Time for Love

It was the night of September, 19, 1959. John Thompson sat relaxing his lean body after a long day of work. He was sheriff of Peach County, law officers in his opinion had the best job; getting them niggers into shape.

Natalia Peterson woke up and did what any other girl about to be late for school would do; she threw herself together. She gazed critically at her mocha complexion while she brushed her teeth. She had her life planned out. Becoming successful, she was studying to be a lawyer she was a straight A student and had a life. She ran to class to avoid tardiness.

In class she wrote down the date of September, 21, 2000 and sat dreaming; dreaming of the true love awaiting her. She had always read novels where there were young lovers and they were kept together no matter what. The professor dismissed the class so she scooped up her books and started walking home. She thought since she had no more classes until the evening she would walk the way through Old Georgia.

John Thompson awoke after a long night's sleep and got ready for work. He put on his uniform of khaki and went off. He was looking forward to the hanging today.

As she strolled through Old Georgia, Natalia felt dizzy, and fainted. When she awoke she found herself in a in a bright room, as she looked around she saw poorly painted walls and noticed a broken window. She heard three knocks on the door, and then a woman about 30 from the look of it came in the room. She was fairly large (189 pounds from first glance), average in height, dark skinned, and hair up poorly.

Mornin' Chile',” she said. “My name is Rose and I am here to help you in any way possible.”

Natalia was confused what had happened today she thought.

“Rose, she whispered,

What happened? Where am I?

“Well Chile',” she said “I was walking to work this morning at about 8:30 and I saw this poor girl on the ground about to be ran over by a car. So I stopped it and took you to the hospital where I work. And I have been there ever since taking care of you. You are in Georgia

Oh ok Rose” Natalia must have been dreaming, for she wanted to pinch herself and scream but she didn't. She just got up and tried to walk out the door but she couldn't for she didn't have any clothes.

“Rose?” she asked

Where are my clothes?

Oh those rags” she said. “I don't know where you got e'm but I found you some new ones”.

“ oh well thank you”

`your quite welcome chile'” Rose said “here you go, oh yeah I didn't get your name”

“Oh yeah sorry about that it's Natalia” she said that as she was changing into a red sweater and a skirt of white and a pair of scuffed up black shoes. As soon as she was dressed, they went along the road for a little stroll. As she went outside she felt quite thirsty, just as she was about to go into a store, Rose grabbed her shoulder so they went to a different store. When she was done she asked “Rose why did you stop me from going into that store? and her reply was “because your a colored girl.”

“What year is this 1950 is this all a joke?”

“No Chile its 1959”

Irritated as hell, she flipped her chocolate shoulder length curly hair as she walked away. After a few blocks she comes across a horrible sight; a person being hung she pushed her way to the front of the crowd and yelled “what has this woman done!?” people stared past her as if she wasn't there

a handsome sheriff who by her guess looked as though he was in his early 20's, and wore a khaki uniform with a trooper hat when he took the hat off he revealed sandy brown hair, “hell every one knows this woman showed affection toward a white man”

“Well what is wrong with that?” Natalia replied.

What's wrong with that?” he scoffedwhat's wrong with that; think girl she is a nigger”

Aren't I the same color as her?” Natalia asked full of confusion “If a woman of my color and a man of yours fell in love, came together, and had children shouldn't they both be hung?” Why just the black woman? Did you even ask the man if he wanted her affection?”

“Well no, said the sheriff that don't matter any way she did what she did.” He said advancing on her

“Then why don't you ask him if he did” before she had finished her sentence he slapped her.

“What is your name nigger” she was silent, “speak up bitch”

“My name is Natalia Peterson, and I came from the north

. “You can't let this woman die if she has done no wrong please let me hold a trial for her, please, if you do I promise I will never embarrass you in public again. Natalia could tell he was thinking about it. The sheriff thought about it while looking down her shirt. He answered;

Fine, but if you fail to defend her you will be hung with her as well do we have a deal?”

“Yes sir we do” she said fighting back tears “Now will you please let her down? “ The woman introduces herself as Hannah. Being so grateful she offered Natalia a bed to sleep in until the trial. The moment Natalia knew she was safe in Hannah's house which was not very different from her own she started questioning Hannah for the truth. The first question was “What happened”

“I was walking home from the restaurant where I work the time was 12:00 I thought I heard something behind me so I turned around and looked when I started back home, this horrible white man approached and dragged me into an alley he tore off my clothes and cut me”

”Do you have any blood stains on your uniform?” Natalia asked

Yes,” said Hannah as she wiped her clear elegant face with an old rag

“Well go on” Natalia said

“As I was saying, I screamed and asked why. He told me it was because I was unfaithful to the Lord God as I lay there helpless he ran to the police saying that I am a whore, and that I forced myself up on him”

“Well were there any witnesses there?” asked Natalia.

Unfortunately no” said Hannah

“Hannah I'm going to take a bath and go to bed”

As Natalia climbed up the stairs she thought what if I don't win? I'm stuck in a world where the white people always win and black people die, I just want to go home. As she stripped off her clothes she admired her beautiful body she was about 5 6, with a shapely fit body, a b cup, and, very beautiful eyes of honey gold they were her mothers eyes. She admired them greatly after a nice hot bath. She slid in her bed and before anything sleep claimed her.

When Natalia woke up the next day she felt refreshed. She rushed down the stairs so fast she almost tripped. When she was down there Hannah already cooked breakfast it was delicious she ate eggs, bacon and biscuits. They were confident about the trial tomorrow. As they walked around she saw the no colored signs. Natalia didn't know what to think, all she knew was that she was in danger; danger of death of no life no of love, Then she thought of what her mama had always said “when your down and you discouraged when the darkness clouds your view you've got to gather up your courage you know the lord is gonna see you through.” Oh mama I miss you she thought.

