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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Death and Denial
By DeeDee Turner


You ran blindly through Master Genkai's temple, had it always been so big? You didn't think so, but
then again, the fact that you were running with tears in your eyes might've altered your sense of
direction, or it could be the sheer anticipation of seeing him again . . .

About a month ago, the Reikai Tantei had been called (right in the middle of dinner, no less) to
Koenma's office through way of Botan. Yusuke, of course had been furious, especially considering
"diaper breath" had just come between himself and his dinner, and had argued about going for
sometime. Botan had been at the end of her rope, coming dangerously close to strangling Yusuke, who
was now stuffing his face and completely ignoring her, when Kurama stepped in.

He explained in that both, unfailing logical and polite way of his, that one, arguing was not going
to solve anything and that, it would probably be easier on all parties involved if they just did the
mission, and two, the mission might be important. This coupled with the gentle suggestion that, if
the Human World was in danger, so was their precious food, which Yusuke and Kuwabara were currently
fighting over, had him reluctantly agree to see the "toddler."

After that, it had just been a matter of finding Hiei, which was much easier said than done. To
cover more ground the group had split up, Kurama going to check his local haunts, (which, for all
intensive purposes, didn't exist) Yusuke following Kuwabara, (who they hoped might be able to sense
him) and Botan circling above on her oar. Naturally, when one is looking for something, it becomes
increasingly harder to find, and such was the case with Hiei.

Just when Yusuke, and the others, save for Kurama, who had an incredible amount of patience, were
considering leaving without him, which he surely wouldn't object to, Botan seemingly had an
epiphany. Reaching into a fold of her pink kimono, she pulled out a small whistle. Apparently, while
shopping with Keiko in the living world, she had come across a rather old vintage shop, and Botan,
being a devoted shopper, had dragged Keiko in, knowing, that great things often came in rusty

Among all the dust and rubble, there had been a whistle, the same one she now held, and she had been
unexplainedly drawn to it. Now she was glad for the odd urge to buy something that was generally
described as a "hunk of metal junk" by everyone who saw it. Both Yusuke and Kuwabara, were
skeptical, Kuwabara particularly, after all, how could a busted up whistle help them find the

To help alleviate their doubts, Kurama explained, that while the whistle was not created for demons,
it would create a high frequency sound that would be mildly painful to youkai ears. Hopefully, Hiei
would realize they were calling him, and he would come. Both the human and the half-breed grumbled
their agreement, before the latter realized that he could have been saved a lot of frustration if
Botan had remembered about this "whistle" earlier, that realization caused some very *ahem* choice
words to be thrown at the "grim" reaper, who was defended by Kuwabara, which eventually led to a
fight between the two friends.

This was the scene the black shadow himself flitted in on. Needless to say, he was quite agitated
by this point, after all, whoever heard of calling a youkai with a dog whistle. Both of the bakas
soon found themselves nursing large bruises from the hilt of Hiei's kantana. Thankfully, the,
seemingly, ever calm Kurama, managed to diffuse the situation before large amounts of bloodshed
could occur.

Soon enough, they had found their way to Koenma's office to get the details on their latest
assignment. It was fairly straightforward, some low-level demons had managed to find their way
through the barrier, and while they had not yet, the spirit world prince feared they would terrorize
and/or, otherwise cause the disscomfort of humans nearby.

Naturally, the fact that they were so low in power caused Yusuke to complain, and Kuwabara to do
his "heroic poses," which in turn caused Hiei to insult both of their intelligence, and once again,
the altercation was avoided by Kurama, who reminded them all of the fact that they had promised to
contact the girls about the details of the mission.

Using the communicator to contact the temple's own (one given to it after a request by Keiko, who
obviously wanted to be more informed about Yusuke's life) Yusuke explained the mission, avoiding
Keiko's worry and anger by telling her that the task was extremely easy and that she'd better "keep
his food warm." Several times, Kuwabara attempted to steal the compact device to assure the naive
Ice Maiden, Yukina, that he would be fine, even though she didn't appear to be worried. (Dee: That's
Kuwabara for ya' -_-; OD: Awww, I think it's sweet that he's so *ahem* devoted and she's sooo . . .
clueless . . . Dee: Anyway . . . )

To lighten the obvious tense setting, you made a few "If Yusuke died . . . " jokes, which didn't
seem to go over to well with Keiko, or Yusuke for that matter . . . maybe you needed some new
material? Nah, you assured yourself, it was the audience. At that point, Kurama, who realized your
horrible jokes were just a cover for your own concern, took over and explained the situation in
greater detail. After, once again, assuring everyone that they would be fine, and that the mission
would only take a few days, at most, he "hung up."

