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Almost a Miracle - Part 1;
Once Again, Never again to Jusenkyo.

Akane crossed the dining area of the Tendou Dojo as she had
many times in the past, casting a glance at Soun and Genma, engaged
in yet another game of Go. It never ceasd to amaze her that every
time they would visit, they would instantly fall back on their old
Nearby, Miyabi played contentedly at the low table,
arranging a plastic tea service with the precision of a watchmaker.
Ranma appeared at that moment as well, toweling sweat from his brow.
He had just finished with the day's classes, and was looking
forward to a bath and some of Akane's curried rice, which he could
smell even now.
Noticing Akane heading up the hall, Ranma turned and walked
after her.
"How did the class go?" Akane asked as he fell in beside
"Excellent. I think we may have a few representatives in
the Tournament next month. Even Uuchan's daughter is showing some
real power," he replied, drying his hair with the towel. "How
was your day?"
"Miyabi finally figured out her spinning kick, and broke the
back door again. I swear, attitude and all, she's onna-Ranma's
daughter," Akane replied cheerfully, elbowing her husband gently.
The jibe about his female half had an unexpected effect on
Ranma, who stopped in his tracks, looking back at her strangely.
"R... Ranma? What is it? Did I say something to upset you?"
she asked, reaching out to him.
"Akane... We have to talk. But not right now. I have to get
a bath first," he replied quietly, then turned away from her and
walked quickly to the bath.
Akane meanwhile, cupped her hands under her chin, her
delicate features distorted by worry. She had not seen Ranma
like this for several years, and was afraid that certain 'old
ghosts' were revisiting their happy home.
Just then, her thoughts were interrupted by Miyabi-Ko, who
had wandered up beside her, and begun to tug on her apron.
"Okaasan... Okaa-san! Masao-kun is awake. He's awful mad,
too!" she announced, her green eyes sparkling in the afternoon
"Oh, Mi-Chan. Don't worry. I'll fix him up right now,"
Akane replied, scooping the 6 year old up in her arms, kissing her
forehead lovingly.
Ranma stood naked before the mirror in the bath, staring at
his male form. With a heavy sigh, he picked up the bucket of
cold water beside him, and dumped it over his head. Upon shaking
the water off his face, he opened his eyes and stared now at
his female form. The red-haired Chinese girl in the mirror
stared back, her eyes welling up with tears.
Every male who had ever cast eyes upon this body wanted
it badly; like Kuno, who even to this day would glomp it every
chance he had, whether Nabiki was around or not. Even Ranma had
to admit, it was a nice body, but, after so many years and so
many problems, Ranma had grown to hate it.
The girl in the mirror began to scowl as Ranma thought
about how life would have been so much better without this curse,
and how her beautiful, happy daughter, and strong, healthy young
son would not have to ever call a woman "Papa" if the curse had
never been. Her heart began to break yet again over how many
times she wanted to be able to swim, play in the pool outside,
or even have a game of garden hose tag with the children as
their Dad, not onna-Ranma. As well, she could never know the
simple pleasure of walking the beach in ankle-deep ocean water
with her beloved Akane; as her husband. Onna-Ranma loved her
family with everything she was, and it hurt her deeply to know
that they must also bear the curse.
The sad-faced girl reached up and undid her pig-tail,
allowing the flame red hair bound within it to fall freely about
her shoulders. Looking at the reflection once again, the tears
that had only threatened to flow became a sniffle, followed by a
full-fledged cry. Finally, onna-Ranma crumpled to her knees, the
release of emotion becoming too overwhelming.
The small body that was hers but his was simply unable to
stem the tide, and ended up curled up in a small ball on the
tiled floor, crying uncontrollably.
Finally, eyes stinging from the tears and chest still
heaving, onna-Ranma crawled slowly into the hot bath and sank to
the bottom, drawing comfort from the enveloping warmth. Pulling
his now male form into a sitting position on the nearest ledge,
his face took on a determined look.
"No doubt about it. It's time. And there ain't nothing
or no one that's going to stand in my way."
