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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Maybe We're Meant To Be Together.
By JenniferAtTheDisco


Dianna, Tiff, and I were walking back to my apartment. I had a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks
in hand. We were freezing seeing as it was winter and I lived in Chicago with my older brother,
Patrick Stump. Tiff and Dianna had been my best friends for four years at that point. They always
knew when I had a crazy scheme. I was the youngest out of the three of us. I was twenty-one, Dianna
was twenty-two, and Tiff was twenty-three. I had shoulder length blonde hair like Tiff, while Dianna
had shoulder length red hair.

We got into the apartment and I turned the heat up some. I sat on the
couch between Tiff and Dianna. We started watching Coyote Ugly. I fell asleep on Tiff's shoulder and
was woke up by Dianna tugging on my hair.
``How can you sleep after drinking coffee?'' Dianna asked, laughing.
``I don't know. I just can,'' I said.
``It's Jenn, she's strange,'' Tiff said.
``I love you too,'' I laughed.
``Well, we're going to go. You can go to
sleep,'' Dianna said, looking at her watch. ``I have a date tonight.''
``With whom?'' I asked.
``Blind date,'' Dianna said.
``Good luck,'' I laughed.
``Pete set it up,'' Dianna said.
``Well, in that case, take pepper spray,'' I said.
Patrick walked into the apartment. I waved and he returned the wave. Tiff gave him a shy smile and
Dianna dragged her out.
``I heard the pepper spray comment. Pete's not that
bad,'' Patrick said, sitting by me.
``Uh, Pat, he's worse. Some of his friend's bother me too,'' I said. ``You, Joe, and Andy are the
coolest that I know so far.''
``Ok,'' Patrick said.
``And Joe's pushing it,'' I said.
``I take it, you don't like my friends much,'' Patrick said.
``Not really. I'm afraid something will
happen,'' I said.
``Nothing's going to
happen,'' Patrick said.
I sighed and stood up. I walked to my room and closed the door. I laid on
the bed and looked at the ceiling.
``Jenn,'' Patrick called from the living room. ``Come here.''
``Alright,'' I said, standing up and walking to the living room.
``I have a party to go to tonight. Wanna come?'' he asked.
``Sure. I'll go get ready,'' I said, smiling.
``Jenn, don't start anything with Pete,'' Patrick said, going to his room.
I walked to my room and started getting ready. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. I picked
out a black camisole, army green button up over shirt, black tie, and camo skirt with black dress
pants and low top black and white converse. I put my eyeliner on and brushed my hair. I grabbed my
black trench coat and slid it on. Patrick knocked on my bedroom door. I opened it and he
``Ready, sis?'' he asked.
``Yep,'' I said.
``We're stopping for coffee first,'' Patrick said. ``Pete's meeting us at Starbucks.''
``Patrick,'' I whined. ``You know I don't get along with him.''
``You'll be fine,'' Patrick said.

