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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Blue Eyes
By Jesica


We arrived at the photo shoot only to find out the photographer was a girl.
“I'm Michelle,” She said looking up as she finally finished setting up the camera.
Her hair was medium length cut into a layer shag look, it was platinum blonde, but it didn't look as though it had been dyed that color, her Cancun blue eyes, were just as beautiful, and just as blue as the water in Cancun. Her smile was soft, when she looked up at all of us she stood, only a few inches shorter than I did, she was slender. I smiled, she was beautiful.
“I'm Brendon,” Brendon said jumping into introductions.
She acknowledge all of them with a hand shake, then turned to me, I didn't know what to say, her beauty, had me choked up I searched my brain for my name but could come across it.
“He's Little miss sunshine,” Jon said. She chuckled slightly.
“You must be the shy one out of the four,” She said extending her amr an holding out her hand, I shook it, but quickly let go.
“Okay now that we all know each other, go crazy I don't care how you posse, just posse.” Her words were soft like a lullaby.
We did what we had to, to take the pictures but the whole time I was to focused on her to even care about what was going on.

^^4 days later^^
We were in Nevada, walking to the limo that came to pick us up, I was carrying my luggage, when Brendon decided we need to skip together, we collided into someone. They fell to the grounded.
“I'm so sorry,” I said extending my hand to help her to her feet, I looked down to see those eyes, those blue eyes.
“It's okay,” The words barley coming out of her mouth.
“Let us take you home,” Spencer offered.
“No that's okay,” She said dusting herself and picking up her bag.
“You sure we can always use more girl companionship,” Jon said.
Spencer burst out in laughter, and I cracked a smile, so had she. Brendon stood, in silence.
“HEY.” Brendon shouted as he began to catch on to what Jon had meant.
“No I should get going,” She said and was gone.
^^Later that night^^
I had fallen asleep thinking of those blue eyes, I tried to think of a reason for me not being able to talk when I met them. I tried to think of a reason for there feelings that I got when I looked into those blue eyes. But came up empty handed.

^^1 week later^^

I was walking down the sidewalk, the guys had gone out, and hadn't come back yet. I found myself staring at me feet, listening to the rhythmic tapping of my shoes on the cement. I looked at the time 11:11, I closed my eyes and wished that the blue eyed girl would show up. I opened them knowing it wouldn't come true. I was brought out of my thoughts as I collided with the ground. The person stood hastily, dusting themselves off and extending a hand.
“I'm so sorry,” She said her voice, that voice, was the lullaby.
“It's okay,” I said, the looked up at her as I took her hand even with the sun in my eyes, I could still her blue ones.
“Little miss sunshine,” She exclaimed smiling widely, then it fainted to a small smile, without any pearly whites.
“Yeah,” I said staring at my feet, but I couldn't help myself, I looked back into those blue eyes of hers.
“Those pictures are ready, I have them right here in my bag,” She said and pulled out a manila envelope.
I took them from her, are fingers touched, and my stomach began to fill with butterflies. All the while my gaze never left her.
“I better be going, it was nice seeing you again little miss sunshine,” She said and began walking off, as if she was ballerina, she had so much grace, how could she have tripped, had his 11:11 wish come true. .
“It's Ryan,” I whispered into the wind, as I realized she hadn't ever caught my name.
But she probably hadn't heard me, I sighed why was she so stunning, why was she so not like any other girl I had met. I walked back to the house we had all shared, only to find all the guys and Pete sitting around on the couch watching Brendon play video games.
“I ran into the photographer,” I said my words coming out shaky, why was I so nervous about speaking of her.
“You mean Michelle,” Jon said throwing her name in.
“Yea, yea,” I said nodding before continuing, “ She um, she gave me our photos.” I said and opened the envelope pulling out the pictures and spreading them out on the table.
“THESE ARE AWESOME,” Brendon exclaimed looking at them.
“Who took them again,” Pete asked looking at me, my mouth couldn't make her name come out.
“Michelle,” Spencer said, answering the question for me. It was as though my mouth couldn't move to speak her name, cause I was so taken back by her beauty ever time her name came up.
“She does a magnificent job,” Pete said then added, “I must say I'm jealous of how good these make you guys look. But I do love the black and white photo of the four of you together,”

