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Break the system
By Ken Hidaka


Break the System
by Team Bonet

Part I Tension in the Obscure

The pain. That's all it was. The pain was making see things, hear things. He gritted his teeth cursing
under his breath. The wall behind him was cold. He closed his eyes, letting the feel of the metal on
his arm sink inside him. The pain returned as soon as he lowered his hand.

The young boy smashed his maimed hand on the wall, cursing louder. The stupid thing refused to
work, laying limply. He gritted his teeth as he felt bones crack under the preasure.

Blood sprinkled his boots, his pants. He leaned against the wall listening to it land on the meatl floor.
Life slowly draining off from him. Slowly.

The system. The system is getting the best of him.

The sound of the water drops into teh gasoline echoed in the quiet tunel. Droping slowly, running
down the cold metal itno the shallow pool in his feet. Slidding down to become one with the murky
water, his dark blood runs down his arms. Reddened, the water drones bitterly down the tunel,
where death and madness become one.

The young boy smiled, his eyes glimmering with a strange light. The open wound on his shoulder
sting, but he merely holds his skin tight, forcing the blood to stop. He doesn't pay it much attention,
because it wont stop, and he was becoming inpatient. The waiting can drive anyone mad.

The sounds of distant footsteps above his head brought him out of his guard. He gritted his teeth,
smuiling as the soldiers stopped right above him. He could tell they were distracted, slowed, over
powered. The sounds of their frenzied walking, of orders given in a mad haste, of impotence. His
smile widened as he leaned on the wall. He groaned softly, holding the place in his arm where he had
been shot. That damned general Berengena had shot him not once, nor twice, nor trice, but five
times on the same spot in his shoulder.

In the darkness, the young man jumped to a run, every once and a while looking back to see that he
wasn't followed. No one would find him, he though, but he dared not underestimate the soldiers. He
turned the corner, reaching for his gun in his belt, diving into the wall. He gasped, catching the sound
of boots in the darkened tunel, distant, like an echo.

He narrowed his eyes, as he saw the light at the end of the tunel he was using as a way out. It almost
blinded him. He reached the end of the tunel. he found it to be covered by a metal wire fence. His
small fingers gripped the wire fence that kept him from excaping. He dug them in deeper, trying to
pull it off, but it proved to be quite a challenge. He snarled silently, his cold eyes studying the metal
fence. His small eyes slanted, the light coming from outside hurting him. Outside, on the other side of
the fence lay the way back to his home. He had to tear this out and escape and then the mission
would be complete.

He dug his fingers in deeper, trying to pull the fence off harder,but he only managed to cut his hand.
He cursed the unpresedented course of events. He frowned. he had never been told about this
detail. His eyes became angry, dangerously mad, at the imperfection in the mission.

He'd kill the one responsible when he got back. He pushed it the other way and felt it give way.
Laughing to himself, he pulled down the wire, it bending hard on his hands, not caring for the deep
scars it left on his palms. He smiled, as he climbed through the whole and liked his palms.

Mission acomplished.

And the shots rang in the darkness. Red and painful.

Part II Intensity Screams in the Mind

The sound of the dripping water woke him, driving him slowly up from the deep fathomless pit that
he lay in. Softly ticking away the minutes. He felt his heart slowing down, the blood pumping out of
his system, ragging from his muscles. His small eyes opened half way and he drew in his breath as he
found that he could not move his arms. He closed his eyes again, listening to the drip.

"You are finally awake, you little bastard."

The voice was very close, the person's breath tickiling his skin. He wrinkled his nose, disgusted at
the strange feeling that curled up his spine. He felt his captor's body lean sideways, looking at him,
the long cane that he used tapping the device on his arms that was holding him. General Berengena
cocked his head amused. The young boy opened his eyes slowly. The general smiled, his lips wide
with malice.

"Stop pretending to be unconcious, or dead, my friend."

The young boy smiled coldly. The officer came closer to him, raising his cane and slowly tapping the
boy's chest. Just a touch. The young boy narrowed his eyes, his expresion cold and uncarring. The
metal that bound his wrists bit sharp into his skin. It was too strong for him to break, he figured. He
stared silently at what he had thought had been the water drip; his own blood trickilng into the floor.

The general, a huge man with strong built, frowned. Behind him, two other officers stood, their faces
cold and silent. Their silver and golden medals shone red under the reddish light that hung from the

"I don't know your name, little boy, " General Berengena said. " I don't know how you managed to
infiltrate into my base, or how you managed to bypass the central defense system, and through caos
into the whole area. I ahev no idea how you reached the core of logistics and erased all the data that
took the Federation months to compile- or what's more - how no one stopped you. You are just a

The general gritted his teeth fiercely. The two other soldiers behind him frowned.

"Little boy, what ever they call you," the man continued." I don't know how a small boy like you
could bypass the Federation's highest standar sytem and I don't care either," He leaned foward
dangerously. "but, how on earth did you manage to kill all those officers, my officers. Brutally killed
and not a single shot or trace of knife found on their bodies?"

Heero's unfeeling eyes stared back at him, his face defied the general, a soft smile, wicked and
demonic appeared on his thin lips. The officer recoiled, frowning, drawing the cane into his body.

"I did it with my own teeth."

The general gasped, confunded by the boy's simple answer, disgusted by his words. The soldiers
behind him felt their faces loose their color and turned away from the boy, about to through up.

"You bastard," The man drew closer, his fowl breath curling the boy's skin. "Who did you do this
for? Don't tell me you're a little weapon for a secret group of rebels plotting to destroy the
Federation? Who leads you, pathetic rebels that peace loving imbecile Colonel Tres? or is it that
gentle talker Monica Lynn?" The officer snarled, his lips turning into an eveil grin. Hiro didn't stir,
didn't even blink. his eyes staring into nothing. "Or is it that crazy, maimed, scientist, Doctor J?"

Hiro's eyes grew slightly softer, the mention of his guardian's name throwing him off balance for a bit.
The officer smiled, tapping his cane hard into the floor.

"He taught you to be this cruel, vicious infiltrator, didn't he?" The general leaned over the boy, his
long nose poking at his eyes. The boy felt an urge to bite it off, but he remained calm. The general
growled, his laughter liek cristal on Hiro's skin. The man reached and unlocked the boy's metal
binders with one swift movement. Hiro drew in his breath as the metalic teeth released his skin.

Hiro narrowed his eyes, waiting for the perfect moment when General Berengena would lower his
guard and he'd be able to kill him too. He stared at the officer as the man drew back from him, a
smug smile on them man's face.

"You rebel scum, " he said. "Do you belive yoru petty attemps will amke the Federation withdraw
from the colony? You misserable-"

Hiro leaped at the man, his nails like sharp knives on the general's skin, his teeth bitting savegely on
the man's ear, clawing his face. the boy gripped the man's neck, his slender, yet powerful fingers
digging deep into the man. The officers behind the general seemed frozen in their places, staring at
the beast that Hiro had become.

general Berengena snarled, bringing his metal cane up over his chest in defense, with one powerful
swing, and sent the boy crashing into the wall.

Hiro shook his head, bringing his hands to it. He cursed under his breath, trying to focus and get to
his feet quickly, but the general was faster. The boy yelled as the officer brought his metal cane over
the his head roughly, breaking skin and bone.

