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Life After Death
By Forbidden Shadow


Life After Death

Pain was all he could feel. The entire right side of his body was in a pit of fiery pain. That's to
be expected of course though since his entire right

side of his body had a boulder on top of it.

An hour had past since he told his cell to run. He would try to look for a way to get out if he
could but he could not though and he felt that he

knew that as soon as the boulder pinned him. He had told one of his teammates, Rin to remove his
left eye and implant it into his best friend's

left eye. Which she did. Soon after he heard his cell fight and escape to find their sensei.

A slight painful smile made it's way to his face. No, he did not blame them for the situation he was
in right now. In fact, he was glad that he met

the two even though not too long ago him and his one teammate finally came to terms with each

Even though he might have been a slight failure, he proved that he was strong and he was glad about
that. His clan after all was one of the most

powerful from his home village.

Images began flowing through his mind. Images of when he first entered the academy, when he was
first put into a cell, all the fights he had with

his best friend.

Smiling inwardly he allowed himself to relax. His eyes became heavy as the darkness tugged at his
mind. For once the darkness seemed

welcoming to him. Not at all frightening or terrifying. The pain slowly but surely began to
disappear. It wasn't hurting him any longer.

The darkness became heavier and more demanding of him. Not at all resisting it, but welcoming it, he
allowed his mind to become black as his

breathing slowed and his chest stopped moving up and down.



"This forest is known for holding it's dangers Shadow." A voice whispered quietly in the forest

"I am aware of that but I sense someone is in terrible pain but who is also about to leave this
world." Another voice whispered back.

"We should see if we can save them." A third voice spoke up even quieter than the first two.

"Why must you always take her side Rio?" The first voice questioned.

"We are medic-nins. It's what we do." The third voice stated back.

Silently you gazed at your two teammates, sighing in your head. The first one was wearing a forest
green camisole, black cargo pants, black

fingerless gloves, and a silver choker. Around her neck was a hitai-ate with no symbol on it. She
stood only five feet and had dark brown hair

that fell to her mid-back and was tied back with silver bangs. Underneath her silver bangs you could
see her staring intently at you.

You second teammate wore a blue sleeveless shirt with black cargo pants and fingerless gloves and a
silver choker. On her forehead was her

hitai-ate, again with no symbol carved upon it. She stood three inches taller than the first girl
and had raven black hair that fell to her mid-back

as well. Her bangs were all on the right side of her face while her red-brown eyes gazed at you

Standing there, you wore a (pick a color) (type of top) with black cargo pants and fingerless gloves
with a silver choker as well. Your hitai-ate was

blank and was (wherever you want it). Your (color, type, style) moved slightly because of a little
breeze while you stood (height) feet tall. Your

(color) eyes looked at your two teammates and friends.

Once again sighing, you looked at the ground, watching as the green blades of grass slightly move
due to the breeze.

"Alright Rio, let's go." You finally said while looking up and seeing the girl with red-brown eyes
smile slightly.

"Shadow can you lead the way?" Rio asked.

Silver eyes shined with happiness as Shadow nodded and started jumping from branch to branch

The greenery of the forest passed as the three of you continued at top speed toward the area where
the soul was located.

"He's near." Shadow said quietly as she picked up even more speed.

'So it's a he.' You thought as you and Rio caught up to Shadow and stopped when she stopped at a
sight where a battle most likely had taken


"A battle was here." Rio stated your thought aloud as she gazed around the area. "I don't sense
anyone around the area except for the person

you sensed Shadow."

Cautiously, you took a step forward. Making sure you had your footing, you slowly closed your eyes
and then opened them. "We have to work


Shadow and Rio nodded following you to where a group of rocks laid. At the top there was an opening
and that's where the three of you entered.

"The spirits of the other world are preparing to take his soul to eternal rest." Shadow said quickly
with her eyes closed.

You and Rio looked at her and then at each other. Shadow had a few special talents. Actually all
three of you did.

Shadow's talent was restoring chakra and sensing if a person was in pain or not. She could also
sense if the spirits from the afterlife were taking

a soul away or not.

Rio's special talent was healing. She could heal even the worst of wounds as well as enter a
person's mind who is on the verge of death.

Last but not least there was you. You had the most special of all talents but even those come at a
price. You were able to restore a person's life.

Return their souls to their bodies. This gift has a price and limits. If a person's soul has already
crossed over you cannot return them to the land

of the living. The price of this gift is, slowly your own life force starts to drain.

You and Rio knelt next to the boy who was crushed under the boulder.

