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Almost a Miracle Part 2
Where no man has gone before...

Two weeks had now passed since the eventful trip to
Jusenkyo, and Ranma and Akane were looking forward to getting
their lives back to something resembling normal. The reactions
to Akane's affliction had been many and varied, such as Ryoga
promptly trying to kill Ranma. Uuchan stepped in, however, and
used her spatula to smooth things over.
Genma and Soun had behaved predictably... Soun spent
several days alternating between a self-inflicted grief-coma and
bouts of crying, and Genma changed to a panda so he wouldn't have
to answer to Soun.
Miyabi thought it was great that her okaasan could change
too, and Masao was still too young to have an opinion.
Ranma, for his part, had only barely gotten over the guilt
he felt for allowing such a thing to happen to her, although he
could never quite forgive himself. He still placed the blame
squarely on his own broad shoulders, since it was his obsession
that had brought them to Jusenkyo in the first place. Akane,
however, was less concerned; she felt that now, onna-Ranma had
a counterpart, and that she still had her around to be friends
(and more) with. In addition, she could now say she really
understood how Ranma had felt all these years, although never to
the same extent.
One thing that changed in a positive way was the
excitement in the bedroom. Ranma had earlier discovered what it
felt like to be made passionate love to as a woman, and even he
had to admit, Akane was pretty good at it. Despite her newness
to being male, she was a great lover, which she explained quite
simply; she hadn't ignored what Ranma was doing over all this
time, and just "Put herself in his shoes" as it were.
Privately, Ranma actually began to look forward to Akane's
suggestions that they change roles, but he wanted no part of the
guy-guy thing. That was just too much for him to take. Akane
had already seen Dr. Tofu, just to make sure that she was physically
all right, and he passed her with flying colours. He couldn't help
but comment that her male side was very healthy, and probably quite
fast and agile in combat. Akane blushed, saying she was only sure
of a few things so far, but had no reason to complain. Ranma,
standing behind Dr. Tofu, winked wickedly, and Akane stuck out her
tongue at him.
Eventually, the regular routine did settle in, with Ranma
back to teaching in the Dojo, and Akane returning happily to the
business of her children, whom she missed terribly while they had
been away.

After a good day's teaching, Ranma stood in the bathroom,
about to douse himself with a bucket of cold water prior to taking
his bath. Akane wandered up behind him, snaking her arms around
his waist just as he dumped the water.
As the two of them stood there dripping, Akane-Kun gently
turned onna-Ranma around and kissed her deeply. Ranma was impressed
by the strength in Akane's male form, and made a mental note to
talk to Akane about training it. These thoughts, however, were
soon chased away by the overpowering desire being stirred by her
lover. Akane-Kun's hands slowly roamed over onna-Ranma's lithe,
naked form, delicately exploring every smooth curve and making her
moan softly.
Finally, the little Chinese girl could stand no more.
"Akane... Let me bath, and I'll meet you upstairs. I'm not
clean enough for you," she breathed, looking into her lover's
simmering dark eyes.
"Only if you promise not to keep me waiting," Akane-Kun
whispered, his excitement already showing. "I'd hate to have to
start without you," he continued, winking.
Onna-Ranma smiled deliriously, and slipped slowly out of
Akane-Kun's embrace.
"And miss this?" she replied, striking a sexy pose for her
lover's approval. "Don't worry. I expect you to finish what you
started. Go on... I'll be right there," she assured, shooting
Akane-Kun a smoldering glance.
Within a few minutes, onna-Ranma appeared in their bedroom
door, clad only in a small towel. Akane-Kun smiled, put aside
the diary he had been writing in, and patted the bed beside him.
Onna-Ranma smiled lecherously, and slowly pulled the door
closed behind her, letting the little towel slip to the floor.