“Well we better get back its 6:25 and I have to iron my best dress” Hannah said. Natalia we also have to get you some clothes my daughters should fit you if not I'm sure we will find some”

“Thank you Hannah, you're so nice.As they walked home Natalia felt light headed but this time she didn't faint. She just continued every thing like it was normal. Then she came across a physic

“Good evening I am Madame Peterson and your name is let me guess your name is Natalie? No that's not is Natalia come sit, sit I knew you would be coming for I see all”

“Well if you see all then why am I here” Natalia asked wondering if she knew”

“You are here because you were wondering how you got in to this time. Well you have a gift, and this gift runs every second generation, your grandma had it and so do you. I do also for I am one of your relatives and I saw you come. I'm sorry to say but you can't go back home until the reason you were sent here is accomplished

Does that mean I'm some sort of witch?” Natalia asked

Oh no Chile' never witch craft it is a gift from God.” “You know that quote your mama used to say?” “Well you're great, great, great, back to the slave days grandmother said that. You just gota live by it that's how it goes.” You also gota find what you're meant to do or if you die then there would be no future for you.”

“Well thanks for your help Madame Peterson we have to go.”

Ok Chile” she said

As they walked home Hannah said full of fear

Natalia what if we don't win the trial?”

“Hannah if we don't win then I wouldn't be here to help you because I wouldn't exist.” “Don't worry though because I am lawyer in collage we cant loose. Now let's just go to bed the trial is at 8:00 AM so we will need to be up by 6:00 AM.


“Wake up HunNatalia looked as though she didn't even sleep

Ok what time is it?

“Hun it s 7:00

“What? I thought we were gonna get up at 6:00

“Well you'd hurry because it is a long walk”

“Ok how long of a walk”

About half an hour Hannah said.

As they were walking; jogging really Natalia thought about what Madame Peterson said.

“Natalia we're here”

“Oh ok lets go in”

You're late” said the sheriff

Well if we had a car or something we wouldn't be” Natalia said

“Shut up” the sheriff said

Shall we start?

This is the case of Hannah vs. Peach County”

The case went on forever finally the court came to a conclusion

“Even though we don't want to do this” the judge stated “Hannah you are free to go”

Natalia, careful about what she said until she was gone and out of sight was leaping with joy two lives saved”

“Hey Natalia, or what ever your name is come here” the sheriff called after them “come here”

Yeah” she called “Hannah you go on ok” “what do you want Sheriff Thompson

If I were you I would talk nicer to me”

Well you aren't me but sorry`oh my God I am alone with a white man in 1959 what am I gonna do?'

Well you were very impressive up there you know for a nigger girl

Umm well thanks I guess” she said blushing

Well go on Natalia” Natalia?


Don't tell any one ok”

Well ok what ever” she said “Bye”

“Hannah I think the sheriff likes me; he complemented me called me by my name and bushed while doing it.”

“That's perfect Natalia do you know what they can do to you if you start to like him?” she asked sarcastically

“I know Hannah…. But maybe, just maybe this is what I was sent to do”

Well Chile' it's always a possibility

We should go see Madame Peterson and ask her what she thinks.” She replied

Ahhh Natalia I think that is right but I would be careful if I were you don't want to change the past, I mean the future. Also you must be careful adapt to this time, but don't forget who you are and what time your from. One last warning if I were you doesn't say you were related to me because the people already know that I have no living relatives.

Yes ok what was your name again?”

Just call me Madame Peterson”

Yes, ok”

“Hannah thanks for your hospitality but I feel I have intruded”

Natalia you have saved my life, do you really think I'm gonna shove you out in the cold. I would no sooner make love to a white man”

Natalia had a look on her face as though appalled, and then they heard an old rickety knock on the door. To Natalia surprise it was Sheriff Thompson.

“What brings you into this neighborhood?” Natalia asked as politely and respectfully as she could.

“Well I don't know, I thought I might want to see the nigger neighbor hoods before I went home. I needed some help around my house and I thought that I might see who was looking for a job. To my surprise I turned up at your house. He added with a small smile on his face witch he wiped away once he saw that she noticed it.

Well sir that's sweet but it is 10:00pm and I was about to head to bed but if you give me your address I will come to your house for an interview. God only knows I need a job right now…. Oh wait now you know too. He laughed a good genuine laugh that would have sent any girls heart melting in lamence terms he was hot. She thought about him that night and then fell into a dreamless sleep.

The next morning she awoke really early like 6: oo but she couldn't go back to sleep. She went down stairs to find Hannah already awake and up and at e'm. They assembled at the table and ate a whole breakfast full of everything you could think of. At 10:00 Natalia headed off toward the sheriffs house. As she walked there she realized it was in Old Georgia and the house that she found was her favorite of them all it was huge and white marble (that's what it looked like to her because it was so clean.) When she went through the gate she noticed that the yard had everything from a pool to a golf course. “This man must be really rich” she muttered under her breath.

“Natalia do you like my house?” asked a familiar voice behind her.

Your house is absolutely beautiful” she said looking at the stone path and steps that lie ahead of her, leading up to two magnificent oak doors. As she walked in the two doors she noticed a perfectly white floor that looked as though it were made of pearl. “Now about that job thing what exactly do you need?” “For personal help” she added

Well I need a maid, the pay is 2$ an hour but once you get better then you'll earn more” he added seeing the look on her face.

Umm ok well what needs cleaning

First things first, we need to get you a new uniform and that will take 2 weeks time to get it here I need your measurements first though”

Ok” Natalia said

The two weeks went by like two seconds. Once the uniform was shipped, she worked harder than anybody in the whole house. The house shined so much that every thing looked as though it were a mirror. What Natalia didn't know is that the harder she worked the more Sheriff Thompson liked her; and we aren't talking about everyday I kind of have a crush on you type stuff, I'm talking about true love. Which they had in time two years time to be exact. John even started taking time off work so they could be together.


