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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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And Then We're Gonna Fall In Love
By restinpieceslover


A/N: This one-shot is dedicated to Yasmine, for going to Bronx underground and inspiring me to write this!


DISCLAIMER: This story is not approved, endorsed, or connected in any way to the members or management of My Chemical Romance.

This story is completely fictional and does not represent the views, policies, or practices of My Chemical Romance.

Don't own (only wish I did), didn't happen, don't sue.


"But I love you..." he whimpered as the first tear escaped his eye.

"Too fucking bad! You weren't putting out, what the hell was I supposed to do, eh?" he scolded Gerard.

"I'm sorry! Just please don't leave..." Gerard was on his knees now, begging the man he loved not to walk out on him forever.

"No fuckin way, Gerard! If I stay, it's not like shit is gonna change! Besides, you're probably a lousy fuck anyway," he smirked. He loved to break Gerard down, watch his self-esteem, his dignity, and most of all, his heart being grounded into thin powders that he knew would fly away as soon as he left. Except this time, he would not be building Gerard back up. "Just face it, Gerard. YOU'RE NOT MY FUCKING BOYFRIEND ANYMORE."

Gerard continued to sob into his hands. This was the last time, he knew his boyfriend would not be coming back this time. 

He was only sixteen.

"I'm leaving, Gerard. Fucking get over it!" He turned on his heel and began to walk towards the stairs that would lead him out of Gerard's basement room. He would walk right through the kitchen and bid farewell to Donna, never letting on that her son was slowly dying, only down the stairs, and it was all his doing. He would leave and find his new lover, forget about Gerard. But just as he reached the top stair and opened the door, he heard a faint and shaky voice calling after him.

"I love you, Bert."

"You're fucking pathetic, Gerard."

And with that, the man he loved walked out of Gerard's life.


Frank sat near the foot of Gerard's bed, watching as Gerard sat in a fetal position and rocked back and forth, not crying simply because he had already cried all his tears out.


The doctor even gave him some medicated eyedrops because his tear ducts were no longer functioning properly and his eyes were no longer moist, like they needed to be.

Frank watched as Gerard slowly broke down some more, as he did every day since the day Bert left. And he always did it alone, in the solitude of his basement. This was probably not a good idea, though, because this room was also where he and Bert had shared their first kiss, and where he first told Bert that he loved him.

To which Bert never replied.

The only reason Frank was here today was because he noticed that the cuts on his best friend's arms, which were normally small and practically unnoticeable, were very deep, and red, and irritated that day at school. Frank insisted on spending the night with Gerard so he wouldn't do it again.

"Gerard," he whispered. "Gerard, it's been three months. This needs to stop," he reached out a hand and rested it on Gerard's shoulder, only to have Gerard pull away from his touch. "Gerard, you need to move on. Bert isn't worth all this."

Gerard stopped shaking. "You don't know what you're saying," he growled at Frank, who immediately drew his hand back at the anger in Gerard's voice. "Bert was worth everything. He meant everything to me. And just because I wouldn't put out...." He stopped.

"Gerard, listen to yourself."

"I am listening to myself," Gerard sighed. "And Bert was right. I'm fucking pathetic."

"You're not pathetic, Gerard. You're amazing," Frank tried.

"Right! This coming from the tiny queer at school, the one who has no friends except another stupid queer. My mistake!" Gerard scoffed.

Frank ignored his best friend's insults. He suddenly remembered the thing that used to make Gerard so happy. He grinned. "Hey, Geraaaaaarrrrrddd......."

"What the fuck do you want now, Frank?"

"It's Friday," Frank continued.

"No fucking shit!"

"But it's not just any Friday, Gerard. It's the third Friday of the month," Frank's smile grew wider.

"So?" Gerard retorted.

"So," Frank began, getting on his hands and knees and going closer to Gerard, "tonight is Belleville Underground."

Gerard looked up slowly. It had been so long since he and Frank had gone to Belleville Underground together. Since....since he first started dating Bert, who had said that the monthly event was "a waste of fucking time". He knew it broke Frank's heart that he didn't go with him anymore, broke his heart at just the thought of losing Bert.

