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Secrets don't make friends--Gerard WAy--Matt Good By bangbangXOgunsgobang

  • Matt Good was sitting in his room, brushing up on his guitar. He had a few shows to play with his band, From First To Last, but that was in a week or so.

  • Staying in the apartment with Violet and Gerard was great. But lately Violet wasn't herself. And Matt noticed it.

  • She had been going out on the town while Gerard played shows, and she didn't come home until way late. Matt became a little worried, because of his like of Violet. She was not only nice, funny, and caring, but oh so beautiful. Black hair and the bluist carribean eyes. Pale, porcelin skin, and always smiling. She made Gerard smile, and Matt smile. Too bad Violet's last name was Way.

  • It was about ten 'o clock, and Gerard was gone. Matt had expected Violet to be gone, but she wasn't. Suddenly, she came in with a step and drag movement. Her hair was messy, and the look on her face seemed seductive and naughty. Smirking smugly as her blank eyes crashed into his.

  • " Uhm....Matt," she said in that cheeky tone, so innocently," Can you come into my room?"

  • Matt was a little shocked by her expressions, but he still set down his guitar and followed Violet into her and Gerard's room.

  • MAtt looked around nervously, ignoring Violet's mezmorizing gaze. "So, uh....When do you suspect Gee will be home?" MAtt asked worridly. He dremnt of Violet touching him intamitly, but knew it was too good to be true. The girl was married, he was hopeless.

  • She still smirked at him, her carribean eyes blank, whick wasn't normal for her. Her eyes were usually filled with shine and life. Not tonight.

  • Matt flapped his gums for a few more minutes until Violet placed her index finger on hi lips, stifling his words. "Shhh....," she whispered," Matt I know how you feel about me."

  • He was so struck by her beauty and seductivness, he was redundant. Matt could only murmer out," Y-You do?"

  • Violet smiled playfully, and let her hand slide down to his chest. She gave him a nice shove as he fell roughly onto her bed. Crawling on top of him she said," Why don't you take off your clothes, Matt?"

  • He was doing this, it was inally the night he had been waiting for. Matt played along in her sexiness. He whispered," Can you help me with that...?" With a tiny smirk on his face. Violet smiled and ripped his shirt off, and quickly removed hers.

  • Their lips crashed together as their tongues wrestled for dominance. Matt was panting as he struggled to unbutton his girl jeans. Violet broke the passionate kiss and licked her tingling lips. " Here," she panted," Let me help you with that." And she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off his body. THrough Matt's boxers, his erection appeared.

  • Violet, with no hesitant, took Matts boxers off him as she unclipped her bra and threw it across the room. Matts mouth watered for the tast of Violet's lips. She toyed and sucked on his neck as a moan escaped his mouth.

  • " Vie.....quit teasing me and just fuck me." he said roughly. She smirked and unbuttoned her jeans, easily sliding them off along with her panties.

  • Straddling MAtts waist, Violet lowered herself into him and her pace quickened. His mouth opened wide as his eyes went back into his head. Moaning Violets name one last time before reaching their climax. Matt lowered his head onto his pillow as Violet layed herself on his sweating body. Panting, Violet said," C'mon, baby. We're not done here."

  • After a few more times both grew exhausted and tired. Violet layed next to him in his arms. She nuzzled her neck. " Best I've had yet." she murmered.

  • Matts eyes grew exceedingly wide," Excuse me?"

  • It grew silent for a moment. " Vie....where have you been going for the past few days?" Matt added.

  • She snuggled closer, not seeming to care about MAtts question. "Around." she replied tiredly.

  • " Have you been having sex?!" Matt said shockingly.

  • " With just about every guy I met at those bars." she muttered carelessly.

  • " Violet you're married!" he exclaimed in anger.

  • She finally sat up in annoyance, and snarled," I fucked you didn't I? And don't say you didn't like that, cos' I KNOW you did, Matt!"

  • At this point Matt knew she was right. Gerard and him had been good friends lately, and he just had sex with his wife. Matt sighed,"Vie, we CAN'T tell Gerard. If he finds out we're both in deep."

  • "I know." she said, seeming sarcastic," I won't tell a soul if you don't."

  • "OK." Matt agreed almost instantly. Then, they both turned their heads towards the door. Which had opened.

  • With the most pissed, hurt face in the world stood Gerard staring at the scene he saw. And with his last snarling words before he exited the room, "Secrets don't make friends, Matt."

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