"You wanted to kill me?" The man yelled. the two officers behind him cocked their guns, taken from
their belts in one swift movement, and pointed them at Hiro's head. The general smiled as the little
boy failed to stand up, his left leg broken. Hiro raised his cold, dead eyes and stared at his captor,
his expresion that of a captive animal. general Berengena snarled, his eyes darkened with hate.

"Grab him," he comanded. "Hold him tight!"

Hiro didn't cry out as the rough hands of the two officers dragged him from the floor, holding him
savegely. They pulled his thin arms to his side, their nails digging into his skin. He narrowed his eyes,
lifting his head in silence. The general smiled, his eyes shinning with a deep hatred as he lifted his cane
over the boy's body. he liked his lip, his wrinkled dark tongue moving slowly over his parched lips.

"Pathetic little boy, " he said, his voice cracked. "I'll kill those who sent you, those who aided you,
those who speak for your cause. All of those who dare dream that such people like you may dare to
attack us. I'll silence Miss Lynn and her dream of a free colony. I'll kill Colonel's Tres's hopes for a
military withdrawal and destroy your pathetic scientist's master mind, Doctor J." The general brought
the cane across Hiro's face. "I'll start with you!"

Hiro bit his tongue as the cane smashed his afec over and over and over again, breaking his skin,
craking his bone. His blood spluttered into the officers that held him. He felt his mind cry out for
mercy as the general laughed, mercilessly smashing hsi cane into the boy's chest, his face, between
his legs. Ripping his lips, his mouth all bloody, his chest broken, Hiro's littel body crumbled in the
tight arms of the two officers, falling foward, innert, his mind sceraming madly, horribly, but his lips

He didn't once scream out loud.

"Scream, you bastard!" General Berengena yelled.

The soldiers released Hiro's arms, the boy's brokem body falling still to the floor. The general
snarled, bringing his cane hard on Hiro's back, craking his will. The boy's body lay on the floor, now
really innert.

"No," the general breathed, removing one of his white gloves, tucking the cane under one of his
arms, disgusted at the fact that one of his white gloves had gotten dirty. "I wont kill you, since you
refuse to die, but you will wish that I had."

Hiro's fingers moved feebly, his eyes trying to focus, but his mind was slowly blackening into that pit
again. That dark pit.

Part III Death of The Soul

He was just a small child, barely old enough to know the meaning of many things or of his actions.
His small body that of his age, 13 years old, yet his mind that of an adult, a hard built soldier, well
trained and ready to die. Still, he was a child, like any other. A war child.

The sound of the soldier's footsteps outside the cage brought him out of the the quiet thinking he was
doing. His head, skin broken and bleeding, lay reclined to the wall, his thin arms wrapped around his
long legs, his eyes huge, his thin lips pressed. His mind was taking in a million thoughts at once.

He closed his eyes tight.

Thoughs have to reside to the back of his head or else- or else the system will win -

"So, you killed them with your own teeth...?"

Hiro opened his eyes, seeing whom the voice belonged to, the other only person in the cage with
him. The boy stared at the speaker silently. The speaker was looking him over, searching for a bit of
life behind the boy's cold semblance. The man smiled, his wide grin mocking Hiro's silence. The man
was a Federation soldier, dressed in the liutenat's uniform, put inside the cage to acompany Hiro for
some reason General Berengena did not say. Hiro frowned.

"Pretty impressive," the liutenant said. "Seems they are training young revolutionaries better these
days." He laughed to himself, his laughter an ugly cackle in the darkness. Hiro closed his eyes again,
willing the man to dissapear. He drew his legs closer to his body. The man smiled at his gesture,
liking his lips. "They caught you," he continued. "That's a pity, since maybe if you wouldn't have died
the colony would have had some hope-"

The liutenant laughed again, making Hiro frown deeper. General Berengena had put the man inside
his cage no doubt to drive him mad. To tease him. The young boy ignored the man, sending him to
hell, where the rest of the Federation was as well, and looked up at the dark ceiling.

"Boy," the man said. " the colonies aren't going to be free yet. It'll take a lot to move the Federation,
maybe it will take its death. Don't you think so, boy? That's the only way to slove it, destroying the
force completly."

The young boy snickered softly. The soldiers stood up, a huge statue over the boy's small body in
the dark cell, and stood looking down at the boy. Hiro turned his head away from him. There was
something in the man he didn't like.

"You're a quiet boy," the soldier said. "yet, furious. You refused to cry out, even when you were that
close to death. That kind of soul dissebs to be honored. Even if it dies here-"

Hiro smiled coldly, his eyes dead and cold. He was alwasy ready for death, should it come for him.
Dr.J had trained him to be ready for it, to court it kindly, alwasy smiling. The liuntenant lay his body
against the wall, one hand behind his head and looked down at the boy. Hiro's eyes, full of hatred
and coldness, impressed him. No wonder General Berengena couldn't stop hitting the boy, he
thought. The boy was a defiance to all any soldier belives in. He stared at the boy's hands, bloody
broken palms, yet so much like those of his own 12 year old son. No. Hiro's hands were tarined to
kill, as if it were art. 40 men had fallen to the cruelty of those hands. How can the rebels create such
a soldier out of a boy? He was like a weapon.

The liutenant stared at the boy's face, stoic and silent. A strange light came to the man's eyes as he
raised one gloved hand and polished the small emblem in the shape of a golden lion, that he wore on
his left pocket.

"What do they call you, boy?"

Hiro was silent. His mind was going through several plans by wich to get out of the cell, but it
seemed imposible. He'd need help from outside. he sighed his mind defeated, and already thinking
on a way to take his own life. He'd have to die, hoping the mission would go on without him, hoping
some other boy would become the pilot, but that meant letting Dr. J down. He didn't want that.

"Can't you talk?" the soldier asked. "or are you afraid?"

Hiro looked up, his eyes angry, his voice a lethal knife in the darkness. "Hiro. Hiro Yui."

The liuntenant folded his arms over his chest, eying the boy slowly, his perverted eyes going up the
boy's thin legs.

"Like the peace lover shit- head president?" he shuckled. The colonials are crazy, he thought. The
boy moved away from him, sitting next to the bars, looking outside them for some way to excape.
The boy's eyes moved smartly, fast, analizing, like those of an adult, or a wild captive beast.

"There is no way out, boy, so quit looking for it."

Hiro refused to look at the man. The liutenant came closer to him, lowering himself next to the boy,
until their eyes met. hiro wanted to draw away from him, to get away from his reach, but he dared
not move. This is what the man wanted, to make him cower and show fear. The soldier laughed.

"Do you know why they put me in here with you boy?" he asked. Hiro's eyes flickered wickedly. "so
that I can torment you, scare you and drive you mad. How does that sound, boy?"

Hiro's small, thin lips,broken and bleeding, widened into a smile. The liutenant cursed, drawing away
from the boy's face, cursing the boy's smile. He wanted to hurt the boy badly. He had not belived
that such a small brat had been able to kill half of his patrol, but as he looked at him now, he no
longer doubted.

"A tough job," Hiro said.

The liutenant's afectwisted in anger. His hand shot, slapping the boy hard, but Hiro's eyes still looked
at him, as if he'd never hit him, the smile intact. Such wills, the liutenant thought, such wills must be
broken. He straightened to a standing position, still looking at the boy. Hiro didn't move, his mind
beyond anything anyone could do to his body. The soldier reached down for his bealt, smiling
wickedly. Hiro's eyes flickered sligtly, his mind begining to fear where the talk was leading to, but he
remained quiet, looking at the man.

