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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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The Legend of Gaiarth and the Gray People
By Ensatsukokuryuha


The Legend of Gaiarth and the Gray People

For many years now, darkness and light, life and death, and evil and good have fought the endless wars. However, it was not always like this. Before there were any of these, there was gray. The world was a neutral and perfectly balanced place. There were no two sides of the coin. Everyone could live their lives as a whole without evil and good because everyone was the same. They were normal. They were all one, just a sea of dull gray.

Now this world that I speak of is one that existed long before our world even existed. The only creatures at that time and place were humans. Now, when I talk about humans, I'm not talking about folks like you or me, though we are closely related. These humans were all genderless and lived on a plane bare of any other living things. They were known as the Gray People. People who wandered aimlessly in such a mechanical trend, that if you saw them, you would believe them to be soulless puppets. Therefore, even though they were a part of a whole, they never once interacted with one another. It was as though they had no power to do such things.

The Gray People were a strange race to begin with, as they had many mysteries surrounding them. For one thing, no one could figure out how they reproduced, other than that every three to five years the population would increase by five percent. Furthermore, the Gray People didn't eat or drink anything as there were no things to eat or drink if not their own kind. But like I have said earlier, no one ever interacts with one another, so the possibility of cannibalism is slim to none. Thus it is widely believed that the Gray People didn't need material necessities like food or water.

However, one day, an unexpected visitor arrived. This visitor was a creature unlike any other, and would be the one that would change this world for all the centuries to come. This creature was so strange, so unique, and so stunning, that it could only be called… a Shape-shifter. The shape-shifter was very talented. He could bend his shape into anything he wanted whether it was living or not. He could also change other things, and bend them into the forms that he chooses for them. But despite his great powers, he loved, and excelled at playing a game called hide and seek.

And so, breaking into the plane of Gray, in the form of a meteor, he plummeted down and changed form, just as he was about to crash down, into a spectacular display. The people around him were dead silent, as they remained seemingly oblivious to the creature that appeared before them. He was in the form that we now recognize as a nymph.

Despite his cold reception, he was not fazed one bit and continued on to introduce himself. “Good day my good fellows,” he began with a bow, “My name is Gaiarth. I come to propose a game for you all. Of course I shall give you a grand reward if you should win. Now, there is no need to be afraid, for should you fail, I shall not ask you for anything in return, nor will I harm you in any way. So what do you say? Are you willing to play a game with me?”

There was a long pause, and all the while, Gaiarth began to feel the pangs of depression settling in. Now, you may not believe what happened next, but just as he was about to leave, all of them stopped and said in unison, “What is the game that you speak of?” For you see, the Gray People have never once spoken according to the legends of old, not until Gaiarth's appearance on the Gray Plane. It is believed that the interaction of this new creature brought the voice and language to the Gray People. And thus, was the first change to befall the Gray People.

Having heard their question, Gaiarth became filled with excitement, as he leapt into the air transforming into the shape of a bird cawing in joy. He flew higher and higher into the air while changing into a variety of other birds all the while, until finally he burst into a show of fireworks that rained down in beautiful colors coming back down into one spot where he resumed his form as a nymph. “The game shall be Hide and Seek! I shall hide and then you will seek me. However, you must catch me once you have found me or I will hide again,” Gaiarth explained, “So then, shall we proceed?”

After another long silence, they replied, “Let's begin.” No one knows why the Gray People decided to play his game, since it was something that didn't flow with their usual routine. But many believe that the Gray People changed to the different interactions that they came across. Since they never interacted with one another, Gaiarth's appearance in their world must have contributed to changing them. Thus allowing them to evolve from the stale people they were, not long before.

And with that, Gaiarth disappeared right before their very eyes. Or at least so they thought. Gaiarth transformed himself into a mouse and scurried in to the middle of the group, before transforming into one of them, without anyone having noticed a thing.

The Gray People were mystified by the sudden disappearance as they began to search everywhere for the stranger. All the while, Gaiarth watched them in a bored fashion as they continued to search for him in the same pattern, apart from everyone else and yet in the exact same manner. It wasn't long when he decided to have some fun with them.

He appeared before them dropping his human form to revert back to that of a nymph, as he called out to them, “I'm over here come and catch me!” The Gray People started to go off and chase after him. Just as they seemed to close in on him, he vanished yet again, only to find another Gray Person sitting before them. Curiosity grabbed at them once again, and they asked the person if they had seen which way Gaiarth had gone. Unknown to them, Gaiarth was the one sitting before them.

“Hmm…” said the Gray Person, “I have seen no one, other than myself, pass by here. Perhaps Gaiarth is among you as he can change his form.”

