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the perfect my chemical romance
By mrs.mikey way


The Perfect My Chemical Romance
Chapter 1
"Oh my God, Katie you get up its February 24th... and you know that means!" I screamed at my best
friend as I jumped on her bed to wake her.
"Ok ... ah ... I know I know its MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE DAY!!!!!" she screamed as she suddenly jolted
out of bed.
"Come on, let's go down stairs and get breakfast because we don't wanna be late to the stage!" I
suggested to Katie.
The next thing I knew I was running down the stairs into the kitchen. My mom of course was cooking
breakfast for my dad but what they didn't expect was us up at 7:15 in the morning on a Saturday.
"My you girls are up early what's the rush go back to bed its 7:15 on a Saturday. Chels, you're
never up this early." My mom said as she set down a plate of pancakes for my father.
"Mom, us....back to bed on February 24th I don't think so!" I told her. As Katie and I sat down to
eat some pancakes.
"Why what's today?" My mom asked as I shoved a pancake into my mouth.
"Mom its My Chemical Romance day, you know the concert!" I squealed.

"KAAAAATTTTTIIIIIIIEEEEEE, where are you, come on its time to hang backstage!" I yelled as I looked
frantically around for my friend.
"Calm down Chels, she's upstairs getting dressed!" My mom announced.
"I'm coming, I'm coming," She called as she ran down the stairs.
"Mom, we'll be back when the concert/backstage party is over which will probably be around 2
tomorrow mornin' is that ok?" I asked as I started to run out the door to my car.
"Sure, after that don't stay out to late, ok? Chels, I know your 16 but I'm still your mother so
listen to me and behave the best way you can when you 'hang-out' with the band, ok?" my mom said as
she gave me my regular concert speech.
"Ya, whatever mom we're going to be late so see you later." I told my mom as I quickly kissed her on
the cheek and ran out the door.


As we pulled up to Dodge Music Center I heard the regular screaming of the scalpers who were selling
last minute tickets. I love the sound of the 2 bands warming up, and the early fans getting to their
spots and the backstage crew setting up behind the curtain.


My Chemical Concert

When it got closer to the time the concert was actually supposed to start Katie and I ran to get
quick snacks and then the concert was about to start. Even though it was bitter cold outside it was
nice and toasty, sweat-worthy warm inside the stadium. After about an hour Katie and I were getting
restless so we started singing some MCR songs to get warmed up for when they actually came on and
when we went backstage to meet the band because it was almost a legend that when you went back stage
to hang with MCR you needed to know some of their songs incase they asked you what your favorite
song is by them. "...Juliet loves the beat and the lust it commands drop the dagger and lather the
blood on your hands, Romeo with the pain and rain it shows so why don't you blow me a kiss before
she goes gimme a shot to remember and you can take the pain away from me a kiss and I will surrender
the sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead. ..." Katie and I started sings softly. What we didn't
notice because we were to busy talking about what we would do to make ourselves not cry in front of
Gerard Way considering we would be hanging out with him all night. "So I think when you feel the
tears start to build up because we're so happy, I think we should yawn/ or try to." I told Katie.
"Chels, I want the concert to start, can you make the concert start?" Katie whined.
"I know I know I can't wait to see Gerard but no sorry I can't make the concert start, anyway it
starts in 20 minutes." I whined back to Katie.


