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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Bets And Findings
By HikariSapphire


Disclaimer: I don't own YuGiOh.

Pairings: RyouxMalik, AtemuxMariku, BakuraxYugi, SetoxIsis.

Warnings: Cross-dressing, angst, and yaoi.

Author Note: Wee! A one-shot. Oh I don't do these often, do I? Well, this one is a little weird, but cross-dressing would be wouldn't it? Read and review please.

Bets and Findings

Malik raised an eyebrow at his lover and the outfit he was holding up. “I'm not wearing that.” He said, causing Ryou to pout.

Ryou looked at him and asked, “Why not?”

“Ryou, it's a dress.” And this was slightly true. It was actually a shirt and skirt, but Malik doesn't care for details much. The shirt was light purple; much like Malik's sweater shirt thing, and the skirt would go down to just above Malik's knees if he wore it. It was black with two silver chains on it for a decorative belt. It actually would look good on Malik.

“Come on, hikari-pretty. Just wear it. Other wise Ryou will start crying.” Mariku said, looking at the silver-haired hikari. And this was true, for Ryou's eyes were watering.

Bakura shook his head and said, “Come on Ishtar, just wear the stupid thing. Every one else has too as well.” Again, this was true.

Bakura was actually wearing a red dress that was a strapped backless one and stopped just below his knees. Mariku had on a black long sleeved shirt with a white skirt that went to his ankles, and Yugi was wearing a short leather skirt with a leather top. Atemu had a dark purple skirt the same length as the one Ryou wanted Malik to wear, with a short-sleeved white shirt and a dark red vest over it. Ryou was wearing a black dress much like Bakura's, only with a light blue sash wrapped around his waist.

And why were they wearing the girl clothing? Because they lost a bet with Seto and Isis. What was the bet? Who could go with out sex for the longest. Surprisingly, Yugi was the one to lose first; for he jumped Bakura just a day after the bet was made, the horny little devil. Then, Mariku and Atemu lost, then Malik and Ryou. Seto and Isis only won because they haven't had sex yet, so they don't know how addictive it actually is.

Seto rolled his eyes and looked at his watch. “Would you people hurry up? We're going to be late.”

Yugi looked at Seto, confused. “We're going to a club. How can we be late?”

Isis laughed and answered. “When you're Seto Kaiba, you're either early, on time, or late. There is no come when you want to and there's always a time limit.”

Seto sighed and glanced at Mariku. Mariku saw the look and nodded. “Malik, I'm sorry to do this.” Mariku said, taking out the Millennium Rod and pointing it at Malik. Malik gained a blank looked and grabbed the outfit, going into his bedroom to change.

Atemu gave his boyfriend a confused look. “Why didn't you do that from the beginning?”

“I thought he might do it without persuasion.”


Ryou smiled and grabbed Bakura's arm, pulling him into the bathroom. They all saw a scared but resigned look on his face before the door closed. They all exchanged looks. “Weird.” Isis said, and they all had to agree with her.

Meanwhile, With Bakura And Ryou:

“Do I have to?” Bakura whined, trying to use Hikari Eyes on his own hikari. Oh, yeah, that will work for sure Bakura (Rolls eyes while typing). The poor, poor idiot.

Ryou sighed and closed his eyes to control his temper. “Bakura, yes, you have to. Why? Because you promised to. Please, will you let me do this Bakura?” He pleaded, using the Hikari Eyes on his yami. And yes, as he is a hikari, they did work.

Bakura rolled his eyes and nodded. Ryou clapped and started applying the make-up in his hands to Bakura's face. As he closed his eyes, Bakura asked, “Why do you have make-up?”

Bakura felt Ryou pause in the applying of the make-up before continuing and saying, “I like to wear it some times Bakura. But please don't tell Malik. He'd hate it if he knew.”

Bakura raised an eyebrow and waited until Ryou had finished putting the lip liner and lipstick on before inquiring, “You hide things from your lover? Wow, I must be rubbing off on you Ryou! I'm so proud. But, really, why are you hiding this from him?”

Ryou sighed and looked at his face in the mirror, which was all ready adorned with light blue make-up. He turned back to Bakura's face, which had a dark red colored make-up on it and answered, “You saw how he reacted to the dress Bakura. He hates anything that has something to do with girls. He can really violent when he's like that, and, it scares me a lot.” He finished with Bakura's face and starting packing the make-up away.

Bakura, hearing his hikari packing, opened his eyes and looked at his hikari. Bakura carefully bit the corners of his mouth, trying not to ruin what Ryou did. He sighed and got up, hugging his hikari. Ryou looked at him with a confused look, to which Bakura responded with, “You know you can come over to our home any time you want, right? We all care about you Ryou, and, well, Malik's not they most stable person in the world. Which is actually surprising, considering that Mariku has settled down a-“

“MARIKU!” They heard rumble through the house. The two white haired boys exchanged startled looks and left the bathroom, coming into the living room where the others, sans Malik, were standing staring down the hallway that lead to Malik's room.

“What happened?” Ryou asked, causing Isis to turn and say, “Well, I'd gather that Malik has just come out from Mariku's contro- Are you wearing make-up!” she yelled, startled. The others turned to stare at them.

“Wow, `Kura, you look really good in make-up.” Yugi said, looking up at his lover.

