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Still Having Second Thoughts
By Xo-guitars-and-gerards-oX


Second Thoughts 2

Lydia's P.O.V

When I first met Gerard Way, I was working, as a beautician in a salon is New Jersey. It was a windy afternoon, and the salon was deserted. I sat tapping my knees, when he walked in. Weirdly enough, one of their songs `Welcome to the Black Parade' had just come on the radio.

I stopped tapping and I smiled at him cheekily. Yes, I was flirting. He smiled back, as we exchanged glances as he bought a bottle of Herbal Essences for his white bleached hair. It might have been because I was wearing the tiniest mini skirt that I had picked out. I'll never know

`Is that all sir?' I said, tossing my hair around. I'm a natural blonde, but in the winter it turns white, so I bleach them summer blonde.

`No' he grinned, `I would like to ask you your name'

I giggled like a kid as we exchanged names, where we lived, and our numbers. He seemed really interested in me, and hell-I was interested in him. The looks to die for, the band, and the money!

Within that month of dating, Gerard proposed to me, with a single diamond ring. He told me I was the one he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. I agreed obviously. I couldn't say no!

So that's where I am now. In my Elizabeth Emanuel ?250,000 dress in front of the mirror. But I feel wrong.

You see, I left four weeks to find a job in France, where I would be married in a chapel there. And yes, I did find a job. Not a nice job. The pregnancy test was still cupped in the palm of my hand. Must have been that guy when I went clubbing. Easy mistake to make when you're drunk, but how was I supposed to Gerard? Easy, tell him it's his; he'll never guess it.

So here I am in my dress, waiting for the car to pick me up. I toss the test into the bin and begin to cry.

Gerard's P.O.V

`You're pregnant?' I gasped.

Tandy was crying, blue crystal tears falling from her perfect aqua eyes. Her hand was resting on her stomach.

`I was going to tell you sooner Gerard, it's just I didn't want to get in the way of you and Lydia' she sobbed.

I pulled her over and hugged her tightly. I nustled my head into her wild black curls. I felt wet tears staining my shirt.

`You should have told me Tandy' I said, stroking her soft cheek. Tandy swallowed, chocking back tears.

`I know I just didn't want to get in the way' she said.

`You weren't getting in the way' I said, but turned as I saw Frank run out of the gates and up to us.

`You guys okay?' he said, as he spotted a tearful Tandy.

`Yeah, we're fine' I said. Frank nodded.

`But I am going to be a daddy' I added. Frank nearly fainted. He had gone quite a pale colour, but grinned from ear to ear. He picked up Tandy and spun her around.

`That's great, oh guys-that's amazing!' he said, kissing Tandy on the cheek, `obviously I'm going to be the great godfather?'

I laughed, but stopped as I remembered someone.

`Lydia' I muttered.

Frank stopped spinning.

`Come on Frank we need to go!' I said and started to run. Frank let go of Tandy.

`Stay here' Frank told Tandy, `don't move, we'll be back'

Frank caught up with me as we finally approached the hotel where Lydia was staying.

`Are you gonna tell her about Tandy?' he asked as we pushed though the hotel hall and up the stairs to the room.

`I have to!' I shouted as I banged on the door to her room. She called from inside. `Yeah I'm coming!' she shouted.

When she came out of the door, she gasped.

`Gerard? What are you doing here?' she said smiling sweetly. From her strained smile, I knew something was bugging her.

`I need to speak to you' I said, pushing her back into the room softly. Frank was nibbling at his lip, anxiously.

Lydia looked panic-stricken but nodded as she let us in. I sat on the bed next to Lydia. Her big blue eyes filled to the brim with tears.

`Lyd- don't be mad at me but…' I began.

`Me mad at you? Oh Gerard, what have you done this time? Slept with a fan?' she laughed.

Well, now come to think of it…

But then I catch something in the bin, pointy and blue. I jump up and scoop it out. I know what it is, and I feel faint.

`Wh…What's this?' I stumble back onto the bed. Frank has just caught my eye. He knows.

`Oh Gerard! I'm pregnant!' she grinned.

`What?' My voice cracks.

Lydia rolls her eyes.

`You and me equals baby, you know that! You and me are going to be parents! Isn't that great?'

I feel my pulse race, my head aching, and my hands shaking. Tandy and Lydia? How? I mean, I know how, but HOW?

Frank has made his lip bleed from nibbling it. He seems more shocked than I am.

`Am I the dad?' I asked her.

Lydia stopped laughing. Her face turned severe.

`Why of course? Are you calling me a slut?'

But her eyes don't seem to meet my cold glare. I don't feel so sure.

`No of course not!' I protest, but she still shakes her head.

`I know what you're thinking Gerard, you don't believe it. If you don't believe me, then why where you dying to get me to sleep with you? Practically begging!'

I shook my head to clear the thoughts of Tandy at the church waiting for me to say the wedding was off.

`I'm sorry' I said and kissed Lydia passionately. It felt wrong, but I needed her to be soft.

`Lydia, I wanted to say that, I don't want to get married yet, I want the baby first, then marriage' I said. Lydia nodded.

`Oh Gee, that's sweet of you thinking of the baby first' she said stroking my knee.

`Um… should I tell the guests about the pregnancy?' I said, my mind still thinking what to say to Tandy. Lydia nodded.

`Thankyou' she said softly and kissed my nose. I nodded and left her in the hotel room.

I was silent as I walked back up the hill to the church. Frank trudged behind me. I started to hum to `Famous Last Words' I hummed it when things weren't going too great.

Tandy was sitting on a wall. She jumped down when she saw me.

`Gerard, is everything okay? Have you told her?' she nibbled at her lip just like Frank did.

I felt like my heart had dropped into my stomach. I couldn't tell her. I'd have to tell her.

`She's pregnant' I muttered.

Tandy turned a ghostly shade of pale. She stopped looking at me and stared in the sky. Her hand stroking her stomach. I swallowed.

`Wedding's off though' I said. I saw a tear drip onto her top. Frank stood next to her; he pulled her close and hugged her. She was sobbing again.

I went upto her and kissed her. I didn't care if paparazzi saw me, this was important.

`Tandy, I won't leave you, but what am I meant to do? The baby is mine'

`Are you sure?' she mumbled, her face still on Frank's shoulder. He was rocking her back and forth like a baby.

`I am sure, she did sleep with me!' I said.

`But did she sleep with other men? Remember she did come for work in France, you know'

A blackening sickness filled my stomach. Maybe Tandy was right. Maybe she was lying to me, but until the baby came we'd have to see.

Lydia's P.O.V

Gerard fell for it. Yeah I feel evil. But he'll dump me if he ever found out the truth, and I don't want to lose all that.

Oh- what am I meant to do?

Tandy's P.O.V

I'm sitting on the bed on Gerard's tour bus, with my best friend sitting next to Mikey Way and me.

`Will my baby be second best like me?' I cried.

`No of course not, Gerard loves you so much- you actually saved his marriage!' Mikey said.

`Yeah, you saved him' Ash put her hand on my shoulder.

`But what if he hates my baby?' I shouted. Mikey laughed.

`He's going to love the baby! He loves babies!' Mikey giggled and put his arm around me.

`Soft Arse' I giggled tearfully

`And I'm gonna be the brilliant uncle to two babies so yeah, I am excited, so are the rest of the guys, we may need to have a break for a bit- but its okay!' Mikey put his arms around me. He stared at me through his glasses. I smiled.

`Thanks Mikey, you've made me feel better' I said hugging him.

At that moment Gerard burst through the door with Lydia. His face was covered in lipstick. Lydia looked drunk, flouncing around in a see through top and a mini skirt. Gerard looked uneasy.

`Um…Lyd, time for bed, no more vodka for you' he grinned uneasily, looking at me.

`No, unless its with you, then yeah' she giggled drunk. She stopped when she saw me.

`Oh hello? What are you doing here? What's your name again, um, Candy, Sandy?'

`No, it's Tandy' I said, twizzling my hair around my finger. Lydia snorted with laughter.

`Tandy what kinda name is that? Gewwie, why is she here?'

Gerard looked at me, then back at her.

`She's staying with us for a bit' he said, his eyes focused on mine. His eyes were so gorgeous! That's what I loved about him.

`Oh' Lydia snorted again, `Gewwie, where's the wine?'

`Lyd, no- what about the baby?' Gerard said, grabbing her wrist to stop her hunting for the sins.

Lydia stopped.

`Come on, its only like-one drink!' she snatched the bottle of Gerard. He snatched it off her again. I sniggered.

`No health of my baby is going down the pot!' he sounded severe. To think he used to be addicted to alcohol and drugs. It must have been hard for him.

Lydia stomped off. `Fine!' and she flung the bottle, merely hitting my head, but smashing on the window next to me. She stomped off into her room and closed the door. Mikey started to picking up pieces of glass. I felt wet trickle down my neck, a piece of smashed glass had cut my neck.

`Oh Tandy you're bleeding' Mikey gasped, `Let me get you a flannel and some ice'

He was soooo sweet! I grabbed his shoulder.

`Mikey it's okay, I'll be okay!' I smiled sweetly.

Mikey nodded and blushed.

`Right…um… so I'm gonna go to bed now-so I'll see you in the morning Tandy' he stammered.

`Oh okay- night night Mikey' I blew him a kiss. He blew one back. When he'd gone Frank barged through the door.

`Home!' he bellowed. Ash jumped up and flung her arms around his neck, and they kissed passionately.

`Hey Candy Tandy' Frank grinned when they pulled away. Suddenly we heard Gerard and Lydia arguing in the background coming from the closed doors.

`What's going on it there?' Frank asked.

Ash shrugged but suddenly grinned, `But I think Mikey has got a soft spot for Tandy!'

I felt weird as Frank looked at me, `Is it true?'

I stammered, `I don't know- he's being nice that's all!'

I glared at Ash, who giggled none stop.

