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Blackened Sunlight
By greenday_punk_godess


                                                      Blackened Sunlight

Chapter One (Ashlee's POV)
         "You coming over tonight?" My best friend, Jessi asked on the other line of the phone. "Yep, don't i always come over on friday nights?" i asked her with a chuckle. She laughed and said "I guess you do." We both said our goodbyes and hung up the phone. I grabbed my old beat up duffle bag and started putting random clothes in it. I went into the bathroom with my bag and grabbed my toothbrush and other bathroom things. I looked into the mirror on the wall as i brushed my long black hair and stared at my pericing green eyes. I looked even more pale than normal today. I usually had pretty pale, almost snow like, skin but today it seemed like it was even whiter. I applyed my black eyeliner in a thick line under my eyelids. It really brought out my green eyes. I grabbed a hair tye and put it on my wrist, knowing i will probably need it when i go to Jessi's old farm house. I lived alone in my own apartment by the lake. I was 17 and my parents died in a car accident a few years back. I didn't want to be in an orphanage so i lied about my age. I was going to be 18 in a few months anyway. Also i was cursed with such a name as, Ashlee. I brushed my teeth and put my toothbrush back in my bag. I studied myself in the mirror for another long moment. I shrugged and made my way back to my bedroom. I grabbed my cell phone and stashed it in my bag along with my ipod and a few cds. I also put my much abused copy of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer in my bag. I couldn't get enough of that book. It was the dead of summer so I didn't need my coat or a jacket. I grabbed my sweat shirt anyway and put it in my bag. I slipped on my battered up black converses and grabbed my keys from the counter and walked out my apartment door and locked it behind me. I walked down the stairs and out the door. I climbed into my black convertable, a gift from my parents, and turned the key in the ignition. It revved up smoothly and i pulled out of the parking lot. I grabbed my black sun glasses from the dashboard and put them on so i could see better from the blinding sun. It was dusk but the sun was still bright. I grabbed a cd from my cd case and slid it into the cd player. i turned up the volume and started to sing along with the music. Before i knew it i turned onto Jessi's street. Jessi, like me, her parents had died in the same crash. I asked her many times before if she would like to live with me but she wanted to live in the same house. In a way i loved her house, it had a certain character. Also unlike me, Jessi was 18 so she could live there legally. I pulled up into her driveway and she came running out before i even shut my car off. She had short blonde hair, and her ever changing eyes were filled with delight. I put my keys in my pocket and jumped out of the car and gave her a big hug. We grinned at each other and i got my bag from the back seat and we walked to the house, already talking.

"Guess what?" She asked me once we got everything settled and i was in the room i always slept in when i was here. We were in the kitchen making dinner and we were sitting at the table waiting for it to cook. "What?" i asked curiously. "I was thinking, since i dont want to leave this house, i was thinking maybe you could live here." She said smiling. i grinned and said "That would be a great idea! i mean im over here all the time anyway." i joked. "ok well tomarrow we will go to your apartment and get all of your stuff and give your key back to the owner." she smiled. i nodded in agreement just as the timer went off for our dinner.

The next day, Jessi and I were in my convertable on our way to my apartment. She was babbling about something but i lost intrest and stared out the windsheild, concentrating on the road. "Were here!" she chimed, excitment in her voice. i nodded and we walked out of the car and up to my room. I opened the door and we pulled all the boxes into the small living room. we started packing everything up. When we got the last thing in the last box we sighed and sat on the empty floor for a while. The couch was still in there but it belonged to the owner. I left my bed in the bedroom because i already had one at Jessi's house. I stripped all the sheets and blankets off and my pillow was already at Jessi's house. Once we got all the boxes into my car we sighed a sigh of relief and drove to the front office. I walked up to the window and spoke quietly. "Im moving out and I would like to turn in my key." I said to the lady. she nodded and took my key. I walked away and back to my awaiting car. "To home!" i chimed cheerily. Jessi laughed and agreed, "To home!"

Chapter Two (Ashlee's POV)
         It was a few weeks after i moved in with jessi. Everything was going great and Jessi and I were closer than ever. we spent most of our time outside in the field.