"Rio.." You started, about to tell her to remove the boulder but Rio was already doing several hand

"Earth Crushing Jutsu!" Rio placed her hand on the boulder sending chakra into it. After several
seconds a cloud of dust appeared and when it

cleared you saw the boulder was no more.

"Good, now can you restore his right side?" You questioned the 14 year old girl who nodded in

Rio took a deep breathe and calmed her mind down. Holding her hands in front of her, she put them
together and soon they started to glow a

red-brown. Placing her hands gently on the boys right side, the wounds began to heal. She placed her
left hand on his abdomen and her right

hand on his head.

Nodding at Rio's progress, you glanced up to see Shadow still standing at the top of the

"Shadow?" you questioned seeing the girl's face change to a worried expression.

Shadow opened her eyes and allowed silver to meet (color).

"We don't have much time. Please hurry." She said as she held her hands out and allowed them to glow

"Rio I have to start now, alright?" You asked the busy girl beside you.

Rio merely nodded still determined to finish her task.

Nodding you closed your eyes as you performed the hand seals that you learned long ago and in the
order they were meant to be in to perform

this important task.

As you opened your eyes you noticed that your hands glowed (whatever your eye color is).

Placing them over the boy's heart, you chanted a few words and allowed your eyes to close shut once

Though your eyes were shut you could see clearly. There stood Shadow with several spirits that
glowed white and blue. She appeared to be

trying to slow them down with her chakra. Next to you was Rio. She was almost done with healing the
boy. Then, right in front of you was a silver

white sphere. It was slowly rising away from the boy but then stopped when you grabbed it gently and
held it securely within your hands.

Bringing your hands down slowly, you placed the sphere above the boys heart as watched as it started
to merge with the boy again.

A small smile found it's way to your face as it fully merged with the boy. If the three of you had
not been there, this boy would have died a cruel

fate. You realized this was too harsh and he deserved a second chance. A second chance at life when
he regains his full strength back.

Slowly, you opened your eyes and looked a weary Rio. She was smiling and then jerked her head
slightly to where the boy was laying. All of his

wounds were completely healed. Even his right eye.

"It seems that someone did an emergency switch with the eyes. His right eye is his but the left eye
doesn't belong to him though I was able to

connect it and it will work perfectly for him." Rio said in a whisper. Her sentence came out in
pants and sweat was all over her.

Though looking at her, you knew you were just as bad. Your chakra was low because of your ability.
Any longer and your chakra would have run


"You two okay?" Shadow asked as she walked over to the two of you.

Glancing at her tiredly, you nodded.

"Stopping those spirits took a bit of chakra from me but I need to transfer some to you. Otherwise
you two may die. I should also transfer some

to him." Shadow stated kneeling down next to you.

Taking a deep sigh, you felt her place a hand on your shoulder for you felt to weak to move a

A silver glow traveled from her hand to you. After several moments she took it away.

Blinking, you opened your eyes wide and felt better. Glancing over, you saw that Shadow had already
moved on to Rio. After another few

moments and the same process, Rio smiled as she turned her head slightly to the side.

"Shadow be careful not to transfer too much." You stated as you looked at the girl who now looked

Shadow just let a small smile crawl on her face and she moved to the boy. Placing a hand on his
chest, she allowed chakra to flow freely into him.

Another few moments passed though the boy still did not awaken.

"He won't wake for a while considering his soul left his body and all." You stated looking at Shadow
and Rio. "Also considering the fact I see no

one around her who knows him, maybe we should take him back with us."

Rio and Shadow nodded. Rio then help place the boy on you back as she helped Shadow.

"Let's get out of here." Rio stated as she placed Shadow's arm around her shoulder. Shadow nodded
slowly while you nodded as well.

Quickly but not too fast so that no one got too far behind, the three of you made your way to the
place you call home.

~!~!~~[-=(When you arrived)=-]~~!~!~

After running for two hours you finally reached the place you called home. It was a small temple
which had a stone fence surrounding it. A stone

pathway led through a red tori gate and all the way to the wooden steps.

"Let's go." You started forward and stopped at the red torii gate. Rio and Shadow were behind you,
Shadow still being supported by Rio.

Each of you performed several hand signs. You went first, Rio second and Shadow third.

"The sun rises high after the break of dawn and outshines all till twilight sets in...."You

"Silver stars high in the sky while the silver moon outshines them all.........." Rio continued

"The moon and darkness conquers the night while the sun and light conquers the day........." Shadow

Slowly, each of you walked through the gate. After stepping through the gate a sudden wind flew past
the four of you and out toward the forest.