In the kitchen, Akane and Mi-Chan were carrying the last
of the serving platters into the dining room, where Soun and
Genma were already camped in their usual places. Masao played
on the floor beside Soun, who couldn't help but smile proudly
at his grandson. He had dreamed of a moment like this from his
days in training with Genma, but in recent years had almost given
up on the thought of any of his daughters marrying. In particular
the now almost 30 year old Akane, who had ended up surprising him
by giving him his first grandchild, and who had matured into a
caring, loving wife and mother. His heart twitched as he thought
how proud his dear wife would have been to witness the changes
that had blessed their home, and in fact, he could almost see her
in Akane.
Suddenly, he rose from his place, and politely excused
himself. Akane regarded him curiously, until she noticed the
tear in his eye, and the fact that he was headed for her mother's
"Oh, Dad..." she thought to herself, shaking her head.
"How's my little family?" Ranma called, appearing from
the hallway.
"Papa!" Miyabi exclaimed, running over to her Dad's
waiting arms.
Ranma swept the little girl up, and spun her squealing
through the air. Masao had now wandered over as well, and watched
wide-eyed and grinning as his sister swung through the air. He
raised his pudgy little arms to Ranma as he set Miyabi down
giggling, and his Dad responded by swooping him up and giving him
a gentler spin.
"Careful, Dad... He just woke up," Akane cautioned,
smiling at her happy family.
After the greetings were finished, the four of them sat
around the table with Soun and Genma and enjoyed the meal. It
had taken a lot of years, but Akane had finally gotten the hang
of good cooking, and her meals were something to look forward to.
Throughout supper, Ranma chattered away happily with his
children, at times making them laugh so hard that they couldn't
eat. Akane tried to settle them, but it was to no avail. All
she could do was smile, her heart filled with pride as she
watched the scene before her.
After Akane and Miyabi cleared the table, Soun and Genma
returned to their Go board, and Ranma wandered out by the pond,
sitting quietly on a rock.
After several minutes, Akane noticed her husband sitting
alone, flinging the occasional stone into the glassy water.
Biting her lower lip, she walked out and sat beside him quietly.
"Ranma... what's bothering you? I'm not used to you being
so quiet."
"Akane... " he began, tossing another stone. "We have a
little money, now that the Dojo is doing well, and the kids are
finally old enough. I think..."
"Don't say another word. I know what you're going to
suggest," she broke in, lowering her eyes. "You want to go
back to China."
"Yes," he replied, softly. "I have brought enough
disgrace to my family, and it's time to rid myself of this curse
for good."
"Ranma... if it's me you're doing this for, you needn't
worry. I love you no matter what form you take."
"I know. That's why this hurts so much," he replied sadly,
tossing another rock, this time with emphasis.
"Akane, you and the kids are my entire life. I can't ask
you to bear this disgrace any longer simply because of your love
for me," he began, turning to Akane and taking her soft face in
his hand. "And our children; I would die for them, but I subject
them to this burden every day of their lives. It's too much to
ask of you, and of them, Akane," he continued, his fists
clenching. "I never want to see that red-haired girl again," he
continued, his aura flaring briefly.
Akane could see the years of built up rage in her husband's
eyes, and sighed heavily, her heart going out to his tortured soul.
Reaching up, she hugged him for all she was worth.
"If you want to go back to China, then we can leave any
time you wish. I just want to be with you, and I want you to be
"Thank you Akane... I love you," Ranma replied, hugging
his wife tightly.

After making some very discreet arrangements, Ranma and
Akane boarded a plane and left Nerima on a direct flight for
Hong-Kong. They had gone to great lengths to ensure that no one
knew of their plans, and even bought their tickets under false
names. Ranma didn't want anyone knowing he was going, since he
wanted to handle this affair privately, and avoid a disaster like
the "Japanese Nyannichuan" incident of several years ago.
Upon arriving in China, they wasted no time in renting a
car and heading for Jusenkyo. Akane was nervous about the entire
trip, fearing that something would go wrong, leaving them in a
worse predicament than the one they sought to remedy. Also on her
mind was that, despite never having told Ranma so to his face,
she had grown to genuinely like onna-Ranma, and knew she would
miss her.
As they traveled, Ranma became more excited with each
passing mile. He described various places along the route that
he and his father had been through, telling Akane of their training
rituals, adventures and misadventures. She was impressed with his
knowledge of this foreign country, even though it had been almost
fifteen years since he had been here. That thought made Akane
realize just how long they had known one another, and how much they
had changed over the years. Ranma was no longer the brash,
arrogant, excitable boy she once knew, and she was no more the
headstrong, pugilistic, narrow-minded girl she had once been. She
still threw the odd object at Ranma when his mouth moved faster
than his brain, but time had mellowed them both, and they had a
family to consider, too.
