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Original Fiction >> Horror

The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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By Persephone


Immortal I. - Downfall

Hell found me. They found me. I should have known that they would. I think that I had even expected that. Sometimes I subconsciously looked for them among the people in the crowded streets. Still, I was somewhat taken aback when I finally spotted them in the crowd. After all those years, they came for me. I recognised them immediately. To everyone else, they would look like regular human. But I saw their eyes. Or better said, what they had instead of them. Their eyes were black. Completely black. No pupils, no irises, no white, just black emptiness. They could not see with those eyes, but they didn`t need to. They always sensed their victims. In a way, they saw much more than we could ever see with our normal eyes. Do you ask who they are? They`re Vuoto - deprived of the soul. Children of hell.

They gained the gift of an eternal life, but as usual, had to pay a price for it - they lost their souls. That is the reason why now, every month when there is new moon, they go on a hunt - they catch their preys and take their soul. But they cannot behold them. They have to give them to their master, ruler of hell. That`s why they are always hungry and craving for more.

Yeah, I know. Sounds probably like a bullshit to you. But I know what I saw and I know what I went through. Believe me, I don`t need to tell amazing stories and show off, I've already gotten enough attention in my life. In fact, more than I would like. For example now. I don`t really think it was essential that they come back. But seemingly, they were of different opinion.

When I noticed them now I was just on my way to work. I was in a hurry, for I was running late. But as I saw them, I hurried even more. I felt relief only when I closed the door of my office behind me, but that was just temporary. I knew that if they really wanted to get me in the spot, unprepared as I was, I wouldn`t have the chance to escape. Not anymore, not like I did those eleven years ago when I saved my sister from them. I still quite don`t know how I managed that, I was only sixteen at the time.

I stole a soul, one that should have belonged them. Since that time, they have caught many souls, I`m sure. But that wasn`t enough. It never is, you know. They came back for revenge and I knew that now they intended to get two souls instead of that one. My sister`s and mine.

Then it struck me. Amy! I have to tell her, to protect her. I just hoped that when I saved her once, I could do it again. Still something deep inside kept telling me that back there, I was just damned lucky. There was no time for thinking though, so I just picked up my phone and dialed Amy's number. I thought that there would be answering machine on the other end, as it usually was when I needed something important. To tell the truth, for a moment I thought they already got her.

But then she answered and I asked her to meet me at the caf? we used to go with our friends. I wanted her to be there immediately. She was upset, of course, saying that she can`t just walk away from the work whenever she would like to, but this time it didn`t bother me. If she doesn`t come there, then maybe soon she wouldn`t go anywhere at all. Reluctantly, she finally agreed. I ended the call and headed to the place of our meeting.

On my way, I looked around often, searching for them, but saw no one. I knew I could feel relatively safe during the day, but that did not make me feel better. I must have looked like a paranoid fool that escaped from a madhouse, but I didn`t care. Amy and I came to the caf? at the same time.

„I hope you have very good reason for making me leave the work just like that,“ she started angrily, not even greeting me.

„Believe me, I do,“ I answered truthfully, but then stayed silent for a moment. What should I say? `Great to see you, sis, and by the way, there are some undead that came for your soul again?` Sounds a bit... harshly, I daresay. I was unsure of how she would take this. When it happened the last time, she was just a little girl, and she didn`t remember much from that. And what she remembered, she took for a nightmare she used to have. I never tried to correct her - why should I? It would just scare her. So I let her believe it to be a dream. Guess I will have to explain now.

“Ehm... Amy, you do remember the nightmare you used to have as a little child, right?“ I asked trying to be subtle.

„I do, but why?“ she wondered. „You called me here only to ask me this? If I knew -“

„It wasn't a dream, it was true,“ I cut her off, sometimes the method of shocking someone is the best.

„I wouldn`t - „ she continued, but then the meaning of my words hit her. „Wait, what did you just said?“ she asked in disbelief. „Are you trying to pull some stupid joke on me or what? I thought you`ve grown out of this.“ Her voice was filled with disgust.

„No , I mean it. I am deadly serious,“ I answered and she looked at me as if I went nuts.

„Okay, now, let`s say I believe you. Why are you telling me that? Now?“

„Because they`re back. For you and me.“

„What is this about Trey? Who are they even? I don`t remember much. Have they tried to kidnap me and ask money or what? Why would they come back?“

„No, they don't want money. Remember that when I was teenager I was interested in these dark occulty things?That`s how I know about them. They are called Vuoto - the empty, because they have no soul.They hunt people and eat their souls.“ I said expresionlessly.

„What? I get it, you are kidding me!“

„Oh, and sometimes they drink their victim's blood,“ I added. If she wasn`t convinced that I was insane while before, she was now. She looked at me with sympathy. „Trey, I told you not to work that much. Now you see it.“

„AMY!“ I yelled. „I`m not crazy, I`m just trying to protect you.“

„Okay, just calm down, bro. People are staring at us.“ Typical. There`s immense danger waiting for us on every corner and she`s concerned with people looking at us. But of course, she didn`t believe me.

„Now, I tell you how we solve this. You take nice long holiday and I get back to work right now. Don`t wanna get fired , you know. See you later.“ She smiled at me, stood up and walked away.

„No! Amy, wait! AMY!“

Well, she was right. People did stare at me. „What are you looking at? This is not the cinema!“ I snapped at two teenagers sitting at the table near mine and left the caf? too.