“Natalia we can't see each other”

Why can't we see each other?

“Because it's illegal for us to see each other they'll have my job.”

It was just as illegal for us to see to see each other then as it is now we've risked it and I still need a job”

“I know, you can keep the job but we just can't see each other.”

“I thought you loved me.” Natalia said sparkling with tears

“I do love you we just can't see each other”

Then God damn it fight against them. You know black and white people are the same you love one, or am I just another one of your nigger whores?”

Don't talk like that, how the hell am I suppose to fight the state for god's sake.”

You can do it, admit you love me in public, then move with me to the North help them fight so we don't have the KKK attacking us every time we turn around.”

You've been attacked by the KKK? Do you know what that means? They know.”

Just then the door bell rang.

“Police, open up.”

Uh o Natalia go!” John said full of fear.

Natalia ran up the stairs and looked out the window there were police every where except one spot, the kitchen door opening. Hopefully John would give her some time.? She quickly crept down the stairs and into the kitchen (she knew secret passages that?no one else except the maids knew) then?she went into the kitchen?checked the door and it was clear.? It was clear except Hannah.

"Natalia over here" she whispered

"Hannah is that you?"

"Yes it's me, who else do you think it is"

"I don't know the KKK!”

No they're all distracted I'll tell you about it later lets get out of here"

They ran through the night taking careful measures.? When the returned home they talked.

"Hannah what in the world was that about?"

"Well somebody told the KKK and police that you were in love.”

"So my guess is that the police went to the Sheriffs house to catch us in the act."

"Well your guess is as good as mine"


"Can I help you gentlemen?" John said in a would be calm voice"

"Yeah, where are all you nigger maids?"

"What do you mean? They all went home so they can be here bright and early."

"What ever, I know you're hiding them."

I got an anonymous tip off that you love one of them."

"Yeah for her hard work she's the one that makes this house shine so much."

"Are you sure"

"I'm positive, you can even go ask her if you want here's her address"

"How do you know her address?” “

I went around the?colored neighbor hood to see if any body needed work"

"Ok I'll believe you this time but watch what you do."

Ok I will"

As soon ad the?cops left he called natalia's house. (She had enough money for stuff like that seeing how he paid her $10.00 an hour.)

"Natalia get out of the house they are gonna come over there."

"What where the hell am I suppose to go?"

Go to where you came from."

"What! How am I supposed to do that? I'm from a different time, I mean the North"

"Go some where then."

"Don't worry I have a place to go ok?"

"Ok I love you"

“Love you too"

Natalia hurried back out into the night towards Madame Peterson's house when she got There she pounded on the door no body answered the door she pounded again...

"Alright I'm coming already"

“Natalia what in the world brings you over at this time of night?”

“The KKK and cops can I please come in”

Yeah come in I don't want you to freeze to death, what happened?”

“I love john and he loves me. I can't see him with out getting attacked by the KKK or the cops. I want it to end; I want to go back to my era. I can't take it how I love a guy but I'm not allowed to it's not fair.” She blubbered

“Natalia you can't leave you have to live out your purpose even if you die I'm sorry but that's how it goes.”

Why haven't you returned to your time?”

Because I haven't completed my task. All you have to do is help with the civil rights movement and change people's point of view. You already have too.”

How have I?”

You made a white man love a black woman now to him they are the same people. You have to tell him your secret.”


Open up it's the police”

How can I help you sir?” Hannah asked as polite as she could

“You can help me by telling me where the where a bouts of a Natalia Peterson


“N A T A L I A P E T E R S O N” he said as though she were retarded

“She's not here”

“A R E Y O U S U R E” he said just as rude as before

“I'm positive also I'm not stupid so stop talking to me like I am. You can come in and see if she's here.”

Ok I will”

They found nothing that would lead them to Natalia and left as soon as they did Hannah called Sheriff.

“John it's me Hannah”

Oh hi”

“Do you want Natalia to come in to work tomorrow?”

Well she's gonna have to”

Ok well I'll talk to you later”


Buh bye”


As he hung up the phone John said to himself; “this is the girl I want to marry and will marry. I will take her out to the fanciest restaurant I can find then I will get down in public any purpose to her. We will honey moon in California then come back to the south have kids and raise them. We will fight against the KKK and every body who objects to our love. It is too strong. Tomorrow I will go into town and buy the ring



“John it's me I have something to tell you”

“Natalia is that you”

Who else would it be” she asked. “John, she hesitated “John,” I'm not from the North; I'm from the year 2000.”

“I knew there was something different about you.”

Wait a minute you believe me?”

Of course I believe you.”

John, every second or third generation of we women we go in time I don't know where we go, but I got stuck here.”

Natalia, will you go to dinner with me in a couple weeks?”

Are you sure, that you want to after what happened?”

“Natalia I've never been so sure about anything in my life.”

Ok then I got to go”

“I love you”

“I love you too.”


Buh bye”


John woke up early the next morning and went into town. There he went into every jewelry store and looked at every ring. He looked for the whole day and just when he was about to give up he saw it; the perfect ring. It was beautiful a gold band with Peridot and Aquamarine stone. The most unique he could find. He skipped with joy all the way back home when he found it. Now all he had to do was keep from spoiling the surprise.


Natalia awoke two weeks later wondering what the hell was to go on that day. Little did she know that every body knew she was to be betrothed. Everyone wanted her to be perfect for the dinner with John; Rose took her to her salon where she got her hair cut, Hannah insisted that since this was a fancy dinner she go and buy a fancy dress, Madame Peterson kept predicting good things to come in her life. When Natalia came out of the salon her hair was in a perfect wave with a little crown like part. After searching every store she was aloud to go into she found the perfect dress (only $60) it was strapless turquoise with silver beads and down to the knees, she had never seen anything or felt so beautiful in her life. Not even at her prom. She still couldn't help wondering why she had to get all fancied up if she's just going to dinner.