The next morning, onna-Ranma woke with first light, and
leaned over to kiss Akane-Kun's forehead. Akane moaned gently,
mumbling he'd had enough. Ranma had to smile, knowing that last
night would have been enough to sap anyone's energy. Glancing
about, she looked for a shirt to slip in to in order to head to
the bathroom, and had to smirk again at the condition of the room.
She thought to herself that it just might be time for a bigger
room, perhaps with more durable furniture.
Gently extracting herself from beside her lover, she slid
off the bed, and wiggled into a shirt she dug out of the toppled
dresser. Casting another wistful glance at Akane, she yawned and
wandered sleepily out of the room, headed down the stairs. On the
way, she encountered Genma, still in panda form, waddling down the
first floor hall.
"Hiya, Pop. Still can't face him, eh?" she jibed, poking
the large animal in the stomach.
Genma responded by mouthing a few unintelligible grumbles,
and finally held up a sign stating "None of your business!"
"Well, you're gonna hafta face it someday, old man. You're
staying in the same house as him."
Genma flipped the sign over in response. It read "Pandas
don't talk."
"Old fool," onna-Ranma replied disgustedly, pushing past him.
Ranma entered the bathroom and stuck her head into the tub
room, checking to see if Soun was already in there. She figured he
didn't need any more stress, and wanted to avoid him herself for a
while longer.
Satisfied all was safe, she peeled off the shirt, and
doused herself with the cold water. She then drew a nice hot bath,
and humming happily to herself, stepped in.

A chilling scream from downstairs jolted Akane-Kun awake,
sending a stab of panic down his spine. The scream sounded like
onna-Ranma, and it sounded painful.
Bolting from the bed, he grabbed a shirt and threw it over
his shoulders as he flew down the stairs. Crashing the through the
bathroom door, he saw Ranma's male form in a heap on the floor,
convulsing violently and grabbing at his stomach. He was unable to
speak, but his face showed incredible pain.
Soun was next through the door, and Akane-Kun yelled at him
to call Dr. Tofu. When Genma arrived a few seconds later, he
yelled at him to change back to himself and help get Ranma to a mat.
Within minutes, Dr. Tofu and Kasumi arrived, and Tofu
wasted no time in examining Ranma. He was still screaming in agony
and convulsing terribly, which had the now female again Akane in a
panic. Kasumi took her frightened sister aside, almost having to
drag her physically away from her agonizing husband. Akane was
beside herself with worry, expecting that this had something to
do with their trip to Jusenkyo a few weeks ago.
As all this took place, Miyabi wandered into the room,
rubbing her eyes sleepily. Spotting her mother curled up sobbing
in Kasumi's arms, she trotted over to them.
"Aunt Kasumi, what's wrong with Okaasan? Was she bad?"
the little girl asked, hugging her mom.
"No, Mi-Chan. Your Daddy is..." Kasumi began, but was
interrupted by Akane sitting bolt upright.
"It's okay, Mi-Chan. Mommy just got scared, but I'm okay
now," she stated, trying to gather her wits before Miyabi got
upset. "Let's go make breakfast for our company," she sniffed,
wiping her eyes.
"What's wrong with Papa? He's..."
Again, Akane broke in quickly. "Papa fell in the
bathroom, and hurt his tummy. Dr. Tofu will fix him up just
fine," she assured, forcing a smile.
"You didn't pound him again, did you mom?" Miyabi
inquired, giving her mother an accusing stare.
Akane looked incredulously at her daughter, and began to
laugh despite herself. "No, Mi-Chan. I didn't pound him," she
replied, snickering.
"I'd say she's used to the way things work around here,
wouldn't you Akane?" Kasumi observed, smiling.

