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Life is something thats not to be wasted
By xmcr.fob.patdx


Gerard lay back on his bed, staring blankly at the white ceiling above him. He'd just gotten back from a date with his girlfriend, Kia, and things were going well, a little too slow for his liking but he'd wait it out he had a feeling this girl would be worth it. He rolled over and switched on the radio beside his bed, and the sounds of My Chemical Romance Cancer came rolling in filling his room. Gerard's mind wandered to thoughts of Kia. She had looked so gorgeous that night in her adorable little black dress and boots. With her short, shoulder length black hair and chocolate brown eyes.

Gerard sighed, he loved this song. His mobile phone rang suddenly jarring him out of his thoughts. He felt along the side of his bed searching for it.

"Fuck, where the hell is it?" He was forced to get up and look for it now. He founded it vibrating on the floor and picked it up. "Hellooo?" He said in a deeper tone then he meant to.

"Gerard!! It's Kia...*panting*...I can't--get the hell away from me!!"

"Kia? What is it? What's wrong?"

"He won't leave me alone!! You have to come quick!!" Kia screamed.

"Where are you?" Gerard was on his feet now, his heart racing.

"I'm down at the old theatre off of Central...please I can't--"

-click (the phone cut off)-

Gerard stood shaking listening to the dial tone on his mobile. Kia wasn't the type of person to joke around when she needed help, and she hardly ever called him on his mobile. He wasn't sure what to do, Kia sounded like she needed help desperately, but he thought he'd better call Mikey and take him with him in case there was any serious trouble.

Mikey looked up into Sarah's deep blue oceanic eyes and sighed, so beautiful he thought to himself. How had he been so lucky as to find such a wonderful girlfriend, he still couldn't understand it. Sarah held Mikey tight to her body, letting him snuggle into the nook of her arm as they watched 'The Amityville Horror' in a mindless daze. Mikey's jumped as he felt his cell phone buzzing in his pocket. He reluctantly sat and squeezed the phone out of his back pocket and flipped it open,

"Hello?" He said groggily and in an aggravated tone.

"Mikey I need your help...I don't-I can't explain it right now, but can you come over?" It was Gerard, he sounded distressed.

Mikey sighed, "Gerard, tonight is my date night with Sarah...I can't."

"Please Mikey! It's Kia, I think she might be in trouble..." said Gerard whining. Mikey looked over at Sarah, and Sarah shrugged her shoulders, "its okay...I'll come with."

"All right...we're coming."

Mikey and Sarah pulled up to Gerard's house not ten minutes after getting off the phone with him. He was outside already, smoking a cigarette he came rushing up to them when they got out of the car.

"We gotta go to the old community theatre on Central, that's where Kia is, we need to go now!" He belted.

"Hold up Gerard, how do you know she isn't just faking or something...playing a prank on you?" Sarah asked folding her arms.

"Kia isn't like that...she wouldn't ask for help unless she really needed it. She sounded really freaked out...I- we can't just wait around here, she could be in serious trouble. It sounded like someone was chasing her and then her phone went dead. We need to leave now!"

"All right, all right...let's go," Mikey shooed Gerard into the back seat and they drove off heading for the theatre. Gerard sat in the back wringing his tie, his face wrought with concern. Sarah looked back at him,

"It'll be okay man...I'm sure she's fine."

"She didn't sound fine..." Gerard mumbled

"Do you think we should pick up Frank or Ray in case there's some big trouble?" Mikey asked not taking his eyes off the road.

"We could have them meet us there," Sarah suggested as she took out Mikey's cell phone from his pocket and grabbed a quick kiss.

Gerard rolled his eyes, did they have to do that in front of him? Sometimes he didn't mind, but he was in no mood to deal with their antics at this given moment. They pulled up to the theatre and waited in the car for Frank and Ray, ironically they were hanging out and both wanted to come along. Gerard couldn't stand waiting in the car for two reasons, his mind was reeling with what might happening to Kia, and Mikey and Sarah were making out in the car steaming up the windows. He was pacing in front of the theatre, smoking a cigarette wondering how they would get in because the front was locked.

"There's gotta be could Kia have gotten in the first place...?" He skimmed around to the back of the building and found that the back door was ajar, and he slipped inside.

Inside the theatre it was dark and damp, Gerard couldn't even see two steps in front of him. He kept close to the wall, feeling along it for balance, he felt strangely dizzy in the dark. His fingers ran into something warm and wet, he brought his hand up to his face to smell whatever it was that his hand was now covered in. The door swung open just then, pouring in luminescent moon light into the theatre. Gerard whirled around in alarm and found Frank, Ray, Mikey, and Sarah all staring at him.