It was a sunny day today and Jessi and I were on our way to a resturant for dinner. When we arrived we walked inside and told the lady our names. She said it will be a little while for seats to open up. So we sat on the bench and waited our turn. I was starving and really impatient. I started to tap my fingers on the bench and Jessi nudged me in the ribs for me to stop. I looked at her pleadingly. Just then the lady called our names and i sighed a sigh of relief. She led us to a booth table in the back of the resturant. We took our seats and she said our server will be here in a moment. A few minutes later our waitor showed up and gave us our menus. We ordered our drinks and the waitor left to retrieve them. We looked at our menus and i decided what i wanted. Jessi decided what she wanted also and we waited for the waitor to come back with our drinks. Then Jessi's cell phone rang. she retrieved it from her pocket and answered it. "Hello?" she asked. "Oh hi." she realized who it was. even though i had no clue. there was a short pause. "Well im kind of in the middle of---" she was cut off by whoever was talking to her. she frowned. "If you think its really nessary." she sighed. "fine fine i will be there." and she hung up the phone without another word. "who was that?" i asked. "my boss, she wants me to come to work for a few hours so that i can help her." she rolled her eyes. Jessi worked at the newspaper station. She was the person who interviewed people and wrote down there stories. i nodded, annoyed. "when do you have to go?" i asked. "Now, i guess." she sighed. we left the table before the waitor could come back and went to my car. i drove her to the newspaper headquarters and she walked out with an apologized look on her face. "Its ok," i called out from the open window. "I will order pizza or something." i reassured her. she smiled and dissappeared into the building. i rolled up my window and drove home. It was starting to get dark outside when i arrived in the driveway. I walked inside and picked up the phone and ordered two medium pepporoni pizzas. i sat on the couch in the living room waiting for the pizzas to arrive. A few minutes later i heard the doorbell ring and i went to answer it. The pizza guy was standing there and i gave him the money and took the pizzas. i shut the door and put the pizzas on the kitchen counter.

after i ate a few slices, i got bored. so i slipped on my converses and pulled my sweat shirt over my head. i grabbed a flash light from under the sink and walked out into the dark summer night. i walked down into the pasture and around the edge of the woods, just thinking. all of a sudden i heard a sound to my right and a dark shape entered from the forest. i shined my flashlight over to it and it was a shape of a man. i gasped, frightened and dropped my flashlight on the ground. i froze where i was and the shape moved rather quickly next to me. he smiled, not in a friendly way but in a deathly way. his teeth were sharp and his eyes were pitch black....
i shrieked in horror. everything in Stephenie Meyer's book was true. my instincts were telling me to run but i couldnt find my feet. he inclined his head and bit my upper arm. i screamed in horror and pain. another shape of a man came from the forest just then. but he scared the one that bit me away and they both ran into the forest. i looked down at my arm that was bleeding. i searched for the flashlight and ran back to the house as fast as i could.

i got back inside and ran into the kitchen, not bothering to take off my shoes. i grabbed a dish towel and wrapped it around my wound. but when i went to wrap it, the blood was gone. instead there was a cresent shape of a scar on my arm. i ran up to my room and plopped myself on the bed. waiting for the pain. moments past and then i finally felt the agonizing pain, it felt like i was being lapped at by a million flames. i screamed out in pain, wishing i could just die. then the phone rang on my bedside table. i could faintly hear it, i was concentrated on the burning sensation. i answered it with a croaky hello. it was jessi. "whats wrong?" she asked, panicked. "nothing, nothing at all." i whispered, fighting the urge to scream. "well, im done at work. could you come pick me up?" she asked. my eyes widened in horror. there was no way im in any shape to drive. "uhm, jessi i dont think i can. could you have your boss drive you?" i asked hopefully. "uh sure if you want." i then hung up the phone and screamed. i remembered in my book, if it was true, that this tended to last three whole days. the burning sensation didnt sease and its been 2 hours.

i heard someone enter the house right when i was about to scream again. "Ashlee?" she called from downstairs. "Up here, jessi." i called quietly. i heard her climb up the stairs and into my room. she gasped at the pain and agony in my eyes. "what happend?" she asked, panic taking over her. "Jessi, you---" i winced at the pain in my whole body as i tried to continue. she waited paitently. "you remember in twilight, when bella got bitten by james?" i croaked. she gasped. "y-you got bit?" she stammered. i nodded weakly. "jessi it hurts so bad." i whimpered. "just kill me now." i begged. she shook her head. "no i will not kill you, its only three days." she insisted. i screamed in agony at her words and at my pain.