Dr. Tofu was having a difficult time trying to discover
the cause of Ranma's suffering. All of his techniques had so far
discovered nothing that would cause the symptoms Ranma had, and he
was reaching the end of his guesses. Finally, a few carefully
administered touches stopped Ranma's pain, and he quieted down.
Once Ranma lay more or less still, Dr. Tofu began to palpate
his chest and arms, then his legs, and finally, his stomach. Just
as he neared the area below Ranma's navel, he pulled his hands back
as if he had hit a sliver.
"This can't be..." he stated in disbelief.
"What is it, Doctor; Tell us!" Soun begged, moving in
beside the Doctor.
"Let me see one more time..." Tofu-Sensei answered, again
palpating Ranma's stomach. When he reached the area of concern,
this time Ranma reacted, wincing visibly.
"Get me a bucket of cold water - fast!"
Before Tofu-Sensei could finish the sentence, Soun had the
bucket in the Doctor's hands.
Dr. Tofu wasted no time in splashing Ranma's face, turning
him back into onna-Ranma. "Thank the Kami," he sighed, dropping the
bucket to the floor.
Akane ran over to her husband's side, noticing that he was
now completely calm and relaxed, if not a little wet.
"Doctor? What is it? Will he be all right?" Akane
implored, looking expectantly at Tofu.
The doctor drew a deep breath, and straightened himself
to his full kneeling height. A flash rolled across the frame of
his glasses as he prepared to speak.
"Ranma is... Pregnant!"
The entire room face faulted.

A short while later, onna-Ranma slept peacefully while the
others sat around the low table, discussing this new development.
Akane stared sheepishly at the table, partially hiding her face
behind a large cup.
"So, it seems that Ranma will have to remain a female
during the entire pregnancy, since changing back to a man would
almost certainly cause the baby to abort. She almost lost it today,
but we changed him back to his girl-type in time," Dr. Tofu
explained, still a little shaken himself.
"But... it happened so fast... Ranma has been a guy almost
all week, and not had a problem. Last night was the first time he'd
changed to onna-Ranma," Akane stated, speaking from behind the cup.
"All it took was for the sperm to meet the egg... I assume
her eggs must have been close to the end of her tubes."
Akane flushed a deep shade of red.
"So then... how will we keep her from changing back? She's
around water all the time," Soun injected, inhaling a deep puff
from his cigarette. Akane thanked him silently for the change of
"You should contact Shampoo. She might have friends in
China that could send over that ladle... I think it was called
the Chisuton...?" Tofuu recommended, warily.
"Masaka... I don't know. He hates that thing..." Akane
gasped, nervously. "But if it's the only way... I guess I could
try..." she mused, quietly.
"Akane..." Kasumi responded, surprised by the suggestion.
"Do you really think Shampoo will help you? You know how she feels
about Ranma, even today."
"Shampoo loves children. She wouldn't do anything to
endanger a baby, even mine," Akane asserted, her eyes flashing.
Soun broke out in tears at that statement, dropping his head
on Kasumi's shoulder.
"Dad!" Akane screeched, throwing her cup at him and laying
him out on the floor.
"Akane!" Kasumi scolded, in an uncharacteristic display of
"Sorry, Dad... I'm just a little edgy right now."
"Did you have to throw it so hard?" a weak voice from the
floor protested.
At that moment, Nabiki stepped into the room, and, noticing
the gathering and the dozing Ranma, looked at her sisters
"Okay... something's up here. Spill it, sis," she intoned,
looking directly at Akane.
"Well, it's kind of hard to explain. You see, Ranma..."
she began, starting to blush again.
"Let me guess. She's pregnant," Nabiki observed, leaning
over and regarding the prostrate onna-Ranma. "Way to go, Sis...
didn't know you had it in you... literally."
Akane erked, almost losing her balance.
"How did you..." she sputtered, staring wide-eyed at her
"It's obvious... look at that glow. Apparently,
child-bearing agrees with her. Remember? Dr. Tofu's Mom even
said so."
Tofu laughed sheepishly at that remark, and Akane walked
over to Ranma to confirm what Nabiki pointed out. Sure enough,
onna-Ranma's face fairly glowed with robust colour.
"That reminds me... Akane, you know how despite possessing
a female body, Ranma never really acted like a girl? If everything
goes according to the books, that will likely all change. Over
time, her hormones will react on her like they did with you, only
in this case, the changes could be more dramatic due to the special
circumstances," Tofu-Sensei inserted, thoughtfully.
"So, what does that mean?" Akane prodded, curious.
"You will have to be prepared for changes in her
personality. It's still to early to be sure what they will be,
but if things get out of hand, you can come to me for help."
"So I take it Ranma wants to keep the baby," Nabiki stated,
still looking down at her.
"He... She doesn't know yet," Akane replied, wringing her
"Ohh, this should be good," Nabiki smirked, envisioning
Ranma's reaction.
"That's true," added Kasumi, walking up behind Akane, and
placing a hand on her shoulder. "Before we do anything, we should
at least ask her what she wants to do. After all, Ranma is a man
first... he may not want this at all," she continued, covering
her mouth with her hand.
Nabiki's eyes sparkled mischievously. She could sense a
wagering opportunity on the horizon, and already the gears were
turning over how to take maximum advantage.
"I... never thought about that," Akane admitted, quietly.
"I know how he loves his children, so it never occurred to me that
he might not want this one. Dr. Tofu, how long will she sleep?"
she asked, walking over and kneeling beside her husband.
"She should be able to wake up any time now. All I did
was hit some pressure points to make her relax."
"Could you leave us alone, everyone? I think this... should
come from me," she asked, eyes downcast.
As everyone rose to leave, Kasumi touched Nabiki's shoulder.
"What was it you came for, Nabiki? It's not like you to just drop
in unannounced."
"I wanted to go shopping with Akane and Miyabi today, since
Kuno-Baby is still out of town. But this is much more interesting,"
she replied, smiling at Akane.
Akane returned her a smirk, and turned to her sleeping
husband once again. She watched as Ranma dozed peacefully, steeling
herself for what she knew was coming.