"What's that on your hand man?" Frank asked coming closer, but then stopped and jumped back, "What the fuck man? You're bleeding!!"

"What?" Gerard looked down at his hand and sure enough it was nearly coated in blood, but it wasn't his blood he knew that for sure. He looked all around him trying to find the source, but at the same time not really wanting to know who it belonged to. There was a trail of blood starting at the wall and then trailing down onto the floor like a crimson river.

"Keep the door open, somebody," Gerard instructed as he walked carefully along the blood river. He stopped as he came to a door where the blood seemed to be coming from.

"Don't open it man," Frank warned.

"Kia could be hurt..." Gerard said slowly as he placed his hand on the doorknob, but before he could turn it he heard a blood-curdling scream from somewhere deeper in the theatre that nearly made his heart stop.

Gerard went sprinting off in the direction of the scream, but caught his foot on something and ended up toppling end over end down some unseen stairs. He could hear the boys calling after him, but he couldn't stop himself from falling the stairs seemed to go on forever. He rolled and collided violently with a concrete wall at the bottom of the stairs, knocking him out instantly.

"Gerard!! Where'd ya go man?!" Frank shouted into the darkness, but the only reply he got was a dead silence.

"Did anyone bother to bring a flash light?" Ray said clinging to the door.

"No...We weren't planning on reacting a scene from Scooby Doo." Mikey jeered folding his arms.

"I've got one in the back of the truck," Frank sighed and left, and returned promptly with a rather large flash light. "I've only got the one, so we need to stick together." They all nodded in agreement and set off into the dark.

"Ouch, that was my foot!" Ray yelped.

"Sorry," said Mikey. They all shuffled together in an odd shaped huddle, keeping as close to Frank as they could who was at the head of the pack shining the way in front of them. Frank stopped suddenly,

"What the hell?" Mikey hissed

"Shhh...I hear something," Frank whispered.

“It's the sound of our impending doom?" Ray joked.

"That's not fucking funny," Sarah replied.

"Shhh, no listen!" Frank insisted. They all listened intently, nearly holding their breath. The sound was faint at first but little by little it sounded as though it was getting closer, the sound of footsteps, quick footsteps.

"Who is it?" Ray exclaimed. "Shut up!" Mikey hissed. The steps were nearly upon them and had been accompanied by quick panting breaths. Something or someone knocked Frank flat on his back, sending the flash light flying off into the distance, Mikey went scrambling for it.

"GET IT OFF ME!!! GET OFF, GET OFF!!!" Frank screamed. Mikey frantically shown the light in Frank's direction, the light was shaking, a blind mind could sense the fear in the room. And there clutching for dear life onto Frank's shirt was Kia. Knee socks torn, shoes missing, and cuts all over her arms and legs that where oozing blood.

"" She whimpered. Frank stopped squirming almost immediately once he saw who it was, and held her to stop her from trembling.

"Kia...what's wrong, what's happening?" Sarah asked bending down to her.

"He won't stop..." She cried.

"Who? Who won't stop?" Sarah asked

"The man in black"

"Who?" Mikey asked coming closer to them.

"The man in the black mask...when I came home from my date with Gerard...Gerard! Where's Gerard?" Kia asked frantically as she got to her feet.

"We...uh...can't find him at the moment," Ray explained.

"We gotta find him...we gotta get out of here!"

"Tell me more about this black man," Frank insisted.

"No....he isn't black, he wears a weird disfigured black mask...and black clothes. He's been chasing me all around this stupid theatre with a sledge hammer!" Kia explained.

"A what?" Sarah exclaimed.

"A sledge hammer," Kia repeated.

"Why the fuck would-" Sarah began but was abruptly interrupted by the most disturbing sound any of them had ever heard. The sound of cold, hard, metal against wood, scraping and clawing like a mad rabid animal rending at its cage. Kia began whimpering and clawing to get away from Frank who was still holding her.

"What is that?" He asked still clutching her.

"It's him!!" She cried. Kia bolted from her spot and went sprinting off into the night. "Anyone think we should follow her?" Sarah asked backing away in the direction that Kia had just fled. "All those in favour?"

"Aye!" They all said in unison and went running off following the sound of Kia's frantic footsteps.

