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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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By Trynnis


I walked up to the long, wooden and beautifully hand crafted coffin. I looked down at my friend, Helena. She was in a beep sleep never to wake. It looked like her, but it didnt feel like it was her.

All around me family and friends were crying, their eyes red and puffy. I noticed that I was the only one who wasn't crying. Everytime I looked at them their eyes would give me a cold, sour look as if saying, " Why arent you crying? Dont you care that your friend is dead? Monster!"

I ignored them.

Oh, how peaceful she looked! She was in her favorite clothes, a black t-shirt that said "Welcome to the Black Parade" and she wore black jeans with beads going up the sides.
You know I never really understood the meaning to the song "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance untill now...

I went to touch her arm but I stopped. A sudden strike of fear ran through me, I was scared! You would think it easy to touch a dead person, but it wasnt. It was as if I was expeting her to come alive any minute. I finally gathered the courage to do it. I slowly lowered my hand and touched her arm. It was hard and cold. I pulled my hand away...

It was time for me to go. I bent down and whispered in her ear, " This is farewell but not goodbye....I will miss you. I can't believe what has happened. I just wanted to say I lost my fear of falling...Farewell Helena..."
I felt a tear run down my cheek.


I suppose you would like to know what happened, why my friend is lying in that coffin over there. I will take you back in time, when Helena was alive and things were normal, before our lives changed forever.

This is our story....

?????? The bell sounded. School is over. I got up from my seat and headed to my locker. I threw my stuff in and started towards the big, wide exit doors. I stepped outside. Tonight is Halloween. The weather was perfect for it. It was?one of the windiest days i"ve ever seen. The? leaves were blown off the trees, but their colours were simply beautiful. The read, orange, yellow and the brown. The trees looked so eerie. Their branches were long, thin and looked like giant hands reaching out for you. The crows finished the effect. They were sitting on the branches. Their CAWING sounded like screams or something most horrible. I? hated it when they sat there looking at me with their big, black stalking eyes.

Helena and Blayne were sitting on the stone steps, waiting. They stood up to greet me.
Helena was 16. She was tall, about 5'6. Her hair was long, thick and a blackish colour. Helena's skin was a sandy colour, her lips a light red and her eyes a lovely violet. She had high cheekbones.
Blayne was the tallest of us, about 5'8. She was also 16, and so was I. She was very pale skinned. Her hair was put up in an odd fashion, and black as night. Her bangs were to the side covering her right eye. The top was twisted and held in place with bobby pins and the rest was in ringlets that hung to her shoulders.
Me, well I am only 5 feet. My skin is a peach colour. My lips a light pink and my eyes are a light blue. My hair is a bright blond and pulled back into a pony tail.

"Your late!" said blayne giving me a playful push.
"Dilly Dally Shilly-Shally!" she continued waving her index finger. "Sorry guys." I said returning her push.

We started off down the road. "Are you guys going to the dance tonight?" asked Blayne. "No, i dont think so." I replied. "Im not, i have to babbysit little Tony Johnston" Helena said wrinkling her nose.
A caar ppulled up. It was a small red car that had a licenses plate that read "45KnIvEs" A boy popped his head out the window. "Hey sweetie", he called oout. It was Gerard Llebpmac, Helena's boyfriend. "Hi honey" Helena said giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Are you going to the dance Gerard?" Asked Blyne. "No I cant, I have my little sis to watch" he replied with a groan.

After a couple of minute of talking, Gerard blowing a kiss to helena,said,"Well girl I gotta go." Helena returned the kiss and with that he was off. We continued down the street. "Well, bye guys" I said, turning down Wellington, and waving goodbye.

????????? I walked down the street singing quietly to myself. I wondered if I should go visit mom and dad. Yes! I thought. I started for the graveyard.
You see, my mom and dad died in a car accident when I was 14 so I live with my grandma.
The accident was horrible. Grandma said that they were out for a drive and they were just coming out of the tunnel, when a white car was driving in their lane. The man was drunk, and the teo cars collided. It started to rain when it happened. Mom and dad died instantly, but the drunk man survived. He was taken to the hospital were he was treated. When he recovered he was arrested.

