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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Simple Plan >> What If I Told You Life Isn't Perfect?

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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I Will Always Love You!
By alyssaa-xo


Chuck's POV

It has been a week since my wedding, and nothing feels different. Except for the fact that I can call Tiffany my wife, and that Alyssa has been hanging around a lot more than usual. I'm not saying that Alyssa being around is a bad thing, but I don't think it's good for David, especially if she's still got Lorenzo. After the wedding drama, I can't see him being in her life much longer, if at all.

It was a Saturday morning, so I woke up, kissed Tiffany's forehead while trying not to wake her up. Then I went into the washroom to brush my teeth, and get dressed.

Once I was done that I went downstairs to see if anybody was awake yet. Lucky for me 3 people were awake. David, Pierre and no surprise Alyssa was with David. I sat down at the table and joined in their conversation.

“Well Pierre, I think punching him to the ground was very immature,” Alyssa said.

“What are you talking about? The guy didn't care that he hurt you, and didn't think he did anything wrong. Is that the kind of guy you want to be with?” Pierre asked her.

“No,” she quietly said while looking down at the floor.

Just then Pierre's phone started ringing. He looked around the room, and that's when I realized none of the guys have seen Madelyn since the wedding. I hope everything is alright.


Damn, this was the call I feared most. I love Madelyn so much, and I don't want to lose her.

“Uhm guys, I'm gonna take this one upstairs,” I said while leaving the kitchen.

I walked up the stairs, closed my door behind me, and answered my phone.

“Hey Maddie,” I said quietly.

“Pierre is it okay if I come over?” she asked.

“When is it not okay for you to come over baby?” I asked back.

“I guess you are right, I'll be there in a few minutes,” she said, and hung up before I could say anything.

I hate this, I'm about to lose the one I love and I don't exactly know why. I can't talk to the guys about it because they will tell me I'm stupid. Especially David, lately he hasn't had any sympathy for anyone. He's just mad that Lorenzo is still Alyssa's first call, even after the whole wedding thing.

I went back down stairs and sat in the kitchen with Alyssa, David and Chuck.

“Pierre, you look sad! Is everything okay?” Alyssa asked me.

“It's nothing, I'm fine,” I answered her.

“I know you to well to accept that as an answer, Pierre! You know what ever it is we will still be there for you,” Chuck said.

“I know, it's just I don't know if it is anything yet,” I said.

“Well if it's bothering you it is obviously something,” Alyssa did have a point.

“Do you promise not to say anything?” I asked them.


“NO, well at least I don't think so.” I answered David's question.

“David shut up, you are making Pierre feel worse.” Alyssa said while hitting him on the arm.

“OW,” David said.

“You big baby, let's go watch tv,” Alyssa said while leading him out of the room.

“You know one of these days you will actually hurt me,” he laughed while they went into the living room.

Now it was just me and Chuck, Chuck and me alone in the big kitchen.

“Pierre, you know you can trust me not to say anything,” he said.

“I know, it's just I don't know what to think right now.” I answered.

“Is it about Madelyn?” he asked.

“Yeah, I'm afraid she is going to break up with me when she comes over in a few minutes. I haven't seen her since the wedding, and she hasn't been calling either,” I said quietly.

“Look Pierre, I've seen the way she looks at you. She loves you, she'd be a fool if she broke up with you. You know that right?” he asked me.

“I told you, I don't know what to think. We haven't gone a day without seeing or talking to each other in a year and a half Chuck, why has she all of a sudden stopped that?” I asked him.

“That's something you should ask her when she gets here. I know you love her Pierre, but if she doesn't want to be with you, you won't be able to change that,” he said and got up to go upstairs to go check his email.

That's when the doorbell rang, I felt like I was going to throw up on the floor. But I fought my sickness and went to answer the door. I gave Alyssa one of those, keep David occupied looks, and I knew she'd have no problems doing that. She turned on a movie, and they sat on the couch holding hands and he had his arm around her.

I answered the door to see Madelyn looking gorgeous as always. I knew something bad was about to happen, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

“Hey Pierre, look I can't stay long,” she said.

“Uhm, okay.” I said confused.

“Is there somewhere we can talk, without disruptions?” she asked.

“Everyone is still sleeping, so the kitchen.” I said quietly, while leading her into the kitchen.

“I gotta make this quick, I have an appointment in an hour,” she said.

“Okay,” I said confused.

“Look Pierre, I love you but…” she said while looking away.

“But?” I asked.

“This isn't easy for me, but I want to get married and start a family, and with you that's hard. You are gone on tour a lot, and I don't think you are ready to be a father yet,” she said.

I just stood there staring at her, on the verge of crying.

“Pierre, I just can't compete with the band anymore. I've tried, but it just doesn't work. I wanted this to work out, but now with this news I got after the wedding I've been looking for the right time to tell you,” she said.

“Madelyn, what do you mean compete with the band? You mean everything to me, and I haven't proposed or anything yet because Chuck just got married, and we need to work on our new album. You know that, I told you that at the wedding,” I said, but still very confused.

“At the wedding, you were off with the guys all night. First beating up that guy Alyssa has been dating, then you were with HER all night, NOT ME PIERRE! I don't think you love me at all. And on top of all of this, I'm having a baby.” She said.

“A baby?” I asked.