Out in the yard a few minutes later, the rest of the family
sat near the pool, discussing the situation and offering their
guesses as to what Ranma would decide to do. Kasumi played happily
with Miyabi and Masao, and tried to keep them distracted.
Abruptly, their conversations were disrupted by a horrific
shriek from within the house.
"I'M WHAT??" blasted the words, combined with a Chi flare
that blew the outside doors off the dining room.

The next day, the Tendou Dojo became the center of
attention, courtesy of one Kuno Nabiki, who wanted to get as many
takers on her pool as she could. All the women the Saotomes knew
had congregated around Ranma, wanting to talk to the only pregnant
man they would likely ever know. They fussed, chattered,
interrogated and advised poor Ranma into a tizzy, all so excited
over the prospect.
Akane herself was bombarded with well-wishers, including
Mikado, the only other man to ever kiss onna-Ranma. He had heard
over the grapevine of Akane's transformation, and came to
congratulate her on her conquest.
Had she not been in the middle of a crowd of friends, she
would have given him more than the quick shot to the gut that left
him wheezing on the ground.
Asuza, meanwhile, thought he turned a kawaii shade of blue.
Finally, as evening fell and the guests had filtered out,
Ranma collapsed on a mat beside an equally worn-out Akane.
"Man... I never knew a baby was such a big event with women.
It's like they were all pregnant, too," she observed, tiredly.
"Well, it is Ranma. Having children is very important to
us. It's the most special time of our lives," Akane stated,
wistfully. As she spoke, she stroked the side of onna-Ranma's face
"There is one thing though... it's really strange to be on
the other side of the situation. I just hope..." she broke off,
looking down at Ranma, who in turn looked back up at her. "I
shouldn't say anything," she continued, softly. Ranma, hearing
the unasked question, swung to a sitting position, and took Akane
by the shoulders.
"Akane... I know that I'm a guy inside, and it's not very
macho to be thinking like this, but I... want to keep this baby.
After all, no matter whether it was backwards or not, it's our
child. To hell with the rest of the situation."
"Ranma... I love you," Akane breathed. smiling happily.
"I love you Akane... and I know you'll turn out to be a
great Dad." Ranma replied, bracing for the blow she expected.
When it didn't come, she opened her eyes slowly, and saw Akane
looking at her with the strangest expression on her face... sort
of half-way between a smile and a cry, with moisture collecting
in her eyes.
Ranma gently pulled her into a hug, at which Akane sighed
into her shoulder. "Ranma No Baka."

