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Second Thoughts
By Xo-guitars-and-gerards-oX


Second Thoughts?

`Oh Gerard Baby'

Gerard turned his back. His fianc? Lydia was dressed in a tight black dress.

`Wow' Gerard whispered softly.

`It was a bargain, baby! ?100,000'

The twinkling in Gerard's eyes died down. He did wish she stopped spending his money. He was scared of going into debt, even though he was in brilliant band.

`Its nice' Gerard went upto her and kissed her neck softly.

Lydia made squealing noises, `ooh Gerard Way! You naughty boy!'

Gerard knew from her noises she was enjoying it.

`I want to get you out of that dress, you know!' Gerard purred.

`Maybe later' Lydia said stroking Gerard's short bleached hair.

Even though he loved her, he did wish she'd stop keep refusing his offers.

`I bought you something, Gerard Baby' Lydia gave Gerard a bag. He took it off her and looked inside. There was a black suit, smart and tight.

`I thought you might like it, for our wedding' Lydia bit at her pink lip.

`Its great. Yeah, I'll wear it for our wedding' he went upto her and hugged her. He breathed in her flowery smell.

`You know Gerard, even though we haven't yet been together for hardly a month, you're the one I want to be with forever. I want to have kids with you, but I'm only eighteen. I've got a life as a new adult. I'm sure you weren't engaged when you were eighteen. But I love you, Gerard Way. I really do love you, and I'm happy to get married to you' Lydia said.

`I love you too, Lydia Waters. I will forever' Gerard said kissing her passionately. But was he really sure she was telling the truth?

Tandy's P.O.V

Okay. Okay. Being eighteen is not what it's meant to be. Came home last night, drunk as hell. Must of fallen out of bed, cause I woke up on the floor with a lump on my head. Must have bumped it. Oh god. The flat is a tip! Mia's gonna kill me if she sees the state of it. Oh god! I've got work! I need to finish the painting of Gerard Way for the competition at the fair. Not good, but worth ?50 prize! I need the money to get enough to pay the rent. Mia won't keep letting me scam off her, but working in McDonalds sucks! I'm sick of smelling the fat and I keep getting told off for snacking on the chips!

Oh god. Better get this place tidied up! The Hoover has broken, and look at that vodka stain on the carpet, I'll blame it on Ash. She's always drinking!

Without cleaning stuff, it's hard to clean the house. But I have to clean up or I'll be kicked out.

Get changed into the hideous red and yellow top I wear for work. I can't let me hair hand lose, so I'll have to tie it up. I like my hair dyed black. Its got cool red streaks in it. My nails are getting really long. They're like black claws. I'll watch Kerrang for a bit. Oh Great! My Chemical Romances new song `I don't love you' comes on. Oooh Gerard has got a beautiful voice. Wish I could meet him. But he's getting married in a month. Lucky Bitch!


`Hey Buddy, s'up?' Frank Iero, his best friend and band mate came upto him.

`I dunno…its Lyd'

`What's happened, man?' Frank looked concerned.

`I don't know whether she's the one'

`Come on Gee! You know she's the one! She's a mighty fine bird, you're lucky! You can't be getting cold feet, your wedding is in a month!'

`Yeah, I'm just paranoid, I'll be okay. Thanks Frank, you're good to talk to, man!'

`Its `kay! Look lets get ready, we're in London tonight so we gotta practise!' Frank pulled Gerard into the studio, where his other bandmates, Ray, Bob and Mikey were ready to rock out.

But Gerard still wasn't too sure.

Gerard's P.O.V

I'm quite worried really. My wedding to Lydia is in a month and I think I'm chickening out. I don't know why. It might be because Lydia doesn't seem to be taking interest in me. God-I sound like a kid who ain't getting his own way! But all she does is shop with Tiffany. And she's having a laugh with all the paparazzi, but I'm worried this relationship is going to end up in tears. Okay-Gerard Way-Easy! It'll be okay, its only nerves for tonight. Last tour in the UK! London Wembley is going to be brilliant!


`Tandy? Can I talk to you a second?' Tandy's boss was standing at the door. She looked at him.

Oh God! I'm going to get fired. Damn chips! Its cause I ate the chips! And the makeup! Oh I'm so dead!

Tandy walked over to her boss.

`Yes Sir?'

`Call me Rick. Listen….'

Tandy blurted in, `I'm sorry I ate the chips! I don't have much to eat at home, I skip breakfast! Please don't fire me!'

Rick looked at her, strangely. `Its not about that. And I'm not going to fire you. I heard from a little bird, you liked My Chemical Romance?'

Ash!!!! She had probably told his how she had decorated her room with all their stuff. She had OCGWD (obsessive compulsive Gerard Way disorder) and loved them to pieces. Ash could never keep her mouth shut!

`Yeah, they're cool'

`Well…My fianc? is pregnant and they said that tonight she might have the baby'


`Thankyou, anyway- I had front row tickets to see My Chemical Romance, my fianc? likes them, but we can't go now because of the baby, but we were wondering if you could have the pleasure of having the tickets?'

Tandy nearly fainted on the spot. Front Row? Tickets? My Chemical Romance? Seeing Gerard? Oh my god!

`Oh THANKYOU!!!!!!' Tandy hugged Rick hard.

`It's a pleasure Tandy, listen you can go home get ready. It's a long way to London you know!'

`I'll repay you! I'll work everyday!!! Til midnight or longer!'

Rick laughed.

`You go kid, have fun!'

Tandy rushed out of the restaurant. And she screamed, loudly. People looked at her strangely but she didn't care! She was going to see My Chemical Romance!!!'



Gerard turned around from singing `Famous Last Words' Lydia was there, dressed in a mini skirt and a crop top, with black boots upto her knees. The boys wolf whistled at her. She grinned, showing her pearly white teeth.

`Hey Babe' Gerard rushed over to her and kissed her. The boys kept whistling and making kissing noises.

`Baby, I'm gonna be away for some time. I need to go with some girls to find a proper job. I'll be away for five weeks, and I'll be back for the wedding, is that okay sweetie?'

Gerard smiled. `Sure, go have fun' He ran his fingers through her summer blonde hair. She groped his bottom.

Frank was whistling.

`Get in there Gee!!!!'

Gerard swore he would kill Frank after she'd gone!

`Good luck for later, baby. Hope the show goes well' she let go of Gerard and headed for the door.

`Oh, bye Frank' she giggled.

Frank blushed, `Bye Lydia'

When Lydia went Gerard stared at Frank.

`Would you quit flirting with my fianc? Frank!'

`Come on! She's cute, everyone says so!' Frank giggled.

`Come on, let's carry on. We're on in a couple of hours' Gerard grabbed the microphone and began to sing.

Tandy's P.O.V

Oh My GOD!!!! I love Rick! I love him! He gave me tickets to the greatest show on Earth. I was going to be within groping distance of Gerard.

Better get ready!

Just had a shower and done my hair. I painted my nails again and again. They look seriously black now! Oh my god. Must get something to eat. And money! Need money!

Got dressed into my `Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge' top, my black skinny jeans, and my black converse, let my hair go straight. I look seriously dead.

Read Kerrang mag for a bit.

Ooh- there's a picture of Gerard and his bird. Ooh…she looks a bit-tarty-but I've never met her she might have a heart of gold, even though she looks a bit slutty.

Lucky girl! Good look Gerard!

Ash called round.

`Have you got the tickets?' she asked, scraping her floppy blonde fringe out of her eyes.

`Yeah-you amazing girl!'

`Look-my car is a bit crappy so can we go in yours?'

Same excuse! Just cause I had a mini cooper and she had an old banger of a Volvo, she wanted to travel in there.


`Oh Tandy! I can't wait to see Bob! He's just so awesome!' she said dreamily.

