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Anime/Manga Fan Fiction >> Fushigi Yuugi

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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By "Kiku"



Kichiri no version no da ^_-


"Oi, how long has he been over there?"


"I dunno. All I know is that he better have enough money for all that sake."


"Hmph. I'd say he's been there long enough. It's time for him to leave." The barkeeper got up and started toward the lonely red-haired man slumped over the bar.


"Matte!" His friend grabbed him and held him back. "Didn't you hear about what happened the last time someone told him he'd had enough?"


"Yeah, yeah. I've seen it all." His friend pointed to the large scorch marks on the far wall and raised his eyebrow at the incredulous barkeeper. Judging from the look of shock on his face, it appeared that he had not seen it all.


"You boys are all wimps." Waiyee appeared from the back. "You're going about it all wrong. Let a lady take care of this." Confident in her ability with men, she sauntered over to the bar.


"Hey handsome, whatcha doin' all alone?" When this produced no response, Waiyee paused and then jabbed the drunken man in the side. This, at least, initiated a low growl and a half-hearted curse.


"Well, at least you're alive," Waiyee mumbled to herself. "Come on, you! Sit up so I can see your face." Again, the redhead didn't respond to her voice, so Waiyee pulled him part of the way upright. "Hey, you are kind of cute. Like I said, what are you doin' here alone?" She grinned. "Some girl break your heart?"


The stranger looked up at her suddenly and Waiyee was taken aback. She quickly recovered however. "Ah, so that's it!" she proclaimed triumphantly.


He glared at her and rested his head back down on the bar. "Che," came the muffled reply, "you don't know nothin'!"


Waiyee gave him a wry smile. "You'd be surprised what I know. I've heard the same story hundreds of times. She left and she ain't coming back, right? You love her, and she still left you, no matter how much you begged." She saw his shoulders slump in resignation and Waiyee knew she'd hit the mark. "Come on, it ain't so bad! There's lots of fish in the sea! You'll get over it! Besides, you never know! She might come back after all."


The man let out a sigh that almost sounded like a sniffle. Waiyee paused and prayed to Suzaku that he wouldn't start to cry--it wouldn't have been the first time it happened to her. "C-come on! Cheer up! Here, have another drink. What are you having?"


He lifted up his head partway. "Nuriko special," he replied, and as he said it, Waiyee could have sworn a fresh batch of sad memories welled up with tears in his eyes.


Hurriedly, Waiyee poured him a drink and watched him gulp it down all at once. "Seems to me that you've got more than one ghost haunting you, my friend," she commented.


"You have no idea," Tasuki mumbled wryly.


"So tell me what happened," Waiyee probed.


Tasuki looked up at her, his face displaying the agony the words stirred up within him. "I-I hurt 'im. I didn't mean to--I was drunk. But it doesn't matter now--he's gone, and he's says he'll never come back, and I loved him and..."


Waiyee started at the mention of the word 'him.' "H-hold on there. Did you say 'him'?" she ventured.


Tasuki looked up at her if she had said something very strange. "Yeah, him. Chi-chi-chi-chiri," he slurred, his drunken state making Chichiri's name into an impossible tongue twister. "He's a monk and he's got this jangly staff thing and he disappears into his kasa or kesa or whatever and he says this cute little 'no da' thing and..."


Waiyee listened vaguely, her mind spinning. She was in far too deep over her head. This guy was crazy--talking about monks who disappeared into straw hats and such.


"...and he's just gonna probably f***in' wander for the rest of his f***in' life and..." Tasuki was still going on. As his head dipped lower and lower, his voice grew softer and softer, a sadness taking it over. Waiyee could sense the despair in his voice and she knew it was real, even if he was a little crazy.


"Say, don't be so sad. You know, if you really love him, he might just come back. I know it may sound well, crazy," she grinned at the use of that word, "but it might just happen. You know, a little prayer to Suzaku wouldn't hurt either." She winked at him and nodded her head in the direction of the dull golden image of Suzaku mounted over the bar. "I've heard he can make miracles."


Tasuki gazed up at the phoenix, its soft golden gleam standing out starkly clear against the haze of the tavern. As he sat mesmerized, Waiyee used that chance to slip away. This one was beyond her help; this was a matter best left up to gods.


The night passed on into morning. Tasuki sat at the bar, his arms resting on the table, his eyes fixed on the golden phoenix until sleep finally claimed him. As he drifted off to sleep, a desperate hope eclipsed his thoughts, and he called out to Suzaku. "Suzaku-sama, please bring him back..."



