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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Panic! At The Disco

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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By Brinka-xo


Perfection. Simple word, strong meaning. Everyone searches perfection. To get to a point where all your flaws and imperfections disappear at the sight of your eyes. To achieve a high place where only the fewest percentage of the world's population gets to at one point in their lives. Then what? When you get to that point what happens? Do you get anymore more important? Do you win a prize? Do you earn more than you desire? Do your dreams come true? What if you obtain all of that afterwards? Then what? Do you sit around wondering what to do because you already have everything you've ever wanted? If your dreams come true, what do you dream about then? Do you fake dream? Will you make up some dream so impossible to get realized just to get your mind somewhere? So what if you get to perfection, will your life be any easier? Will your problems go away? What really is that word anyways, what does perfection entitles?


Brendon Boyd Urie, 3 words 15 letters. What does that matter anyways? Brendon thought he was perfect. He thought he had everything. He had the greatest friends in the world. Loving parents. He had great talent. He had fame. He had money. He had fans. He had an amazing band that succeeded greatfully. He had everything he wanted. He was happy, or so he thought he was. Brendon was always happy. He was happy on stage. He was happy with his friends, with his parents. He was happy when signing autographs for his fans. He was happy 24/7, grinning widely. What if that grin hid something? What if he thought he was happy but deep inside he wasn't? Now why would Brendon be un- happy? He had all he ever wanted. What if he had too much than he asked for? What if too much was like not enough? What if he was missing something but didn't quite know what. Or so he did know but wouldn't tell. Brendon Urie was in love. He was in love with the wrong person. Everyone is in love with the wrong person. Everyone ends up with someone they shouldn't be with. Brendon loved that someone. He loved that someone so much he was willing to do anything for that one person. What if he was willing to do too much? Brendon loved that someone so much he wish he never had. See that someone loved another someone who loved another someone. Witch makes a lot of someone's if you ask me. So Brendon was unfortunately stuck in a bad situation. A situation he wished he wouldn't have entered from the start. Though Brendon didn't know it would end up like this till last week, when he found out about that someone's special someone. Brendon Urie didn't think he was so perfect after all.


George Ryan Ross, 3 words 14 letters. What does that have to do with our story? Ryan was how he had been called out since he was little. The George didn't really have anything to do with the name, unless being scolded. Ryan was the whole opposite of Brendon. He didn't think he was perfect. On the contrary Ryan thought he was the complete opposite of perfect. Ryan had the fans, the money, the friends, the fame and the talent. Though one thing he had never received, or on rare occasions was love. Ryan's parents never gave enough love to him. Brendon's parents unconditionally loved their son. He was their baby. Ryan envied Brendon's parents and when Brendon would insult his parents, Ryan would scold him, by his whole name, and tell him how much of a selfish bastard he was being for he was lucky to have parents who at least cared and loved him, unlike him. So Brendon would shut up and think about it. Ryan also had one thing Brendon searched as well. Love. Ryan Ross had had lots of girlfriends, but never one was serious. Ryan wished of that one person to come up to his life and save him, love him, care for him, to compensate the love he didn't receive by his parents. Though Ryan just realized later on that he had found that person. He thought about that someone all day, and oh did he wish he could show that someone his un- posted lyrics. Though unfortunately for him, that someone loved another someone. Witch once again, makes a lot of someone's. Ryan though, still loved that special someone, and dreamed of that one-person day and night witch approached him to perfection. George Ryan Ross, felt a little more perfect than he had just before.


Ryan Ross was slowly strumming the cords on his guitar. He was playing a new melody he had just invented off the hook. Ryan had that special someone on his mind all day. I think we can stop calling him a special someone, we all know who he is. Ryan Ross had Brendon Urie in his mind the whole morning. He was cooking pancakes for breakfast and it really took all he could not to make a B with the mixing in the pan. It took all he could not to scream his name at breakfast and it took all he could not to write his name in some new lyrics he was working on because believe it or not, Ryan was obsessed over Brendon.

Brendon Urie was walking down the road. The bus had taken a halt for a 30 minutes break. Brendon had decided to go stretch a little. Asking for some company and hoping dear Ryan would come, he was saddened when he found out his friend decided to work on some lyrics. So Brendon went alone for a walk along the side of the deserted road. They were in the middle of well Brendon didn't really know where, but he was glad his legs could stretch a little. Brendon had also Ryan in his mind the whole morning. He too had to take everything he could not to burst out his name or write I LOVE YOU RYAN ROSS on his arms. Because like it or not, Brendon was obsessed over Ryan.