And now look what happened.

"So?" Gerard repeated.

"So, you need to get ready, because it starts in like, three hours, and you take forever to get pretty," Frank joked.

Normally Gerard would protest, and Frank was waiting for him to. But tonight, Gerard felt rebellious. He felt like he needed to just say, "FUCK YOU BERT!"

Well, maybe not that rebellious. 

But he didn't want to spend he rest of his high school career pining over Bert.

"Fine Frank, but I'm only just going. Don't expect me to get excited or anything," he began.

"Oh, but of course you're gonna get excited, Gee!" Gerard gave him a "Please die" look before Frank continued. "Here's what's gonna happen tonight, Gee. We're gonna go down there, go into the mosh pit, rock our faces off, probably get into a fight or two. We're gonna meet a couple of incredibly hot guys, and then we're gonna fall in love."

Gerard gave Frank a questioning look.

Frank laughed to himself, but didn't let Gerard see it. "With the guys, Gerard."

Gerard titled his head up and brought it back down slowly in a drawn out nod, understanding now what Frank meant. "Well I'm not so sure about that," he said. "But I sure as hell do want to get out of this goddamn room," he looked around, almost everything reminded him of Bert.

"YAY!!" Frank squealed, jumping off the bed. He began to walk towards the stairs so he could go to his own home and get ready. "Now, I'll be back in like, two hours, and when I get back, you better look so amazing that I'll wanna fuck you right on these stairs."

Gerard laughed. Dear lord, it felt so good to laugh again!

~+~Two hours later...~+~

Gerard stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom downstairs, which was his alone. He wore a pair of tight black jeans and a black hooded Queen shirt, which had long sleeves that were torn and frayed at the end, Gerard's own personal touch. The shirt fit him tightly and showed off his well-defined chest. Gerard frowned a bit, however, because he remembered that he had worn the same shirt on his first date with Bert.

"Bert can kiss my ass," he said aloud to himself as he bent down to put on his black and white Chucks. After doing so, he looked back in the mirror and ran a brush through his shoulder-length black hair, which no longer smelled sour from lack of washing, due to the shower he had taken about 20 minutes earlier. 

He put on some red eyeshadow which, when applied to his pale white skin, gave him the appearance of being dead. He smiled to himself. Well, it is October, he thought. As soon as he was done applying some black eyeliner, he heard Frank trampling down the stairs.

"GERARD! Are you done yet?! If I don't wanna fuck you, you're getting dressed again!"

Gerard giggled at the statement and how absurd it sounded as he reached for the doorknob leading him from the bathroom to his room. When he stepped out, Frank ceased all movement.

Frank stood in Gerard's room, mouth agape, wearing a short-sleeved pink shirt that read "Homophobia is Gay", and another long-sleeved striped shirt underneath. He also wore what Gerard recognized as the tightest black skinny-jeans that Frank owned that revealed a fraction of Frank's hipbones, with a neon pink pyramid-studded belt and pink Chucks. His makeup was simple, black eyeliner with red X's over his eyes.

"Don't just stand there staring, do you wanna fuck me or not?" Gerard laughed, using Frank's own joke against him.

Frank snapped out of his trance and giggled.

"Well, let's just say we can leave now," he said, turning around and beginning up the stairs, wiggling his hips in a way that was habit for him whenever he wore that particular pair of jeans. Was it wrong of Gerard to notice that Frank looked absolutely beautiful tonight?


Gerard raised an eyebrow as he watched Frank grind himself against the bouncer who was supposed to simply take Frank's eight dollars and let him in. The only problem with that was, Frank didn't have his eight dollars.

"Come on," Frank cooed. "Are you really not gonna let us in?" he smiled devilishly at the bouncer who, judging by his nametag, was named Jeff.

Jeff smiled. "Frank, every month you try the same thing, and every month you have the same answer. NO," he laughed.

Frank pulled away from Jeff and pouted. "Jeff, you take the fun out of everything. I finally get to feel like a dirty boy for once and you always deprive me of that opportunity!"