When Gerard awoke, he felt as though his brain was on fire, and that his head had been locked in a vice. He stared up blinking into darkness, and it took him a moment or two to remember where he was, and why he was there. A violent clanging noise sprang out through the room he was in, and he bolted upright clutching his head. Gerard looked all around him, to try and find the source of the noise, but all he found was a bleak oblivion of black.

"Hello?" He called out, but no answer was given to him. He shakily got to his feet, still holding his head and began feeling along the wall for a light switch of any kind. He shuffled along, running his hand along the cool cement of the wall until his fingers came upon a switch or a lever of some kind. He griped onto it and flipped it up, but when the lights came on and he could clearly view his surroundings he was very sorry that he had.

Kia was sprinting as fast as she could, hurdling herself to a place she didn't quite know where but she could hear the guys' footsteps behind her and this gave her comfort. Her mind had wandered causing her to run face first into a door in front her. The boys ran into her, and they fell like dominos onto the floor.

"What the hell?" Ray bellowed, who was obviously on the bottom of the dog pile. "Door," Kia moaned, rubbing her forehead. Sarah pushed Frank off of her and went up to the door and opened it revealing a flight of stairs.

"Where do you think it leads?" Sarah asked looking up.

"Don't care, as long as it's away from that psycho," Kia declared getting to her feet. "Agreed," Mikey nodded as he and Ray both got to their feet as well. Mikey went up first as he still had the flashlight, and the rest followed behind closely. Mikey stopped when he got to the top of the stairs and shined the light all around, from what he could tell it looked like the audio visual room. Maybe they would be safe here until they could get some help.

"It's all right," he said looking down at them. "I think we'll be safe here."

"Mikey, you're so brave," Sarah cooed as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Get a room!" Frank hissed as he pushed past them. They all sat down on the floor, putting the flash light face up in the middle of the floor.

"We need to find Gerard," Kia said suddenly. They all looked at one another, as if picking each other off deciding who should go. "We can't just leave him out there with that guy out there!"

"Look Kia, I'm all for rescuing him but in case you haven't noticed none of us are that well equipped to handle such a situation given our current state," Ray explained.

"Mikey!" Kia cried trying to find someone who would agree with her.

"I'm with Ray on this one," Mikey declared.

"Mikey!" Kia exclaimed in astonishment, "He's your brother!"

"Yes, and he's a big boy he can take care of himself."

Kia stared at him with pure astoundment, "I can't believe could you Mikey!"

"I'll go," Sarah said getting to her feet

"No! No fucking way am I letting you go out there ill equipped!" Mikey said jumping up.

"I'll go with her," Frank sighed as he too got to his feet. "We'll bring Gerard back, and then we'll get the fuck out of here."

"My, my, my Einstein what a fucking brilliant plan! And just what, pray tell, are you planning to use to fight off that bastard out there? Are you going to use my girlfriend as a human shield should he try to swing a fucking sledge hammer at you!!??" Mikey exclaimed wildly.

"No, I think I'll just use this," Frank said as he walked over to a glass case that held an emergency fire axe. "Look if we need help we'll start screaming and then you'll know to come and find us." Sarah and Frank began to make their way over towards the door, but Mikey stopped Sarah,

"Be careful, love?" He kissed her.

"All right enough of the lip locking...let's not keep Gerard waiting," Frank said making his way down the stairs, Sarah soon followed.

"Wait! Take this!" Mikey tossed the flashlight down the stairs, and Sarah caught it. "Try and find the lights while you're down there, okay?"

Sarah nodded and disappeared into the darkness.

At first Gerard wasn't sure what it was he was looking at, but as his eyes refocused and he could clearly see what it was he staggered back in horror. There, hung onto a meat hook, bound and gagged was Bob, his eyes were closed and he wasn't moving a muscle. Gerard skimmed over to him and began shaking him, fearing the worst. He went around to the back of Bob and loosened the knots that bound him. Bob fell lifelessly to the floor and Gerard bent down and slapped him violently. Bob shuddered a little and then finally opened his eyes, he looked all around him his eyes finally resting on Gerard. He had the most priceless 'what the hell' look about his face. Gerard tried not to smile and untied him. He let Bob take off the masking tape that was firmly wrapped around his head, Gerard backed away slowly sighing.

"What the hell man?" Bob said finally as he crumpled up the tape into a ball and tossed it aside.

"You tell me man, I have no fucking clue what's going on...I came here because Kia was...I don't know really, I got a call from her, she said someone was chasing her around here. She sounded crazed so I brought the boys and we're here to find her. Last thing I remember I was slumming down the stairs cos I heard her screaming."

"Wow," Bob said slowly.

" you tell me how you got here."

