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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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What A Way to Enjoy New Years!
By _hazel_eyes_


A/N: This is my second fic and it takes place after the book
Dallas and Johnny are not dead. Yet Johnny still killed a Soc.
Declaimer: I don't own any of the characters only Victoria.
Summary: She was just a seventeen year old girl with no home life she lived by herself in the
streets of Los Angeles. What happens when she decides to leave her city to another? What happens
when she meets her match?
Fanfiction- Giving It All Up
Rated- M for Mid-Language and Sexual Content
Chapter 1- What A Way to Enjoy New Years!
My name is Victoria Simmons I'm a seventeen year old girl with long blonde hair and
pale blue eyes full of hurt and anger. I've been living in the streets of Los Angeles for the past
seven years. My Mom kicked me out of the house when I was ten it hurt me. It hurt me so much to know
that she always hated me and she hoped that I died in the street.
But now I see that she was nothing but a no good broad her way of making money was sleeping with
men. She would bring different men to the house some of them also tried to rape me before. She
didn't care she never cared about me she always said she couldn't wait till I was eighteen but that
changed till she had enough of me.
I never did nothing wrong I never did anything to her was it really my fault of being born? No it
wasn't it was hers not mines.
I sat there in a bar drinking I asked for another beer this was my sixth one I didn't get drunk
easily. I've never knew what my limit was but I didn't really care I just kept drinking.
``I think that's enough for you, Victoria!'' The bartender said his name was Davis I knew him for a
long time.
``Just give me another one please!'' I told Davis he just shook his head.
``No Victoria that's enough for you!'' He told me I rolled my eyes and looked away.
``Look Victoria, have you thought about leaving the city for a while?'' He asked me while he was
cleaning some cups.
``Yeah I have, I want to leave but I don't know where?'' I told him he nodded and looked down at the
counter. Then his face shot up that meant he came up with something.
``Hey I know this nice place in Oklahoma!'' He said I looked up at him I cocked an eyebrow.
``Oklahoma?'' I said under my breath.
``Yeah it's this small town called Tulsa a friend of mines owns a bar over there!'' He explained I
looked at him for a moment.
``Who's your friend?'' I asked him.
``His name is Buck Merrill.'' Davis said for some reason I wanted to laugh at his friends name it
just sounded weird to me.
``What kind of name is Buck Merrill?'' I said almost laughing Davis shrugged and continued
``If you want to go start off living over there I'll be happy to buy you a train ticket!'' Davis
told me I thought about a few more seconds and I guess I'll go since I'm getting tired of this god
damn city.
``Sure why not!'' I said Davis smiled at me and put the glass down for a moment.
``Okay well I'll give you money once my shift is over, why don't you get packing?'' He asked me I
nodded and got off the chair. Yes I was living in a bar Davis's brother owns the bar Davis just
works there. The bar wasn't just a normal bar it was also a motel I had my own room there Davis's
brother Alex let me keep a room to myself.
I walked up the steps and into the hallway I took out my key and opened the door to my room. I got
inside and went to the closet and got out a bag and then all my clothes and things I owned. I packed
everything that I could mostly important thing that I'll need. I walked over to my dresser and
opened the drawer and took out my switchblade I put in my back pocket just in case anything
Knock! Knock! Knock!
``Come in!'' I yelled the door opened and Davis came in he had his hands in his pockets.
``Here's the money!'' He told me handing me money I grabbed it from him and put it in my pocket. I
looked up at Davis and said thanks to him he just nodded I grabbed hold of my bag.
``So what's the place called again?'' I asked him I just wanted to make sure where I was going
``Tulsa, Oklahoma!'' He said I nodded.
``Well I'm heading over to the station, so bye Davis thanks for everything!'' I told him as I gave
his hug.
``No problem Kid, have a safe trip and don't get into any trouble like you always do!'' He told me I
laughed and nodded I wave good-bye and walked out before I left I gave Alex the key to the room.
I walked out the bar and into the street I thought about hitchhiking but maybe not such a good idea.
I don't want to get a ride from some pervert that's what happened to me last time. The guy wanted me
to do him a favor and I'm not that kind of girl I'm actually still a virgin.
The train station wasn't really that far that was a good thing I was finally leaving this damn city.
I wanted to leave for reasons I've had so much shit happen to me here and expedients many things
too. It was a good thing I had an opportunity to go to somewhere different I hope Davis is right
that Tulsa is a nice town.
I made it to the train station many people were outside and inside it was almost January everyone
was leaving for the holidays. I walked to the counter and bought my ticket I had to wait a few
minutes till the train was ready.