I reached the cemetery gates. The gates were tall, and made of thick iron. They creaked when opened. I noticed they were getting rusty now. S large sign read "LOCKED", I slipped between the bars.

I started down the path. There was a hedge surrounding the cemetery. The gravestones were carved with the utter most care. There were statues of heavenly angels, women crying, men in gray robes and celtic crosses.

Grandma told me that at night, when the moon is glowing brightly, and the wind is blowing gently and the world is asleep, the dead come out and dance on the graves. If anyone saw them, they would? catch them and won't let them go. They take their heart and everything and keep it for themselves. Then they're alive again and the person who saw them dancing is dead.

I have believed it.

I knelt down. "Hi mom... Hi dad" I said feeling the teaars run down my face. "I miss you so much." I sat there for what felt like hours. I got up and started for the gates. I heard a noise, it sounded like shuffling. Iy was getting dark out now, maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. I convinced myself that was it. I heard the noise again, I followed it. It stopped and I looked around and saw something. I walked closer, a man rose infront of me. "are you real or one of the ghosts? that haunt this place?" He asked. The man was tall, pale skinned, with dark brown messy hair and large eyes that were a?deep, deep?blue. "No, I'm real." I said. I must have look startled and he noticed it. "I see that I scared you." He said, I smiled. "What is a fine lady like you doing here?" He said studying me. "Just vistiting. What are you doing here?" "Uh...I came to say goodbye to an old friend..." He said with a mischievous smile.

He walked me back to my house and I invited him ti stay a while and he agreed. We did get along quite well. Grandma was surprised when he greeted her. "Hi, I'm Kyle"?he said warmly and with that smile.
Grandma made tea and we all talked for a while, but Grandma didnt like him much. Soon she left for bed. " I thought she would never leave." He said letting out a sigh. I laughed. "You never told me your name." He?continued. "Well, isnt a girl allowed a curtain mystique?" I repplied, sipping more?tea. "I guess...." He sounded disappointed.
I looked at the clock, it read 10:30 pm. "I should be going now," he said. I lead him to the door. He smiled and left.

????????? The next day was calm. It was cold out and light flakes of snow were flaoting down form the sky. It was such a pretty sight. I net up with Blayne, Helena and Gerard. I told them about my encounter last night. "Ohh, sounds kinda sweet," said Blayne puckering her lips. "Shut up" I said squishing her lips with my fingers."Oww, that hurts!" She said making a said face. Gerard didnt like him, i could tell. "I dont like the sounds of him" Gerard said with distrust to Helena. "Oh, your no fun at all, he sounds quite dreamy. How everything went hte waay it did." Said Blayne giving him a?push.

After school I invited Blayne to come for supper and she agreed. As we walked down Wellington I heard something from behind the hedge only a few houses away. "Blayne some ones hiding behiind that bush." "Oh really?"?Blayne said running towards it. "No Blayne!" I yelled?after her. She stopped at hte bush,"Ohh Shanlenn, some one wants to go out with you tonight!" Blayne called to me. "What?" I said coming towards her. I looked behind the bush, no one was there. "Hmm...I think your hearing things. Blayne said blowing at her hair. "I was sure some one was here!" I replied. "Well no one is here now." I thought that was odd, I was so sure some one?was there.

Grandma was delighted that Blayne?ate supper with us.
We?had spaghetti and talked about all sorts of things. After supper Blayne helped with the dishes and left to go home. I went up yo my room and got changed in to my pajamas. It was cold in my room, so I went to close the window. Some one was?standing in the?yard...watching me! I felt sorta sick. I close the window. I looked back out the window the man was gone. Someones following me, I thought. I called Blayne. 'Hello?"
"Blayne, I saw some one in the yard."
"Well maybe it was the neighbour..."
"He was watching me."
"Oh come on, why would anyone want to do that?"
"Well dont you find it odd..."
"It's late, go to bed, maybe you were? seeing things?"
"Ya, maybe...."
Blayne hung up and I went to bed a little shaken.