It's not that Ryan didn't want to go for a walk along the side of the road with Brendon, it's that he couldn't. Oh he just wishes he could, he wishes he could do that while holding hands with him, he wishes he could while clutching his sides to him, while embracing him and kissing him. Ryan wishes he could but he knows he can't. He declined the very tempting invitation because he knew that he would have jumped on Brendon, and that's something he couldn't do. As much as he loved Brendon, Ryan couldn't lose one of his best friends for something as stupid as love. Ryan Ross would have to wait.

Brendon had stretched out for about 10minutes. Jonathan Walked was busy sitting on the top of the bus, laptop in hands, writing to his girlfriend. Spencer Smith was to busy gone to get snacks for everyone at the local restaurant. Ryan was busy thinking about lyrics and Brendon. Brendon had Ryan on his mind and the happiness of fresh air hitting his face. Brendon was approaching the bus much faster than Ryan would have thought he would have arrived. Though Ryan didn't hear Brendon enter the bus, he didn't hear him lean on the doorframe of the bunks. Ryan had his iPod blasting in his ears while playing guitar, trying to write lyrics and Brendon on his mind. So Ryan decided if he was playing guitar, if he was writing lyrics and thinking about Brendon, he might as well just play something for Brendon, about Brendon. So Ryan started to sing. Ryan sung about Brendon's eyes, Brendon's hair, his mouth, his body, his clothes, his personality, his voice and then his name. Now Brendon who was leaning on the doorframe, could have thought it was someone else besides him, until he heard his name. Now when you hear a song being played and then your name popping out of the song, you get curious. So that's what Brendon did, he became curious. Brendon leaned in closer to the door to hear well, but wasn't able to place many words for Ryan had stopped playing. Brendon was disappointed to hear the song end because he quite much loved it. Though Brendon never ever thought it was about him. He blamed what he heard on hallucination, on what he wished could happen. Not on something that was real. This was the wish Brendon held onto, because he knew it wouldn't happen, he knew it was impossible, so he held onto him, witch reminded him, he wasn't so perfect after all.


5minutes had passed since Brendon got in the bus and hear Ryan sing. 5minutes after that, Spencer arrived with the food. Only 10 minutes were left before they would hit the road again. Brendon wanted to tell Ryan before they left but was too afraid. Ryan wanted to do the same but he also was afraid. Both guys being afraid, nothing happened, and nothing was going to, unless Spencer Smith got into it.

Spencer Smith was Ryan Ross's best friend since the sandbox. 15 years of friendship was world record for all of the friendships Spencer had previously had with another friend. Ryan Ross was Spencer's best friend and both knew that. Though Ryan hated one thing about Spencer. Spencer Smith always knew the truth, without being told. He would discover everything in Ryan Ross's mind and Ryan Ross hated that. He could never keep a secret away from Spencer. Witch was another reason why they were best friends. Some days though, Ryan loved Spencer for that talent. He especially loved it when all would go wrong and he'd just come up to Spencer and he didn't have to have to explain to him, for he already guessed correctly what it was about. Those days, Ryan really loved Spencer for his talent.

Spencer knew Brendon well too. When Brendon became the least quiet something was wrong, and when he became louder than the normal, he was either on sugar or something wrong again, they eyes helped in that situation. Spencer had studied for so long both boys he knew what every look meant, witch was a good side for him, not for them, at most times. Brendon was being too calm today; witch definitely meant there was something wrong with him. Luckily for Spencer, Ryan had been acting weird too witch concluded his theory, both were heartbrokenly in love with one another, but had no clue the other one loved him back. It was pretty sad from Spencer's view to know everything but knowing they didn't know a thing. So Spencer decided to change this a little bit. He decided he would play the matching role today.


Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, Jonathan Walked and Spencer Smith were all sitting at the table, eating supper. They had been back on the road for about 2hours now and Brendon had failed what he had planned, to his misfortune. Spencer was sitting next to Jon and Ryan was sitting next to Brendon, to everyone's pleasure, except Jon; he didn't have a clue on what was going on and why the hell Spencer was grinning widely at both Ryan and Brendon or why Ryan and Brendon were both blushing cherry red. Though at one point, Jon really needed to know what was going on.

“Okay, will someone tell me why the hell Ryan and Brendon are seriously blushing bubble gum pink and why Spencer is grinning like an idiot at the both of you witch is seriously creeping me out!” Jon had just launched a rocket. Spencer laughed at his clueless ness and Ryan and Brendon both blushed even more to themselves as Jon exclaimed his thoughts. After a minute everything went back to a normal, silenced dinner. Witch wasn't really normal for the guys.

“So Ryan, any new lyrics? You worked all day on them.” Spencer broke the silence.