"Now come one, come all to this tragic affair wipe off the make-up what's in is gather
'round piggies and kiss this good-bye I encourage your smiles I expect you won't cry..." Gerard
started to sing as he sat up in his hospital bed. About a song and a half later my voice started to
crack. I knew this would happen it happened when I went to the "Revenge Tour" in 2003.
"..And without you is how I disappear and live my life alone forever now..." I tried to sing with
Gerard as my voice crackled in my throat. "Ah, my voice cracked" I mouthed to Katie, but of course
she wasn't paying any attention to me she was to busy looking at Frank on stage.
"Now Hartford, Connecticut lemme hear you fuckin scream!" Gerard yelled as he tried to somewhat calm
the crowd down so that he could change the mood for "Cancer."
"This song is called Cancer, now cancer affects 1 in 3 people in this world, so if you were affected
by cancer in anyway this song is for you...Turn away if you couldn't get me a drink of water cuz my
lips are chapped and faded call my Aunt Marie. Help her gather all my things and bury me in all my
favorite colors, my sisters and my brothers still I will not kiss you oh... cuz the hardest part of
this is leaving you. Cuz the hardest part of this is leaving you. ... Turn away cuz I'm awful just
to see cuz all my hairs abandoned all my body oh my agony know that I will never marry. Baby, I'm
just soggy from the chemo counting down the days to go. It just ain't living... and I hope you know
that the hardest part of this is leaving you oh..." Gerard said/sang into the mic. As the stage went
black the screaming started and stopped instantly. Then after about a minute of blackness and
silence guitars started up and the screaming began again, my self included. I screamed as soon as I
found out what song it was. 'Mama, I love this song,' I thought to myself. "Katie, you know what
song this is?" I asked knowing full well she did.
"Um... yeah I do! Duh!" Katie screamed so that I could hear her over the loud guitar.
"Everyone who knows this song I want you to sing til you can't anymore!" Gerard screamed. "Mama we
all go to hell, mama we all go to hell, I'm writing this letter and wishing you well mama we all go
to hell. Oh well now mama we're all gonna die mama we're all gonna die...When we go don't blame us
ya, we'll let the fire just bathe us yeah hai. You made us all so famous we're never going to let
you go. ... Well when you don't return to me my love that's right! Mama we all go to hell, its
really quite pleasant except for the smell, mama we all go to... 1,2,3,4 mama, mama, mama maaaaa.
..." sang Gerard.


"...And if you carry on this way, things are better if I stay, so long and goodnight, so long and
goodnight." Gerard practically said the final words. Right before the stage went black Frank took
his guitar pick and chucked it into the mosh pit for someone to catch and guess who got it? Yup,
Katie, she was so excited that she got Frank Iero's guitar pick. I have to tell you something about
her... she loves Frank to a point where she knows everything there is to know about him that's why I
took her when I found out that her brother got backstage passes for us to party with My Chem.


Backstage with the Band....
After the stage went black we walked out of the mosh pit and to the stairs where they went onto the
stage. There behind the curtain was a security guard, he was pretty big and all muscle. There are
certain reasons people like him were security guards, they could ward off the crazed fans and stuff.
Well we got up to him. Katie started getting nervous I could tell because she started whimpering
silently. "C-Chels um... he looks strong and could seriously hurt us if we didn't have our have our passes right?" She asked starting to get nervous.
"Yeah I do....or do I?" I said teasingly. "That's not funny Chelsea." Katie stated sounding a bit
more serious. Then we got to the guard. "Do you have backstage passes if not then you don't belong
up here ladies." He said in a stern voice not moving. "Yes, I do and she's with me." I said pointing
to Katie and showing the guard my passes. "O.k. feel free to move on but, go quickly."

