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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Always By Your Side
By DarkMoon


DISCLAIMER: I do not own

AN: I was transferring music from my cousin's comp onto mine and stumbled onto
this great song/video. Its originally in Spanish and by Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony, although
J.Lo may not be on my faves list, Mark Anthony sure is! ^^ Newho the name of this song is No Me
Ames, which means Do Not Love Me. Of course after seeing the video I had the sudden urge to write
another short one-shot Inu/Kag fic and so here it is. Hope you like it!

Always By Your side



The air was refreshing as she walked through
the park. Her hair shiny against the sun rays. And her eyes gleaming with a light so bright that it
looked almost magical. She sat down at a nearby bench and waited for the person following her to
catch up and sit next to her. She smiled over to him, until she saw him falter in his step and
stagger towards a tree. She quickly stood up her heart racing as she flung her arms around his body.

``Inuyasha..'' She whispered out. The long
black haired man looked up at her with sad eyes.

``Kagome…I can do it myself.'' He
some what growled out. Kagome gasped lightly, knowing his stubborn streak had just come up and let
go a little. Slowly he used the tree for support and stood up. Kagome shook her head and quickly
grabbed his hand, giving it a tight squeeze.'' Inuyasha looked up at her, before bringing her into a
hug against his chest. Kagome was surprised at first but hugged back.

``I love you.'' She whispered into his

``Don't, you'll only suffer.'' He said back.
Kagome could feel the tears that threatened to fall.

``Don't be stupid, you know I'll always love
you.'' She choked out as her tears came down in silent water falls. Inuyasha pulled away and looked
at her. He moved closer to her face and kissed away all her tears.

``Please don't cry, I hate it when you
cry.'' He said against her face. Kagome could only nod.


Kagome quickly dressed herself and left the
bathroom, her long sun dress flowing behind her. On her way out of the bathroom she stopped in the
laundry room and grabbed a crisp clean white button down shirt. She smiled and went into her room,
where Inuyasha waited on the bed. He looked up at her with a faint smile.

``Here you go a fresh clean shirt.'' She
said coming up next to him. She slowly climbed onto the bed and helped him into the shirt.

``Thank you.'' He mumbled, but Kagome heard
him perfectly.

``Your welcome.'' She said leaning down and
softly kissing his neck through his hair. Inuyasha leaned back into the touch and bent his head all
the way back so that he look up to her face. Kagome smiled down at him.

``Why?'' He simply asked and Kagome titled
her head to the side, something that Inuyasha always loved when she did it.

``Why what?'' She asked back.

``Why do you stay with me, when you know
what's going to happen. You can have anyone in this world, more better then me and yet you
stay…why?'' Kagome raised her head and looked to her right. Her gaze going to the outside of
the window. Inuyasha knew now that she was out in her own world. Something she did often when she
had to think on a question.

``Why….'' She whispered. Her mind
flashing back to faraway memories.


A younger Kagome about the age of 19 stood
in front of a tall brick building. Her arms hugging around her books. She quickly turned around not
noticing the person behind her until it was to late. Both bodies crashed to the ground in a flurry
of papers and cursed mutters. Kagome quickly noticed that she was the one on top of the poor person
she bumped into and quickly stood up her eyes traveling to the other's face. Her eyes widened at bit
as she looked at him. He was the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen. His dark violet eyes stared
back at her and his long silky looking black locks flowed around him with the breeze that seemed to
pass by.

``Do you mind getting off me wench.'' He
said gruffly. All thoughts of him being gorgeous ceased of her mind and a scowl married her

``Well excuse me, I wouldn't have bumped
into you if you weren't breathing down my neck!'' she yelled out, standing straighter and lifting
her chin. The boy across from just rolled his eyes and quickly picked up his books, while also
getting hers.

``Here.'' He said pushing her books into her
hands. ``The only reason I was `breathing down your neck' was because I wanted to know if you knew
where building 125 was?'' Kagome's cheeks instantly took on a red hue, as she avoided his eyes.

`Oh, well um…I don't know myself, I'm
new here. I guess we could look for it together?'' She asked shyly, still not looking into his eyes.
Now it was His turn to blush.

``Uh sure…'' He said slowly. Kagome

``Oh and by the way my name is Kagome,
Kagome Higurashi.'' She said, for the first time looking at him in the eye. He nodded back with a
slight smile. And stuck out his hand.

``Inuyasha Takahashi.'' Kagome looked down
at his hand before quickly grabbing it and shaking it.

``We better hurry before we're late!'' She
said tugging on his hand to make him follow her. Their hands intertwined through out the run.

``''''''''3 years later''''''''''

Kagome sighed as she snuggled closer to
Inuyasha. Her head tuck nicely under his chin while his arms were wrapped around her in a protective
manner. They were under the great Goshinboku tree. The place where they had their first kiss.