The time arrived; John picked her up. He looked really nice too he was clean cut and shaved with a nice suit that had a turquoise vest underneath it. They rode into town on a horse drawn carriage (open seeing how it was a warm night) they went into town and to the most beautiful restaurant she had ever seen colored people were aloud too. The night was perfect they had a nice candle lit dinner with champagne and filet Minong. At the end they took a moonlight stroll. John had to tie his shoe so he bent down then he said…

“Natalia come look at this”

What?” then she saw him pull out a ring box and he took her left hand

“Natalia, will you marry me?”

Yes, yes I will she said trying not cry

She jumped up on him and kissed him; she kissed him so passionately he fell over. They lie in the grass under the stars. She noticed the ring was the most unique she had ever seen. It was gold with both green and blue diamonds.

I see you noticed the ring, its Peridot and Aquamarine the most beautiful but also the most unique out of all the others I found. Trust me I looked at a lot and like the ring I found you.”

Oh well that's sweet.” She said now glazed with tears. “We should probably go its late and I have to get to work tomorrow

Don't come in tomorrow, relax tomorrow and that's an order”

Yes sir” she said laughing and crying “let's go”

They raced home and when they arrived at Natalia's house he gave her a tiny peck on her cheek

Good night Natalia”

Sweet dreams”

When Natalia came in she saw Hannah, Madame Peterson and Rose bundled up on the couch, waiting for her.

“So how'd it go?” they asked in unison

“Perfect. No better than perfect” she said blushing “you three knew all along?”

Of course we did” they said again in unison

Weren't my predictions correct?” asked Madame Peterson grinning

Yes, shut up” she said smiling and blushing

Didn't I tell you that this was your purpose? Madame Peterson said laughing

You're not so unhappy now that you're engaged are you?”

No, I finally found love, but what happens when I have to go back to my era?”

“Natalia you only have to go back if you want to. Don't you see you found your purpose and now you don't want to leave? Natalia,” she hesitated “You have two choices for when you do have to go you can take him, or you can leave him behind.”

Of course I would take him”

“Are you sure you want to do that; bringing him into your world? How would he adjust? How would he like it?”

“If I can do it so can he.”

He doesn't have as strong as a will as you do”

Then I'll stay I can't leave him I love him”

“It doesn't work like that sooner or later your gonna have to leave him”

“I can't! I just can't” she screamed “I've had every thing taken away from me I wont let time take away the only thing I love!”

Suddenly they heard a thump out side the door. Scared as hell Natalia moved cautiously to the window. There, outside, the lawn was on fire the source appeared to be a cross. Their first KKK attack. Suddenly a rock flew through the window. It read out: go home nigger!

Some body must have seen us in the park. Suddenly the phone rang. Taking her chance Natalia answered it.

Hello” she said in a shaky voice

“Natalia are you ok?”

“John oh thank god I thought it was the KKK”

Let me guess you were attacked”

Yeah are you ok”

Yeah I am.”

So when can we discuss wedding plans?”

Tomorrow, can you meet me at the house at 12:00 tomorrow?

Yeah of course I can.”

She stayed up all night troubled that the KKK might come again. She lie down but didn't sleep when she reclined she admired her ring. It was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. She couldn't believe it she was gonna be married she found love and she wasn't ready to give it up. She would fight; do what ever it takes to help out the civil rights movement. The next day on the news Natalia heard of a black family going to a white restaurant and refusing to be moved that is until the police came and took them out by force. It's starting she thought; the civil rights movement, it has begun. In no longer then ten years it will end and we will be equal. She set off out the door and headed toward John's house at fifteen till twelve. When she arrived there she saw john, ran over to him, and kissed him.

“I wanted to come over when I heard about the KKK”

How did you hear about that before I did?”

“Now, Natalia don't be mad but I used to be in the Klan before you entered my world. That day you entered my world I had a sudden urge to stop the Klan and help the black people.”

“You, the Klan is this a joke you love the black people. I can't see you….

“Like I said I used to hate them they all used to be niggers but that's not me no more. I don't know how you did but you changed me. Now about the wedding plans we'll have to get my parents blessing they are in the north which means we'll have to go there.”

When can we leave?

“that's what I wanted to talk to you about we have to leave soon, hide your ring, put on your maid uniform and meet me back here in one hour.”

Why so soon?”

Because the Klan will drive us out of here any ways and they mean business.”

Mmk love you buh bye.”
Bye see you in one hour or you will be beaten” he added because there were people watching.

Natalia ran home threw on her uniform put her hair up and ran back to the house there he had a car waiting for her. They climbed in and he drove to the state line then Natalia drove. They made it to North Carolina in 3 days; Natalia had never seen anyplace so beautiful. With the mountains and rivers she loved it all.

We're here.” John said excitedly

Huh?” she said sleepily

They arrived in front of an old fashioned yellow house with a picket fence. She noticed a garden with red tulips and daisies.

Oh my sweet lord my little Jonathan has come home.” A little woman about natalia's height said. She pushed an blonde curl out of her face “where is this Natalia girl?

Mom she's right here”

Oh my Lord, you looked so young I thought you was his daughter”

Well thank you”

You're quite welcome child. You know, he thought that he would never want to marry a black girl, but I always said son, you probably will and you don't know it yet. I was right aint I and you're so much more beautiful than I expected too.”

Well thank you” Natalia said again. Then she gave John a save me look

Mom why don't you give her a tour of the house”

Why that's a perfect idea!” she beamed “you will have to also meet Richard.”

Natalia gave her a puzzled look, “that's my husband.” They went inside then John's mom screamed “Richard

What Leanne?” came an irritated voice from what looked like a study.