"Alright now let's get these two inside and in bed." You stated motioning to the boy and Shadow.

Shadow just merely rolled her eyes while the boy did not stir.

"I'll take him to an extra room while you take Shadow to her's okay Rio?" You looked at the black
haired girl who merely nodded and walked down

the wooden hall while helping Shadow.

"Alright, let's get you to an extra room." You said to the boy still on your back. Walking down the
hall and taking a turn you slid open the door

and found a futon rolled neatly in the corner.

"Great now just how am I going to set him down and roll the futon out without hurting him?" You
asked yourself letting out a sigh.

Snapping out of your sullen moment, you heard tapping heading your way from down the hall. Looking
at the door, you saw a white wolf with

blue eyes looking at you curiously.

Looking at the wolf, an idea popped into your head. "Hey Yuuuuukkkkkkiiiii...." You started in a
singsong voice.

The wolf blinked and started to step back though you had no idea why.

"I'm not going to do anything to hurt you. I'm just going to ask you if you can open that futon
because I don't want to hurt him and he's starting

to get heavy." You stated and then motioned to the boy on your back.

Looking at the wolf again, you could swear you just saw her roll her eyes and glare at you in
annoyance. Though you couldn't complain. Yuki was

a smart wolf and dragged the futon over and unrolled it with her nose.

"Thanks Yuki. I think you better check on Rio and Shadow. Just to make sure they're okay." You
informed the wolf as you let the boy down on the

futon and placed a pillow underneath his head and covering him with the covers.

Yuki made no sign that she heard you except she walked out the door. Her tail following behind her
as she turned to the right and headed down

the way she came.

Sitting down cross-legged style, you let out a sigh. "Now there's just one problem." you said
silently to yourself as you felt your face start to heat

up. "Now we just have to change him into clean clothes."

Standing up you walked back out into the hallway and to where the closet that held extra robes and
futons were.


Rio took Shadow to her room and helped her set up her futon.

"Thanks Rio. Just at the moment I feel drained." Shadow told the quiet girl through half-opened

"It's alright Shadow. You did transfer a lot of your chakra to us so it's only natural." Rio replied
with a small smile.

At that moment Yuki entered the room. She walked in between Shadow and Rio. Shadow already sitting
in her futon while Rio was kneeling beside


"Hey Yuki." Shadow greeted while scratching the white wolf behind the ear.

Rio smiled and began to pet the wolf as well.

"You know Rio, I just realized something." Shadow began looking at the black haired girl beside

"I already know. (name) is going to have to change the boy." Rio stated while trying to hold her
laughter back.

"Now that would be a sight to see." Shadow managed to say as she too tried to hold back her

Unfortunately since the temple is small, one could hear a sound such as laughter on the other side.
So in the end, Rio and Shadow didn't want

you to know what they were laughing at.

~Back with you~

Finally finding an extra robe that would most likely fit the boy, you started to head back into the
room when you suddenly sneezed.

Blinking, your eye began to twitch. "Okay, now who's talking about me." You gritted through your
teeth as you walked back into the room but

your anger was soon forgotten when you stopped right in your tracks at the doorway.

Sitting up in the futon was the boy and he was looking straight at you.

Two different black eyes stared at you intently. Once again you blinked.

"Uh...hi?" The words left your mouth before you could stop them. 'Nice going (name). Such a great
way to introduce yourself to a boy that was

on the verge of death and is now sitting up.'

The boy remained quiet and continued to stare at you. 'Staring problem much.'

"" The words came out raspy and in a whisper you almost didn't catch what he
said. Luckily you had good hearing.

"My name's (full name). What's yours?" You asked him as you walked over to him and knelt beside him.
The entire time you could feel his eyes

on you.

"How am I alive?" Instead of telling you his name; he asked another question with a hint of fear in
his voice. Almost as if this was too good to be


"My friends and I found you in the forest. You were on the brink of death but we saved you. Now no
more questions until you change. Here." You

stated giving him the robe. After you stood up and quickly turned around and headed for the door.
The entire time you could feel your face

heating up.

As you exited the room for yet another time in the last half hour, you closed the door behind you
and turned around to see Rio. "Uh hey Rio."

You greeted still trying to rid yourself of the blush staining your face.

"What happened (name)?" Rio asked in a quiet voice.

You put your hand behind your head nervously. "Uh.... the boy woke up so right now he's changing
into an extra robe I pulled from the closet

for him."

"He woke up already?" Rio asked herself more than she asked you.