"Couldn't tell ya, last thing I remember was having a drink with a few buddies of mine and then everything went black and now I'm waking up here...where are we by the way?"

"That old creepy community theatre on Central," Gerard replied. "Can you walk okay?" "Yeah I think so," Bob got up slowly, and after a little hobbling and wobbling he was ready to go.

Sarah and Frank were scanning the rows upon rows of seats searching for Gerard, keeping their eyes and ears open for any sort of brewing horrors. Sarah was picking at a thread bear seat, watching the crimson thread unravel itself and she looked up suddenly to see a dirty, rusty sledge hammer coming hurdling end over end straight at her. Her eyes grew wide, she didn't even think to dodge it as the brunt dull head collided with her chest like a wrecking ball through a brick wall. She flew several feet before she landed near the stage, Sarah's chest felt like it was caving in, she could feel that her chest plate was broken, and it felt as though shards were digging deeper and deeper into her heart with each breath she took, it was agony. She wanted to call out for Frank, but even the mere thought of opening her lungs that much to yell was torture, she could feel blood bubbling up through her oesophagus like water in a boiling pot, blocking her air passage.

"Sarah, NO!!!" Frank cried. He started to make his way down to her but stopped as he laid eyes upon the most horrid nightmare he had ever seen. He was walking towards Frank, dressed in black from head to toe and while his head was cloaked Frank could still make out his horrid mask. Frank didn't need to think a second longer as to what he needed to do, he lifted the axe above his head and chucked it as hard as he could at the man. Frank smiled at the momentum he had given it, but his smile soon faded as the man caught the axe at the handle with one hand and slung it back at him.

Frank dodged it, but the axe still caught his shirt, pinning him to the wall.

"Sarah go! Run! Get on your fucking feet and run!" Frank cried. The man was coming towards Frank, and he tugged at his shirt breaking free and went sprinting off into the back of the theatre, rounding back alongside the back row and then went sprinting down the left side of the theatre trying to get to Sarah. But he fell back when he nearly collided with the man. Frank crawled back away from him, pawing at the seats for support. The man reached down and grabbed Frank by the neck and hoisted him up into the air, high above his head. Frank was kicking and flailing trying to remove the iron like grasp on his neck. And then, as if Frank weighed nothing more then a half pint, the man chucked him off to the side colliding into a row of seats, almost ten rows back.

The man turned his attention to Sarah who was still alive sputtering on the floor. He went over to Sarah and grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and began dragging her up the stage steps, placed her down, and then went off behind the curtain. Sarah couldn't see what was happening, she'd lost the flash light after she'd been hit all she could hear was the man's shuffling lazy steps and the occasional clang of metal. The man came shuffling back, he had something in his hands but Sarah couldn't tell what it was. The man set down a metal box next to him and opened it and removed four large metal spikes, then went back down off the stage and returned promptly with his hammer.

Sarah whimpered, choked on blood, and then it flew up and splattered in her face. The man took Sarah's left hand and stretched her arm out and then placed one of the spikes point down in the palm of her hand, he then took his hammer and in one hand started tapping at the head of the spike. Sarah's grimaced, she couldn't move but she watched the spike being slowly driven into her hand, inch by painful excruciating inch. Sarah wanted to cry out, but blood flowed from her mouth instead. The spike was nearly half way through her palm when the man stood up, Sarah couldn't think of what to expect next.

"Hail Mary, full of grace The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of death," And as the man said death he rose his hammer above his head and slammed it down onto the spike. Sarah screamed, her body twitched. "Amen," The man finished, and then went around to Sarah's other side, with another spike ready in his hand. Sarah's hand was crippled and blood had splattered everywhere.

It was Sarah's scream that woke Frank, it was Sarah's scream that brought Kia, Ray and Mikey down from their perch, it was Sarah's scream that alerted Gerard and Bob, and it was in Sarah's scream that the man found the most sickening pleasure.

Kia tip toed to where Frank was laying, being extra careful in keeping down low to where the man couldn't see her. She tugged at Frank's trouser leg and he sat up.

"Remind to thank Gerard for a lovely evening." He said sarcastically.

"Shh!" Kia hissed and continued pulling him back towards the doors that led out of the main house. Mikey was at the door holding it open, but watching it wide eyed horror as Sarah was literally being crucified. The man was on his knees next to Sarah's right side, then suddenly got to his feet, and then he spoke,

"Our father, who art in heaven; hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil," he swung the sledge hammer above his head and brought soaring down onto the spike. Sarah cried out again, louder this time. Mikey could almost feel her pain.