I found it hard to sleep that night, you would have too. The tree branches scraped against my window. The wind howled and shadows crept around me. Since I was still a little shaken, I put the covers over my head. Soon I calmed down and went to sleep.

??????? I woke up the next day, slightly aware of things. Today was Saturday. I called over Helena, Gerard and Blayne to see if they could stay the weekend because grandma was away. I didnt want to be alone.
They came in the afternoon. It was? cold and pouring rain. The sky was cloudy and dark. The sunwas hidden behind in?the black smudged sky.

"Thanks guys for coming" I said as they came throught the door. "Anytime" Said Helena. "I'm just a little shaken after last night and stuff..." I continued. "Well I think your mind is playing tricks on you really." Said Blayne getting a glass of water.

Later that day there was a knock on the door. I went to anser it. It was Kyle. He looked most handsome. He was waering a red t-shirt and black jeans. His hair was unkempt and his eyes a very bright slarkling blue. I stood there looking for words, but found none. "Hi. May I come in?" he asked. "Ya of coarse." I said moving out of the way. "Who is it?"Called Blayne. "It Kyle" I yelled back. They came into the litchen and stopped to study him. Kyle smiled that mischievous smile. Gerard was a little stubborn and didnt warm up to him at all. He thought that Kyle was up to something. Blayne thought he was wonderful, Gerard was keeping an eye on her.
Helena had made tea and we all sat down in the livingroom. It was a large room, with ivy green walls and a high ceiling. There were those decorative plates on the walls: you know that ones with the picture on them? The windows were covered with white lacey curtains and room had haardwood floors.
"Well what brings you here?" Asked Gerard. "Well I was passinf by and I thought I would come to say hi." Kyle replied 'though I have no place to stay right now. so I? have come to ask if I may stay here...if you dont mind" he continued. "Oh but of coarse!" Blayne cried out clapping her hands together "If its alright with you" Kyle looked at me. I glanced at Helena. Gerard gave me a stare that said "I would do it if I were you..." Helena looked unsure. "Umm...." I started to say but was cut off, "yees you can I'm sure Shanlenn and them do agree." Blayne said a little to fast because her speech was a little slurred. "Great" Kyle said smiling.

?????? We went up to bed. I slept in my room, Helena and Blayne shared my grandma's room and Gerard said he would sleep on the couch and Kyle in the spare room.
There was a storm that night. The lightning was bright and went FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! So you went blind. The thunder was so loud that you almost went shell-shocked. The rain was pounding on the house.
It was 11:30 when I heard noises downstairs. It was like footsteps so I thought that some one was getting a drink or something. Soon after Helena came into my room. "Shanlenn get up!" I heard her say.
I sat up half awake. "What is it?"
"Blayne is missing!" A flash lit the room. Helena looked serious and worried. "Maybe..." I stopped speaking. Some one passed the doorway. It looked like Gerard. He was holding something. "Alright lets go," I saaid getting up. Another flash lit the room, he was gone.
Helena and I crept quietly down the hall. We went? down the long spiral? staircase. The lightning continued to flash brightly, blinding us. We reached the bottom of the stairs. The floor creaked when we walked on it.

Gerard wasn't on the couch. We checked out the spare room, Kyle was gone too. Wow it's amazing how things change in the darkness. The shadows creep up on you, and your mind starts to play tricks. Things seem to move in the darkness and you start to heaar stramge noises. It's like you've fallen into a dark dream. Nothing is what it sems to be.