`Nice as Mikey nice or Nice as in Kinky nice?' Frank pulled a face. I turned a deep shade of red.

`I love Gerard' I hissed, `He is the babies dad!'

`He is the father' Frank said in a hissing Darth Vader voice.

`But it doesn't mean you don't love him if you fancy Mikey!' Ash whispered.

I felt like erupting. I held my stomach as I breathed in.

`I don't love Mikey!' I growled.

Frank put his arm around me, `Aww, come on Tandy, we were only joking! Come on!'

I was still a bit pissed off at them, but at least the arguing had stopped. Gerard stepped out of the room, and closed the door. He took a big breath out, and collapsed on the sofa next to me.

`You okay?' he asked me, `Lydia cut you?'

I rubbed my neck. The blood had dried up. `I'm fine, Mikey helped me' I said. I stared into Gerard's big beautiful brown eyes, to see they were staring back at me. A big grin spread over Gerard's face, cheeky and sexy.

`I love you' he said, and started to pucker up. It was risky, but I wanted to let Lydia see us. I kissed him. It was like the first time we kissed, passionate, like thousands of sparks going off inside you. I opened my eyes halfway through the kiss. It looked like Gerard was concentrating on the kiss, his face all screwed up, and his eyes closed. I giggled in mid kiss and spluttered. Gerard jumped back.

I covered my mouth, `I'm so sorry Gerard!' I laughed.

`What was so funny?' he laughed.

I told him about his weird expressions. He giggled.

`You do the same' he said.

`You've been watching me?' I gasped.

He laughed again, `Well you watched me!'

I shoved him with the pillow, he shoved me back again, and we all shoved each other. Frank and Ash had gone now (probably to bed together) Mikey was in bed, Ray was playing Guitar Hero with Bob in the other room and Lydia was in her room, singing to `Ghost of You' It was time for some Gerard and Tandy time.

Gerard rested his hand on my stomach and stroked it.

`I'm fat' I moaned, resting my hand on top of his.

`No, you're not. You're beautiful' he kissed my nose.

`Not as much as Lydia!' I said. I rolled off Gerard's knee and ignored him.

`Come on Tandy!' He pushed me softly.

`What, you choose her all the time!' I groaned.

`No I don't!' he said, shoving me.

I stood up and looked at Gerard. I faked a yawn.

`I'm going to bed Gee, see you tomorrow' I yawned. Gerard stood up and pulled me into a tender kiss. I couldn't help but enjoy it.

`Night Tandy' he whispered.

`Night Gee Gee Gewwie!' I said in a fake American voice like Lydia. He laughed as I left him to go to bed.

Mikey's P.O.V

Well…you're probably gonna think this is so stupid. Tandy doesn't like me, she likes Gee. But I like her. Lots.

Oh, I feel so weird around her, speaking to her, like I have no feelings whatsoever. But I admit it, I like her. I liked her the first time I saw her, so did Gee. You could tell. But who couldn't! All of the guys looked like they liked her! Her long ebony hair, big blue eyes, and her dimples when she smiled. Gerard thought she looked like Helena!

But when I see her craziness floods through my head. I want her.

Gerard's P.O.V

I wake up in the same bed as Tandy. Oh no!

She tosses over. `Gee, is that you?' she mumbles, still half asleep. I crawl out of the bed. I was only in a long top and my underpants. Tandy opens her big blue eyes.

`Wait, don't leave me' she whispers. I turn and see her smiling at me. She looked beautiful, even though she had just woken up. Like a tired angel.

`Gerard why were you in my bed?' she mumbles, as she turns over in her black curls.

I couldn't remember why, but I missed her soft musky smell and the smell of her powdered cheek. I loved her so much.

`I wanted to, is that a problem?' I laughed. Tandy shrugged. Then yelped.

`Its kicking!' she said, resting her hand on her rounded stomach. I felt an overwhelming feeling flush through my veins. I cupped my hand, shakily and put it on her stomach. Nothing.

Then. A Nudge. Then nothing, then another nudge. My baby was inside her, kicking. And I felt a wave of happiness, which I had never felt before.

Mikey popped his head around the door, and burst my bubble. He always comes in at awkward times!

`You okay?' he mutters. It looks like he's only just got up.

`Painful, but okay' Tandy giggles nervously. Mikey nods.

`Kicking?' he asks, spotting my hand on Tandy's belly.

Tandy nods again, `You wanna feel uncle?'

Mikey looks reluctant, but nods again and comes over to the bed, he crouches down next to me and rests his hand on her stomach. Another kick and Mikey's face lights up.

`Aww gee! You guys are gonna make great parents! MCR will have to have some time off though!'

`That's okay' I said, `its for parenthood, and I don't wanna miss my baby growing up'

`No, no! It's okay' Tandy replied, `MCR must go on!'

`No Tandy, we're gonna be parents together' I said. Tandy rolled her eyes.

`What about you and Lydia?' she pointed out, sarcastically.

I groaned, `Not again Tandy, this baby is important to me, as much as Lydia's!'

Frank poked his head through.

`HEY!' he screamed and ran upto the bed. He gasped.

`Let me!' he shouted, and put his hand on the stomach. He grinned when the baby kicked.

In the end, there was Mikey, Frank, Ray, Bob, Ash and me all feeling Tandy's stomach. Bob rested his hand on my shoulder.

`You go Daddy!'


Gerard's P.O.V

3 months later

You know at Christmas, when you want this toy so badly, you wish and prey for whatever it was, and then-whoop- you get it on Christmas. Well that's how I'm feeling about Tandy.

I wanted so badly to meet her that night when she came to the concert. Then there was the luck of her crashing her car into mine, and me ending up taking her back to the hotel room. Then it was brilliant when I went back to her apartment, and we shared passion. Oooh, thinking of her kissing me makes the hair on the back of my neck tingle. But being a father is what I need to complete me, I've always wanted to be a dad, stop the wild ways of Gerard. And that's happening.

But it's not only me wanting to be a dad!

`Ash, come on!' Frank said, `Why don't we be parents?'

Ash rolled her eyes and pushed Frank away from trying to grab her.

`Frankie, unlike you I'm not a sex addict!' she laughed, pulling him into a bear hug. He pretended to choke, but ended up on her lap. She sat stroking his head, as he snuggled into her.

Lydia came through the door, in a floaty white dress and sandals on. She eyed the lovebirds and came over.

`Oh Gerard, I can't wait to be a mother! What shall we call our baby?' she came over and perched on my knee. She came in for a kiss, and practically ate my face! Tandy came through the door, in baggy black jeans and a Green Day shirt. She stopped when she saw me kissing and coughed.

I broke away, `Hey Tandy' I said awkwardly. Tandy nodded at me, then turned away into the bedroom, bursting into tears. Lydia looked at me.

`What's with her?' she sniggered. I pushed her off my knee and went into Tandy's room.

She was lying on the bed, flat and crying into the pillow. Bellowing, and I felt unforgiving guilt.

`Tandy?' I came over and sat near her legs, `Tandy, are you okay'

I heard her cursing with frustration.

`Why won't you tell her!' she sobbed, `Why? If she was a true girl she wouldn't be mad, it was a mistake!'

`No it wasn't! What we did wasn't a mistake, it was love, and I feel love for you!'

`You mean love of making out, or love as Frankie and Ash love!'

`Frankie and Ash love! I don't like making out-well-I do! But that's not the point! I love you Ash, and when I tell her, I need you with me!'

Tandy wiped away tears frustrated.

`I need you Gerard' she whispered, `You've made me so happy'

I felt my lips press against hers. She played with the hairs on the back of my neck. I put my hand on her waist.

`Gerard…what the hell!' a voice screamed parting me from Tandy. I turned to see Lydia.

`Lydia' I said shakily, `It's not what you think! I've been meaning to tell you!'

`That you've been seeing that slut!' She screamed, tearing me away from Tandy. She smacked her around the face, and punched her in the eye. Tandy screamed in pain, but kicked her hard in the shin. The girls were screaming so hard. Frank ran in.

`What the hell Gee?' he said pulling Tandy away from Lydia. I held onto Lydia, still kicking and screaming.

`Don't you hurt my baby!' Tandy screamed, and fled out of the room with Frank.

`You got that-slut-pregnant!' Lydia screamed and slapped me hard around the face. I felt my cheek flush.

`Lydia calm down' I said calmly. She was banging her fists on my chest crying hard. She suddenly stopped.

`At least the baby isn't yours!' she shouted and pointed at her stomach. But then she stopped and covered her mouth.

`Gerard, it isn't true!' she cried.

I felt a hot tear go down my red cheek. I wiped it away.

`No, its true isn't it? Don't lie Lydia!'

Lydia sighed, `It was a mistake Gerard Baby! I was drunk- I was stupid!'

I felt anger go through me, `Whore'

She stopped crying. `Fine, Jackass, you've got your slut you can't have another one' and she got out her suitcase and stuffed in all her clothes. And that was the last time I saw her.


Tandy's P.O.V

`Oh Gerard' I mumbled.

Gerard was sitting on the bed, his head in his hands. I think he was crying, because he was making small sounds.

`Oh Gerard' I said again, sitting next him and stroking his bleached hair. He moved next to me, and rested his head on my chest. He stroked my knee, and looked up at me, with bloodshot eyes.

`What did she do to you' he said, stroking my scratched cheek and touching my black eye. I flinched.

`It looks worse than it hurts' I said. Gerard smiled.

`You can't fool me Tandy' he shoved me. I shoved him back. Then he sighed and pulled me into a hug.

`I won't let her hurt you, I can't let you get hurt like this again!'

We sat on the bed, Gerard rocking me in his arms like a baby, when Ash came in.

`Has the witch gone?' she laughed, then stopped when she saw my face.

`God! Did she do that to you? Dear God! The evil cow, are you okay now hun?'

I nodded softly. Ash came to sit next to us.

`You know what, you guys make a great couple!' she smiled.