As these thoughts played through her mind, she glanced at
her reflection in the vanity mirror, and gently fingered the small
strands of gray hair that had recently shown up in her now fairly
long pony-tail.
Sighing, she smiled gently to herself, and snuggled up
against her husband's side. Ranma, noticing her nuzzling up
against him, smiled happily and draped his free arm over her
shoulders. She responded by happily snuggling in even closer.
As night fell, Ranma pulled into a Hotel that was located
only a few miles from Jusenkyo Proper and the fateful training
grounds. Gently waking the now dozing Akane, he checked them
in and led her to their room. After unpacking, Ranma took
advantage of the occasion to take Akane out for dinner, splurging
on a feast fit for a king in the hotel's fancy restaurant.
All through the meal, Ranma noticed that Akane seemed
preoccupied, almost distant at times. Finally, he could stand it
no longer.
Taking aim, he flicked a fish-cake at her cheek, where it
struck with a resounding splat.
Akane turned to him, eyes flaring. "What is your problem,
Ranma?" she yelled, slamming her hands on the table. The sudden
outburst caused a waiter directly behind her to almost drop the
tray of food he carried, and heads to turn all over the room.
"Now that's more like it!" Ranma exclaimed, grinning.
"Now you're back here with the rest of us," he continued, looking
her in the eye.
"Ranma, you...!" she began, about to issue her favorite
comeback. However, she stopped in mid-sentence, and lowered her
head. "I'm sorry, Ranma... I guess I haven't been much company
tonight," she stated, settling back into her chair.
"What is it Akane? The food no good?" he asked, trying
to pry her thoughts out.
"No, Ranma... It's wonderful. I haven't had Chinese this
good for ages," she replied, trying to get into the occasion.
"Okay... then what is it?"
"I can't put my finger on it... I'm kind of confused, I
guess. I don't know how to feel about this trip," she replied,
resting her chin in her hands and looking wistfully back at Ranma.
"Believe me, Akane... it's for the best. You'll have a real
husband for the first time in your marriage," Ranma encouraged,
reaching across the table to touch Akane's hand.
"I know... it's just going to be an adjustment."
Ranma nodded his agreement, and finished the rest of his
meal in silence, leaving his wife to her thoughts.
After the dinner they returned to their room, where Akane
promptly excused herself and disappeared into the bathroom,
leaving Ranma to flip through channels on the T.V. Several
minutes later, Akane reappeared, dressed in the sexy negligee she
had first worn on their honeymoon, and carrying something
concealed behind her back.
Ranma heard her approach, and turned to see her posing
demurely before him, looking every bit as lovely as she did on their
wedding night. He drank in every minute detail of her sexy curves,
in awe of how she looked so gorgeous even after almost 10 years of
marriage and two children. Her chest was still firm and perky, her
stomach still flat and lean, and her legs were as lithe as those
of a dancer. The light from the open bathroom door created an
almost angelic glow around her, and Ranma could only stare,
open-mouthed, at the beautiful sight before him.
"Akane... You look incredibly... beautiful," he finally
managed to sputter, his voice barely a whisper.
"Ranma... " she began, softly. "I know how you feel about
this, and I would accept your decision not to humour me, but I
have to ask you. Just once more... for the last time?" she
asked softly, producing the hotel ice bucket from behind her,
already filled with cold water.
Ranma leapt off the bed, and in one fluid motion was
before Akane, looking deep into her pleading eyes.
"Akane-chan... for you, anything," he whispered, pulling
her soft form close to him.

The next morning, onna-Ranma awoke with the dawn, still
holding a slumbering Akane tightly. She looked around the room
briefly, noticing that the bed and surrounding furniture
resembled a war-zone. Thinking about how it got that way
brought a wry smile to the Chinese girl's face. Gently, she
slid out from beside her sleeping spouse, and made her way to the
Standing before the shower door, Ranma looked at her
female incarnation once again, and her thoughts drifted back to
the previous night. Akane seemed to really enjoy making love to
her when she was like this, even though she thoroughly enjoyed
regular sex, too. For a moment, she considered simply changing
her mind about going to Jusenkyo. She was intent on ridding
herself of this curse, but if Akane was to say she really wanted
to keep onna-Ranma around, she knew, deep inside, that she would
not be able to refuse her.