We got backstage and realized that there was a serious party going on with My Chemical Romance and
Rise Against. Then I saw them... the gods of Emo rock. Gerard Arthur Way and Frank Anthony Iero.
They were just partying it up....until I saw something that until then I had only seen in pictures.
...They were making out. I figured they hadn't seen us yet, because I know Gerard wouldn't do that
if he saw us. Then Katie shaking my shoulder snapped me out of my state of awe.
"Um....Ka is that F-Frank Iero and Gerard Way? "She asked almost ready to faint. Then she did, Katie
Johnson fainted. All the sudden Frank I think realized that the fans that had backstage passes were
here and he stopped making out with Gerard and went over to see if Kendra was alright.
" two must be the winners of the Backstage contest, right?" Frank asked me as he bent down
to help Kendra up.
"Yup!" I said proudly. The contest winner was actually Steve, Katie's brother, but when the
announcer people asked for a name of the winner we picked up the phone and said our names. Then
Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and Bob walked over to see us. "C-Chels where am I?" Katie asked slightly still
knocked out from fainting. "Hi! as you guys know probably I'm Gerard, this is Mikey, Ray, Bob and
that one over there is Frank. "Gerard said as he pulled out a pen. After he pulled out a pen he
grabbed my shoulder and signed the back of my t-shirt and Katie's. When the rest of the band saw
what Gerard was doing they grabbed their big-ass sharpies and signed our shirts too. So now we had
everyone in MCR's autograph on our My Chem "Black Parade" shirts.
After our little star struck moment we got over it and went to party with the bands.
"I'm Chelsea and that's Katie" I said as I pointed to Katie. "Well you fuckers what do you wanna do
first?" Gerard asked. "What can we do?" I asked as I picked up the pen that had fallen out of
Gerard's pocket. "Um...Well we can play pool, watch Frank and Gerard dance really badly, um....I
don't know eat maybe?" Bob said as he grabbed a chip with salsa on it.
"BOB! I don't dance badly! Do I Chelsea?" He asked me. "No, you don't---Mr. Way." I said not knowing
what to call him. "Mr. Way, cut the shit call me Gerard." He said as he punched my shoulder
playfully. "Ok---Gerard!" I said loving that name to come out my mouth.
After about an hour of eating, dancing, eating some more and watching movies, Ray and the band asked
us to come sit on the couch. Now by that time we had gotten pretty friendly with them so we were
giving them our fav pet names that we called them. "Frankie...can I sit on your lap?" Katie asked
quietly but loud enough for him to hear. "Yup! Come sit!" Frank motioned and replied. "I suppose you
wanna sit on my lap now to huh Chels?" Gerard asked patting his lap. "Can I?" I asked. "Yea! come
So at this point it was about midnight and we were sitting on the boys laps and "lap jumping" I
guess you could say because I would sit on Gee's lap for a little twist my fingers into his dark
beautiful hair and flirt, then get up and sit on Bob or Ray's lap. I could tell Gerard was getting a
tad agitated because after I would flirt with him and get comfortable on him and basically get him
hard, I would get up and sit on one of the others' laps. "Gee, are you mad?" I asked flirtatiously
as I twisted my finger into my hair. "....Kind of....but NO!" he said clearly agitated.
When I had agitated him to the point of anger he would physically get up and grab me under my arms
right around my boobs and attempt to carry me to where he was sitting. I wanted to let Gee know that
I was only fooling around so I swished my hips side to side as I sat on his lap. He moaned a few
times but ya we won't get into the details..... I hadn't flirted with Frank yet so I asked Katie if
I could sit near Frank and her sit near Gerard. So what I did was I sat next to him and laid my head
on his lap. He then gently stroking my hair. Then I had figured I had enough of him so I sat near
Mikey and he did the same thing, only this time he bent down and started kissing me. I at that point
just let myself go and started kissing him back. After about a half -n- hour of making out with
Mikey I went to go make-out with Gerard. Man...when I made-out with Gee he tasted so damn good!
"Gee, do you know how good you taste?" I asked him in between kisses. "You should talk I bet you,
you taste so much better than me." He said taking a quick breath. "Would you to shut-up?" Ray asked
getting annoyed. "No!" Gee and I said at the same time. Bob came over and I decided I wanted to
taste everyone in MCR and now was my chance. So I kissed Gerard one more time then sat next to Bob.
He didn't even have to ask to know what I wanted to do. He grabbed my face and we started kissing.
Bob's kisses were rough and passionate. I could tell that he had made-out with someone before. Then
I did Ray. wow nothing like I've ever done before his lips where soft but his kiss was hard and
playful. He was about the 3rd best that I've kissed so far. Time for Frank...OMG! He was ah-mazing!
He was like an angel....beautiful and his kisses....lovely!
Then I got back to Gerard! He tastes sooo good like you wouldn't believe.
"Gee you taste as good as sugar!" I said about to die from his hotness.
"Aw, sugar thanks. Your tasty too," he replied.
"Gee...." I said as I pulled away from him. "I'm cold....can I have your sweatshirt?" I asked
referring to his "Mama we all go the Hell" hoodie that he was wearing.
"Sure know you can keep it if you want because I have my "Black Parade" one that's
better!" He said as he unzipped his hoodie and handed it to me. His hoodie was warm and felt like
him...soft yet thick on the outside. The sweatshirt smelled of Marlboro cigarettes and sweat. I
loved the smells together and started sniffing the sleeve. Then I think Gerard noticed I was doing
that and he got this look on his face like he didn't know what I was doing. Then I think he figured
it out! "Babe come here!" Frank called. "Which one of us are you referring to Frankie?" I asked as I
got up from laying on top of Gee. "Who do you think?" He asked being that fake mad. "Oh...Katie I
think he meant you!" I said nudging her in the ribs.