"Mikey!" Kia hissed, she was already half way back to the a/v room.

"We can't leave her!" Mikey declared in a hush.

"If we stay here we'll suffer the same know Sarah wouldn't want that for you. So let's go now while we have the chance." Frank hissed.

"AMEN!!" The man cried, Sarah was nearly sobbing now. Mikey watched still as the man brought Sarah's feet together and began drilling down another spike. "Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection into eternal life," he brought the hammer down, and this time Sarah didn't cry out. "Amen."

"We have to help her!!" Mikey sobbed. Kia ran over to him and grabbed him, yanking him out of the theatre house.

"Help me, help you god-dammit!" Kia slapped him. "Right now the only thing we need to worry about is surviving...agreed?"

"Agreed?" Chimed Frank who was sitting on the floor, his ankle slightly busted and his shoulder bleeding. Mikey sighed and nodded.

"They'll be a time to mourn Sarah, but it is not this time," Frank said, trying to sound a bit consoling. "Let's just get back to the a/v room."

Bob and Gerard finally made their way out of the basement, and began shuffling around backstage searching for a way to turn on the rest of the lights.

"Why don't you check around the front, while I keep on back here?" Bob suggested.

"Yeah all right," Gerard nodded and parted his way out of the sea of curtains. No sooner had Gerard fought his way out to the stage then Bob had called after him,

"Hey I found them!" Light flooded all around them, and Gerard nearly threw up when he saw Sarah stone, cold, dead and nailed to the floor. Bob came bustling out of the mass of curtains smiling at his accomplishment but stopped dead when he saw Sarah.

"What's going on here?"

"I don't know but we need to find the others now!" Gerard barked and jumped down off the stage and up the aisle with Bob just behind him.

Kia, Mikey, Ray and Frank all sat around in a circle in a fearful silence.

"It's funny..." Frank said suddenly.

"What is?" Kia asked.

"Waiting around to die."

"No it isn''s fucking depressing," Mikey snapped.

"Hey, don't bite my head off just cos your girlfriend's dead!" Frank piped back.

"She wouldn't be if you had helped her!"

"I did!! But that bastard out--"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" Kia howled. "With you two fighting the way you are you might as well have put a blinking Vegas sign outside that says Kill Us!! shut up...Sarah's death was nobody's fault but the fucker who killed her, end of subject!"

There was a sudden shuffling of feet outside and everyone froze. Ray got up and went straight up to the door,

"May I ask who is there please...?" His voice was shaking.

"Ray!!!" Kia, Frank and Mikey hissed.

"Ray?" Said a voice from the other side of the door.

"Bob?" Ray whipped the door open and there was Bob and Gerard standing at the head of the stairs.

Kia ran to Gerard and jumped into his arms knocking him on the floor.

"Hey baby," He smiled.

"Can we take it inside please?" Ray pleaded. Kia and Gerard got to their feet and Ray shut and locked the door.

"So what the heck is going on?' Gerard asked as he took Kia in his arms, holding her close. "Kia' baby, what the'd you get here in the first place?"

"Well it after you took me home..." Kia began.

--Flash Back--

Gerard walked behind Kia as she ran up the steps to her apartment. Kia was looking damn fine tonight, it was all he could do not to maul her on the stairway landing right then and there. She stopped outside the door, and turned around to face him.

"Tonight was fun," She smiled. Gerard leaned into her, pressing his hand on the door,

"We could make it even more fun, ya know?"

"Gerard! You are positively prime evil...I'm a lady you know."

"I don't even believe that...c'mon now...I've been a very good boy, and I think I deserve a reward." He was now inches away from her lips. "What do ya say?"

"Good night," Kia kissed him, and went inside.

"Aww c'mon baby, if I've been a bad boy maybe you should spank me!"

"Good night Gerard!" Kia called through the door. Gerard shrugged and left her doorstep, and began to make his way home.

Inside of Kia's apartment, she didn't even bother taking off her boots and went straight for the freezer and grabbed her bottle of Vodka and poured herself a tall cool glass.

"That boy," She smiled and took a sip. She went into her bed room and dropped her glass almost instantly. There in the corner stood a tall man, dressed entirely in black with a grotesque black mask with curved pointy horns,

"Woman's face with nature's own hand painted, hast thou, the master mistress of my passion; a woman's gentle heart, but not acquainted with shifting change, as is false women's fashion: An eye more bright than theirs, less false in rolling, gilding the object whereupon it gazeth; a man in hue all 'hues' in his controlling, Which steals men's eyes and women's souls amazeth. And for a woman wert thou first created; till Nature, as she wrought thee, fell a-doting, and by addition me of thee defeated, by adding one thing to my purpose nothing. But since she pricked thee out for women's pleasure, mine be thy love and thy love's use their treasure," with each word he spoke he took one step closer to Kia, and Kia took one step back.