I walked in to the train and sat down next to the window I looked out and can see the city pretty
good. All those memories popped into my head every single thing that happens to me. Especially the
memory of my Mom the hurt feeling I got when she kicked me out of the house. I could still remember
the way she yelled at me saying that she never wanted to see me again and she hopped I died in the
The train began to move slowly and then a little faster I watch as we passed the city I watched in
till I couldn't see it anymore. I sat back and looked up at the ceiling I felt tired really tired I
felt my eyes slowly closing then I just knocked out.
``Miss… Miss… Miss where here Miss!'' I felt someone shaking me I opened my eyes and
saw an elderly man looking down at me.
``Where here Miss!'' He told me again I felt a little embarrassed by being woken up by some I didn't
know. I must of over slept I looked around and saw no one on the train I quickly got up and grabbed
my bag.
``Um thanks for waking me up, sir!'' I said to the elderly man he smiled at me.
``Your Welcome Dear, and have a Happy New Year!'' He said before I left I got off the train I
stopped. I thought about what the old man said ``Today's New Years?'' I thought to myself I
shrugged it off and walked.
I walked and decided to go to the restroom I walked straight to the mirror I looked at myself.
``Jesus Christ! I look like shit!'' I said out loud to myself I grabbed a paper towel and wet it to
clean my face.
Damn I should have taken in off the make-up I had on yesterday I wore make-up but not much of it. I
applied new make-up on me I looked better and walked out of the restroom. I headed out the train
station to outside I saw lots of people out hugging, kissing, and greeting others.
I thought about asking someone for directions to Buck Merrill's bar I saw a group of men. They
looked like about their late 20's maybe they would know where the bar would be at they looked like
they'd hung around there. I walked up to one of them he looked at me up and down.
``Can I help you Doll face?'' He asked me giving me a cocky smile.
``Yeah do you know where I can find Buck Merrill's bar?'' I asked him he looked at me and nodded he
started to give me directions. Then I left and headed over there I walked for like forty-five
minutes in till I saw a small building it looked about two-story big.
I walked up till I got closer I walked up the steps I tried to open the door but it was lock so I
knocked. Suddenly an ugly looking kind of guy with buck teeth opened the door he looked at me
``What do want Broad?!'' He asked me I looked at him as he gave me an awful mean look.
``Huh yeah well I'm here to see Buck Merrill!'' I told him he gave me a cocky smiled and
``While you're looking right at him!'' He said I looked at him with wide eyes ``He's Buck Merrill?
Wow he is on ugly motherfucker!'' I thought to myself I quickly looked back at.
``A friend of mine sent me here saying to come by over here to get a room for myself.'' I told him
he cocked an eyebrow.
``What friend of yours?'' He asked me ``Oh no shit stupid how is he supposed to know?!'' I thought
to myself.
``My friend's name is Davis Lawson he works at his brother's bar back in Los Angeles he clams to
know you!'' I told him.
``Then why didn't you say so? Come right in Darling!'' He said and opened the door wider I walked in
and saw only a few people. They were all drunk but knocked out on tables and on the floor. Buck
walked to me and handed me some key probably to a room.
``Here you go Darling! The key to your room.'' He said giving me the key I grabbed it before I left
he told me to head up stairs that where my room would be at.
I walked up the stairs and looked for my rooms it room number four of course I would find it. I
unlocked the door and walked in it was clean it's like no one had used it before I dropped my bag on
the bed. I looked around the room it had a bed, bathroom, TV, nightstand, small closet, and a desk
it was an okay room for myself.
I opened up my bag and got out my stuff I started to put my clothes away in the closet and draws. I
put my make-up in the bathroom and things for the shower I walked back and looked at the time it was
six' o'clock.
I headed down back to the bar a few more people where in the bar I went to go sit at the bar
``Can I get you anything?'' The bartender asked me.
``Do you guys have anything else besides beer?'' I asked him I didn't feel like drinking
``Sure we have Coke-cola and Pepsi an-``He said but I cut him off.
``I'll take a coke, thank you!'' I told him he smiled and went to get me my drink I looked around
the bar. I heard the door open and more people came in I face the bartender once he came back.
``Here's your Coke Sweetheart, enjoy!'' He said and went to go serve someone else I drank me coke
and saw Buck walking towards me.
``Got saddle in Darling?'' He asked me as he sat down next to me I nodded.
``Yeah!'' I told him he smiled.
``Well enjoy yourself for a while tonight we're having a New Year's party!'' He told me and got up
and left once I finished my soda I got up and walked for a bit.
I looked around the place I saw Buck flirting with a girl that didn't seem into him. Hey I didn't
blame her. I saw groups and couples dancing with one another I stopped walking and stood there for a
bit then I felt someone's hand on my ass.