Our Sharpest Lives
So after being all mushy-gushy for a little and getting warm with the band I lifted my head up from
on Ray's lap. "Uh...Ray what time is it?" I asked tiredly with my eyes only half open.
"Only 1:30 in the morning," he replied glancing at his watch. "Ok well Katie and I have to go
because I told my mom that we would be back by 2 and it takes half-n-hour to get home." I told Ray
starting to get up off his lap. "No...babe stay here," Bob had managed to say still a little high
and drunk. Now I have to tell you that all the boys were calling me babe... only Gee called me
sugar. So wasn't offended at all or anything when Ray or Bob or Frank or Mikey say it. "No! Sugar,
you bitches are staying here!" Gerard said getting up from lying on the couch. "Um...ok....what do
you want us to do...sleep over at the stadium?" I asked sarcastically. "No, you and Katie are coming
to say with us in our tour bus." Gerard announced. "But gee, there's hardly any room for us let
alone them" Mikey whined. "Well Chels can sleep with me and Katie where do you wanna sleep?" Gerard
asked knowing full well Katie's answer. "Uh...where do you think?" she asked sarcastically rolling
her eyes. I knew her answer...with *drum roll* Frankie. "With Frank!" Katie replied sitting up then
sitting on Frankie's lap. "Sugar call your mom and say that we asked you to and don't worry about
clothes you can wear some of mine and Katie can wear some of Mikey's old clothes that I took with me
cuz they fit me!" Gerard said. "But isn't Mikes younger than you?" I asked still processing what Gee
had just told me. "Yeah but he's a hell of a lot bigger than me in clothes."
"Uh...Mom? This is Chelsea...Um...Gerard of My Chem kind of invited us to hang out a little longer
with them on their tour bus... is that ok?" I asked not knowing what her answer would be or if she
would believe me.
"Is Gerard there? I want to ask him myself I don't trust you with this especially knowing that MCR
is your favorite band!" My mom demanded.
I put the phone to my chest. "Uh...Gee my mom wants to ask you to make sure you invited us." I told
him nervously. "Yo, sugar what's your last name?" Gee asked wanting to make sure he sounded good.
"Lynn." I told him.
"Mrs. Lynn...This is Gerard Way...and yes I did tell your daughter Chelsea and her friend Katie they
could party/ hang with us in our tour bus." said Gerard starting to get nervous that my mom would
respond evilly.
"Okay I just wanted to make Chelsea there I want to talk to her again?" Mrs. Lynn asked
"Yea...hold on!.... Chels your mom wants to talk to you!" Gerard called. I love the way he says my
name. It sounds so magical coming out of his mouth. Even though I've been with him all night I still
can't get over him!
"Yup coming...just pulling some of Frankie's shorts on..."I yelled from stairs.
"Why are you putting on my shorts?" Frankie demanded, "I was going to put them on... are they my
black and pink ones?"
"You don't HAVE to put shorts on Chels just come down stairs in your long t-shirt." Gerard cooed.
"OK...right like I would do that I'm not that much of a slutty whore." I yelled.
"Hey mom! what's up?" I asked being as casual as possible hoping she didn't hear my last comment.
"What are you going to do about clothes and your retainers and brushing you teeth?" My mom asked.
"Mom, chill I'll think of something...and besides Gee said I could borrow some of his clothes."
"Ok well what time are you coming home?" demanded my mom.
"Uh...I don't know?"
"Well when you do find out, call me!"
"Yea ya..." I answered as I rolled my eyes, then hung up the phone. "I get to stay over with
MCR!!!!!" I screamed excitedly skipping around the room.
"Time to pack up guys and start heading towards Jersey for your next concert!" the stage manager
announced popping out of what seemed like nowhere.
"Ya...about that we'll have to delay that cuz these two are sleeping over in the bus with us." Gee
told him.