Two days passed and the burning was starting to go away until it was gone all together. I finally got out of bed, feeling a new source of power through me. i walked swiftly into the bathroom, i noticed that i was retively quiet and it scared me. i wonder if Ashlee is better yet. i heard jessi wonder. "Jessi im fine." i called. there was a silent pause as she came up the stairs. "i didnt say that outloud." she said, confused. a gust of wind came from the open window and a scent of a sweet odor caught up into my nose. i held my breath. the fight of control was hard because i was a newborn vampire. "jessi" i tried to speak through my teeth, still holding my breath. what is she doing? she asked herself. i then realized that i could read thoughts. weird. i tried again. "Jessi, you might want to keep your distance from me for a while." i said. "im a newborn, remember. its hard for me to keep.....control." i winced at the word. she crept slowly down the stairs understanding immedietly. i turned back to the mirror in the bathroom and i gasped at what i looked like. i still had the same long black hair, but my skin was pale, almost porcilin. i looked beautiful in a way that scared me. my eyes were no longer green. they were a weird shade of violet. a dark violet, which could only mean one thing. i was thirsty and that was bad with jessi in the house. then i realized something else. i was never turning 18. i would stay forever 17. i walked down the stairs so quite that i startled jessi when i was right next to her. "sorry." i mumbled. i headed out the back door before i could attack her. i ran super fast into the woods. it surprised me how fast i was, it was exilerating. i found a small deer eating grass in the clearing. i snuck up to it and then right before it looked at me i bit into it. the blood tasted so good. i couldnt stop myself until the deer was drained. i was still thirsty.

fifteen deers later. i felt a sense of self control. i think i could be around jessi now. i raced back up to the house and found jessi in the living room. she was watching tv and i scared her once again as i came inside. "stop doing that" she warned. i smiled, "sorry." she saw the light violet in my eyes and realized that i was no longer thirsty. "yes jessi, im ok to be around you now." i answered her thought. she looked startled. "i can read minds." i answered her.

Jessi's POV
I was scared. My best friend who was also my roommate was a vampire, a NEWBORN vampire to add on to the problem.
"Hey Ashlee...I-I need to go t-to my Wicca meeting see you later," I stammered on.
She gave me a mean look and said, "Okay."
I ran out to the garage and jumped into my mom's old Jeep. The one that was left behind with the house. I drove slowly to my circle, thinking hard about what to do.
I should ask Mal about this. His a blood witch...he can help me, I thought as I pulled into the driveway. Mal was one of the three bloodwitches in our circle. "Greetings Jessi! I'm glad that you could come!" said Jane, excited. "Thanks, I'm glad too." I said, "Is everyone here yet?" "No, Jill, Tom, and Lily are running late." said Jane. I nodded and swiftly ran into the room, desparatly looking for Mal. He was sitting on a white leather couch with his feet up. "Mal, I need to talk to you! It's important!" I said, my voice shocked me by making it sound like a demand. "Ok," he said, and he lead me outside. "M-My best friend was turned into a Vampire four days ago. She lives with me and I don't know what to do." I said, on the verge of tears, "She can read minds which makes even worse for me." "Jessi, I always suspented that you had different powers than the human you are. I can sense that from you like a dog smells cooked meat. I can help you fin d these powers if you let me. It's for your safety to learn and control them," He said, brushing the back of his hand on my cheek. Something sparked inside of me. "How long will it take?" I asked. "At least 12 hours," he said. "Can we do it tonight?" I pleaded. "Yes, now we have to get back inside. The circle waits for us," he said, taking my hand and leading me inside to our waiting circle.
~~~Sorry I cannot reveal what Jessi's circle does...they said not to tell~~~
I was at Mal's house, well mansion actually. AlL throughout the circle I kept thinking about what kind of powers I had. I needed to learn them and fast. I don't want to have a newborn vampire drinking me dry when I'm sleeping. I needed protection. "Come this way," he said, walking to his study. Their was a circle already drawn on the floor, and surrounding it, candles. We sat across from eachother inside the circle. We held eachothers hands and closed our eyes...
~9 hours later~
My lower half of my body was asleep, as I kept my same position for...I have no idea how long.
Mal hadn't said a word, I don't know what he is doi-
Mal let go of my hands, my eyes shot open. He slowly opened his eyes, which are now sunset brown. "Jessi...your powers...they are remarkable! You have so much that you don't know about. But you don't need to worry about most of them. Some will come to you when you really need them, but some of them I will teach you." Mal said, smiling. I was shocked, he chuckled at my shocked expression and got up. Leaving the connection and breaking the circle.
"First is this...the aura can protect you really well...Yours is increible you can use it like a forcefield, sending anyone back. If you keep a dose of your enegry on your aura...your little vampire friend can't read your mind. Now to teach you how to use it..."
It was at least 24 hours since I left our house. I have learned how to do some of my powers from Mal in that time, and now I feel like a burning ball of energy. I parked the Jeep and walked inside the house. "JESSI! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" yelled Ashlee, stomping her way to me. I focused and telepathically said, "I have been learning my's all really cool! I learned some of them incase your thrist gets the best of you"
Ashlee looked hurt, almost about to cry, "Your scared of me?" "Only a little now, but before I was terrified that you'll kill me, but now I can prevent you from doing that," I said outloud. Making my shields more strong as I brushed past her. I knew she tried to take a nibble of me but couldn't because she couldn't get her teeth near my neck. ha ha! I thought, knowing that she couldn't read my thoughts when my shields are up.