`Bob! Yuk! Gerard is the nicest, then Frankie and Mikey'

`Ray rocks harder than Gerard'

`No he doesn't he has an Afro'

`So what's wrong with that?'

`It looks like you in the morning Ash!'

`Shut up bitch!'


We had a tremendous shoving fight. But we stopped to set off on our journey!


London! The most brilliant place in England!

Tandy stared through the windows, even though she was concentrating more on the packed roads.

`They must have been coming too!' Ash said in the back.

`Maybe they've just come rushing to buy Victoria Beckham's new jeans!'

Ash shrugged.

`Look there it is! Wembley!'

Tandy stared at the big arena. In there would be her love!

`Wow! This is so bloody amazing!' Tandy breathed.

`I know! All thanks to my big gob!'

`Yeah-thanks Gob!'

`You're welcome'

The girls stopped off at McDonalds. Tandy bit into her hamburger, but Ash was shivering.

`You okay?'

`Fine just nervous!'

`So am I, look lets go! We'll park in a lay-by somewhere near Wembley'

`Yeah lets go' Ash picked up her milkshake, slurping happily.

Unluckily there were no places to park.

`Damn it!' Tandy glared.

`Come on we'll find another place' Ash shrugged.

`But this is right near Wembley! Look there's a queue there and its nearly full of people!'

Tandy reversed- into a parked car!

`Oh shi…'

`Oh God Tandy!!!! Can't you even reverse! Look it's a proper fancy one! You're gonna be dead!'

Tandy looked at her best friend, tears forming in her eyes, `I know'

`Come on, let's peg it!'

The girls ran out of the car and over to the queue. They got their tickets out!

`Okay, here we go' Ash breathed.


Gerard's P.O.V

Maybe with Lydia being away, it'll make me realise that she's the wonderful girl who I want to be with forever.

Last night at the UK gig and I'm kinda scared. Its quite scary seeing all those fans, singing along. They could probably sing it better than you. But it's exciting and makes you breathless, and you wanna be there forever, doing the gig again and again.

Only two hours til we're on. Unluckily I think I've caught a cold. I hope when I kissed Lydia I didn't pass it to her! Frank seems ready to go!

`Okay guys, just remember the girls love me!'

`Is that supposed to make us feel better?' Ray asked.

`No- but it makes me feel a hell of a lot better! I'm gorgeous!' Frank laughed.

`Frank you are such a diva!' Bob grinned and shoved him. Frank lost his balance and fell over in a heap on the floor.

`I'm not a diva!' Frank protested and wrestled with Mikey and Ray, struggling with two mens weight.

`You're so strong, Frank' I grinned.

`Whatever Gee!' Frank pushed the boys.

`So you guys ready?' I asked.

`Ready as I'll ever be!' Frank smiled.

`Yeah' the rest screamed.

`I can hear the fans screaming our names!' Ray said, listening.

`Frank, Frank, Frank! WE LOVE YOU FRANK! YOU ARE THE BEST FRANK!!!!' Frank mimed the girls.

`Shut it diva' I pushed Frank.

I wonder if girls thought I was attractive? I know I was a regular poster boy. But was I that cute?

Lydia said from the moment she saw me she loved me, she called me handsome and sexy and we bonded easily. That was only a month ago. And I proposed to her with a single diamond ring that cost me a fortune!

But she said yes- and that's all I cared about. Lydia wanted me, but was Frank the girls favourite?


Tandy's P.O.V

In the line, I nearly wet myself. The show was going to start in two hours. I could hear Gerard's voice echoing through my head.

Ash was bouncing around, `Oh god! Isn't this exciting?'

`Yeah! Oh Ash, I love you!'



`Fine I'll rip up your ticket and I'll go see your precious Gerard!'

`Joke! I love your mouth!'


But then we approached the bouncers. We gave him our tickets, and he nodded!


Ash screamed as soon as she got there!

`Come on, let's get our seats!'

Ash nodded and we pushed through the crowd. There was a couple of girls, all tarted up and shouting, `Gerard I want your babies! You are gorgeous!'

`They're only there for Gerard, not the music!' Ash scowled.

`I know! They're horrible. Poor Gerard! That's what his girlfriend is like!'

`Ooh, you sound jealous!'

`I'm not, just Gerard deserves a proper girl!'

`Like you?'

I blushed, `Maybe'

When we got to our seats. I nearly wet myself. We were right next to were Gerard would sing.

My stomach started to hurt, and I felt dizzy. I was going to be within touching distance of my singing hero Gerard Way.

`You okay Tandy?'

`Fine, just nervous!'

`It's gonna be find, I promise!'

`Trust me!' I giggled.

I started singing `Dead!' I didn't like my voice but people were commenting that I was a good singer. Ash was clapping to the tune.

I was scared!


Gerard's P.O.V

We were ready to get on, when amazingly I heard a voice singing. The harmony was soft, but rocky.

`Listen guys, someone's singing'

They listened.

`Nope can't hear it!' Frank said, `Only the sweet sound of `Frank we love you!' from my lady friends!'

`Frank, I'm being serious, it's a girls voice it's Dead!'

`So it's a zombie?' Frank laughed.

`No, shut up Frank!' I shouted.

`Okay guys you're on in 60 seconds!' called a voice

I was still listening to the voice.

I need to find out who was singing.

But then the crowd started screaming and the voice was blackened out.

Then I saw bright lights and I was on stage.

Tandy's P.O.V

I'm going to faint. Gerard's on stage, and the rest! Gerard is right under me. My legs are shaking. I feel like I've just turned into one of those jellies at birthday parties. Ash is screaming like a goose that's trapped its feathers in a door, but dressed in black from top to toe.

They start singing `The End' I keep looking at Gerard. Everyone is screaming at him and Frank. Everyone around me. But then… something amazing happens. Gerard catches my eyes. He winked at me! ME!!!! Gerard Way winked at me! Tandy Davis!

Gerard sounds so much better real. I want to jump on stage and kiss him, but I can't.

Ash is screaming, `I love Frank'

She's so embarrassing. ***

Gerard's P.O.V

I've just spotted a girl, she looked beautiful. Like Helena on the video. She was looking at me, with big blue eyes, deeply coated in black.

I winked at her, cheekily. She nearly fell back in shock. She keeps pushing her friend, who keeps shout `I love you Frank!'

But now we're in `Dead' and I look around. Everyone is singing, but not the voice. Suddenly starting louder than the rest of the group is the voice.

It's near me. Like so close to me…

Tandy's P.O.V

I've just starting singing `I'm not okay' and Gerard is looking around worriedly. He looks a bit anxious. My voice is already croaking.

Gerard's P.O.V

I keep looking. Then I see her.

She's the girl I winked at. She's just noticed me.

Tandy's P.O.V

Gerard Way is looking at me. I think I should stop singing. I feel the stupidest thing coming on. I wave and grin.

Gerard's P.O.V

She's just waved at me. I have the urge to wave back, but that's not professional! Keep singing Gerard! Keep singing!

Frank keeps winking at the girls. Until now on song 2, five girls have already fainted!

At the end of the song, I make an announcement.

`Hey great singing on the front row, keep up the good work!' and I grin evilly. The girl looks so shocked she could hardly stand up. She looks at her best friend, who looks shocked aswell.

It's Welcome To The Black Parade next. I hope she keeps singing. Her friend is egging her on.

Tandy's P.O.V

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! Thankyou baby Jesus you rock! Gerard actually said something and looked at me.

`Hey great singing on the front row, keep up the good work'

Ash can't believe it!

Neither can I. Ash keeps making me sing.


For the rest of the night, My Chemical Romance amazed Tandy and Ash. But to Tandy, her dreams had come true. All she had to do was face whoever she'd bumped her car into.