Without You and Me is How I Disappear
"O.k. well one problem with that we can't do that, if you guys want time to practice Jersey is 2 and
a half hours away!" The stage manager retorted getting angry.
"We'll make it, Rob don't worry." Gerard said taking a puff of a cigarette, "Chelsea and Katie,
you'll have to go home sort of early unless you want to come on the WHOLE tour with us?"
"We'd LOVE TO!!!!" I announced loudly making sure Gerard heard me. "Are you sure that's like 4
months you'd miss ALOT of school, and don't follow our lead and drop out of school, please." I was
thinking about what Gee had just said....4 whole months with MCR! Wow this couldn't get better,
unless the two boys proposed to us. What was I thinking that would never happen. I'm just
imagining...although I never thought that we'd meet MCR. So I don't know what's real and what's not
anymore this ALL seems like a dream. Then the soft sound of whisper woke me from my daydream.
" ready to go to the tour bus?" Gerard asked shaking my shoulders...but not before a
quick peck on the cheek. "Aw...ok Gee."
When we got to the tour bus I walked inside and was amazed. The inside was covered with sheets of
music everywhere and pictures of the band and other bands/people. There was one picture of Gerard
and Bert, Bert as in Bert McCracken ,from The Used. Others were of other people. There was one
picture of a toaster that had blown up, I thought it was strange so I asked Gerard about it.
"Gee what is that picture," I asked pointing to the toaster picture, "over there with a fork in a
"Haha that's kind of a band joke, its a toaster with a fork in it because Mikes over there one time
did that. "Gerard explained laughing.
It was about 2:30 when Katie and I had put someone's clothes on that we were using for PJ's. What I
had on was Mikey's "ANTHRAX" t-shirt on, over that the "Mama we all go to hell" zip up hoodie, with
a black and pink pair of Frankie's shorts. Katie was wearing a Frank outfit striped shirt,
long-sleeved, with a pair of Gerard's sweat pants. When we found which bed was who's I laid on top
of Gerard bed, and Katie on Frank's. Gerard came in to the little room which was a bedroom, and he
pushed me off of his bed and got under the covers and laid in it. "Where am I supposed to sleep?" I
asked walking around in a circle. "On top of me, Duh!" Gerard said with an evil smile. "Ok....where
on top? On top of the covers?" I wondered.
"Yea." So I did I got on top of Gerard in his little bed and put in my I-Pod headphones and relaxed.
Then about 10-15 minutes later I was tapped on the shoulder. "Whatcha listening to sugar?" asked
some voice out of the darkness. But I didn't have to ask who that was that asked me I knew from
"sugar" it was Gerard Arthur Way. When I didn't answer Gerard asked again "Whatcha listening to
sugar, because its loud and sounds like me?" Gerard asked tiredly. "I'm listening to the Black
Parade cd, the song is "Dead!" I told him. "Ugh, do I sound good?" he asked knowing my answer.
"Yup! Now, good night, love you gee!" I said as I turned on the song a little louder and fell