I picked the picture he had been talking about I hadn't noticed before but you could really tell how truly happy we were in the picture, compared to the others that were laying on the table. I smiled. I began putting them back in the envelope as the guys returned to the game when I noticed something at the bottom of the envelope laying flat against the edges it was another picture, I pulled it out it was of me and no one else it was black and white and something compelled me to turn the picture over.
Cause everything looks better in black and white, why cause you can see the challenges one has over come you can see the innocence in ones eyes, you can see ones true emotions, you can see how vulnerable one is. Or as most say It's cause without color we aren't drawn to the make-up and the color of our eyes, or our hair, or how tan our skin is. Black and white captures the innocence on ones face and the hurt they've gone through to feel vulnerability, the glow we see comes from the inside. Brightening our eyes, our skin, and our smiles. It grabs the truth that liberates us. And with that little miss sunshine this pictures for you, keep it close.” It was signed M.W.C.
I smiled, I put the picture on the table and slipped the rest of the pictures into the envelope and left them on the table, I walked to m room with the black and white picture of me., I laid it on my dresser. M.W.C was her initials.

^^1 month later^^
A month had past and I hadn't seen her, seen the girl that had caught my attention, he caught my eyes. I sighed heavily, she was always in my dreams, but oh how I'd wished to see her again. To see those blue eyes again.
“Earth to Ryan this is Space Patrol,” Brendon said pretending to talk into a walkie-talkie I laughed slightly.
“What Brenny-Bear,” I said and he smiled.
“You thinking about Michelle again,” He said and smiled, I couldn't speak, my stomach got butterflies just at the mention of her name.
“SPENCE, HE'S THINKING ABOUT MICHELLE AGAIN,” He said dragging out the Elle in Michelle, I could feel my cheeks burning red, as I blushed.
“Aww, Our little Ryro has a crush,” Spencer said tousling my hair. Jon chuckled as he followed behind Spencer.

“Ryan, you wanna find her look her up on the web, from what I hear she's one of the most famous photographers out there right now, next to thousands of others that is,” Jon said.
^^Later that day^^
I took Jon's advice and looked up her initials getting a lot of links but none abut photographers I typed in Michelle W.C and got a hit on a photographer and clicked on it, wikipedia. I should've none. I read over it. Her Name was Michelle Wednesday Comeau; she was Chuck Comeau's (drummer of Simple Plan) youngest sister. A world famous photographer, who lived in Summerlin,Nevada. I stared at the screen in shock she lived in Nevada. I bought jumped out of my chair and through the roof with excitement as I ran downstairs and out the door I didn't know where but I did. It was dark out but I had not cared, i collided into someone, and they fell to the ground.
“I'm so sorry,” I said apologizing, and extending my hand to help them to there feet, only to be met by those blue eyes.
No more words escaping my mouth I had nothing to say, no scratch that I had everything in the world to say, but I couldn't manage to us my words to say anything. And for a moment I thought I couldn't breathe.
“You wanna go get a drink,” she said and chuckled.
I opened my mouth to say yes but nothing came out i closed it quick and nodded.
“Sweet, come on we'll go get my car,” She said I followed her, in amazement. When we reached her house, we walked inside, she grabbed her keys off the counter, and shut the door, as we walked back outside, she hadn't even turned on the light. We climbed into the car.
“So little miss sunshine, do you talk or do you just stop talking after you help someone up,” She said and chuckled to herself. I was at loss for words, but my mouth opened and words began to form slowly.
“I'm just shy,” Three words it was a success I had said three words to her, no to see if I could start a conversation with her and not stop when she looked at me.
“I see,” She said and the car fell silent as we pulled into a parking lot of a club. She climbed out and I climbed out and stood beside her, we walked into the club, flashing id's and handing them cash, she went to the bar, and asked for two beers, I hadn't known what kind at this point I was just glad I was with her. She handed me my drink. We sat drinking in silence, when we finished the silence hadn't left. MY stomach was full of butterflies, she stood.
“Do you dance little miss sunshine,” She asked, I looked up into those blue eyes and shook my head, she extended her hand and we went off to dance.
^^2 hours later^^
We were leaving the club deciding it was time to get me home, we walked outside, into the heavy rain, that had started, neither of us talked in the club, but she stopped halfway to the car, I looked back at her confused, as I met her blue eyes.
“Do you dance little miss sunshine,” I didn't understand what she was asking, or why she was asking.
“Yes.” The word rolled off my tongue and out of my mouth without getting caught in my throat as I looked at her.
“Will you dance with me,” She said coming closer.
“Yes.” I said not knowing why, I stepped closer to her, wrapping my arms around her waist she wrap hers around my neck, we swayed to the cars driving by, to the loud music you could barely hear outside, we swayed.
“Michelle,” I whispered softly, my heart pounding in my chest standing this close to her, she looked up at me, I had wanted to kiss her, when I care pulled up and splashed us both with water, she laughed childishly.
“I guess we should get going,” she said and we walked to the car, I wanted to entwine my fingers with hers, I wanted to kiss those lips, I wanted to wake up to those blue eyes. I closed my eyes and breathed my heart was still pounding in my chest.