Frank peeped from around the door.

`Has she gone?' he whispered. Ash laughed.

`Come here you big lump, she's gone now!'

Frank breathed a sigh of relief and ended up on Gerard's knee.

`Hi Santa' he said in a childish voice.

`Frankie get off!' Gerard shoved him off, and onto the floor. Frank protested. I just loved him when he played the kid!

Ash and Frank then had a major kissing session on the floor. I made puking noises, as they sat eating their faces off. Frank sat nibbling her bottom lip as she stroked his waist.

`You guys gotta quit that' Gerard laughed, `its enough to put us of our pizza!'

Frank pulled away, `What? Pizza! Yay! I won't snog Ash any more!'

Ash shoved him, `You always put pizza before me!'

`So? Pizza's nice!'

So we ordered the pizzas. We ordered a large cheese and tomato for me and Frank (The pizza addicts) and the rest of the guys and ash had their own toppings

When Frank came in with pizzas I screamed and began to eat, like I was a starving wolf

By the end of the night, I had eaten three quarters of the cheese and tomato and probably two slices of everyone else's. As I sat back on the back on the sofa, patting my stomach, I felt proud to be a girl with a good appetite. Frank didn't think so.

`Awww..that's not fair!' he groaned.

I belched like a man, `Well I'm eating for two now! And I guess you were too slow!'

I belched again only louder

`That's deafening! Do it again!' Ray clapped.

I belched and I couldn't stop laughing after it.

`You man!' Mikey laughed.

`Sorry!' I giggled. Gerard poked me in the stomach.

`Fat!' he laughed. I shoved him.

`Do that again and I'll burn your comic books!' I said. His finger was that close to my stomach, but he took it away quickly.

`You wouldn't!' he said shocked.

`She would!' Ash said, `She burnt the head of my Barbie's!'

I laughed, `Its fun being evil!'

And that night I snuggled next to my dream man in our bed. No Lydia and nothing to spoil our love.



Gerard shook his head.

`No this cannot be happening to me!' he groaned.

There on the front of cover of The Sun was a semi naked picture of Lydia, looking flirtatious but with puppy dog eyes.

Tandy came rushing in. `Look what's in the paper!' she shouted.

`I know!' Gerard paced backwards and forwards.

`That's why everyone was giving me evils!' Tandy said biting her lip.

`What am I going to do?' Gerard screamed, `This is a load of Bull!'

Tandy pulled him close.

`It's okay- has she mentioned the pregnancy and lying to you?'

Gerard pushed her away.

`She's twisted it all!'

`Gerard don't be mad!' Tandy said, `Just chill!'

`I can't bloody chill! I have got my ex fianc? posted on the front of my hated magazine spreading things about me!'

The guys ran in. `Have you seen it!' they said.

`Yeah! Oh course we have!' Tandy moaned.

`What are you going to do?'

Gerard sighed, `I dunno what to do any more!'

Ash came running in, `Have you…'

`YES!' we all screamed.

`The bitch!' Ash glared, `Wait til I see the blonde bimbo and I'll knock sense into that airhead!'

Frank laughed, `That's my girl tough as nails!'

Gerard was still pacing up and down.

`True fans won't leave us, they'll just believe Lydia to be the evil cow she is!' Gerard said.

Mikey sniggered, `You've changed your words'

`How would feel if you were used, huh?' Gerard loomed over Mikey.

`Sorry bro!'

`Mikey's got a point you know, Gee- True fans stuck with you through your problems' Tandy said, grabbing Gerard's arm and turning him to face her. She looked into his eyes. He couldn't quite make it, `I did'

Gerard sighed again; `True!' and he made eye contact and took a deep breath in. We must face this, we're My Chemical Romance!'

`Yeah!' Frank cried. They all looked.

`Moment over Frank' Bob pushed him.

`Ouch! I'm pregnant you know!' he said, rubbing his stomach.

`Men can't have babies you ass!' Ray laughed.

`Remember when Gee…'Mikey began but Gerard did a running tackle and brought him to the floor.

`Hi brother!' Mikey screamed happily.

`Mikey don't you dare or in one second you won't be able to feel your arm'

`…When Gerard thought babies came from men and walked around with a water balloon up his shirt in school'

Everyone was laughing. Gerard was sitting on Mikey protesting as everyone mimed him.

`And it popped on Miss Mourning and she gave you a month detention!' Mikey ended still laughing.

`Not funny Mikey, at least I didn't wet myself dissecting a frog in Science! That was a great lesson!'

Frank rolled his eyes, `I'm a veggie, remember?'

`Sorry Frank' Gerard said, `But at least I didn't wee-wee!'

By now Tandy was looking through the windows, `Gerard, the paps are here'

`Ooh let me see!' Frank rushed upto the window and stuck his middle finger up at them. Tandy pulled him down.

`Frank!' She hissed, `No fingers!'

`Sorry!' Frank hissed back, `You were so much nicer when you were not pregnant!'

`Sorry!' Tandy hugged Frank. Ash came over to the window.

`Wow lots of paps!' she waved through the window. Tandy tugged at her again.

`You're as bad as Frank!'


Tandy sighed, and looked at Gerard.

`Just tell them to piss off!' he shook his head.

Ray ended up going and telling them to go away- nothing is going on with Gerard and Tandy. But they stayed there for another ten minutes.

Gossip 6-with Darla Doable

`You thought they would be a perfect couple a match made in heaven, an ex alcoholic and drugs rock star with an ex page three girl- but another girl got in the way. Gerard Way, lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance has split with short-term fianc? Lydia Waters. We've got an exclusive interview with a very shocked and heavily pregnant Lydia.

Darla: So Lydia its lovely to have you here but not for a good reason, you've told The Sun that Gerard had dumped you for a fan he met on their `Black Parade' tour, is this true.

Lydia: (starts to cry) Yes its sadly true.

Darla: Lydia is it true that you are five months pregnant with Gerard's first baby?

Lydia: (Still crying) Yes, it was all a mistake-I thought he loved me-but he wasn't true!

Darla: I'm so sorry to hear that! Did you think Gerard would ever do that to you?

Lydia: (blows nose and acts innocent) No! I never expected Gerard to do something like that! I thought he loved me (cries) I thought he loved me.

Darla: Is that other girl younger than Gerard?

Lydia: (angrier) Yes! Of course she is! Gerard is one of those guys (sarcastically) who likes the younger ones! She's called Tandy Davis and if anyone knows her-you should hate what she's done to me (flashes stomach at camera)

Darla: Okay-Lydia- what happened when you found out?

Lydia: (crying) Well I came into the bedroom, they were kissing and that `Tandy' started to hit me, I thought she would kill my babies, then I found out that Tandy was pregnant! And Gerard told me to leave (floods of tears) so I had to! It was like he never cared for it (strokes stomach)

Darla: Have you got anything to say about the fans of My Chemical Romance and Gerard?

Lydia: (looking stern) Yes, listen kids! Go listen to some proper music, club dance mixes, pop, and everyone who thinks they have a chance with Gerard, forget those dreams, he's got his Tandy.

Darla: Thankyou for being with us Lydia- take care.

Lydia (sniffing) Thankyou.


`What the hell?' Gerard shouted.

Tandy covered her mouth in shock. `Oh Gerard that-slut!!!' she spat. Gerard groaned and rested his head in his hands.

`Where are my fags?' he muttered. Tandy tossed him his cigarettes. He pulled one out, lit it and inhaled. He blew out again. Then stubbed it out on the carpet.

`I can't smoke around you, I don't wanna damage the baby!'

Tandy started to shake, `I don't care-everyone thinks Lydia is a sweet little princess; no one is going to believe me! They're all going to think I'm evil!'

Her hands shook as she grabbed the packet of fags. She pulled one out lit it but couldn't drag as Gerard had hold of her wrist.

`You can't! I won't let you'

Tandy started to cry. Being pregnant had made her very emotional. She tried to stop. Gerard wrapped his arms around her.

`Don't cry-it's not your fault! It's mine!' his voice was crackling with emotions.

`No I shouldn't of got in your life Gerard! I shouldn't of parked my car into yours!'

`Well I shouldn't of let you come back home and fall in love with you! But I did'

Tandy faked a little smile. `Gerard, you need to get your life back on track and it won't with me here! Just let me go!' Tandy pulled her wrist out of Gerard's grasp.

`No I won't let you go!' he grabbed her back again. She slapped him. Then gasped.

`Gee I'm so sorry! So sorry!' and started to cry. Gerard rubbed his cheek.

`It's okay Tandy' he replied softly. Tandy threw her arms around Gerard. Frank came into the room with Ash.

`Have you seen what's on the news?' Ash swallowed. Frank had his arms around her waist.

`Yes' Gerard replied weakly, `We've seen the scum'

Frank tried not snort with laughter, but failed. Ash hit him.

`Frank this ain't funny!' she said poking him in the stomach. Frank yelped but was quiet for the rest of the conversation.

`What ya gonna do Gee?' Ash came to hug Tandy.

`We gotta tell the truth' Tandy said, `you need to do a publicity speech!'

Gerard shook his head, `Not without you!' he grasped her hand.

`Or we could just settle it over a coffee?' Frank suggested. For once Frank was being smart!

`Good idea!' Gerard said, `Nice one Frankie!'

Frank danced a little jig. `Oh yeah go Frankie Man!'

Gerard picked up his cell phone and dialled her number.

Male Voice: Hello?

Gerard: Err… whose this?

Male Voice: It's Tim

Gerard: Tim? Who's Tim?

Tim: Listen… They're nothing going on with Lydia and me!

Gerard: Yeah- where's Lydia?

Tim: (sound of female voice in background `what? Let me have it!') Here she is!

Gerard: Um… Lydia

Lydia: Gerard why the hell are you ringing me!

Gerard: It's about the lies on television!

Lydia: (evil laugh) Oh Gerard- when will you ever learn? You can't mess with Lydia!

