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Part #13 - You Can't Win This Fight
Liars And Monsters                   (User #9568) N/A 01/07/2013 03:06:41pm

I can't wait to see how Zacky pushes Matt!And I bet it tickled Jimmy To NO end to Taunt Brian.....Hell It made ME happy. Awwww Johnny & Arin lol that was to cute! PLEASE Update Soon!!

Part #5 - Chapter 4 - The Chance Is There If You Want It All That Bad
*~TheRevsGirl~*                   (User #11272) N/A 01/06/2013 02:45:50am

No Johnny and arin lol I don't like that idea >.

Part #2 - Chapter 1 - The Promise
*~TheRevsGirl~*                   (User #11272) N/A 01/05/2013 02:03:02pm

Omg sounds so amazing!!!! Please add me!!

Part #12 - Chapter 11 - Let This Life Just Set Me Free
moneclover                   (User #7752) N/A 01/02/2013 09:55:56pm

That was intense! Matt's gonna' be pissed.

Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 01/01/2013 09:20:33pm

Absolutely loved this chapter. Definitely an intense one. I hope Matt
doesn't over react if he finds out. Can't wait for next chapter! :)

Part #11 - Chapter 10 - But I'm Scarred By Barriers Placed In My Path
Ex&Oh                   (User #5929) N/A 01/01/2013 08:26:01pm

Leave the darkside! Zack plays for a different team now,


Part #10 - Chapter 9 - Somewhere Life Is Good And Things Go As They Should
Ex&Oh                   (User #5929) N/A 01/01/2013 08:24:15pm


Any Matt is a sexy Matt. Obviously. But he is a little over
the top. Matt vs. Jimmy... I'd be afraid to see who would win
that. Ash needs to help Matty wind down, that's all...

GAH! This story though!!

Part #9 - Chapter 8 - Took Over My Sense And I Lost Control
Ex&Oh                   (User #5929) N/A 01/01/2013 08:22:08pm


I still think Matt wants to rip Jimmy's head off. Well, duh.
He's a hunter...

I don't know how I feel now... I'm gonna read on!

Part #12 - Chapter 11 - Let This Life Just Set Me Free
KittyInferno                   (User #9933) N/A 01/01/2013 08:12:19pm

Well that was an intense chapter!
I actually read this when you posted but didn't have time to leave a review so here I am and I can't wait for the next part

Part #4 - Chapter 3 - Your Kind Is A Disgrace As I Spit In Your Face
Fearing Syn                   (User #10458) N/A 12/30/2012 10:26:31pm

just reread this and noticed that your chapters must mixed somehow cause I think this is the 5th chapter instead of three. just saying.

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