"Look Shakespeare...I don't know how you got in here, but you'd better leave now!! My boyfriend is due back any minute!" Kia screamed.

"Aw now, it isn't nice to's a sin," He lunged and her, quickly pulling out a chloroformed soaked cloth and smothering her mouth.

--End of Flashback—

"And then I woke up here..." Kia finished.

"Whoa..." Gerard sighed, "So a prayer reciting Shakespeare loving, sledge hammer wielding murderer?" Gerard said stroking his chin.

"Looks like it?" Kia shrugged.

"We need plan you guys," Frank butted in from the floor, "We need to get the fuck out here."

"How are we gonna do that when that creep is out there?" Mikey exclaimed.

"Aw c'mon, there's six of us and only one of him...err...five and half, sorry Frank," Gerard protested.

"Funny," Frank jeered.

Numbers won't do any good if we can't see where we're going, we left the flashlight downstairs," Kia added.

"What are you going on about?" Gerard stepped to the side and flipped on the light switch, "We've got power!"

"How did you…where did you?" Frank stuttered.

"Backstage dude, just before we found...Sarah," Bob explained watching Mikey wince at the mention of Sarah's name.

"Well that settles one problem, but it still doesn't change the fact that that creeps out there wants to murder us in a slew of prayers! We haven't got anything to defend ourselves with!" Kia added.

"He's just one man, Kia'."

Yeah, a one that can through Frank half way across that theatre!"

"True story, man," Frank half smiled.

"Then what Kia? You want us to just sit around here waiting to die?" Gerard was getting angry now.

"No, that's not what I'm saying...I'm saying that we should come out with a better plan then just setting out there saddles blazing and running for our fucking lives!"

"Well I don't see you coming up with any master plans!" Gerard barked.

"Hey cool it guys! This isn't the time to loose our heads!" Ray interrupted.

"No pun intended," Frank smirked.

"Frank!" Ray snapped, "How about a bit of process of elimination?"

They all nodded.

Okay, then does anyone know where the nearest exits are?"

"All anyone familiar with the building at all? Does anyone know where the closest ventilation system is?"

"Does anyone have a mobile phone?" Ray said clearly getting aggravated now.

"Oh!" Kia piped in, "Oh wait...I dropped it. Gerard where's yours?"

Gerard's eyes lit up as he began searching for his mobile in his pockets, but his expression soon faded to a look of disappointment.

"I think it may have fallen out when I fell down those stairs"

"Well then we'll go down and get it," Ray declared.

"What? There's no sense in all of us getting killed," Bob mentioned, "Why do we all have to go?"

"Yeah and someone needs to stay here with Frank...he can't walk too well," Kia added.

"ALL RIGHT!! Kia, you stay here with Frank. Bob, Gerard and Mikey will all come with me, okay?"

"Why does Gerard have to go?" Kia was clinging to him.

"No, no, no...The women and the wounded stay behind. But if you're able to walk and still have got strength in you, you're going, but if not you're keeping your ass here!"

Kia fell silent still clinging to Gerard, she'd only just gotten him back and now she'd have to let him go again with the possibility that he might not come back.

"It'll be okay babe, I will come back...I promise," He kissed her.

"Okay, can we go now please? The sooner we leave the sooner we'll come back," Ray had the door open already. Kia watched them all go reluctantly, and then sat down next to Frank feeling more on edge then she'd ever been before.

"So...since this might be our last night alive...ya wanna get it on?" Frank nudged her jokingly.


"It was only a suggestion!"

Ray, Mikey, Bob and Gerard all walked in a single file line down to the theatre house with Ray at the head, who seemed to have being giving the honour of leadership and was enjoying the power of it.

"So where is this basement you two were talking about?" Ray asked suddenly just before they went in through the door.

"Towards the back of the stage...where we first came in," Gerard explained.

"All right...well then, maybe you two should stay here and me and Mikey will go back and get it"

"Sounds good." Gerard nodded.

"Well of course it would to you." Mikey sneered.

"Look man, just grab it and run...nothing's gonna happen!" Bob insisted.

"Then what need is there to run?" Mikey shrugged and waltzed on into the theatre house.

