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Part #13 - It's Almost Time!
KaznagaN                   (User #1656) N/A 12/18/2005 09:57:39pm

oh two days to go!
L you okay? if u need to talk email me or im me or what ever!
Good chapter - even if its short - i like to read!
keep it up

Danielle Luckey                   (User #1781) N/A 12/17/2005 05:51:46pm

hey pierre great chapter and thanx 4 adding me in it again. talk to u soon bye lins

Part #12 - The Birth
Danielle Luckey                   (User #1781) N/A 12/13/2005 05:09:46pm

gurl i luv them names i hope they r useful some day. such a good story update talk to you soon gurl i hope. i e-mail david to tell him good job lol later luv ya.

I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 12/13/2005 03:25:20pm

Yay Chapter! It was awesome...I don't wanna wait...I'm impatient...As I say, I have the attention span of a rodent on speed...that is why my stories are all over the can't wait for more!

KaznagaN                   (User #1656) N/A 12/13/2005 03:14:30pm

congrats - she had the buby - i gotta wait for another update till the 17th.... grrr that sucks!
hope all goes well with the ex - trust me - going through the break up at the moment myself!
Keep it up

Part #11 - My Life Is Finally Turning Around!
Danielle Luckey                   (User #1781) N/A 12/12/2005 04:46:20pm

hey lins danny here talk 2 me pleaz i need to talk to u pleaz! just talk ok good story keep it up. pleaz e-mail me i want ot talk to u ok luv u gurl. i have to worry ur like my best friend. ok update.

I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 12/09/2005 10:48:51pm

Yay chapter...that was a close one, Pierre and Lindz are so cute together!!! UPDATE SOON!!!!

Part #10 - Surprise Again!
I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 12/03/2005 08:58:41pm

OK i just read like 4 chapters and you are going to be with SP!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, that is so awesome, I would sell my sole to be able to meet them, in fact if I ever meet Patrick i am going to offer him my sole for his, awesome chapters I really like this story, UPDATE SOON!!!!!

P.S. if you wanna know somethimg funny go to my profile on this site, UPDATE SOON!!!

Part #7 - The Fight
I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 11/21/2005 09:31:35pm

Short Chapter SUX!!!lol j/p j/p Short but awesome!!! can'wait for more!! update soon!!!

Part #6 - My Life's Getting Screwed Up!
I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 11/20/2005 05:30:20pm

YAY first reviewer!!! Awesome Chapter, Pat is such a sewety...I can't wait for more, i want to know if Pierre kick Pat's Soon!!

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