Perfection at its best

The next morning we were up ready and dressed in Gerard and Frank's clothes by 8:30am. What we
didn't know was that Gerard and Frank were planning something huge. We kind of knew they were
planning something but we didn't quite know what. We would get some clues but we still didn't know
"Chels would you and Katie want to go to a concert that we have this afternoon because we have
something to ask you." Gerard asked. "Um....I don't know if we can, where are we going to be,
where's the concert?" I questioned Gee.
"It's in Jersey!" Gee said excitedly that he was going home. Well as you all know MCR is from New
Jersey. And my dad lives in Jersey too so I figure I'll take Katie with me to visit my dad.
"Good, I'll come I'll take Katie to visit my dad." I explained.
"Okay good!" Frank giggled. "Frankie are you ok?" Katie asked sensing something.
As I pulled my phone out of my purse and went to call my mom right before I did I felt someone grab
my waist and lift me up. "Ahhhh...who is that?" I bellowed as I was being afraid of being dropped.
"Babe who do you think it is?" Mikey asked. Right by the voice I knew it was Mikes.
"Mikes...put me down!" I commanded. "No, make me!" he playfully said. "I will!" I thought as I took
my foot, and knew Mikey would get mad at me but hopefully not too mad, I hit his balls.
"Sorry Mikes..." I said as I jumped down from his arms. "Ah...motherfucker!" Mikey screamed as he
covered his spot that now hurt and laid on the floor.
I took my phone out and called my dad in Jersey, telling him that Katie and I were coming, and
making sure he was home.
"Dad....I'm going to be in Jersey in a few hours can I take Katie to come visit you in a little
while?" I asked.
"Ya Chels that's fine. You said your bringing Katie right?" He asked
"See you when you get here Chelsea love you!"
"Love you to dad! C ya when I get there!"
"So your dad's cool with you being there?"
"Gee...what do you want to ask me? Can't you just ask me and Katie now?"
When we got to Jersey Katie and I went to my dad's house and changed into different My Chem shirts,
the concert t-shirts.
"I'm going to a concert with Katie because you probably heard of us hanging out with MCR so they
invited us to their home-coming concert."
"Ok...and yes I did hear from your mother. Have fun and behave!"
"Yea ok dad!" I retorted sarcastically.
When we got to the concert we went right backstage and then it happened.
"Chelsea or Katie do either of you know Ray's part?" Gerard asked in a sudden panic.
"Yeah, Chelsea does...why gee what happened to Ray?"
"Ray went home and then he got some food with his family and then he started throwing up."
Gee said not knowing what to do. Well, I ended up playing for Ray because he came to support us but
he was throwing up the whole time.
"All of you before we start the concert lemme hear you fucking scream for Ray's replacement tonight
due to sudden illness. Chelsea Lynn will be playing Ray's part." Gerard announced. The audience
screamed a little bit but there were some "I love Ray more!" screams that came from the crowd. Now,
I was so scared because I'd never played before on a stage in front of this many people. I was in a
band back in Massachusetts but we never played for this many people.
"Gee I'm scared! I can't do it!" I told him nervously.
"Yes you can sugar! I've seen you take Ray's guitar and play it when we were on the tour bus
yesterday, and you can wear my "Mama" zip-up that you have been wearing." Gerard cooed.
" put it that way....I guess!" I said getting a little more confidence.
After he had just sang "The Sharpest Lives" and I was playing really well people were yelling my
name. "CHELSEA! CHELSEA! WE LOVE CHELSEA!" some of the crowd was shouting.
"Well I know you came to hear us and lemme hear you scream for Chelsea! What do you think of her?"
He asked as everyone was screaming.
"Chelsea Michele Lynn...." Gerard got down on one knee and I knew what was going to happen next. I
so wasn't ready for it but I loved it.
"Will you marry me?" Gerard asked as he whipped out a ring with 3 diamonds on it.
"OMG! OMFG! Yes!" I screamed through tears.
"And Kaitlyn Cristine Johnson...will you marry me?" Frank asked getting down on one knee.
"Yes! I will" Katie said as she started to cry.

My After Life on the Road
When the concert was over everyone I heard everyone scream "We love Gerard!" or "Go Frankie" or
something for Bob or Mikey, but nothing about me. But I kind of expected that I knew no one would
approve of my new acceptance to Gerard's proposal. (Especially the Gerard fan girls...but that was a
story for another time.)
When we got off stage, Gerard slapped me.
"Gee what the hell was that for?" I asked as I rubbed my shoulder.
"Good job on the guitar, I didn't know you played that well!" Gerard announced to me.
"Thanks Hun!" Now I could say "Hun or Gee-gee" because I was married to him! I loved him so much.


Once I got over the initial shock of actually being married I sat down on the couch and called my
mom to tell her the news.
" to me...and I accepted!" I said getting excited.
"You did WHAT!?" My mom asked getting mad or excited I couldn't tell.
"OK! WHEN'S THE WEDDING?" she asked now clearly excited.
"Mom...I'm going on tour with the boys first....then we'll plan it!" I said knowing she'd get
disappointed but as long as Ray was sick I was going to be playing in his place.
"Oh....ok....well good luck with the touring and make sure you call when you get back to New Jersey.
Make sure you call your father!" My mom said as she was disappointed and excited.
"Yes mom! Well I got to go we're going on the road in two hours and I'm going to lose you. And yes I
will call dad!" I said as I pressed "end" on my cell.

