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Anime/Manga Fan Fiction >> Fushigi Yuugi

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Happy Birthday Chichiri!
By "Kiku"


I tried to include all the Chichiri fans I knew of. Please accept my most humble apologies on this most happy of days if you weren't included. And to those who were included, my most humble apologies for doing so.

And even though Wandering Mage Chichiri gave him Jell-O protection in , she never said anything about chocolate pudding no da. ^_- Bwahahaha no da... =P

Happy Birthday Chichiri

Between the narrow alleys and busy streets of Kounan crept a monk, a blue-haired monk to be exact. With a mask. And a kasa. And a cloak around his shoulders that he seemed to be hiding in...

The monk seemed wary, as if someone--or someones--was out to get him...

But now why would anyone be after a nice little blue-haired kawaii bishonen monk? Especially on his birthday-

Unnamed blue-haired monk: Shh! You're not supposed to say anything about that no da!

[Oops. Sorry, Chichiri.]

Unnamed blue-haired monk: That's bett-Oi! You told them my name no da!

[Gee, sorry, Chichiri. Guess that just slipped out. Otherwise I'm sure NO one would have been able to figure it out. ::rolls eyes::]

Chichiri: (sobbing) But now they'll know where I am no da!

A crowd has now formed around Chichiri and are staring and whispering at the monk who is yelling up at the sky.

Villager: Oi, do ya think he's lost it?

Chichiri: I thought I could escape their notice, but now they've gone and made me birthday page too--pretty soon I'll end up like Tasuki no da! Other Villager: Maybe he spent a little too much time in meditation today.

Chichiri: And I hate Jell-O na no da!

Yet Another Villager: I heard monks can't, you know... Maybe that's why.

Strange girl (who looks suspiciously like the raving blue-haired monk-except that she has brown hair): Honto? You mean if he, you know, then he'd be cured? ::evil H-gleam in eyes:: Oh Chiri-chan...

Another Strange Girl: Come here Chiri-chan. We'll cure you.

Strange Girl #3: Naosu naosu... (closing in on the monk)

Strange Girl #4: We just want to help...

Chichiri: (nervously) Ano... who are you people no da? ::starts to back away::

Strange Girl #2: We're here to celebrate your birthday Chiri-chan!

Chichiri: ::sweatdrop:: Birthday? I'm not having a birthday no da. Heh heh heh... ::looks for places to run:: Who told you that no da?

**Some distance away Tamahome is gleefully counting his money, which seems to have miraculously increased...

Strange Girl #4: Let's just say a little oni whispered it to me. ::winks::

Chichiri: *sweatrains* Heh heh. I wasn't really expecting anything no d-

Strange Girl #1: NO ONE EXPECTS THE D.A. CLUB NO DA! ::evil laughter a la Kodachi Kuno:: O HO HO HO NO DA!

**From a vast distance you can hear someone shouting "That's my line... now give me back those Tasuki bedsheets!"

Chichiri: AHHH no da! I was afraid of this! ::whips out his kasa to escape::

Strange Girl #1: Oh no you don't! You won't get away that easily.

**All four Strange Girls throw off their peasant disguises to reveal their true identities as Chichiri fans. Each then whips out her own kasa and prepares to follow the monk.

Chichiri: *facefaults* Where did you get those no da?

Wandering Mage Chichiri: They're special-use only kasas supplied to us (for a fee). (She neglected to tell him that they only worked that day, but, hey, what you don't know--wait a minute... that's not exactly true in this instance)

Tama Neko: Now come along nicely Chichiri-san. We don't want to create a scene.

[Um, too late for that.]

Miome: Ano, who's up there? Is that you Kichiri?

Jennifer: Nope, can't be. No 'no da's.

Chichiri: Hai. Besides, she wouldn't do anything this evil to me no da.

Don't be too sure of that no da!

**Kichiri appears from Miome's kasa.

Kichiri: Arigatou Miome-san!

Miome: No problem. ^_^

Chichiri: N-nani! You too no da?

Tasuki seikun: So who's up there?

Chichiri: ::mumbling:: Please don't let it be Ritz no da. Please don't let it be Ritz no da...

**Ritz pops out of kasa after Kichiri.

Ritz: Hi minna! Did I miss anything? Is Kristi coming?

Chichiri: ::pales:: Please don't let it be Kristi no da. Please don't let it be Kristi no da. ::pauses for a moment:: Or Priya. Please don't let it be Kristi or Priya no da.

[Oh hush. It's not Kristi or Priya. Priya's busy and Kristi can't write it and celebrate your birthday at the same time, now can she?]

Ritz: Ne, Ki-chan. That sounds an awful lot like you.

Kichiri: It's my alter ego, Kiku. She's writing it no da. She took a special break from Gohan to write in my stead no da. ^_^ ::waves up at sky; an arm extends and waves back::

**Everyone just grins and nods...

Tama Neko: Ano, I think we should get out of here. People are starting to stare...

Wandering Mage Chichiri: Yosh. Let's go!