"Look, if anything does happen run for the a/v room and barricade the door," Ray squeezed Gerard's shoulder, and he nodded. When Ray entered the theatre house he saw Mikey already on stage staring at a rather bloodied spot on the stage.

"Where's she gone?" Mikey exclaimed.


"Sarah! She was right here and now...where the fuck is she?!"

"Mikey calm down," Ray was on the stage now. "That's not why we're here dude."

"Fuck why we're here! I wanna know what that son of a bitch did with her!"

Ray sighed and went backstage and soon found the stairwell where Gerard had fallen down. He swaggered down the steps and sure enough there was Gerard's slim black mobile phone. He bent down and picked it up, but the ground seemed to be coming up to his face a lot closer then it should have been. He dropped to his knees, and he felt warm wet liquid oozing down his neck. The last thing he heard was a man's ragged breathing behind him and then the darkness took him.

Mikey knelt down and ran his fingers over the cold pools of blood, tears falling down into them. He'd make this man pay, he'd get revenge for his love no matter what it took. He stood up and went charging back stage, and down the stairwell, and nearly slipped in a pool of something dark and thick near the bottom but continued on. Mikey stopped dead when he saw him, standing there with his arms folded and a very smug look on his face.

"How very nice to see you."

Mikey's attention turned from him to Ray who was sitting slumped over himself in a pool of crimson blood, clearly dead.

"What have you done?" Mikey shrieked.

"I'm making things right."

He came towards Mikey, a power drill in his hands. Mikey bolted for the stairs but he caught him by the ankle causing him to fall face first into the dark pool at the bottom of the stairs that Mikey now knew it was Ray's blood. As much as he tried, Mikey could not get away from his firm grasp. He dragged him by the ankle over to where Ray was, tossing him into the pool of blood Mikey was now dripping from head to toe in blood that was not his own. He sat on Mikey's chest and pinned his arms down with his knees. Mikey was screaming and kicking but it was no use. He put the tip of the drill on one of the lenses of Mikey's glasses.

"Just say when!" He cackled.

"WHEN!! WHEN!! FUCKING WHEN!!!" Mikey shrieked as the drill buzzed on. "NO PLEASE!!" But all of Mikey's cries were no help, he could feel the drill bit boring down through his glasses, splicing through his eye and the thin layer of skin that wrapped around his skull, then perforated his skull with bits of bone flying everywhere. Mikey was going mad, he couldn't believe he was still alive, his screams fell on deaf ears even his own. All at once, Mikey stopped kicking, crying and cursing, accepting his death. At least now he and Sarah would be together.

Gerard darted his eyes up at the sound of Mikey's scream, he had been pacing in a rather impatient manner.

"That's Mikey!" He screamed and burst in through the doors. As he looked up at the stage, he saw someone who he'd never expect would have been behind all of this. There standing with a sledge hammer in his hands and the most sickening look of satisfaction on his face, was Matt Pelissier their old drummer.

"Matt?" He said slowly.

"Hello Gerard...I'm glad you could make it. And you brought Bob too, good, I was wondering where he had scampered off to."

"Matt what have you done with Mikey?" Gerard's voice was cracking.

"You'll find out soon..." Matt sneered. "Because now, it's your turn."

Bob and Gerard bolted from the theatre house heading straight for the a/v room. Gerard could hear Matt pounding behind them and then Bob screamed he didn't even look back. Gerard somehow ended up running past the stairway to the a/v room and he found himself in a strange room. But he didn't stop, he saw a low vent near the back of the room, the grate was slightly ajar. He slid to a stop running into the wall. He threw off the grate and climbed inside. Matt grabbed for his trouser leg, but Gerard was too quick.

"You're all that's left Gerard!! And then I'll get that girlfriend of yours and kill her too!!"

He obviously didn't know that Frank was still alive, but Gerard wasn't about to let him find this out. He had to get back to Kia and Frank.

"I'll get you!! You're only prolonging death, Gerard!"

Gerard continued to crawl through the vent, it had to be connected to the a/v room in some way, and hopefully he'd get there before Matt did.

Kia and Frank were playing thumb wars.

"Okay," She giggled, "One, two, three, four I declare a-"

There was a sudden Bam!! at the door. Kia looked at the door hesitantly.

"Who do you think it is?" She whispered.

"I don't know," Frank murmured. There was another Bam!! and then a crash from over head. Plaster and ceiling tiles came crumbling down along with Gerard.

"Gerard!" Kia exclaimed.


He coughed a moment and then got to his feet, "We need to get the fuck out of here now!"

