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Part #4 - Cash Dogg
Jaycen Walker                   (User #3999) N/A 04/26/2007 03:53:23pm

Who doesn't love Cash? He should be the spoks dog for Boxer breeders or something. Please up date soon.

Part #2 - Chapter 1: We Love To Hate
Jaycen Walker                   (User #3999) N/A 04/26/2007 03:46:58pm

I liked the first chapter, I'm about to read some more.

Mest_Grl_2010                   (User #2598) N/A 07/30/2006 02:32:22am

hey the story is good but u need to up date badly so hopefull you up date your story

Part #4 - Cash Dogg
BenjiaholeIsHott                   (User #1853) N/A 12/26/2005 09:06:20pm

Cash is like the CUTEST dog...EVER!!! well next to my dog at least!!! lol! i think benji likes her!! hehe

Tarzard                   (User #1147) N/A 07/13/2005 11:56:06pm

YAY! Cash! and party!!!!! update soon plz!!!

Grace                   (User #1116) N/A 07/12/2005 04:04:42pm

aaawwwww.......yay i love Cash!!! haha update soon plz!!! i like it!!! i wanna what goes down at the party!!! haha sumthin good is gunna happen rite??? haha

Part #3 - Something Is Wrong
Grace                   (User #1116) N/A 07/10/2005 12:11:35am

aw cute!!! lol....i like benji nice!!! haha up date soon plz!!!!

Grace                   (User #1116) N/A 07/08/2005 07:59:22pm

dude i like it.....whats up with benji being an asshole???? OMG I JUST FOUND OUT MY MOM GOT ME TICKETS TO GC IN NINE DAYS !!!! she has to come of course cuz she doesn't trust me( she thinks i do drugs...which i don't) but i got to invite a friend so its all good!!! haha well update soon plz!!!!!!!!

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