!" Kathy shrieked as the door was shut behind her. Viper grabbed the bars of his cage. He knew
too well of her

Nightlady smirked as she stepped close to his cage.

"If you haven?t been mutated we would have maked a stunning couple." She murmured as she stroke his
paw that
clenched to the cages bar. He snapped after her fingers, missing them with a loud "clac". She
narrowed her eyes and
shook her head. Then she turned and walked over to the lab-table where she picked up a needle
containing the
modified viper-mutagen. "Now if you will excuse me? I have a city to take over, by infecting the
water with the
mutagen." She said calmly, and left the lab with Harland at her tail. She-Tach stood back as guard
with the Erinjes.
Soon, the sound of paws hammering against the heavy metal-door was heard. Viper closed his eyes,
desperatly wishing
he somehow could get out of the cage. But that was impossible. Unless......

A nasty grin slowly spread over the snake-kats face.


Razor saw the snake-kats nasty grin. And he didn?t like it a bit! He watched as Viper slowly, very
slowly, reached out
through the cages bars, and grabbed an Erinje that had sit too close. It hissed and spit it?s
dangerous acid on the
locker of the cage, just missing the snake-kats face. Viper kicked the door open, and jumped out on
the floor. She-Tach
saw this and grinned.

"Finally! I ssshall have MY revenge for the battle in the sssewers!" He jumped forward and launched
after Viper with his

"Not today!" Viper replied and raced out of the way. She-Tach stopped dead in his tracks and turned.
Viper stood in
front of an empty cage, grinning and swinging teasingly with his tail.

"You want me? Come and get me!" He shouted. The snake-lion growled and attacked. Viper quickly ran
to the side.
She-Tach had so much sped on, that he couldn?t stop, and was captured in the cage. He snarled and
shouted to the
Erinjes. The dragon-like creatures flew forward, spitting with their acid-breath. Viper quickly got
out of the way, and
instead the Erinjes hit the bars. Razor and T-bone took the opportunity to break out and free Callie
from her cage. Viper
jumped, ducked and ran as fast as he could, and ran over to the metal-door. Kathy fell out and
gasped for breath, her
eyes widened in fear. Viper gently helped her up.

"Are you OK,?" He said. Kathy nodded weakly, and suddenly realised something.

"Nightlady! If she infects the water with the modified viper-mutagen, she will turn all kats into
super-soldiers!" She
gasped. Viper narrowed his eyes.

"Sssshe hasn?t reached far. I?ll go after her." He said. "You must go to sssafety!" Then he ran out,
leaving Kathy. Kathy
suddenly heard the sound of Enforcer Sirens, and decided it would be best to retreat.


Nightlady spinned around as she saw Viper, when he came running after her. She had been on her way
with Dr. Harland
through the sewers.

"YOU! How did you get out of your cage!?" She shouted. Viper snarled.

"That doessssn?t matter. What matter isss, that you are gonna pay for what you did to Kathy!" Then
he attacked.
Nightlady snarled and grabbed her sword. Dr. Harland quickly retreated, the bottle with the mutagen
clenched in his
paws. Nightlady growled and swung her sword.

He quickly dodged it, and launched out with his tail. The fight became faster, harder and rougher.

Suddenly, Nightlady launched out with her claws, scratching Viper across his eyes. He yelped and
stumbled back,
covering his eyes with a paw. Nightlady sneered with glee and launched with her sword, and managed
to push him so
he fell to the floor. She hold the tip of the sword close to Vipers throat, and grinned.

"Oh, how it would be a pleasure if my father could see me now!" She murmured, and was about to swing
the sword
when a shot was heard. The villainess yelped and dropped her sword, clenching with her paw to her
shoulder. Harland
shouted as another shot smashed the bottle with the modified viper-mutagen. The dangerous chemical
vanished with
the stinking water of the sewers.

Felina came running with 4 other Enforcers behind her. 2 of them grabbed Harland, a 3rd grabbed
Nightlady, and Felina
and the last Enforcer grabbed Viper.

"You have the rights to remain silent. All words you say can be used against you. A lawyer will be
comming and see you
in 3 days before taking you to court." Felina said, as she cuffed the 3 villains and took them

Kathy watched with sorrow in her heart, as she saw Viper being taken into a Enforcer-patrol car. But
slowly, a plan
began to form in her mind...


"Hmmm. So youre the lawyer who?s here ta see the doc?" The guard said suspicious. The she-kat in the
tight suit
nodded and replied with a cold voice.

"Yes. And I would like to speak with my client before the court. Under 4 eyes, and NOW!" The guard
fumed, and
unlocked the door to the cell.

"Hey doc! Ya lawyer?s here!" The guard grabbed the she-kats arm before she walked in.

"Careful. He?s a lunatic!" She stared calmly at him with her green eyes. "Don?t worry. I?m used to
lunatics." She replied
and loosened herself from his grib. The guard shook his head, and closed the cell door. The she-kat
looked around in the

"Hello Kath." A voice sounded, and she saw his golden eyes flash in the shadows. She removed her

"How did you know it was me?" She asked. He fumed.