``Kagome.'' Inuyasha whispered out, not
trying to ruin the moment.

``Hmm?'' She said her mind in a haze of

``I was wondering, seeing how we both are
seniors now, if you wanted to…move in together?'' Kagome's haze of sleepiness was completely
gone with that question. Slowly she pushed herself up so that she could stare into his eyes, the
very eyes of the man she fell in love with a thousand times.

``Really?!'' She asked her voice a bit on
the squeaky side. Inuyasha could only grin and nod. That's when Kagome dove into to him and gave him
a huge bare hug. ``Of course I'll move in with you, wherever you want to go, I'll follow you to the
moon!'' She said. Inuyasha smiled and brought her head down for a quick yet sweet kiss.

``''''''''''A Few Months

``Kagome…I'm…I'm home.'' She
heard Inuyasha sort of choke out. Her first reaction was to be scared and then worry. She quickly
ran from their room to the living room where he sat, a piece of paper in his hands. Slowly he raised
his head to her. Blood shot red eyes with tears still streaming down his face looked at her and she
couldn't but gasp out loud.

``Inuyasha…what-?'' she asked out,
racing to his side. Her own tears starting to fall. ``What's the matter?''

``I-I went to my…doctor's
appointment…a-and-'' He couldn't finish and so he shoved the paper he held into her hands.
Kagome looked down at, already loathing whatever was written on the paper to make her Inuyasha like
this. She opened the folds it was in to see the name of his doctor and the name of the hospital.
Some other things were scribbled on that she thought weren't important until she read the bottom. In
blue ink were the words that no one in their life would ever want to see.

``HIV…positive.'' She said aloud. Her
tears coming out stronger until she resembled Inuyasha's state. ``B-but…how?'' She said
shaking her head as the paper slipped from her fingers and onto the ground.

``He said it was genetically transferred to
me by either one of my parents and that I only have…a few months to live.''

The rest of the night the two never once had
let go of each other.


``Why…because I love you and
you're my soul mate.'' She said her gaze returning to his. ``And I swore that I'd always be there
for you, no matter what.''

``You don't have to lie you know.'' he said
getting up from his spot from the bed.''

``Inuyasha why are being like this? You know
that from the day we met I was in love with you and you with me, or were you not?'' She asked tears
already flowing down her face. Inuyasha looked at her before tightly closing his eyes. Inuyasha
kneeled in front of her and took her hands into his.

``I'm sorry, I just don't want you to
suffer, do you understand. I want you to be happy.'' Kagome smiled her hand coming up to touch his

``And what makes you think that I'm not
happy.'' She said more then asked. Inuyasha bowed his head and kissed her knuckles.

``C'mon lets lay down together, I don't feel
up to going anywhere today.'' Kagome nodded and helped Inuyasha into the bed with her. Inuyasha
spooned her from the back and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. For a couple of hours they
stayed like that, none saying anything to comfortable with just the feel of the other. That's when
Inuyasha slowly raised a little to get closer to her. She felt his breath next to her neck and
shuddered lightly.

``Inuyasha-?'' she started but was cut off
by his voice.

``Shhh…don't speak. I just want you
to know that I love you Kagome. And that I swear also to always be there for you. Please promise me
you won't cry?'' Kagome glad that he couldn't see her face nodded as a single tear ran down her
face. She brushed at it.

``I promise. I love you.'' She said as she
felt him go back to his spot, his heart beat thumping behind her back. ``I love you.''

``''''''''''''''''''Two Days

Kagome slowly raised herself from the ground
her eyes scanning the area around her. The flowers in her hand hanging by the stem. She knelt down
and bit and put them in front of the tomb and kissed her fingers to it.

``I promised I wouldn't cry and I won't
Inuyasha. Just remember to never forget me for I would never forget you. I love you.'' she said.
Taking one last glance at the tomb she walked away down the path towards the long field that lead to
the parking lot. Her hair was flowing with the wind and her long black dress did the same. Her heart
was gone but her happiness would remain, for him. As she walked the path a bright glowing figure
appeared next to her. His black hair shining brighter then it ever had and his white clothes looking
cleaner then white.

``Don't worry my love, I could never forget
you and I will always be by your side.'' The figure whispered.

``I know Inuyasha, I know.'' Kagome
whispered to herself. Her gaze moving heaven-wards. ``I know.''

AN: *sniffle* well it looked better in my head. I hope you guys liked it.
*sniffle* At first I was going to make into a song fic, but then I started writing it and forgot to
put in the lyrics by the time I finished it, which was like 25 minutes later, I figured it didn't
need it. Sorry for having Inuyasha die…I'm suffering from this too…*sniffle* T-T


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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