A few minutes later, Akane and Ranma wandered hand-in-hand
out to the pool, just enjoying the quiet and the moonlight. As
they stood wordless, gazing into the shimmering water, a voice from
behind them broke the silence.
"About time you two come. It cold out here with no coat!"
"Shampoo!" they exclaimed in stereo, both startled out of
their wits.
"How long have you been here?" Akane asked first, regarding
the purple-haired Chinese Amazon.
"Shampoo been here all day; not able to get you two alone
to talk about Chisuton. Too many peoples around."
"The Chisuton?!? Akane, what's going on?" Ranma inquired,
regarding Akane questioningly.
"Dr. Tofu says you have to remain a girl for the entire
pregnancy, because changing back to a guy will abort the baby. We
asked Shampoo about getting the Chisuiton for us, so you could stay
in your girl form. I never got a chance to tell you with everyone
here, and I still didn't even know if you wanted to keep the baby,"
Akane explained hurriedly, knowing she had to make her point quick.
Onna-Ranma hated the Chisuiton and what it meant, and she expected
that her opinion would be much the same now.
Ranma stood quietly for a few seconds, considering her
Akane stood by nervously, and Shampoo simply tapped her
foot impatiently.
"Okay. For our baby, I'll do it."
"Aiyah! I knew Girl-type Ranma not let us down. Okay.
Shampoo use ladle to make you girl-type for good, yes?" she giggled,
delighted to be able to help.
Ranma was floored by her reaction, expecting her to ask
some sort of price.
Even Akane, who hoped for just such a situation, was
surprised. Shampoo noticed this, turned to Akane with a sincere
face, and took her by the hands.
"I no play games. Baby something too special to use in
tricks. After what Great-Grandmother do to you, I owe you this
much, yes? Also, Shampoo no have any babies yet... stupid Mousse
no give me any. This as close as I get for now," she admitted,
almost sadly.
"Thanks, Shampoo... I won't forget this," Akane responded,
looking into the Amazon's eyes.
"Oh, Shampoo-ooo... " Ranma injected, anxiously.
"What you want? We having a moment here."
"You will change me back after this, right? I don't want
to stay a girl forever. Just till the baby is born," Ranma asked,
"I have Kaisuifuu, too. Tribe sisters send me both on
overnight shipping. You use before, remember? Just stand still and
take medicine,"
Before Ranma could react, Shampoo's hand came up and she felt
the numbing tingle of the water spilling from the ladle as it
cascaded over her head. Even though she was a willing participant, it
still gave her a shudder.
"There. Now you no be boy-type no more. After baby comes,
you visit Shampoo for kettle. We fix you up, you bet!" Shampoo
giggled again, quite pleased with herself.
Akane sighed, then turned and ran into the kitchen,
returning with a normal kettle full of hot water. As she neared
onna-Ranma, she closed her eyes and let it fly.
"Ho! Akane! That's a little too hot!" onna-Ranma shrieked,
dancing around from the sting of the boiling water.
"You see? It work so good! You no change, so no more
boy-type till after baby!"
"This is perfect. Thanks again, Shampoo," Akane bowed,
tossing the kettle aside.
"Shampoo must go back to Nekohanten now... been away too
long, and Mousse no good at Cash. Nihao, Ranma!" she exclaimed,
leaping over the back fence and into the night.
Akane watched her go, then turned happily to onna-Ranma and
took her hands.
"How do you feel?" Akane asked, looking Ranma over from
head to toe.
"Aside from scared, just a bit dizzy. That Shampoo has
still got it, hasn't she?"
"I suppose. I'm just happy we don't have to worry about
you anymore."
"Let's go inside, Akane... I feel like I should lay down
for a while."
"That's probably a good idea, Ranma... or should I say,
'Mommy'," Akane replied, smiling.
"...Mommy..." onna-Ranma whispered, the word and it's
implications slowly sinking in. Unconsciously, her hand moved
over her tummy, gently stopping over the new baby.
Akane, noting the odd expression on onna-Ranma's face,
grew concerned. "Something wrong, Ranma?" she asked, nervously.
"No... " Ranma replied, slowly. Meeting Akane's gaze, her
expression brightened. "In fact, things couldn't be any better,"
she continued, smiling.