Gerard: We need to speak!

Lydia: About what? You made it clear you didn't want me!

Gerard: How about having a coffee and a meeting? We could go to starbucks tomorrow?

Lydia: Can't sorry! Tim and me are having lunch together!

Gerard: Please? We need to speak!

Lydia: (sigh) Tim Baby- can I go with Gee? For a coffee? (Mutters of Tim) He said yes-I'll meet you at Starbucks tomorrow?

Gerard: Right- see you their Lyd.

Lydia: Gerard?

Gerard: Yeah?

Lydia: DON'T call me Lyd!

Tandy was sitting with her head in her hands when Gerard stopped speaking and hung up.

`Meeting her tomorrow-you better get changed out of the pyjamas!' Gerard laughed, he seemed to of cheered up.

`No I rather like these pyjamas I'm going to stay in them!' she snapped back.

`Whoa! What's up with you?' Gerard kissed her cheek, she swatted him away.

`I don't want to go with your ex fianc? to a coffee when she's just spread all these wrong stuff about me! And if we do get into a fight, I don't want to lose our child!'

`I won't let you get hurt, I promised you that!' Gerard pulled her arm and made her sit on his lap.

`Please come?' Gerard begged, his big brown eyes sparkling.

Tandy sighed, she couldn't give into Gerard's eyes, and no one could!

`Fine I'll go- but I'm staying in theses pyjamas!' she got off Gerard's knee and pulled on a pair of slippers.

`You ready yet?' she said, as Gerard was changing into jeans and a casual top.

`Yeah, ready as I'll ever be!'


Gerard's P.O.V

I'm in Starbucks, surrounded by people gazing at me, taking pictures and whispering. I've seen people pointing at Tandy (who decided to come in her ducky pyjamas!) and yet the girl I needed to speak to is not here yet.

Then, there she is… standing in the doorway, holding shopping bags and coming to sit down. I notice her long blonde locks have been cut into a spiky bob and dyed dark brown.

`Hello!' she says, beaming at one of the cameras. Then stops as she sees Tandy.

`Gerard you never said…' she replies angrily.

`Sorry, but this thing needs to be sorted!' I said, `Sit down!'

`Let me order a coffee first you want one?'

I nodded.

So we waited as Lydia bought a coffee and came back to our table, slurping happily.

`Right lets do this thingy!'

I sighed, `Why did you do it Lydia, I've never thought little of you, and then you just tell the public the complete wrong story!'

`It wasn't wrong, Tandy abused me, and you told me to leave!'

`No you slapped Tandy first and then I tried to explain and you blurt our your baby secret and how I'm not the father of your baby! How do explain that, saying the baby was mine when really its some random mans in a bar!'

`No actually the father is closer than you think!' she tossed her hair.

`Why can you not feel guilty of what you've put me through! People are going to hate me, there was people chucking bottles at Tandy!'

`She deserves what she got! You slept with my fianc?, Tandy!'

`You slept with a random guy! At least I don't go around in mini skirts and vodka shots don't go to my head!' Tandy spat

`See she's putting me down! Gerard tell her!' Lydia moaned.

`Lyd it's true! You are like that! Don't you see? You were using me!'


`So you admit it then?'

`Yeah! Of course!' Lydia slurped on her coffee.

I felt my whole body feel empty.

`So who's the father?'

`Ha!' Lydia said, `You really want to know!'

`I do!'

`Its Matt!'

`What!' I coughed on my coffee.

My ex bandmate was the father of my baby!!!! This was all too much for me. I felt a gurgling sound come from my stomach, like it was coming up.

`Excuse me' I covered my mouth and ran into the toilets.

Coughing up what was in my stomach, I wiped the bitter taste out of my mouth. I had never felt this bad, since the era with my drugs and alcohol! Another wave of sick came up. I found myself slumped on the toilet.

`Gerard?' I heard Tandy's voice echo around.

`Err?' I managed to say.

`Gerard which cubicle you in?' I heard footsteps approaching me.

`The one that stinks of sick!' I murmured. I felt the door press against my leg, hardly. I yelped, but Tandy pushed the door back again.

`Oh Gerard' Tandy knelt down next to me. She turned me to face her.

`Yeah I look terrible' I smiled weakly.

`No you look horrific! Oh Gerard, how could she do something to you like that!' she grabbed a piece of toilet roll and licked it, `You've been sick on yourself, what did you eat?'

`Coffee, one cigarette'

`You ate a fag?'

I laughed weakly, `No I had one fag but stumped it out, because I didn't want to harm you'

Tandy stroked my cheek, `you're too sweet, where's the you who was all about the music, rebellious?'

`This is quite rebellious, don't you think? Spewing my guts up in a toilet'

`All because of Lydia and Matt?'

I felt my stomach ache again, her name was poison. I spluttered and dunked my head over the toilet, to another lot of my friends in my stomach made their appearance. Tandy held me as I coughed up the bitter liquid. And I found myself crying.

`Tandy I feel terrible' I cried. Tandy hugged me. I nudged into her chest. I couldn't feel her skinny frame any more, her hips had widened and a stomach had grown. I was still sobbing, trying not to sob.

Tandy's P.O.V

What had she done to him? That stupid plastic woman had made Gerard so frustrated that he was puking in Starbucks. He cried upon me, wetting my pyjamas, but I didn't care. Holding him in my arms, seeing him so upset, made me angry inside. No one deserved something like that.

`Gerard please stop crying!' I rocked him in my arms, singing him `Disenchanted' he kept whimpering, but eventually he calmed down.

I wiped the wet part on my top, `Gerard, everything is gonna be okay!'

`What if it isn't okay, Tandy? What am I going to do? Lydia and Matt!'

`Its not like you care about her any more, is it?' I said. Gerard sighed.

`She was the hardest drug I gave up- I truly loved her'

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Gerard still had feelings for her. I stood up, and kicked the door.

`Wait Tandy!' Gerard grabbed my wrist. I flung his hand away and ran out of the toilets, down the road and tried to find my way back home.


Tandy slammed through the door, to find Mikey snacking on Gerard's cookie. He shut the cookie lid, and hid the cookie behind his back, his mouth covered in crumbs. No one was there, only Mikey.

`Tandy? You okay? Where's Gee?'

`I left him puking in Starbucks because he still loves Lydia!' Tandy kicked the door. Her foot throbbed with pain and she started to scream. Mikey dropped his cookie to comfort her. He put his arm around her.

`Tell me everything!'

Mikey's P.O.V

`And that's it?' Tandy wiped away her tears. I patted her on the back comforting.

`He does love you- but he truly loved Lydia- everyone could see!'

`But this is his!' Tandy pointed at her stomach.

`I know- but Gerard does love you! Everyone loves you'

Tandy faked a smile, `Who then?'

I felt my face flush scarlet; `Err…some guys' Suddenly Tandy puts her head on my chest. I find myself stroking her wispy ebony hair. Her eyes are closed, and her breathing harder. She's humming to `Ghost of You'

`I love that song, but hate the video' she mutters, `It makes me cry'

`Everything makes you cry!' I laughed. She kicked me.

`You didn't deserve to die in the video' she looked up at me. I looked back down at her.

`But Gerard did' she spat. I saw her wince inside, like her heart was breaking. She moved her head off my chest and I put my arms around her waist.

`Mikey, you're sweet' she purred. Was it me or was she trying to seduce me?

And then I felt my lips press against hers. I thought she was going to push me away and slap me, but she was kissing me back. Her fingers were fiddling with the hairs on the back of my neck, sending shivers down my spine. She made small sounds and she crawled over me, lying on me, kissing me.

When I pulled away, she came back onto me. Her hands were grasping hold of my t-shirt. I stroked her face. But it was me breaking away again as I heard the front door of the bus open. I straightened my clothes and pushed Tandy off. My glasses were steamed up.

There came Ash and Frank holding hands, he was nibbling her ears.

`Hi, where's the gang?' Ash came to sit next to me; she stopped and picked off my glasses.

`Steamed up!' she wiped them, `Here Mikey!'

`Where's Gee?' Frank sat next to Tandy.

`With his precious Lydia puking in Starbucks!'

She told Frank the story again. He listened, and nodded.

`So he still likes that Witch! Poor you' he hugged Tandy. She nodded.

About ten minutes later, Ash and Frank had gone into the bedroom. Tandy looked at me guiltily.

`Mikey, I do love you dearly, but as a brother! That kiss…'

`It meant nothing' I finished, she nodded.

`Gerard must never know!' she put her finger on my lips, `Promise?'

I kissed her finger, `I promise'

Tandy sighed, and wrapped her arms around me.

`Thankyou Mikey!' she hugged me.

But I felt no guilt for my brother.


Gerard staggered in. He was deadly pale, no colour in his skin. Like a colour of a corpse.

He collapsed on the bed. Tandy walked past him, folding up baby clothes, which Ash had bought for her.

`Tandy wait!' he called wearily.

Tandy turned, and blinked, she shuffled back to her boyfriend.

`I'm sorry!' he said, grabbing her wrist and kissing her fingers. She pulled away.

`If you still like her then have her!' she spat.

`I don't still love her- I love you!'

`That's not what you told me before'

Gerard retched again, got up and ran to the toilet. Tandy heard him throwing up. Her guilt formed.

`Gerard?' she leaned against the door. Frank came past.

`Gee you okay in there?' he called. There was a murmured word and more retching sounds. Tandy was shivering. Frank grabbed her hand.

`He'll be okay- it'll be a bug'

Tandy nodded. `Gee please tell me you're okay'

Tandy heard a murmur, `I'm okay'

But then it hit her.

The coffee!

`Gerard, Lydia spiked your coffee!'

Frank gasped. They heard a retch then the door opened. Gerard was covered in sweat and sick.


`Remember! Lydia bought you a coffee, bet she put stuff in it!'

Gerard shrugged, `I dunno! She's not like that!'

