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Kagome's Gift
By Coutuva


Here's a little ditty I conjured up while supervising
a Unix exam... It's an 'Alternative' episode that takes
place early in the Original Series timeframe.

As always, C&C is anticipated, accepted, and appreciated.

All original Ranma1/2 Characters and Backstory Copyright
Rumiko Takahashi, and are used without permission.

Please Enjoy.

Kagome's Gift

Ranma sat grumbling at his table in the Nekohanten, rubbing
his forehead near the purpling parting gift from Akane's mallet.
An off-hand remark about her cooking had once again bought him a
free ride downtown, and Shampoo, as usual, was delighted that
he dropped in. If there was any good side to the situation, landing
in the Nekohanten had to be it.
It still amazed him that he had been living with the Tendous
for almost a year, and Akane still preferred to mallet first and
ask questions later. He wasn't entirely sure if preserving the
School was worth the headaches.
As he sat lost in his musings, he heard but didn't pay any
attention to the sound of someone entering the Cafe the normal way,
even as Shampoo bounced over for her usual enthusiastic greeting.
Sighing, he sampled some of the Ramen that sat before him, noticing
that as always, it was wonderful.
Shampoo meantime greeted and seated her customer, then took
the order and cruised back to the kitchen. As she crossed in front
of his table, Ranma watched her distantly, still well aware of
how kawaii she was, despite her annoying personality.
As she disappeared into the kitchen, he could hear her call
the order, and then start 'discussing' something, a normal
occurrance around any food order. He smirked as he heard the old
hag argue back in Mandarin, and considered himself fortunate that
he didn't understand it.
Curious, he cast his gaze toward the new customer, and
noted with interest that it was a girl about Akane's age, sporting
short brown hair tied back and away from her soft, pretty face.
He also noted that she seemed to be checking out the city,
spending all of her time gazing out the window. He recognized
the gaze from his own years of journeying from city to city, and
figured she was mapping points of interest to be checked out later.
As he continued to look at her, she turned back toward
her menu and sighed audibly, then briefly closed her eyes. He
felt for her, knowing exactly how coming into a new city
unprepared could feel.
Abruptly, he was surprised by the strong impression that he
recognized the object of his bemused gaze, and as he checked again,
he became convinced.
He knew this girl; but couldn't remember how. That fact in
itself didn't come as a big surprise, given how many people he'd met
over his young life, but the fact that she didn't make him nervous
intregued him.
Just as he was contemplating his next move, she
happened to turn her head and look right at him, catching him
doing the same to her. Simultaneously, both of them gasped
quietly, eyebrows raising in surprise. Their gazes locked
for several long seconds, until the girl blinked and shook
her head slightly.
That did it. Suddenly, he remembered exactly who she
was, and her name even sprang to his lips.
"Kagome..." he whispered, a smile crossing his face
before he realized it.
The girl, meantime, mirrored his reaction, mouthing his
name softly to herself. Gathering her parcels, she rose from her
chair and walked right up to his table, her delicate face slightly
"Ranma; I can't believe it's you," she breathed, her face
bearing an expression somewhere between smiling and crying.
"Kagome; I can't believe it either. How long has it
been? Five... Six years?" he responded, as he rose and invited
her to join him.
"Six and a half. How have you been? You look... Well,"
she replied, taking the proffered seat and arranging her hands
in her lap.
"You look great, too. How did you end up here?" he
asked, still reeling slightly from the surprise.
"I have relatives just outside of town. My father has
passed away now, and I am going to live with them. It was his
wish," she indicated, still smiling.
"He did? Sorry to hear that. Huh; I still remember him
chasing me off the property every chance he got. He never did like
me much," he responded, skritching his head in the usual manner.
"Iya; he was doing that to make sure you wouldn't..."
she began, then abruptly bit her lip.
"Huh? Make sure I what?"
"It doesn't matter. How was China? I assume you did
finally go?" she redirected, averting her eyes for a moment, then
righting them again.
"Hai. We did," he grumbled in response, his face darkening
momentarily. "I couldn't talk him out of it," he added, recalling
the heated arguments that preceded his eventful trip.
"I thought so," she nodded, the corner of her mouth
