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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Panic! At The Disco

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Thinhs have changed for me ......but that's ok.
By Fabnosity


AN# ok so this is my first and probably only fic. im not a writer but ive read so many of these stories I figured I should share my own little fantasy lmao. I don't mind if u don't like it . it's up to you but I hope you enjoy it and at least get a smile from it. BIG shout out to ma California pally shelbi Jarvis!! and of course her gorgeous sisters courtnay and Jordan. go read their stories!!!!!!!. so anyways I read under a different name but thought I would post with a different one. NOBODY'S GIRL. im going to make sure I try to put American phrases in instead of british ones cos of course the guys are American so its just more likely this way. ok ramble over now go read thank you.

brendon has always been somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to presenting himself . its even more so since he and his three friends became a hit. he likes to put on a good show for his fans with costumes and make up and giving the teeny girls a show with all those flirtacious moves with ryan…its all an act….well most of it.

ryan has been a perfectionist too. but more so with his lyrics and his music, he likes to make sure his fans are listening to the very best he can think of,. the cream of the crop, and make sure the band presents his stuff to the world in the right way.. the costumes and the make up and the stuff with brendon is just fun…..its all an act….well most of it.


if brendon and ryan had been told years ago that they would have feelings for each other they would have asked whoever said it if they had taken their medication but now it's a different situation..


ryan is sitting in the home of his best friend and drummer for his band , spencer smith. seeing as this is where they practised all the time it became a second home so every meeting was held here..

spencer had told ryan earlier that week that there was a new kid in town that he had met through his grandmother welcoming the new family to the area. the kids name was brendon and as they got chatting whilst looking around the house he found out that brendon played quite the variety of instruments. one of them being the guitar, so spencer decided to ask him if he wanted to try out for their band. panic! at the disco..brendon of course said here they were in spencers house waiting for brendon to arrive..

Ryans POV

I hope this kid is good. I mean being a fellow guitarist , id be able to tell whether he is good enough and there is no way im having a bad guitar player in this band.

“spencer!!...shouldnt he be here by no- … “ryan was cut off by the doorbell ringing.

“he's here!!” spencer said

As ryan glanced up this skinny guy walked through the door.. ryan took in all his features and felt his heart flutter. he couldn't understand why that just happened I mean he only looked at him for gods sake .

it was no secret ryan was gay but seeing as he had come out to everyone a long long time ago its not really mentioned anymore just taken as is.

he was snapped out of his thoughts by the voice that he would become so familiar with.

“hey guys!, im brendon, but don't call me brenny or boo boo cos il have to have to hurt you!! “ brendon persisted.

`oh man this kid is confident'..ryan thought. as brendon shook hands with spencer and brent.

Brendons POV

ok brendon just don't say anything stupid when u go in there…..maybe I shouldn't have had that red bull before I left………ok here we go

brendon walks into the smith home and is greeted by spencer

“Hey guys I'm brendon but don't call me brenny or boo boo or ill have to hurt you”…why the hell did I just say that!!!! I DEFINITELY shouldn't have had that red bull!!!. whoa!! who the hell is that guy in the corner??. damn it brendon you've been here ten seconds and you already have the hots for one of your band members!!! well that's if they like me I mean what if they don-….”

brendon was cut off by spencer .

“hey brendon come and meet ryan he is the one who put this whole thing together !!”

ryan took that as his cue to stop staring and walked up to brendon with his arm outstretched, which brendon shook immediately

“Hi I'm ryan….”



The guys had just finished the last show of their UK tour and were so hyped about celebrating. zach had just told them that a car would be picking them all up from the venue in half an hour so they may as well shower and change where they were.

ryan had just stepped out of the shower and threw on a clean shirt and some nice dress pants.

he looked around the tiny dressing room and located his eyeliner and hair gel and prettied himself up which he thought was slightly silly seeing as he wasn't dating anyone so he really didn't have anyone to look pretty for…..

“except brendon”..he thought out loud.

just as the singer popped into his head he realised he had no idea where brendon was, spencer and jon had decided to venture away from the venue quickly because there was an open starbucks across the way and thought they better not drink on a completely empty stomach, plus they preferred coffee to red bull seeing as they had both had horrible experiences when they took one of brendons. hehehe

ryan decided he was finished and made his way down the halls to look for brendon noticing that almost everyone had packed up and left them there alone or had gone to wait out front to oversee the merch booth and talk to press about the show.

as ryan managed to get him self out of the maze that people called backstage he heard a soft humming coming from his left, he soon stepped through the door and realised he was back on stage, which he quickly decided was a great thing because there was brendon lying on the cold hard floor humming to himself and staring upwards.

just as ryan was getting comfortable watching the man he wished he could be with, brendon looked up and smiled at ryan so warmly, the guitarists heart nearly exploded.

