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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Crashing Down
By BrokenxSmilesxMourn27


Crashing Down

Chapter 1

Rayne woke up with a jolt. There was a banging noise on her window- who could it be at this hour? She stumbled out of bed and to the window- it was him. She rolled her eyes and let him in.

“What are you doing here, Zack?” She hated to be awoken, especially when it was annoying boys.

“Come with me.”

“Come where? I'm seriously not in the mood for th-” He quickly grabbed her arm and dragged her down the stairs, complete in her pirate duck pajamas. They quickly stepped out the door, and ran down the street in the pouring rain towards the empty field they would hang out at when they were bored. She stopped when she saw the fireflies. They were everywhere, lighting up the night. She stood there in awe, until Zack spoke.

“It's beautiful isn't it?”

“Yeah, it is,” she replied with a smile. She gently hugged Zack in thanks, before collapsing on the ground to watch. She laid her back against her favorite willow tree and cried at the sight. It was the most perfect thing she'd seen in awhile, it and made her feel perfect to be able to see this and share this moment with her best friend, even if he is annoying.

“Rayne?” he whispered, “Are you okay?” She nodded her head in reply, and leaned against his shoulder, since he'd sat down next to her. He wrapped his arm around her waist, and pulled her closer to him. He knew her world was crashing, and this is why he chose to share this moment with her. They sat in silence while they watched the fireflies dance in the rain with the moonlight illuminating their way. Not too long later, she was asleep and he smiled at her peaceful face.

“This is the way things are supposed to be.”

Chapter 2

Rayne is a seventeen-year-old who loves life to the point where she hates it. She has long, wavy hair and bright green eyes that reveal her emotions like an open book. She's a simple girl, who isn't afraid to be different or crazy. She can be loud and outspoken, but quiet and understanding too. Her best friend is Zack, who has loved her as long as they've known each other, for four years, but she's never returned the feelings. He is a scene kid with the typical hair-over-the-eyes ordeal. His hair is black with blue and purple streaked bangs that hang over his left eye. He is much like Rayne in the respect that he can be loud and obnoxious, but also a calm person when needed. The two are inseparable and are juniors in high school with typical problems that everyone has. The only difference is while Rayne's parents were going through a divorce, her dad died in a car accident before her mother abandoned her to take care of herself. It happens, is what she tells herself when she thinks about it. And that's how she leaves it.

Rayne heard the alarm go off for her to get up. She groaned, and rolled over.

“Wait… wasn't I at the field last night?” she mumbled to herself. She sighed before heaving herself up off the bed and getting ready for the day. At promptly seven-ten, like always, there was a honking outside, and she ran out of the house. She hopped into Zack's '68 Camaro and they drove off towards the school.

“Weren't we at the field last night?” she inquired, truly wondering how she even got home.

“Yeah, we were. You fell asleep, so I carried you home. I hope you don't mind,” he grinned over at her. She smiled back before telling him she didn't.

The ride to the school was quiet, but they didn't mind. There was music playing quietly in the background, but other than that, there was nothingness. As soon as they arrived at the campus, they climbed out of the car and headed toward the campus. Rayne was walking and looking towards the ground until she heard a familiar voice in the distance.

“Tian!” she shouted in excitement, before tackle-hugging him. She hadn't seen him in weeks, and there was nothing like seeing her twin brother.

“Ray! Geez, calm down. I missed you too. Now can you let go?” She laughed at him while letting go, and presumed to pester him.

“So, how's mom?” He looked at her as if to say, do you really care? Of course she didn't, but she still asked. After her father died in he accident, Rayne's mother decided to leave with Sebastian, her twin brother, but leave her behind. She didn't mind much, she just wished she was able to be with her brother. He went to a different school because of the move, so him being here was a surprise to her. “Okay, since you won't answer the first question, answer this- why are you here?” He feigned insult before replying.