The next morning, Akane awoke at her usual time, and was
surprised to discover onna-Ranma still asleep beside her. Leaning
over, she kissed the red-haired girl's forehead gently. Feeling
the brush of Akane's lips, Ranma opened her eyes slowly.
"Morning, lazybones... Time to get up. I have to get the
kids fed, and Mi-Chan off to school," Akane stated happily,
flinging the blanket off and rising to a sit.
"Oooaaaggghhh... Kuso, Akane... I feel like I never slept
at all last night. Is that normal?" Ranma groaned, wearily.
"Yes, it sure is. Welcome to motherhood, Ranma!" Akane
responded, cheerfully.
"Great. I feel like I went ten with Saffron or something...
Akane, could you hand me a shirt or nightgown? I gotta get to the
bathroom," Ranma replied, yawning widely.
Akane had to suppress a giggle as she tossed a nightgown at
her spouse, and as onna-Ranma staggered unsteadily out of the room.
She smiled as she thought to herself how amusing it was going to be
to see Ranma go through what was yet to come.

Ranma tried to conduct business as usual in the Dojo, but
noticed that she was having a really hard time concentrating on
the classes. Not to mention the frequent trips to the bathroom that
she couldn't avoid. By the end of the day, she was thoroughly
As the family sat around the low table for supper,
onna-Ranma didn't feel much like eating.
"Akane, it was awful. I couldn't even think straight out
there today," Ranma stated, wearily.
"It's all a part of having children. Just wait... it gets
better," Akane replied, grinning smugly.
"Well, it sure takes the shine off it," Ranma added,
At the opposite end of the table, Genma growled
disapprovingly at Ranma's lamentations.
"What's your problem, Pop?" Ranma asked, innocently.
"Ranma! What are you, a cry-baby? You've been handed a
training opportunity that no other martial artist could ever dream
of having! You should be grateful, and all you want to do is
complain!" Genma yelled, leaning forward over the table.
Ranma's eyes flared with anger. "Is that all this is to
you? A 'Training Opportunity?' Listen, Pop... I'm stuck as a girl,
and pregnant to boot. And on top of all that, I'm 'off' all day
long! If you think that makes good training, then you're more of
an old fool than even I thought you were!" Ranma shouted, eyes
shimmering with tears.
"Listen, Ranma... a true Martial Artist can turn any..."
He was cut off in mid sentence by the deftly-thrown iron pot
ricocheting off his forehead.
"Suck on that, old man! Now, leave me alone!"
onna-Ranma ordered, turning and striding away. "I'm going to bed!"
she continued, heading up the stairs.
"Hmmmm... Out cold. He should know better than to try
that on someone in her condition," Soun observed, looking down at
Genma's dented cranium.
"Dad!" Akane scolded, shooting him a look.
Miyabi, meantime, well used to such goings on, reached
over and swiped her Dad's supper.