turning down slightly. "So how was it; did you enjoy the trip?"
"Actually, once we got there, it was okay; but after about
the halfway point, I hated it," he stated, evenly.
"Gomen; I didn't mean to pry," she retracted, worriedly.
"Daijobu... I wish that I'd never gone, though. Things
would be a lot different now," he indicated, with a look across the
table at her deep hazel eyes.
Kagome only met his gaze for a long moment, during which he
could see that there was something on her mind.
"Okay; out with it. What are you thinking about?" he
prodded gently, remembering well how reticent his guest could be.
"Ano; I... Never got the chance... To tell you..." she
began, her face paling slightly as she spoke.
"Tell me... What?" he encouraged, despite the knot starting
in his stomach.
"T - tell you how much... You helped me," she finally
stammered, her face reddening. "When we met, it was right after my
mother had passed away. I was hurting, and you came along and
helped me move beyond my pain. I... Never forgot that," she
continued, her gaze lowered.
His face softened instantly. Suddenly, her quiet, withdrawn
behavior back then made sense. He had been somehow drawn to the sad,
vulnerable girl, and had spent days either talking to her, or
teaching her a few rudimentary Martial Arts tricks to bring her out
of her shell. He had been close to getting her to loosen up
completely when his father dragged him off to China.
"Iya, Kagome-chan... You just looked like you needed a
friend," he deflected with a polite smile, a bit embarrassed himself.
"It was more than that, Ranma. Had I not met you, I
would likely have joined my mother by my own hand. She was my
greatest friend, my truest confidant, and one of the most caring,
selfless people on this planet," she responded, all seriousness in
her quiet voice. "Until I met you. You cared about my wellbeing,
Ranma; in many ways, I owe you my life," she continued, not noticing
Ranma's gaping jaw.
"Ano -- I think we'd better take this out of here," he
abruptly suggested, then rose form his chair and stepped over
to help Kagome from hers.
"Is... Something wrong, Ranma?" she blinked, apparently
taken aback.
"Hai; the walls have ears," he quipped, flatly.
True to Ranma's suspicions, Shampoo had been glaring
at him discreetly through the kitchen pass-through for several
minutes. The Amazon's eyes narrowed as she noted the obvious
familiarity between Ranma and the girl, and she also noticed how
the girl had been wringing her napkin under the table.
To her thoughts, it was unmistakable that Ranma and this
new girl had a history -- and it was a significant one.
The gears began to turn as she regarded the scene,
and wondered how she could turn it to her advantage. Before she
could decide on which approach to use, however, she was stunned to
see Ranma rise and help the girl to her feet. He even tossed two
500 yen coins on the table as he escorted her to the doors.
As the two of them left the Cafe, Shampoo lifted her jaw
back into place and shook her head. She had just witnessed a
chivalrous act from Ranma; not once, but three times in short
succession. As the fact sank in, her surprise was instantly
replaced by an evil grin.
Turning on her heel, she marched straight to the kitchen
Ranma walked alongside Kagome quietly, her last words
still running through his head. Up until then, he had been
delighted to see her again, having thought about her often prior
to his fateful visit to Jusenkyo. Now, he wondered what he was
going to do with yet another fiancee.
"Ranma?" Kagome abruptly ventured, starting him out of
his unpleasant thoughts.
"Hai? Oh; gomen, Kagome-chan. I was just thinking about
stuff," he flustered, feeling bad about ignoring her.
"I understand; I have been thinking as well. Seeing you
after all these years has made me happy again, Ranma; it has
brought back to me the times we shared," she continued, her pretty
face brightening slightly.
"Yeah; I remember," he responded, a small, wistful smile
crossing his face before he could stop it.
Hers widened in response. "It is because of that -- and
many other things, that I would like to..." she began, but was
startled by a strident yell from above them.
"RRRRAANNNMMMMAAAA! How *DARE* you be seen in public like
that?" Ryouga shouted, then leapt into a kick from the wall he
stood on.
"NO! You will *not* harm him!" Kagome suddenly screamed,
then fired a beam of energy from her fist. The powerful blast
struck the hapless Ryouga head on, the impact launching him into
After a moment, she lowered her arm, sighed, then looked
back sheepishly. "I... Have much to tell you, Ranma," she
admitted, as she clasped her hands in front of her and lowered her
"Ano... Hai," he responded, amid a hard swallow.