“I didn't feel like going to school, so I came here instead. But, I have other things to do today, so I have to leave. Sorry.” He gave her a smile and a hug before leaving. Seeing her brother was a great thing, but she felt a tugging in her mind, feeling like things were falling everywhere around her, like a building that's decrepit and can no longer hold itself. She felt Zack reach for her hand, and she sighed in thankfulness.

“Seriously, guys, I don't know why you aren't together. You two are perfect for each other!” their friend Melody laughed. She'd been trying to get them together for the past two years, but as far as Rayne was concerned, things were perfect the way they already were. Zack gave a small smile, knowing that he would never get that, even though he desperately wanted it. Nothing was going to work, but he just lived with that fact. He hugged Rayne, before departing to class, with many thoughts running through his mind.

For the whole day, Zack couldn't concentrate on anything but his night before or the fact that valentines was coming up, which meant flowers, chocolate, and a dance.

“Dances are overrated,” he mumbled to himself as he walked out of his last class of the day. He sighed as he walked down the street, not feeling like driving. He'd given an extra set of keys to Rayne for days like these. He'd walked throughout the little city, not knowing what to do, but wanting to be alone and anywhere but home. He soon found himself outside of a little floral shop and figured, why not? So, he walked inside and looked at all of the colorful flowers.

“Can I help you?” he heard a sweet voice ask.

“Yeah, actually, if I were to order a bouquet, how long would it take to get it ready?” he blushed at his own question, thinking it to be a bit foolish.

She smiled at him, and replied, “Well, if you're wanting it for Valentine's Day, then it'll be ready by then.” He nodded, and then continued looking through the flowers. He was beginning to rethink the flowers, but then figured he wasn't hurting anyone by buying them, and nothing bad would happen. He could pass it off as a friendship thing. So, he found the brightest flowers that he knew could almost define her and told the lady what he wanted.

“Is there specific colored wrapping or ornaments you want to hang in the bouquet? And what about the card?” He pointed out purple and electric blue paper for the flowers to be wrapped in, and butterfly things to be attached to the flowers. He had no idea what they were, but he didn't really care either. He paid for the flowers in advance, and gave his thanks before leaving. Valentines was only in two days, and he didn't really care for the holiday either, so he couldn't really care less about the whole ordeal if it even mattered.

He kept walking through the town aimlessly after the flower shop, and didn't bother to head home even after it started to rain really hard. He had no where to be, and he planned to keep it that way.

Chapter 3

It was almost midnight on Valentines. He'd picked up the flowers hours earlier, after school of course, and left them on her windowsill. He was just about to bang on t he window to make sure she got them, when he slipped, banging on the window at the same time as falling off the room. He landed in the bushes with a groan, and Rayne shot her head out the window to see what the racket was.

“Zack? Are you okay?” He gave her a goofy grin before standing up and giving a wave goodbye. Once again, he walked with no destination before he ended up in the field, against the willow, where he fell asleep.

Rayne didn't understand why he'd just left, before she noticed to flowers. Tears gathered in her eyes, and she knew that he was embarrassed about the flowers. She gently picked them up before finding a vase to put them in. She grabbed the card out the bouquet, and it had a butterfly attached to it. She opened it and read in scrawled lettering, Happy Valentines. Thought I'd give you the flowers, cause I don't have a valentine, and neither do you, and you're my best friend. See you in the morning. She smiled at the card before setting it on her bed stand and slipping on some actual clothes.

Ten minutes later, she arrived at the field, and saw Zack sitting under the tree with his head down. She walked over to him before sitting down next to him.

“Thanks, Zack,” she whispered, “for everything.” She felt the tears that were cascading down his face on hers while she hugged him. They stayed like that for hours it seemed, neither saying anything nor moving, but both crying. There was a hidden connection that Rayne resisted. As much as she possibly loved him, they could never be together. She knew this, and it fueled her decision. After they parted at who knows what time, she ran the whole way home, but when she got to the door, she knew she couldn't stay. She was too connected to her home, and there was no way she would dare stay. She decided against even leaving a note, and instead turned around and kept running. She ran until she could run no more, and never planned to come back. As much as she'd liked to think, there was nothing she had to come back to. So, she left. And where she was going, not even she knew.