Bakura looked away, blushing and asked, “This isn't going to become one of your kinks, is it? Because I don't know how to put this stuff on and I don't think I'll look really good with this stuff mixing with sweat and running down my face as we're doing-“

“Ok, that's enough, got it Bakura?” Atemu asked, glaring at the white haired yami. Said yami just grinned and nodded. Atemu then grabbed his face and looked him over, purposely ignoring the annoyed look on his face. “Hikari's right, though. You do look good with make-up on. Both of you.” He added, nodding over to Ryou. Whom Mariku was cuddling. Atemu sweat dropped, but didn't say anything, as it was normal.

Seto sighed massively and said, “Didn't you look girly enough in your dresses.” Ryou glared at him and then smirked. Bakura smirked right after, Ryou telling him whatever made him smirk over their link. Both came up on either side of Seto and kissed his cheeks, leaving blue and red lip shaped marks on his cheeks. Isis giggled and kissed Seto on the lips, leaving purple lipstick there.

Seto sighed again and said, “I'm going to get this off,” and started to move towards the bathroom.

However, Yugi stopped him by grabbing his arm. “No, you can't Seto. We're going to be late.” He said, obviously mocking Seto. Atemu nodded and grabbed his other arm.

Ryou hid a smile and looked down the hall towards Malik's room, sighing as he realized that Malik hadn't come out yet. “MALIK WILL YOU PLEASE COME OUT HERE NOW!” he yelled, causing Mariku (Who was standing next to him) to cover his ears.

“Wow, you know, you can be really loud sometimes Ryou.” Mariku said, trying to get that ringing in his ears to stop.

Ryou was about to answer when stomping in the hallway interrupted him. Every one turned to see Malik coming towards them, complaining to himself. “I don't really see why I have to do this, it's completely stupid and -RYOU, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING!” Malik yelled, looking at his lover. Ryou winced and hid slightly behind Mariku before he answered.

“Well, I'm wearing make-up love. Surely you recognize it from Isis's face?” He asked, looking out form behind Mariku. Bakura frowned and whispered something into Atemu and Seto's ears, causing them to look surprised before frowning at Malik as well.

Malik glared at Ryou and motioned for him to come to him. Ryou gulped and moved out from behind Mariku, walking hesitantly over to his lover, who grabbed his arm and pulled him closer, ignoring his pained whimper. “Ryou, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you masochist? You know what I as going to do to you for the dress, and you just had to make it worst with this stuff on your face.” Malik whispered, making sure no one else could hear.

Ryou looked at Malik and felt fear the insanity he saw in his eyes. “Malik please let go. You're hurting me and the others will find out about what you do if I bruise.” Ryou said, trying to get away.

Malik smirked at the fear he had caused within his little lover's eyes and just pulled him closer, saying, “You know, I don't really care anymore if they find out.” With that said, he reared back his hand slapped Ryou cross the face. Ryou, Isis, and Yugi cried out while Mariku, Bakura, Atemu, and Seto rushed towards them. But before the four could do anything, Malik had thrown Ryou towards the fireplace, where he hit his and fell down, unconscious. Bakura changed his path and ran to Ryou while Atemu and Seto grabbed Malik and Mariku bond him with Shadow magic.

“Ryou, please, wake up. Come on, you have to wake up.” Bakura pleaded with Ryou's unconscious body while Isis and Yugi went to help him wake the silver-haired hikari up and the other three pulled Malik away. Isis watched them go and hoped they could get her younger brother back to normal.

With The Insane Little Blonde:

“Malik, what the hell is wrong with you? What was that about?” Mariku asked, shaking his hikari. Even Seto had to wince as Malik's head flopped around, the rest of his body immobile from the shadow spell.

Malik smirked and said, “He disobeyed me, Mariku. You know what happens when some one disobeys me.” With that he chuckled darkly, while Mariku shivered with horror.

Before anyone could comment on it when Bakura, who looked both ticked of and relieved at the same time, suddenly knocked Malik unconscious. “Ryou woke up. Just, take this bastard down to the polices office place and have him arrested. Yugi, Isis, and I are going to take Ryou home.” Mariku nodded and hugged Bakura, who twitched but did nothing else. As he pulled away Bakura smiled and patted his hand before leaving.

Atemu looked at them, and them to Malik, who was drooling a little. “Well, I guess we're going to be really late then, huh Seto?” He asked, and the other two just had to laugh besides the non-funniness of the situation.

“Well, best we get going.” Mariku said, picking up Malik and slinging him over his shoulder. The others nodded.

A Month Later:

Malik was found guilty of abuse of a minor (Ryou was only seventeen at the time) and was sentenced to twenty years time. Bakura sold the house that Ryou and Malik had shared, and Ryou had moved in with Bakura, Mariku, Yugi, and Atemu. Eventually, Ryou did admit that he liked to cross dress a lot, and the others accepted that.

Ryou and Mariku were found kissing within a closet, and instead of being angry, Atemu shrugged and joined the little kissing fest. Later their were found naked in bed together and were from then on a threesome. Every one was happy from then on, except Malik who had died in jail, and Seto, who complained, “But they weren't embarrassed at all.” Isis slapped him every time he said it. All in all, things went good from then on, though we may never know what happened to Malik.

End Of “Bets and Findings”

Hikari: Well, the ending kind of sucked. But I've been working on this single one shot for over a month, and I wanted it done with. It's kind of short though. Oh well. Review and tell me what you think, please?


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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