Jonathan and his fianc?e is here”

Oh ok hold on I'll be out in a second”

He came out and Natalia almost had a heart attack he looked exactly like John. The only difference was that he wore big, thick glasses. They sat down to a supper in the dining room. They ate off the most beautiful china plates she had ever seen. They were pale white with pink and gold indented art. After supper they went into the living room and had a nice long talk; it lasted until midnight then Leanne said

“Nat honey we gota talk about your dress tomorrow

“Ok well Leanne what did you have in mind?”

“I said tomorrow


Natalia got up from her chair and went into the manicured bedroom that Leanne provided for her. The room was big and had ivory walls with a pink bed spread and pink bedding.

She also had a great view of the mountains and stars. She walked over to the doors leading out to balcony and lie on the floor of the balcony and gazed up at the stars. Never had she seen such a beautiful night. The air closed in around her; soon she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Leanne and she discussed the dress while john and Richard discussed the suits.

“I think you should go with strapless or a halter dress what do you think?”

Ooh I love the idea, but let's go with halter I wore a strapless on the engagement night.”

Halter it is we'll go down to town to look at what that got later.”


A few hours later they went down to town and looked at the dresses. They looked for hours. They finally found the perfect one with a veil and shoes to match. The perfect deal was found. Natalia looked dazzling in her elegant gown. They walked home (it was a nice day) and prepared for dinner. They sat up laughing and enjoying the conversation of what happened that day

“We finally found the perfect dress Natalia looks stunning in it.” Leanne stated

Well we found the perfect grooms suits.”

“Natalia when do you think the wedding should be?” John asked in a casual voice.

“I've always wanted a spring or summer wedding.”

Then we shall do it. What do you think of April 28?” That sounds perfect and that gives us precisely two months.”

Ok that sounds perfect.”

Natalia went to bed, and fell into a soothing sleep. She awoke at 10:00 am in the morning it was Saturday, a warm day for February and went down stairs and sat at the kitchen table.

“I was wonderin when you was gonna come down stairs.” Said a voice behind her. There Leanne walked into the threshold.


Tea please,” Then she added “where are John and Richard?”

Oh they went into town; I have something to show you.They went up the stair and into the attic. Leanne pulled out an old gold looking box that looked ancient; but then again it looked fairly new. She opened the box and inside was the most beautiful tiara and necklace she had ever seen. It was diamond and silver; pure silver the most beautiful and oldest piece of jewelry she had ever seen.

“Natalia this tiara and necklace is from 1829 and a young woman who was a spitting image of you except white wore it and now you can wear it on your wedding day. Go on take it.”

Thanks,” She hesitated “you don't really need to give it to me.”

“I insist my dear.”


Mom where are you?” a voice shouted up the stairs

Up in the attic dear we were looking at Natalia's new jewelry for the wedding. Be down in a second.”

Ok mom”

Leanne handed Natalia the box and Natalia took it down stairs into her room and laid it on the dresser. Then she went down stairs and sat at the table. They said grace and sat to eat a delicious meal.

“Natalia, where should we have the wedding?”

Well a church is traditional so we can rule that one out. How bout by the water like a lake or river or even a creek; the best would be a waterfall.”

A place by the water got it.”

We can go look tomorrow, but right now oh dear lord look at the time its 10:00 and we have a lot of places to tomorrow. You better head off to bed if your gonna get up early enough.”

Mmk.” She said in a weird what just happened kind of voice.

She climbed up the stairs and fainted in her bed. Before she knew it she was awakened by a cold glass of water being poured on her.

Baby girl wake up, hurry.”

There john was standing over her trying to shove her out of her bed.

“John calm down, I'll be down stairs in ten minutes.”

Ok hurry”

Ten minutes later Natalia descended down the stairs. She met John at the bottom and proceeded out the door. Then to Natalia's surprise two horses awaited them out in front of the house.

`The cream colored one is yours for today. I'll ride the white one”

Ok.'' So they rode into town and to the first spot. “I don't really like this one that much.”

We've got plenty more spots to go. The second spot was ok it wasn't the best. They searched the rest of the day. At sunset they went to the last spot it was perfect. There in front of her eyes was a clear lake and farther out an island. A white arch; with lilies, and white roses.

“Oh my god this is beautiful, no it's perfect I love it.”

“I knew you were gonna say a spot by the water, so yesterday I went out with my dad and looked at every spot, and found the perfect spot I rented it out for the 28th of April.

“So what was this day all about if you already had this spot?”

Well of course to spend the day with you.”

Oh well, that's sweet.”

Before she knew it he was holding her until the sunset. She didn't want him to stop. Then they climbed on their horses and trotted home.


Natalia woke up with a jolt it was her wedding day. In five hours she would be Mrs. Natalia Thompson. She went down stairs and ate breakfast or what she could. She was so explervous (exited and nervous) that she felt she was gonna throw up. After she was done eating Leanne and she went up stairs and got her hair and make up done. Her hair was in heavy curls with the diamond tiara. All they did for make up was put a tad bit of lipstick on her and she was ready. It was almost sun set so she put on her dress. The dress was white, halter with tiny diamond beads.

“Nat you look like a diamond.”

Well thank you Leanne.”

The time arrived. Natalia walked down the aisle nervously. There at the end John was wearing the most handsome suit she had ever seen. He looked just as nervous as she was.

We are gathered here today to join this young couple in the ceremony of marriage

Begun the preacher, before they knew it he was to the I do's

Do you John Thompson take Natalia Peterson to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do

Do you Natalia Peterson take John Thompson to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do”

Very well John you can put the ring on her finger and Natalia you do the same.”

They put the gold rings on each others finger.”

“I now pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride.”

And they did just that the kiss seemed to last an hour it was even more passionate than the kiss on the engagement day. They went into a church where the food was.''

`' ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson.”

They sat at the head table and drank champagne. The wedding ended exceptionally early because they had to wake up early to go to California. They awoke at 2:00 am and drove to the airport. They went through security, finally the air plane. They sat down and after five minutes they were fast asleep. They awoke to the pilot saying.