~~That night~~
Ashlee went out to feed, so I thought it was safe to put my shields down. I went for the Peanutbutter and as I turned around, Ashlee was there bloodsoaked. She looked aweful. Her face was frozen terror. "Jessi run! They're coming for us," was all she said when she ran outside. I followed her into the woods, and I lost her.
I got tackled, the thing that tackled me was ice-cold. I jumped back up, expecting Ashlee but it wasn't Ashlee...It was a male...he had blond hair that shined in the full moon that was out. He grinned, "No one to help you. Your helpless. And your death will be forgotten...your a nobody Jessi." That sent me off. I was trembling from my own fury. Suddenly I thought tiger...for some odd reason. The vampire looked puzzled, then fear. My hands became claws, and my senses became more sentitive. I growled, looking down at a puddle near by. If I was human I would have grinned. Like Mal said, I have increible powers for a human. Turning back to the Vampire, I roared and attacked. My strength did not feel like my own it felt like someone elses. Before I knew it, my fur was soaked in blood and chunks of bone and flesh was all around me. I laughed inside my head as I ran to the puddle again. Seeing my reflection frighten and amazed me. I was a white Siberian Tiger.

Ashlee's POV
I started running north into the woods, i thought Jessi was right behind me but when i turned around she wasnt there. I picked up her scent and followed it but all i found was a siberbian tiger. weird, there not supposed to be in the continential U.S. I tilted my head to the side, questioning the beast. The beast then trembled and jessi was there. Hate filled my eyes as i saw her. she asked a witch, or whatever they were, to use force against me. it wasnt like i was going to hurt jessi. i would never do that. even as newborn i knew better than to hurt jessi, and her losing her faith in me just made me furious. she read the hate in my eyes and her grin turned into a frown. "What did i do?" she asked me. i sniffed the air and pretended to snap at her. she flinched. "You dont trust me!" I scoffed. "Jessi, have you ever thought for one impossible second that i would do nothing to hurt you?" i glared at her. i saw the fright fade from her eyes and her eyes became hurt. I couldnt read her thoughts, and im glad i couldnt. "Jessi I didnt ask for this to happen to me, i was attacked!" i said, furious now. "I didnt ask to have the right to read minds. It hurts me that you would go to some witch" ---i snarled the word--- "for protection against your best friend! No matter how thirsty i got, i wouldnt touch you. if it got to much for me i would just run out. my control is getting a little better." i half snarled at her. she just sat there waiting for me to stop talking. "hmph" i folded my arms across my chest and swiftly walked away from her, leaving her in the woods. i started to run faster and faster and faster not caring where i was going. if i were human i would be crying right now. my best friend didnt trust me, i was alone. i raced back to the house and found jessi in her room crying. i walked right past her room, not caring. she hurt me, she could suffer too. i folded myself on my bed, now that i couldnt sleep it was even worse. i couldnt just dream anymore i had the whole night to think. that frightened me. then i heard a soft knock on the door. "Come in" i said with no emotion in my voice.

Jessi's POV
I stared where Ashlee was just at, she ran of into the forest. I looked down at my body...blood...blood was everywhere! In my hair, under my nails, soaking my clothes, everywhere. Tears swell up and I cried out, running towards the house. I turned the water on boiling and scrubbed off the blood. The, now brown, water swirled down the drain and into the sewers. When I got out, tears was still streaming down my face. I got dressed and went into my room.
I was a monster! Why did I enjoy killing that vampire? I closed my eyes and saw chunks of vampire flesh flying through the air. Suddenly a sickness hit my stomach, I ran to the bathroom and threw up.
Flushing the toliet, I laid down on the cold bathroom floor. My shields were stuggling to keep up. Thoughts and images flashed through my mind, suddenly Ashlee's face appeared. I sighed, I needed for her to understand the power within me.
A hour passed and I knocked on her door, two words with no emotion at all, replied, "Come in." I sighed and opened the door. Ashlee was sitting on her bed, her legs underneath her pale body.
"I know your mad at me for getting this new power," I said. "You have no idea," she mumbled. "But let me finish. see this power protects me in many ways. For example, if I didn't have this power what would happen to me when that vampire attacked? Or if we were joking and you hit me? I don't know if you know your own strength but you might kill me. And what if I cut myself, remember what Jasper did when Bella got a paper cut? He tried to...feed from her," I paused, sighed deeply. Tears came up to my eyes, but I pushed them back down.
"Ashlee, this power was inside of me when I was born. I was a ticking bomb, it only took this one thing to lead me to it. I would have thank you if you wernt upset with me now. I was mean and not thinking about what you would have thought. I'm sorry, I should have been more...careful about your thoughts." I said, pausing again.