Ranma couldn't get the image of demure little Kagome firing
a beam from her fist out of his head. As he walked back to the Dojo
after leaving her at her corner, he decided he would take her up on
her invite, and go to her grandparent's house that evening.
His curiosity was driving him crazy; not only about the
technique, but about Kagome herself.
As he walked through the gate and up to the doors of the
Tendou house, he was snapped out of his reverie by a feeling of
imminent danger. Outside the door, he stopped, set himself, then
cautiously slid it aside.
Nothing happened.
Still wary, he stepped in, kicked off his shoes and made for
the family room, but didn't get very far. At the end of the hallway
stood Akane, face contorted with rage.
"Hiya, Akane. What did I do this time?" he asked tiredly,
as he braced for the inevitable.
"Hentai!" she shrieked, launching a mallet at his head.
"I heard about your little 'date', Ranma! Who is she? Another
fiancee?" she demanded, following her first mallet with a running
strike from a second.
"Hey! It ain't nothin like that!" he protested, as he
ducked the first attempt and turned tail to run from the second.
"Sure, Ranma! You go walking off with her, then dare to
show your face here? You must have a death wish!" she shot back,
as her huge swing narrowly missed.
"I was just walking her to her..." he began, but wasn't
able to finish. The third swing caught him looking, and summarily
buried him in an adjacent wall.
"Serves you right, baka hentai!" she spat, as she viewed the
carnage with apparent satisfaction. With a disgusted huff, she
turned and stormed off into the family room.
Kasumi was next on the scene, carrying a load of linens
to the main floor closet. As she approached the aftermath, she
looked over at Ranma's remains and tsked quietly, her brow
ever so slightly furrowed.
"Oh, Dear; I hope we have a hanging big enough to cover
that," she fretted, then stepped carefully over the shrapnel.
After extricating himself from the wallboards, he sat
glumly through supper, not even looking at Akane. She, meantime,
continued to glare at him with unconcealed rage.
"Son, it seems you have some explaining to do..." Soun
abruptly piped up, squaring his shoulders in his best fatherly
"Feh; what's the point? She ain't gonna listen anyway,"
he grumbled back, as he set his bowl down.
Kasumi gasped quietly, Nabiki smirked behind her teacup,
and Akane's face became a shade brighter. Soun sputtered for a
moment, then Genma took a shot at it.
"Listen, Boy; you show your elders respect! Do I have
to take you outside and *remind* you how to behave?"
"Chikusho; I'm outta here," he abruptly announced, then
suddenly leapt from his spot, rolled an aerial somersault over
the corner of the table, and continued out the side door.
When he touched down just beyond the walking deck, he
looked back at Kasumi and smiled sweetly. "That was a great meal
as always, Kasumi. Arigato," he bowed, then leapt out of sight.
"Why, thank you Ranma," Kasumi beamed, happily.
The others simply stared at each other, everyone but Nabiki
at a loss for words.
"Oooohhh, *this* is gonna be good."

