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Morgan Bailey                   (User #11245) N/A 01/27/2013 07:45:01pm

Great story, especially if english is not your first language, just whish there was a little more substance, maybe for the next one try to have more details. Keep on writing !

Part #21 - 20- December 23rd 2014
Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 01/24/2013 05:28:36am

Haha my bday is april 22! I loved the ending dramatic quick and to the
point. Can't wait to read the next story :)

Part #20 - 19- December 13th 2014
Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 01/24/2013 05:25:05am

Omg! How dare Brian think he can just kiss her like that. He had his
chance and blew it. Omg! She's dead?! Can't wait to see what's next!

Part #19 - 18- December 11th 2014
Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 01/10/2013 09:55:14pm

Omg im so happy for them! Michelle better stay the hell away! I wonder of
she will show up at her and vals parents house. Cant wait to see!

Part #18 - 17- October 22nd- 23rd 2014
Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 01/07/2013 06:32:04am

I think she should stay with Zacky. Brian broker her heart. Zacky actually
cares for her. I wonder if Michelle moved to where Justin is. Great

Part #17 - 16- October 16th And 22nd 2014
Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 01/05/2013 07:09:33am

Haha so first I saw the name Justin and that's my boyfriend's name so I
thought it was cool until I found out that Justin in the story is a horrible
person. Great update! So glad to see that Daisy is awake now. Aww Zacky
wants to marry her. I love that. I have a feeling she will say yes. I hope I'm
right lol.

As for your English, it's really good. It's definitely better than most that
actually speak it as a first language lol. And I think Michelle playing th
mean girl part really fits in this story. Can't wait for next update!


Part #16 - 15- October 14th To 21st 2014
Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 01/03/2013 06:20:44pm

Omg! That would be a horrible thing to get a call like that. Im so glad
Daisy is ok and Zacky is there with her now. Can't wait til next chapter!!

Part #15 - 14- October 14th 2014
Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 01/03/2013 06:16:39pm

Yay they are a couple! Don't tell me Michelle broke into Zackys house?!

Part #14 - 13- August And September 2014
Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 01/03/2013 06:13:08pm

Aw im happy for Daisy. But im also sad for her. Especially having to hear
Bri and Michelle. Im glad she has Zacky now.

Part #13 - 12- July 31st 2014
Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 01/03/2013 06:06:20pm

Dammit Brian. That was an asshole move yet again. I feel bad for her. But
finding comfort in Zacky by making out with him miyht not be the best

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