Sighing, she drew a bath, then stepped into the shower and
washed up.
As he sat in the bath a few minutes later, he heard Akane
stir and call out his name.
"I'm in here, Akane!" he responded, happy that she was
Akane wandered into the bathroom sleepily, still totally
nude herself. Ranma still had to swallow hard when he saw her
like that, even though he knew her body intimately.
"Morning, sleepyhead," he chimed, rising from the bath
and grabbing a towel.
"Morning, Ranma," she responded, happily giving him a
big kiss. He returned the favor, then patted her sexy backside
as he left the room.
After Akane had finished in the bathroom, she rejoined
Ranma as he sat at the small table near the bed. Ranma could tell
that she was thinking about something, and he had a pretty good
idea what it was.
"What is it?" he asked, not really sure he wanted to hear
the answer.
"I... " she began, turning to look him in the eye. "I was
just thinking about the past, and how I used to think you were such
a pervert. Now, I find I'm going to really miss onna-Ranma if
you manage to change back for good. Last night proved it for me,"
she sighed, wistfully.
"Akane... I..." Ranma began, but Akane cut him off.
"I love you Ranma... and I will support you whatever you do.
I am really surprised I feel this way, but when you think about it,
she has been as much a part of my life these last years as you have.
We've gone shopping, had ice cream, shared clothes, talked
girl-talk... She's even saved my life a few times," she injected,
sadly. "Mi-Chan just loves to see you change, you know. She's even
dumped water on you just so she could play with onna-Ranma," Akane
continued, her eyes downcast.
"I know..." Ranma agreed, smiling at the thought. "It's
just that I have to try to shake this curse, Akane. Sure, it's
had it's good points, but it's mostly been a big pain to me. In
fact, now that you mention it, it almost cost me the most important
thing in my life. You," he countered, gently clasping her hand.
"Ranma, No Baka." she replied quietly, leaning forward to
hug him.
They held each other for several minutes, and Ranma began
to feel cracks appearing in his resolve. Finally, he decided to put
the issue to rest for all time.
Grasping her shoulders, Ranma moved Akane back from himself,
then lifted her face into view. Looking straight into her wistful
eyes and drawing a deep breath, he asked her the big question.
"Akane... once and for all, do you want me to change back
for good?"
Akane herself took a deep breath before responding.
"Ranma... you... have to follow your heart. Do what's best for you.
My feelings don't really matter here. After all, this has been your
desire for as long as I've known you. I couldn't bear thinking
that you gave up on that just to please me," she finally admitted,
again lowering her eyes.
"Akane... if this fails, I... won't try again. I guess that
would mean that I'm fated to remain like this. But until I know,
I can't rest," he asserted, sighing inwardly with relief. "And
"Hai, Ranma?"
"Thank you for letting me try."
"Oh, Ranma..." she admonished, hugging him again.
Later, as the two of them climbed back into the car, Ranma
looked over at Akane, who regarded him expectantly.
"Ready?" he asked, eyebrows raised.
"As I'll ever be," she replied, winking at him.
"All right then... let's go," he exclaimed, starting the

A little less than half an hour later, Ranma wheeled the
car into the grounds of Jusenkyo, and pulled up alongside the small
shack that still stood there.
Hearing the vehicle approach, the now aged Chinese Guide
poked his head out to see who it was. Not recognizing the car, he
hopped out of the shack and wandered over to it.
Squinting, he looked into the driver's side window, and
his eyes opened wide when he saw Ranma waving back at him.
"Sir! You come back! And bring pretty woman with you!
Very good, sir!" he exclaimed, stepping back as Ranma opened his
"I never thought I'd be glad to see you again, old man.
Akane! This is the Guide Pop and I met here back in the
"Pleased to meet you," Akane smiled, bowing.
"This pretty lady your wife, sir?" the Guide asked,
smiling. "She very, very pretty. You make strong babies with
this one, sir," he continued, shooting Ranma a wink. Akane
blushed sheepishly.
"Why you come back to ju-sen-kyo, sir? Training ground
is closed for ever."
"I know... I came to show my wife the Spring of Drowned
Young Girl. She knows all about me, and I wanted to let her see
where it all happened. And... I want to reverse this curse for
good," Ranma stated, looking levelly at the old Guide.