"But this power...take my hand," I said, standing in front of her, holding my hand out. She look at me like if I just said pull my finger. "Please, Ashlee." I pleaded, desparately. She took my hand, I closed my eyes focusing on my power. Once I got a hold of it, I shot it into her like a bullet. She gasp, and let go of my hand, firecely. With the sudden moment, my eyes shot open and I stumble backwards. Falling down onto the carpeted floor.
Ashlee's eyes were wide, and her mouth was opened a little. I got back up and said, "Sorry it was a stupid thing to do. But Ashlee now you sensed my energy. Would you please forgive me, and come with me to the Graves?" I pleaded. I knew that the both of us hadn't paid a visit for our familes graves for awhile, and I didn't want to go alone.

Ashlee's POV
I looked at Jessi questionably as she held her hand out. "Please, Ashlee." She pleaded. I sighed and took her hand. She closed her eyes in concentration, then all of a sudden it felt like 100 bolts of lightening had shot through me. I took my hand out of hers and gave her a wide-eyed look. She stumbled to the floor and she apologized and asked to come with her to visit our parent's graves. I nodded and swiftly left the room without another word. My control to be around Jessi was getting a lot better. The blood hardly bothered me anymore, only when i was thirsty. I walked into my room and pulled on a long sleeved dark purple shirt and jeans. I had to get the blood off my clothes before it drived me up the wall! I walked swiftly into the bathroom and washed the blood off my hair and face. Then i found Jessi in the living room waiting for me. "Im ready." I said, carefully holding no emoition in my features. She nodded once and headed to the door, i followed her in her own pace. She started to walk to my convertable but i tapped her on the shoulder. she spun around and looked at me. "Jessi, i accept your apology." i said, smiling slightly. she smiled and hesitantly gave me a hug. i chuckled at her hesitance. "Its ok im not thirsty and i can control my thirst when im not. im a fast learner" i said proudly. she smiled, tilting her head to the side slightly. then she started to walk to the convertable again. "Wait, Jessi." i said quietly. "Yes?" she asked turning around again. "Me running would be a lot faster than my convertable." i said sheepishly. before she even said anything i raced over to her and pulled her on my back. "Talk about an extreme piggy back ride." Jessi mumbled in my ear when i started running. i laughed and raced my way to the grave yard. We arrived in a second notice. Jessi hopped off my back and walked over a little ways until she reached our parents. I gasped as i looked at my parents grave. there were three, not two. I gasped again and trembled as i read the last name on the tomb stone. "Ashlee VonGaugh. May You Rest In Peace" it said. "Jessi" i whispered, she had to strain to hear me. "What is it Ashlee?" she asked. A trembled finger, that i realized was my own, pointed to the tomb stone in front of me. she gasped and said "Well, technocally you are dead." she hinted. "not helping!" i glared at her, almost frightening her because she saw how dangerous i looked. she put her fields up. "dont be silly" i muttered. "but you frightened me." she gasped, horror struck. i rolled my eyes "i wouldnt hurt you." i mumured. Then somone stepped out of the shaddows and i grunted in a dissatisifed tone. i climbed to my feet and walked swiftly away. "Where are you going?" Jessi called. "Away from him" i said discusted. she shrugged, confused. "Mal!" she shrieked i could hear the smile in her voice. I rolled my eyes and ran feircly back home. I walked into my room and closed the door and layed on my bed. I pulled a book from under my pillow and started to read peacfully till i heard the front door open and Mal and Jessi came inside. I groaned and put the book away. I got up silently and fled down the stairs. There eyes widening in shock as i was right next to them. "Sorry" i muttered. "going hunting." with that i sprinted out the door. If you havent noticed by now, Mal and I are mortal enimies and it infurated me that Jessi would pick him over her own best friend. With that I spotted a deer.
Jessi's POV
I sighed as Ashlee walked swiftly pass us and outside. Mal relaxed from being stiff, they hated eachother. Mal was a witch, and Ashlee was a Vampire...they were mortal enemies and I was torn between the two.
Mal took my hands and led me to the kitchen, where he went on one knee. "Jessi, please...I love you. Will you marry me?" He asked, holding a beautiful ring in a black box. "Mal I'm sorry, but no. Now is not the time," I said painfully, looking away from his hurt face. He shoved the ring in his pocket and got up, "It was stupid. Nevermind it. I have to go, John is waiting for me at Rovers." And with that he left.
I flopped on the couch and held my chest. Closing my eyes hard, I wished for the pain, for the mythical creature crap to go away! To never exist! A few tears escaped before I was sobbing. The heart that was beating in my chest was being torn in two. One side, my best friend Ashlee...the other a man who loved me, Mal. Vampires and Witches were never to exist!
