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Part #7 - The Ending
Gracie                   (User #1733) N/A 12/20/2005 09:00:08pm

Hey Karlie,
i thought i had reviewed this story but it turns out i haven't, sorry!! and this was one of the first stories i actually read. anywayz i lub it!!!! you know i luv everything u write so this would come as no surprise! well im rambling on
Lub Ya

I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 11/13/2005 04:47:22pm

I liked it it was funny. You write fantasticly!!!!! Write more stories, can't wait to read more!

Part #6 - Finally The BiG Day
I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 11/11/2005 12:46:13am

NO IT HAS TO BE LONGER I LOVE IT!!!! I can't wiat for the next chapter though!

Part #4 - More Dreams To Come
I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 11/08/2005 08:07:51pm

OMFG...UPDATE SOON...i like your story a lot...keep writeing!

Part #3 - Dream Analysing
xtremexchicax                   (User #1712) N/A 11/04/2005 01:53:49pm

::does happy dance:: this is awesome. i like wen pierre has the girl...but seb is a cutie too! update soon i wana read more!!!!!!!!

I'm_Still_Here                   (User #1554) N/A 11/03/2005 03:35:56pm

I like it very differant. i like the dream thing i am studing dreams for a project for a class and it is really cool to see it used in a story, especilly about my favorate people in the world. UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

beneath_the_lies                   (User #1502) N/A 11/03/2005 01:28:11pm

i like it, you should keep going!

Part #3 - Dream Analysing
Take_me_away510                   (User #1493) N/A 11/03/2005 11:27:05am

YAY!!!! hahaha awesomeness job. WRITE MORE STORIES!!!! tehehe.

Dope                   (User #1731) N/A 11/03/2005 03:33:16am

Yeah it is really good. It made me laugh about how weird that was.. haha you shoudl soo write more to it!

Take_me_away510                   (User #1493) N/A 11/02/2005 06:35:10pm

=0 =0 =0 =0 =0 =0 =0
Geeez. Hah, it was good though. Were you planning on adding more? You should, it's pretty good, especially for a first one.

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