`Yes she is! Admit it!'

Gerard shrugged again. Tandy gently put her arms around him and helped him out of the bathroom. Frank came to help too. They settled him down in his bed. Tandy kissed the end of his nose.

`You gotta sleep Gerard!'

Gerard nodded and closed his eyes. `I love you' he muttered as he curled up.

`Love you too!'

Tandy watched Gerard sleeping. His mouth moved ever so slowly, breathing in and out, he was frowning but looked so gentle.

Tandy reached over to grab his mobile. She tiptoed out of his room and into the kitchen. She dialled Lydia's number.

Lydia: Hello Gerard, you feeling all right? (Sweetly)

Tandy: No he's not all right thanks to you!

Lydia: Oh- it's you!

Tandy: You better tell me why you did that to him!

Lydia: (yawns) Listen Tandy, haven't got time for this crap.

Tandy: Tell me now!!! Or I will tell the truth on television!

Lydia: (sighs) So I put alcohol and paracetamol in his coffee, so what! He dumped me for you!

Tandy: You are a sick cow!

Lydia: Call me all the names you want sweetie!

Tandy: (too rude)

Lydia: (laughing) Revenge is funny.

Tandy: What you did to Gee wasn't funny! He's been sick everywhere!

Lydia: (laughing) Revenge is still funny.

Tandy: Next time I see you I'll rip your hair out of your head, and I swear to God I will kill you if you do anything to Gee again!!

Lydia: (still laughing) okay Tandy thanks for making my day! (Hangs up)

Tandy felt like screaming. Lydia had done this to her love. She wanted revenge so badly.

The front door opened and Mikey came in drinking a smoothie.

`Hey Tandy' he said. His eyes were filled with love for her.

`Hi, listen can you drive me to the television studio- I'm making an announcement!'

`Huh?' Mikey shrugged. Tandy whispered in his ear - `Oh that's good! Here I'll help you!!!'

Tandy's P.O.V

As she said- Revenge is funny- but I don't think she will find it funny! I will find it hilarious.

Grasping the conversation on the answerphone and a picture of sick Gee, Mikey was driving me to the television studios. I had no booking, but this might of made good television.

As I waltzed out of the door, stroking my stomach and carrying my things, I couldn't of felt happier. I went upto the door and into reception.

A girl sat filing her nails. She looked up at me suspiciously.

'60 second makeovers in room 4!' she said. Cheeky cow!

`No where's Gossip 6?'

`Oh that's room 10, you go down there!'

So as I walked down the corridor, Mikey following me.



`I'll never forgot what you did today' he said. I felt sick and guilty.

`I did? You kissed me!'

`You kissed me back!'

`I was angry with Gee!'

`Yeah? And?'

`I love Gee and I don't love you- it was a mistake!' I stormed infront of him and upto the door.

`That's not what you were like before!'

I knocked on the door and was welcomed with a fat bodyguard.


`I've got to talk to Darla Doable its an interview!'

`You booked in?'

I shook my head- but I need to have this out'

The bodyguard grabbed me, `Sorry no booking no interview'

I screamed, `I'M PREGNANT WITH GERARD WAY'S BABY!' The bodyguard stopped.

`You're the evil one! Whoa!'

`I'm not evil let me in!' I screamed and managed to get through the door, Darla was there powdering her nose.

`Darla?' I approached her. She looked up.

`Hey sweetie, why are you here?' she smiled. She was really polite.

And I told her the story.

`Whoa! That is perfectly evil! Here your interview is in an hour- go get something to eat and come back for make up!'

I nodded and thanked her for being so nice to me. I ended up driving to a McDonalds and back again within that half hour, I was on in half an hour and I started to feel nervous. I rung Frank.

`Is Gerard still sleeping?'

`Um…He was sick again… He's just resting on the bed'

`Listen tell him to tune into Gossip 6 '


`You'll see, see you guys later'


I was rushed into a room, where some big tarty girls covered me in powder. I coughed and battered them away and they messed with my hair.

`Where's Mikey?' I spluttered. I ran outside and Mikey waiting for me.

`There you are!' I laughed. Mikey nodded.

`Listen do you want me to come on with you?' he asked me. I shook.

`No- I need to do this on my own!'

Mikey nodded again, `I'll wait for you!'

`Thankyou!' I mouthed.

I was pushed into the studio. Darla tottered in.

`Sweetie, you all ready for this, we set up your tape, we bleeped out some of the language you used, but really this is going to bring you out as innocent- of course I backed up your story'

I didn't believe her, but nodded.

`You're on in a minute!' someone called. Darla flung me a ball of wool and knitting needles.

`More mummsy!' she winked and plonked her bottom on the seat.

I swallowed, `I don't know how to knit!'

Darla laughed and tossed it away.

`On in 15 seconds'

Nerves came as I spotted Mikey with his thumbs up. Then I saw light and Darla began to talk.


Hello to gossip 6- with all the gossip at six pm! You'd better start choosing which story you believe! Here tonight, with an exclusive interview is Tandy Davies. You might not know her-but she's the girl next-door punk princess turned mother rock. Yes this is the girl is the mother of Gerard Way's unborn baby. And this revealing interview with this beautiful girl shows everyone has got the wrong side of her:

Darla: Hello Sweetie!

Tandy: Um Hi!

Darla: how are you feeling?

Tandy: A bit angry

Darla: and I think the viewers will want to know why-2 days ago we interviewed Lydia Waters-who said Tandy was evil-yet she seems the evil one.

Tandy: yes-evil takes a human form in her.

Darla: listen to this conversation!

plays conversation

Darla: This girl poisoned Gerard Way with drugs and booze! We do hope he's feeling ok

Tandy: He's been sick and I'm sure he'll be watching this!

Darla: Are you feeling okay?

Tandy: I'm just a bit angry everyone has got the wrong me- I do love Gerard dearly and I never meant to come between that-thing and him.

Darla: Yes (nods) but we have more for you!

Tandy: (nods) yes, these images are not for those who have weak stomachs-this is the damage of being spiked.

Picture of Gerard spiked comes up

Darla: This is what that Lydia did to her love- all for revenge!

Tandy: I think you should all try to figure out which story you should believe.

Darla: Aww-thankyou for coming her.

Tandy: No problem…


Gerard's P.O.V

As I turned off the television, I was shaking with a mixture of embarrassment and a feeling of proud.

I turned to Frank.

`Did Tandy just show the whole world a sick picture of me?'

Frank sniggered, `Yeah'

I lay back down, `Remind me to tell her I love her'

Frank nodded, `I will'


Tandy burst through the door with Mikey behind her. Ash ran upto her.

`Aww Hun!!! We're so proud of you-you showed that cow whose boss!'

Tandy laughed as Ray and Bob joined in the bear hug. She looked around for Gerard.

`He's in the bedroom' Frank said, peeping his head around the bedroom door.

Tandy forced herself out of the bear hug and into the bedroom. Gerard was lying on the bed. Tandy came and perched on the side of the bed.

`You feeling better' she whispered.

Gerard nodded, `A bit still feeling nauseous' he took his shaking hand and put it into hers.

`Thankyou' he smiled weakly.

Tandy nodded, `I'm sorry about the picture-it was evidence'

Gerard shook his head, `Its okay' he pulled Tandy close. Tandy nuzzled into his chest, Gerard stroked her hair and felt her stomach.

`How many months to go?'

`Well I've been pregnant for about three months-so another six months'

Gerard stroked her stomach, `My baby girl'

`No- I think it's going to be a boy-it never kicks-so it's lazy just like his dad'

`I'm not lazy? Don't you remember when you met me at the concert'

Tandy remembered, being in the mosh pit with Ash, her makeup running down her face, crowdsurfing, nearly throwing up after being elbowed in the stomach, but being right at the front, seeing Gerard dancing around, nearly getting hit with Franks guitar, singing along-she would never forget that day.

`Well maybe you're not lazy-but Frank sure is' Tandy laughed. Sure as hell, at that moment Frank came in and slumped himself on the bed near them.

`Ash, can you bring me a coke?' he called. Gerard and Tandy looked at each other and started to laugh.

`What?' Frank said.

`Nothing' Tandy giggled, `Lazy get!'

Frank rolled his eyes, `I'm tired!'

`Not that tired, you were sitting down watching cartoons with Ash before!' Gerard said.

Ash came in with a glass of coke.

`Here you are hun' she said, giving him the drink.

`Thankyou' Frank kissed her. He took a sip.

`It's diet!!!'


`So what are we calling the baby?' Gerard asked.

`Helena' Tandy snuggled into her man. He smelt a bit sick but she didn't care.

`Helena what?' Gerard stroked her hair again.

`Helena Lee Way'

`Perfect!' Gerard laughed.

`What about a baby boy?'

`Um… Jaden, Seth, Lucas, Hunter, Isaac, Brandon?' Gerard said.

`Where did those come from?'

`My head' Gerard laughed.

`What about Coco?' Frank asked.


`After my favourite cereal?'

`No Frank!' Gerard rolled his eyes.

Frank groaned.

`What about Tyler?' Tandy asked.

`Tyler Way?'

`No Tyler Xander Way'

`That sucks' Frank called pulling a face, `Coco is better'

`Okay Frank, you better shut up now' Tandy warned.

Frank was quiet as he slurped his drink. Everyone was quiet.

`I still like Coco'


Tandy's P.O.V

I woke at 7am in the morning, my stomach straining over my Green Day shirt. I laughed to myself. A few months ago, it fit me perfectly. My back ached as I managed to sit up. Not as painful as I thought. But my stomach felt like it was about to come up through my throat. I shuffled myself over to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror, to see a pale corpse white reflection stare right back at me.

I find myself dunking over the toilet, puking up my guts. Frank comes in, half naked with only his boxers on.

`You been sick?' he asked through a mouthful of toothpaste. I nodded. He gargled, spat, and then pat me on the back.