"Yea." You stated putting a serious face on. "When it comes to reviving someone it usually takes
them weeks but this boy. He woke up almost

three hours after he was brought back to the world of the living." You said in a whisper, so that
the boy may not hear the conversation.

"Did he tell you his name?" Rio asked as she looked at you a bit serious.

You shook your head. "No, not yet. I'll ask him when he finished changing."

As soon as you finished your sentence the movement in the room stopped. You looked back at Rio.

"I'll start dinner." with that Rio left and you re-entered the room to see the boy sitting in the
futon again, changed into the gray robe you gave


"How are you feeling?" You walked over to him once again and sat beside him.

"How am I alive? And how is the right side of my body all healed when it was crushed?"

"Acting a bit serious ne? Rio is the one who healed you. She the best you can find when it comes to
healing flesh wounds. You'll meet her later.

Right now she's cooking dinner. You'll also meet Shadow, when she is strong enough to move that is.
She drained a lot of her chakra to help us

and you so now she needs to rest. Now what's your name?" You looked him in the eyes to try to see if
you could find anything but alas you did


The boy held your gaze and didn't blink. The way he was looking at you, you were able to tell that
he was searching to see if he could trust you or


Finally after several minutes he spoke. "Uchiha, Obito."

"Obito? Cool name. Finally I can call you something other than boy. Anyways get some rest. I'm going
to go help and prepare dinner." You

smiled but it was a fake as you stood up and walked over to the door, grabbing Obito's old clothes
as well. When you reached the sliding door

you turned to him once again. "If you're sleeping when I return with dinner I'll leave it beside you
to eat at your own time. I doubt you'll be able to

walk yet so just take it easy." And with that you left the room to leave Obito to his thoughts.

Slowly, you walked down the hall. 'An Uchiha huh? So that's how he was able to recover that fast.'
You thought a bit bitterly.

Taking a turn, you found yourself in the kitchen and saw Rio cooking ramen, curry, dangos, fish,
sushi, and rice.

"Hey Rio-chan." you greeted as you walked in.

Rio turned around and smiled. She now was wearing a different outfit that she was before. Now she
was wearing a kimono that reached only to

her knees and the sleeves only reached her elbows. The color was a red-brown with a black sash. She
still wore her silver choker necklace


"Hello (name)-chan." She then turned back around and attended to the meal she was preparing.

"I'm going to go change now, also.......I found out the boy's name." You stopped for a second to see
Rio turn around to face you.

"What is it?" she questioned.

Your face became serious. "Uchiha, Obito."

"An Uchiha?" Rio looked surprised which was unusual for her.

"Yea. Fits how he woke up so quickly. Also how he was able to survive as long as he did." You leaned
against the wooden counter. "Still, seeing

him in that kind of condition I doubt he's very strong. But just maybe he has the sharingan. The
would explain why one of his eyes is missing."

Rio nodded her head. "His left eye was taken out and a different one was put in it's place. So maybe
his right eye still holds the sharingan. Maybe

an enemy took his left eye but I doubt it. No enemy would leave another eye for their victim."

"Then maybe a friend?" You suggested tilting your head up to look at the ceiling.

"Not really sure. Sorry (name)-chan." Rio said quietly as she started to cut some vegetables.

"Alright then. I think I'm going to go check on Shadow, change and find Night." You sighed as you
tilted your head back down and headed out of

the kitchen while hearing a small 'okay' as you left.

You walked down the hall again and opened another sliding door that looked like all the others in
the temple. Though they were all the same, you

knew exactly which room which door led to so it was never a problem.

"Hey Shadow-chan." You put your left hand up in a small wave to greet her.

Shadow looked up from the scroll she was reading. She too now was wearing a diffrent outfit. It was
a black robe with a silver sash around the

wast. Yuki looked up from her place on the floor. Once again you swore you saw her roll her eyes in
annoyance at you.

"Shadow I think your wolf is posessed." You stated as you walked over and sat beside your

Shadow just looked at you like you were crazy. "Why would you say that (name)-chan?"

"Because she keeps looking at me like I'm annoying her." You stated matter-of-factly.

Shadow just blinked and sweatdropped as you closed your eyes and nodded your head.

"Right.....Anyways what happend with the boy?" Shadow asked trying to change the topic. Truth be
told, she knew that Yuki thought you were

annoying. How? Anyone's guess on how she knows but right now she thought you didn't have to deal
with that problem right now.

"He already woke up and I found out who he is." Yet again for the umpteenth time that day; your
voice became serious.

Shadow remained quiet to allow you to go ahead.

"Uchiha, Obito."