"Ha. I have alwayssss been able to recognise those green eyes of yours. Besides, you have always
been on heck of a
actressss." Then he sighed.

"But what happened Kath? I don?t understand anything." She looked away.

"I thought you were gone. Dr. Johnson, the headmaster of the biolab, told me. Then one night....I am
not sure of what
happened...but when I woke up, I was Cobra. And I couldn?t think of anything but you Elrod...."

"There is no Elrod Purvis any longer!" Viper snapped. "He died 3 years ago." He turned his back to

"And there issss nothing of him left." He stiffened as he felt her arms around his chest.

"You?ve always been bad at lying." She murmured. "I believe there is still something of the old E.P
in you. The one I
went to high-school with..."

He turned to look at her.

"The one I love." Then she looked away. "I?m leaving the city." He looked down.

"I underssstand...." He murmured. She turned her gaze back to him.

"No. It has nothing to do with you!" She said. "But think....I stand here.....I have been
mutated....I have killed
someone...I wouldn?t be able to find work or anything!" Viper looked on her and shook his head.

"If I hadn?t been mutated, none of this would have happened...." He muttered. "I understand you too
well. But asss I
said, there is nothing of Elrod Purvis left." She shook her head.

"That?s not true." She said. "Back then at the river in the swamp....I could feel it in you. The
same old Elrod Purvis who I
went to school with, so many years ago. Remember that promise we gave eachother?" He nodded. She

"If only we had that mutagen Nightlady used on me...Then perhaps..."

"No." Viper said. "It wouldn?t work. Kathy....when I mutated 3 years ago, I died during the
"processs". It isss impossible
for me to change back."

"But I can?t leave you either. You will just be all alone...." He gently lifted her head and looked
into her eyes.

"Perhapssss that?sss my fate. To walk this path I have chosen alone. Never to have one to care
about...." They hugged
eachother. She cried silently, while Viper gently stroke her black hair.

"I will miss you...." She whispered.

"I?ll miss you too." They gave eachother one last kiss. He felt something getting dropped into his
pocket before she let
go. Then she walked over to the door and knocked on it, quickly hiding her eyes behind the
sunglasses. She gave a
short wave as she walked out of the door.


About 3 hurs later, 2 Enforcers came to take Viper to the court. He didn?t struggle as they pushed
him out of the cell,
making him walk in front of them down the hall. As they walked, the 2 Enforcers calmly had a

"Wonder what they did to that She-Tach guy."

"As far as I know, he?s now at the lunibin. I think they locked him up in a cell beside Lenny
Ringtail or something."

"And Nightlady?"

"She?s been send to Alkatrez. Probably have someone to fight there. Like that Turmoil-chick." The 2
Enforcers laughed.

"Whaddaya think will happen to the doc?" One of them asked with a mean smirk. Viper didn?t listen.
Unnoticed, he
pulled out a small glass-ball. A note was wrapped around it.


This glass-ball is a effective smokebomb. Crash it to the floor when the guards take you to court.

I love you

Kathy. "

Viper smirked as the other Enforcer fired off another comment.

"HA! I?ll bet the menu will be on roasted lizard!" The 2 Enforcers laughed once more. Viper

"Oh no, you 2 pathetic foolssss." He hissed with glee.

"Nightlady may be in Prison. Darkkat might be dead and She-Tach is locked up...." Then he suddenly
spinned around.

"...But there will alwaysss be Dr. Viper!" Then he smashed the glass-ball down in the floor, and
thick black smoke filled
the hall. The Enforcers shouted and tried to find around, but couldn?t see anything.

When the smoke cleared, Viper was gone.


Kathy looked over her shoulder before stepping into the bus which would lead back to Kemberton
Ville. The town where
she and Elrod had grown up together. She sighed and showed the bus-driver her ticket.

Soon, the bus drived along the MegaKat highway. Kathy looked out of the window as they passed a sign
that said:


As they passed the edge of MegaKat Swamp, Kathy sat back. Thinking back to a time at high-school.

"Goodbye E.P. I will miss you...." She muttered under her breath.


Far away in the swamp, a snake-kat stood in the top of a huge tree, as tall as a building. He
listened as a far ecchoe of
traffic was heard from the MegaKat Highway, which quickly was over-deafened by the noise of the

"Goodbye Kath....." Dr. Viper whispered as a single tear rolled down his cheek.

"I will miss you."


Authors last note: ::shakes head and shrugg:: Sorry everybody (espeacially Unicorn Unity who
commented my first fic)
Nothin? good for the doc this time. But hey! Don?t sweat it! I?m on something. You?ll see. ::grins
nervously:: Oh, and
the thing in chapter 4....that was the first time I have ever written stuff like that...don?t mind
that....PLEASE mail me and
tell me what you think.

And now: The thankyous.

Humoungus thanks to:

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My sister for kicking me to start on this

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And of course all ya other SWAT-fans out there who has inspired me

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