"Frank, with all the stuff you say and do in here, I'm surprised they even still let you in here. I mean, considering that this is held in the basement of a Lutheran Church. A CHURCH, Frank, do you hear me?" Jeff raised his eyebrows in emphasis.

Frank laughed again, leaving Gerard to simply stand behind him and raise an eyebrow the entire time. "Oh please, Jeff, you know you love it."

Jeff seemed to think for a moment. "True, but I don't think your boyfriend there does."

Gerard blushed deeply. "No!" he interjected. "Frank's uh.....he's not my boyfriend."

"Not yet anyway," Jeff sighed. "But anyway, can you guys just get in? You're holding up the line."

"I knew I had an effect on you, Jeff," Frank said, standing on his toes to kiss Jeff's cheek.

"Whatever, Frank. You and uh..."

"Gerard," Frank filled in for him.

"Okay, you and Gerard need to get inside. NOW."

With that, he shoved Frank and Gerard through the door gently, and they ran into some people upon stumbling inside.

"What the--" some girl began. Then she recognized him. "FRANKIE!!!!"

"OH MY GOD, HI YASMINE!!!!!" Frank hugged his friend tightly before greeting her friends. "Hi Maggie, hi Jessica, hi Carolina, hi Angie, hi Sparky!" he let out on one breathe.

Ah, so he does have other friends besides me, Gerard thought.

"Gerard," Frank began, slinging an arm around Yasmine's shoulder. "This is my BabyMama, Yasmine," he said, as he and the entire group of girls laughed. "And my sisters-in-law, AKA little Frank Iero IIII's aunts, Maggie, Jessica, Carolina, Angie, and Sparky."

Gerard raised his hand and gave a small wave, embarrassed despite himself for underestimating Frank's popularity.

"Frank, you missed the fucking sonogram this week!" Yasmine shrieked, the smile evident on her face. "I'm gonna have to kick your tiny little ass now!"

Frank threw his head back and laughed. "My ass may be tiny, but you still hit it, so bleh!"

Yasmine shrugged as her friends practically rolled on the floor laughing, and Gerard realized that he was right there with them.

"Well anyway, my darlings," Frank began, "I'v gotta escort mine and Gerard's sweet asses to the motherfucking pit!"

"FUCK YEAH!" screamed Maggie, who was the only one among her friends not afraid to go into the pit. They all rolled their eyes at her and pulled her away, waving goodbye to Frank and Gerard.

As sound check continued on the stage, Gerard and Frank made their way to what would soon be the pit, as soon as everyone arrived, which would be very soon. 

"So," Gerard began, "since when did you become so popular?"

Frank looked around absent-mindedly. "Since I kinda lost my best friend to a guy named Bert," he said nonchalantly, "I needed someone to headbang with at Belleville Underground, and take me home when I hit my head to hard to go home by myself, so I made friends down here."

Gerard was suddenly hit with the pang of guilt for hurting his best friend. "I'm sorry, Frankie," he said solemnly.

"It's okay, Gerard." He turned to Gerard and gave him a small, sad smile. "We're gonna pick up your pieces and put you back together again. And it starts here."

"Aaaww, Frank, you're so gay!" Gerard laughed, trying to hold back the tears that Frank's words had provoked. Frank chuckled quietly.

"Soooooo, we're about halfway through our mission. We got down here, we're in the mosh pit, we're about to rock our faces off in a moment. Only a few more things to do." Frank smiled as the loud music started. 

"WHAT'S UP, YOU LUTHERAN MOTHERUCKERS?!" the lead singer of the first band screamed. People whooped and hollered, including Gerard, but Frank decided to be bold.

"CATHOLIC, BITCH!" he yelled out with a laugh. A few chuckles erupted from the crowd in the tiny room.

The lead singer laughed. "Yeah, you fuckers too. Welcome to Belleville Underground BITCHES!" More cheers from the crowd. "We're Three Days Grace, so SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN!"

The crowd cheered again as the first song of the night began. Everybody in the pit continued to jump up and down in their places, as was an unspoken obligation for everyone in front of the stage. Frank and especially Gerard, lost themselves in the music. By the time the second band came on, Frank had already kicked somebody in the back of the shin. They, in turn, turned around and punched Frank in the gut.