The officer snarled, reaching down to pull the boy off from the wall. Hiro's breath was knocked from
his body, his bones already hurt badly. The man grabbed the boy's arms, janking him roughtly. Hiro
began to laugh.

"Is this how you plan to hurt me?"

The liutenant hit him again, making his mouth bleed again. Hiro felt the wind break from his body as
his head hit the wall. His will. His will is going to break as well soon. He wondered how much longer
his strengh would last. He feared for what the man was doing, for that strange look the man got in his
eyes. He wanted to draw away, but the man was shaking him roughly.

"Coward," he whispered. The liutenant laughed, drawing the boy closer.

"I'll teach you the power that holds you, boy," he said. "The power that holds all of the colony. I'll
make you suffer."

Hiro's cold eyes looked at the man, defying him again. Nothing, the man thought, the boy fears
nothing. He snarled, hitting the boy again and again. Hiro's little body smashed the floor, broken and
bleeding, but he did not cry out. His mind kept talking to him, Dr. J kept talking to him in his head.
He kept looking at the man's eyes, still and stoic, as his ribs got hurt. The liutenant drew his belt from
his waist, hitting his back, his arms, his face. Blood sprayed on to the floor, over Hiro's shoes. The
world became white lighting, terrible and dark. Hiro felt his soul break, his body crumple, yet he still
did not cry out. he found strengh to raise his head and stare at the abusive man, all of his courage in
his voice.


The liutenant snarled, grasping Hiro's by his tattered shirt, bringing their faces close. He laughed,
mocking the little boy, his fowl breath hot on the boy's face.

"You'll break boy," he hissed. "You'll scream and hurt, like the members of our Fed- patrol, wich
you mercilessly killed. I'll make you, you hear me?

Hiro remained silent, his blue eyes serene.

Angered even further, the man smashed the boy into the wall, smiling as the boy's neck twisted,
blood gurgling from his mouth. The man snickered as hiro's fingers clawed hsi huge hand, trying to
free his neck.

"Cry out, boy," the man yelled. "Cry for mercy, pityful boy. Scream for mercy, Hiro Yui!"

Hiro fell to his knees as the man released him, still looking at the man, his mouth shut. He felt his
blood spill into the floor, running down from his forehead and his skull. His eyes narrowed as he
watched the liutenant scrutinize him, cocking hsi head from side to side, delighted at his pityful sight.
Hiro's breath stopped as he saw a new look come to the man's eyes as the man looked intently at his

And he was afraid.

He closed his eyes as his body hit the wall roughly, the man grabbing him roughly by the neck. He
felt his soul about to cry out as the man gripped his small chest, forcing him to the ground, hitting him
over and over, but he bit his tongue.

His blue eyes slowly became darker, refusing to think about his pain, instead making his calculative
mind find a weakness in his abuser, but it was useless. He couldn't think well, his skull was bleeding
horribly. Panic began to surge up his spine as he felt the man's harsh hands twisting his small body,
banging him over and over against the floor. The man's ahnds traveled down his chest, tearing his
shirt away, caressing him sickly. Hiro's mind began to scream.

"Cry out, Hiro Yui," the man drooled in his face, his eyes wicked. Hiro's soul whimpered as the
man's hands stroked his breasts wickeldly, running down his chest. The boy struggeld to get free, but
the man held him pinned. He gritted his teeth as his head hit the floor again, on his attempts to get
free, his eyes wide with fear. The liutenant laughed sickly, staring down at the boy's blue eyes.


Hiro's mouth widened, a silent scream excaping him as the man slammed him to the floor harder. The
man undid his pants and reached down to pull the boy's pants down his legs. Hiro beat into the
man's back, his small powerful fists bruising him, but the man only laughed as he ripped off his
clothes, leaving him with one tennis shoe, one bloody sock.

Hiro's mind cried out as the huge man's arms pressed his legs open, his harsh fingers hurting the boy.
The world became b;linding lightning again, terrible lighting as the man thrusted himself hard into the
boy. Hiro's back hit the cold floor, his skin tearing, over and over. He had no more strengh.


The man snarled, smashing himslef into the boy harder.

"Cry out, damn you!"

The liutenant screamed horribly as Hiro reached up and bit his ear. The boy yerked his head
backwards, pulling the man's flesh, bitting his ear horribly. Blood splurred on his face. The liutenant
screamed louder, his yelling mingling with Hiro's coarse laugher.

The boy closed his eyes, letting his naked, raped body lie still, waiting for death to take him. He felt
the soldier's hands grip his neck, the apin becoming sharper each minute.

And then he heard the shots.

And he passed out.

Part IV Bleeding System

She had rocked him all night in her gentle arms, slowly, letting his dreams melt into the nothingness.
She had bathed his broken body in soft florid water, cleaning the blood away. Then she'd put
alcohol into his numerous wounds, bandaging every one carefuly. She had dressed him in clean
clothe, some new ones she herself had ironed. Small tears welled in her eyes as she dressed his
innocent body, battered and bruised, raped and cursed. It hurt her, but she stayed by his side all
night, watching his closed eyes frightened as he dreamed. Those eyes, that had once been so
beautiful and kind, now destined to suffer, robbed of their smile.

The young woman gasped as the old man closed the door behind himself.

"Monica, child, get some sleep."

The woman looked down at the sleeping boy's face. She looked at the man, who had slowly walked
over to the boy's side, placing one hand on his bandaged head. The other hand, a three fingered
metal device, he put inside his coat's pocket. He shook his head sadly and looked at the woman

"Monica," he said. "get some sleep, before you end up like poor Tres, out of your own account."

The old man walked away from the bed, the metal harness around his legs clanging loudly. He
grinned widely, laughing to himself, as he reached up to dim one of the lampterns in the room.
Monica stood up from the bed, obeying him. She had learned, long ago, not to comfuse the old
man's warnings with orders, but he was right. She needed sleep. Yet, her maternal sould wouldn't
allow her. The boy was like her own child. She picked up the knitting she had been doing to keep
herself from thinking and walked to the door. She turned as the old man called to her with his
mechanical hand.

"Beware, Miss Lynn," he said. "Things are not what they used to be out there. Let one of the men
drive you home." She nodded, folding her knitting and putting it in one of the pockets of her long
skirt. She smiled, her lovely face brightening, her dark, curly hair bouncing slightly. She came close
to the old man, her slender arms holding him, her fingers curling his white hair.

"I'll take care, Doctor." He smiled, the circular metal gadgets that were his eyes revolving as they did
when he was pleased. She turned and made her way out of the room quietly, closing the door behind
herself softly.

The old man went back to the boy's side, sitting on the edge of the bed with a groan. Things had
changed in more ways than he'd dare admit. He reached down to pass a hand over the metal that
harnessed his legs. He ran his good, flesh hand over his brow, over his metal eyes. The Federation
had doubled the patroling at the colony, trippled the guards and security. The place was, now more
than ever, tightly under its control. Huge mobile suits were brought in, under General Berengena's
orders. Peace was scarred deeper. Then Colonel Tres had been found dead, his body burnt in the
trunk of his car. His wife and children were found dead in their home, poisoned by the central air
system. Their peace had once more been broken to pieces. Somehow, the old man thought, he was
to blame. Him and his missions. He looked at the boy, his ultimate proyect, as he slept. He smiled,
listening to his breathing, proud of the boy's perfection, at his abilities and devotion. The pefect
weapon, the perfect terrorist. But things in this colony were getting out of control and it was time to
leave this place once more.