"An Uchiha?!" Shadow asked in a bit of confusion.

"Yea, we can figure out what happened to him later. Right now you need rest and stop trying to learn
new jutsus!" You grabbed the scroll she was

reading and put it back on the oak desk that was in the room.

Shadow glared at you but complied anyways. She laid down and you left the room.

After you left the room you went down the hall yet again but this time headed to the entrance.

As you headed out the door you saw that the sun began to set which gave the illusion that the clouds
were pink. You sat down on the wooden

steps and set the ripped clothes beside you.

'I guess I should either throw these away or sew them back together.' The clothes were indeed in
rough shape. It would just be a good idea to

just throw them away and give him new clothes. 'Guess that's what I'll do. Just give him some of
'his' clothes.'

You turned you gaze back to the sky which grew steadily darker.

"I wonder where Night is. Guess I should call him." Closing your eyes, you whistled. Moments later
the flapping of wings caught your attention

and you reopened your eyes to see a brown and black hawk with piercing gold eyes.

Holding up your arm, you allowed the hawk to land on it. The hawk landed on your arm but did not
pierce your skin with it's claws.

"Hey Night." you greeted the bird. "Find anything interesting today?"

Night had understood what you had said and shook it's head no.

"I guess that's a good thing." you mumbled to yourself.

Night's head tilted to the side motioning for you to say what's on your mind. Ever since you were
young, Night was always able to sense how you

were feeling. He could tell if you were sad, happy or depressed. You found Night when you were five
years old. He was only a young hawk then

who you knew had just learned how to fly. Unfortunetly he was attacked and one of his wings got hurt
and he fell right in front of the temple.

Back then you were just learning how to be a medic-nin even at a young age. You treated Night and
named him for he always seemed to like the

darkness. He had been with you ever since.

"Sorry Night," you gave a weak smile. "We found a boy today in the woods. He was severly wounded and
died but I brought him back with the help

of Rio and Shadow. He's an Uchiha."

Night sensing that you grew angrier as you finished nudged you with his beak.

"Hungry ne? Well Rio's cooking so let's go inside." You stood up and walked inside, the clothes
thrown into a pile which would soon be burned


You walked back inside the temple and headed downt he hallway towards your room. Night was still on
your arm as you continued to walk.

Once you reached the door to your room you slid it open and walked inside. Your room was simple and
it was just like Rio's and Shadow's

rooms for the walls were an off white but yet it had some of your personal touch as well. There were
a few photos and some of your personal

belongings that you had gathered over the years. In the corner there was a stand for Night so that
way he would have his own little perch.

Night walked off your arm and onto his perch when you stood next to it. With Night off your arm you
were now free to change out of your

fighting clothes and into some regular ones.

Walking over to your dresser you pulled out a (color) pair of loose pants and a (color) kimono type
top that reached a few inches below your

waist and had sleeves that reached just above you knuckles.

Changing quickly, you put your old clothes in a hamper that was next to a full length mirror.
Staring at yourself you felt you looked good

enough as your hand brushed over the silver cloth chocker that was around your neck. (There's a
meaning behind the silver chocker but you

have to keep reading to find out) Letting a smile on your face you motioned for Night to follow you.
He did and perched himself on your left

shoulder still being careful not to hurt you.

Making your way to the kitchen again, you saw that Rio had dinner set out for two on the short
square wooden table.

"I'll be right back. I'm just going to take this food to Shadow." Rio had a small tray with food on
it. You nodded as you grabbed the other tray

knowing it was for Obito.

With Night still on your shoulder you stood up to follow Rio for all the bedrooms were in the same
area. Instead of following her into Shadow's

room though you went to the room that Obito was located.

Opening the door quietly, you saw that he was indeed alseep just as you predicted. Setting the tray
a foot away from him, you went back to the

door letting one more glance fall on his sleeping form before leaving.


A few days have gone by and no one left the temple. Everyday you would bring Obito his meal but you
never spoke to him for he was either

asleep or pretended to be.

Shadow was up just a day after you found Obito. She said that she couldn't take just lying around
doing nothing and that she needed to do

something otherwise she may die of boredom.

'Too stubborn for her own good.' You thought while laughing.

A few of the times when you couldn't bring a meal to Obito, Rio or Shadow would. Yuki would always
acompany Shadow while Uta, Rio's pet who

was a fox with a orange-red coat and piercing yellow eyes would always acompany her.

Today was one of the days that you were able to bring Obito his food.

Night was once again perched on your shoulder while you held the tray of food in your hands. As you
opened the door you noticed Obito look

up at you when you walked in.