The Gray People took the message to heart and wondered how they could decide who Gaiarth was. “Well, it certainly couldn't be me,” said one. “Nor me,” said another. “How do we know you speak the truth,” questioned the voice of a third. This continued as they began to argue amongst themselves, until finally they began to separate into different groups. Thus, the Gray People began to have different thoughts, and were no longer all the same and began to disperse in smaller groups.

As the Gray People began to individualize, their interactions with one another slowly began to change them more and more. Hate, happiness, sadness, confusion, and fear began to appear and grow. But the one thing that kept them united, despite how little, was their common goal of catching Gaiarth, and winning the fabulous prize that he had mentioned.

Before anyone realized it, the search for Gaiarth had gone on for nearly five years. All the while, Gaiarth revealed himself, allowing the Gray People to chase him until he got bored or tired. Though, he had to be more aware now, as the Gray People were slowly learning his old tricks and were coming closer to catching him. Though, at the same time, the Gray People were also now competing with each other. Their competition eventually grew to the point were sabotage and minor squabbles began to take place. Others decided to give up or to remain neutral.

Though, after thirty two years since the search had begun, the Gray people were becoming increasingly more violent towards each other as increase of hostile interactions changed them into raging frenzy. Thus the game of hide and seek was becoming a war against the other groups. It wasn't long before, for the first time, people were dying by the hands of their own race. This once peaceful game was now spiraling out of control into battle ground. Soon, the Gray People had lost sight of what their true objectives were, and instead fell into a dance with war.

As the war raged on through the years, it seemed as though the killing and terror would go on until the worlds collapse would be inevitable. That is until, one Gray Person spoke up. Its name was Alex 1342, as all the Gray People during this time were named Alex.

“Why are we fighting against ourselves? Why did this all begin?” Alex 1342 asked.

All was silent. No one could remember why this had begun and now they too were wondering the same thing. That is until Gaiarth spoke up while he was disguised as a Gray Person. “It is because your ancestors were looking for a person named Gaiarth, while they were playing a game of hide and seek. And eventually, that game became a war,” he replied, “And even now, no one has found and caught him.”

The Alex 1342 then walked up to Gaiarth and looked up at him, starting straight into his eyes. “Then I WILL catch Gaiarth and put an end to this war!” And grasping his hand it said, “I will grasp him with these hands like this and announce, `I have caught you, Gaiarth!'” Though Alex 1342 didn't know it himself, he had indeed caught Gaiarth in his grasp at that moment.

Surprised, Gaiarth reverted back into his form as a nymph before the Gray People, and with a small laugh he said, “And so you have caught me, young one. Though I must say, you did so without knowing. In either case, I am a man of my word, and I shall grant you one request. What is it that you want, as your reward for catching me?”

Bewildered and shocked, Alex 1342 gawked at the newly transformed nymph. After recovering a bit, he stood quiet as he thought of a request before replying, “I want to live in a world just like you, where everything changes. During the time we were all as one, life was boring and nothing new ever happened, nor did we have any free will of our own. However when we were apart, we were always fighting with one another. Yet we were free to be the individuals that we truly are.”

“Very well then,” Gaiarth replied. And slowly he began to fade away into a wispy silhouette. It was only after he had disappeared completely that the plane that the Gray People lived on began to change. Plants, land, water, and creatures began to spring out of empty spaces. The land molded into high mountains, low valleys, and flat plains. As for the water, it rained down on the newly formed lands to create rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, even the mighty oceans, to which they lapped at the sandy shores. Then the foliage sprouted up from the ground covering the land. Creatures roamed the vast soils that stretched out over the ocean, while others took freedom in the air, or engulfed themselves in the wide and endless seas. But those were not all the changes that were to come, as the Gray People began to change too, as some became the first females and others the first males.

After the world had begun to slow its changing, you could hear the wind whisper a warning. “May you use your gift wisely… change will be your savior… or change will engulf you all…” it spoke.

Thus, the world as we know it was born. Earth, its creatures, and all other living things were born on that day. However, that still leaves us with one question, why Gaiarth ever ventured to the plane of the Gray People? Till this day, that simple question goes unanswered. All we know for sure is that he came and he changed that dull and lifeless place into the world we now live in. No one really knows what has become of him, but some say that he became the Earth, using his ability of change to allow all to evolve and change. Others say he died, changing him back to his true form of a planet, one that never lost its ability to change and grow, even though his body remained hollow and dead.

Though, regardless of legends surrounding Gaiarth's disappearance, many people have gone in search of him, as they called out his name. Through the years, the search for Gaiarth became known through tales such as, the Holy Grail, and the search for genies and fairies. However, as the search lengthened without any sign of an end, his name was slowly changed to Gaia or Earth. Thus, our great planet was named Earth, after Gaiarth himself.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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