After killing some time at his favorite hideaway by the
river, he headed toward the address that Kagome had given him,
anxious to get certain questions answered. The wait had been
excrutiating, but as approached the house, he couldn't help but feel
On the step, he stopped outside the door and checked himself
over, mainly to see if the swelling had gone down. After also
ensuring he was at least somewhat tucked in, he pulled the bellrope
that dangled from the overhang.
He could hear somemone approaching the door, and a smile
came to his face as he realized it was Kagome herself. From the
rustle of fabric he detected, he guessed she was wearing a kimono,
which is how he best remembered her.
A second later, the door slid aside and confirmed his
two previous conclusions. She stood before him in the doorway
for a moment, the picture of a traditional Japanese girl. Her
brightly colored kimono contrasted her shimmering straight brown
hair, and her eyes seemed alive with light.
"Good Evening, Ranma," she smiled, bowing and gesturing him
"Hiya, Kagome; you look great," he responded, his smile
widening slightly. He had honestly forgotten how attractive she
really was, having been so long lost in his own problems.
Kagome instantly flushed, bringing her hands to her face
to try to cover it. "Thank you, Ranma," she finally responded,
her eyes revealing her hidden smile.
As he stepped through the door and removed his shoes, she
simply stood beside him, waiting patiently.
When he rose, she took his hand without a word, and led him
down a short hallway to another door. She slid it aside and stepped
through it, still leading him by the hand. Once inside, she led
him to a low table, then stopped and turned to face him.
As he looked back into her face questioningly, he noticed
that her demeanor had changed markedly; she looked back at him
softly, a small, confident smile decorating her face.
Before he could put the words together to ask what was going
on, she stepped up, took his face in her warm, soft hands, and
pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss.
Had it been anyone other of his list of fiancees, he would
have likely shoved her back and cursed her out. But this time, for
some reason he couldn't explain, he found himself enjoying it.
After several long, stimulating moments, Kagome broke the
kiss and hugged him lovingly, then released him and stepped back.
Her face was again decorated with the small smile, only now
it was accompanied by a pronounced flush.
"Kagome -- Uhmm... What was that for?" he asked, his head
rush finally subsiding.
Her smile widened for a moment, then her face settled into
a decidedly more serious set. She then gestured for him to sit on
the mat before him, and settled to her knees.
"Ranma, I have something to tell you," she began quietly,
lowering her gaze to the floor once again.
When she raised her eyes to meet his, they were shimmering
slightly, but he could still see the seriousness in them.
"Kagome?" he ventured, a sinking feeling pervading his
"I... Am not of your world, Ranma. I am part of a race
that lives on an entirely different planet. I came here as an
infant, to live and mature amoung you, and then take my experiences
back to our world," she sighed, her shoulders slumping slightly.
He was too stunned to even react.
Kagome only smiled knowingly and continued. "My mother
passed away from a disease native to our home, which could not be
treated on this planet. My father eventually died from what could
be considered a broken heart, as he missed my Mother even more
than I did," she noted, sniffing despite herself. "My time here is
now very limited, as the Transport to take me home has arrived, and
awaits my boarding. This is possible because you, by simply caring
about me, effectively saved my life," she sniffed again, wiping
her eyes.
Ranma, moved by her tears, gave himself a mental shake and
tried to make some sense of what she'd just told him. Hard as he
did, however, he still couldn't get himself to simply accept it.
He had encountered a wide variety of strangeness in his
life, but this was too much of a stretch.
Kagome apparently noticed, as she sighed resignedly, then
reached out and touched his knee gently.
"I see that you feel the same as most of your race; I
thought you might," she smiled, her eyes closing breifly.
He was just about to voice an objection when she held her
hand open flat before her, palm up. As he wondered why, a greenish
glow began to build in the center of her outstretched palm. It
rapidly formed a small, solid ball of light, near to the size of a
golf ball.
"This is what you call 'Ki', Ranma; the raw energy of life.
There are those who can control this powerful force, bending it to
their will as if it were clay," she explained quietly, as she
rolled the ball around in her hand.
As he watched transfixed, she then weaved it through her
fingers like a gambler might a coin.
"This energy exists within all living things, and is
thereby limitless," she added, as she levitated the glowing orb
from her hand into the air.
"Kuso," he breathed, suddenly believing what she'd been
telling him. This, he had never seen before, and it so captivated
him that he didn't care where she was from.
As he continued to watch her display wide-eyed, she floated
the ball about the room with simple motions of her fingers, the
entire process looking effortless.
"I brought you here tonight... To teach you the mastery of
this force, Ranma. It is my way of compensating you for saving my
life," she abruptly stated, landing the ball back on her hand
and allowing it to dissipate.
Ranma remained silent for a few seconds, at first incredibly
excited by the prospect of learning such a wild technique. However,
as all of Kagome's words sank in, his face rapidly darkened.
"Kagome-chan... You owe me nothing," he stated firmly,
almost annoyed at the girl's single-mindedness. "You're here,
you're still alive, and you're my friend. That's all the
'compensation' I'll ever need," he added, emphatically but gently.
As he'd spoken, he'd leaned forward and taken her shoulders
in his hands; he was surprised to feel her jump slightly at his
She only fixed her eyes to his once more, followed by her
pretty face descending into the same expression he'd seen in the
Nekohanten. Only this time, there were tears gathering in her eyes.
"I know," she responded at length, her voice just above
a whisper. "That is exactly what makes this so right," she
added, with an attempt at a smile. "Ranma -- I have been in love
with you since we last knew each other. But, because I am not of
your world, and now must return to mine, I am left with simply
cherishing what times we did have," she sniffed, taking his hand
and squeezing it. "I give you this gift out of that love, Saotome
Ranma, and I can sense within you the wisdom to use it for the
greater good," she added, as Ranma felt his hand become hot.
As he glanced down at their enmeshed fingers, he was
shocked to see the union glowing green. But before he could even
react, he felt a great surge of energy rush into his chest.
When he gaped back at Kagome, he noted that she only closed
her eyes and nodded gently. "It is now within you, Ranma. You need
only understand it," she whispered, then looked back at him and
smiled assuringly. "And that begins now."