"Konnichiwa Obito." You said quietly and nodded at him. Obito said hello in return with a nod.

"Here's your supper, I'll be back later or at least someone will be to retrieve the tray." You said
quickly and left the room not noticing Obito stare

at you with a confused face.

As you re-entered the kitchen you saw Shadow and Rio already sitting on the floor in their
respective seats. The table was a low one so thus is

why they were sitting on the floor.

"Hey guys" you walked to where you normally sat and kneeled down in front of your plate. Night
jumped off of your shoulder and settled beside

you where Rio and Shadow had put a plate of fish for him to eat. Uta was sitting next to Rio
nibbling on a piece of meat and Yuki was looking at


"Shadow what is up with that wolf of yours?" You asked catching it's gaze.

Shadow glanced at Yuki who in return changed her gaze to look at her owner. Shadow blinked and
looked at Rio who met her eyes and nodded.

"What are you guys doing?" you asked wondering what they were doing. It seems as though they were
having a conversation without words and

as far as you knew, none of them were physic.

"Having a silent conversation." Shadow said dryly looking at you.

Rio turned her gaze to you as well looking a little bit concerned. "(name) do you want me or Shadow
to take food to him for now on?"

Understanding what Rio meant you averted your gaze to your food which seemed rather interesting at
this moment in time.

When you didn't reply you heard someone move. Looking up you saw Shadow stand up and she motioned
for Rio to stand up as well. Rio

complied and stood up, Uta and Yuki did the same.

"What are you two......." you couldn't finish because Shadow pulled you up to your feet and started
to drag you. Who knew someone so short

could be this strong?

Well anyways unable to pull free from the shorter girl's grip (unless you choose to be shorter than
her ^_^;;) you allowed yourself to be dragged

down that hall. Rio, Uta, Yuki and Night were trailing right behind you.

Finnally Shadow stopped draging you for she stopped when she finnally reached her destination.

"What are you planning on doing Shadow?" you asked the girl cautiously as you glared at her.

"Finding something out." was all she stated as she slid open the door. You looked to see that she
had dragged you to Obito's room.

"And what are we doing here!?!" You whispered harshly at her.

"We have good intentions (name)" Rio stated to you. Your gaze shifted to the fox owner.

Finnally you sighed knowing that you weren't going to get out of this one. "Fine, whatever."

Rio and Shadow smiled a little and turned to Obito.

"We just have one question for you Obito." Rio started looking at the boy.

Obito seemed to be on guard and catuious just in case you three would try something. He didn't know
what you were planning and he just

wanted to make sure he was ready if you three were going to attack him.

"Do you know Uchiha, Yazu?" Shadow finished by asking.

You glared at the two not knowing that they were planning this. 'Oh they are so going to pay for

Obito looked like he was thinking and finnaly he replied. "Not personally but I know who he is."

"What did you know about him." Shadow pressed further ignoreing your piercing gaze. If looks could
kill she would have died over 100 times.

"He betrayed our clan. He became a rouge shinobi but he claimed he only did it for the good of the
village. One day he went out and didn't return

for a month and when he did return he said that the village was safe for he killed someone who was
planning on attacking the village. Later we

found out he just went insane and the person he killed was not planning on attacking the village.
When he was going to be interigated he

committed suicide and that was it." Obito wrapped his story up and looked at the three of you
questionably. "Why do you want to know?"

"Just curious." you snapped as you stomped out of the room and toward your own. Night had already
jumped on your shoulder and was

clinging on so he did not fall.

"That was all we needed to know." Shadow said quietly as she too headed for her own room, Yuki
trailing behind her.

Rio let out a sigh and grabbed the tray that was empty. Uta followed her back into the kitchen.

Obtio blinked trying to figure out what had just happend.


"Stupid Shadow." you muttered out bitterly as you laid on you futon glaring holes into the ceiling.
Night had retreated to his perch allowing you

to your own thoughts.

"I didn't want her to do that but no.....she always must go to the extreme to get what she wants. I
swear if she ever tries that again I'll kill her."

once again you muttered as you twirled a kunai in your fingers.

"I didn't need her to do that. I was doing just fine on my own."


"Hey koi!" A year younger version of yourself called out as you ran to the entrance of the

Silver-blue eyes looked up only to lock onto your own (color) ones.


~End Flashback~

You blinked your eyes to rid yourself of the memory. Right now that wasn't helping you in the least

"Koi, I'm so sorry that I couldn't help you that day." you whispered as a silent tear slipped down
your face. You stopped twirling the kunai and

held it firmly in your hand.