`I'm not a dog you know!' I snapped.

Frank laughed, `Oh really?'

I felt like smacking him, but I didn't have the energy to. Gerard came in and kneeled next to me.

`You okay?'

I nodded. `Best I've ever been'

`Stop the sarcasm' Gerard said, pulling me up, `I'm going to take you out for the day-since I'm not here tonight'

Yes, it was true- I persuaded Gerard to do the tour, before I gave birth. We were in France, but now moved onto New Jersey-his hometown!

`Where are you taking me?' I asked, as he helped me onto the bed.

`Oh…you know' Gerard said.

`The thing is, Gerard, I don't know!'

`Okay enough of the sarcasm!' Gerard laughed, `I'm just taking you out, that's all!'

`Awesome, when?'


`What? Its ten past seven!'

`Well since you got fatter, it takes ages for you to but clothes on'

`Excuse me!' I laughed. `Our child is in there' I stroked my stomach.

`Don't listen to Daddy, what does he know?'

`Lots of things! Okay, lets just wait til the guys are awake before we go-Well Franks already up' Gerard walked upto Mikey, who was curled up in a ball, leaning on Ray. Bob was near the feet of the boys, snoring a little. Frank was over in the corner, dressed but lying next to a sleeping Ash. His cheek brushing with hers.

`I don't think she likes me anymore' Frank whispered.

`Why?' I asked.

`I don't know' he said, gazing at her.

`She loves you' I said, pulling on a pair of baggy black combats and my `Black Parade' top. I combed by ratty hair, and tossed it to Frank.

`Comb her hair, she likes it'

Frank began to comb her spiky hair, lovingly. She smiled to herself and opened her big brown eyes.



`Carry on, and I do love you'

Frank mouthed `Thankyou' I nodded. But my stomach ached. The baby was kicking.

`Calm down' I hissed. Gerard came over.

`Helena stop' he laughed, `I know your dying to get out but you gotta wait'

`It's Tyler, it's most defiantly a boy'

`No I go with Gerard, I think it's going to be a girl' Ash piped in.

Frank shook his head, `It's a boy!'

`Shall we bet?' Gerard said cheekily.

`No betting on my child!!' I snapped.

`Fiver for the winners!' Gerard continued, `Frank and Tandy go for a boy, Ash and I go for a girl'

Frank shook. `Deal'

`No betting on my child!' I shouted, managing to wake up Mikey and Bob.

`Huh?' Bob mumbled, `What's with the early birds?'

`They are betting on my child!' I protested.

`How much?'


`Sorry, but I think its going to be a girl' Bob said, `I'm with whoever thinks it's going to be a girl'

`I think a boy' Mikey rubbed his eyes, `I'm going for boy'

Ray opened one eye, `Twins!'

`Twins? I'm not that fat!'

`Yo momma so fat!' Frank laughed. I through a cushion at him. It missed his head, so he chucked it back.

`Right, you are so dead Mr Iero!' I ran into the kitchen.

`I'm scared' he laughed.

I picked up the bottle of tomato ketchup, and squirted it all over Frank. He couldn't stop laughing. He grabbed the bottle and squirted it at me, but it missed me, and ended up of Gerard's cute Skellington pyjamas.

`Right!' Gerard said, and he ran into the kitchen, bringing back a tub of mayonnaise. He flicked it at Frank but hit Ash. She screamed at the white blob in her hair.


In the end the whole bedroom was covered in Mayonaise, Ketchup, cake, sunflower oil, and we were all covered. Frank was in hysterics.

`God, that was great!'

I felt exhausted from ducking and throwing. I sat, breathing heavily.

`Oh my god' Frank screamed, `She's dying'

`I'm not! I'm just tired'

But I wasn't sure, my head was spinning and everything was blurry.

Then everything went black…

Turn back, called the voice

You're not ready

Turn back for Gerard

Turn back for your friends

Turn back for the baby

You're not ready, girl

Don't go near the light!!! …………………


I awoke in a white room, but I felt empty. There were beeps that reminded me of `The End' it was too clean and the smell made me sick

Someone bent over me and stroked my face.



`Mikey, where am I? Where am I!'

`It's okay-calm down-you're in hospital, you scared us. You were loosing the baby'

`What? Have I lost the baby?' tears trickled down my face.

`No, you would of if we didn't take you into hospital- you stopped breathing'

`What?' I was near death.

`It's okay-Frank saved you!'

`What?' This was all going too fast for me.

`Frank resuscitated you'

`Really?' I asked weakly, `Where is he? Where's Gerard? Where's Ash?'

`They're okay- Frank and Ash are over there near the window-they're okay'

I heard Frank call, `Hello' and Ash whisper `Thank God she's alright'

`Gee? Where's Gee?'

Mikey looked embarrassed.

`Where is he?' I screamed.

`He's outside, with Ray and Bob, smoking probably'

I sobbed, `Thankyou Frank, Thankyou Ash, Thankyou Mikey'

Frank came over and put his hand on my head.

`You'll be okay, it wasn't that hard resuscitating you!'

I laughed tearfully, `Will you get Gee?'

Frank nodded, `Wait here!'

`Well Duh!' I laughed. Frank laughed as he left the room. Ash hugged me.

`We thought you were dead' she was crying. I hugged her tearfully.

`I saw the light' I said, `for the second time'

`You've died before?'

I nodded

Ash shook her head. She said, `don't ever scare us again. Gerard was shitting himself panicking!'

I nodded, `I'll try not to!'

Suddenly Frank came in with Gerard. Gerard rushed over to me and hugged me. I breathed in his smell happily.

`Oh Tandy-you scared me'

`I'm sorry' I replied tearily. Gerard pulled me into a kiss. I kissed him passionately.

`Don't do that to me again! I love you Tandy!'

`I love you too Gerard! I hate hospitals, can't I just leave?'

`No you gotta get better first!'

`I am better!'

`No stay for the safe side'

`No! Let me up' I forced myself out of the bed, my hand firmly on my stomach. I would show them.

`See?' I said, I took a few steps, and then tripped, Gerard caught me.

`I'm okay!' I cried.

`No you're not' Gerard helped me back to me bed. I protested to his pushing, standing still, but I gave in.

`I'm okay Gerard, please!'

`No you gotta stay here'

`I don't want to'

`You have to'

I crossed my arms in frustration but I sighed.

`I hate hospitals-my mum died in one- I think it was her who saved me'

`Wha?' Gerard said.

`Well, I kinda died, and someone told me to turn back, for my friends, Ash, you and the baby'

Gerard nodded his head slightly; his eyes seemed to loose spark.

`Gerard, I want you to go' I said.

Gerard turned to face me, `What?'

`You need to go to that gig; you need to do t for me, for those fans, who love and adore you! Like I did at that gig?'

`I won't leave you'

`Gerard' I cupped my hands in his face. He was ice cold, `Listen Gerard, I'm in safe hands, you gotta go'

Gerard sighed, `Fine, I'll call you' he bent over, pressing a kiss on my chapped lips.


`I'm staying with her' Ash said. Gerard nodded. Frank was holding onto Ash.

`Don't leave me with Gee!' he whined, `I want to stay with you'

`No like Tandy said, you rock gods have gotta rock! I'll be okay'

Frank nodded, pulling Ash into a bear hug. She hugged him back.

`Frankie I love you, you smell delicious'

`I love you and you smell like peppermint'

`You smell like apples'


I made puking noises. Gerard laughed.

`Bye babe' he said leaning over and kissing my cheek, `I'll ring you'

`Okay' I said as I received a hug of Mikey and a ruffle of hair off Frank.

Then they left me in the hospital bed.


Gerard's P.O.V

Getting changed into my costume, I seemed to feel guilty about leaving Tandy at hospital with Ash. But she told me she would be okay?

But what if she isn't?

Mikey came in and put his arms around me.

`She'll be okay dude!' he said. I couldn't help but think he actually cared for her.

`What if she isn't, I'll never forgive myself!'

`Well I got a surprise for you!'

I nodded. Mikey covered my eyes and lead me into a room.

`Can I open?' I replied childishly. In front of me was a girl, quite small, but highly cute. Her hair was the same colour as mine, but longer and silky.

`Hi Gerard' she purred, `Remember me? Your hairdresser!'

`Err, hi!' I said.

`So? What do you want to do with it?' she sat me down on a comfy seat and fiddled with my hair. She reminded me of Tandy, she always did that.

`I don't really know' I said, `I wasn't expecting to have a haircut or anything'

Eliza laughed and tossed her hair around.

`I liked you with black hair, white makes you look a bit to skeleton like!'

I laughed, `Thanks!'

`Indeed, I think you should dye it, it'll look cool!'

I nodded as she began to look for hair dye.

`Great, it'll be finished before the gig!'

So I sat thinking as she combed through my hair.


Tandy's P.O.V

`Err, Nurse?' I called as a nurse passed my bed.

`Yes Tandy?'

`Well…I'd like to leave!' I said. Nurse stopped.

`You sure, sweetie? Because you only came in a few hours ago, and you really weren't well!'

`I'm feeling fine now' I nodded.

`You need to check out'

`Okay, but nurse can I have a wheelchair, my back is kinda sore, but I can walk!'

Nurse nodded, `I'll get you one now!'

As she walked away, Ash shook me, `you serious Tandy? You can't get out of bed, let alone walk!'

`Shut up Ash!' I hissed, `I wanna get outta here!'

Ash sighed, `You're such a stupid arse'

`And you're such a stupid arse for letting me be a stupid arse, now where is the nurse?'

I sat in a wheelchair as Ash wheeled me out of the hospital into the car park. My car was in there!

`Ash, you brought my car!'

`Yep how else was I meant to drive?'

`Maybe in your own car?'

`You better shut up! I'm not in a good mood for your sarcastic ways, so you better zip it or I'll wheel you right back in there!'

I mouthed zipping my mouth. For five minutes, she sat trying to find the keys. I sighed.