“California, next stop.”

The rest of the ride was entertaining they sat there making jokes and talking about what was waiting in Disney land. Soon the flight was finished and they hailed a cab to drive them to the Disney Land Resort. Once they got there they played a game for one to play when married. Then after they were finished with the game they went down to the pools and swam, it was a hot day for April the temperature was 90 degrees. They frolicked and played in the pool as though they were teens again. Then they went to bed after a long day. They spent the remainder of their time playing and laughing.


“John, can you come here?”

Coming Nat.”

“Honey I think I'm pregnant.”

We gota go to the doctor and see as soon as humanly possible.”

Two hours later they were sitting in the doctor's office.

“Natalia Thompson?” Came a familiar voice from the doctor's office.


Yeah Hun it's me, I quit that job and got one here. I get paid a lot more here. Anyways, follow me and here we are.” She led Natalia into a nice room that was painted a pastel yellow and bed that had a light over it.

Wait in here and the doctor will be in soon

Ok Rose”

A few minutes there was a knock on the door and a doctor with pure black hair came in.

“Natalia Thompson?”

That's me”

Ok well your husband is gonna have to leave the room.”

Scuse me I'm not goin nowhere”

Why is that?”

Because not only is she my wife but I am the sheriff of Peach County”

Ok fine you can stay”

Thank you”

So the test proceeded as usual.

“Ok, so Mrs. Thompson the results say that you are three months along.”

Ok well, boy or girl?”

It is a girl.”

Honey our first baby my baby girl.”

They walked out of the office and headed home. When they returned to the mansion they sat in the living room.
What do you want to call her john?”

“I was thinking Ashley”

Oh no way, Ashley was like one of my worst enemies ever.”

Ok well Nat what do you think?”

Well I like the name Alexandria Satine”
“yeah I do but one of
my most darling names of all time is Meagan

“So the name is Meagan Alexandria Satine.”

That doesn't sound as elegant as I thought”

“If you were looking for elegance and beauty then why don't we go with Meagan Alexandria Narcissa Brook Thompson?

That's too long what about just the last three?”

Yeah that sounds perfect, so her name is Narcissa Brook Thompson.”

Elegant but short; perfect. Wait till I tell my mom about this she will be so happy”

He walked; no strutted over to the phone and dialed 753 6425.


Mom are you sitting down?”

“I am now.” Though she wasn't really

“Mom umm this is hard to say but Natalia's pregnant”

There was a scream and then there was a loud thump on the other end of the line.

“Leanne honey where are you? Are you all right? Oh my lord what happened?”

Dad, DAD hullo?”

Richard picked the phone up off the floor. “Hullo?”

Dad sit down”

He walked over and sat down on the couch.

Are you sitting?”

Yes, yes I'm sitting”

Natalia's pregnant we're gonna have a baby girl.”

“Leanne, LEANNE.”

“John will you hold on?”

He walked over and got a pitcher of cold water and poured it on Leanne. She jolted into consciousness.

What, what?”

Leanne honey, Natalia's pregnant''

We're coming down.''

No, mom you don't have to do that we got it handled.”

Jonathan Tegmire Thompson we are gonna come down whether you like it or not be expecting us tomorrow at 12:00

Mom how are you gonna do that it's a three day drive?”

Ever heard of a air plane?”

Ok buh bye”


“I knew I knew we should have waited to tell them. I mean I love my parents but them coming over it's too much.”

“Honey they only care for you give e'm a chance.”

“Fine, all right ok but if they get too nosey then they're outa here.”

Sounds all right.”

They got up and started getting the spare bedroom ready for the parents the come.

Honey if they're coming then I might want to dash to the store to get some food. We aren't the most prepared for the family I mean all we got is tomato soup.”

Don't worry mom'll do that she always does.”

“Ok if you think so.”

They went to bed early as one does when they have to get up at an early hour. The next morning they went to the baby supplies store and started pricing stuff they were home half an hour late and saw a car in the drive way.

Mom how very nice to see you again.”

Yeah I know it, where's the mother to be?”

Leanne I'm right here.”

Oh ok”

Well I can tell you haven't eaten all day so I'll start dinner.”

John gave Natalia an I told you look behind her mothers back.

Well me and john are just gonna go up stairs and, well I don't really know.”

Ok why don't ya'll go outside to the park?”

Cause we don't want to.”

Oh, well ok.”

John and Natalia went upstairs and made plans on getting rid of her. They couldn't think of anything. So they decided to let her help after all how much could it hurt? They went to the doctors this time john waited outside. Inside he heard two screams immediately he threw open the door ands ran inside.

What the hell is going on here?”

“John honey we're having twins”


No honey I'm not kidding

“Nat we're gonna have to cut the budget in half if we're having twins.”

Oh yeah its fraternal twins. That means one boy and one girl”

Now we have a short budget and we have to be careful.”

Nonsense, we will give you as much money as you need, as a matter a fact we'll move in for the first couple of months.”

“No Leanne you don't have to do that we should get into the habit of taking care of the”

“No I insist.”

Well ok if you want to do that Leanne you can.”

Leanne, Richard, John and Natalia went shopping for the new materials for the babies. They went with neutral colors cause they had no idea what the other baby was gonna be. After that they relaxed and three days before the scheduled birth they took a stroll to the lake. Then it happened in the middle of the of the stroll Natalia screamed; screamed in pain.

“JOHN I think I'm in labor”

Oh my God what am I gonna do?”

What are you gonna do, you should be thinking about me I'm in LABOR!

She screamed at him.

John pretty much carried Natalia to the hospital.

“Why Mr. and Mrs. Thompson we weren't expecting you for at least another two days.”

We know now can we get a room please she's kinda in labor.”

Yes right this way.”

She led them into the best room they could find.

The doctor should be in soon.”