`Tandy! Wasn't. That. Amazing! Gerard Way kept looking at you!'

Tandy blushed, `He wasn't looking at me all the time'

`Yeah- but he looked at you!'

Tandy smiled dreamily, `I know'

Ash nudged Tandy, `Let wait behind and see if we can smuggle a autograph and a photo of the guys!'

`Okay' Tandy agreed.

And they saw them.

`I'm gonna ask Bob and Frank to sign my bra!'

`Okay you do that!'

`Not yet, the girls are groping them! Later on'

But My Chemical Romance was pushed through the crowd and into a room.

`You've missed your chance!' Tandy shrugged. Ash sighed and trudged back to the car. The owner of the broken car was still not there.

Ash looked worried.

`Tandy, we need to wait for the owner of the car so we can explain. Or they'll get the police in!'

Tandy panicked.

`Okay we'll wait!'

Tandy's P.O.V

It's two in the morning and the owners still haven't come for the car.

`Its useless they're never gonna come!' I screamed.

`Relax just give them ten minutes!'

`You've been saying that for the last two hours!'

`I know! But wait!'

I rolled my eyes and stropped off. I needed to sleep. But the amazingness of having Gerard Way winking at you was truly amazing and kept you awake.

Then I saw the owners and nudged Ash.

Gerard's P.O.V

After what seems like a lifetime of girls getting you to sign whatever they threw at you and white flashes of cameras still going through my skull, we managed to get out.

`Lets get some drinks!' Frank slurred. He had already drunk four glasses of champagne, a bottle of lager and a load of vodka shots.

`No you need to go to bed!' I said!

`But I wanna party!' Frank whooped loudly, and took of his shirt and pulled it over his head. He looked like a drunken nun.

But I was in shock. I saw our car. And I gasped.


Tandy and Ash stared at Gerard. Gerard stared back at them.

`Mr Way, I am so sorry. It was an accident, really! I didn't mean to reverse onto your car, I wasn't looking properly, oh god- I'll make it up to you I promise!' Tandy fumbled with her wallet, `Here's $100, I'm so sorry. I won't be able to pay the rent but here's what I've got!'

Tandy was having a nervous breakdown.


Tandy's P.O.V

Oh God! The car I'd reversed into was bloody Gerard Ways! Oh God! I'm gonna faint!

Gerard's P.O.V

I found our car to be broken at the front. The girl I had heard singing was responsible. She kept going on how she'd pay me. But I couldn't care. I could get it fixed.

`Calm down! Look its okay; I'll get it repaired. What's your name?'

The girl was shaking, `Tandy Davis, Mr Way. I am truly sorry'

`You were the girl singing weren't you?' I asked.

Tandy nodded.

`You have a good voice'

Tandy smiled, and I thought I'd saw her blush a bit.

`And don't call me Mr Way. It's Gerard. Look where do you live?'


`That's a long way to travel, look you can stay at our hotel, we've got a spare room. You can sleep there with your friend'

`My name is Ashleigh Simians; I'm Tandy's best bud who got her tickets to see you. And must I say, you were bloody brilliant!'

`Thanks' I grinned.

`Get in the car' I said and took Tandy's hand. It was cold. Her face was going red by the minute.

`Will there be room?' she whispered.

`Yeah, we'll kick Frank out, he's dazed as he is' I grinned.

Frank gave Ashleigh his shirt.

`Its sweaty, you know' he grinned and tripped.

`And I'll keep it close to my heart'

`You're very pretty you know' Frank muttered and hiccupped.

`Thankyou, but you are nicer when you aren't drunk and stink of sweat'

Frank laughed like a wild hyena.

Tandy let go of my hand and stepped into the car. The rest crawled in and Frank and me got into the car. Ashleigh perched on his knee. You could see they looked happy together.


Tandy's P.O.V

This can't be a dream. It really can't. I'm sitting in between Ray and Bob and Mikey. In Gerard's car that I broke. And he doesn't care. He really doesn't give a monkey's toenail.

Ash is sitting on a very pissed Frank's knee. He gave her a sweaty t-shirt as a present. He probably doesn't even know who Ash is!

Frank keeps whining.

`Can I have a hamster?'

`No Frank you can't have a hamster' Gerard replied.

`Well let me have a drink or I'll buy one and it'll eat you'

`I don't taste nice, Lydia says'

I blurted out something highly childish and stupid, `I bet you do!'

Lydia? What kind of preppy name was that?

`I want to taste you Gee' Frank moaned.

`Well you can't' Gerard laughed.

Frank moaned again, but much more sexier.

`Give us a kiss Ash' he said.

Ash looked at me. I was laughing, so was the rest.

She kissed him on the cheek.

He grasped hold of her and he passionately kissed her. Lip nibbling and a little bit of neck kissing. AND SHE WAS ENJOYING IT, THE MINX!!!!

I wanted to kiss Gerard, but he wasn't drunk and he was engaged to `Lydia'

Ash was panting when she finished kissing Frank.

`Wow' Frank smiled.

`You know he probably will forget you tomorrow' Gerard said.

`I won't' Frank protested.

`I don't care, I'll never forget tonight! I've kissed Frank Iero!'

`That's my name!' Frank said.

Then we pulled up to the most glamorous hotel I'd ever seen in London. White and glossy.

`Come on quickly, the paps might come and Frank fanatics!'

Mikey helped me out the car.

`Here ma'am' he grinned.

`Thanks Mikey' I smiled.

Inside was more glamorous.

`Wow' I breathed.

`Yeah one of the nicest ones we've been staying in. our room is up the stairs. I'll show you where it is' Gerard took the lead and showed me up the stairs.

Frank was singing `Helena' and tripping up.

`He's always like this after a drink. Its funny really, he's so drunk!'

I laughed. But I pinched myself. I still couldn't believe it that I was in a hotel with Gerard Way.

`You know Gerard, I haven't thanked you yet. And the gig was brilliant, you are better live than on your CDs and man, you looked brilliant out there, you are my idol and my singing hero'

`Thank, seems like I'm lots of peoples idols'

`No but you're special to me' I blushed.

`Thanks; I must ring Lydia when I get in. She wants to talk to me'

And my heart sank.


Gerard's P.O.V

I took Tandy and Ash to our room. Ash was happily clinging onto drunken Frank.

`Wow! Its gorgeous!' Tandy smiled.

Even though she was still in a bit of a state she looked really pretty. Her long black hair looked messy but she looked beautiful.

`I know, the room is here, I've got some big t-shirts of mine you can wear if you want'

`Yeah thanks' she grinned.

I picked out a long black top.

`You can get changed over there if you want. I'm gonna ring my fianc?, is that okay'

`Yeah, fine'

She walked over to the corner and quickly took off her clothes. I grabbed the phone from Frank the Plank who was pretending to ring for a pizza.

I rang her number.

`Hey baby!'

I could hear club music in the background.

`Where are you?'


`But I thought you were getting a job'

`I am, baby! But this is the first night!'


`How did the gig go?'

`Good, we had a lot of fans and…'

`Great baby! Look I've gotta go now, later babe'

Lydia hung up on me, when I turned around Tandy was in my shirt.

`Its cosy!' she smiled.

`Its big for you, you've got a small frame, you know' I said.

She grabbed her waist and blushed.

`Is this a dream?' she asked, batting big blue eyes.

`No! I bet you were only planning to see us, not share a hotel room with us'

She was looking at the floor.

`You are much more than I'd expected. I thought you were more celebriticed, not so kind'

I was kinda touched, but I wouldn't have shown it. The boys were all in their pyjamas. Frank was asleep already, his arm around Ash, who was resting her head on franks chest. It was cute really.

I showed Tandy to the room. She must have expected something not very glamorous, and she nearly fainted when she saw the room, she collapsed on the bed.

