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Anime/Manga Fan Fiction >> Fushigi Yuugi

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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The Summoning Of Nakago
By "~*Destiny no Miko*~"


(Please note: Fushigi Yuugi and characters are the property of Watase Yuu, Flower Comics, etc. And someone owns the rights to People Magazine, or the company who publishes it... I don't know who, since I haven't read it in a while. That's my disclaimer. Don't bother suing me, I don't even own my own computer.)

BTW - this fic has spoilers for the end of the FY TV series, ep. 52.


** as Nakago no Miko
Bishonen no Miko? (duh...)

** the Nakago no Seishi
( Ms. Miko/Nakago-sama/Seimei
( Marasephy
( Bree/Haku Kaen
( Sephiroth/Josh Hime
( Kristi Brownfield
( Priya Monrad
( Gale/Tamahome no Miko
( Cassiel Kelner
( Wandering Mage Chichiri
( J. Chen
( Daphne
( Kuro Itsuki
( Angela Johnson

** and the Provider of Jello, Whipped Cream, Hot Fudge

( Kourin

*** *** ***

Bishonen no Miko?/Nakago no Miko presents:
The Summoning of Nakago

*** *** ***

(Ms. Miko is standing at the entrance, greeting each Nakago no Seishi in turn)

Ms. Miko: Hi, welcome, come right in, no pushing or shoving.

Kourin (standing shyly in the shadows and doling out jello, whipped cream and hot fudge in little cups): Free samples, one per customer please.

Sephiroth: So, um, where's Miko? I always wanted to meet my Miko.

Gale: Well, today she's just Nakago no Miko. And I think she is getting ready for the ceremony.

Ms. Miko: Speaking of which, she's been taking WAY too much time in getting dressed. I'll go check on her.

(A little while later...)

Ms. Miko (pounding on my door): Hey, Bishonen no Miko, everyone's here for the ceremony, so come out all ready!

Miko (whimpering): No, I can't come out wearing this! Um, I have to go do the cleasing ceremony again!

Ms. Miko: You ALREADY ran through the sprinklers twice today. So come out or I'm coming in to get you... you think we have the patience to wait one second longer than we have to to summon the almighty Nakago?

Miko: No no no no! (Ms. Miko runs in and drags out Miko, kicking and screaming)

(Much my embarrassment, I am now standing there in a black leather dominatrix outfit with gold studs, complete with collar and whip and of course, blue ear studs. Ms. Miko shakes her head and tosses me a scroll.)

Marasephy: Errr...

Kuro: You have odd tastes, Miko.

Miko: I didn't choose this outfit, I swear.... w-ahhhh!!!

Angela: Oh well... let's get started. We've been waiting months for this. Someone drag her off to start the ceremony!

(Sephiroth appears and drags me off to Nakago Hall for the ceremony. I try to escape, but the doors slam shut and it is too late.)

Priya: There she is... oddly dressed, but the gods are hentai...

(I climb to the top of the platform in the center of Nakago Hall. In place of the holy fire, there is a pile of jello, ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge in the giant fire bowl.)

Miko: Anyone want to explain this? Am I supposed to summon Nakago or a dessert tray?

Kourin: Um... (fidget, fidget) I brought the jello, whipped cream and fudge. I thought you might find a use for it.

Miko (sweattling): So then who brought the ice cream?

Bree: I think that came from your own twisted imagination.

Miko: Oh.

(Silence fills the hall...)

Miko: Anyone got nuts? We might as well do this right.

(All the Nakago no seishi pull out bags of airplane peanuts and throw them at me.)

WM Chichiri: We got those on the cheap plane ride here.

Miko: Er... hehheeh.... any cherries?

J. Chen: You're Miko, you should've brought them.

Miko: Why does that sound sexu... ack! (I am promptly throttled for even THINKING about it)

Daphne: Let's go, some of us have anime cons to attend.

Miko (sighing): Okay, then... everyone concentrate. Think blonde, blue, whatever... Think of your favorite aspect of Nakago, then close your eyes and pray hard... (BnM takes a little peek to make sure everyone's eyes are shut, then thinks, "buns, I love his buns ^^")

Miko: The four directions of the sky.
By using the way, mind and goodness,
Please tell the um, shogun of Kutou, Nakago, or Watase Yuu, or whoever...
Now I will complete the words.
From the anime to the earth,
Come to us physically.
Through the four ultimates,
Please make extinct every kind of evil.