Now the girls, (You, Keiko, Yukina, Genkai, and eventually Botan) were no stranger to danger. (Dee:
teehee, I rhymed, I'm a poet and I don't know it, but my feet show it their- OD: *sigh* Please get
on with the story, the people reading have better things to do than listen to your babble. Dee:
*pout* FI~NE . . . ) Many times before, the boys had been pit against near impossible odds, and
managed to come through just fine, which is why, you all wondered why you were worrying so much over
a seemingly insignificant occurrence . . .

As the hours past, Keiko got increasingly more worried causing her to pace increasingly faster, to
the point where it almost appeared if she was sprinting back and forth. (Dee: Run Keiko, run! OD:
*glare* Dee: *whimper* Geez, guess it's that time of month again . . . OD: *growl* Dee: okay, okay,
continue, I got it . . . *mumbles* defiantly that time of month) You attempted to soothe her,
reminiscing over previous enemies that the tantei had, for lack of a better word, slaughtered, but
even you could see it was a half-hearted attempt, after all, how could you relieve Keiko of her,
seemingly, nonsensical worry, when you also had the horrible feeling that something terrible was
going to happen.

After assurance from Botan that the fact that the team had not yet come back was no reason to
panic, both you and Keiko managed to drift off into an uneasy sleep. You hoped, and almost expected
Yusuke to wake you up in the morning in his usual fashion, a bucket of water to the head, but, alas,
it was merely the smell of Yukina's delicious cooking that tempted you from your slumber. (Dee: Poor
you! Having to wake up to the smell of delicious food instead of the feeling of ice-cold water being
dumped on your head! OD: Please tell me. . . . you're not serious . . . -_-; Dee: Poor, naive,
little OD-Chan! I'm never serious! OD: That clears everything right up . . . Dee: Are you being
sarcastic D-Chan? OD: No of course not, why would I ever do something like that? *please note the
sarcasm, people* Dee: Oh, okay then, back to the story cadets! OD: I'm not even going to ask . . .)
The next few days past in much the same fashion, and Botan, herself, was getting increasingly
worried, as well, (even though she tried very hard to stay strong for you and Keiko, who were the
most broke up about all this.)

A week soon passed, and Botan's reaffirmations that they were fine, seemed to become even more
hollow. Eventually, you were called into Koenma's office (where you had been only once before) where
he explained the situation. The demons had been killed, the corpses retrieved, but the detectives
had vanished, their rekai and youki were undetectable. No one knew where they were, and while it
hadn't been "officially" declared, most believed they were dead. You and the others (including
Shizuru who had also been called in) all blanched at this. Dead? Dead? Surely not Yusuke, who showed
incredible strength both in power and in will. Not Kuwabara, who, underneath his "goofiness" had a
heart of pure gold that shone through when his friends were in danger. Or Kurama, the ever clever
fox, who played the part of, both, the peace maker and the enigma. Or even Hiei, the youkai who,
despite being a fire-demon had an incredibly cold nature, one that immediately dissolved into mush
when Yukina so much as looked at him.

They weren't perfect, at times they seemed down-right unbearable, but you loved them anyway. They
had always been there for you and now, they were gone? You couldn't believe it, they wouldn't leave,
not now. Yusuke had yet to settle down with Keiko, something you knew he always wanted to do (even
if he had a funny way of showing it). Kuwabara had yet to "win over" Yukina's heart, or to go to the
college his sister had always wanted him to go to. Hiei, he had so much to gain, to learn, would
Yukina never know who was her brother? More importantly, could she deal with the truth if it
extinguished the last hopes of them becoming a family?(now that Hiei was "dead") Kurama, without
him, who would stop the rest of you from doing something stupid and getting yourself killed. . . who
would be the metaphorical "rock" for the rest of the world? No, you decided, they wouldn't let
themselves be killed, they had too much to live for. . .

That thought firm in your mind, you continued with your life, normally. Though you tried to hold
firm, the longer they were gone the more doubtful it seemed that they weren't coming back. Yukina
had held in most of her pain, letting only a single tear-gem fall as she had comforted the sobbing
Keiko, who had collapsed to her knees. Botan, also wanting to help, had gone to comfort them both.
Genkai and Shizuru had looked on with sorrow-filled eyes, Shizuru eventually coming to lay a hand on
your shoulder. At that you couldn't take it anymore, they WEREN'T dead!!! They COULDN'T be. . . so
why was everyone so sad?