`Heaven! This is pure Heaven! My flat- well Mia's flat- is way grotty and horrible. It stinks and we don't have much food. And I work in bloody McDonalds. I wanted to go to art school, just like you Gerard, but my family said `Why waste your time drawing all your life?' and I got pregnant at fifteen and had an abortion. I did pills and smoked, but your music helped me get out of my depression and go on. So thank you' she had tears in her eyes.

`Well…you'll need some sleep…I'll pick up your car tomorrow. You get some sleep' I said.

`Okay, thanks Gerard, say night to the boys for me'

So that's when I left her, and started to quiz myself


Tandy's P.O.V

I sat in the bed. I was wearing a top Gerard Way had worn. I breathed in the mild musty smell. I stroked the front, where the print was fading away.

I could hear Gerard mumbling to one of the boys- Mikey probably. I heard his gargling and spitting and then the rustling of bed sheets. I crawled under the covers. I tried to sleep but I couldn't. I crawled back up again. Then I heard the door open.

I pretended to be asleep. I thought it was Gerard.

`Tandy, do you want some chocolate milk?'

It was Frank.

I ignored him, making small snoring noises.

Gerard came in. `Frank, will you please? She doesn't want your chocolate milk, now go back to bed!'

He sounded like a father telling off his naughty son. It made me giggle inside.

`Sorry Gee' and he trudged off.

I opened my eye a tiny bit. Gerard was looming over me, and smiling! He looked cute in his skeleton pyjamas. I closed my eyes. And finally I was in dreamworld.

Gerard's P.O.V

Oh WHY? Why was I in Tandy's room last night? Looking over her. She did look like Helena, only more stunning. No Gerard, no! You're engaged! You can't like a fan. You only met her yesterday.

She must have guessed I was there. She most of.

Frank looked tired the next morning. Ash was sleeping next to him. He kept rubbing his head.

`God, what happened last night, Gee? I feel so sick!'

`You got drunk… again!'

Frank groaned and turned to Ash. `Ash?'

Ash's big brown eyes opened. She looked at Frank.


`I remember you, but I can't remember anything else. Aw Man, my head aches'

`That'll teach you to drink Frank. I've sobered up now!' I smiled.

`Gee, have you hidden my fags?' Frank asked, still scratching his head.

`They must have fallen out of your pocket whilst you flapped around the hotels hall bellowing Helena'

Ash fumbled in her pockets, `Here you can have one of mine, I'll have one too'

Frank grinned.

`This girl came prepared!'

Ray looked into the room where Tandy was sleeping.

`She's still asleep' he said.

`Yeah' I smiled. Suddenly Tandy came out. She stretched.

`Morning guys!' she yawned, `What's for breakfast?'

`Come downstairs and you'll see' Mikey said and opened the door for her.

`Are you allowed to go in your PJs?' she asked.

`No! But we do it anyway!' Bob grinned.

I saw Ash and Frank over by the window, smoking.

`We'll be out later' Frank called.

We took Tandy down for breakfast. Oh great. Paparazzi were there. Flashing their big cameras, and Tandy was with us.

`Who's this then?' the bellowed at us.

`I'm Mickey Mouse' she grinned, `Now excuse us as we have our breakfast. Go bug someone who actually cares about the crap you write!'

And she walked into the big dining room.

Now that's one clever girl!


The Boys and Tandy all ate breakfast together. But Tandy didn't want the day to end! She took her time eating her bacon, and sausages and fried eggs. She kept looking at Gerard. He kept looking back at her.

`I just need the toilet, I'll be right back' she called.

`Okay!' the boys bellowed.

Bob caught Gerard staring at her.

`You like her don't you?' he grinned evilly.

`Yeah she's cool!' Gerard smiled, but his looks faded when he saw them grinning.

`No not like that! I'm engaged remember? To Lydia? And she is the love of my life. Tandy is too young for me'

`She's actually the same age as Lydia, you know!' Mikey grinned.

`Really? She looks so young'

`Have you noticed yet, Gerard? She seems to be digging on you aswell, haven't you seen her looking at you?' Ray asked.

Gerard had seen her looking, but he wasn't gonna admit it. There were loads of girls, taking sneaky pictures of them giggling. And a couple of little kids came upto them and had photos. Tandy waited near the door, grinning at the smiling kids, grasping their photos with their lives.

`Just don't tell her okay?' Gerard hissed.

The boys crossed their hearts. And Tandy returned to the table.

`You keepin' a secret from me?' she asked.

`No!' the boys protested. But giggled. Tandy laughed too.

`Right? Where's Frank and Ash?' Gerard asked.

`Probably kissing' Ray made smoochy noise and mimed Frank and Ash.

`Oooh Frank'

`Oooh Ash'

`We'd better go get the car for you Tandy' Mikey said.

`I'll go' said Bob.

`No I'll go' said Ray.

`No I'm Gerard's brother, so I'M going' Mikey screamed.

`Wait…Gerard can go. It is his car that we're driving! Let Gerard go' Ray cackled wickedly.

Gerard seemed to be panicking. He didn't want Tandy to realise what they were trying to do. Set them up.

`Yeah…I'll go…let's get changed now, we can go' Gerard glared at the laughing boys.

Tandy looked upset, `can't we stay longer? I mean in London! I've never been around London!'

Ray was nudging Bob. `Yeah you and Gerard can go together!'

Gerard felt like punching them!

Gerard's P.O.V

Oh god! The guys are figuring me out. Must lie. Oh…. What about Lydia?


`No let's all go together' Gerard persuaded.

`Yeah that'll be good!' I'll go have a shower and get changed, is that okay?'

`Fine, you go, we'll catch up with you!' Bob called.

Tandy left to go upstairs.

Gerard's P.O.V

I was really angry with the guys.

`Can you actually keep a secret?' I asked them.

`Can you actually lie to Lydia?' Mikey asked.

`Gods Sake! I'm so confused!' I rested my head in my hands. Ray and Bob looked worried.

`You can always call off the wedding' Ray said.

`No, no, no, no, no! I love Lydia, she's the girl I want to be with the rest of my life, Tandy is just another obsessive fan who only likes us for our looks!'

`That's not true, I heard what she told you about our music!' Bob said, `It stopped her from her painful life of depression. She could be dead now, or in a mentalist home, but she isn't because of our music. Gerard Way, this girl loves you'

And that's when I changed.


Tandy came out of the shower dressed in a towel. Frank was looking at her.

`Stop it Frank!'


At that moment the boys came back upstairs.

`Hey!' Tandy said, `Don't worry, I'll be dressed soon, you boys better get ready too!'

Ash was already dressed.

`Hey Frank, you missed breakfast' Gerard said.

`It's okay. Me and Ash were talking about ourselves, bonding, you know…' Frank blushed.

`Yeah me and Frank have the same birthday, init awesome?' Ash skipped around, combing her spiky blonde hair.

`Yeah, awesome' Gerard said.

Frank kissed Ash. They ended up rolling around on the floor laughing.

`You are one of the nicest girls I've met' Frank said.

`Out of all the girls he's met!' Ray laughed. Frank went upto him and shoved him.

`Well... Frank you're really great. But we won't be able to see each other!' Ash looked really heartbroken.

That's when Tandy remembered, after the day had finished, she would have to go back to Preston, and leave My Chemical Romance.

`Well here's my number, you can have it if you want' Frank wrote a number on a piece of paper.

`Oh my god!!!!' Ash screamed and hugged Frank, practically choking him.

`Here's mine' she said scribbling on a piece of paper. She gave it to Frank.

`I shall treasure it close to my heart!' Frank smiled and kissed her. It got a bit steamy!

`So you guys nearly ready to go to LONDON?' Tandy said, coming out of the bedroom, dressed in her clothes she had on the day of the concert.