**All of them disappear into their respective kasas.

Ritz: Wai! This is cool! I never got to use one of these before! ::steps into her very own kasa::

Everyone reappears in a field somewhere in Kounan and are joined by other Chichiri fans. Farmers work around them and all is peaceful. Except that no one notices their arrival...

Chichiri: Oi! Where are we no da?

Wandering Mage Chichiri: We've prepared a special birthday surprise for you Chichiri no da.

Miome: Hai. We're going to show you what it would have been like if you hadn't been a Suzaku seishi.

Chichiri-chan (who is not to be confused with any wandering monks no da): And what would have happened if you had married your fiancee. ::general choked sob from DA club, etc.::

Kristi: Well, to answer your question, we're in your home town in Kounan. ::points over to the town:: You live over there.

Chichiri: Really, all this is okay no da. I really don't need to see this no da.

Cassiel: Now, now. No need to thank us. Thank Kichiri for coming up with the idea.

Kichiri: ::grins at him and waves; Chichiri just glares at her::

Cassiel: And WMC for the extra kasas.

WMC: ::smiles and waves; she receives the same glare as Kichiri::

Cassiel: And Miome for the, um, refreshments. o.O

Miome: ::waves at Chichiri; you can see a little drop of something that resembles chocolate pudding on her hand::

Ritz: Kourin even gave her the name of her supplier. ^_-

Chichiri: ::pales::

WMC: Onward!

**Everyone marches down to the village. They reach a house with little kids playing in the yard.

WMC: ::looks around and scratches her head:: I guess this is his house no da.

Chichiri-chan: What do you mean 'I guess'?

Kristi: I think our tour guide is asleep at the switch.

[Zzzzz-Oh! Gomen. Ano... let's see... Yep. This is Chichiri's house. And the kids are his too.]

Tasuki Seikun: Kawaii!

**A middle-aged woman steps out to call her kids in for supper.

Tama Neko: That's Chichiri's fiancee. Well, in this case, his wife.

**Everyone follows her inside.

Kristi: Wow. There sure are a lot of the little monsters. ::tries to get out of kid's way but then realizes that they can't see or touch them anyway::

Jennifer: Where's Chichiri?

**A balding (BALDING?) man comes out of his study. Everyone peers inside the study. The entire room is a mess, with food and kids' toys all over his work.

Chichiri's wife: Now children! What did I tell you about going into your father's study?

Kids: Gomen nasai.

Chichiri: ::pats them on their heads:: That's okay. Just don't do it again.

**Chichiri goes to pick up one of his children and puts his back out. Again.

Chichiri's Wife: Now dear, you know you shouldn't do that! You're 30 after all.

Minna-san: 30! He's old and decrepit at 30!

Ritz: And bald too. ::general glare at Ritz::

[Yep. Since he didn't receive Taiitsu-kun's training, the stress from his work and all his kids has aged him.]

Kichiri: Ano, let's move on.

ChichiriMk: Where's Hikou, by the way?

[Glad you asked. Hikou couldn't stand to see the two of them together so he left to join the army.]

Cassiel: Ano, isn't that a little clich??

[::shrug:: Hey, I'm just the guide.]

**Everyone gets into their kasas once more. They appear in Kounan's Imperial Palace. Nuriko flies by, still in women's clothes.

Ritz: NURIKO! ::drool::

Kichiri: Baka no da. He can't see you. Besides, he's not the Nuriko you know no da.

[Very true. This Nuriko still acts as Kourin, not having reclaimed his male self.]

Chichiri: (wryly) And that would be because I wasn't a seishi no da?

Kourin: Of course. ^_^

Ritz: Oi, what are you doing here?

Kourin: I just had to come to celebrate Chichiri's birthday. ::whispers to Ritz:: Besides, I wanted to see what you were going to do with all that chocolate.

Kristi: Don't look now, but here comes Hotohori.

Kourin: ::drool::

**His majesty rushes by, followed by his advisors.

Hotohori: Quickly, everyone. Suzaku no Miko and her protector have returned!

**Tasuki and Miaka appear in a flash of red light.

Kristi: Now that's just sick. ::everyone nods in agreement::

Jennifer: So if Tasuki's her protector, then where's Tamahome?



[He's dead. He died in the cave of Genbu. Random stalactite, if I recall correctly.]

WMC: Now that's just stupid. Tamahome deserves a better death than that no da.

[::shrugs again:: Like I said, I'm just the guide.]

Chiriko: Tasuki-san! Have you brought Miaka and her protector?

Miome: So Tasuki's not her protector? ::general sigh of relief::

[Nope. ::snicker::]

Chichiri-chan: I smell something evil afoot.

Miaka: Hi minna! Ohisashiburi! ::all the seishi gather around her to welcome her back::

Voice: Ohisashiburien no da.

Minna: *facefaults* TOMITE!

Tomite: Glad to be back no da!

Miome: H-he says 'no da'?

Miaka: Tomite! ::launches herself at him::

Tomite: Sorry, but I don't feel that way about you. Go to Tasuki. He loves you. Or Mitsukake-he's proposed at least a dozen times this month. Maybe you should give him a break no da.