An hour or so, Ashlee came in from feeding. I was laying on the couch trying to look like i was sleeping. After awhile of doing something, Ashlee went upstairs. I waited for a hour until changing into a mouse and sneaking out of the house. I didn't want Ashlee to see me this way.
Once outside, I turned back to human and ran out into the woods. I ran pass my neighbors and mine border lines of property. I ran until I got a few miles towards Hudson, I was still in forest area. I sank to my knees and cried again. I forgot all about my shields.
A few minutes afterwards, I heard a male's voice cooed. It wasn't Mal's. Too rich to be his. But the voice was so...tempting so beautiful that I let whoever he was to hold me. But when I looked up, I saw fangs...Vampire fangs. I screamed only to have an ice-cold hand cover my mouth.
"There there Jessi. Your my bait for the girl." He chuckled, before hitting me in the head, making me lose conisious.
Ashlee's POV
I looked up from my deer and saw Mal walking hurridly from the house. I wonder what peeved him off. I couldnt read his mind, but i would ask Jessi later. I cleaned up with my final deer and feeling triumphant because i only fed from 3 deer tonight. I ran back up to the house and walked into the kitchen. I heard sobbing coming from the living room. Why is life so difficult?? i heard her shout in her head. i guess she doesnt have her fields up, or she doesnt know im here. I decided to make myself known. I dropped a bowl on purpous and it clattered to the floor. the sobbing stopped and her fields were up again. i sighed, maybe now wasnt the best time to ask whats wrong. i shot a quick glance at jessi, who was on the couch with her eyes shut and her arms wrapped around her waste, and went upstairs into my room. a few hours later i heard her change and ran out of the house. i would have followed her but i knew she wanted to be alone. a few minutes later i heard a presense from one of my kind. he was in the house, with jessi. i got up from whatever i was doing and ran down the stairs to find an attractive black haird vampire, with the same violet eyes as me. he held jessi in his arms. i blocked his thoughts from my mind as i tryed to cocentrate. "Give her to me." i said fiercly. he nodded once and handed her to me. i flew her up to her room and came back down, angling myself between him and the stairs. i growled fiercly. he put his hands up in surrender. "Im not here to hurt any of you. i saved Jessi from a fierce vampire by the name of Searge Durslim. he was going to use her to get to you." he said explaining. i read his thoughts and it seemed he was telling the truth. "alright, but please come another day for a visit. jessi really doesnt need this right now." i said. he nodded "by the way my name is Bryce." he said, smiling slightly. I nodded. "Names Ashlee." i said with no emotion. "Well see ya round." he said and left in a blur. im so used to only me moving that fast that i was dazed for a second. with a quick whip of my head, i heard something fall in Jessi's bedroom....
Jessi POV
I woke up to find myself in my room, it was nighttime, so my room was full of shadows. I felt uneasy, so I put my shields up stronger then I ever had them. "He he he," I heard a different honey voice chuckling. I jumped from my bed and turned on the light. There he stood, his blond hair, like mine, was gold. "You remind me of her so much," he said, smirking. "Who?" I asked, finding my fear in my voice. "Your mother of course! We were going to get married but she chose the flithy animal over me," he paused, looking down then looking back up, "By the way, my name is Hail Petterson and I work with S." I stared at him, "Animal?" "Yes, your father was a shifter and a crappy one," he said through clenched teeth, "Your father probably got a flithy witch to put a spell over her to make her chose him." "Witches aren't flithy," I retroted. "Yes they are, and that's a fact. If you deny the fact what are you going to do?" Hail sneered.
Without thinking I ran at Hail, tackling him. We crashed into my desk, breaking it to pieces. Hail trying to get a hold of me with his teeth, when he couldn't bite me. He pushed me off, forcing me to crash into the door. The door was old so I flew through it, landing on the ground.
I saw Ashlee and another vampire there, and when they were about to attack Hail, he crashed through the window. I got up, not noticing the pain I was in, rushed to the window. I saw him running towards the woods. A urge of hunting popped inside of me, and I started to tremble terribly. My senses got stronger in minutes, and I felt my energy boil over. Groaning in pain, I sank to my knees. Focusing, I pushed down my energy. Now was not the time to be setting off another new power.
"Jessi?" Ashlee called, she was next to me. "I'm right here," I said, lamely. "Where?" her eyes got wide. Couldn't she see me? "Right he-" I stopped in mid-sentence when I looked at my hand that I was going to poke her with. But my hand wasn't there, looking down at my body, I gasped. "I'm Invisible!" I exclaimed, breathless.