“hey ryan , come join me” brendon said

ryan said nothing, instead he took no hesitation in going straight to brendons' side, to lay with him on that cold floor, but ryan hardly noticed the cold because his cheeks were so flushed all he could feel was……fire.

Brendons pov

`why are his cheeks so red?? god he looks so cute like that though, lying there next to me I just wish the setting was a little different, we could be in a nice comfy bed and he would be looking at me with those gorgeous eyes of his telling me how he loves me then kissi-….no NO brendon stop it you cant think of things like that, he is your friend nothing more. I wonder if he has any clue that you want him…hhmmm I mean he didn't exactly jump on you when you told him you were gay he just went `oh that's cool' not `oh brendon you have no idea how long I wished for that'…no just stop doing this to yourself brendon.'

brendons thoughts were interrupted by ryan.

“so what are doing lying here huh?”

“oh I was just looking up at the glitter ball, havn't you noticed how pretty it is, its like we're surrounded by stars……..i bet that sounds pretty stupid doesn't it?” said brendon

“ no…no it doesn't sound stupid at all” ryan said with a smile.

ryan didn't know if it was just being alone with brendon or if it was the scene before him but he noticed how beautiful brendon looked his face twinkling with little stars from the glitter ball and he will never know why he suddenly had a burst of courage but he is always thankful it happened because before he knew it he had asked brendon to dance with him.

“you….you wanna dance with me?” brendon said slightly shocked but oh so very pleased.

“yea I mean if you were surrounded by thousands of stars wouldn't you wanna dance around in them?” ryan said hoping brendon wouldn't know the main reason why he had asked.

“ok sure lets dance.” now brendon also will never know why he had a sudden burst of confidence but he will always be thankful for it. because no sooner had ryan stood up brendon had grasped ryans hands pulling him towards his own chest and wrapping his arms around the guitarists body.

Ryan looked taken aback for a second but immediately followed suit and wrapped his own arms around the singers neck.

neither boys could figure out why the other had allowed themselves to be in this exact position but with no warning they both felt the other begin to sway a little and felt completely at ease

“so ryan why don't you have a boyfriend I mean it could never be hard for someone like you to fill that gap in your life, I mean just look at you…” `what the fuck where did that come from, why did I say that !!!damn it and I havn't even had a red bull!!! oh god I hope he doesn't freak out!!'

“hahaha ok that was a bit random but to answer your question I guess I am just being stupid and waiting for the one but that's not going to happen…..” ryan trailed off.

“why is it not going to happen??” brendon wondered

“because ….because the man I want doesn't want me plain and simple.” ryan stated.

brendon looked at his friend or if he had it his way his lover and thought how could anyone not want you, your perfect…….

To brendons horror and to ryans delight he realised he had just said that last part OUT LOUD!!!

“ did ….did you just say im perfect and how could anyone not want me brendon??”

`SHIT SHIT SHIT oh god quick make something up!!! what could I have said that sounds like what I actually said??!!! there is nothing ..damn it im just gonna have to be honest I mean what's the worst that could happen….thank god I didn't drink any dr pepper today' brendon thought.

“yes I did ryan , I said that because its true.”

ryans mind was going into overdrive he had never felt so torn in his whole life …confess his feelings or shrug it off, he knew brendons serious face when it came along, it wasn't often but u could count on it being honest.

`ok ryan just say it just tell him everything you feel just do something before he changes his mind or something JUST DO SOMETHING!!' ryan thought.

And as soon as that thought crossed his mind he swallowed his fear and planted his lips firmly on brendons realising that if everything falls apart after this its ok because he has had one perfect moment in his life and will never forget this kiss …ever.

ryan parted from brendon and looked at the singer anxiously waiting for him to say something , anything.!!!

“I knew you were perfect……..and now I know you are in every way……I love you ryan, please don't hate me but I do …I love you.” brendon confessed.

`oh my god he loves me !!!!!! like love loves me!!!! this is the moment you have dreamed of ryan don't mess it up!!' ryan thought

“I love you too brendon I always have, since that day when you came to spencers for the first time and it was clear that you had had too much red bull….” ryan said

“HAHAHAHA yeah I knew I shouldn't have had it….but I felt that same…when I first saw you I knew I would die if I didn't at least know you.” brendon laughed.

“well if I have my way , you will always know me because I don't wanna live without you. your everything to me and if you feel the same way then seal it with a kiss.”

and with that brendon leaned forward planting the most loving kiss he could muster sealing his and ryans relationship for as long as they both lived.

“you know we don't have to go out tonight, I mean we could always just go back to the hotel seeing as we are sooooooo tired from the show…..”ryan hinted

brendon not missing a trick just wiggled his eyebrows at his new lover and said

“oh not as tired as we will be in a few hours….”

and with that both boys smirked and shared one last kiss before leaving the stage and making sure zach knew they would DEFINITELY not be going out tonight as they would be celebrating enough at their hotel………


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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