That evening, Akane sat at the low table enjoying tea with
Kasumi, who had stopped in to check on them and drop off some
fresh, home made coconut cakes.
"So she's having a little trouble adjusting, is she? Oh,
Dear... I hope it doesn't last too long. You were lucky there,
Akane... even your morning sickness only lasted about a week and
a half," Kasumi said, thinking back.
"Yeah... I was lucky. Ranma seems to be having a hard time
getting used to the changes. If she's this bad already, I can't
imagine what her sickness will be like... I'm a bit concerned."
"Well, have her keep some plain crackers beside the bed, and
tell her to eat a couple before getting up each day. That might
help with the nausea and dizziness once it starts," Kasumi advised,
"I remember that... Thanks, Kasumi. I'll tell her about it
Just then, onna-Ranma appeared in the hall, wearing one of
Akane's nightgowns, and looking truly rough.
"Feel any better, Ranma?" Akane asked, gently.
"A bit... That little rest helped a lot," she replied,
yawning and stretching.
Akane and Kasumi looked at each other wordlessly, then
both began to giggle.
"What's so funny?" Ranma asked, wiping her hair away from
her eyes.
"I'm sorry, Ranma, but it's just so cute to see you going
through all these things," Akane responded, running up to
onna-Ranma and hugging her happily.
"Trust me Akane, it's definitely UN-cute." she replied,

Over the next month, Ranma tried valiantly to keep up the
teaching, but found herself increasingly unable to concentrate, and
noticed a distinct lack of energy. As well, her morning sickness
began, and kept her running to the bathroom constantly. Akane
became more and more concerned, and finally booked her an appointment
to see Dr. Tofu. Ranma reluctantly agreed, and turned the teaching
responsibility over to Soun and Genma.
On the appointed day, as Akane and onna-Ranma sat in
Tofu-Sensei's waiting room, the opening of the door heralded the
arrival of another patient. It was the old man that lived down the
street from the Doctor's office, and he stopped short in his tracks
when he saw the two women.
He noticed Akane, whom he recognised immediately, and he
saw all the "New Mother' pamphlets in onna-Ranma's hands. His
brow furrowed, and he finally could not contain his curiosity.
"Saotome Akane... I didn't know your daughter was of the
age to have children. I must be getting older than I thought,"
he stated, scratching his balding head.
Akane's mouth dropped open, and she stared at the old man,
unable to respond. Ranma couldn't resist the temptation.
"I... He - She's not..." Akane sputtered, still unable to
get the words out.
"Tell him, Okaasan... I am so old enough," Ranma exclaimed,
feigning indignance. "Tell him how you can't wait for the
grand-kids!" she continued, hugging Akane's arm tightly.
Akane, meanwhile, had finally gotten her wits about her,
and whispered in Ranma's ear. "I'll get you for this, Ranma!"
Ranma could only giggle in response.
Just at that moment, Kasumi appeared in the doorway to
the examining rooms, and called the two of them in. Once they got
out of sight of the waiting room, Akane got off a half-speed
punch to Ranma's shoulder.
"Ow! Hey, whatja do that for?"
"Don't ever do something like that to me again, you
jerk!" Akane retorted, angrily.
"Huh... and I thought you had a sense of humour..."
"Not about that!"
Just as Ranma was about to issue a return shot, Dr. Tofu
stepped in from the rear door. He handed Ranma a dressing gown,
told her to strip and change into it, then lay down on the table.
He also mentioned that he would be back in a moment to examine her.
Akane's face suddenly lit up with a mischievous grin.
"What's that all about?" Ranma asked, as she pulled her
top up over her head and tossed it aside.
"You'll find out soon enough," Akane stated, grinning