Morning dawned in a golden haze. An ethereal fog wafted along the streets of the city and seeped into the tavern where a lone bandit lay asleep on his table.


"Good morning," came a voice far too cheery for that hour of the morning. "Ready for some breakfast?"


Tasuki glared at the waitress, who recoiled slightly. "Um, maybe a little later?" She scurried back to the other side of the tavern, escaping his gaze.


Tasuki let his head drop down once more onto the table. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the glint of gold and was reminded of his desperate prayer to his Seikun the night before. "Che. Miracles. I guess you need a Miko for that."


"Ano, I think Seishi are capable of miracles too no da."


Tasuki's head whipped up. He looked around him but saw nothing. "What the f***? Must've had too many Nuriko specials last night." He shook his head and laid back down on the table.


"Now why did I know I'd find you here no da?"


Tasuki sat up again. "Okay, whoever's there better f***ing come out right now 'cause I'm not in the mood for any f***ing games!" Tasuki reached back for his tessen to enforce his statement. His eyes snapped wide open in shock to find that it wasn't there. "What the--?"


"Looking for this no da?"


Tasuki whipped around in time to see his tessen land squarely, and soundly, on his head. "Itai!" he cried, followed by a string of curses. "Who the heck ar--." He stopped short as he peered up into a smiling face.


"Ohayo na no da," Chichiri greeted him, tapping him on the head with his tessen, although not quite as hard as the first time. "Are you sober yet no da?"


"Chichiri, when did you, I mean, why are you? Oi..." Tasuki shook his head, and then held it in his hands as it throbbed. "What the heck did ya hit me for?" was all he could think of.


"That," Chichiri replied, tapping the bandit once more before replacing the tessen in its holder, "was for attacking me no da." His face grew serious. "But I'd have to say you got off a lot more easier than me no da."


Tasuki looked up at Chichiri through his hands. "I didn't mean to, I was dru--"


Chichiri stopped him. "I know, I know. But you know what? You're drunk now, but does it hurt any less no da?"


Tasuki shook his head slowly. "Hai, I guess not. Chichiri," he began, "why'd you come back?"


Chichiri smiled wryly at him. "Because," he said, removing his mask, "a little bird told me to no da. Want to try this again no da? "


Tasuki beamed. "You're f***ing right Chichiri!"


Chichiri sighed. "This isn't going to be easy no daaaaa," he thought to himself, wondering briefly what he was getting himself into. "Okay, but we're doing this on my terms--no guarantees no da. Except for friendship of course no da"


Tasuki nodded and then hesitated, dropping his gaze. "Ne, Chichiri," he said quietly after a moment, "why'd you come back?"


It was then Chichiri's turn to pause and a swarm of butterflies flitted anxiously around in Tasuki's stomach as he waited for the monk to answer. After a minute, Chichiri looked up at him. "I came back because I didn't want to lose another friend no da." He smiled wryly. "I guess I got too used to having people around me while I was a Seishi no da."


Tasuki grinned, very much relieved at Chichiri's answer. "It's not too bad havin' friends around, ne?"


Chichiri grinned. "Not really no da. I guess I'd forgotten that after a while being on my own. I think I'd like to get used to it again no da."


"Wakatta." Tasuki nodded firmly, which caused his head to start pounding again. "Na, Chichiri, let's have a drink. My head's killin' me!"


Chichiri sighed again. "How about some breakfast first no da? And then some fresh air to get you sobered up no da."


"Here you go boys." Waiyee plunked down two plates of food in front of them. "So, you're the one that left him, ne?" she commented, gesturing to Chichiri. "Well, I gotta say you've got good taste, fang boy. He's kind of cute." She winked at Chichiri, and laughed to herself as he blushed as red as his friend's hair.


"Good luck you two. And remember, love conquers all!" Waiyee receded into the kitchen, laughing all the way.


Chichiri glared at Tasuki, who was doing his best to concentrate on his breakfast. "What do you say to people no daaaaaa?"


Tasuki looked up sheepishly at the frazzled monk. "Well, she asked me what was wrong, and, well, I kind of told her that I love you and... I was drunk..." he trailed off.


"Why is it that you always seem to do this kind of stuff when you're drunk no da?" Chichiri exclaimed.


Tasuki looked him in the eye. "I don't have to be drunk to say I lo--"


Chichiri held up his hands. "Yamero. It's too early in the morning for that no da. Let's just work on eating breakfast no da."


Tasuki grinned at Chichiri. "Wakatta yo," he replied, shelving other more interesting responses for later.



Owari no da ^_-


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