You had avoided them since then, you were afraid that if you spent too much time around them, you
too would be caught up in the lie, for you were sure that's what it was. . . a lie. . . they
couldn't be dead. You did come by the temple every day, though, to see if they were back, because
you knew they had to come back. Each time, it was worse, Botan would look at you with something akin
to pity, and Yukina would touch your arm gently, as if you would fall apart should she dare to pull
you into a hug.

Keiko, you hadn't seen since the incident, apparently, she had holed up in her own room, her
parents feared she was becoming depressed. You didn't know why. . . they couldn't possibly be dead,
something else had to have happened. You were half tempted to go tell her this, but every time you
made a similar statement (that the boys were alive) you were just greeted with more pitying looks. .

Then one day, er. . . . night, when Keiko had finally been dragged from her room and into the
temple for some "bonding" (both Yukina and Botan seemed determined to "get over this" or at least
get Keiko "over it"). Botan had become fidgety, constantly zoning out, as she was usually the most
talkative, you were, rightly, worried. When asked, however, she simply replied with an innocent,
"nothing", and again picked up the conversation. Eventually, Yukina also appeared to be getting
distracted, although it was much less noticeable. You and Keiko (had she stepped back from her
desolation to notice) wrote it off as an in-human thing.

That's when the compact had started to "ring". You all stood stalk still as it did, that line was
connected directly to the boys. You had, of course, tried to use it to contact them, but all you got
was static, after Botan had tampered with it a bit, you all came to the conclusion that the tantei's
must have been destroyed.

Thankfully, at that moment Genkai came in, urging you to actually "answer" it. As none of you
moved, she sighed, muttered something under her breath, and "answered" it herself, but even she was
not prepared for the face, and voice, that greeted her:

A dark haired youth smiled, his brown eyes twinkling with an unknown mischief:

"Hey, Old hag. . ."

After the initial surprise and disbelief, which was still ongoing,

"Took you long enough, dimwit."

Kurama took over and explained what had happened. The demons were very weak, but oddly enough,
smart. They had combined human technology with demon "magic" and before they were completely (while
fatally wounded, they weren't quite dead) dispatched, the rouge demon/hackers had thrown them into
an alternate universe. The spectral interference had been what caused the static on the

When asked how exactly they got out (by Genkai) Kurama had smiled almost, sadly and informed them
that " It was too early for stories yet". When asked where they were (by a frantic you) He seemed
very reluctant to tell you, thankfully, Kuwabara murmured (quite loudly)

"Why don't you want her to know we're at the steps?"

Ah, good old Kuwabaka, you could always count on him to be a loud-mouth at the most inopportune
moments, or in your case, the best.
Due to the fanatic denial over their deaths that you had, oh so carefully, cultivated, you were the
first to react, and react you did, tears already streaming down your face as you ran down the
hallway in your 'Mr. Duckworth' pajamas. With each step you took, the road there seemed to be
longer, but eventually saw them. At that point, Hiei would be envious of your speed, as you tackled
all four boys in a bright yellow blur.

You were soon joined by the other girls, as they, too, greeted their "lost" loved ones. You
yourself, after hugging all of the team including Hiei, who, oddly enough, allowed you to hold him
for a second before he pushed you off roughly, were clutching onto Kurama, trying to stifle laughs
from watching Keiko, alternately, beat Yusuke within an inch of his life, and then hug him until he
turned blue. (Both of which seemed extremely painful.) Shizuru was called and informed of the
situation, as were Atsuko and Kurama's family(who conveniently thought that their boys were on an
extended trip for school.) Life was back to normal for you, the people you loved most were back, he
was back, and when you asked Hiei later, (out of pure curiosity, mind you) why he had allowed you to
hug him, he replied:

"Hn, baka onna. You appeared as if you had been ripped open and deposited of all your worth and then
sewed back shut. . . Even I am not above pity for such a pitiful creature."

But you knew that it was his own Hiei-ish way of saying he cared.

(Dee: Everybody say, awwwwww!!!! OD: Baka!! You ruined, what could have been, a good ending!
*smack* Dee: OWWWW!!!!! Why does everyone abuse me??? *tear* Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this,
remember I like long reviews! ^-^ Pretty please?? *pout* OD: She could really use the self
confidence boost. Dee: Thanks! Hey . . . wait a second-)


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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