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Part #2 - Casting Call/Author Note
yvonne                    (ANONYMOUS) N/A 12/01/2012 04:02:45am

I would like to be part of the fanfiction as well

My name is yvonne

I'm 5'2 and i am a shy type of person, i have i think its called strawberry blonde or ash blonde hair and hazel eyes

i would like to be matts girlfriend if i can

age same as matt or younger

amanda baker                   (User #11192) N/A 11/13/2012 08:12:45pm

oh yes I am also 24!

amanda baker                   (User #11192) N/A 11/13/2012 08:12:18pm

My name is Amanda Baker
My friends call me Mo. I have blonde hair with reddish brown highlights,
blue/green eyes. I am 5'6" an athletic body and curves in all the right spots.
I love wearing skinny jeans and band tees, sometimes I dress up! I love all
kinds of music including a7x lol.
I am outgoing and very loyal to my friends and family. I do know how to
fight and if someone hurts me or my loved ones I will fight. I can sing and
play piano. I am finishing school to be a pharmacist. I have 7 tattoos total,
my ears are pierced and my belly button too.
I would really like to be with Jimmy in the story!
Let me know if you need anything else!

xFuRiEx                   (User #9685) N/A 11/13/2012 02:58:02pm

Heyhey! Yeah, I'm not going to audition, but if you need another character let me know and I'll gladly send you my details.
As for ideas, I'm more than willing to help if you get stuck. I know how much writer's block sucks.

Part #2 - Casting Call/Author Note
Kai Namazaki                   (User #5574) N/A 11/13/2012 02:17:26pm

Hi, I would love to be in your story
please? It looks awesome :)

Name: Kai Namazaki

Age: 21

Description: 4'11”; healthy ”asian”
pale skin; midnight black eyes framed
by black prescription ray bans; blue-
black mid-back length hair with left
side shaved off; 8g gauged ears &
industrial piercing in left ear; double
spider bites on both sides of lower lip;
japanese full sleeve on right arm;
tribal half-sleeve on left arm; LOVE on
left knuckles & DREAM on right

Personality: fatass, loves to eat,
especially desserts; Extremely shy and
awkward when it comes to meeting
new people, but once people get to
know her, she's a dork/nerd/geek.
She's completely hyper & childish &
loves video games. She's a total
tomboy & she loves it. She's very
protective over her friends & family, &
will kick ass if she needs to, and
always puts other people before her.
Used to be in an abusive relationship
so she is wary of men & finds it hard
to trust them right away.

style: Is a tomboy so she doesn't
wear make up much or at all. She
wears whatever she thinks is
comfortable, skinny jeans, denim
shorts, & she has a habit of wearing
male skinny jeans or cargo shorts &
sagging in them. Her style revolves
around skateboarding/surfing, some
hip hop and definitely rock music. She
loves studded belts & bullet belts, &
she definitely loves her flannel/plaid
button ups. She always wears either
Vans, Converse, or Doc Martens boots

Job: photographer & struggling artist

Guy: zacky or matt, although I'm also
good with anyone

sorry if too long or descriptive. Can't
wait to read this :)

Avenged_FoREVer                   (User #10889) N/A 11/13/2012 01:44:35pm

I am interested in your story and would love to be part of it.
Name: Brianna Easterling
Guy: I'd like Zacky please. If he is already taken then Johnny.
Description: 5'7", medium length blonde hair, dark brown eyes, ans fair
skin tone. I am very outgoing and loud. I love going out and hanging
outbwith friends. I am very protective of the ones I love. I dress girly.
Dresses and skirts. Love jeans and shorts. Also band tees.
Work at guitar center. I am 21 but that of course may change in the story
if needed. I have played guitar since i was 10. And drums and bass since I
was 14.

If you need anything else feel free to message me. :)

Deeks                   (User #6390) N/A 11/13/2012 12:45:44pm

I'd love to be part of your fic if you will have me. I am pretty good dealing with writers block so if you ever need help i can give you ideas. :)

I'd like to be Matts girlfriend if that is okay.
My name is Deanne Jane, you can make up a last name.
My nicknames are Deejay, Dee, Disdee and Deeks.
Age can be the same as Matt or whatever you want it to be.
I'm 5' 9 and i'm very athletic. I have dark brown hair that is almost at my waist, i have brown eyes and tanned skin.
I am very shy at first but after a while i'm relaxed with people. I am the one people go to when they need advice or need someone to talk to. I love music, reading, photography, hockey and sprint cars. I listen to all different music but i love blue grass country like Corb Lund which my fiance can't stand.
I actually have a pretty cool job. I own my own photography business and i'm a roadie part time at a local venue but i don't mind whatever my characters job is.

I live in Sydney, Australia (that doesn't need to be part of my character just wanted to share). I have hypoglycemia and i black out if i don't keep my sugar up. I'm a massive Disney fan, hence the nickname Disdee (replace the second D with an N and it sounds like Disney). I don't know anything interesting about myself. I have a four octave vocal range, i guess that would be the only interesting thing about me. If you need anything else let me know. Can't wait for the first chapter. :)

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