The old man was brought out of his thoughts as the boy's hands touched his arm. He turned to look
at the boy, whose blue eyes searched his face. The boy reached his bandaged arms to hold the old
man and buried his head in his lap.

"You did well, Hiro," the old man said. He caressed the boy's head, using his metal hand. Hiro
smiled, pleased at his accomplishment, and sat up in bed. He looked at his bandaged hands,
examining his bruised skin as if half believing they were still there. He looked at the dark room, at the
boxes and gun cartridges on the walls, the metal window covered with a wood plate. Beside his bed
lay his yellow boots, next to them were boxes with guns, amo, and some helmets. He frowned as he
saw the rocking chair that lay near the door, a pink shawl over one of its arms.

"Was Monica here, Dr.J ?" he asked. The old man's eyes rolled down, in a sad expression.

"Yes," he said. "She took care of you while you were out, all week. She feared that you would die,
after she and her men went to save you, but I sent her home to rest." Hiro rubbed his face, worried
that he'd been out a whole week. "She insisted to do it, but the real reason I let her stay was that I
feared for her safety. I kept her here so she wouldn't suffer what Colonel Tres suffered." Hiro's eyes
widened. "He's dead, boy."

The boy lay back in his pillow, his hand clawing the bed covers, his eyes blankly looking at the
nothingness, like a mad man. "It's my fault."

Dr.J slammed his knees, the noise of his fists against the metal harness jutting Hiro. He frowned at
the wall, expecting it to explain things to him. Answers for both him and his little boy. Why ? Why
did good men have to die ? Hiro looked at the empty rocking chair. His mind feared for the woman's
safety, imagining her soft eyes full of tears.

"We can't stay here anymore, Hiro," Dr.J said. "It isn't safe, or appropiate for the operation. The
Federation has us in its sight, and it won't let us move as we please." The old man stood, leaning
heavily on his cane. "For the sake of the mission and our safety, we must leave this place." He
looked back at the boy, his metal eyes reeling darkly. Hiro's eyes, sunken in their sockets, stared at
the darkness, his brows drawn together.


Dr.J took the boy's hand, squeezing it softly. His metal hand clanged open and shut repeatedly
before the boy's face. Hiro stared at it, hypnotized by its movements, eyes half closed. He reached
up to hold onto the old man tightly. Dr.J lay his hand over his back.

"I know she's like a mother for you, eh, Hiro ?" The boy nodded slowly. Dr.J smiled. "She won't die,
then." Hiro's face calmed down, the old man caressing his hair.

The old man frowned to himself, glad that he was the only one that could ever see this side to Hiro,
glad to see that the boy's heart still felt, even after he himself had made him into the cold murderer
that killed officers so easily. Hiro didn't show his feelings to anyone, no matter who it was, save for
Dr.J, the man he had lived with for so long, since he was a child. The scientist had reared him, taught
him everything. He was close to being a father to him, even if people called him crazy and deformed.

Hiro's eyes became hard once more, his courage returning, as his body became strong once more.
Dr.J reached to turn off the lamptern and leave the boy to sleep. He'd need him at his fullest potential
to make the mad race out from the colony, and that would have to be real soon, judging by the way
things were turning out.

Hiro lay back on the pillows, closing his eyes, thankful for the chance to rest. Dr.J opened the door,
the noise of men talking outside drifting in, their loud voices sounding like a madness. Hiro wondered
how many more had died as he had been out, or trying to save him. He'd been a foolish boy,
unworthy of his training.

"No time to think, Hiro," Dr.J said as he was about to exit the room. "Rest. We'll be leaving this
colony as soon as there is a chance."

The boy tried to stay awake, striving to understand what the men outside his room were talking
about, but his tired eyes wouldn't stay open. He fell asleep, his small head falling to one side of the
pillow. Dr.J closed the door softly.

Part V Insanity in the Light

Intensity. Insanity. Tearing and breaking the body appart, maring the soul- eating it slowly. His hands
tried to remove the pain, shove it aside and wake up, but he couldn't shake it off. His hands clawed
the covers. Once more, the wicked system is was geting the best of him, driving him insane. He
gasped loudly, his eyes flying open with a start. He sat up in bed.

Nothingness. darkness. The dark room was still silent, just as it had been before he'd woken, but he
had heard his name being called. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes with his small palms. His door,
half open, let the bright light come in, the hushed voices of the men outside drawled in. he got up in
bed, feeling his body tense as he stepped around, his bones still sore.

He walked into the living room, the lights at first hurting his eyes, then slowly the view became
normal. Some men and women stood there, talking in hushed voices, some standing, others sitting in
the few chairs there. An extremely tall man in a brown suit stood by the sofa in the corner, leaning
over the body of a woman that lay on it. His dark brown hair a bit messy from many worries.

The young boy felt his tired soul about to break as he caught sight of who it was that lay on the
couch. The tall man turned around, noticing the boy and his face twisted in sadness. He reached in a
paternal embrase for the young boy, who ran into his arms.

"Hiro," said the man, holding the boy's body. "Thank heaven's you are safe."

Hiro buried his face on the man's chest, feeling the warmth theer, the familiarity of the one man that
he secretly called his father. The woman on the couch reached a hand to touch Hiro's bare feet and
smiled. The other people next to them come closer, glad that the boy was safe. One of the men
helped teh woman to a sitting possition, careful not to hurt her. She smiled, her face once lovely, now
bore two huge purple bruises on her temple.

Hiro's eyes, slightly shaken of from their coldness, looked at her, his soul relieved that she lived, but
his lip trembling slighlty at seeing his mother hurt so. The man that helped her crossed his arms over
his chest.

"Federation officers atacked her house," he said. "Broke in and burnt the kitchen. Would've gotten
her and her husband, if I wasn't there. Dr.J sent me with her just in case. Damned Federation!"

Mrs. Lynn hushed him, her searching Hiro's face, thankful that he was safe. Thankful that the boy
showed no apparent distress over the abuse he had been under. The tall man that held Hiro laughed
wryly, shaking the boy. Hiro's eyes stared at him, at his small moustache and the bits of gray on the
hairs by his ears.

The boy frowned, feeling that it was his fault that all of this was happening. General Berengena had
meant to hurt him for daring to destroy his base and kill his men. His fists hardened, his soul angry,
but he remained silent, smelling the man's aftershave.

"We're getting out of this place, gentlemen."

Hiro turned his head and looked at Dr. J, who had walked into the room, making his way slowly
across it leaning heavily on his cane. The boy's eyes grew even more distant, the violet darkening
deeper. He became free from the man's tender embrasse, easying into his usual quiet, cold self. The
others next to him looked at each other, wondering about the odds Dr.J was implying.

"Leave the colony? What other one would we go to or are we going to earth?"

"Wont the feds suspect us and our cargo? They've doubled the patroling security. It will be imposible
to bypass."

"It'll be suicide, professor!"