::general sounds of retching from DA club and other guests::

Jennifer: That's just terrible! What could possibly be next?

[Ask and you shall receive.]

Voice: Konnichiwa, minna-san!

Hotohori: Kichiri-san! You've returned as well!

Kichiri: Hai. I just couldn't live without my Tomite-chan for even an instant. ::glomps lovingly onto Tomite::

::more sounds of retching::

Kichiri: ::grabs onto Ritz:: You made her say that didn't you no da! HOW COULD YOU NO DA! ::sobs::

Kourin: There, there, Ki-chan. Remember, it's only what could have happened, not what did.

Kichiri: ::still sobbing:: I want to go home no da!

Tama Neko: I agree. Let's get out of here. ::shudders, thinking about the horrible things that could have befallen her poor Tama-neko-the furry one, that is::

[Well, if you really want to know--]

Tama Neko: No, I don't!

[Wakatta yo, wakatta yo.]

**Everyone piles into their kasas for the trip home.

Everyone emerges from their kasas into a dark room. The smell of incense is in the air, as well as something that smells vaguely like chocolate syrup...

Cassiel: Boy, am I glad to be back!

Kristi: You said it. That was scary.

Ritz: My poor Nuri-chan! ::sob::

Jennifer: My poor Tasuki! ::sob::

ChichiriMk: My poor Chichiri! ::sob::

Kichiri: My poor ME no da! ::sob::

WMC: Would all of you please stop crying! Miome's gone to get the, um, refreshments. ^_-

**Everyone shuts up and H-rays begin to fill the room. Chichiri starts to look very, very worried.

Miome: ::comes out of the kitchen:: Here's the food minna! And lookee what I found. Kira-chan had been making a chocolate mousse for someone and had all this leftover chocolate syrup. And since we can't just let it go to waste...

WMC: Not with all those straving children in Kutou no da.

Miome: I figured that we might be able to find a use for it.

Cassiel: Just to cheer Chichiri up, of course.

Kristi: Of course. ^_-

Kourin: Whee! I finally get to see what you're going to do with all that chocolate syrup!

[And pudding. Don't forget the pudding.]

Kourin: Right. And the chocolate pudding.

Ritz: (very helpfully) It's the cooked kind. Kichiri insisted on that kind.

Kichiri: Nothing but the best no da. ^_^

Jennifer: That so thoughtful, ne Chichiri?

Chichiri: Eep!

**Chichiri is attacked by the various members of the DA Club and their guests.

Chichiri: Tasuketeeee no da!

**Somewhere in the Leikaku Mountains, a card game is in progess...

Tasuki: Che. I don't f***ing think so, monk boy. I'm not going anywhere near that place.

Chiriko: Tasuki-san, I think you're right-fan girls are overrated.

Kouji: Come on, Genrou. You like all that attention.

Tasuki: SHADDUP! Sick, hentai chicks...

Nuriko: Oi, maybe we should help him. After all, he usually doesn't get subjected to this.

Hotohori: And get chocolate syrup all over my clothes and hair?

Kouji: Besides, Kichiri's there to protect him. She won't let things go too far, right?

Back at the party...

Cassiel: Oi! Kichiri! I'm out of chocolate syrup!

Kichiri: Chotto matte! I'll get another one in a second no da!

Ritz: You're really doing this to him, eh?

Kichiri: Hai. He needed a little cheering up no da.

Ritz: *sweatdrops*

Kichiri: ::goes off to the kitchen with Kourin to get some more chocolate products:: Oro? Someone's at the back door no da. ::answers it::

Miwa: Ohayo, Kichiri-chan. Sounds like you're having a party.

Kourin: Hai. It's Chichiri's birthday.

Miwa: (dejectedly) Oh, okay. I guess you're too busy to go out for dinner, ne.

Kichiri: ::eyes light up at the mention of food:: Dinner? No problem!

Kourin: Demo, Ki-chan. Who's going to take care of Chichiri? Besides, you're covered in chocolate pudding.

Kichiri: No problem. *poof* ::she's suddenly chocolate-free and wearing nice dinner clothes:: Let's go no da. ::hooks arms with Miwa and walks off::

Kourin: Oi! What about Chichiri?

Kichiri: ::calls back over her shoulder:: He can take care of himself no da!

Minna-san: Mmmm. Chocolate...


Owari no da ^_-

Back to no da.

Back to the no da.


These fanfics are ?1998, Kichiri, the Temple of the Blue Dragon. Please do not use them without her express permission or she'll be forced to use her razor fans on you, or something even worse (Miaka sings, you know...) no da.
All characters from the various series are the property of their various legal owners and no infringement on said right is intended by the fanfiction presented above. Please don't sue me; I'm only a priestess no da. ^_^;;

Kichiri, when she appears as a character rather than a representation of the author, is the creation of Kiku/Kichiri and is not to be used, slashed, or written into some scary fanfic without the express permission of the Temple of the Blue Dragon. That, and it'll really tick her off. ^_^


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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