"Ohh, sir... only one way you do that. You must be girl,
and fall in Spring of Drowned Man," he began, holding up his
familiar, though now grayed and tattered flip-sign. "Very tragic
story of man who drown in spring 890 year ago, and now whoever
fall in spring take body of young man."
"You're still doing that?" Ranma asked, flatly.
"It my job, sir," the old Guide smiled. Akane, meanwhile,
giggled quietly to herself.
"Okay... take us in. It's time to get this over with."
"You sure about this, sir? Very dangerous!"
"More than you know," Ranma deadpanned, grim-faced.
The old Guide shrugged, then walked toward the locked gate
leading to the Springs. As he opened the rusty lock, Ranma took
Akane's hand and led her along into the training area.
Just as it had been almost fifteen years earlier, it was
made up of several hundred scattered pools of water, each with one
or two bamboo poles planted in it. Ranma found himself wondering
why the poles weren't rotted, since the grounds had been closed
for so long.
The Guide led the couple to a Spring near the eastern edge
of the grounds. Stopping, he turned to Ranma and Akane, and with
a flourish, announced the name of the Spring.
"This one Spring of Drowned Young Girl. Very tragic story of
young girl who drown in spring 1,500 year ago, and now anyone who
fall in spring take body of young girl," he stated, again
producing his flip-sign.
"So this is it, eh, Ranma? The source of all your problems.
Looks innocent enough," Akane observed, leaning forward for a
better look. As she did so, she felt Ranma's hand tighten on hers.
"Be careful, Akane... I don't want you to fall into one of
these. Okay, old man, where's the Spring of Drowned Man?"
"Over there, sir. We go now, and I show you."
Again, Ranma and Akane followed the Guide through a maze
of paths, and Akane stole a glance at Ranma as they went. His
face bore a look of grim determination, and she found herself
becoming nervous for him. She had to wonder what would happen
to him if this didn't work, and found herself afraid to even
consider it.
Finally, they stood before the Spring of Drowned Man, and
Akane could sense Ranma tensing up. The Guide went through his
little ritual once again, and then stood watching Ranma intently.
"Okay, sir. This it. You need to change to girl, then jump
in," he instructed, producing a bucket of water from behind his
"Where did you get that?" Ranma spat, recovering from his
"It my job, sir," the Guide replied, grinning.
Taking the bucket from the guide, Ranma waved Akane back
from the edge of the pool, and dumped it over his head. The
now-female Ranma shook the water out of her hair, and turned to
Akane. "This is it. Give me a hug goodbye, Akane... if this
works... you'll never see this me again," he stated, opening
his arms to her. Akane stepped forward tentatively, and hugged
the small Chinese girl tightly, sniffing back tears. She wasn't
sure, though, whether the tears were for her, for Ranma, or
somehow, for both.
Ranma finally broke from Akane's hug, and turned back to
face the Spring.
Striking a ready pose, Ranma went through his preparations.
Finally, after several tense moments of silence, he was ready.
With a blood-curdling yell that made Akane's heart skip a
beat, onna-Ranma leapt into the air, and with a graceful triple
forward roll, arced directly into the waiting pool. The impact
generated a huge splash, narrowly missing Akane and the Guide.
As the dark water closed over her, Ranma immediately
sensed something was terribly wrong. She was sinking fast,
almost as if the pool was dragging her down. Beginning to panic,
she struggled as hard as she could to get back to the surface,
but gained little if any ground. As she fought, she could feel
her air running out, and her muscles cramping up. In her mind,
one thought kept her going... "Akane..."

The waters of the pool slowly settled back to a smooth
glassy surface, showing no trace of the huge intrusion it had just
endured. Several long seconds passed with no movement, not even a
bubble rising to the surface.
Akane began to panic, and grabbed the hapless Guide by his
"He's drowning! Get something to pull him out!! Fast!" she
shrieked into his face.
"Very bad! Very bad! I get rope!" he sputtered, running
off for the rope.
Akane dropped by the edge of the pool, searching in vain
for some glimpse of Ranma. Her eyes welled up with tears, and she
could feel the rising panic tighten her chest.
"Ranma!" she yelled into the dark water. "Ranma! Don't
die! Ranma! Come up, you idiot!" she yelled again, before
dissolving into tears.