Ashlee's POV
I heard crashing in Jessi's room and came to investigate. I gasped noticing the menacing vampire as he crashed jessi through her door. I growled and he retreated out the window. Bryce was there again, his glossy black hair fell perfectly over his eyes. he growled at the vampire, too. Jessi ran over to the window before we could stop her. she trembled all over than dissapeard. "Jessi?" i asked. "Im right here." she said matter of factly. "where?" i asked, looking around the room. i saw nothing. i heard a gasp to the right of me and i turned to face it. "im invisible!" she expclaimed. "well turn uninvisible so i can see you." i snapped. "ok ok sheesh." jessi said, annoyed now. it took her a few trys but she finally was back to normal. "there now i can see you." i said with a satisfied tone. "maybe i didnt want you to see me." she snapped and stalked out of the room. i followed her easily. Bryce said a quick goodbye and left, no doubt following the other vampire. "your annoying." she said in a furious tone as i strode with ease next to her. "as are you." i said eyeing her. she gritted her teeth together and her body trembled. i put my hand on her shoulder lightly. "joking, relax." i said in a soothing voice. she took a deep breath and the trembling stopped and she unclenched her jaw. i smiled lightly, pretending that nothing had happend and asked "so what do you want to do tonight?" i asked. she looked at me like i was crazy. "Sleep." she said, a faint sound of annoyance still in her voice. i rolled my eyes, "but i cant sleep!" i complained. she shrugged "too bad for you." with that she stalked off to the living room and fell asleep on the couch. i wouldnt expect her to go in her room after what happened. i sat in the arm chair next to her, protecting her when her shields went down in her sleep and the vampire were to return.
Jessi's POV
Through the night I slept like a rock, and I didn't get up until 11 the next day. I woke up still with a uneasy feeling.
"Finally, sleeping beauty!" said Ashlee when I entered the kitchen. There was another vampire who had black hair next to her. I gave her a grin so wide that made her say, "Jessi..." "Sorry but hey that could have happened," I chuckled, giving her a wink. She nodded her head and laughed. The vampire looked at me then Ashlee with a confused look. "Nevermind that, Jessi this is Bryce and visa versa." Ashlee said, grinning.
Than something hit me, I knew why I had an uneasy feeling! I didn't have my shields up! I put up my shields and heard Ashlee complained, "Oh man, Jessi! It was fun reading your mind!" I laughed and said, "Well too bad. I need to take a shower." "Yeah, you need one," joked Bryce. I laughed and went upstairs. I showered and dressed in jeans and a black long-sleeve shirt.
When I got downstairs, Bryce left, and Ashlee wanted to talk...oh no. I sat on one side of the table and she sat across from me. "Jessi...sorry to ask this, but what happened with Mal?" Ashlee asked. My heart shattered, I forgot all about him. Taking a shaky breath I said, "He proposed." " I guess you want me to move-out? Or are you going to his house?" Ashlee said, looking down, full hatred for Mal in her eyes. "Well neither," I said, Ashlee looked up in confusion, "I said No."

Ashlee's POV
After Bryce left, Jessi came back downstairs after her shower. "Jessi I need to talk to you." i said. She looked at me uneasily. i played with the ends of my hair as i sat down in the chair opposit of her. "What happened with mal?" i asked quickly, staring at the ends of my hair. she fell silent and i looked up to her expression. her face was calm but her eyes were in mock horror. "he proposed." she said quietly. i nodded, surprised. "so do you want me to move out or are you living with him?" i asked, now hating Mal more then anything in the world. "neither" she said abruptly. "i said no." i stopped playing with my hair and looked at her shocked. "Why did you say no?" i asked. she shrugged, "i just dont really need that sort of comittment right now." she admitted. but there was pain in her eyes as she said those words aloud. "he's hurt." i realized. she nodded. she then looked up and grinned, i gave her a confused look. "are you and Bryce dating?" she asked. i grinned back. "sort of" i admitted. Bryce then suddenly appeared in all his beauty. "we are?" he said, his smile was teasing. i laughed a musical life and said "only if you think we are." i grinned at him. he nodded and grinned. "no smoochin around my breakfast." jessi said laughing. i laughed with her and Bryce smiled, but looked a but dissapointed. darn i heard him think. i elbowed him in the ribs, he didnt seem to notice. "what are you staring at there just cornflakes." jessi said to bryce. "how can you eat that?" he asked. she shrugged, "its not that hard, first you take the spoon and you scoop em up ---" "no no i didnt mean like that" bryce cut her off. she grinned. "i ment is that appitizing to you?" he asked with sudden curiosity. "well if im eating it then yes." she said "now if you dont mind, im going to watch cartoons." and with that she walked out of the kitchen with her....cereal.