Dr. J laughed, his sharp voice becoming a melody with the noise of the clanking of his metal fingers.
Hiro felt Mr. Lynn, who had put a hand over his shoulder, nodd at the doctor's words. Dr. J tapped
his cane on the floor sharply.

"It's either leave this colony while we can," Dr.J said. "or abandon the operation."

Mrs. Lynn grabbed Hiro's small hand, looking at the boy kindly, ignoring the transparent stare he
gave her. The boy was the core of their operation, but she would forsake any military command to
protect him. Hiro stopped looking at her and turned his attention back to Dr. J. All of them would
have to forsake what they had, leave the the things they'd begun on this base. Leave their lives on
this colony, but they had to. Operation Meteo depended on them.

Still, the men around him were growing tired, restless. It had taken so much to get things going on
this colony. To start again would be so hard. A woman that stood by the door, her arms crossed
bravely over her chest, felt her eyes water. So many things had to be lost in order to issue freedom.
The man next to Mrs. Lynn swore, repeating under his breath that it was suicide, simply suicide.

"I've already contacted Mil at Sec-U, gentlemen," Dr.J said. "Those who will excape with me should
be ready by dawn tomorrow."

Part VI Zero Gravity Beneath the Acid

Breaking the small top off with his teeth, Hiro opened the small bottle and put the thin needle into its
mouth. Narrowing his eyes, he tilted the bottle, filling the needle completly and tapped it with his
finger. He bit his tongue as he punctured his arm with it, the hot acid shooting into his blood. His
head sagged to one side, his mouth gasping for air as the acid began to numb his muscles and his
bones. He could feel almost nothing in seconds.

The sounds of the men working in the room brought him out of his stupor. People loading guns and
opening boxes of amo. Heavy arms being tossed from hand to hand and hidden inside jackets and
boxes. He blinked, watching the men who worked with Dr.J meticolously hide tons of armament in
secret pockets in jackets, tehn carefuly sowing them into place with a hard cloth made to bypass the
security system. They took care to sow the bullets into ordinary jeans and blousses, the women then
taking the stuffed clothes and arranging them into luggages. Like ordinary travel packing.

Mrs. Lynn was helping her husband take the heel of some shoes. Her husband tehn attached bullets
to the sole and covered then, afterwards reputting the heel in its place. She stood back, watching him
work, everyonce in a while looking at Hiro, her hands on her lap. The darkness made her face
appear older than it was, her alugh lines deeper. Her dark hair was tied in a bun behind her, her
good clothes replaced by ordinary jeans and a shirt. Her husband had removed his good brown suit,
rolled up his sleeves, and taken of his tie.

Hiro removed the needle from his arm, trying despretly not to smile at them everytime they looked at
him. The tall man had pointed his way countless of times, holding up one of the shoes he was
working on, making some joke. His wife had wanted the boy to go to their side, but he had
remained were he was. He hadn't smiled at them, no matter how his soul ached to go to them, to
hold them, like a son holds his parents. He din't want to make them his parents. It hurt too much.

"Hiro," Dr. J said. He turned his head to look at the old man. "Here. We must be ready soon, or
we'll be late at the port."

The boy sat straight, crossing his legs, taking the knife the doctor gave him. Dr. J gave one as well to
the other men that now came up to the boy, sitting next to him, their faces grim. They stared at it

Mr. Lynn gave the last shoe to his wife, and came to sit next to the boy, taking one himself. Mrs.
Lynn went outside the room, not wanting to witness the what the men would do to the boy. Dr. J
patted her arms, telling her that Hiro was ready for such pain and much more. Stil, small tears fell
down her cheeks and she left to help the other women pack the food supplies. Dr. J closed the door
after she exited, his mouth twisted into a smile, his metal eyes rolling coldly.

Hiro swallowed, his eyes hardening, his blood turning cold and held his breath. The strong acid had
made his veins thinner, his skin tougher, like common leather. He was sure that hsi body was ready.

He removed his clothes, folding his shirt and pants neatly and gicing it to one of the men. He lay on
the small table, naked save for his underware and his yellow boots, on of the men had pulled up
some time before. Silent. Serene.

He stared at the men, who came close, standing over him and looking down at him. They held his
arms and legs, careful not to bruise him. Dr. J placed his flesh hand on his neck, holding him firmly.
Hiro smiled, his mouth twisting wickedly, yet confident on each one of the men there.

He held his knife over his arm and began to move it slowly over his skin, teasingly, searching for real
hard spot in his arm to puncture. Mr. Lynn frowned as Hiro's maddened eyes flickered savagely, as
if the boy enjoyed this, as he found the perfect place and broke into it with the knife. Hiro bit his lip
as he dug the blade in deep, bringing it up, cutting his skin like a long pocket.

One of the men next to him lifted the skin so that he could cut sideways, while another placed a wet
towel over the slit to stop the blood from coming. He put a slender tube into the slit, conected to a
pumping machine that began to shake as he turned it on. One of them stood by the machine,
regulating the blood flow.

Mr. Lynn cursed under hsi breath, watching as the men tore Hiro's skin, making a sort of pocket. As
he looked at the boy's, face he frowned deeper. Hiro's eyes were glaced, cold, not looking at any of
them. His semblance perfectly still, feeling no pain, no regret. There was a hint of evil maddness
behind his eyes, his small tongue liking his teeth absentmindedly. Dr. J held him firlmly, his metal hand
on the boy's chest. Mr. Lynn shook his head.

One of the men broke a package of new bullets, handling them to the men that held the slit open.
One of them held the skin appart and the other pushed the metal thing into Hiro's flesh. Mr. Lynn
watched as the slit was filled with the bullets, new packets opened, each tiny capsule dug into the
boy's flesh, bathed in blood. He heard Hiro's breathing pick up, as he held on to the boy's arm. Hiro
moaned as the men began to close the slit with a hard, thread, stiching the skin like cloth. It was
already as hard as plastic, so it was like sowing a shoe. Almost. This was human skin.

Hiro ripped open another slit and another, allowing the men, Mr. Lynn included, to bury the
armament in him. The men worked quickly, sowing his skin quickly, their faces grim. The machine
next to them pumped the boy's lost blood back into his veins, connected by a wired tube, at a good
rythim. Mr. Lynn covered the boy's wounds, cleaning them with alcohol and iodine. He placed
parches over the slits as the other men kept filling the new slits, their hands reddened with the boy's
blood. They closed the wounds with equal velocity.

Hiro then reached down and opened a slit over his left thigh. The men worked on it calmly, taking a
small disk that Dr. J handled them, and placing it inside his skin. The operation's core master plans.
Some other disks were inserted inside along with it, all the master disks to the mission, the
backbone. Dr. J smiled, pleased that as the skin was sown, no one could notice that they were
hidden there.

Mr. Lynn was glad that they were almost done with the groosome task. The men were sowing some
of the last slits into place, cleaning the blood carefully. Suddenly, the men wre brought otu of their
careful work, jerked out of their thoughts by Hiro's small laughter. Cruel and sinister, at first just a
small whisper, then slowly growing louder. Echoing in the darkness of the room. Mr. Lynn closed his
eyes, cursing himself, striving to take Hiro's laughter to the back of his mind. But he couldn't. It hurt
his soul.

