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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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The Secret Love
By Brian Burke


Disclaimer: All characters owned, distributed, and used by Pioneer. I own
no part of it. I'm just fiddling.

The Secret Love

Brian Burke

She has been floating in this area of space for some time now.
Though time
means nothing to her, neither does the limiting properties of space.
Curious, she continues to search this particular wreckage.

The damage is, of course, extreme. Not a single passageway exists
Everything here is debris. Metal cables. Mangled panels. Occasional
glass. Broken marble. Nothing that would suggest structure.

Still, she searches for that which she seeks. Patience for her is
unlimited. Yet, she cannot wait to find that which she desires.

On the familiar planet not too far from the search party of one, an
all too
familiar situation pans out. As a result, the Masaki family has seeked
cover. All but one.

"Stop this!" he shouts, attempting to stop their efforts. Although,
despite what he says, the feuding continues.

"I will not allow you to terrorize Lord Tenchi anymore!" one shouts.

"You and what army?" the other returns. "The Juraian fleet?"

"If need be," Ayeka answers.

"Wouldn't that look good," Ryoko adds. "Not only would you get
Tenchi, but
you'd have to live with the fact that you cheated!"

Taken aback by this statement, "fine! I do not need the military to
care of the likes of you!"

"That's it!" Tenchi shouts. "Stop this right now!"



"I will not allow you to continually fight in the house. You're
destroying things. If you want to duke it out, go outside!" Turning his
back, he emphasizes the point.

"But, Tenchi, I-" Ryoko starts.

"No buts," he says soundly. "I'm going to talk with Sasami. Why
don't you
two work out your differences away from the house?" Storming off, he heads
for the kitchen.

"You've really done it this time," Ryoko states, partially glancing

"Me? How dare you make such an accusation!" she retorts. Crossing
arms, "I was not the one hording over Tenchi like some two bit sleaze."

Crackling amber energy, "sleaze, huh? That is one insult I will not

In the adjoining room, the object of their desire sits groaning over
violence. "Nothing I say gets through..."

Sitting near him with a cup of tea, "don't worry, Tenchi," the
little girl
says. "They'll get over it."

"That would be nice..." he sighs. "But, it won't happen unless I do
something about it." Sipping his own cup of tea, "Sometimes I wish you were
older, Sasami. You're the only one in this menagerie that truly

Sasami unexpectedly kisses him full on the lips. With a fire that
evaporate ice, but with a taste as sweet as freshly baked cookies, she
surprises him to no end.

Floating motionlessly, Tsunami concludes her search of the wreckage
as she
finds exactly what she was looking for. Smiling wide, she seems very
pleased to find what she needed.

Tsunami extends her hand, which glows momentarily from the power
from it. It soon grows, and separates from her hand. As Tsunami floats off
to the side, it continues its development.

she thinks to herself, As
watches the display, the area of space lights up with a certain brilliance.
The light then flows towards the energy sphere, combining with it.

Pulling back, "Sasami?! What was..."

"That was a traditional Juraian reward for such a nice compliment,"
explains. "You should see what you get for personally saving a life!"

Blushing a bit, "and here I thought I knew everything about Jurai."

Sasami simply smiles. "There's a lot you don't know."

"Well, I saved Ayeka a couple of times, now. But, she never..."

Sighing, "that's because she believed she was in control of the
So, naturally, she didn't say anything about it."

"I haven't heard Ayeka or Ryoko fighting in the past few minutes.
they left."

"That would be nice," Sasami adds.

Standing up, "I better go talk to them. It's time to end this

Sasami simply watches as her friend walks out of the kitchen. she thinks to herself. Smiling,

Outside the house, and a long ways away from it, the galaxy's two
trouble makers sit at the Funaho tree, each on a separate bulging root.
While their backs are to each other, they are far from ignoring each other.

"So, Princess, what do we do? Tenchi looked like he was on the
verge of
kicking us out."

"As I stated, it was you who started the fight. If you hadn't-"

"Stuff it, Ayeka," Ryoko jumps. "Neither of us is going to get
Tenchi this
way. If we continue to fight, he'll ignore us both."

"Then what would happen?" Ayeka asks.

"Well, I've seen Sasami growing to like him."

Sighing, "betrayed by my own sister."

"We won't let that happen!" Ryoko states.

"If only he would follow my father's example," Ayeka sighs. "Then,
would be no fighting."

"You mean, marry both of us? "That means we'd be stuck with each
forever! I don't think I could deal with that!"

"Neither could I. I could never be involved in a marriage with YOU.
thought of living with you for thousands of years drives me crazy."

After a short pause for thought, "so, how do we get him?" Ryoko

In the darkness of space, a very different scene plays out. The
energy finishes its assembly. Save for the flares of energy, the ball is
The assembler of such a thing cracks her fingers, (a habit she
picked up
from her other self), loosening the appendages. Finally, she puts her hands
to the three foot wide ball of energy.

As she does so, another hand of energy emerges from the ball and
lands atop
hers lovingly. Slowly, it caresses her appendage, cherishing her soft skin.