It would be just so easy to end it all right now. End all this silent pain that you have been
suffering for the past year. All the sleepless nights. All

the rainy days that you had no one to hold you to keep you warm from the sky's salty tears. No one
to help keep the darkness away.

Slowy for every day that passed since that tragedy you could feel your heart breaking into tiny
little pieces. Pieces that were so small no one

would be able to put them back together.

"Love can survive anything is what you said......." More silent tears dripped down your face leaving
streaks behind and ever so slowly you

brought the kunai closer to your throat.

"So easy to leave this world behind and join you......." You doubted that even your friends could
save you. The dam that was holding back all the

emotions, the pain and suffering finnally cracked.

"They said they didn't mean for your death to happen......" How could they not tell he, Uchiha, Yazu
was crazy? It's so easy to find signs and yet

they didn't notice. They did't notice until he had said that he had taken a life. A life that you
wanted so desperately to save.

"I wasn't able to save you that day......." That day you were unable to save the one person you
cared for most in the world. The one person who

saved you and chased away all your fears. Your most precious person.

Tears continued down your face as you dropped the kunai and put your hands up to cover your eyes,
maybe to even stop the waterfall of tears.

But it was no use, they continued to flow at even a faster pace than before.

"If only I knew how to control my power that day!"


Obtio stood outside your room. His face saddened when he heard you crying.

Walking down the hall he stopped at another door where he heard muttering that sounded like Shadow.

After a momentary stop he continued until he reached the kitchen where he saw Rio and Uta.

Without even turning around Rio knew that Obito stood in the doorway. "Come please, have a

Obito was surprised for a second but nodded and sat down at the now clear table.

As Rio was finsihing putting the dishes away, Uta was curled up in a ball but still kept her focus
on Obito.

"May I ask....." Obito did not finish for Rio but him off by holding her hand up.

"You are wondering what connection that we may have with Yazu correct?" More of a statement than a
question but Obito nodded none the less.

"First I have to go back to more than a year ago................"


A younger you, Shadow and Rio were walking back to the temple after collecting herbs.

"It's getting dark. We should hurry." Rio stated looking at the sky.

Shadow nodded as did you.

"Yea, let's hurry."

The three of you started to run when you noticed a young boy about a year older than yourself at the
edge of the path.

As you got closer you noticed his dark blue almost black hair sprawled out around him for it was
long. You would have mistaken him for a girl if

you did not notice that he was wearing a muslcle shirt.

~End Flashback~

"........That day we found him. His name was Atamakabu, Katsu. He was separated from his cell who
was eventually found dead but he narrowly

survived. (name) treated him back to health and slowly but surely they grew closer than we had
thought. Soon we realized that they loved each

other so much we thought they were destined to be together but fate always has its ugly


Rain poured heavily from the sky. If you were not careful it would bring you down to the ground with

Dark clouds covered the sky as lighting grew to be the only light and the thunder mixed with the
pounding of the rain drown out any other noise

that dared to be heard.

"Shadow! Rio!" You called out trying to find them.

Earlier an intruder broke into the temple causing the three of you and Katsu to fight the intruder
who called himself Uchiha, Yazu.

Somehow you manged to find the duo and ran over to them being careful not to trip.

Both Rio and Shadow looked to see a figure running toward them and almost sighed when they noticed
it was you.

"Are you two alright!?" You asked in a yell trying to be heard over the noise all around you.

Both Rio and Shadow were injured. Uta, Yuki and Night were no where to be found and you feared for

Both Rio and Shadow gave you a weak smile trying to stop the bleeding. Both you could also tell were
running low on chakra. Even though

Shadow had a large amount it seems she now was down to her last bit.

Hearing the sound of metal against metal you turned to see Katsu fighting a man with black hair and

"KATSU!!!!!!!!" You exclaimed running over only to be thrown back by him.

"(NAME)! IT'S NOT SAFE HERE. RUN FOR COVER!" It was too late though.

Pain coursed through your body and when you looked down you saw a katana through your stomach. The
sight made you want to throw up and

you almost did.

You could hear the sound of Rio and Shadow shouting at you and finnaly you felt the blade come out
of your body which only fell limp there


Katsu caught you as you fell after he quickly evaded one of Yazu's attacks.

Looking up into silver-blue eyes you gave a weak smile. Katsu quickly took you over to Rio who set
to work on healing and Shadow tried to help

as much as possible.

Katsu continued to fight Yazu, evading, attacking, evading, attacking.

As the battle coninuted though a flash of lighting struck a nearby tree which fell onto Katsu.