?? Our heads turned when we heared a noise again. I went into the kitchen to check it out. One of the lights was flickering and there was a few marks on the walls. I heard a?gasp by the fridge. I walked towards it. I was surprised by what I saw. Blayne was curled up, rocking herself. "Blayne!" I ran towards her. She was white as a ghost, her eyes wide with terror. She was shaking terribly. "Blayne what has happened?" I continued.
"He touched me...I didn't know what he was reallylike till after..."
She stopped. "Go on what did he do?"
I pressed fo ran answer. "He told me things...he's not right in the head Shanlenn..."
"What did he say?"
"H-he said that he'll get. He said he'd bring her down for what she did to him..."
"Who did he say he'd get? What did dhe do? Tell me Blayne!"
I held her face up so her eyes met mine. "Tell me!"
"Helena...she's in danger...he's after her Shanlenn."
"What did she do?"
"She broke?his heart and now hes gunna brake her. He's not right in the head, he's crazy."
I hugged her and said, "Dont worry. Where is Gerard?"
"I-I dont know anymore. Last I saw him he was going after Kyle when he saw what he was doing to me. Oh I was so scared. I was so?foolish..."

?I helped her up and we walked down into the basement. It was dark, we couldnt see anything.?I felt for the switch, only thelight in the back worked.?There was a slight movement behind the back shelf, so we went to see what it was. The light just reach the spot were?Gerard was lying. He was covered in blood. His left eye was black and his face beat up. Gerard was almost unconscious. We tried to help him but he only moaned. We decides to leave him, he was already badly hurt.

?????? We looked fo Helena on the first floor but found nothing. We started up the stairs. We heard a scream. "HELENA!" I yelled.
Blayne and I ran up the stairs into another room were my grandma would entertain guests. We played all sorts of card and bored games in this room.
A flash of lighning lit the room. Kyle had a knife to Helena;s throat. He was talking to her. "This is what you get for hurting me..." Helena tried to ppush him off and said, "I didnt do anything to you! I havent met you before!"
"Oh don't you remember. Last year, the poor, shy boy who wanted nothing more then your love. Don't you remember the notes? Remeber that day when you broke my heart?Well now it's my turn to break you. Awww don't cry it'll all be over soon" He said was a deadly sly smile. He really was crazy.
"And once you kill me what are you going to tell the police?" Helena cried. "Well, I'll simply say that you lost your mind. You murdered all your friends and then you relized what you did and ran. You ran to the cemetery were no one would find you till morning. You ran to the mausoleum and there you took your own life. You slit your writs." He said smirking. "your so heartless!"
"Well lets just say I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad man. You see the blood on the wall. You see me creepin up these halls..."
"STOP!!" Blayne cried out. Kyle kept his focus on Helena. I ran into the romm to pull him off her. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. Helena tried for the knife in his hands.

There was a dead silence. Kyle had stabbed Helena in the stomach. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. Blayne let out a scream. Helena stood there. Kyle let go of the knife. Helena backed up slowing, gasping. then she fell to her knees, then onto her stomach, pushing the knife in even more. I was sick with terror, disgust and sadness. Then everything came into focus again. Kyle was trying to get me off of him. Blayne had fainted at the sight of seeing her friend die right infront of her. Everything happened so fast. I was dizzy. I remember hanging onto the edge of the landing. I looked down. Kyle was lying on the floor. I think his neck was broken because it was twisted in a distrubing position. I looked back up. I saw Gerard. He must have puched Kyle off the landing with me hanging on to him. "Grab my hand!" He whimpered holding out his hand. "Take my hand, I promise I wont let you go!"I stretched out my hand and grabbed his. His hands were covered in blood and mine all sweaty. He pulled me up. He was too weak to keep himself standing and he collasped on the floor.

I ran outside in the rain and started banging on the neighbours door. A light came on and someone answered the door. "Good gad!" A man said covering his mouth with his hands. "Please call the police and an ambulence." I cried. He did so at once. His wife gave me a towel to drive off.

???? The police and ambulence showd up immediately. There were all shocked at what they saw. I was too over whelmed to cry. I saw Gerard being carried out on a stretcher. Blayne was alright, but was taken to the hospital too. Then I saw them take out Helena and Kyle. I ran to them. "Let me see her!" I cried out. They let me see her. Her eyes were open and her face lifeless. I out my hand over her eyes and closed them. "Sleep" I said softly.

? Blayne recovered, but her hair is now white and she has become aware of everything.?A jumpy girl she has become. Gerard had a bad wound and almost bled to death. But also recovered.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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