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Part #43 - Epilogue- When You Believe
kat.vengeance                   (User #6012) N/A 01/06/2016 04:46:10am again lol. Long time no see. It's funny how I keep coming back to
this story over and over again, it's just that damn good. After all these
years, I still can't believe how easy it is for me to visualize what happens
as I read your stories. Gotta tell you, it's freaking awesome. Brian and
Zack in all their glory. Hmmm. (Still looking for "Teasing Alexa" *cough
cough*). Anywho, "If You Believe" has got to be my favourite A7X story
out there, it's just so real, makes you feel you're a fly on the wall watching
Beka and Brian, and Matt...and Brian...and a totally non-sexual
way I swear lol. And yes I read the whole thing through before I realized I
forgot to review every chapter. My bad, I apologize. The interaction
between all the characters is so believable, just like how I'd imagine they'd
be in real life. Even Michelle lol. Maybe even ESPECIALLY her, I believe I
did read an interview or something somewhere where someone did say
she was a bitch. As always, I bow down to the greatness of your writing,
keep it up! If you see new views with no reviews it's probably me again,
just send me a virtual kick in the butt as a reminder lol. By the way, I do
hope you are still writing, I know life can get in the way, 2+ years since
I've touched the final paragraph on my last story. Sorry for the rambling,
it's 2am :)

ScreamTilTheresSilence_x                   (User #11146) N/A 12/21/2012 08:44:56am

Sigh. I remember reading this the first time, it never gets old. So glad it's back
up. So, so glad.

Part #43 - Epilogue- When You Believe
*~TheRevsGirl~*                   (User #11272) N/A 12/15/2012 08:16:47pm

Loved it!!! I secretly hoped tht Matt and Beka would stay together but
Brian works too lol :)

Part #32 - Chapter Thirty
*~TheRevsGirl~*                   (User #11272) N/A 12/12/2012 08:46:29pm

Love the story. More coming?

Meagan_Mayehm                   (User #11124) N/A 12/04/2012 04:08:30am

Grrr! As much as I love Matt... I was seriously hoping she would be with Brian. I mean, I love all the guys, especially Zacky and Brian, no Johnny though. That's just icky. But... Ughh! ;) Brian's just stupid perfect with those cheekbones man! They are amazing! Matt's stupid perfect with his dimples and everything. I just loveys Brian more. :D Still I love this story though!

Part #16 - Chapter Fourteen
Meagan_Mayehm                   (User #11124) N/A 12/04/2012 03:00:55am

Oh my gosh! I cried reading this. Like, I'm not even playing. Haha. I never cry. Well... I do. Just not a lot. Only with things that have to do with Jimmy.

Part #26 - Chapter Twenty-Four
resyn                   (User #10795) N/A 12/03/2012 04:09:46am

Jeez how hot is the flame going to get before it burns them all?

Part #25 - Chapter Twenty-Three
resyn                   (User #10795) N/A 12/03/2012 04:01:09am

He's being so sweet. Oh lord poor Brian, that is the last thing he needs.

Part #24 - Chapter Twenty-Two
resyn                   (User #10795) N/A 12/03/2012 03:51:38am

Wow, that went well. I have a feeling the shit just really started to hit the fan though.

Part #23 - Chapter Twenty-One
resyn                   (User #10795) N/A 12/03/2012 03:19:35am

Oh shit.. none of that is good. Poor Brian. Zacky is going to give her hell....

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