"But how?" Frank asked as he was trying to get to his feet, Kia helped him up.


"That back door we went through when we first came, this vent leads all the way down to the stage." Gerard explained, then grabbed Kia and hoisted her up towards the opening. "Get up there now!" Kia scrambled into the vent and had no sooner turned around to the vent opening then Frank was being hoisted up as well. She helped him in and then they both helped Gerard up.


Matt had broken through the door just in time to see Gerard's feet scuttling up inside the vent. They started crawling in a single file line on hands and knees.

"I have no idea where I'm going Gerard!" Kia protested.

"Make a left up ahead." Gerard instructed.

"Ya know Kia', I can see straaaiiight up your dress." Frank laughed.

"Not the time or the place Frank." Kia snapped, and Gerard shoved him.

"So tell us oh pale hero of the night, who in the hell are we're running from?" Frank asked. "Matt." Gerard mumbled.

"Matt who?" Frank asked stopping a moment.

"Keep going!" Gerard pushed him along.

"Matt? Matt as in...?"


They continued crawling for some time, Gerard would give Kia an occasional word of direction until finally they had reached their destination.

"I think I should go out first," Gerard said sliding past Frank and Kia. "Just to make sure everything is safe and the I can help you two down."

Frank and Kia nodded and watched as Gerard knocked the vent grate off and it clanged to the floor.

"Hell man, could you be any louder?" Frank hissed.

But Gerard wasn't listening to him as he lowered himself down slowly around and out of the vent. There was silence for a moment, only the sound of shallow breathing could be heard.

"'s safe," Gerard whispered finally. Frank was helped out first. Gerard quickly helped him sit down near the door and then went back for Kia. Gerard grabbed her hands by the wrists and was just about to bring her down when he heard Frank cry, "GERARD!"

Matt had Frank by the neck and had him pressed against the wall while he pummelled into his stomach with his other hand. Blood dribbled from Frank's mouth and his entire body went limp. Matt stepped back, his hand still wrapped tightly around Frank's neck. Then tossed him to the side. He turned around and faced Gerard.

"Come and get yours!" He roared.

Gerard looked at Kia, "Stay here, and whatever as fast as you can and get the hell out of here."

Kia was quivering, "No I'm not leaving you," She breathed.

“You've gotta leave, now!” Gerard exclaimed.


He then turned and faced Matt, his fists clench, and the anger and hatred rising within him, he'd avenge the deaths of his friends and his brother...or die trying.

"Just you and me Matt...But let's do this the right way, no weapons, tools, or hammers of any kind. Just man to man."

"All right," Matt nodded and tossed away a knife, gun, and si daggers that he'd had hidden on him. "Come get me."

Gerard lunged at him, knocking Matt to the ground, then was brought to the floor himself. They were rolling around in a frenzy of punching, kicking, biting even.

Kia peaked out from the vent and then quickly hopped down. She kept close to the wall creeping over to where Matt had thrown his gun. She quickly bent down and grabbed it, keeping her eyes on the men. Kia then ran over to where Frank lay in a

heap on the floor. She shook him still keeping one eye on Gerard and Matt. "Wake up dammit!! I can't loose you too!!" She hissed.

Frank moaned, and Kia gave a huge sigh of relief.

"Not now, I wanna ride the pony," He mumbled.

"Sure...let's just get out of here first," She tucked the gun into the top of her knee socks and began hauling Frank over towards the door.

"Kia look out!" Gerard screamed. Kia had been so busy helping Frank that she didn't notice that Matt was coming at her with a dagger in hand. Then without warning Frank reached up and grabbed the gun from Kia and fire a single shot at Matt hitting square between the eyes. Matt dropped to the floor within two feet of Frank and Kia.

Kia was speechless, staring into the smoke trail of the shot that had been fired. Gerard came hobbling over to them and he took her up in his arms.

"It's okay baby."

"Enough of the gushy stuff!! I wanna go home!!" Frank cried.

Kia and Frank sat on the curb outside of the theatre while Gerard went across the street to the Quick Stop to call the police.

"Looks like it's all over." He sighed.

"Yeah." Kia whispered.

Gerard reappeared.

"The police are on their way," He mumbled.

Frank swayed from side to side, singing Early Sunsets Over Monroeville to himself.

"Please Frank, this is not the right time." Gerard sighed.

"Aww c'mon. If this was a movie they'd be playing this as the end credits were rolling!"

"Frank!" Kia and Gerard said in unison.

"So I guess this means sex is out of the question eh Kia?"



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