Five minutes later came a knock on the door.

Ok Natalia I want you to push; push as hard as you can. Also breathe in a steady paced.”


After fifteen minutes the first twin was born

It's a girl”

“Natalia we'll need a name.” Said the nurse

“Narcissa Brook”

Then the twin came out it was a girl.

Alana Rain Anne”

Ok Narcissa is 5 pounds 3 ounces, a very healthy weight for a new born.”

Well what about Alana?”

“4 pounds 1 ounce.”

Ok that's not bad.”

Then all of a sudden it happened again Natalia went into labor.

“I thought you weren't supposed to have any more” the doctor said in unison with John, after delivering the third child who was a boy.

Seeing how you named the first two children I'm naming the boy”

Ok well name him.”

“Easton Daly Prince”

That's a nice name, hopefully I wont have any unexpected children.” She said irritably.

Wait till I tell mom she'll freak out.”

He walked over to the phone and called Leanne.


“Mom you'll never believe this, Natalia had triplets.”

“I'm cumin straight down there.”

A half hour later Leanne and Richard arrived.

“Natalia honey are you all right?”

Yeah Leanne, I'm just dandy you try pushing out three kids at once.”

Ok I will.”

“Leanne I was being sarcastic.”

So was I Hun.”

A few weeks later Natalia and John went home with the kids while Leanne and Richard went to the store to get the necessary necessities for the children. They returned home after two hours. Natalia and John were in bed and the babies asleep finally after the two hours it took them to sleep. Leanne and Richard crept quietly up the stairs trying not to wake anybody and fainted in the bed. The next morning they woke up at 8:00 A.M. and came down stairs to Natalia with the kids in her arms.

“Natalia” she whispered. It was too late the girls started to cry.

“Leanne” she said sleepily yet sharp as she stroked Alana's rich Caramel hair. “Where's Narcissa?”

“I have her in my arms.”

Hand her over to me.”

Leanne handed Narcissa to her. Once again Natalia started stroking her rich auburn chestnut mixed hair.



Why do you stroke their hair like that?”

“My own mother used to do that when I was a baby, and when I was depressed or sad. Doing that brings back memories of joy, hope, and Love”

“Oh I get it.”

Yeah it kinda brings me back into my old time, I mean world.”

Oh ok I get it.”

“Leanne I have to go some where, don't worry I'll take the triplets with me. John is at work he'll be home for lunch. Could you please get the nursery ready so they can have a nap when they get home I know they're gonna need it.”

“Yeah sure.” Leanne said in a why don't you do yourself voice

Thank you sooooo much”

Natalia headed out the door towards Madame Petersons house and gave three short raps on the door it was hard to carry the triplets.


“Madame Peterson I had triplets.”

“What, you're kidding. Come on in.”

Ok Madame Peterson meet: Alana Rain Anne.” She said after handing the caramel haired color child to her.

Madame Peterson admired the tea color on her and noticed that she had a birth mark on her.



Did you notice Alana's birthmark?”

No why what is it”

It's a dove Natalia.”

“Well what does that mean?”

“It means that Alana's gonna have the mother of the girl to travel into time.”


Did your grandma or didn't she have the birth mark of the dove?”

“She did ok now that we know that let me introduce the other two.”


“As I was saying before that happened, this is Narcissa Brook” She said as she handed her the Auburn chestnut mixed haired child. Once again Madame Peterson examined the child and noticed she was white and extremely pale.”



Have you noticed that this child is white while the other one is black?”

“Noooo, I think I would notice what color of a child came out of me.”


“Now may I introduce you to Easton Daly Prince?” She handed her a sandy hair child who looked exactly like his father except a wee bit darker.

Wow a spitting image of his father.”

Yeah he is he's the youngest out of them. Madame Peterson what time is it?”

“Natalia it's 2:00pm”

“Oh my goodness I got to go.”

“Ok, well drop by and visit.”

“Yes we will but I got to go”

She rushed out the door and headed off towards her house. About 30 minutes later, she arrived at the house with the triplets and snuck in the door.

“Natalia, honey is that you?”

Yeah John it's me”

Where were you and the triplets I was worried sick.”

“I was at Madame Peterson's house I got something to tell you.”

Natalia and John reclined on the couch and Natalia told him everything about what Madame Peterson had told her. Then they looked at Alana and she had the same mark on her in the same spot.

“No; No I won't let them go I'm not loosing the ones I love I've lost everybody else I've ever loved it's not gonna happen again! She screamed, fighting back tears.

“Natalia it's gota happen the only thing you can do is teach them the most you can about history. Try to teach them about all the eras you can. The ways, the food habits and always make sure they get their shots.”

Just then the doorbell rang.

Who is it John called.”

“Your old buddies they responded.”

“Natalia go and take Alana and Easton and get into your maid uniform.” He mouthed. He guessed exactly who it was and he was right. There in the thresh hold of his house stood the Klan and not looking very happy might I add.

“Hey Robert, Michael, Rick, and of course Danny how are you? Do you want a drink? Tea? Wine? Whiskey? Brandy?

Oh don't mind if we do.” Michael said

“I heard you got married.” Rick implied

Yeah, I did and we had a child too. May I introduce you to Narcissa Brook?”

Oh looks beautiful.” Said Robert

Where are our drinks?” Michael asked impatiently

Oh yeah I forgot, Natalia get us a bottle of wine and five glasses.”

Five minutes later Natalia came out surprisingly still able to fit in her uniform. She curtsied as if it were only yesterday.

Here you go Mr. Thompson sir, may I get you anything else?”

“No Natalia that will be fine.”

Yes sir.”

“Man that's one hot maid you got there.” They all said

“I'll buy her from you I can use some midnight satisfaction.”

“No she is a maid not a slave big difference.”

“Ya'll' have changed a lot.”

And besides she may be a nigger but she is still a woman now I'm gonna go talk to her.”