`Yeah, come on lovebirds' Gerard said, pulling Frank off a red Ash.

`Right, okay!' Frank wiped his forehead.

Tandy's P.O.V

I'm in Gerard's car again. We're in the car to London. I kinda persuaded Gerard to let me stay longer. I really wanted to stay in this day forever, but I knew I couldn't.

We drove to the centre of London. It was brilliant. Dozens of people were flying past. It was brilliant, until we got out of the car.

People came rushing over to us, taking pictures. Girls posed with them, others screamed at us. We had to keep dodging the crowd. Someone stuck her nails into Ash so she could have Frank. It was like a miniature catfight.

`Do you still want to hang around London now Tandy?' Gerard laughed, grinning at one of the cameras.

I looked quite embarrassed, `we can go if you want, I didn't no it was this hard to dodge cameras'

Gerard laughed. His laugh was all tingly and made me shiver.

`You cold?' he asked.


`Have my jacket, you can keep it as well' Gerard began to take off his jacket. He wrapped me up in it.

`This is probably gonna be posted all over the newspapers tomorrow' I said. I didn't want Gerard to get punished by his `Lydia'

`So? It's nice to have a bit of publicity?'

`But what about Lydia?'

Gerard's face kinda went a bit down.

`You're a friend' he said, `I'll explain about it, but its not like she cares about MCR is it?'

`She doesn't like the band?'

`I dunno! But last night she wasn't very interested!'

`Maybe she was tired?'

`She was out clubbing'



`Does she do that often?'

`Yeah, she likes clubbing, going to parties, we've only slept together once and she wasn't interested then. But I love her'

`I love someone but he's not interested'

DAMN IT! I've nearly told Gee I loved him! Okay- must lie!


`Someone… who-works with me'

`Cool- bet he's lucky…err… I mean to have a nice person'

Frank pulled me over to an amusement arcade.

`Look Crazy Frogs!' he eyed the crane. He put in a coin and began to play. We all gathered to watch him.

`This is going to be easy peasy pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie!' he kissed Ash, and a group of girl fans started to cry. He got the hook over a crazy frog and the hook went down. It picked it up, and then dropped it.

`That's cheating, you stupid son of a bi…' he started to rattle the box in frustration.

`You're soooo good aren't you, Frank?' I teased.

`Yeah' Ray copied.

`Shut up guys!' Frank shouted, `I'm having another go!'

Another forty goes, and wasted coins later.

`Come on Frank, we're wasting time' Gerard said yawning.

`But I want a frog!' Frank whined.

`I'll have a go' I said, and slotted a coin into the machine. It started up and I got my hook over a rude crazy from with his butt in the air. I got it right on the waist; it picked it up and fell into the `winners' box. Frank was amazed.

`Here Frank, you wanted it!' I said, handing him the deformed frog. He scooped me up and spun me around and around.

`Thankyou!' he shouted and kissed my cheek over and over again. I laughed.

Ray was nudging Mikey.

`Hey Frankie, you got beaten by a girl on a crane!' Ray teased.

`Yeah, you couldn't get a toy in forty goes! She got it on her first go! Loser!' Mikey teased, miming a baby.

`Shut it!' Frank pushed Mikey and hit him with the frog.

The Day was brilliant! I saw Big Ben and went on loads of rides at a funfair. Gerard bought me some cotton candy!

`You want some' I asked offering him the tub.

`Nah, thanks! I have to keep my perfect teeth shiny!' he laughed, but he grabbed a handful.

Frankie wasn't feeling very well after eating a hotdog, ice cream, cotton candy, a burger and some donuts, then going on a rollercoaster with me. The fans couldn't leave him alone, and kept asking for photos with him on the ride. I felt for him, I really did. He must be sick of the fans following him.

Gerard was on the phone to Lydia.

`Yeah babe. I'm missing you, yeah I love you, and yeah the gig was fine. I'm in London now with the guys and some fans, yeah I still love you, I can't wait til you get back and I can have some fun with you, what? Oh okay then, later babe, love you'

`Was that Lydia?' I asked.

`Yeah' he looked quite sad.

`Do you miss her?'

`Kind of, but she is still a bit weary of me, listen its getting late, you'd better be getting home, I'll get the guys!'

`Okay' I said sadly.

Gerard gathered the guys together and we got my car. I got in the front seat. Gerard looked through the windows. I looked up at Ash and Frank, who were kissing passionately.

`Bye Frank, I'll text you everyday!' Ash cried.

`Bye Ash' Frank hugged her. It wasn't fair. Ash and Frank were officially dating!

Gerard looked through the window, `You okay' he mouthed.

I nodded and waved. Ash crawled into the car. Frank kept blowing kisses to her. She did it back to him. As I reversed backwards (into no car) I looked at Gerard. He was smiling.

And that's when I left him. ****

Gerard's P.O.V

Tandy left.

`You didn't tell her did you?' Ray asked me in the car. I carried on driving trying to ignore him, but her voice was still in my head.

Frank was looking out the window, sadly. He looked down. I knew he loved her loads.

`You `kay Frank?' I asked. Frank grunted, he was texting.

`You didn't tell her what you felt, did you?' Ray asked me again.

`What are you on about?' I said, turning on the radio. Our song `Famous Last Words' came on. Everyone was singing along, but then an announcer called out, `Gerard Way from the emo band My Chemical Romance, has been seen cosying up to a female fan. They were rumoured to stay in the same hotel room. Plus lead guitarist Frank Iron has been seen groping a female fan and kissing her. One onlooker said that they were very close together. Let's just hope that Lydia Waters, Gerard's fianc? and ex page 3 girl hasn't found out!'

Frank was staring at me. Everyone was staring at me.

`Lydia is a page 3 girl????' Frank said.

Lydia had told me she worked in beauty salon; she had never mentioned her modelling.

I was going red, `Well…err… she never told me that… its just lies!'

Frank went back to texting.


`Iron guy!' Ray roared.

`Maybe you should join Iron Maiden!' Bob giggled.

`Shut up guys!' Frank wailed.

I have to ring Lydia to see if the rumours were true.


i returned home with a sleeping Ash. She was snuggled up with franks sweaty t-shirt he gave her. She could hear Ash muttering his name in her sleep.

`Ash, we're home now' I said, pushing her.

`Are we' she muttered, `my home is with Frank Iero'

I sighed, `I know'

I got my key as we trudged up the stairs. I put my key in the door, and screamed.

There was Mia, my flat mate, in a green facemask and rollers in her red hair.

`Where the hell have you been?' she shouted.

`MCR concert! We met My Chemical Romance!' Ash screamed, `and I am Frank Iero's girlfriend! I kissed him and everything!'

Mia eyed us suspiciously. `You're drunk aren't you?'

`No! It's all true! We met My Chemical Romance after my reckless driving bumped into their cool car, and Gerard took me back to his hotel and gave us a bed, but Ash slept on Frank, and I was in his shirt and he gave me his coat look!' I handed Mia the coat.

`And Frank gave me this!' Ash handed a crumpled up t-shirt.

`Ergh! It stinks of sweat!' Mia wrinkled her pink nose.

`I know! Frank's sweat!' Ash said, `and I got his number! And he texted me!'

Mia seemed to believe us.

`Look you guys have missed work, I'll tell them that you came home drunk and you vomited and I'll save your ass'

`Okay thanks Mia'

`Now which one of you spilt vodka on my floor?'

`Gotta go bye!' I said and ran into my rooms.

Gerard's P.O.V

I rung Lydia.


`It's me'

`Oh hey Gerard, so who's this female fan you've been… close to?'

Ooops, I'm dead.

`Her name is Tandy Davis, she was a fan, and she crashed into our car'

`What our car! Not our car! That cost me money!'