``Hey!'' I yelled and turned to see a really drunk looking guy he tried to touch me again but I
pushed him away.
``Hey Baby how about you and me go somewhere on our own huh?'' He asked me in a drunken voice I
rolled me eyes at him.
``No thanks! Go find yourself another Bitch!'' I snapped at him like a dumbass he said okay and
walked to another girl. I shook my head and walked away from where I was at I stood somewhere else
then some bumped into me.
I looked at the guy he had dark, curly hair and blue eyes. He wasn't bad looking I notice he had a
scar that lead to his temple to his chin. And that made him look Tuff. He looked at me for a
``Hello there Doll face!'' He said in a sexy tone like I said he wasn't bad looking but I wasn't
interested in him.
``Hi!'' I said and turned around and walked but he pulled me back.
``I've never seen anyone like you before?'' He said I got out of his grip and looked at him he tried
to touch me ``Oh great! Not another one!'' I thought to myself.
``Hey look I'm not interested, okay!'' I told him but he didn't listen I pushed his off of me but he
kept trying in till some guy came.
``Shepard!'' He yelled the guy Shepard turn around and looked at the guy I got a better look at him.
I looked up at now that guy was handsome. He had an elfish face, with high cheekbones and a pointed
chin, and ears like a lynx.
His hair was almost white it was so blonde, his hair fell over his forehead in wisps and kicked out
the back in tufts and curled around his ears and along the nape of his neck. His eyes were blue
almost like blazing ice.
I notice him looking at me too just for a while it was like everyone was on pause except for me and
him. He looked away and looked back at Shepard.
``What do you want, Dallas? I'm busy at the moment can't you see?'' Shepard snapped at him Dallas
glared at him.
``We need to settle something so let's take it outside!'' Dallas yelled at Shepard he just laughed
and looked away from him.
``Like I said Dal I'm busy!'' Shepard told him and grabbed hold of my ass at this rate I got pissed
off and punched the guy. He fell to the floor and looked up at me he was furious.
``You fucking Bitch!'' He yelled at me he got up but stopped once I took out my switchblade.
``Come near me again and I'll kill your ass!'' I yelled him he began to laugh at me a looked at the
``Look at this broad! She is going to try to kill me! Oh my, my, my what I'm I going to possibly do?
You can't do anything broad I ain't scared of you!'' He yelled I started to feel even more angry I
really wanted to stab this guy to death but he wasn't worth it.
``You know what just leave the Broad! Let's go settle what we have to settle!'' Dallas yelled at
``I ain't got anything to settle with you Dally! I'm just going to leave, come on boy's let's go!''
Shepard yelled a group of guys came and followed Shepard out of the bar I stood there and watched. I
saw Buck come and told the people to enjoy themselves and ignore what had just happen.
I walked away I walked up to my room I didn't want to be down stairs anymore I walked into the room
and sat the bed. I sat there and thought about what had happen then lay down on the bed.
I looked at the clock it was eight-thirty in the night ``What a great way of enjoying New Years!'' I
thought to myself. I looked up at the ceiling for a bit then someone knocked on my door I got up and
walked and opened it. There stood Buck giving me a strange look.
``You alright Darling?'' He asked me I nodded that strange look of went away.
``Don't let dumbass Tim Shepard ruin your day! Come on go back down stairs and enjoy yourself Kid!''
He told me I looked down at the floor and sight and thought this dude is right. I can't let that
stupid guy ruin my New Years shit might as well go party for a bit.
I walked pass Buck and went down stairs more people where in the bar I walked down and saw Dallas
again. He was talking with some group of guys it looked like they were a gang. I walked to the bar
to get myself a drink this time alcohol I really needed a beer bad.
I took a big drink out of it and lean against the wall I watched as people talked and danced. A
really good looking guy came up to me and asked me to dance with him I agreed to.
All night I drank but not too much so I wouldn't get so drunk I did danced with several guys. Some
asked me if I wanted to go to their place but I shut them down some asked me if I wanted to get in
bed with I shut them down too.
A woman scram saying it was almost time for New Years to hit I looked up at the clock it was almost
time. People began to count I shook my head and began to walk away but all of sudden I slipped on
beer that was on the floor but I didn't hit the floor someone grabbed hold of me.
I looked up to see Dallas looking down at me he helped me back on my feet then everyone shouted
``Happy New Years!'' I starred at Dallas for a moment.
``Uh Happy New Years.'' He said then walked away I smiled a bit and decided to go up to my room and
get some sleep.
Okay that's the first chapter for my new story hope you liked it. Please review.
P.S. I know this really didn't show Dally so much but in the rest of the chapters he will. Because
well this fic is about him and an OFC.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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