He walked in the door and went into the kitchen.

“Sorry Natalia I just don't want them to get suspicious”

“I know he walked out again and sat down on the couch

“So you guys I was about to get ready for bed can you like go away?”

Yeah sure.”

As soon as the Klan left John walked into the kitchen again.

“Natalia I'm so sorry I thought that I lost all contact with them.”

That's ok maybe it's a good thing you're friends with them.”

“Natalia, they're the KKK think about it why is it good?”

“It gives you a good face in the community”

Yeah, but I don't know it sounds all right, but how can we be sure.”

“John haven't you kept up the fa?ade for two years?”

Yeah but”

You can hold it up longer, I know you can. Things are gonna change around here in a year or so and I have a plan.”

Natalia sat John down and told him the plan.


Eve woke up early looking for a story on Nigger rebellion, but she couldn't find any thing. She snooped around the Nigger neighbor hood. `They must be planning a big rebellion, and then my report will make the front page.'

Later that day she found the most juicy story. The sheriff and a colored girl kissing! In public too.

She immediately went home and started to type out the juiciest story she had ever

Seen. She went to bed smiling gleefully.


John woke up to the news paper on the porch the headline read:

Sheriff Traitor

While walking down the niggers street writes Eve Adams I came

across the most disgusting sight for one to lay their eyes on I saw

the sheriff; yes Sheriff John Thompson kissing a nigger girl.

Sources tell me that this nigger though a very pretty girl is his

Wife. We asked John Thompson yesterday about the incident and

this is what he said.

“Are you or are you not married to this nigger?'

“I am married to her and we have three kids. Their names are Narcissa Brook Thompson, Alana Rain Anne, and finally the soon to be head of the family, Easton Daly Prince.”

The fact that he is married to this nigger girl is not the problem; the problem is that he is happy to be married to the trash. Or as he says Natalia. Who is this Natalia? Is she a magician? Is she a witch? A source who we cannot name but we call Judy says as follows:

“I passed by Natalia's room and I hears gibberish. Spooky stuff then I hears a scream; an ears splitting scream, and then I walked in and I sees blood on the ground it scared the pickles out of me.”

So there you have it, Natalia Thompson is a witch or is she? The evidence points other wise but it is the public's decision.

“Natalia honey come here.”

Huh?” She said in a sleepy voice she read over the same article. “Me a witch come on” she said half laughing

“I know and that story is so fake

Oh well look at this”

As they turned the pages they saw a lot more stories on “Nigger rebellion”. There was one in Alabama where people refused the KKK. There was another one under the story about Natalia; Martin Luther King was preaching about Violence and how they should handle it peacefully.

“Martin's gonna be famous soon”

How do you know?”

“I did a report on him in my time and earned an A+.”


Yeah he's gonna die in a few years”


He's gonna be assassinated.”

Sooooo ok”


Just as Natalia rededicated uproars happened in the south a lot especially in Texas, Alabama and Georgia. Natalia went into hiding with the babies in Leanne and Richard's attic. So even if the KKK did show up she would be safe. The children now (now one year old) started to become restless and they would have to be let out in the park one at a time and in disguise. Natalia began to learn to knit in her time in the attic by the time March was over she had learned to knit mittens and scarves. On April 28th John drove up to visit Natalia. She was so surprised.

“John what are you doing here?”

“Honey it's our anniversary, did you really think I would forget our wedding day?”

No but it's dangerous for you to be here.”

“I had to see you and the kids. How are they?”

“They're fine.”

“Natalia how much longer do you have to hide like this?”

About a couple more weeks.”

You serious?”


Just come home.”

“John I can't I'm not gonna risk Alana, Easton, or even Narcissa's life. Most important I'm not gonna risk yours or mine.”

John left the house next day sad and weary. He knew that if he didn't, the people he was leading would not be happy and think he rejoined the Klan so he had to drive day and night. He finally returned home after a two day drive and was exhausted by the time he returned to his house. Just as Natalia predicted, Martian Luther King gave his famous speech I have a dream for one last time. John didn't know it though. When he opened his bedroom door he stumbled to his bed and fainted in it.

The clock said 10:30 am. John awoke after a long drive went down stair got something to eat and sat down to the TV. He turned on the news and what he heard shocked him so bad that he literally chocked on his food.

“This is a sad day in history. As of 10:00 this morning Martian Luther King is no longer with us. He checked into the hotel Rogers and went up to his room. When he got up there he unpacked, noticed the scenery and walked outside to admire it. What came next none of us would believe. He was found dead on the balcony he lived a good life and we will all remember him. When he was on that balcony he was assassinated; shot in the back of the head. Police are still looking for leads on who the killer is but nothing was found.”

John ran to the phone and called Natalia.


“Natalia its me did you just see the news.

“Let me guess Martian Luther King was found dead and police have no leads. I've got news for you there wont be a killer found because after that they're gonna go home and kill themselves out of guilt.”


No just kidding.”

Oh ok”

But that means I can go home now.”


In about a month, yeah”

“Ok thank God.”

That you should.”

A month went by quicker because they had something to look forward to. Before any of them knew it including the kids (now two years old.) Natalia returned home and lived life normally and happily, because she knew that when her children went to school it would no longer be segregated and she would be allowed to be a lawyer once more. She thought of this as she lie in bed.

The next morning Natalia and the children walked out onto the balcony where Natalia first cleaned and watched the sunrise.

“Things are gonna get a lot better from now on Natalia. For us and the kids.”

“I know they are until the Vietnam War.”


“I'm just kidding.” And at that she kissed him. They didn't pull apart until Natalia felt a pull on her skirt.

“Mommy” Narcissa said “I love you”

I love you and all the others too you have changed my life and for that I am always thankful.”

She leaned down and picked up Narcissa in her arms and stared as the sun rose into the sky representing a bright future.