It's due in on Tuesday?

I didn't know that!

Someone go get me

A big hungry cat

I'll force it down it's throat

Each sorrowful scrap

Make sure it's down

And never comes back

It's due in on Tuesday!

What do I do?

I'll pretend I don't know

Who to hand it in to

No wait that's just stupid

I have no time to waste!

What with TV, computers,

There is just no space!

Here's what I'll do

Flush it down the loo!

My mother says

“You're a nutcase!

And a plonker, too!”

So back to the fact it's Monday

Homework's due in tomorrow, you see

Does anyone have the answers?

Quickly show them to me!

I guess I'll just have to get an F

A big fat ugly fail

My brain hurts from all this `thinking'

It only goes as fast as a snail

So for now just give me a computer

And a bag of chips with a TV

There really just is no time

There can be no homework for me!

Alt/ego Shampoo: You really think your teacher will use that as a good excuse for not handing in your homework?

Me: I'd hope so

Alt/ego Shampoo: Don't.

Both: See you next time!