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Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Avenged Sevenfold >> Dirty Little Secret >> Chapter 10- We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together >> Reviews

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StephyyGates.xo                   (User #9670) N/A 01/19/2013 01:30:19pm

Oh my fucking godd...

Charlie_Lavigne                   (User #11243) N/A 12/18/2012 08:35:06pm

sorry i havent reviewed in forever, but i had finals and
then vacations came arround (big trip with no internet),
but i just wanted to say, reading your come back made my
day!! and what a n awesome comeback! i was literally
giggling and screaming out loud while i read the new
i think shads its such an @ss right now, i wanna slap him
across the face! he is all Mr responsabilities with
rhiannons kids and couldnt care less for the one he has
with Val??? wassupwiththat??? what a fine exampole of
unmature prick...... but is it so wrong that i cant hate
him and still hope he has redemtion and kinda deep down im
rooting for him to comeback with rhi??::Sighs::

honestly i was kinda sad to find out the little one was
matts and not shads, but oh well, matt its kinda the
sweetest character ive read of in a while:) so i really
like him as an addition to this crazy drama that i love so

i would really love to hear more about the brian's baby
story i think that one is also juicy juicy! hehehe

Well welcome back and have a great week, im sure im not the
only one waiting for more!

*~TheRevsGirl~*                   (User #11272) N/A 12/16/2012 11:27:15pm

I love this story. I'm eager to fond out who she ends up with tho so
update soon! Val is batshit crazy. She better not fuck with tht little baby. I
know Shads is a jerk but I hope he and Rhiannon turn it around. I like
the sound of them together better than her and Matt W. Keep it coming
lady!! :):)

N Kinney                   (User #7356) N/A 12/07/2012 06:13:52am

Wow! Someone needs to stop her soon. That was crazy! I am kind of glad that Jace isn't Shads.

moneclover                   (User #7752) N/A 12/06/2012 06:16:24pm

Oh, I totally forgot!

These kids are tying my Fallopian tubes in knots all by
themselves. The oldest is so sassy and I don't know where
the hell a 6 year old hears all this about hooking up and
incest and all that crazy stuff, but I'd either wash his
mouth out with soap, or drown him in the bathtub.

Haha, see what I did there?

That's terrible. J/K, obviously.

Too soon.

moneclover                   (User #7752) N/A 12/06/2012 06:12:43pm

Okay, I just have to acknowledge the fact that you are the
only person I know who can write a story that I'm
completely in love with, yet at the same time, I hate
almost every single character in it.

Rhiannon was irresponsible and stupid to have unprotected
sex (with two men) and then not tell one (or both) of them
that she was pregnant. Matt's kind of a dope for waiting
around all that time for her to come around, although I
guess he's not so bad. Shads is literally the scum of the
earth and I hope he gets hit by a fucking semi truck
because he's that big of a piece of shit. Val's crazy and
it's pretty much all Matt's fault for letting her think
things were okay when they weren't, and now she's trying to
be a baby killer (I really hope someone stops her somehow,
but it won't change how bat shit crazy she is.) Michelle's
an idiot for trying to make her marriage something it's
not, Brian's almost as bad as Matt is, except at least he's
a little bit more honest with how he feels about Michelle
(not enough).

This line, even though I HATE SHADS in this story, made me
all, "Uh, yeah!"

“That apparently you both went from screwing guys in one
band, to screwing guys in another band,” Shads retorted,
rolling his eyes. “Obviously.”

Yeah, it does look pretty obvious there.

What else... I don't know. This is insanity, and I love it!
It's like a giant cluster fuck of drama and CRAZY and I
want to murder everyone in it and I'm obsessed!!

Props to you for making me simultaneously enraged and
enamored. :D

resyn                   (User #10795) N/A 12/06/2012 04:14:45pm

She better not hurt that little boy. Geez so much going on here. I am glad Jace isn't his and surprised how he was so positive that the other Matt was his Dad. This is just too much. I really need more to this... just sayin ;P

Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 12/06/2012 07:39:32am

Omg! Someone needs to stop Val! And I figured Jace wasnt shads. Great
update!! - Brianna

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