Jessi's POV
I munch on my TASTFUL cereal, and watched Saturday cartoons. ``Jessi, O Jessi, still watching cartoons?'' asked Ashlee. ``Yup, Veggietales is on!'' I exclaimed excited. ``Oh good grief! Is Larry the cucumber on as well?'' Ashlee said, walking into the Living Room with Bryce following her. ``Yes, and his talking!'' I said, grinning. ``So what do we want to do today?'' asked Bryce. I grinned when an idea popped inside of my head, I let my shields down for a moment for Ashlee to read what the idea was. ``No…No…'' said she, ``Remember last time?'' ``It was fun, and plus now that you are a vampire and I can shift into animals. It will be much more fun!'' I said, pleading. ``What? What are you two talking about?'' asked Bryce, confused. ``She wants to go Sky Skiing,'' said Ashlee. ``What's that?'' asked Bryce. ``Well you jump out of a plane with skis and you ski in the air,'' I said. ``Whoa, that sounds…fun!'' exclaimed Bryce, his gold eyes lighting up. ``What! You two are crazy!'' said Ashlee. ``Two takes over One, your coming with us!'' I said, grinning. ``Fine,'' breathed out Ashlee. I went into the kitchen washed my bowl and got ready for Sky Skiing.
When we were ready, I drove us onto the highway to the hour away small airport. We got there and I spotted a tall male. It was Scott Heffer, an old childhood friend. He had red short hair, built and golden skin. His eyes were a deep green with a little brown. It almost looked like you were looking into a forest when you stare into his eyes. His smile was wickedly awesome, all prefect and white teeth.
``Jessi?! I haven't seen you in ages!'' He exclaimed, as we gave each other a brother/sister hug. When he looked at Ashlee and Bryce, his smile turned into a frown. I saw Bryce stiffen. ``What the hell?'' I asked. ``Jessi…I'm sorry I haven't told you,'' said Scott, his eyes not moving away from Bryce. ``Tell her what?!'' demanded Ashlee, confused as I am. ``He is a wereleopard.'' Bryce said, through clench teeth, ``Another enemy to the vampires.'' A flash of fury rushed through me, making my hands tremble. ``OH MY EFFING GOD! CAN'T YOU EFFING VAMPIRES GET ALONG WITH ANYONE! GOD!'' I shouted at Bryce, then turning to Scott, who flinched like I had hit him. Ashlee froze, so did the others. Then I noticed the silver gun at my stomach, my skin winced. I could already feel the silver running through my veins. The person took the gun to my chest and held me. I looked up to see someone…I never…ever…knew this…but the person I saw that had the silver gun to me. That person was a red-eye Mal. I felt the betrayal burn my heart as I felt tears fall from my eyes. ``Hold still everyone! Or she will get it!'' said Mal, his voice shaky. Suddenly Bryce went left and Ashlee went right, only to be tackled by two other vampires. ``YOU!'' shouted Ashlee as she got a good look at the vampire who tackled her. The vampire grinned, saying, ``Ah Ashlee. How did my little bite treat you?'' said the vampire.
Suddenly there was a leopard, and a huge-o fight broke out. I watched in horror, as my dear friends ate at each other. Suddenly Bryce was helping destroy her vampire; I looked to the ground and saw a beheaded head on the ground. Scott walked up to Mal and I, then in a flash he attacked. I heard a gun go off, Mal on the ground, Scott holding him there as he turned back into human form. I looked down and saw it. Blood, I put my hands on the wound, but the blood dripped through.
Scott got the gun and aimed it at Mal. I fell to my knees, saying a soft, ``No, don't kill him.'' I felt cold hands around me; I looked up and saw Ashlee terrified. ``Jessi Ryuu! You will not leave me!'' she said, firmly.
Then I felt it, a burning sensation, the silver was in my blood stream. I cried out several times, and then blackness surrounded my eyes. Then something happened, a strange feeling. I open my eyes, and I screamed but my scream turned out into gold bubble-like lines. I looked down, I saw myself limp in Ashlee's arms as she ran with Bryce, and Scott who was carrying Mal. I saw them run into the forest.
Then a deep voice echoed through my ears, silver lettering surrounded me. I turned to see my mother and father. ``Dear one,'' my mother said, her words were silver letters that formed a circle around me. ``Jessi, you must return to your friends. You are important to keep the treaty. Leopards, Vampires, Witches, and everything else out there, you have to find a way to let them live together in harmony. You are going back to Earth.'' said my father. ``We love you keep safe,'' my mother said, blowing a purple kiss at me. I smiled and cried. Suddenly I felt their silver, bubble words form a circle and I was blinded by bright lights, then they faded. I was back.

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