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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Do You Know How Much I Love You?
By XxX-My-Suicidal-Romance-XxX


Disclaimers: I don NOT own My Chemical Romance. I don't own 'Welcome To The Black Parade'. I don't own 'Helena'. I don't own MTV either, as it is mentioned in this story. Everything you read her is fiction. I didn't gain anything from writing this. Please don't sue me. I'm just a fan, wanting to share my stories with the world. <3

Gerard was sleeping on the couch of his apartment. Tossing and turning, trying desperately to get to sleep. He decided to turn the TV on, as he reached for the remote. He switched to MTV, and 'Helena' was beginning to play.

"Long ago

Just like the hearse you die to get in again

We are so far from you

Burning on just like the match you strike to incinerate"

Gerard continued looking at the screen. He was somewhat intrigued that he could write such lyrics. He was hoping to continue on writing similar to that, and even making a new album. He needed a new concept. Something that would draw even more attention then their first two albums put together. He wanted to make a difference, an even bigger one. He starred down at his blank notepad, hoping something would pop into his head. After 5 minutes of staring at the still blank page, Gerard decided to call it a night. Laying down in a more comfortble position on the lounge, his eyes slowly closed.

Gerard soon awoke in a world that seemed to know only three colors. Black, white and gray. Gerard looked down and noticed he was standing on an empty street. No buildings around him. Looking around, he heard a faint noise. What sounded like a soft drumming sound. Gerard began walking to the sound. He felt like he needed to hear it. He felt like he couldn't control his body. He soon realized he was running, running towards the faint drumming sound that got louder with every step he took. He soon came face to face with a float. He looked around him, and saw what seemed like a parade. A black parade. Seeing as everyone was wearing black. Gerard looked up at the floatt, which stopped as soon as Gerard saw it. He noticed the people on it. Mikey, Ray, Bob and Frank. His band. His brother. His best friends. What seemed like a dream, felt so real. He soon noticed they had instruments. Mikey, Frank and Ray with their guitars and Bob sitting down behind a drum kit.

Gerard looked around at the other people. Some wearing masks others with very dark make-up. He felt someone tap on his shoulder, he quickly turned around to come face to face with a man. A very ill man. He was pale. He looked as if he was just minutes away from dying. As if this parade was to remember his death. Gerard watched as the very pale man opened his mouth to speak. "Welcome." Was his first word. His voice was dry and crackly, and he noticed him beginning to shiver.

"Welcome to what?" Gerard says, looking back over at the float everyone still on it.

"The black parade." He says, in an annoyed tone. As if he should of already known about this. He brushes past Gerard, as he sits in a wheelchair.

"Black parade?" Gerard asks starring up at Frank. "Frank, what's he talking about?" He asks Frank who looked down at him. "What's the black parade?" He asks standing up on the float noticing the microphone stand.

"Whatever you want it to be." Frank says casually. "I mean, you made it up Gerard." He continues.

Gerard raises one eyebrow, wondering what all this is about. "You mean. I created all of this." Gerard says looking around noticing more people appearing, more people with heavy make-up and masks. He notices Frank, Mikey ,Ray and Bob are all in similar uniforms.

"Why are you guys wearing that" He says pointing to Mikey's uniform. Mikey swats his hand away and smiles.

"Well, we could ask you the same thing." Mikey says pointing to Gerard's uniform. Exactly the same. A black uniform. Which looked like a marching uniform.

"Seriously Mikey, tell me what's going on." Gerard says, still not able to understand his surroundings.

"Gerard, you created this. This is your idea of death." Mikey says motioning for him to take the microphone.

"What? You want me to sing?" Gerard says pointing to the microphone stand as he looks over at Bob, who nods just like everyone else. "What do I sign exactly?" He asks picking up the microphone. He stares at it for a while. He didn't know what to sing. He wanted something new, not any old songs from the past. Although they still mean a lot to him.

"What comes to your mind first?" Ray asks his guitar in his hands.

"I don't know." Gerard says looking down at the crowd.

"You should know. You created this place." The man in the wheel chair speaks up, his voice very faint.

"Why do you keep saying I created this place?!" Gerard yells at the pale man.

"You did. Your idea of death. Is parade. A black parade. In your mind, your vision of death is this. I can't tell you why you created this place. Your belief. It's your creation. Your world." He says not minding that Gerard yelled.

"My world? My belief? You mean, if people believe in this. Their death will come to them like this?" Gerard says starting to like the fact that he has his own creation.

"That's your own decision. If you want to make this known to the world. Then do it. People will believe in your creation, soon their vision of death will come to them like this." He continues.

"Am I, you know, d-dead?" Gerard says worried know.

"No, you're not dead. I only came to you in your mind. In your head. Because I too want to make this vision known. We all do." He says pointing to the crowd of people.

"You all believe in my vision" Gerard says his hopes getting high.

"No. We don't believe in it yet. It doesn't exist. We want it to though. Only you can make it exist. Your words can show the world about it." He says standing up slowly and walking to the float. Fumbling quite a bit, he managed to get on top of the float to talk to Gerard. "You have to do this. We need you to. To carry on." He begins.

