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Part #8 - When Love Is Cruel!
beneath_the_lies                   (User #1502) N/A 01/16/2008 05:30:18pm

Yay! I stole Davids bass. hehe. I wonder what kind of song we'll probably write back there. =] lol

You were pregnant and you lost the baby? Or even worse your in a coma?

I cant wait to see what youre going to do with this =]

Part #7 - Uh Oh!
beneath_the_lies                   (User #1502) N/A 12/13/2006 10:43:29pm

What? Are you going to die? Are you going to do that thing like lucas did on one tree hill with Keith? That was a good episode. anyways i cant wait to see where this is going. luv yas

luvs missy

Part #6 - Performing Is Important!
Jenn loves Simple Plan                   (User #2090) N/A 09/10/2006 09:33:57pm

Another Great Chapter . Love it Cant Wait 4 the Next Update

beneath_the_lies                   (User #1502) N/A 08/31/2006 02:04:11am

woohoo. Avril Lavigne. Gotta love that music. Another good chapter woman. or should I say guys. (meaning the three of you) hehe. I dont know if I could ever get on stage and sing in front of that many ppl, I barely sing in front of my friends. Id go see that show if there really was one like that. :) Cant wait for the next update.

Part #5 - The Girl Can Rock!
beneath_the_lies                   (User #1502) N/A 08/31/2006 01:49:43am

hey lins, awesome chapter. the fergie of simple plan huh? I could picture it. Sorta... lol.
"that was from one tree hill," i said to myself. ---> you have to mention a good show like One Tree Hill at least once in your story. :P Cant wait for the next season to start. "This next act is special to me and the guys. she's chuck's wife, the mother of his baby, pierre's ex, jeff's controller, seb's best friend, pat's fellow merch seller, and my cousin...." Way to lay it all out on the table there. haha. Id loved it. well im off to review the next chapter. Luv yas!

Part #4 - The Secert Is Revealed!
beneath_the_lies                   (User #1502) N/A 04/10/2006 12:06:28am

Hmmm... I think the famed 'first reviewer' line belongs here. So... Yay! First Reviewer! lol. I

Part #3 - I Hope She Tells Him Now!
I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 02/25/2006 04:48:16am

OMG i want to know what happens UPDATE SOON!!!!
lerve yas (& the story)

Danielle Luckey                   (User #1781) N/A 02/25/2006 02:31:57am

lol interesting very i have a comment but its mean so i won't put it. i luved it and can't wait for an update. love yous ttyl

Part #2 - Time For Work!
Danielle Luckey                   (User #1781) N/A 02/04/2006 06:06:28pm

yea i agree way to obvious. CHUCK sexy chuck. kool can't wait 4 more but don't forget ur other story too.

I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 02/04/2006 04:31:23pm

YAY first reviewer! and it's CHUCK that was so it's cool i like it, UPDATE SOON!!!

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