Half an hour later, when Kasumi called Akane back into
the examining room, she saw a fully dressed Ranma sitting on the
edge of the table, totally stunned and face drained. Instantly,
Akane burst out laughing.
"You knew all along he was gonna do that, didn't you?"
Ranma accused, angrily.
"I told you I'd get you back, Ranma!" Akane gasped
between howls of laughter.
"That wasn't funny... and it hurt, too!" Ranma pouted,
"Serves you right! Never bug a woman about her age!"
Akane retorted, still laughing hysterically. Kasumi, meantime,
had to turn her back to conceal her own laughter.
Finally, Dr. Tofu returned to the room, chart in hand.
As soon as Akane saw him, she lost it all over again. Ranma just
sat quietly, her face burning red.
Once everyone had calmed down, Dr. Tofu delivered his
"The baby is doing great, and Ranma here is as healthy
as a horse. There is one thing that I discovered, though, that
I didn't expect."
"I don't like the sound of this..." Ranma groaned, looking
at Akane.
"So... is it good or bad?" Akane implored, expecting the
"I'm not yet prepared to say it's either. What I
discovered is that this pregnancy is awakening the Spirit that
shares your body, Ranma."
"What? Is that possible?" Ranma exclaimed, stunned.
"According to 'The Legend of Jusenkyo, Third Edition,
Revised 1994', the Spirit normally remains dormant, lending only
it's body and some skills to it's host. But in this case, the
creation of the new life inside a shared body is throwing the
curse a curve; the Spirit is reviving, and her Chi is becoming
noticeable. In fact, I sensed it during the examination."
"What? You mean it's coming to life?" blurted Ranma,
"No. It means that this has never happened before, and
bears watching. For the moment, it's having no noticeable effect
on either Ranma or the baby... But, I can't predict what will
come of it later. We'll just have to see."
"Great..." Ranma muttered, sighing.
"And that's not all. Your blood test showed a deficiency
in estrogen, which would account for your problems with
concentration and energy."
"Estrogen?" Ranma echoed, inquiringly.
"A female growth hormone. Your 50/50 body isn't producing
enough to properly meet the demand. We'll have to start giving
you weekly injections to maintain the proper level."
"Female hormones? Hey... this isn't gonna make me..."
"More feminine? Definitely. But, it's only for the
short term, and the effects will reverse themselves."
Akane couldn't help but grin smugly.
Ranma's head dropped, and she sighed heavily. "What
happens if I don't take them?" she asked, weakly.
"It's not really a matter of choice, Ranma... if you want
that baby, you must have the shots. I can't stress that enough.
I have the first one here, and then we'll follow with a regular
series on you," Tofu-Sensei replied, holding up the syringe.
Ranma sighed once more, and glanced over to Akane. Akane
caught the unspoken plea, and moved in close to Ranma. They
looked into each other's eyes for a moment, then Ranma turned to
the doctor and regarded him levelly.
"Okay, Doc... If it's for the baby... I'll do anything."
"A wise decision, Ranma. Roll up your sleeve."
Akane, realising how much of a blow Ranma's strong male
pride had just suffered, leaned forward and kissed her gently.
"Thank you Ranma... for me and for our baby." she said,

At home that night, Ranma lay on the roof, watching the
stars as she had been since after supper. All the new
developments had her a bit freaked out, and she needed some
time to think.
Most disturbing was the news about the Spirit Dr. Tofu
had detected... Ranma knew what having a Spirit along for the
ride meant to her, and feared that the baby may inherit it.
She sighed aloud, and pulled herself to a sitting
position. Just then, Akane landed a few feet away.
"Still bothering you, is it?" she asked, sitting beside
her spouse.
"Yeah... this 'Spirit' business has me worried. If it
comes to life and curses the baby..." she trailed off, unwilling
to complete even the thought. She just stared out into the night
sky, her face contorted with anger.
"Dr. Tofu said it's not affecting either of you, so
maybe it's too soon to be worrying. It'll be alright, Ranma..."
Akane assured, slipping an arm around her hubby. "Don't get so
upset... we can deal with this."
"Akane... " Ranma began, turning and looking deep into
her eyes. "What is it about you that makes me believe that?" she
continued, her face softening to a gentle smile.
Akane returned Ranma's look wordlessly, then gently
pushed her down on her back. "You're madly in love with me," she
replied, moving in to kiss her hubby affectionately.
Suddenly, Onna-Ranma forgot all about her troubles.

End - Almost a Miracle Part 2 of 3, A Ranma 1/2 FanFic By Coutuva

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Well, there you have it.. Part Two of my first ever attempt at a Fanfic.
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