Priya and Kristi: (whispered) Except for Tenkou-sama!

Miko: Ahem! Only I wish . . .
. . . Please listen to this . . .
Please come to us from the FY anime!

(The lights go out, and the jello catches on fire.)

Marasephy: Hey! The jello's on fire!

Cassiel: Kourin, get a fire extinguisher!!

(The fire suddenly goes out.)

A deep luscious male voice: Wha... what is this?

(Everyone gasps as the lights go back on. Nakago has been summoned and is now... sitting in the bowl of half-melted jello, ice cream, etc.)

J. Chen: Oh, oh dear...

Miko: It's... it's really you! Nakago! Whee! (I liberally sprinkle Nakago with maraschino cherries)

Nakago (dripping with cherries): Who... who are you, woman?

Me: I'm your loving Miko, and these are your seishi!

Bree: Miko, you're pissing him off.

(Nakago's chi levels suddenly go through the roof and he begins to randomly destroy parts of Nakago Hall. Kourin runs off, leaving all her jello behind. The Nakago no seishi, for the most part, remain where they are. I pass out ecstatically.)

Cassiel: You are so cool. (sigh) Kill me first!

Priya: No, kill me!

Nakago: (piku) You strange people summon me, and now you want me to kill you?

Ms. Miko: If that pleases you, sure! (dreamy sigh)

(Nakago is baffled. He has never had anyone demand that he kill them... to grant their request, or to be evil and deny it? That is the million dollar question...)

Miko (waking up): A... ano... most wonderful Nakago...

Nakago: And I suppose you want me to kill you too?

Miko: Well, no, actually... since I'm your Miko, and I summoned you, I get three wishes, right?

Nakago: Not if I kill you first.

Miko: Oh please... lemme get in the wishes first, then you can kill me, okay?

Nakago (considering this): And what do I get out of this?

Miko: One of the wishes? Anything you want, we'll even help you take over the world!

Nakago: ... Very well.

Everyone: Yayyy!

Miko (takes deep breath): Ok, Kaijin! (Kokoro lights up on both my and Nakago's forehead.)

Nakago: WELL...?

(I unroll the scroll Ms. Miko had handed to me.) Miko: Ok, here I go... 1 Nuriko, 1 Amiboshi, 2 Tasukis, a Tamahome, Chichiri no da, Koji, 2 Hotohoris and 3 more copies of you... and one Yui.

Nakago (sweattling): ... Do I LOOK like a drive-thru restaurant to you??!

Miko: No, of course not! But this is what it took to get everyone here.

Nakago: Very well, I don't care... (Nakago waves his hand, and instantly, everyone has the FY character they've always wanted in their arms)

Daphne: Woo hoo!

Sephiroth (starry-eyed): Yui... I love...

Kristi: Koji! Let's go roll in the whipped cream! (dumps a cup of whipped cream on the ground and rolls Koji in it)

Miko: Cool!

Nakago: I noticed you didn't wish for anyone for yourself.

Miko: Uh huh... I'll fix that, don't you worry.

Nakago (blink, blink): ... Now, what about my wish?

Miko: Wait, I have another one! Kaijin!

Nakago: Now what?!

(I latch onto Nakago's shoulder and whisper something into his ear. He rolls his eyes, waves his arms, and poof! A herd of men appear.)

Miko (very very starry-eyed): Oh... Karlo, Ashram, Tatara, Vega, Larva... (much swooning and drooling) So, Nakkie-poo, when will you join us?

Nakago (indignantly): Nakkie-poo?

(I giggle.)

Gale: Look, Miko is hogging the other guys! Lucky duck.

Miko: Then go summon Tamahome and wish for the same thing. Bleeh! (I stick out my tongue at Gale)

Nakago: The only reason I don't kill you right now is because I want my wish.

Miko: And what is it that my illustrious Nakago wants? A new suit of armor to replace that hideous thing you were forced to wear in the last few episodes?

Ms. Miko: To take over the world?

Kristi: Tomo?

Bree: Soi?

Kuro: Your mom?

Marasephy: A hug?

WM Chichiri: A box of beanie babies?

