Masque of the Fairy Queen

Few understand how I live and what I feel.

The mysteries and dark secrets that weave a dark web

Make my reality warped and twisted

Nothing seeming right at all

Yet believing in all the lies

To protect my fleeting heart that has become bruised and pulled taught

I find my elaborate mask to wear to protect myself

Allowing everyone to see what they want to see

Not what I really am

This mask has worked so well

Keeping me from breaking down and tearing into pieces

But it's worked too well

Now I myself have been tricked

Believing myself alright

When people ask what is wrong with Morgana le Fey

I just tell them I like having my feet the soft grass

Instead of having the wind in my hair

I'm sure they doubt it

As my wings have become torn and tattered by branches of trees

The Black Widow bewitching me to come to her web again and again

Giving me intoxicating venom to dull my senses

The venom that which is so addictive

I just can't seem to get along without it

Making me want more and more

Till Black Widow says enough is enough

And tells me to join her on the web if I wish to have more

But I dare not do so

For she will kill me with her ivory fangs

And that which drips from those fangs is something that makes me shudder

A venom much more lethal than my addiction can handle.

This mask doesn't fool her as I try to back away

And fool her with the mask

She knows what is truly underneath the mask

What is actually me

My beautiful wings and elaborate mask just want her to try and entice me even more

But I send her the curses I know to send her away

So that I can walk and fly on my own

Without the aid of addiction or anything else

But my own free will.