Akane sat glaring at Kasumi, arms crossed in front of her
and face fixed in anger. "I don't care, neechan! *He* walked out,
remember? I couldn't care less if he stays out all night!" she
asserted, her gaze fixed on the wall.
Kasumi frowned resignedly. "Hai, imotouchan. I was
only thinking that he'll be looking for someplace 'hospitable'
to sleep, but it wouldn't be hard for him to find that, I suppose,"
she indicated, thoughtfully. "Well, It's getting late, and you have
school in the morning. I won't keep you. Oyasumi, Akane-chan," she
added, then rose and left the bedroom.
Back at her own room, she stepped in, closed the door, and
began to count quietly. "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five..."
Her count abruptly stopped as she heard Akane's door open,
followed by the sound of heavy footsteps. Smiling to herself,
she turned to her wardrobe to select a nightgown and housecoat.

Several long, tiring hours later, Ranma stood with Kagome
outside her grandparents house, facing a decrepit old shed in the
back yard.
"Ranma -- this will be your final 'lesson'," she indicated,
having already stated how impressed she was with his progress.
"This time, unformed, and give it everything you've got," she
urged, then stepped back and watched, great anticipation in her
He didn't reply, having been waiting for this chance. After
setting his feet, he extended his arms toward the building, and
brought the heels of his palms together.
To focus, he began a rapid pattern of deep breathing, but
found his excitement fighting the effort. He concentrated harder,
and finally felt his entire being channel to the point of contact
between his hands.
Just as Kagome said it would.
He could feel the strain on his strength as the glow began
to build. After several long, jaw-clenching moments, it filled the
area between his palms and his extended fingertips.
With a very long, deep breath, he screamed his loudest
battle cry and unleashed the thundering blast. It utterly destroyed
the small building, and left a smoking blast crater the size of the
Tendou house.
Gasping for breath, he collapsed unceremoniously to his
knees, all of his strength simply gone.
"Yattai! Ranma, that was incredible; you're even better
than I could have hoped!" Kagome cheered, as she dropped to her
knees beside him.
"Ar... Arigato, Kagome-chan," he gasped, between breaths.
"I never knew it was possible... To do this," he puffed, looking
to her excited face and trying to smile.
She only smiled and nodded, then her face sobered slowly.
"It is a talent bestowed on few. In fact, Ranma... It is not
bestowed on humans as a rule. Most are simply unable to handle
either the power -- or the responsibility," she stated, closing
her eyes and lowering her gaze.
Ranma considered her words for a moment, then abruptly
stopped gasping and stared at her.
"Ano... You mean..." he began, but was interrupted by
her nodding.
"Hai. It takes some of *your* life energy to channel the
power. You will need a brief rest after all we have done, but
you will soon be as you were. Your individual life force is
strong," she noted, touching his shoulder gently.
He looked back at her in disbelief, only to note that her
eyes were shimmering once more. "What?" he asked, unable to make
sense of the expression on her face.
"I was just wishing... Wishing I could stay here. I'm
going to miss you; very, very much," she responded, as she reached