`My money'

`I bought it you!'

`Fine, whatever' I was getting a bit angry with her.

`So why were you so close to her'

`She was cold and I gave her my coat. Not so close, uh? What's this about you being an ex stripper?'


`I needed money, Gerard honey!'

`So you went topless for money, what now? Pole dancer?'

`No! You know me better!' she was choking back tears.

`Well, I thought you were a beautician, but I found out you're an ex page 3 girl, your name has been dragged through the mud, you know?'

She was crying.

`Gerard, I was sixteen, and I had just left school! What else was I meant to get money from? My Mom and Dad hated me!'

`So I bet you're enjoying the life of an over spending fianc??'

`No Gerard! I'm sorry I never told you, I didn't think you'd love me if I told you!'

`I love you Lydia, and I think that as future husband and wife we should be able to trust each other with secrets'

She stopped crying.


`Of course, babe, listen you keep looking for a job, and don't worry, there's nothing going on with these fans, they're just fans. You're my Lydia'

`And you're my special Gee!'

`I love you'

`And I love you too'

`Bye Gerard Baby'

`Bye Lyd'

I put the phone down and rested my head in hands.

Mikey came in. `Look Gerard, you seem really upset. I think, even though you only met Tandy yesterday, you've got a soft spot for her'

My kid brother was interfering with my life again. But even though, I didn't want to admit it, he was right.


Tandy's P.O.V

`Look Tandy it's you!'

Bimbo Bonnie came upto me holding the newspaper. On the front was a picture of Gerard Way with his arms around me, whilst I sat in his snug coat. On the front it said:


I snatched the paper off her.

Rick came upto me. `So you're a celebrity'

`No! It's all a load of bull! It's not true! Where's Ash?'

I ran upto the chip fryer, where Ash was texting. Frank probably.

`Ash, I need your phone! It's urgent' I grabbed her phone and made a dash for the door.

I dialled Frank's number.

`Hiya Ash, you've rung me five times today!'

`Its Tandy'

`Oh hiya Tandy, you okay?'

`Is Gerard there, I need to speak to him?'

`Sorry, you've just missed him. Listen, do you like Gerard'

`Yeah he's cool'

`I mean- like as a crush?'


`He's cute, but engaged to that Lydia, isn't he?'

`I think he likes you too'

My heart glowed. He liked me?

`Listen please tell him to call me, I need to speak to him'

`Okay, I'll tell him to call back when he gets back'

`Thankyou Frank'

`Bye Tandy'

Ash ran upto me. `What was that for?'

`Sorry, emergency'


`Look' I showed her the paper.

`I don't want that Lydia to see me and Gerard in the paper'

`I bet it's frustrating loving someone who loves someone else' she said.

I wasn't going to tell her about what Frank had said.

At that moment her mobile rung. She picked it up.

`Yeah Frankie honey? Oh you need Tandy, okay here she is' she handed me the phone. I mouthed at her; `I want privacy' she nodded and went back inside.

`Hello?' my nerves came back to me.

`Hey' it was Gerard's voice.

`Oh hi'

`You needed to speak to me?'

`Yeah, listen… we're in the papers!'

`I've seen, yeah!'

`I just thought if Lydia thought we were having an affair and…'

`I've talked to Lydia, I've told her about it, it's okay'

`Oh' I felt like a prune.

`But it was nice you've thought about Lydia and me'


`Anyway I'll talk to you another day, we're busy practising for our tour around France okay?'

`Good luck'

`Thanks Tandy'

And I was so glad he was okay with me.


Gerard's P.O.V

Tandy called me. It was about the picture in the Daily Mail with us together. Quite cute really- but she seemed really concerned about Lydia and me. Like she actually cared.

Ray came in, `You've been talking to Tandy, haven't you?'

`She was concerned about the photos in the Daily Mail, that's all' I said.

`Look Gerard, we've been mates for ages and I really think, if you wanted to lead a happy life, you would tell Tandy how you feel'

`Listen man, I have NO feelings for Tandy, I only met her yesterday, I love Lydia'

`Even though she didn't tell you about her modelling?'

Ewwww. Damn. The guys were cracking me.

`Listen give me some weeks when we're in Paris and I'll have forgotten about Tandy, and I'll be with Lyd, okay?'

Ray shrugged, `Okay man, but you don't know what you're doing'


Five long and tiring weeks later…

`Tandy, where's the rent?' Mia called to Tandy. She couldn't here as she had her headphones in and was painting her picture of Gerard.

Mia strolled upto Tandy and pulled out her headphones.

`Ow, why'd you do that, it was on I'm not ok I promise!'

`Whatever Tandy, money please!'

Tandy groaned.

`You know I haven't got enough!'

`Maybe you could get Mr Gerard Way the magical music man to wizz you a couple of fivers, since you met him!'

`Shut up Mia, listen, when I get the money I'll give it to you!'

`Whatever, if you don't have the money in one week-just one- I will kick you out. Both of you!'

`Fine' Tandy got back to her painting. It looked like Gerard, but she had trouble making a perfect skin colour for his beautiful complexion. His eyes twinkled mysteriously, and he was always looking at her.

She stroked his face. `Oh Gerard'

Mia stomped in again.

`Unlike you slobs, I'm going to work, I am infact working as a business woman in a bank, and I get paid a good amount of money!'

`Have a nice day' Ash called from the bathroom.

Mia stormed out and banged the door.

`Cow' Tandy called to her and stuck her middle finger up at her.

Ash came out. She looked posh and punky.

`Where are you going then?' Tandy asked.

`Meeting Frank, it's his last day in the UK, they're going to travel to France tomorrow'

`Oh' Tandy's face fell.

`S'laters Tandy, I'll tell Frank you said hi!'

`Ok then, have a nice day'

Ash skipped downstairs. And Tandy started to cry.


Tandy's P.O.V

Why am I crying? Gerard is happy with Lydia, he's happy, and I should be happy for him.

Gerard's P.O.V

Franks girlfriend, Ash came round today. Frank was all over her. Kissing her and squeezing her. She was crying.

`I've missed you Frank'

`I've missed you too Ash' he kissed her softly.

The boys were whistling. I was silent.

Ash leapt off Frank's knee and pulled my arm. `Come here I need to tell you something'

I followed her into a cupboard.

`Did we have to go in this old cupboard?'

`No, but I want to!'


`Listen, it's Tandy. She misses you like crazy. She's fancied you since you first formed and she still can't believe she met you. Don't you love her?'


`Do you love Tandy?'


`Well… do you?'

I couldn't lie anymore. I sighed. I nodded. Ash gasped.

`I knew it!'

`But I'm engaged!'

`Well un-engage!'

`I can't my wedding is in a month! And I love Lydia'

`No you love Tandy!'

`I don't'

She slapped me. My cheek reddened.

`Oh yes you do, Gerard Arthur Way and you're bloody gonna tell her!'

I had met my match.

`Okay, show me where you live…'

Tandy's P.O.V

What's the worse thing I could say?

Things are better if I change.

So long and goodnight.

So long and goodnight.

Bored. Bored. BORED! I'm lobbing on the bed. I've eaten the remains in the fridge and listening to My Chemical Romance. It is just so boring being in a flat on your own.

I'll watch the Exorcist for a bit…

Gerard's P.O.V

I am practically speeding down the M6 to Preston. People keep honking me, but I can't care less. I need Tandy.

My breaks screech as a car pulls infront of me.

`Grrrr… stupid damn cars!' I mutter.

Tandy's P.O.V

I'm just freaked out now, the door keeps creaking. And I'm watching the Exorcist. I keep hearing things.

Gerard's P.O.V

I'm heading down the road where the flat is. I can't chicken out now. It's too late.

Ok Gerard, just tell her how you feel.