Dr. J smiled, his metal eyes glistening, listening to Hiro laugh, watching the men become restless at its

Once the many slits were opened, filled and closed, the blood pumped back into the boy, the
wounds parched with huge rubber patches, the men dresssed Hiro again. The boy sagged in their
arms, still laughing weakly, too much blood lost. Dr. J held his face, making him drink a sleeping drug
to make him ease his mind.

The other men worked fast, disposing of the empty boxes. They removed the table, cleaning the
floor, going over the boxes, the packings and the left overs a thousand times. They cleared the room
quickly, going on to the next rooms and doing the same. Some joined the women in the upstairs
room, giving them the last bits of packages.

Hiro's small body fell sideways and into Mr. Lyn's arms. The tall man took the voy gently, rocking
his body against his chest softly. There were small tears in his eyes, his soul saddened by the cruel
fate the child had been chosen for.

Dr. J was watching him, leaning heavily in his cane, inspecting the job the men had done, the job they
had done with the room.

Mr. Lynn shook his head, feeling Hiro's heavy arms dangle, teh boy's body racking of blood, his
flesh destroyed by their actions. He took the boy with him, walking up the stairs to join his wife in
her packing. He'd give Hiro a good bath, dress him and feed him something. He pressed the boy to
his chest, wanting to steel some of his courage. He felt Dr. J's metal eyes on him, on his actions, but
he didn't care. He left the room, never to return to it again, leaving the terrible things they had done in
it behind.

The dawn would be here in a few hours.

Part VII Spirrals Down into Darkness

The yellow lights of the street posts shone over their bodies, making the night seem unreal and sick.
They were hardly any help in the shadowed alley and the cold air broke down through them into
their bones. Shivering and cold, like rats, the rebels stood together in the shadows waiting for their
new mission to begin.

Hiro's half closed eyes took in the night, his nostrils breathing the cold air, leaning on Mr. Lynn's leg,
the man's gloved hand over his chest. The boy had been given a bath and food before he was put to
bed. He had been allowed to sleep soundly until dawn had come. He wore a long black shirt over
his short pants, to conceal the scars and patches. Mrs. Lynn had bathed his skin in soothing oil, so
the sting would go away and he now stood silent and lethal, his senses ready for the mission.

Dr. J had been talking for a long time in a hushed voice with MIl, who had come to meet them. Their
contact with the mobilizing forces of Sec-U. A huge dark truck had come a few minutes later and
some of the rebels had goten in, loading the bags and luggage. Some had stayed seated inside the
truck, waiting. In total they were eight rebels, and all of them strong. Dr. Mil Tell, a short,fat man
with white hair and a dark moustache, was stillexpalining the full procedure of their manuvers, in rich
details. Mr. Lynn, his wife and Hiro had moved a way from the truck and sat by the curve, the dark
grass wet under their feet. One of the women had sat a few feet away, smoking a cigarette, hundled
in a dark brown coat. Waiting.

Mil sounded a bit agitated, worried that the heavy Fed security would manage to spot Sec-U this
time, but Dr. J patted the old jew in the back, his metal hand cold agaisnt the old man's worries. The
night would turn out fine, the scientist hoped, and he trusted everyone to do their best. Hiro crossed
his arms, watching the two men talk, and mirrowing the same action that Mil made, and closed his
eyes. The woman a few feet away tossed her cigarette to the grass, the red but dying in the wet
grass slowly. Hiro stared at the dying light quietly for a long time until the growl of the truck's engine
woke him up. The boy got up and followed the woman, listening in a dream like state to Dr. Tell's
voice, calling them into the truck.

Mr. Lynn hoisted Hiro up, a bit playfully, and helped in get inside the crowded back seat. He smiled
a bit wearily, too many cups of coffee. Behind him, one of the men, Ochenta Parker, laughed grimly,
his breath frozen in the air. Hiro stared at both their faces, as if in some drug trip, not fully grasping
the reality.

"The journey begins, " Mr. Lynn said in a grim joke. Ochenta laughed again as he helped Mrs. Lynn
board the back seat. Her eyes were huge and she had to push a whole lot for all of them to fit. The
woman that had been smoking, Cien, drew Hiro to herself, wanting the boy's strengh to become part
of her. Hiro stared up at her face, watching her brows knitt in a perpetual frown. Like his. Dr.J sat in
front with Mil, joking quietly with the old jew about his harnessed legs and about how tightly
squeezed the rebels looked in the back. Cien released Hiro and he climbed over the seat to sit
between the two old men. He heard Mr. Lynn whistle as the man closed the door after they all got

"Ready?" Mil called as he grasped the driver's wheel. The other woman, Siete, answered with a
grunt, complaining that she had someone's elbow in her ribs. Hiro let his back sink into the seat as
the truck headed off into the night, leaving the old hideout behind; that old house becoming a dark
silhuette in the dawn's fog.

They looked like ordinary tourists, their hand bags and baggage just like the other travelers, their
clothes normal complete even for the sun glasses, wich Ochenta wore just for the fun of it, as they
cluttered at gate 32A. Dr. J was still laughing from the joy of having cleared all of the check posts
with no problems. The guards that had inspected them had found nothing, not even a belt, that had
made the system beep. Their bags cleared all the X ray machines and the aduana center. Their bags
were loaded into the train, wich they were taking to the space port. From there they would take a
space ship to L1, leaving this colony for good.

Mil sat in one of the waiting chairs, opening his newspaper casualy, and grinned at Mr. Lynn, who
was organizing a few things in his briefcase.

"Are we on a non smoking car?"

Mr. Lynn chuckled at the old man's question, but he fell silent as he spotted a Federation soldier
crossing the waiting area before them. He saw the soldier give the group a long stare, but then the
soldier moved on. Mr. Lynn closed his bag and sat next to his wife, who was talking with Siete
about the movies the train was showing. He fell on his seat with grim silence, his eyes looking at
Hiro, sitting a few seats away, not part of their group.

Hiro leaned his head over his folded arms, leaning side ways over his seat. He looked at the travelers
grimly, his face dark, drinking in the air of the colony one last time. He frowned as he watched
silently the different passengers, with their children, small and cute, so unlike him. The woman and
men talking excitedly with each other as their kids laughed and ran around the waiting area. Happy
people. Hiro closed his eyes, wondering how many of them had any idea that rebels traveled in their
car, or how many even thought that could be possible. He opened them again, his eyes growing even
colder, as a young child sat in the seat next to his.

The other boy swung his legs as he sat, rocking the seats, and smiled palyfuly at Hiro, his red curls
and blue eyes shinning. Hiro stared at him silently, his face hardening. The boy smiled wider,
regardless of Hiro's expresion.

"I can't wait until the train ride is over," he said. "When I get there, I'm going to the biggest park in all
the colonies. My mom is taking me there. Are you going to it as well?"


The kid raised an eyebrwo, a bit hurt by Hiro's cold reply. Hiro ignored the boy's look and rubbed
his arms, wich had begun to sting, his wounds aching. The red haired boy swung his legs again and
brought out a huge colored book from his hand bag, turning the pages to show Hiro the park he was
talking about. Hiro's blank eyes flickered, the pretty park drawing some pain, that he wanted gone
from his system. He forced his eyes to remain distant, but the red head kept talking, pointing at the
drawings and telling him about the fun stuff in the park. Hiro bit his lip.