up and ran her fingers through his hair.
"Kagome-chan..." he attempted, noticing some odd feelings
of his own.
"Your training is complete; and with it, my last task
here," she interrupted, sadly. "My ship has been waiting for the
last half-hour. I must leave you now, Ranma. Just remember... I
love you, and I... Always will," she sniffed, and then rose to her
feet. Sniffing back more tears, she forced a brave smile and
looked back at him longingly. "Sayonara, Anata..." she breathed,
and instantly transformed into a ball of greenish light.
Ranma raised his arm to sheild his eyes, and watched as
the ball hesitated for a few long moments, then arced through the
air toward the old house. Once it entered, the entire house
tranformed into a huge green mass, and slowly lifted into the
As he watched gape-mouthed, the mass swung around and
moved soundlessly out over the treetops, gathering speed as
it angled higher. Within a few more moments, it was gone.

"Yo, Akane," he called out, recognizing the figure
approaching from the darkness.
"Ranma! What are you doing out on this old road? Coming
back from your date?" she needled, her hands on her hips as she
glared back at him.
He simply stared back at her, about to issue a suitable
epithet, but instead only sighed. He was in no mood for a fight,
but he knew he wasn't going to get away that easy. "Go ahead and
pull out the mallet, Akane; let's get it over with," he sighed,
preparing himself.
Akane's jaw dropped. "Nani?"
Ranma rolled his eyes at her and pointed to his head. "Go
for it! Whatcha waitin' for?" he snapped, angrily.
"R-Ranma? What -- happened to you?" she gasped, her face
a mask of confusion.
"You really want to know? Okay; I was with Kagome tonight,
and I don't figure it matters what I did -- you're just gonna bash
me anyway," he began, moving his head into position. When the
expected impact never came, he looked back at the stunned girl and
figured he might as well go for broke.
"I first met her back before Pop and I went to China.
Anyway, her parents died and she's going to live with her
grandparents. When she was comin' through town, she found me and
wanted to say goodbye. I just took her to where she was going to
meet her ride," he explained, shrugging.
"And that's it," Akane followed, regarding him suspiciously.
"Nothing... 'Else' happened?"
"Baka. We talked for about four hours, but that was it,"
he stated, again bracing for the mallet.
Akane studied him for a few moments, then her shoulders
dropped. "So if she's just an old friend, why didn't you bring her
to the house?"
"Do I really have to answer that?" he replied, looking
back at her sideways. Inwardly, he breathed a sigh of relief.
She blinked, then huffed. "Fine then. So she's gone?"
"Yeah; why?" he countered, deliberately.
"Ano... Nevermind," she huffed, then returned her gaze to
the road.

Discussions completed, the two walked toward the Dojo through
the darkened streets, Akane still silent, and Ranma thinking about
what he'd found when he recovered enough energy to get up.
A few feet ahead of him in the light coloured dirt, he'd
seen a few dark spots. Curious, he'd moved up to get a closer look.
The spots had been grouped in two neat clusters, and upon touching
them, he discovered that they were warm, wet and smelled of salt.
He could still feel the lump in his throat.

END - Kagome's Gift A Ranma1/2 Fanfic by Coutuva

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