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Pure Hearts By babablacksheep232

  • I like to imagine my own name and character. So your name will be indicated with ‘’you'’ you are the character in this story. Enjoy.

  • You sit in on a brown bench the park with your dog. Your dog decides she doesn’t want to walk anymore so you take the time to relax. As you almost dose off, (you were at a party last night) a brown haired boy with a chiwawa comes towards you. He sits on the bench next to you. You look into his brown eyes. He immediatly looks at you. “Hi,” you say to him. “I’m ______. You have a cute chiwawa. “Thanks, it’s actually my friends chiwawa. I’m just looking after him.” He says to you. “So, what’s your name?” You ask. “My name is Brendon.” He gives you a cute smile. You blush madly. “Do you live around here?” You ask. “Yeah, I’ve lived here my whole life.” Brendon Answers. “I have too!” You say back. You try to give him the cutest smile. He notices your smile. “You want to go out sometime?” He asks. You couldn’t believe he was asking you on a date. “I would love to!” You answer. All of a sudden the chiwawa got up and started barking at you. “What’s wrong Sniffy?” Brendon says to the dog. All of a sudden the chiwawa attacks you and bites you on the arm. “AAAAAHHHH!” You scream.

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