Ochenta stood up form his seat, gathering his bags and calling to the rest, who gathered their things
as well. It was time to board the train. Nerveous looks were replaced by solid, silent expressions.
They were masters of illusions, of lies, perfect terrorists and infiltrators. Hiro got up as well, ready to
say goodbye to this place where he's lived in for a long time, but the red head kid held on to his
sleeve. Desperate.

"I'm scared of trains," he said. "I hate this trip. They scare me, they are the only thing I hate about
going to this park."

Hiro's cold eyes regarded the boy silently, the boy's cristal blue eyes pityful. Hiro's mouth softened if
only for a moment. Both boys looked at each other silently, as the world went on around them.

"I'm going to die when I get off this train," Hiro said.

The young boy almost cried out as Hiro walked away, feeling his heart about to brake. He presed
his arms to his chest, willing the nightmare to end. Hiro kept on walking, not caring about anything
that happened around him, only caring to join the group and board the car they were assigned. As he
stood on the steps, he turned around one last time, then went inside, silent, like the rest of the rebels.
They did not look back again.

The Feds had doubled the security on the train stop that was their destination. When the train
arrived, Dr. J was agast to find Fed patrol officers in the building, the trains delayed for inspection
and the tarvelers being checked heavily. The stop was completly taken over, patroled and soldiers
excourted the pasengers out from the train. Dr. J tapped his cane inpassively, angered by such a
show of force, such mobilization of forces. There was something those soldiers wanted to find.

Mil cursed under his breath, not having expected this delay. He and Dr. J had begun to talk hushedly
agai, their gray brows knitted, yet, going on with the plans. Hiro's dead eyes froze with hatred as he
got off the train and saw the heavy patroling. He sat silent in the baggage claim, watching the families
inspected, the passenegers oblivious as to why they had to be searched. He bit his lip, staring at the
Federation soldier that kept looking at him, questioning the group. He let his head fall into the waiting
seat, tired of the trip, tired of waiting. Mr. Lynn sighed and sat by the luggage as well, joining the
boy. He breathed hotly, like a father on a trip, tired of waiting for the train that has been delayed, as
if nothing was happening. Yet, his eyes betrayed the true worry he had inside. Dr. J sat across from
them, looking hotly at the way each bag was opened again and again, five soldiers each going
through the luggage. The passengers were a bit annoyed at all of this, angered that they were forced
to such treatment. Mrs. Lynn mad a small prayer, hoping that the bags would not be found offensive.
Hiro simply watched, detached from the world.

"As if they expected us, " Mr. Lynn whispered under his breath.

The soldiers bent down, watching as each rebel opened their bags and showed them the contents.
Clothes, toothbrushes, shoes, underware, combs, gifts. All of was taken and spread, searched and
revised by all of the five soldiers. After being revised, each object was unceremoniously tossed
aside, the rebels trying to make the bags as fast as they could. They answered the quetions they
asked paying little attention to anything or anyone. Mil smiled at Dr. J, glad that they were such
incredible experts at camuflage and hidding. Both old man turned as the officer in charge spoke
aloud, looking at the whole group.

"What do you want me to do with these ones, sargent?"

The last bag, Siete's purse, was shoved aside. The sargent answered coldy, staring down at Hiro,
who stood next to his bag, after getting the stuff back inside.


Hiro smirked silently as the soldiers released the group and let them go, passing the inspection. Dr. J
banged the cane impatiently, ordering the rebels to hurry. Their spaceship was going to leave them, if
they did not hurry. The old man reached down to hold Hiro closer, sending a harsh look towards the
guards that lined the doors. Hiro looked up at him, noticing the way his metal eyes moved, as if when
he is afraid. He took the old man by the hand, feeling the cold metal fingers enclose over his.

The darkness outside ate them as they dragged their bags outside, stepping out to the dim lit street.

The yellow lights from the posts hungs down over their bodies, painting their bodies sickly agaisnt the
dark, in the fog. They crossed the streets, their steps brisk and hurried. The space port loomed
before them, its tall building magestic against the dark sky. White light posts lined the entrance,
making the place look inviting and pleasant. The run way loomed above it, a long ramp that reached
for the dome of the colony. The noise of a lifting shuttle broke the silence of the alley. The place was
crowded with people traveling to other colonies and to earth.

A couple, their bags in hand, was headed for the space port as well, and crossed a few feet away
from them, crossing without looking at them. The rebels crossed the street, following them close
behind, shaking the bits of anxiety they still had inside. Their bags messy, from the hasty re packing,
their steps fast.


Hiro's breath stopped as the voice called out to them in the darkness. The group ignored it, walking


Dr. J swore and tugged at teh boy to walk faster, the men and women speeding as well. They heard
the guard that had called walking after them, and were surprised to see two more guards at the
port's entrance.

Mil swore as he dived left, dragging Siete with him, as the shot rang in the darkness, barely getting
him on the back. Mrs. Lynn screamed, realizing that they were being shot at. The rest of the rebels
gasped, separing from each other. The couple in front screamed as the bullet rang in the dark street.
Hiro felt his body react as the guards in the port gates drew up their guns. Mr. Lynn cursed, yelling
as the group broke apart, each one runing for their life. Plans had changed.

"I've found them, sargent! I found the rebels!"

Hiro spun on his feet, gun in hand, and shot at the young man that was calling at the sargent. Mrs.
Lynn turned her head, covering her mouth as the young soldier screamed as death took him. Siete
fired at the guards on the gates, dashing itno the alley ways that sprung from the street. She rolled on
the ground, taking a good shot at the soldiers. Mil laughed sarcastically as he helped Dr. J dash itno
a corner. He emerged again, watching the other rebels dunk safely itno the dark alletys, agile. His
eyes narrowed, making sure they had all excaped the guards' shots.

Hiro felt his body being dragged into one of the dark alleys as Mr. Lynn reached for him, away from
the Feds' range. Hiro felt the man's ragged breath against his back.

"We have to separate, " Dr.J breathed, loud enough for the rebels to hear.

His metalic eyes spun, his brow sweaty with fear for them. Hiro glanced at him one last time, before
the old man made a thumbs up thing, a mad signal to get going. Mil screamed, his ragged voice
reaching all of them, giving them courage for the madness they flung themselves at. Hiro felt his
breath still in his chest, his heart aching for the rest of the rebels that now nodded sadly, yet bravely,
accepting the end that was coming.

"We'll meet at runway 11," Mil said. "Some one has to give us some time. Someone has to run
outthere heads on to the Feds, so the rest can get away."

The group fell silent, their minds working fast, taking in the suicidal order. Hiro pressed his lips and
stepped forwards, but felt his body pulled back by Mr. Lynn, strongly holding him from getting
killed. The boy watched as one of the rebels jumped out of the shadows and out at the Feds', two
guns in hand. He smiled at the boy, who was hidding in the alley right before his, and ran madly to
meet his death. Hiro cried out, wanting to stop the man, as he gave them one last look and a thumbs
up sign.

"Long live the free colonies!"


The shots rang in the dark street, loud and terrible. Mr. Lynn covered the boy's face, catching Mil's
teared faced sob, as the young man was torn to pieces. The rebels sprung like mad men from their
hidding places, not wasting Ochenta's death sacrifice. Wild animals running for their lives, headed in
the yellow dark streets towards the place where Sec-U would meet them.