We went into Starbucks and sat down drinking our coffees, when Pete walked up. He gave me a witty
grin and I just glared at him. Patrick gave me a pleading look. I sighed and walked to the car. I
leaned against the passenger side door. Pete came out and looked at me. Patrick was in the bathroom
``Jenn, why don't you like me?'' Pete asked.
``I don't not like you. I'm just openly against you hurting Patrick,'' I said.
``Ok, why?'' Pete asked.
``Because, Pat's all I have left,'' I snapped.
``I know. You're all that he has left, Jenn,'' Pete said.
``I understand that. Why does it even matter?'' I asked.
``I don't know. Maybe, it matters cause, your brother is one of my best friends,'' Pete said.
``Well, then, don't hit on me at the party later and we'll be cool,'' I said.
``I'll try not to,'' Pete said.
``Thanks. Oh, by the way, if Pat finds out we're getting along, you're dead,'' I said, grinning.
``But, what if something were to happen to where you and I became more then friends,'' Pete
``It won't happen. Trust me. We aren't even friends,'' I said.
``Ouch,'' Pete said. ``That hurt.''
``I don't care,'' I said.
``Alright, you two, get in,'' Patrick said, walking out of the coffee shop.
``I call shotgun,'' I said, getting in.
Pete looked at me and pouted. I gave him an evil grin and flicked him off.
``Be nice, Jennifer Lynne,'' Patrick said. ``Sorry Pete.''
``It's cool,'' Pete said.
I just stared out the window and wandering into my own thoughts again.
I held a conversation with him. I can't fall for
him. Patrick tapped me on the shoulder and I looked up at him.
``You okay?'' he asked.
``Peachy,'' I said.
``Peachy? Jenn, something's up,'' Patrick said. ``What's wrong?''
``Nothing. Are we there yet?'' I asked.
``Yeah. Pete's already inside,'' Patrick said.
``I'm going in. Talk to you later, Pat,'' I said, getting out of the car.
Patrick got out of the car and grabbed my arm. He just said, ``Mom and dad asked me to take care of
you. Part of that includes you telling me what's going on.''
``I told you, nothing's going on,'' I said.
``You're lying,'' Patrick said.
I pulled away from him and walked into the building. I looked around for someone I might know and
gave up. I walked to the bar and asked for a soda. The bartender gave me a strange look and I told
him I was straightedge. He laughed and gave me a root beer. I sat sipping on the drink till someone
tapped my shoulder. I looked back to see Brendon Urie. I jumped off the stool and hugged him
``How are you?'' he asked.
``Better,'' I said.
``You and Pete getting along yet?'' Brendon said.
``No. Why would something like that happen?'' I asked.
``I don't know. I thought maybe you two would get along since he set Dianna and Ryan up on a date,''
Brendon said. ``And Tiff's getting close to William.''
``You're kidding, right?'' I asked. ``Dianna and Ryan are out on a date, together?''
``Nope. Who knows what the future holds for the two of you?'' Brendon asked.
``I won't be dating Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III, ever,'' I said. ``I think.''
``You never know, Jen. He might just be your knight in shining armor,'' Brendon laughed.
``Or some fool in aluminum foil,'' I said.
``I'm sorry,'' Brendon said.
``I wasn't talking about you,'' I said.
``Then who?''
``Oh. I see,'' Brendon said.
``He left my mother after I was born. He never wanted me,'' I said.
``It's alright,'' Brendon said. ``There's gonna be that guy sweeps you off
your feet and you won't even know it. You deserve it.''
``I know,'' I said.
Just then, Pete came and picked me and spun around, causing me to scream. Brendon started laughing
and tried to refrain from saying `I told you so.' Pete put me down and looked at me.
``I hate you,'' I said to both boys.
``Aw, come on, Jenn. It was cute!'' Pete called after me.
I walked outside and sat on the sidewalk. I drew little hearts with my finger. Someone sat down next
to me. I looked up and saw Pete. I went to stand up and walk away, but he stopped me.
``You're hiding something,'' he said.
``What are you talking about?'' I asked.
``You have a secret that you're afraid to let slip. Why, I don't know. But, you're hiding
something,'' Pete said.
``Maybe I do,'' I said.
``Jenn, I'm just trying to figure you out. Could you help me some?'' Pete pleaded.
``Keep trying. You know I'm not one to share my secrets,'' I said.
``It's worth fighting for,'' Pete said, looking me in the eye.
``What is?'' I asked, simply.
``I want to be the one person you tell everything,'' Pete said.
``I can't let that happen,'' I sighed, looking away.
``Yes, you can. I know you can,'' he said, putting his hand on my chin and making me face him.
I looked into his eyes. There was something about him that made me want to sit there all
night. No, Jenn. Don't let yourself fall for
``Pete, no,'' I said, standing up and walking off.
Pete jumped up and followed me. He grabbed my arm, gently, and turned me to face him. I shivered a
bit. Pete pulled me a little closer and whispered, ``Let's go somewhere warmer.''
``Pete,'' I said. ``I have to stay here. Patrick would kill me if I left.''
``Then, let's go inside. But, first, tell me what's on your mind,'' Pete said.
``Alright, fine, you win. I think I might be falling for this guy. I can't say who, all I can say is
I don't need to fall for him,'' I said.
``I know who it is,'' Pete said.
``Who is it then?'' I challenged.
``Me. You're not real good at hiding the truth from me, Jenn,'' he said.
``What if it is?'' I asked. ``Not like we can act on it.''
``Jenn, we can. Patrick wouldn't care,'' Pete said.
``I don't want to get hurt,'' I said.
``What's up with you two?'' Patrick asked, walking outside.
``Nothing,'' I lied.
``Patrick, would I be allowed to date Jenn?'' Pete asked.
Patrick looked shocked for a second and then sighed, ``Yeah, I guess.''
``Thank you,'' Pete said.
``I just don't want to sing about this relationship in the future,''
Patrick said.
``Alright,'' Pete grinned.
``Get inside, both of you. It's freezing out here,'' Patrick said, walking back in.
I looked up at Pete and shook my head. I walked back into the building. Pete followed and dragged me
onto the dance floor. I gave him a pleading look and he laughed. He urged me to dance and I giggled.
I danced with him until Andy walked up. He told us Patrick wasn't feeling well and wanted to leave.
Pete was staying with us that night as it was, so we left hand in hand. I sat in the backseat with
Pete. He stroked my hair as I leaned on his shoulder.
``Jenn,'' Pete said.
``Yeah?'' I asked.
``Can we stay like this forever?''
``As long as you don't write a song about me.''
``What if it's a happy song?''
``Ask Pat about that one.''
``No fair.''
``Alright, if you write a happy song about me, that's cool. Patrick won't want to sing it if it's
about me though. So, I guess you'd have to do it as a hidden track or go on a solo career,'' I said,
``Or, I could just sing it for you,'' Pete laughed.
``Or that,'' I said.
Patrick smiled in the rearview mirror at us. Pete and I started laughing until my phone rang. I
looked at the display, Dianna. I answered it and she freaked out on me. She had seen Pete and I
dancing at the party and wanted to know why we were as close as we were on the dance floor. I
explained everything to her and Pete took the phone from me. I looked at him and he hung up the
``That was Dianna!'' I said.
``I don't care,'' Pete said.
I pouted up at him and he pouted back. I started giggling and he grinned. He threw my phone in the
front seat and asked Patrick if he could stay in my room with me. Patrick agreed after we both
begged him.
``You two are gonna be awful. You both have pretty good puppy imitations,'' Patrick


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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