Chapter 4

It was months later. She was across the country, in a totally different environment. Instead of sunny and cloudy California, she was in New Jersey, where no one in their right mind would want to live. She'd finished high school on independent studies, and had her own apartment. She'd changed her whole being. She constantly thought of her spur of the moment decision, but never thought to contact anyone. They probably thought she was dead, but she didn't care. If it kept her world from them in a perfect standstill, that would keep her happy. She didn't want to ruin that life ever.

She went about her day as usual, going to the record shop she worked at. She sat there and dealt with whatever customers she had, until someone walked in and needed her actual attention.

“Excuse me, but I was wondering if I could just sit outside the door and play my acoustic. I know it's a strange request, but please.” She nodded absently at him, not really caring or wanting him to notice her. He thanked her, and went outside. She listened to him play, not really paying a lot of attention until she heard the line, Come home, cause I've been waiting for you, for so long. The line struck her hard, and she knew why the he had seemed familiar. She slowly stood up as the tears fell down her cheeks, and looked at the boy, at Zack.

“You've changed so much,” her whispered to her. “Why did you leave?” She looked toward the ground in guilt and shame before she explained.

“I just couldn't stay. I felt it in my heart; I was just going to be there, lost, forever. I'm so sorry, Zack. But, I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't pretend for everyone that everything was going to be okay. Nothing was ever okay.” He just nodded, feeling a stab in his chest and hugged her. Afterwards, he felt the obligation to leave. He knew there was no way they could be together, no matter what. And he would stay out of her life, since that's what she wanted.

“We all fall down…”

Chapter 5

Rayne watched him leave, knowing this isn't what she wanted. But she had no strength left in her. She knew she had to stay away, or it would cost her.

Good girl. She shivered at the sound. It couldn't be… not here. She frightfully looked behind her t see her biggest fear. It was Damien.

That night she locked herself into her room. She didn't want him coming around tonight. Damien never left her alone, and she was bound to become one of them if luck was against her. And she knew it was.

There was a loud banging noise, and she stood her ground.

“Damien.” He smirked at her, before picking her up and carrying her out of her home. So much for staying away from him for the night, she thought. She relaxed in his arms, since she knew she wasn't going to get another chance to be comfortable anytime soon. There was no way she could possibly enjoy the night.

Hours later, it felt like, was when she was placed in a chair like a doll carefully being set down. Why they were able to toss her like that really bothered her. At least they could respect her dignity and not act like she was a throw toy or something.

“Princess, for being so good earlier, I want to treat you,” Damien smiled. Rayne looked at him before replying.

“By what? Biting me? Kissing me? Harming me in any way you seem satisfied with? Cause I honestly don't think of that as a reward.” He gave her a stern look before beginning his parade on her body. She always just ignored him at this time, pretending it was a movie, and not her life. Yes, this vampire is in love with her. And she has no choice but to obey him. She's tried everything. Running, when she knew it was going to get bad because of Zack, hiding and changing her nightly whereabouts- she even tried suicide. That only angered Damien, and therefore, she was in for a brutal time when she was found out.

“Rayne, doll, I love you. Do you love me, Rayne?” There was fierceness in his eyes she easily recognized and cowered from.

“Yes, Damien, I love you. With my whole heart, I love you,” she whispered out, in fear. He smiled, genuinely, at the lie.

“Good, Princess. Now, we have serious matters to attend to.” He had already gone about his feeding, so it intrigued her that he had something else he needed to do that involved her. He quickly got up, and pulled her up with him. She thought it was weird that they weren't heading towards his room where they usually slept afterwards. Well, more like, she slept under his watch. Instead of going into the room, though, they continued passed it, and into a small room. There, she was thrown into the arms of some women, and heard Damien's footsteps fade into the background. She looked at the women for an explanation, but all she received was a change a clothes and a make-up and hair job. When they were done, she looked at herself in the old ball gown and fancy attire in general.