Hiro turned around, frozen in the street. his heart racing as he heard more shots and heard Ochenta
scream again. He curled his lip, raising his gun before him and taking a young officer that had
emerged from the shadows a few feet away. The young man fell, his yell horrible in the dark. Hiro
smiled. Cruel and terrible. Like any one of them.

The boy followed blindly, running like a mad rat in a maze, after Mr. Lynn and his wife, dumping
trash cans, jumping water wholes, smashing through fences. Mr. Lynn smashed his hand on the wall,
watching for the vecinity of any Fed and waited for his wife and the boy to catch up with him. The
man frowned, his eyes becoming dark and sad. Gateway 11 lay so far away, a few yards from the
maze streets they ran across, to the left. Mr. Lynn felt Hiro's tired head fall againts his leg, the boy's
ragged breath caught in his lungs.

"Robert, " Monica whispered. "What shall we do now?"

Mr. Lynn cocked his head, his ears picking the sound coming from the alleys. Boots. Hiro carresed
his gun, ignoring the adults, his mind calculating the distance between the gate and them. He had
heard the boots as well.

Mr. Lynn gasped and yelled as the boy sprung out and fired at the incoming soldier. The body fell at
Hiro's feet. The boy smiled, his eyes wicked, and dashed out, not caring wether the man and woman
followed. The three of them ran wild under the yellow sick lights. Unaware of the soldier's feeble

Hiro thought he could make out the screams of a thousand soldiers, both Feds and rebels, in the
alleys. His eyes grew wide as he dashed in the streets, his heart racing like mad, his pupils dilated,
afraid. The gate loomed before them, dimly lit with feeble search lights, in the field. The dark ships of
the Sec-U could be seen buried in the shadows.

"You wont get away."

Hiro yelled silently as the bullet caught him in his back, below his lungs. He fell to the floor rolling like
an animal, and cocked his gun, ready to kill the one that had done this to him. He gritted his teeth in
horrible anguish.

"My God, Hiro..." Mr. Lynn turned around, reaching back for the boy. He reached down fopr the
boy, but retracted quickly, pushing his wife backwards into the wall. She screamed as she hit the
wall and the soldier's shots caught her husband.

Hiro yelled as Mr. Lynn's body fell backwards, into the floor, just before him. Still, the man struggled
to get the boy up to his feet, pulling him up by his collar. The soldier emerged from his hidding place
in the alley, cocking his gun again. Mr. Lynn coughed, dragging Hiro's body from the ground, the
boy looking at his eyes silently.

The soldier shot again.

The street's silence were broken by Monica's scream. Hiro shot again and again, his mind crying in
pain as Mr. Lynn cried out in agony. The man's heart burned as the boy emptied his gun on the
soldier. The boy didn't notice teh woman come close to him, trying to take the gun from his hands.

"Stop," she sobbed struggling with Hiro's madenned hands. "Stop! He's dead already, Hiro!"

Hiro cried out, his sob breaking the silence of the alley. Mr. Lynn body lay across his legs, struggling
feebly to get up. The boy turned the man over, carresing his face softly, his fingers red with blood,
his face twisted in pain.


Mrs. Lynn reached for her husband's hand, willing him to remain alive, willing him to look at her. The
man grinned wrily, his life stronger than death. He reached to hold Hiro's hand and his wife's. The
boy only stared down at the man that would be his father, at the only man he called like that in his
dreams. Mr. Lynn reached up to brush the boy's tears softly.

And Hiro let himself be touched.

Hiro helped him to his feet, taking the man's weight over his body. Mrs Lynn grabbed her husband
tight, helping him move slowly down the alley, leaning on the wall to their left. Gateway 11 was still a
few yards away. Hiro let the woman carry the man, and ran ahead to make sure the way was clear.
He looked behind himself every once in a while, his gun raised, ready to kill to defend his parents.
His throat hurt strangely.

The boy gritted his teeth, savoring the pain that broke across his spine. He turned, his keen senses
going mad, and raised his gun. He left the man and woman behind him, his mind screaming for them
to be safe. But, he had to leave them behind. He could n't care for them. He leaned over the wall,
noticing the rail that led down into the field, where Gate 11 branched out.

"Kill me too, boy."

Hiro cursed as the cold metal hit hsi temple. A small caress. He closed his eyes feeling the cold
hatred against his skin. The Federation soldier drew closer, a wicked grin in his lips. He was a young
man, dark hair, a small glazed look in his eyes. Hatred in his voice. Hiro felt his breathing grow
slower, as he listened to the gun's trigger being released.

Hiro's eyes met those of his killer, dark and full of hatred, yet revealing small tears.The soldier bit his
lip, his eyes speaking a hundred words. Hiro's blue eyes searched the young man's face, seeing what
the soldier had seen. THis was not an abusive general or a perverted liutenant, only a soldier, who
probably lost his best bunk friend to Hiro's rage. The trigger moved slowly.


The young boy felt his breath knocked out of his system, his life taken as the soldier turned sideways
and shot at the person that had run foward. Mr. Lynn, who had dragged his sorry body, had not
managed to get closer than a few steps, his screams alerting the soldier.

Mr. Lynn's crumpled body fell fowards, knealing into the ground. His wife's scream echoed horribly
in the dark alley. The soldier shot at her too, his aim taking her in her shoulder and her legs. Her
body crashed agaisnt teh wall.

"Long live the free colonies!"

Hiro couldn't move, his body frozen, his blue eyes still, his mind dead as the soldier shot at the man
again. And again. And again. Mr. Lynn's harsh screams, his voice loud, grew louder in the night.

"Long live the free colonies!"

Hiro could only watch as the man that would be his father's body fell foward, his last breath a
defiance of the colonial rule, as his mother's agonizing eyes pleaded for forgiveness, as his father's
lips broke into a smile, looking at the boy, at his son.

Hiro felt his throat become alive with his scream, as he yelled out to his father, but his mouth uttered
nothing. The boy was dead. Truly dead. He wanted to scream, wanted to cry, but he couldn't. His
eyes found those of the soldier, silently, still. LIek a machine without any feelings, the bodies of his
parents by his feet, behind him the meatl railing that lead down into the gateway, the last thing left to
be crossed before all of them could have made it.

The soldier laughed as he opened fire on Hiro's body. The boy said nothing, just closed his eyes,
lifting hsi arms slowly by hsi sides, letting the bullets hit him, tear him apart. Killing what was left of
his scarred body.

His back hit the rail, aflling backwards and over the rail, teh soldier's shots taking his body over it.
The soldier laughed like a madman as Hiro's body fell down the slanted wall railing, sliding down into
the dark pit that lead into the side of the runway's field.

Hiro could feel nothing, see nothing, as he hit the floor. He felt his soul break free, his mind go crazy
in the dark. Horribly dark. His eyes frozen and wide, his body crushed in the wet grass, his mouth
open, but he was dead.

Hiro felt around teh sides of his suit for the homming device Dr. J had put on his pants. The light
went off, red in teh darkness. The rebels would find him soon and tehy would take him to the ship,
back to the mission. Desteny would keep him alive, ready to kill again. He closed his eyes painfully,
forgetting the blinking light by his leg, his mind numb.

His bdoy would be saved. He would make it to Operation Meteo, to drive the Gundam Machine
whose model plans he carried on his leg's flesh. He'd walk again and kill again, without mercy, but he
was already dead.


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