`Could you take any longer?'

`Right!' Ash started to push me away, laughing. I was laughing.

`Sorry Ash!' I cried.

`Whatever!' she laughed, but turned me around and back to the car.

Ash helped me get out of the wheelchair and into the car. My legs were wobbling all over the place. I felt so old!

Sitting in the car, I rubbed my stomach.

`Don't go yet, you've not yet been born Helena or Tyler!'

As we drove upto the bus my mobile buzzed in my pocket. A message from Gerard:

`Hi r u ok? Just a few more hours til we're on! Hope Ur better! Love you'

I felt tingly inside. Sort of warm and soft inside.

`What?' Ash asked.

`Gerard texted me, to see if I was alright'

Ash rolled her eyes, `God that guy is too soft now'

`He's always been soft!' I laughed.

`Whatever, he wasn't soft when he was an alcoholic druggie!'

I felt my hand slap her face. I pulled it back like it wasn't my hand, controlled by my brain. Her cheek was red, and my heart thumped on my chest.

`Dear God, I'm so so so so so sorry, Ash!'

Ash rubbed her cheek in shock, `Err… It's okay, I shouldn't of said those things about Gee, you gotta stick up for your man'

I hugged her. `Sorry!'

`It's okay!'

Ash helped me out of the car and into the tourbus. I waited as she found the key, leaning on the tour bus like I was propped up.

Going inside, I found myself lying on Gerard's bed, sniffing in his smokey, yet soft smell of his skin. I curled up on his bed and began to cry.

`I miss him!' I hiccupped through sobs. Ash patted my back sympathetically.

`Your hormones are kicking in!' she said.

`No, I'm worried, what if he's screwing some other girl at the gig now!'

`Gerard's not like that is he?'

`I don't know' I hiccupped. I felt bile rise in the back of my throat. I rushed to the toilet quickly.

Coughing up what was in stomach, I wiped away the vomit. Damn it had got in my hair. I wet it quickly in the sink and combed it back. I noticed my hair was going back to the brown rooted ways. I needed some hairdye, but I couldn't be bothered dying it. I spat out the last bit of vomit and went back into the bedroom. Ash was on my mobile.

`She's here, she was just sick'

She handed me the phone. Gerard's holy voice rung through my ears.

`Tandy, you went home!'

`I know, I needed to'

`But you're ill!'

`I'm not ill! It was because I was tired'

`So you nearly lost our child because you were tired'

I sighed, `I just hate hospitals, my mum died in one'

`Tandy, you need to be safe, I don't want you to do that again to me'

Then I heard a girl in the background, `Gerard?'

`Who's that?' my voice cracked.

`Oh it's Eliza, my hairdresser'

`Oh' somehow I didn't like the sound of her. Preppy.

`Are you okay?'

I was quiet, `Fine, I miss you'

Gerard was silent, `I miss you too' he said. I heard Frank in the background, `Ash?'

`What does Frank want?'

`Here I'll put him on'

`I want Ash' Frank moaned. I passed the phone to Ash and curled back onto Gerard's bed. I nuzzled into his pillow.

`Frank, not here' Ash hissed, `I'll go outside'

Ash went outside, holding my mobile to her ear.

And I closed my eyes and ended up sleeping.


Gerard's P.O.V

`Wow Gerard you look gorgeous' Eliza laughed, putting her hands around her waist. I felt her roll my Black Parade top, and kiss my back.

`Eliza please!' I croaked. She continued to kiss my back. I turned quickly.

`Eliza, we're not together anymore' I started to shake with a mixture of angst and nervousness. I felt Eliza's small figure press against mine. I heard her moan as she stroked my stomach. I grabbed her hands and pulled them away.

`Eliza NO!' I roared. She looked shocked.

`Gerard, am I just a distant memory? Remember the fun we had when Lydia was away? Those sessions of pure love' she spat romantically. I swallowed.

`Eliza I can't be with you' I felt myself shaking as I pulled my top down and looked in her big hazel eyes coldly. She gazed back at me, hard.

`Why? You told me you loved me, was I just sex?' she shouted.

`Shut up Eliza! I'm going to be a father for gods sake' I grabbed her shoulders and shook her. She was frail and limp like a rag doll. She slapped me hard.

`I don't give a shit if your going to be a father! It's not the first time, if you remember?'

Oh, I remembered. A look of guilt formed on my face. I felt like I had been stabbed with a knife over and over again. I made Eliza get rid of her kid. It was in the time of my drugs and alcohol. I made her get rid of the baby. I felt sick just thinking of it. I hadn't even told anyone.

`You're my ex, Eliza, get over it!' I spat at her. She laughed as she approached me again and pressed her body against mine. She stood right next to my face. Too close.

`Should I tell your girlfriend, she isn't the first to be sexed up by you?'

I was about to speak but she pressed a finger to my lip.

`Thought so!'

I pulled it away, `Tell her if you dare' I said sarcastically.

She nodded, `Cocky Mr Way'

Then she kissed me passionately, and I found myself kissing her back. Like I was enjoying it.

Frank came in, looking kind of sweaty.

`Where've you been?' I called, pushing Eliza away and walking to Frank.

`Talking to Ash' he wiped his head on a towel, still beaming.

`About?' I laughed. He whispered into my ear.

`Frank you are too perverted!' I laughed, pushing the horny boy out of my face.

`Ash seems to enjoy it!'


A guy came in, `You guys are on in a minute, quickly get on stage!'

`Okay' Frank and I nodded.

Eliza blew me a kiss, `You get them baby' she purred. I blushed. Frank stared at me.



`Well… why was you kissing your ex?' he swallowed, looking up at me. I suddenly stopped.

`You saw us!' I shouted. Frank nodded.

`Shit Gee! Why did you kiss her!' he said angrily, `You're with Tandy, she's better than that slut'

Frank gazed at me with cold hard eyes.

`Frank, please buddy, don't tell her!' I pulled Frank over pleading. He looked at me and sighed.

`Saving your ass for the last time Gee!'

`I owe you Frankie!' and I hugged him, but I was pushed away to do the gig.


Mikey's P.O.V


I turned to find Frank looking up at me like a little kid, like he had done something wrong. He looked down at the carpet.

`Yes Frankie? What have you done now?'

`Not me…Gee!'

I stopped and looked at Frank.

`What has he done?' I bit my lip.

`Can you remember Eliza?' he said. I nodded. Who could forget the flirtatious woman!

`I think Gee is seeing her too!'

I nearly dropped the mug of hot coffee I was holding.

`What? Are you kidding me Frank?'

Frank was known to twist the truth, but he looked at me with eyes that wouldn't lie about that. He nodded.

`How long have they been doing it for? Tandy's pregnant with his kid for gods sake'

`I caught them on the night Tandy was in hospital last month'

`A month? They can't be seeing each other! What about Tandy?'

Frank looked generally upset.

`What are we going to do?'

`We're gonna have to tell Tandy, it might come as a shock to her'

Frank shook his head, `I told Gee I wouldn't tell!'

`We have to Frank! It's the right thing to do'

Frank nodded, `Can you just say some bird told you she had seen them'

Frank looked desperate so I nodded. I bit my lip.

`I'll tell her now, prepare for fireworks!'


Tandy's P.O.V


I turned around, straining over my stomach.

`Yes Mikey?' I laughed, `Come to gloat how fat I am, only a few more weeks!'

But Mikey didn't look like he was going to joke.

`Mikey? Are you okay?' I asked as he sat next to me. He cupped my hand in his.

`It's Gee'

I gasped, `Is he okay?'

`Yes, he's fine, but after this news you may not!'

His face looked bony and grey as he looked into my eyes.

`A little bird spotted Gerard kissing his ex, Eliza'

I felt my face fall. Gerard kissing his ex?

`Frank' I sighed.

Mikey nodded, as Frank peeped around the door.

`Mikey you ass!'

`Is it true' I spun and turned to Frank. No answer.

`Is it true!!!!' I screamed. Frank took a step backwards.

`It's true, I saw it with my own eyes'

I burst into tears and fell on my knees. The boy I loved had kissed his ex. My idol was just using me.

I cried, resting my head in my hands, screaming in agonising unhappiness.

`Why Gerard! I hate that fu…'

Mikey stopped me as he pulled me into a hug. I collapsed on his chest, crying. Frank came and kissed my cheek.

`It's gonna be okay!' he shushed.

`Okay!!! It's not going to be okay!!!!!' I screamed.

`Don't take it out on him' Mikey said, `If he kept it in, they could be going on forever'

`I hate him' I screamed, `I hate him'

I kicked the photo of me and him, smashing the glass. Ash ran in.

`What's happened?'

I told her in hiccupping sobs the story. She hugged me and held me in her arms. I heard the front door open and a happy Gerard bounced in.

`Hi how's my favourite babe?' he laughed as he strolled in. No one laughed back. I stood up and swung a punch at his face. He fell backwards in shock. I noticed his lip was swollen and beginning to bleed.

`How dare you Gerard!!!!' I screamed, and flung another punch, hitting his nose. Mikey grabbed me and pulled me back in a teary state.

`What the hell' Gerard cried, holding his bloody nose.

`You know what the hell!! How dare you see that Eliza behind my back!'

He turned deadly pale, and all the colour drained out of his face.

`It was a mistake!'

`I was just your little toy! You don't give one about our child!'

`No!' Gerard shook his head. `Of course I care'

I screamed so hard, but then everything went blurry. I heard Gerard shout my name, but all I saw was black.

Gerard's P.O.V

I saw Tandy's lifeless body fall to the floor like a rag doll. I screamed as I looked over her.

`Tandy!!!' I screamed, resting my hands on her chest. `Tandy!! Can you hear me!'

Frank slapped her round the face.

`Oi! Tandy!' he shouted.

I saw Tandy move a little, and open her eyes.

`Gerard!' she coughed, `Gerard!!!'