Kourin (peeking in): Jello?

J. Chen: Front and center on the next issue of Newtype?

Angela: A million dollars?

Daphne: An academy award?

Sephiroth: It better not be Yui...

WM Chichiri: Revenge!

Miko: To meet Watase Yuu!

Kuro: A huge fan following (oh wait, he already has that)

Gale: Your own personal harem, ready and willing to raise your chi at any given moment!! (oh wait, he already has that too!)

Soi and Miko: HEY!! We don't THINK so!

Angela: One of those new 1998 Volkswagon Beetles, in a spiffy silver color?

Nakago: Wrong. I want...

Ms. Miko: You... you don't want to take over the world?

Nakago: I'd rather be dead. With Soi.

Miko: Or alive with Soi! I can't let it end like this. Episode 52 was wrong!! I'll fix things... Kaijin!

(Soi poofs out of nowhere.) Soi: Nakago-sama? I thought you were coming back in a moment. You didn't say that I would be joining you.

Nakago (furious): That's not what I wanted! You just wasted my wish!

Miko: (piku) It isn't?

Nakago: I... I... I always wanted... to be one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People!" And, I want to be the cover face.

(Everyone face faults.)

Ms. Miko: You're kidding.

Soi: We don't have magazines in our world, you know.

Miko: Um, isn't there anything.... anything at all you want? (Nakago glares at Miko, who sweattles nervously) But you... you are so beautiful, to me; can't you see? (Miko breaks into horridly off-key song)

(Nakago starts randomly blasting everyone - I am beaten until I stop singing. Then I run around in a desperate attempt to scrape enough money from the Nakago no seishi to payoff People magazine so that they'll include Nak in their issue. All the seishi, who are pretty darn satisfied with getting their wishes fulfilled, claim to have spent all their money "buying manga," "eating sushi," "paying for Anime Expo entrance fees." I resort to taking Nakago himself to the headquarters of People magazine to have him "convince" the editors to include him while the Nakago no seishi have a little "chat" with the lovely Soi. However...)

Miko (frowning): They're right Nakkie-poo, they already DID release this year's issue.

Nakago: And it's Leonardo Di Caprio on the cover?! They put that guy on the cover, over me!??!?!?

Miko: Sorry dear, we tried our best... I apologize! I didn't mean to mess up with that last wish!!!!

Nakago: ....

Miko: But here's your consolation harem! (I grab as many Nakago no Seishi as I can and shove them before Nakago) All these ladies... Sephiroth (indignantly): I'm not a lady!

Miko (continuing after ignoring that remark): ...will be happy to raise your chi and make you feel like the cutest guy alive! And look, here's Soi! (Soi is smirking at Nakago, and the Nakago no seishi are encouraging her)

(While Nakago blinks in confusion, Miko grabs a sticker that says: SOLD - property of Bishonen no Miko and slaps it on his back before disappearing in a cloud of gloating laughter.)

Soi: Nakago-sama, are you listening to me?! You look at me when I am speaking to you. Don't you be looking at those other girls!

Cassiel: You go girl!

(And so Soi asserts her dominance, marries Nakago and turns him into a house husband. But I am Miko, and I know patience, and I know Nakago will come to me someday. And in the meantime... I am very very happy with my little bishonen harem, and all the Nakago no seishi have had no complaints either.)

*** *** ***

Author's notes: Thanks to all the wonderful Nakago no Seishi, et. al., who volunteered to help me summon Nakago. We survived and now, I think we are all pretty happy too! Well, see everyone at Anime Expo - I am going to attempt to be Soi for Cosplay, but only if I have some free time. Just a note to the Nakago no seishi: I didn't bother with the "one-line description" you guys gave me, and obviously I used your lists of "favorite FY chara" - just FYI - and I hope I didn't make anyone too out of character, especially Ms. Miko, who I'm sure was hoping that Nakago would assassinate me so that she could be the next miko! Just kidding - we wouldn't want that to happen, right? This was just for fun and is no reflection on the personality of each person featured. And Yume no seishi... I haven't forgotten about you! I have finished part I of the sequel to "Beautiful Dreamer." Ja!

If anyone wants to reach me, come to my Shrine of Bishonen at:

or you can e-mail me at:

Bishonen no Miko?/Nakago no Miko - May 4, 1998


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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