"Carry on." Gerard says, those words sticking to his mind. "I don't even remember creating this though. How can it exist now?" Gerard says.

"You see, I know who you are. You created a vision before. Your music and words gave hope to many people across the world. I feel if you can send such a strong message. You're a hero, Gerard." He says, still with a crackly voice.

"But, why me? There are many other people out there who can do this." Gerard says.

"No, it must be you. You see, you are much more stronger then them and wiser. I know what you've been through." He continues taking deep breathes. "Sing." He says pushing the microphone in front of his face.

"What do I sing?" Gerard says looks down at the microphone.

"About the parade. Your vision will change the world. I know it will." He says slowly making his way back the wheel chair. "You see. When I was a young boy. My father took me to the city. And I saw a marching band. He told me when I am older, to be the saviour of the broken." His words soft but with power.

This words had some meaning to Gerard. Like thee existed already in his mind. So he sang. The words he never knew could he put into a song. He sang his heart out. The words automatically coming to him. This song meant so much to him. The song ended, and he soon watched the crowd disappear. The black soon fading and colour appearing as Gerard's eyes fluttered open.

"Huh..?" Gerard sat up quickly to find Frank in his apartment.

"Frankie..?" Gerard whispered trying to see.

Frank turned around and smiled. "Oh..sorry Gerard. I didn't mean to wake you up." Frank said picking up something off the coffee table.

"What are you doing here?" Gerard says sitting up.

"Oh, I left my iPod here last night. I couldn't carry on without it." He begun.

"Carry On." He repeated. "Carry on." Over and over again he said.

"Don't copy me." Frank said slightly annoyed. "Gerard? Gerard are you even listening to me?" Frank said crossing his arms.

"What?" Gerard said coming back to reality. His mind has been driven back to the parade. The pale man. The sick man. He was in a hospital gown. He was a patient. The patient.

"Whatever. I better go. Jamia might be worried." Frank said walking to the door. "See ya later Gerard." Frank says about to open the door.

"Wait!" Gerard yells.

"What? What's wrong?" Frank said eagerly.

"Nothing." Gerard begins. "I think I have an idea. I think we should make a new album." Gerard said smiling.


A week later:

Gerard sat on the couch of his small apartment trying to think of lyrics. My Chemical Romance were hoping to make a new album, but the words were not just coming to Gerard like before. He noticed Frank attempting to cute a cheese sandwich into very small triangles. The words from the black parade were still in the back of Gerard's mind, wondering if he should tell the world about it.

"Frank. What are you doing?" Gerard asked sitting up from laying down on the couch.

Frank looked up at him; hunger in is eyes and attempting to smile but failing with all the food in his mouth. "Eafin' a sanich." Frank words came out muffled and confusing.

Gerard cocked his to side and chuckling to himself. "Well, could you leave please. I'm trying to concentrate here." Gerard said in an annoyed tone.

"Right Gerard, you concentrate?" Frank said sarcastically.

"Whatever, Frank, just listen to this. I have an idea for our new album." Gerard said flicking through his nearly full notebook.

"New album?" Frank asked standing near Gerard.

"Yeah. Remember that night? You came to here looking for your iPod." Gerard says at Frank nods. "Now listen to me." Gerard said pushing Frank onto the lounge.

"Make me." Frank said with a sly smile on his face as he stood up.

Gerard grunted, pushing Frank back on the lounge, only bringing himself down with Frank, causing him to fall on top of him.

"Jezz, Gerard. What about Jamia?" Frank asked trying to contain his laughter.

Gerard rolled his eyes. Sitting down next to Frank. "I'm not gay." Gerard said opening the first page of his notebook. "Now, listen to this, before I kick you out of the band." Gerard said as he opened his mouth to sing.

"You wouldn't kick me out, you'd be lost without me. "Frank said crossing his arms across his chest.

"Whatever. Please just listen, okay?" Gerard asked, hoping for the last time. Frank sighed and nodded.

"Okay, here it goes." Gerard said as he then began the song:

When I was
A young boy,
My father
Took me into the city
To see a marching band.
He said,
"Son when
You grow up,
Would you be
The saviour of the broken,
The beaten and the damned?"
He said
"Will you
Defeat them,
Your demons,
And all the non believers,
The plans that they have made?
Because one day
I'll leave you,
A phantom
To lead you in the summer,
To join the black parade."

When I was,
A young boy
My father, took me into the city
To see a marching band
He said, "Son when you grow up,
Will you be the saviour of the broken,
The beaten and the damned?"

"That's all I have so far." Gerard said closing his notebook and glancing up at Frank. "Do you like it?" Gerard asked nervous now.

"Wow." Frank said smiling. "I love it. It's awesome!" Frank says smiling even more.

"Great. So, let's call up the guys. We need to start making this new album." Gerard said picking up his cell phone to tell Mikey, Ray and Bob about the new album.

Okay. Just a little thing I came up with in maths. Seriously, would I rather write a story about MCR or do fractions. Easy question. But, I have feeling I'll be failing my exams this year. Haha. Summer school it is. = )


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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