"OH MY GOD FRANKIE, ARE YOU OKAY?!" Gerard yelled. The second band was just finishing up, so there was quiet for a few minutes. 

Frank smiled. "Yeah Gee, I'm fine. Hey, two more things accomplished, eh?"

Gerard gave him  confused look.

"Well, we have now rocked our faces off, and I already got in a fight! Next come the hot guys! Yay!" he laughed.

Gerard chuckled. He had forgotten what it felt like to have so much fun. He would have to thank Frankie later for making him feel alive again. Suddenly he felt somebody grab his ass from behind him. He spun around, ready to make a scene, when he was met with the most gorgeous pair of the most beautiful piercing blue eyes he had ever seen.

"Well hello, have we met?" the strawberry blonde smiled at him.

Gerard smiled promiscuously at him. "No, I don't believe we have," he said, still smiling. The blonde pushed a wisp of black hair behind Gerard's ear.

"Robert's the name," the man smiled. "Robert Bryar. But call me Bob."

Gerard still continued smiling. "Way. Gerard Way, but you can call me whatever you want, Sugar."

Gerard couldn't understand how his flirtatious nature came back to him so quickly or so naturally. But something about the burly, strawberry blonde man with piercing blue eyes in front of him made him turn into the flirt he once was.

"Well, judging by the way you were just dancing," Bob paused. "I think I'll call you Uncle Jiggy."

Gerard laughed and turned round when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

He was met with Frank, leaning against a tall boy with puffy red hair.

"Yeah Frank?"

"Gerard, this is Ray," Frank introduced. Ray smiled at Gerard shyly.

"Cool, well this is Bob," Gerard replied, pointing to the blonde who was now standing next to him.

"Oh, there you are, Bob!" Ray said, freeing himself from Frank's grasp and closing in on Bob. Gerard stepped to the side and watched as Ray cupped Bob's cheeks in his hands and kissed him passionately. When he pulled away, Ray continued. "Sweetie, we've gotta go, I wanna show you something." Ray gave Bob a devilish smile and began to lead him out of the crowd, waving goodbye to Frank.

"Um....okay! I'll see you some other time, Uncle Jiggy!" Bob laughed.

Frank and Gerard stood, dumbfounded, as they watched Bob and Ray walk out of the basement of the Lutheran Church that served as the venue for the monthly event.

"That Bob is such a flirt!" Gerard exclaimed, flashing an almost toothy smile at the irony of the situation.

"Oh dear," Frank said, blushing. "The things I said to Ray!"

Gerard laughed. "I don't even wanna know, Frankie."

Apparently the third band had played and they hadn't even noticed. As the fourth band began their set, Gerard could hear Frank say, "Well, we found the hot guys. Too bad we couldn't fall in love with them."

They continued to rock their faces off as the band continued playing.

Then the unexpected happened.

Gerard heard a squeal come from his left, then turned to see poor little Frank being pushed forward by somebody. In an attempt not to fall, Frank reached out for Gerard, who instinctively also reached out to catch Frank. He did so, however, and as he pulled Frank back up, Frank looked up at Gerard unexpectedly, causing their lips to come crashing together.

For a moment they just stood there, keeping their lips pressed against each other's, as the people around them continued to push and shove. They both realized the reality of the situation, but the kiss felt so right, so pure, that neither of them dared pull away.

When their lips finally parted, they continued to stand still in the middle of a very animated mosh pit, staring at each other as if they had only first laid eyes on each other moments before.

Gerard smiled widely.

"Say Frankie, what was that last thing we were supposed to do tonight?"

Frank smiled just as widely.

"Well if I recall, I said, 'And then we're gonna fall in love'."

"Do you think we accomplished that?"

Frank placed his hands on the back of Gerard' neck. 

"Oh yeah, I think so."

"I love you Frankie."

"I love you too, Gee."


A/N: Haha, I know, that was one of the cheesiest things I EVER wrote!

But hooray for fluff!

Thanks for reading!

{We are the angels from your nightmares},



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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