I'm approaching the flat; I'm going up the stairs.

Tandy's P.O.V

A knock on the door. I scream. This is scary. I approach it, aimed with a TV magazine. I fling open the door.

It's Gerard.

I step back in shock.

`Gerard! What are you doing here?'

`I've come to visit you, can I come in?'

I nod and lead him through the empty bottles of vodka and magazines and McDonalds burger boxes.

`I told you it was grotty'

`No, it looks okay' he said looking around.

`Beware of Chip, he's the mouse'

`Oh okay' Gerard grinned. Then he spotted the picture of him.

He walked over to it. He inspected it, feeling his face.

`Am I really this handsome?'

I laughed. He laughed.

`It's rubbish' I said.

`No, it's brilliant, it looks exactly like me. So much detail. But yet, it's not finished. But I could help you finish it'

It was an offer I couldn't refuse.

Watching Gerard paint himself, was awkward, but yet so amazing. He was so talented.

`I'm glad I went to art school now' he said, focusing on his eyes, he made them sparkle, almost twinkle like his.

`It's for a competition; I entered it for a ?50 prize. I need to pay Mia the rent, or I'll be kicked out, she said so!'

`Mia sounds like an evil cow to me!' Gerard laughed.

`She is, and she hates my obsession with you… I mean… the band'

I'd blabbed it.

Gerard stopped painting. He looked at me and flicked paint at me. I had blue blobs all over me.

`Right! You are soooo dead, Mr Way!!' and I picked up a paintbrush and flicked red all over him.

We continued this fight, but it turned to tickling. Gerard tickled me, I tickled him. Suddenly I tripped backwards. Gerard was on top of me. We stopped laughing. He was blushing. And his eyes were twinkling. He reached out and stroked my face.

Gerard's P.O.V

After a mad tickling session, I've ended up on top of Tandy. She's blushing. I stroked her cheek. It was soft and warm.

Suddenly, my lips touch hers. We kiss. Her lips are soft and pink; she's making small sounds. I carry on kissing her. We roll around.

Tandy's P.O.V

I feel like a billion fireworks are going off inside me! I am laying on the floor, kissing My Chemical Romance's lead singer and my idol, Gerard Way. On the floor.

His lips are all warm; Oooh it's sending shivers up my spine. I have my hands on his waist, but his hands are in my black curls. I never want to stop doing this.

Gerard's P.O.V

I've never had a spark like this in my head. She's a fan; I'm in a band. I love her and she loves me. I want her so bad. This kiss is getting better by the minute. Her tongue keeps poking my teeth, cheekily though! But then I remember Lydia.

When we finally break up, I whisper, ` I love you'

`I love you too, but what about Lydia?' she replies.

As if I could give a damn about Lydia! I've just received the greatest kiss in my life!

`You're different' I said, stroking her face, `Lydia is using me, for my money, I know she is. I just know'

She started to cry, I think with a mixture of happiness and sadness. My hands fumbled with her top.

`Do you…wanna…you know?' I asked her softly.


Tandy's P.O.V

I pulled the cover over my chest, and looked at Gerard. He was sweating and his breathing was heavier.

My hand reached out to grab his. He scooped my hand up and placed it into his hand. It was warm and soft.

`Sing to me Gerard' I asked him.

He broke into `Disenchanted' and `I don't love you' his voice was so dreamy.

I rested my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating.

`You've made me so happy. But I thought you said in a interview that you wouldn't date a fan, were they true?'

`I wouldn't really say oh yeah could I, all the female fans would be fainting on the spot'

`So you would date a fan?'

`As special as you Tandy, you are different. You made your way into my heart, the guys guessed it before me, but you're special, so special'

`I don't think I'm special. I'm useless, I work in McDonalds, I can't get a descent amount of money, I had an abortion, I live in a grotty flat, and I'm scared of the Exorcist!'

Gerard laughed. `Well, you're special to me'

`What about tomorrow?' I asked him, `You're going to France'

`Maybe you could come too!'

`No, you're getting married there, turning up would be too suspicious!'

`You can come on tour with us, it would be great! And you won't need to be with Mia! Ash can come with Frank, it'll be brilliant!'

`You really want me, don't you?'

`More than Lydia'

`But what about the wedding?'

`I'll have to tell her' Gerard bit his lip, `She can be a bit…scary!'

`I can be scary too! I'm not the angel you see!'

`I saw you at the gig and you were devilishly gorgeous, you remind me of Helena'

I giggled, `Really? I've never thought of myself like that!'

`Yeah, shall we get dressed, and I'll help you pack your things?'

`I've not said yes yet, and anyway what if the boys don't want me to come on tour'

Gerard hugged me. I breathed in his smell again. `They do want you, they all love you, we need a girl with us on tour, to keeps us entertained'

Then he kissed me again. Oooooh, so nice! His lips so delicate. I held onto his waist, and he stroked my hair again.

`Fine, I'll come' I said when we broke away. Gerard grinned and swung me around.

`You've made me so happy Tandy Davis, you really have' he said.

Gerard's P.O.V

Tandy is coming with us on tour. I can't wait, though I'm scared what the guys may think.

I'm not having an affair! I have to explain to Lydia that I love Tandy, but I don't know how I'll be able to do it, she gets very frustrated, and she's gonna hate me for the rest of my life.

Tandy has been packing for the last fifteen minutes. I've helped her pack; she owns a lot of My Chemical Romance stuff. Especially posters of me!

`Gerard, is it hard to sober up?'

`Kinda, you die for drink and drugs, but doing pills were one of the worst times in my life'

`But what about the drink'

`There are plenty of other things you can drink'

`And the ciggies?'

`Nicotine gum helps' I said.

I fumbled with one of her black lacy thongs. She snatched it off me.

`Naughty! They're mine that I wore on the night of the concert' she smiled wickedly.

`Good luck charms then?'

`Yeah you could say that' she grinned.

Suddenly the door swung open, we turned around. There was a woman, quite fat, in a tight suit.

`I'm home; you freeloader! And I've got a takeaway. Chinese, if you don't like it, tough!'

She stopped when she saw this.

`Who's this?' she asked.

`I'm Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, and I guess you're Mia' I shake her hand.

`You can't be! I… I… thought Tandy was lying about…you' she was in shock.

`Now, hand over the money? Fiver please' Tandy held out her hand.

Mia rolled her eyes. `You told the truth, kid, and the truth is… you owe me money as it is'

`Well it'll only be you in this flat, because… I'm leaving, Gerard's taking me on tour with him and the band, so, I'll send some money, but for now ta-tah!'

Mia was more in shock.

`You can't do this!'

Tandy grabbed her suitcase, `actually I can! Come on Gerard' she grabbed my arm and stomped out of the door.

In the car, she screamed.

`God I hate Mia; she's such a fat cow! Gerard, if I'd stayed with her any longer I'd be on the brink of suicide!!!'

`Come on then, on to our new life together'

`But we aren't together yet are we? You need to tell Lydia'

I sighed, `as soon as she comes back the week before our wedding I'll tell her okay?'

She shrugged, `What if you don't?'

`I will Tandy!'

But I wasn't sure.

Tandy's P.O.V

I'm in my car. Gerard is driving. I can't believe he loves me. All I'm bothered about is Lydia.

I'm bored. I look through his wallet. There's a photo of him and Mikey, then another of him and a female. She's busty and blonde, with a smile of pearly whites. Her skin is tanned; Gerard has his arms around her. He looks so dead compared to her!

`Is that Lydia?'

`Yeah, it is'

`She's pretty, I see what you see in her'

`Not as pretty as you Tandy. Oh- is that actually your real name?'

`No, it's Tamara, but I used to eat loads of sweets when I was a kid so you get Tandy, everyone calls me that!'