"Ranma, nooo...!"

Later, in the Guide's shack, a soaked Ranma lay silently
on a makeshift cot, covered with an old woolen blanket. The Guide
paced frantically, repeatedly muttering "This very bad... I tell
him; Very dangerous! I tell him!"
Akane lay slumped over Ranma's legs, crying quietly.
Ranma lay quite still, no signs of life showing. Akane reached
up and gently brushed an errant lock of red hair away from her
"Ranma... No Baka..." Akane whispered quietly, before
dissolving in tears once again.
Abruptly, the silence was shattered by a squeaky female
"I am *not* an Idiot!" Ranma announced weakly.
"Ranma! You're alive!" Akane gasped, hugging her with
"Ohh, sir... you make us worry. Not nice thing to do to
bride and old man like me."
"Errgghhh!" groaned onna-Ranma as she tried to sit up.
"Oh, damn, that took a lot out of me... Hey! Why am I still a
girl??" she demanded, staring at the Guide.
"Hmmm... You say you married?" asked the guide in
"Yeah, but what's that got to do with it?"
"Your girl-type... still virgin or no?"
"No... but that's not supposed to be your business, anyway!"
onna-Ranma replied, becoming more angry by the minute.
"That it then. Girl-type not virgin, not same as girl who
drown in Spring. Other springs not re-change someone who not same
as spirit in Spring. Too bad..." the Guide answered, shaking his
head sadly.
"RRRRHHH! Why didn't you say so!! I wouldn't have come
"Sir... you no ask!"
Onna-Ranma just glared at the grinning guide, fighting the
temptation to send him through the wall. Finally, she looked
around the room for Akane.
"Akane... did you hear that? I'm stuck like this forever!
I'll never be able to shake this damned curse!" she yelled, her
voice cracking with despair.
"That's okay, Ranma. Everything will be just fine,"
answered a decidedly male voice from the shadows.
Ranma spun toward the voice, seeing only a head of dark
hair and those unmistakable eyes. Akane leaned into the light
"I guess it really doesn't matter now, Ranma," Akane
continued, sadly.
As she moved further into the light, Ranma erked, and had
to shake her head to take another look. Opening her eyes again,
her jaw dropped. Before her knelt a handsome Japanese MAN, who
bore a striking resemblance to Akane.
In fact, he was wearing Akane's clothes.
"A... Akane!? " onna-Ranma sputtered, not comprehending
what her eyes told her.
"Yes, Ranma... it's me. When you didn't come right back up,
I finally dove in after you. The guide here had to pull us both
out. Now, I'm just like you... o...only in reverse," Akane-Kun
replied, not sure whether to laugh or cry.
"Oh, no... Akane. I'm so sorry... can you ever forgive me
for doing this to you?" she pleaded, clapping her palms together
and lowering her head. "I... never should have brought you here.
This is terrible," onna-Ranma continued, her heart breaking as
tears streamed from her eyes. "Now, you're cursed, too..." she
whispered as the realization sank in.
"Oh, Ranma... it's not so bad. Now, we can carry on our
lives... when you're a girl, I'll be a boy, and everything will
work out great," Akane-Kun encouraged, wiping his eyes. "And I
don't blame you... I knew what would happen, but it's nothing
compared to the thought of losing you. I'm just glad you're
alive," he continued, opening his arms to the sobbing Chinese
Onna-Ranma didn't need any more urging. She lunged
forward into Akane-Kun's arms, and the two of them burst out
crying almost instantly.
The old Guide, meantime, sneaked out the door, thinking
it best that the two of them be left alone.

As Ranma and Akane stepped off the plane in Nerima 3
days later, they noticed the gathering of family awaiting them
outside the gate. They looked at each other and sighed in unison.
"Well, best get it over with," Akane stated, winking at
"Yeah. Something tells me that the fun is only starting,"
he replied, winking back and taking Akane's hand.
"As long as you mean the kind of fun we had back at the
hotel, I don't mind at all," Akane stated, grinning mischievously
and kissing Ranma's cheek.
With that, the two of them began waving at the rest of
the family, and started down the boarding steps.

End - Almost a Miracle Part 1 of 3, A Ranma 1/2 FanFic By Coutuva

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Well, there you have it... my first ever attempt at a Fanfic.
Apologies to Takahashi-chan, for whom I
have the greatest regard!