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Anime/Manga Fan Fiction >> Tenchi Muyo

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Touched By An Angel: Ryoko
By Karmin St. Jean


Disclaimer: All characters are copywrite of their respective creators.

He stood alone on the road leading to the Masaki home, his long

chestnut hair blown about his bat-like face by the rising wind. There

was a sense of anxiety about him, understandable given the

circumstances. This was all new to him. He'd never done anything like

this in his entire life. Ironically, that was still true.

"Go ahead." A voice said, in his mind. There was a time when such a

thing would've sent him running right to the nearest psychiatrist. But

that was all past him and in his present state it was a perfectly

natural and normal occurrence. "You're going to do just fine." There

was something about the woman's voice, perhaps its lack of pretense,

that made him trust it implicitly. Without hesitating any longer, he

began to walk toward the house.

"Perhaps I should go in looking as I did in disguise in 1970?" he


"No." The voice told him. "Tenchi's seen aliens before. He can handle

another one. Never be ashamed of who you really are."

Tantei-A stopped at this and seemed thoughtful for a bit. "I've been

so many people over the course of my career that I don't even know for

certain who I am."

The voice came again, gentle and reassuring. "You're one of us." it


Tantei-A sighed. He wasn't sure what that meant. But somehow, the

statement was as reassuring as the voice's owner apparently intended

it to be. He continued on his way until he found himself at the Masaki


He knocked on the door and waited for a response.

One eventually came in the form of a blond-haired girl with big blue

eyes and a very surprised look on her face. "Um? Hello? Are you here

to arrest Ryoko?"

Tantei-A wondered for a moment how she knew about that. Perhaps Ryoko

had mentioned it to her. Probably bragging about how she had fought

him to a standstill. Actually, that particular bit depended greatly on

one's point of view.

Ryoko was just walking by when she heard this. It couldn't be *him*!

He was dead. She'd seen his body. Torn apart. He sure as hell hadn't

survived *that*.

On the other hand, *he* did seem to be the type who was just obsessive

enough to come back from the dead just to arrest her.

"No." He told Sasami.

Ryoko breathed a sigh of relief. It was him, but at least it wasn't

*her* he was after. But then, why...

"My business is with Ryoko." He continued. "But it's of a far more

personal nature."

"If he says he was drawn here from heaven or whatever his race

believes in by his love for me, I'll clobber him." Ryoko muttered under

her breath.

"Well, she's here somewhere." Sasami told him. "Why don't you come on in

and I'll see if I can find her."

"I'm right here." Ryoko said, walking into the hallway. "So, what

brings you back to the land of the living?"

"I'm here because you need me." Tantei-A replied.

"Like hell I do." Ryoko scoffed. "I need *you* like I need a large

hole in my head. No thanks. Why don't you go back to hell?"

"I wasn't in hell." Tantei-A replied. "Ryoko, you may not realize it,

but you need me."

"So, what are you? My guardian angel? Go earn your wings somewhere

else." Ryoko turned away.

Tantei-A sighed. This wasn't going to be easy. "Look, if you want the

truth, I don't want to be here any more than you want me here. I don't

think I'm the right person for this job. But there are others who think

that I am and they're the ones who sent me here."

"Oh, so there's a committee of angels who've decided to punish me by

inflicting you upon me?" Ryoko asked, sarcastically.

"I think their idea was more along the lines of helping you by sending

a firm hand to guide you through a difficult patch of your life."

"So, you're here to help me win Tenchi?"

Tantei-A shook his head. "I cannot interfere with the free will of

another." he told her.

Ryoko turned the words "a difficult patch of your life" over in her

mind a few times. Maybe they knew, in heaven, that Tenchi was about to

chose another over her. Maybe Tantei-A had been sent to make sure she

didn't kill herself as a result. No, that was ridiculous. Tenchi would

chose her. She was sure of it.

"So, what is this difficult patch?" She asked.

"I can't tell you ahead of time." He replied. "I'm not allowed to give

you foreknowledge of the events in question. I'm only allowed to help

you through them as they occur."

Tenchi walked into the hallway at that point. He saw Tantei-A standing

there, talking with Ryoko, then he turned around, and walked off

muttering. "I did not see that. He's not there. I'm just feeling guilty

over his death. That's stupid. I shouldn't be feeling guilty." A bit



Tantei-A winced, as if struck, and closed his eyes. The memory of the

moment of his death came back to him like a slap in the face with a

fisherman's glove. He leaned on the wall for support as the world

faded from view and he felt cold terror envelop him.

But then he felt her arms around him, her gentle soothing caress.

"It's okay." She told him.

"You did die horribly, and it was your own foolish pride that caused

it." another woman's voice, audible only to him and the soother,


"You don't have to rub it in." Tantei-A complained. "I can't change


"No." The second woman told him. "You can't."

"Will I have to endure remembering it all every time it's mentioned?"

"That depends on you."

"Are you okay?" Tenchi asked.

Tantei-A nodded.

"Look, I"m sorry if..." Tenchi began.

"Don't worry about it." Tantei-A cut him off. "It was my mistake. Not


Kiyone walked into the house, looking extremely angry. She turned to

Ryoko, not noticing her former colleague.

"Ryoko," She told her, "I'm placing your under arrest for the attempted

murder of Lady Ayeka."

Tenchi's expression turned to one of utter horror. "Ryoko!"

"Tenchi! I didn't..." Ryoko pleaded.

All of Ryoko's past fights with Ayeka, her history as a ruthless living

juggernaut destroying planet after planet, her violent arrival into his

life, took on a new and sinister meaning as these new accusations mixed

in with them.