`Tamara sounds sexy' Gerard grins.

I have a sudden urge to smack him, but I can't- he's driving!

We arrived at the fabulous recording studio/ house to rent. As I got out the car. There was Frank and Ash kissing, but she broke away when she saw me!

`We're gonna be tour girls!' Ash screamed and hugged me.

`Yeah!' I laughed.

Gerard was looking at Ash and me. He was smiling.

`Gerard, you don't mind if I take your friend over for a chat do you?' Ash said, and grabbed my wrist.

Gerard shrugged and she pulled me over.


`Gerard loves me' I said.

Ash screamed again.

`That's fabulous! We're the real girlfriend's of rock gods! And we're on tour with them, to France!!!'

`But you're forgetting one thing…Lydia'

Ash's smile turned upside down.

`So that means Gerard is cheating with you and Lydia'

`No! He's gonna tell her he loves me'

`Oh well that's okay then!'

I rolled my eyes. Frank came upto us.

`Okay tour buddies, wanna have pizza?'

Ash batted her extremely long black eyelashes. `Okay Frankie!'

I made puking noises. Frank grabbed my arm.

`So are you dating Gee?'

I blushed. `Kinda'

`Really! That mean's that Gerard is seeing you not Lydia?'

`Oh I don't know' I turned around and heard Gerard on the phone.

`Yeah, I can't wait for the wedding. At the church in France at one pm oh okay…um… meet you there in a few weeks'

He hung up.

`I haven't told her' Gerard bit his lip nervously.

I wanted to know whether he really was going to tell her or not.


Gerard's P.O.V

I've not told Lydia yet. I need to tell her but I can't. We're on the plane to France now for the tour tomorrow. I'm kinda annoyed by the lack of privacy, fans keep coming upto me.

Tandy isn't sitting next to me, for paparazzi reasons. She's with Ash and Frank. I'm next to Bob and Ray. Mikey is on his own. Poor him!

Tandy seems a bit upset, because I haven't told Lydia about her.

I will tell Lydia about her eventually. I will.


Three weeks into the tour. Gerard is in bed with Tandy.

`Are you mad because I haven't told her yet?' Gerard said, turning to his girlfriend.

`There are a couple of weeks before you marry and you haven't told her yet!' Tandy sobbed, `Am I just a plaything?'

`No of course not' Gerard said. He looked a bit upset.

`But you need to tell her' Tandy said.

`I will tell her Tandy, I promise I promise I promise, I'll tell her when she's back'

Tandy lent over and kissed Gerard. He kissed her back.

`Please tell her, Gerard' she said.

Tandy's P.O.V

Three weeks until Gerard marries. And I'm unwell. I think it's because of those baguettes and frogs leg I've been eating. I've been puking. But at least Frank lent me his cute piggy water bottle. Ow, my head really hurts.

My headache is so bad!

I don't want to eat anything, even though Bob offered me his chocolate bar and Ash gave me some chocolate milk. I just want to be in bed. Oww, my stomach hurts so badly!


Gerard's P.O.V

Tandy's not been feeling very well lately. I think she's caught a stomach bug from those French people! I've sung her so many songs too! And we've not kissed either.

Tandy's P.O.V

When the boys went off to do their gig, Ash and me stayed at home. But she came into me. She looked serious.

`Hey what's up?' I asked her.

`I think I know why you're ill'

`What then?'

`You… might be pregnant' she whispered.

My face went pale. `WHAT?'

`Well if you and Gee kinda went…you know… into the same bed…and…'

`To much info'

`Did you'

I couldn't deny it. I nodded.

`I've got a kit for you, if you wanna find out'

I felt quite sick, but I tried it.

And my results were……………………………… …………………… Positive.


Gerard's P.O.V.

Tandy isn't talking to me.


And in a week I'm going to be married.

I still haven't talked to Lydia.

Why me?


Tandy's P.O.V

I'm pregnant! With a mini Gerard. I keep stroking my stomach. But I don't wanna tell him yet. But he hasn't talked to Lydia yet. Why should I tell him?


Gerard was dressed in the suit he was going to get married in. He frowned. He didn't feel like getting married.

Lydia waltzed through the door.

`Listen baby, I don't like that girl with the black hair, she's too quiet and she keeps giving me evils'

Then she noticed the suit.

`Wow that looks sexy on you Gerard, I can't wait! Just two more days!' Lydia kissed him. He was too tired to kiss her back.

`What's up baby?' she asked, stroking his cheek.

`Nothing, I'm just tired. I can't wait either. We'll be happy together, won't we?'

`Yes, as husband and wife! And happy we will be' Lydia grinned.

Tandy's P.O.V

Gerard's `fianc?' arrived yesterday. She is still going on about the wedding. I guess Gerard hasn't told her then. I knew he used me! I'm just sick of my life!

I'm leaving. I'll stay in a hotel until Ash comes home with me! I can't see Gerard using me. And I'll get an abortion!


Tandy stumbled through the door.

`Gerard, I'm leaving!' she screamed.

`What?' replied a shocked Gerard.

`I can't let you use me without telling Lydia'

`I'm not using you!' Gerard shouted.

`Yes you are, you've not told her yet and you're marrying in two days!'

`I'll tell her!'

`That's what you have been telling me for the last month. Don't bother any more; I'm just a distant memory. Goodbye Gerard, I'll never forget you' Tandy sobbed.

Gerard stood there, mortified. What had he done?

Tandy's P.O.V

I'm in a grotty old hotel in France. I keep thinking about Gerard. He would of called me if he actually cared. But he doesn't.

My stomach is hurting. I have to tell Gerard, but I don't really want to.


Gerard's P.O.V

I let her go without saying goodbye. And maybe she was right. I had used her. But I love her. When I marry Lydia, I shall see her again, I'll meet her somewhere and apologise.


Gerard heard wedding bells in his ears. He looked at Frank.

`You okay Gee?' Frank rested his hand on Gerard's shoulder.

It was the day of the wedding. Gerard Way would marry Lydia Waters and they would be husband and wife.

Gerard swallowed and nodded.

`I'll be okay, trust me' Gerard said.

Ray came through the door.

`No sign of Tandy, Gee' he said.

Gerard sighed.

`Guys can you leave me for a bit, before the wedding, I'll be ten minutes, okay?'

Frank and Ray nodded and left Gerard on his own.

Gerard's P.O.V

I'm alone in my room. In an hour I will be married to Lydia, the wrong woman for me. It's Tandy who I want. Oh why didn't I tell Lydia?

Tandy's P.O.V

I hope I'm not late to the wedding. I need to speak to Gerard. Now!

There's Frank, having a fag.

`Frankie!!!' I scream. He looks surprised and stamps out the ciggies.

`Where's Gerard' I ask frantically.

`He's in there' Frank said, pointing at a door, `Good look Tandy'

I nodded and knocked on the door.

`Yeah I'm nearly ready' I heard Gerard scream.

I opened the door.

`What?' Gerard screamed, then turned. His face fell.

`Hi' I said nervously.

`Sorry…I didn't think it was you' Gerard muttered, `Come in and shut the door'

I came in.

`Good luck Gerard' I said.

He looked at me. Then he pulled me close and kissed me. He wound his arms round my waist and his tongue swirled in my mouth.

I pulled away.

`I don't want to get married' Gerard said, tear in his eyes.

`It's too late now'

`But I love you Tandy'

`I love you too, but you gotta be grown up about this. You gotta marry Lydia'

Gerard nodded, and frowned. He looked really angry.

`Fine!!!!' and he stomped past me.

`Gerard wait! I screamed and ran after him. He ran out of the churchyard and down the road to a gate.

`What, you've made it clear that you don't want me!'

`Gerard….' I took a deep breath in.

`Gerard… I'm pregnant…'


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