The whole ordeal confused her, but the women just pushed her into a different room, where she was met face-to-face with Damien in the ballroom. He, too, was dressed formally. He bowed before her, before taking her hand and leading her in a dance. He sang quietly into her ear while they danced, and she began to think of Damien as a romantic guy, and that he really wasn't so bad, but she wouldn't let herself think so.

When the dance ended, he led her to table that was set in the shadows, illuminated by candle light, and with food for one. She sat down in the chair across from Damien, and began to eat. They didn't talk because they both knew Rayne didn't even want to be there.

When she had finished, Damien walked over to her, with determination on his face. He stood in front of her, and handed her a single red rose, with a ring attached to it, before saying anything to her.

“Rayne, Princess, I love you. You know I love you, even if you deny it. I know you hate me, but won't you marry me? I will treat you like a princess, you know I will. I love you, and I will do anything for you. Marry me?” Rayne looked at the ring, which was now placed in her hand, and contemplated it. She knew he would treat her well, but he kept her from her life, and even though she loves him, she loves him so much that she hates him. As she thought about what to say, she felt the tears pour down her cheeks, ruining her make-up. She looked up at him, and decided what to say.

“Damien, I know you love me, and I know you will treat me like a princess…but I don't know if this is what I want for my life. I love you to the point where I hate you, I'm sorry. I know the only choice I have is to say yes, but can't you at least give me my freedom? I swear, I'll stay with you, and I'll love you until forever… but my one request is that you let me choose.” He looked at her, not understanding.

“Is that a yes or a no?” She sighed. She couldn't do this. Not to Damien. He'll have her head, even though she didn't want to be with him.

“Yes, Damien, I will marry you,” she croaked while the tears poured in a steady stream. There was no other option left for her. He smiled and took the ring from her finger. He slipped the gold band with the large diamond and twin emeralds onto her finger, and then kissed her forehead. This isn't what I want.

Chapter 6

She awoke the next morning, thinking to herself about a weird dream. When she looked at her hand, though, she realized it was no dream, and she was marrying a vampire. She sighed before proceeding about her day. There was nothing she could do to stop this, so she just has to live with it.

All day, she sat and wondered what would happen if she left again. This isn't the place she wants to either; the place she truly wanted to be was back in California with the people that love her. She wanted to be giving Zack a big hug and to tell him her situation; she wanted to be able to let her secret out.

Finally, she decided, she was just going to leave. She knew Damien would follow, no matter what, without a lost step on her whereabouts, so why not?

By the time Rayne had even realized where she was going, she was almost there. She ended up on Damien's doorstep, and she ended up letting herself in. She walked into his room, and sat down on the bed next to him, and watched him, in wait. She had things she needed to discuss with him.

Several hours later, Damien woke up. He looked over at Rayne, and nearly jumped in shock.

“Princess?” She nodded. “What are you doing here?”

“Damien, if you really do love me, I need you to do something for me.” She looked at him in the eyes, letting him know she meant business.

“Anything,” he answered.

“I will marry you regardless, but I want to be able to go back to my friends. At least let me visit. I want to be able to explain to them why I left. Please, let me tell them, and let me bring Zack to the wedding at least. He's my best friend, and I need him there for me.” He looked at her, wary of her request.

“What's the meaning of this?”

“I just want this. Please.” He sighed, and then responded.

“Okay, I will take you to your friends, and Zack can be at the wedding, but you have to do all of this stuff at night so I can be there with you.” A little surprised by the request, all Rayne could do was nod. She never expected him to care. He smiled, and they began the preparations.

Chapter 7

The next day, they left. Using the teleportation they had, they quickly arrived at Rayne's old home, where everything was left how she'd placed it, including the flowers from that Valentine's Day. She took one look at the flowers before running out of the house towards the field, where she knew she'd find Zack. She ran to the old willow and threw herself at him, surprising him.

As she wept, Zack comforted her, not knowing what could possibly be wrong.

“My world is falling, Zack. It's falling.”


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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