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Part #4 - Chapter 3 - Your Kind Is A Disgrace As I Spit In Your Face
blackhart96                   (User #10812) N/A 11/29/2012 06:39:29pm

Loving the dynamic between Matt and
the vampires. Reminds me of Spike
and Buffy in Season 2 of Buffy.

Part #5 - Chapter 4 - The Chance Is There If You Want It All That Bad
Liars And Monsters                   (User #9568) N/A 11/29/2012 04:09:36pm

As for the Johnny & Arin thing .....Go for it,It's something we don't see often and well in a strange way I kind of like it!

something tells me Syn being blind is going to be a problem only for a little while...Papa gates will find something either thru witchcraft or a trigger that will #1 restore Syn's sight or #2 give his son a kick in the ass to let the other senses take over stronger.

Now I have a question for you? Who else can we expect to meet on this Journy and who betrays whom? LOL You already know I love it!
PLEASE Update soon

KittyInferno                   (User #9933) N/A 11/29/2012 02:19:44pm

Well, that was action packed!
Johnny's a creep for doing that the way that he did but he was also awesome too.
Poor Syn :(
Kat reacted the same way I would have (hitting a wall-although I've never hit it as hard as her lol)
The ending was super sad 'why can't I see?' Urgh... My heart went out to him :p
That being said tho, I kinda knew it was coming lol
Um, not sure about Johnny & Arin being a couple... But you never know what works until you try it...
Update soon
much love

Part #4 - Chapter 3 - Your Kind Is A Disgrace As I Spit In Your Face
moneclover                   (User #7752) N/A 11/29/2012 12:02:31am


Yeah, I agree with Ash... the vampire vs. hunter dynamic is
pretty awesome. And the whole faking of the death thing with
Papa Gates wasn't something I saw coming.


Ex&Oh                   (User #5929) N/A 11/28/2012 10:52:35pm

I agree with all the MASH comments. MASH is the stuff of
legends. Adorableness!

I like the whole hunter vs. vampire dynamic and you're
pitting friends against friends/foes. Definitely worthwhile

Can't wait for more of this! :D

-Ash, X&O

xxUnholyConfessionsxx                   (User #10832) N/A 11/28/2012 01:38:10am

That was so good ... I hope nobody hurts Jimmy, he's her soul mate :)
and Ash and Matt were so cute :) update soon please, I can't wait to see
what comes next.

Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 11/28/2012 12:51:36am

Lmao Syn had quite the appetite. Then a diet soda of all things haha. I
really hope Matt doesn't hurt Jimmy. Can't wait until next chapter!
- Brianna

SynfulOne                   (User #10322) N/A 11/28/2012 12:08:31am

LOL how Syn orders a DIET coke with all the rest of that
food...too funny! This story is sensational! I knew Brian
couldn't be killed that easily - love how he just walks in
on Syn and Kat and tells him to get his dick out of her.
Your description of Matt as he got out of the
car...mmmmm... :) I understand that Matt hates vampires,
but I hope he can find it in his heart to not kill Jimmy.
He and Kenna are really cute together!

Loving this...keep the chapters coming!


Liars And Monsters                   (User #9568) N/A 11/27/2012 11:04:03pm

Awww At matt & ash! Poor Jummy he's Gonna have Such shit thrown at him cause of Matt but it will all be worth it I Hope. Now to Just Deal With Brian,Syn And the lot. PLEASE Update Soon!!!!!!!

KittyInferno                   (User #9933) N/A 11/27/2012 10:18:51pm

Hey, Papa, no walking in that's not fair!
Lol at Syn's fast food order :p
Ow, neck thing... Gotta hurt...
Matt & Ash at the end = super adorable with their banter...
want more
That is all

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