As you saw this your eyes widened. "KATSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rio held you back and Shadow slowly tried to stand up.

Katsu did not move as Yazu approched him laughing insanely.

All three of your eyes widened as you saw everything happen in slow motion.

The blade came down striking Katsu directly in the heart.

Shadow's eyes flared up as she charged Yazu knocking him away. Rio went to help Shadow as you ran
over to Katsu.

As you neared him you were afraid he was dead. But when you noticed his eyes still slightly open
hope grew a bit bigger.

"Katsu?" you questioned as the tears came down your face mixing with the blood and rain.

Katsu's eyes traveled to your trembling form as you knelt down. He lifted his one free hand which
you took and brought it to your face.

"Don't cry Koi." he manged to gasp out. Because you were so close to him you were able to hear what
he was saying.

"Why?" was all you whispered.

Katsu gave you a small smile which you knew caused him a lot of pain. "Please don't
hurt.......yourself over on."

You could only nod as you leaned down and kissed him on the lips. When you pulled back you saw his
eyes were closed and his arm fell limp.


~End Flashback~

"...........Myself and Shadow drove Yazu away and that's when he returned to your village I believe.
After that night all three of us had heavy hearts.

We had lost someone dear to us and who was even more precious to (name)."

Obito was quiet for a few minutes. "I'm sorry."

"You have no need to be sorry." was all Rio said as she began to stand up but stopped when Obito
began to speak.

"I know this is stupid but why do all three of you have silver chokers?"

Rio smiled a little. "It's not stupid. The silver chokers represent the promise the three of us made
after Katsu's death."

Obito made an 'oh' sound and Rio took that time to leave, Uta following after her.


Shadow stood hesitantly at your door wondering if she should enter or not. Rio was behind her
knowing that in a way this was her fault as well.

Taking a deep breath Shadow said "Here goes nothing." and entered the room.

When the door opened both Shadow and Rio's eyes opened when they saw you had a kunai beside you and
streaks were no longer flowling down

from your eyes but the stains left behind.

"(name)!?!" Shadow rushed over to you and snatched the kunai away. You just looking at her

"(name) don't tell me you were planning......" Rio trailed off knowing that it was indeed true.

You just averted your gaze from their own.

"I was but didn't" was all you said.

Shadow glared at you but let it drop. "(name) I'm sorry for doing that alright!? Don't you realize
you're not only hurting yourself by acting this

way but me and Rio as well? We care for you like you're our own flesh and blood! The promise we
made...don't you belive in that anymore!?"

You turned your gaze to Shadow had tears streaming down her face. For as long as you knew her she
had hardly ever cried always being the

strong one for you and Rio. The rock that you needed when Katsu died.

"If you left us what do you think we would do?" You turned your gaze to Rio. Her eyes too had began
to water and finnally some began to free

themselves. "Rio.........."

"We made a promise that 'No matter what obstacles we will have to face, we will face them together.
We are sisters not of flesh or blood but of an

even stronger bond. Let these necklace symbolize that......'" Rio whispered quietly.

"I.....I'm sorry." You let you gaze fall to the floor in shame.

"Just don't try that again alright?" Shadow asked as she sat beside you and put an arm around your

Rio sat down next to you as well as she too put her arm around your shoulders.

"I promise I never will." you whispered.


The next day you sat outside on the front steps of the temple. You were enjoying the morning breeze
as it gently touched your skin. Night was

still inside which let you be by yourself that was until you heard a set of footsteps.

Opening your eyes your found your (color) orbs lock with obsidian ones.

"Good morning (name)-san" Obito greeted.

You looked up at him in a bit of confusion. Last time you saw him you weren't that nice.

"Why are you being nice to me when I acted so harshly towards you?" You asked in confusion.

Obtio merely smiled and sat down next to you.

"I know I cannot ever know how it feels to lose someone so close and dear to you but I can help by
saying that I am truly sorry for your loss."

The kindness and sympathy you felt behind those words made you think that it was really Katsu
talking to you and not Obito.

"Obito........" But instead of Katsu's name you whispered Obtio's instead. Maybe just maybe you
could learn to love again.

Katsu would not want you to live in pain and mourning over him, instead he would want you to be

Slowly, Obito leaned in and captured your lips in a kiss. When you registered what was going on you
leaned into the kiss returning the gesture.

Just maybe you could learn to love again.

Even if time cannot heal everything on it's own; there will be someone to help those wounds heal.
Someone who cares for you even if he has only

known you for a few days. Maybe; just maybe, things will be alright.



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