Great. This is just great. My sister is in danger and I can`t protect her because she doesn`t believe me and thinks I`m crazy. Welcome to my life. But I can`t leave it at this. Am I that weak? There must be something to do. Avoid the dark places (they don`t like light ), don`t go out at night, especially not when there is new moon, and get the stuff that keeps them away - you know, like a bible, crucifix, holly water, silver and so on...although it didn`t help that much. There weren`t many of them, but they became stronger with every soul.

I went back to my office but instead of working I considered what I could do. Then I realised the next new moon is going to be tonight. I called Amy again and made her promise me she wouldn`t go out tonight after the sunset. She agreed, out of pity of what is happening with me. Yeah, Amy, I know. It`s really sad.

I went home before the nightfall, too. I turned on the TV to watch the news. I still had to come up with some plan how to outwit the Vuoto again. I just hoped Amy kept her promise and did not go anywhere. Suddenly the phone rang.

I answered it, but on the other end was just silence and Igot really bad feeling about this. Though, maybe it was just some prank call. Still, I couldn`t just hang up on the person. No, I had to ask that stupid question. „Who is it?“ More silence. Then came the answer.

„You know who is it, Trey.“ Oh no. NO NO NO NO NO! This is soooo not happening to me. Well, of course I knew who it was, I?just thought, what if...maybe... You know, hope dies last. Even more silence. Then: “We have Amy. And you know what you have to do.“ Now, that was just stating the obvious.

I hung up, left my apartment and went to the nearest cemetery. For some unfathomable reason, that was their favourite place. Maybe just because it scared a lot of people. I was like under a spell, I think I couldn`t do else even if I wanted to. And I didn`t, for they had my sister. I reached the cemetery and walked through the old rusty gate. I saw no one, but something just lead me to the old chapel on the other end.

The door was open, it was no longer used. I stepped in. There was not much light, just a few candles alight. As I said , they don`t like the light, although they can stand some. I saw a coffin on the catafalque and I knew Amy would be lying there. I came nearer....and nearer....and nearer...Now I stood next to it and indeed, there was lying Amy.

But she wasn`t dead, not yet. She was just tied up and scared to death. `Don`t worry, Amy, I`ll get you out of this,` I wanted to say and make her smile again, but I just couldn`t bring myself to lie to her again. The time of show-down had come. Amy`s eyes suddenly widened in fear and I knew without turning around that they are behind me. `Time to say goodbye to your soul, Trey,` I heard a whisper despite no one talking. That spoke my fear. `If only they let her go,` I prayed. `At least her.` I?turned to face them. At least, I`m going to die like a man, protecting her. Oh cool, another pathetic phrase in my pathetic life.

There were seven of them, standing in semi-circle. „We have looked for so long for you, Trey,“ said the man in the middle.

„And you waited for us,“ said a woman, no, a girl on his right. She looked terribly young. How could she end up like this? They moved closer to me and the semi-circle grew smaller. Suddenly I felt I was scared. Not worried about Amy, like before, no. I was afraid to die. The girl that spoke while before laughed and as if reading my mind she said: „You feel it, too. The fear coming from inside of you, eating you alive.“ She laughed more. „Don`t worry, all of us did. We were afraid of death, just like you are. But you don`t have to die, you know. Just few drops of blood from someone you love, one soul and you can live.“

This somewhat scared me even more, despite my former persuasion it wasn`t possible any more. They didn`t want my soul, they wanted me to become one of them. How joyful. The girl started to walk to me, but when she reached me, she didn`t stop. She passed me and stopped next to the coffin where Amy was lying. Another girl slightly older than her handed her knife and a glass. „No! What are you doing?! Leave my sister alone!“ I wanted to scream and run to her, but something kept me in place. It might have been them, or just my strong imagination, I really don`t know.

She took Amy`s hand and cut her with the knife. Blood started to flow out of the cut and she held the glass to catch it. I was no longer afraid, I was terrified now. How wrong could this get yet? She turned to me, holding the almost full glass in her outstretched hand. „Drink,“ she ordered. Very wrong, I see. I gathered the last remains of all the courage I ever had. „NO!“ I said defiantly. „I won't do that! I won't let her die!“

The girl jumped to me and held the knife to my throat. „You`ve got a choice, honey,“ she whispered dangerously. „Drink or die.“ I felt the knife piercing my thin skin. A trickle of blood ran down my neck. I couldn`t see it, but I definitely felt it. I looked into her dreadful black eyes. All my defiance was gone now. The fear came back in all its force. I did not want to die.

I took the glass and drank. Suddenly all my fear easily disappeared, just like it came. It tasted so sweet, better than any wine ever could. I felt life flow into my veins. I was one of them. „Excellent,“ said the girl. „Now take your first soul,“ she said and looked at Amy. I approached her.

„I am sorry Amy. I promise it won`t hurt,“ these were the last words she heard.

Now I know that this happened, because it was meant to be. Because I secretly even wanted it to be. My secret wish, that could never have been spoken in words openly, but that my soul cried silently every dark night. I am immortal now, since I became one of the Vuoto. It's really pity that Amy isn't here with me. I think she might like it. But you know, her soul was beautiful - and it tasted so sweet, even sweeter than her blood. Maybe our master would allow me to keep just a little bit of it - sweet memory of my dear sister.

But the night is still young and I sense all the souls out there calling for me, inviting me just to come and feed my insatiable hunger. We will be soon on our way into the dark night. And you will be waiting for us. You know us. Some of you call us vampires. Well, it's time to go and catch some lovely soul. You know, it may even be yours, if you're outside tonight…



The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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