“Yeah, and it's not yours. I don't think that we should see each other anymore,” she said.

Again I just stood there, I didn't know what to say. I had just lost the one I love, and I know there's nothing I could do to change her mind.

“I'm gonna go,” she said.

She got up from the table, pushed in the chair, walked out of the room, and then went outside to her car. That's when David, Alyssa, Chuck, Seb, Jeff and Patrick all came in the room.

They all gave me a look of sympathy, and Alyssa gave me a hug. I could tell it pissed off David, but I knew he meant well.

That night Alyssa and David went on a “date” but they didn't call it that with Megan and Seb. I stayed home with Patrick, we were both the only single ones of the group, David was too. But he was unofficially dating Alyssa.

General POV

It is two weeks later, and the Christmas fever has struck the guys. Seb, and David wanted to find the perfect gifts for “their girls”. Jeff was shopping for Lauren and Charlotte a lot. Everyone was so excited, Charlotte, Tiffany, and Lauren were making cookies one Sunday morning. David and Alyssa watched a Kid's Christmas Movie, but they both fell asleep, like usual. The guys had written a Christmas song that they would sing for everyone on Christmas Day.

David's POV

“I have no clue what to get Alyssa for Christmas, I need the perfect gift for the perfect girl,” I said to Patrick.

“Well, Alyssa. Uhm, why don't you just give her your blame Canada bass, it's her favorite,” he answered.


“So I've been told,” he laughed.

I ran out of the room, now I was so excited for Christmas to come. I have the perfect present for Alyssa, and it's all thanks to Patrick. It's a good thing that he has become good friends with her on tours, because they will some times do the merch tables together.

I was in my room and just about to check my facebook when my phone started ringing. I checked my caller id, by habit and saw that it was Alyssa. Strange it's like 12 am, why is she calling me?

I answered to hear crying, “Alyssa? Where are you?”

She didn't answer me.

“Seriously Alyssa, where are you? I can be there in like 5 minutes,” I said.

Then she hung up, I was really freaked out now. I ran downstairs and asked the guys if they heard anything about any plans she had for the night. Chuck said that she said something about going out for dinner with Lorenzo, then probably going to the movies after, and that he shouldn't tell me because she didn't want to make me upset or mad. I wasn't upset or mad, well not at her anyways. I swear to god if he hurt her in anyway I'll end up in prison.

“PIERRE, WANNA GO FOR A DRIVE?” I called out to him.

“Uhhhh, why?” he asked.

“I got to find Alyssa, and make sure she's alright.” I said.

“Well then in that case I wanna go,” said Chuck.

The rest of the guys all said they wanted to go to, so Pierre drove his car and we all climbed in.

The first place we went was to Alyssa and Megan's apartment. I knocked on the door with Seb.

Megan gave me a confused look, and said, “Uhm, hey David and Seb. You know Alyssa isn't here right?”

“Yeah, we were just checking! She called me and was crying, then before she told me where she was or anything she hung up!” I said.

“Oh god, uhm. Do you guys have room in the car? I wanna go find her too.” She said.

“Well there is no room in Pierre's car, but we can go in your car,” I said.

“Sounds good, let me grab my coat!” she said while reaching behind the door to grab her coat.

Then we went down in the elevator, and practically ran out to the cars. We told Pierre to try the place they were going for dinner, and we'd look at the movies. Nobody wanted to stay in the apartment, so Megan called their friend Hayley who lived across the hall and she said she would stay until she heard from them.

“So at the movies we will ask if any one saw a girl about this tall, (put hand about how tall Alyssa is) and with blondish coloured hair leave with a guy taller than her with dark brown hair,” Megan said.

“Why don't we just show them this picture?” I said while pulling out a picture of me and Alyssa.

“Sounds good David, that's a really cute picture by the way!” Megan said.

“Thanks, after tonight I am gonna tell her how much I love her, and that she's the only girl I want to spend the rest of my life with,” I said.

“Dude, do it. That's the only way she will know. She doesn't think you love her anymore,” she said.

“I'll seriously tell her tonight,” I said.

That's when my phone started ringing again, and I received a text message from Alyssa. It said, I'm at the place where you first told me that you love me.

I showed it to Megan and Seb, forwarded it to Pierre to show the rest of the guys. Since they've heard the story a thousand times, they knew where to go.

Megan drove to a big brick house on a side street, and stopped in front.

“Thanks Megan, you really are an amazing friend, and PERFECT for my little Sebastien! But I must get to my Alyssa,” I said while jumping out of the car as fast as I could.

I saw Alyssa sitting under the big oak tree in the front yard. It was her old house.

One night after one of Simple Plan's first concerts, I drove her home and we sat out in her front yard for a couple hours. We looked up at the stars, and held hands. We promised each other that some day we would get married, and that's when I kissed her for the first time.

I ran up to her and held her in my arms. She was still crying, I asked her to tell me everything. She wouldn't answer but she stopped crying. We just sat there under the big oak tree where I first told her I loved her, and it made all the memories rush back to me.

I turned her head and kissed her, just like that night many years ago, and whispered “You know I will always love you, and someday we really will get married!”

“David, I love you so much! I promise I will never leave you ever again!” she answered me.

We just laid there in the front yard of this house, of course by then there were photographers and such hounding around us taking pictures, but we didn't care. As long as we were together nothing really mattered.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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