`I'm here; I stroked her face.

`Get your cheating hands Offa my face!' she spat.

Frank screamed like a little girl.

`She's wee-weed!!'

Ray and Bob ran in.

`Shit she's giving birth!' Bob ran out of the room.

`What?' I screamed.

Ash peered over the screaming girl, `She's going into labour, the baby's coming, right here, right now!'

Tandy rolled over in agonising pain. `Its too early'

Ash screamed, `It doesn't care! We gotta get it outta you!'

Tandy wailed in agony, `Get it out!!!!!!'

Ash peeled off her wet trousers and knickers.

`I'm so sorry, but guys stop looking, apart from Gee'

I started to shake.

`Help me goddammit!' Ash screamed, grabbing my shirt and pulling me over to the opening.

`Can I shout push?' Frank asked childishly. We nodded, anything to shut him up.

I looked at her opening, feeling squeamish.

`God Gee! It's only lady bit' Frank rolled his eyes. I tried not to laugh. Mikey stroked Tandy's head, `You can do it Tandy'

Frank grabbed her hand, `Yeah you can do it'

Tandy screamed, her face screwed up in pain, letting out a wailing scream and breathing heavily.

`Push!' Frank commanded.

Bob rushed back in with Ray, `Push!' They screamed.

Tandy pushed, screaming more. Ash pulled on a pair of washing up gloves.

`Come on hun!' she screamed, `Bit more'

Tandy pushed again and amazingly I saw a head. Ash grabbed it.

`Push' I screamed at her. Tandy screamed, and more of the baby fell out. She kept pushing.

`Come on, you're doing great babe!' I screamed, kissing her knee.

Tandy gave one enormous push and out came a baby. I pulled of my shirt and wrapped it up.

`You've had a girl!' Ash said happily. Tandy's eyes welled with tears; `Look what we did' she looked at me. I felt my eyes well up as I looked at my beautiful daughter Helena Lee Way. Ash handed me the baby. And I held her in my arms, feeling like I was going to burst with happiness.

`Helena' I croaked, and put my figures in her little tufty black hair. She looked just like her mother. Her nose, her smile.

Tandy sat up weakly, covered in blood and sweat. `Let me see her'

I passed her the baby and she gazed at her.

`Oh Helena!' she cried, `My little angel Helena'

Frank looked at her, `Ewwww, she's all wrinkled!' Ash smacked him, `No she's beautiful'

`Why can't we have one?' Frank asked.

`We could try later' Ash purred seductively. I laughed.

`Oh gosh Tandy, I'm so sorry' I crawled over to her and planting a kiss on her cheek.

She looked at me angrily, but then a small grin appeared on her face.

`Gerard Arthur Way, I forgive you, but if you do anything like that again, and I swear I will kill you!'

I laughed. `I won't'

Then she handed me Helena. I looked into her little screwed face, but i swore she grinned at me.

`Her first grin' I laughed. Tandy peered over.

`Definitely her daddy's grin' she looked at my grinning face.

But then Helena looked up and opened her eyes, big brown eyes.

`Oh, she's definitely like you Gerard' Tandy laughed.

`Can I have her?' Frank asked and scooped her up.

`No Frank' I laughed as Frank nuzzled into her face.

`Hi, I'm the greatest thing you'll ever have in your life' he said, `and I promise to spoil you!'

`Spoil my daughter all you like Frank' I laughed, `But she's still my kid'

Tandy's P.O.V

All I could hear going through my head was Stevie Wonder's `Isn't she lovely?' as I gazed down on my beautiful new daughter. I couldn't believe Gerard and me had produced such a miracle! I felt a bit unhappy though.

`What's up with you?' Gerard crouched next to me. He smiled at Helena, as he kissed her little face.

`She doesn't look like me!'

`Yes she does look!' Gerard pointed at her nose, `She's got your nose'

`A nose isn't good!' I whined.

`Would you rather of her look like you or Frank?'

`Hey!!!!' Frank shouted. We laughed.

`Well she looks like you more' I pointed at her, `Your smile, look at those brown bambi eyes! She's definitely more of a daddy's girl'

`No she's a baby'

`I know that Gerard'

Ash came in.

`I called the paramedics, just to check you and Helena over'

I nodded, `I'm fine and so's Helena'

`It's just a check, Tandy' I said. She sighed as she cradled our daughter.

`Ssh my precious, you'll be okay' she hushed like a real mum.

Frank rushed through the door, panting and red in the face.

`I saw Lydia as I went to get these, I think she's coming over!' Frank nibbled on his lip nervously as he thrust a balloon and a teddy into Tandy's already full hands.

`What? Don't let her in!' Mikey said, `She's evil with a capital E, who knows what she could do to Helena!'

`Yes Mikey is perfectly correct' I said, `Don't let her in'

`But at that moment, I heard a door rattle and in strolled Lydia, holding a balloon, her stomach straining over a floral top.

`Hi guys!' she laughed, `I needed to drop by with these'

She gave the balloon to me, batting her eyelashes, innocently.

`How did you get in?' Gerard asked.

`A key, duh!' she flashed a little silver key at him. She strolled over to me and crouched down next to me.

`Oh hello! This must be the little Helen!' she put her face right into my baby.

`Helena' I snapped.

`Oh okay then, Helena, look at you!' she tickled under her chin. She made a smile, but I flinched, and looked up at Gerard.

`Let me see her properly!' she said, putting her arms out. I looked at her reluctantly.

`What's the worse I could do?' she laughed, `Spike her?'

Helena started to cry and wriggle in my arms. Gerard bent down and scooped her up.

`What's up Helena? Is big old monster Lydia scaring you?' he cooed, stroking her little black wispy hair.

`I think she needs feeding' I said, `Frank, sweetie can you get a bottle?'

`What about breastfeeding?' Gerard asked, `It's much easier- I think?'

I hated the thought of a baby sucking on me, shaking away my thoughts, but I thought it was healthier aswell.

`Don't bother Frank, I'll feed her myself'

`Oooh! Breastfeeding!' Frank laughed, `Can I watch?'

`No!' Ash snapped, `Frank, stop being perverted!'

Frank laughed, `Sorry, I'll leave you guys in peace-oh Lydia you have to come to because everyone hates you!'

Lydia twitched, but laughed like a giddy child, `Not until I get to hold this little angel'

I trembled, but sighed, `Gerard, let her hold Helena, then she can just go'

Gerard looked at me, weirdly, `Are you sure?'

`Anything to let her go!'

Gerard handed over Helena to Lydia. He seemed to be dreading it, and I should of known why.

Lydia held the baby above her head, crying and wailing, but brought her down into her arms again.

`Did that frighten you?' she cooed. Gerard ran upto her quickly, but Lydia pulled out a gun. Gerard stopped in mid-run.

`One more step and the baby get it- pity she's only just been born'

I let out a wailing scream, `Don't hurt her'

Gerard turned pale, `What do you want from us?' he screamed in agonising fury and

`You' she spat, `and this'

She held my baby tighter and pointed the gun at my head.

`One shot that's all!' she screamed, `One shot and you're dead!'

Helena was

My heart thudded on my chest, `Kill me but not Helena, and please not her!'

By this time Frank, Ash, Bob and Ray were all in the room. Frank was shivering.

`Don't hurt her' Mikey screamed.

I started to sob, `Please don't hurt her'

Ray and Bob were panicking. Frank was nibbling on his lip and grasping Ash in his arms and I sat there with a gun to my head.

Gerard tried to grab my hand but Lydia turned. He tried to run away, but then I closed my eyes.

One shot.

I screamed as I opened my eyes. Gerard lying on the floor, covered in fresh blood.


I ran upto him, cradling his lifeless body, cold as ice. Mikey ran screaming leaning over him.

`Call 911 he's dying!'

I tried to run, but my legs were like stuck to the floor. Frank ran to the phone dialling the number with shaken hands.

Lydia dropped the gun, giving Helena to my and ran to Gerard.

`Oh my god, oh my god oh my god' she screamed, trying to lean over Gerard. I pushed her away, screaming `Get away from him, you monstrous woman!'

I cradled Gerard in my arms, his eyes were open, but had rolled back.

`Gerard don't die!' I sobbed, shaking him. Ash ran in with a cloth drenched in water.

`Apply it' she screamed. I took it and applied it to his wounds.

`They're coming' Frank screamed, looking from the windows, `They're here, the paramedics'

I saw Lydia panicking and she ran out of the door quickly. Bob let the paramedics in, and I was pulled out of the way by Mikey.

`No!!! Let me be with him' I screamed.

The paramedics leaned over him with all their special paramedics stuff. I couldn't bare to watch.

`He's dying!' one of then screamed to another. I felt Mikey shake with me. He was as pale as a corpse. Frank was hugging Ash tightly. I looked at him, his eyes filling with tears.

`Frank don't cry' I whispered. Ray was holding Helena, `Your daddy will be okay, Helena' he reassured.

`Come on Gerard' I screamed, `What about Helena?'

The Paramedics leant over him doing things to him. I was wailing.

`He's been shot!'

One of the paramedics took me over to question me about it.

`Do you know who shot him?'

`Yes, his ex Lydia Waters!'

`Did you know anything about this'

`No, I've just given birth to my daughter!' I spat.

Then I heard one of the paramedics, `He's in a coma, he's still breathing but he's not that well'

A coma? My love was in a coma, that's what my mum was in, and she died! I felt like I was going to be sick.

`How long will he be in it?' I asked.

`We don't know, but at least we've stopped the bleeding'

I rushed over to him, `Gee, I promise to look after Helena, whilst you're in your coma, please don't die' I kissed him softly. I swore I saw him move, but it was my mind playing tricks on me.

Mikey rested his hand on my shoulder, `He'll be okay'

I was still crying, `I hope he is'

And as he was loaded onto the Ambulance, I thought, This could be the end…

And for Gerard, It could be.

To be continued……



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