Ryoko turned to Tantei-A. "What do I do now?" She asked.

"You must decide that for yourself." He replied.

"I thought you were here to help me." Ryoko snarled in frustration.

"I'm here to help you with the emotional consequences of whatever

decisions you make," Tantei-A explained, "not to make the actual

decisions for you."

Ryoko was confused. If she went along into custody, Tenchi might see it

as her admitting her guilt. On the other hand, if she fled, he might

see it her being afraid to face a trial because she was guilty. Either

way, she'd lose Tenchi.

And worst of all, she was innocent. She hadn't hurt Ayeka. But for some

reason, Kiyone was saying she did. She began to wonder if she had done

something while drunk. Perhaps set up a boobytrap that she'd forgotten

about? No. That couldn't be it.

Someone was setting her up! They had to be! But who? Why? Of course!

She teleported to Ayeka's location, using Ayeka herself as a focal

point. She expected to find her safely tucked away someplace laughing

over false evidence that had been planted to get her out of the

picture so Ayeka could marry Tenchi.

Instead, she found Ayeka lying dormant on a bed. She was barely alive.

Ryoko stared at her, as if trying to will her to open her eyes.

Yosho, who was sitting by Ayeka's bed, looked up. "Come to make sure

she dies?" He asked, drawing his sword.

"I didn't..." Ryoko tried to tell him. She barely teleported away in

time as Yosho's sword cut through the air where she'd been standing

moments before.

Kiyone was comforting Sasami in the hallway when Ryoko returned.

"Will you come willingly, or do I need to force you?" Kiyone asked.

Ryoko looked down at Sasami, her eyes filled with tears. She felt

sorry for the child. Ayeka was indeed hurt, even if she herself didn't

do it. "I didn't hurt your sister, Sasami." She told her. "You know I


Sasami turned away.

Ryoko turned to Kiyone. "I'll go with you." She gave in.

Tenchi watched with a heavy heart as Kiyone lead Ryoko toward her



Ryoko sat alone in her cell aboard Yagami. She wondered why her

so-called guardian angel hadn't come along. "Some help he was." She

muttered, bitterly.


"Oh, why can't I *ever* get this thing to make me a cup of coffee?"

Mihoshi complained as she twisted her control cube over and over.

"Mihoshi! Be careful with that thing." Kiyone said, as she rubbed the

lumps on her head from the set of children's blocks that had just

fallen on her.

Mihoshi turned it a few more times. Kiyone watching her carefully.

"No! Not that way!"

Too late. The Yagami reversed its course and headed back to Earth.


Tantei-A watched the sky. calmly, as the Yagami hurled back toward

Earth on a collision course. The ship crashed into the lake behind

Tenchi's house.

Kiyone and Mihoshi soon emerged from the wreckage with Ryoko in tow.


Tenchi Masaki was unaware of either of these events. He was sitting

with Ayeka who, by some miracle, had just woken up.

"Ayeka," he asked her, gently, "what happened?" He knew she would tell

him all about Ryoko's attack on her.

"That woman." Ayeka cursed. "I should've known not to trust her."

"Kiyone's taken Ryoko into custody." Tenchi told her. "You don't have

to worry about her any more."

"Ryoko?" Ayeka sounded perplexed. "But she's not the one who attacked


Tenchi was confused. "Ryoko didn't? But you just said..." A concerned

look came over his face. "What woman?" He asked.

"I can't remember." Ayeka replied. "But she wasn't Ryoko."


Kiyone wasn't convinced. "If she can't remember who attacked her,

Tenchi, then I can't accept that she knows it wasn't Ryoko. It had to

be her."

"I'm not so sure, Kiyone." Tenchi replied.

"That's why we have trials, Tenchi." Kiyone told him.

"I just hope its a fair trial." Tenchi muttered.

Kiyone glared at him. "Are you suggesting something?"

"Um. No." Tenchi spluttered, somewhat flummoxed. "I'm sorry. I didn't

mean to accuse..."

"Look, let's just drop this until the case actually begins." Kiyone



"Thanks for nothing." Ryoko called out as she bathed herself in the

women's bath. She was still under arrest, but was now simply confined

to the Masaki home, which she technically had not left. She rinsed and

dried herself off. Once she was dressed again, she returned to the main

house, just in time for supper.


"So, are you enjoying your dinner, Ryoko?" Tenchi asked, after what

seemed like an endless silence.

"Hmm." Ryoko replied, sounding very hurt. Tenchi had only recently

suggested that he believed her capable of a crime as horrible as

attempted murder and had until a couple hours ago, been treating her

like she was the worst person in the world. She intended to make him

feel very guilty about it.

"Ryoko," Tenchi bowed, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" Ryoko asked, pointedly. "About what?"

Tenchi sighed and resumed eating.

The table fell silent once again.

It was at that point that Tenchi heard the knocking. He excused himself

and went to see who was at the door.

A tall woman with bluish-grey hair done up in a severe bun. stood

there. She wore a pair of quiet blue spectacles and was dressed in a

very business-like light grey skirt and jacket with a nicely tailored

white blouse. She smiled and handed him a small rectangular card.

"Good afternoon," she told him, "My name is Miss Gatako."

Tenchi took the card and read it carefully. The woman appeared to be a


"What brings you here?" He asked, suspiciously. The idea of a lawyer

just happening to arrive here was a bit too fortuitous. Something had

to be up.

"The courts have appointed me to be Ryoko's attorney." the woman


Court-appointed attorneys were not unusual, and it seemed a good

explanation, so Tenchi let the woman in.

The woman followed Tenchi into the dining room.


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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