"Dad....I got married....well proposed to...and I accepted..." I said nervously.
"OK! To whom?" he asked as I could tell he was nervous.
"Gerard!" I said practically screaming.
"Should have seen that coming." He said sarcastically.
"Well dad I gotta go because I'm going on tour with the band because Ray Toro the lead guitarist is
sick!" I told him.
When we got on the road I had figured out that Katie had made her calls already and I just finished
mine... so now we had to figure out the crazy sleeping situation. I had figured out that we should
just do what we did before. I sleep on top of Gerard. (Don't get any wrong ideas! Nothing bad would
happen.) Then Katie on top of Frankie. Everyone seemed cool with my idea so we did that's what we
did that night.


All the Ice Cream and Fans
When we all got up the next morning it was about 12 noon. Ray of course was still sleeping because
he had come down with something more than just a cold. Mikey was panicking because he loved Ray like
one of his brothers. Which I can totally understand. Something though told me that Mikey wasn't
completely settled that I had just accepted Gerard's proposal. But if I knew Mikey then I knew that
he would calm down in a few days or hours depending on what he felt like doing.
"You guys want lunch because there is a rest stop coming up
and we could stop there for food?" Katie asked us.
"I don't know we just had breakfast....depends on how far it is from here." Frank said.
Although because I knew the band I knew that even if no one was hungry per-say, they would still
want to stop for ice cream or something.
"Its about 1/2 an hour." Bob told us. Then something in Mikey, Frank, and Gerard's eyes perked up
because after Bob had said that I told them that there was an ice cream stand there too.
"Gee do you have any money to buy us all ice cream or do I have to?" Mikey whined.
"You have to I don't have any money on me."
"Fine...I guess the ice cream is on me guys!" Mikes said.
"Yeah! I don't have to pay!" I screamed. The reason I had screamed is because I didn't have any
money on me...well I did but I didn't want to have to pay if Mike said he would.


While we were driving to the ice cream stand. I walked back to check on Ray because it was abnormal
for him to be this quiet even when sick.
"Ray...are you ok?" I whispered as I walked in. Then I saw him get up and sprint a cross the bus to
the bathroom, which only meant 2 things. One he was puking or two he had to go to the bathroom. But
when I went past the bathroom I heard that ever so familiar puking noise. Oh I hate that!
"Um....Gerard....Ray just started puking do we have any meds I can give him?" I asked.
"Huh? Oh...yea in the cabinet in the kitchen-ish area!" Gerard said pointing to the little cooking
When I went in there I found some "TUMS extra strength" and took out 3 and gave them to Ray to take.
I hoped he got better but at the same time I loved being on stage playing in his part.

When we finally got to the rest stop all the boys, Katie and I rushed out to get some ice cream and
get back to the bus as quick as possible. The reason we went as quick as possible is because of 2
things the boys didn't feel like getting mobbed and in case there was popperatze there. So it kind
of worked there wasn't any popperatze but there was of course people who had come to Jersey to see
MCR play and were returning home. But the boys did get mobbed.
"Gerard....congrats on your marriage." said one voice.
"I love you Mikey!" said another.
"Frankie your hot!" said one girl.
"Frankie don't get any ideas...sign some quick autographs maybe but then lets go...remember...Ray!"
Katie whispered to Frank. Then Frank had an idea that would totally throw off a bunch of the fan
girls. Frank grabbed Katie and started making-out with her. Some of the frank fan girls got mad and
left, others took out cameras and took pictures. Because his plan didn't work as it should have
Frank let go of Katie and then we quickly. Like super quick got some sundaes and ran out to the tour
"That didn't work as planned huh Frank?" I teased.
"Haha....ya I know....I thought it would...but I guess not!" Before we left for the next show and
left Jersey for a few months Gerard decided it would be a good idea to go visit his parents and tell
them the news and visit for a little.


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