In response, Tsunami places her free hand on the new one, putting it
into a
sandwich of hands. she promises.

Back on our world, (but not our country), Tenchi walks carefully
into the
woods surrounding his house. Careful as to avoid certain doom by the
feuding pair, but careful as to not overlook them in his search.

Continuing his search, he is joined by Ryo-Ohki. "Meow!" she
walking alongside him.

Picking her up,
the cabbit meows in surprise.

Quickly, she moves to his shoulder, perching herself next to his
With a couple rubs of her face against his cheek, she shows her appreciation
for the act of kindness.

Walking on,

As Sasami sits in the living room, the book in front of her
continues to
become less and less interesting. It's not that the content of the material
isn't good, it's the fact that her mind is wandering to other matters.

Rubbing her lips with her fingers, she still recalls the sensation
recently received. A bold move on her part, with a viable reason. Still,
being her first kiss, it seems to hold a special meaning for her.

She sets the book down on the table and sits back into the couch.
knows how she feels, and nothing can change that. For people on Earth, this
type of thing would be considered bad. However, being from Jurai, her
situation is different. After all, how old was Ayeka when she fell in love
with Yosho, her older half brother?

As thoughts run through her head of this matter, she wonders if
there's a
way to fix this little problem.
Not too far away from Earth, Tsunami and her little project
Separating, reluctantly, from the sphere of golden energy, she readies to
finish this. Holding her hands forward, a faint light emits from them, and
hits the energy. After a moment, the energy stops, and the ball is once
again left alone.

However, after a second of non-results, a change starts to occur.
energy shrinks, shapes, and overall becomes more human-like.

Arms raise themselves from the ball, dragging energy from it in
streamers. On the end of the arms, balls bubble out, and open to form

Legs dive out the bottom of the sphere, and soon stretch and bend,
as if
testing themselves. Like the arms, feet form on the end, dividing into toes
at the ends.

Shortly later, a head jumps out the top of the energy. Though
it soon rectifies that by dropping its 'jaw' down, whereupon a mouth forms.
Starting out as nothing more than a dent on the face, it quickly deepens,
hollowing out the necessary areas. A nose pokes through the mask of
featurelessness. Ears pop out the side of his head, and the energy recedes
near them to shape his eyes.

Through the transformation, the individual parts send the excess
energy to
the torso, where the body of a man continues to form.

The work completed, the energy cracks and breaks, and eventually
off the body. Standing in space, the form waves his hand over his body,
creating some simple clothing. he thinks to himself.

After watching the exciting display, Tsunami floats over to the man,
inspecting his body. she thinks to herself,
admiring his golden hair.

The man puts his hand to her face, he
says to her.

she returns.

he replies. Running his hands through
hair, he finds it unusually short. he says.


Looking about,

she responds. Light encircles them
both, and
they disappear in a flash of similarly bright light.

On Earth, Tenchi prepares to face his problem. Stopping in the
woods, he
can hear the pair of arguers on the other side of the shrubbery. "They
never stop," he sighs.


Walking into view of the pair, "Ayeka? Ryoko? I have something to
he starts, immediately causing them to turn towards him. "I'm sorry for
what I said at the house. I'm just getting tired of the fighting."

"We understand, Tenchi," Ryoko responds.

Ayeka stands, "there is one way to stop the fighting," she says.
option has already been given to you."

"You mean a Juraian marriage?"

"Yes," she responds. "The choice is yours, of course."

Tenchi considers this for a moment. "The only problem I see is that
constantly fight."

Ryoko stands as well. "We fought only to get you, Tenchi. If you
do this,
the fighting will end. It's perfect!"

As the pair move towards Tenchi, he wonders if he's being suckered

In a place of privacy, Tsunami and her friend reminice about the
However, for the one, the past is not easy to recall.

"What happened?" he asks. "Where have I been the past few thousand

"It started five thousand years ago, Rikul. We were together, as
you know,
and your abilities started to evolve a bit. After awhile, you left me in
search of more power. You left so fast, I couldn't even stop you. The
power corrupted you so badly that you changed your name. Over time, you
forgot your old one. And me."

"I forgot about you? How could someone be that bad?"

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Your newly acquired power also
changed your body. Your hair turned starch white, your eyes were yellow,
and even your voice was twisted. Later, you came in search of me once more.
I allowed you to catch me with ease. I did it so that I could free you."

"You would take that risk, wouldn't you?"

Smiling, "yes. I would. However, your death was not by my hand. A
descendant of Jurai was able to use the Light Hawk Wings. He defeated you.
With ease, actually. I think you were trying to lose, so as to be

"I don't remember, though," he says.

"It's not important," Tsunami says soothingly. She places her hand
to his
face, caressing it gently. "We are together again, and that's all I care
about right now."

"When that Juraian defeated me, it must've purified me somehow. The
nightmare is over..."

"Yes," Tsunami responds. "Now, let us begin our dream." She kisses
him on
the lips, silencing any further concerns.

End One!


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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