^^2 weeks later^^
I had ran into her again, this time we had both fallen and I had landed on top of her, she leaned up and I leaned down, our lips almost touching brushing against each other, but Brendon's voice had come from no where, ruining the moment. I stood and helped her to her feet.
“What you just knock random girls over now Ross,” Brendon said and chuckled.
“I'll see you around,” She said and was gone

^^2 years later^^
We had just finished touring and were back in Nevada, i closed my eyes still feeling her lips brush against mine, almost kissing but not quite kissing, every time that happened, every time we were almost at the kiss, something happened to pull us apart..
I walked down the sidewalk to her house. My heart skipped beats and pounded in my chest as I neared her house. I got butterflies in my stomach as I knocked on the door. She answered it, she was wearing baggy sweatpants and a tank top with chip and dale on it, her hair was pulled back in a slighlt ponytail, well as much hair as possible, she hadn't any make-up on and she was wearing glasses, I smiled.
“Hi,” I said, the word escaping my lips as she let me walk inside.
“Hey little miss sunshine,” She said smiling at me, as she closed the door.
“What are you up to today,” I asked.
“Cleaning my room,” She said and gave a look of disgust.
“I'll help.” I offered anything to be with her.
“Okay,” she said and shrugged her shoulders
I followed her to the mess that was her bedroom
^^1 hours later^^
She was singing softly under her breathe
“What you singing?” I asked.
“Existentialism on prom night,”
^^3 hours later^^
The floor was clean and so was the room, she was putting her clean clothes away, and I was going on and on about everything I could about me, I didn't know why she had kept asking question after question. She wasn't listening or was she, was she listening to me, or was I talking randomly.
“I think we should talk about you,” I suggested.
“Why me, the person that's helping clean my room is very interesting,”
“Well he's wondering the owner of the room doesn't want him to stop talking.”
“Cause maybe she thinks that he making up for all his one word answers, or maybe she likes hearing his voice,”
“So she might show some interest,”
“She might, but I don't think she does, I mean she knows his name, but hes never told her, maybe that would make her fall for him, plus his voice is like a symphony of happiness to her when he speaks,” I smiled, as I watched her move to hang something up, she was standing on the foot board o f the bed and if she moved just wrong then she would fall.
“Well maybe he likes remaining mysterious,”
“Than he wouldn't have answered all those questions,” She said.
“Well then his names Ryan,”
“Ryan, she likes that name you know it's one of her favorites,” She said and chuckled, her footing slipped as the thumbtack was stubborn at going into the wall, she fell I caught her.
“Looks like you're the hero Ryan,” She said softly, I leaned down our lips brushing against each other, then we kissed passionately, I had never kissed anyone like that. We pulled apart.
“Would you go out with me,” I asked looking at her.
“Only if you kiss me again,” She said.
“Would you sing my something soft sad and delicate, or loud and out of key,” I asked her.
“Only if you sang me anything,” She said and I kissed her more passionately than the first time.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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