“Yeah I know, but my head's been someplace else these days, I haven't been able to write anything down that was the least good.” Ryan fumbled.

“Where is your head then?” Spencer asked again, Ryan narrowing him down.

“In the world of the leprechauns.” He sighed.

“Leprechauns! I wanna come too!” Brendon had just launched their normal supper, full of laughter and stupid ness, witch, in Spencer's mind, felt just like he needed to feel, happy.


After supper, everyone was just wormed out. Jon went to sleep, Spencer watched some TV, Ryan went back to writing lyrics in his bunk and Brendon went in his bunk, to listen to Ryan play, and hopefully sing.

“Ryan?” He asked softly.


“Is your head really in leprechauns world?” Ryan laughed at his younger friend, smiling and opening the curtain to his bunk, to be faced to face with his high on sugar friend.

“No Brendon, it isn't”

“Then where is it?” He asked curious. Ryan took a slight pause, trying to narrow down where it had been, besides thinking about Brendon.

“I don't know”

“How come?”

“I don't know Brendon, its just, not focused on writing lyrics”

“Then why are you giving the excuse of heading off to write lyrics if you're not able to write any?” As dumb as Brendon can be sometimes, he actually makes great sense.

“Because, I am, but not for the band.”

“For who?”

“For me.”

“Can I read?” Brendon asked.


“Why not?”

“It's personal Brendon.”

“Oh, okay then” Brendon turned around and closed his curtain. Ryan contemplated Brendon for a second, even though he couldn't see him. Was Brendon mad? No, Brendon was never mad when he was he had a good reason. Besides, Ryan had already told Brendon he didn't want him to read his lyrics and he wasn't mad. So maybe Brendon was just tired, but then again, Brendon was never tired. Brendon was either hyper, or hyper on sugar. Never tired. So what was wrong with Brendon? Why did he turn the curtain all of a sudden? Ryan tried to figure it out but unlike Spencer, he didn't have that talent.

“Brendon?” Ryan called out timidly to him. He heard a shuffling and a small moan, then the opening of the curtain.

“What?” Brendon asked.

“Are you okay?” He asked. Now normally Brendon would have nodded his head and turned around but this was Ryan we were talking about, the Ryan Ross. Ryan can't see what goes on and he can't guess correctly the situation unlike Spencer but he always knew when something was wrong and how to talk to someone. So Brendon knew he couldn't get out of this one with a simple nod, and he didn't have time to find an excuse so he sighed and shook his head.

“No…I'm not okay Ross” Brendon sighed.

“Tell me, please?”

“I wish I could, but I can't, I'm sorry.” Brendon let his head hang down in front. Ryan didn't know what else to do than to get in Brendon's bunk, with Brendon inside of it and lay down with him, holding him tight.


The next morning Brendon woke up to Ryan in his bunk, arms tightly holding him and their legs entangled together, bodies latched to one another. Brendon smiled and snoozed his head in the crook of Ryan's neck, deciding that if he went to bed like this every night, he'd stay in bed forever.

Ryan woke up minutes later, woken up by Brendon shuffling and feeling Brendon's head snoozing in the crook of his neck. Ryan smiled at the sight of Brendon there, in his arms and also concluded the same as Brendon. If he could wake up to this everyday, he'd stay in bed forever.

Hours later, both Brendon and Ryan awoke at the same time. Both eyes opened at the exact same time and both smiled at the exact same time, and then blushed. Brendon nuzzled out of Ryan's neck and Ryan let loose to Brendon. Both boys were shy but were too comftable to move away, so both stayed together. I wouldn't remember how long they stayed there, contemplating the other boy's features but it seemed it lasted forever. Both boys searching for the other ones feelings or desires, thoughts, but both were unable to find what the other one seek. They looked deep into one another with nothing to find.

“Ryan, I have trouble-”

“Finding me?”


“I have trouble-”

“Finding me.” They both chuckled and sighed.

Ryan studied Brendon's face long enough after those few words and finally came to his conclusion. He slowly closed his eyes and brought his face up closer to Brendon's mouth. Brendon, feeling the butterflies flying out of his chest closes his eyes as well and cups Ryan's face in his hand and brings his lips up close to his, barely touching. Both unable to resist any longer bring their lips together, sharing what they both had been waiting for so long. Love.

In that moment all Brendon could think of was how perfect Ryan was.

In that moment all Ryan could think of was how perfect Brendon was.

They had finally reached the perfection they needed.

[A/N: so I wrote this off the blue. I hope you enjoyed it. Giovanna was the first to read since I was sending it pieces by pieces to her on msn while writing it witch she kept on commenting. Thx love:] so yeah I'd love reviews on this one very much.]


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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